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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  November 13, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CST

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computers are back up at the d- m-v, after yesterday's fiasco. what happened, and what you can expect today, in a *live report. wicker park is on alert a "stroller gang" robbing a pizza place. what they did in full view of security cameras. >> and friends of the park is suing the city over the george lucas museum. details coming up. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. >> some clary's early this morning. >> i got in the car door flurries but when i got here and
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was no. >> it's one of the first times this season it's still a little surprising. >> what is today? >> the 13th. the member 13. this is the man reporting the news. doesn't even know the date. but stich a look at our day. >> is the 13th. >> but just say january 13th? because that's what it's going to feel like. highs in the low 30s today. typically we would be 20 degrees warmer. wind will cost 20-25 mi.. the wind will get you early today. radar shows light snow flurries continuing across the region. could be snow showers meanly in portions of north indiana as the moisture comes across the lake. expecting only a light dusting today. satellite composite shows snow in la salle county and the
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flurries continue into will county. it's 27 at midway. the wind sustained a round 5-15. wind chill on round 12. today, only in the low 30s. 20 degrees tonight. >> a nice gentle easy way into this snow before it ponce us later. we have a few construction projects along roosevelt road from laramie thing closures in place through the 14th. that goes until tomorrow. the project will be finished. more traffic and anything else i can help provide at the desk coming up. >>the suspect in the shooting of a chicago police officer goes to court today. anthony gates is charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm. police say gates shot and wounded an off duty officer, and her daughter.
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that happened outside the daughter's home, on the 22- hundred block of east 68-th street, tuesday night. gates is the daughter's ex- boyfriend and the father of their two year old son. police arrested gates three hours after he drove off with the boy. the boy was not hurt. the officer and her daughter are both stable. one man is hurt-- and 12 people are out of their homes after an apartment fire in the grand crossing neighborhood. it happened around ten o'clock last night on east 76th street. one man jumped from the second floor and fractured his leg. officials say the fire started in a bedroom, but the cause is under investigation. the computers are working again at d-m-v's across the state, after an all day outage led to long lines and frustrated drivers. patrick elwood is live at the facility in jefferson park with more. >> good morning. more importantly, the secretary of state office says good morning they're promising today will be a much better day. yesterday,
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computer problems paralyzed the state's entire network at all of the offices, over 130. customers were left in the lurch. sometimes when you come here there are plans to begin with this to you can imagine, no new drivers license, no stickers no business at all. when akin to driving a vehicle legally they could not help. this is the busiest facilities in the state. frustrations were sky high and because the facilities were closed on the holiday, tuesday, there were many people showing up only to get no satisfaction. >> my license expire yesterday. it didn't realize it until i looked at. here i am. i am not a legal driver. >> and is hoping i don't get a ticket when i'm trying to do the right thing. >> customers were given passes
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to jump the line when they come back today or tomorrow. at this facility they will open 30 minutes early so they will open at 8:00 a.m.. we will get all that information for you from here when they open. >> police are investing in a bold crime and a pizza place. take a look at the video showing a young group walking into the pizza place saturday afternoon. the mom ordered a slice of pizza and what cashier's back is turned, she reaches into the tip jar and takes $10. she hides it in a take-out menu and puts it in a stroller. then they went behind the pizza place where one of them scaled a 10 ft. fence, let others in and then takes a bicycle worth $700.
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>> that they would do it in the middle of the day with cameras outside a restaurant blows me away. >> we call them the wicker park stroller gain. >> to be that young committing crimes that brazen and the bolt ... it's senseless. >>hundred dollars. a fake pizza order was called in just before the thefts ... police now have that number. no arrests have been made. police arrested one of the two men wanted for sexually assaulting two women on halloween. greg bogacz is being held on bail for aggravated criminal sexual assault. police say bogacz and another man are the ones seen in these security videos. they are accused of attacking two women in an s-u-v that was parked on the 800 block of west wayman. police say several tips identified the men by name, after these videos were released. the victims also identified them as their attackers. the second suspect is still on
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the loose. a third relative is charged in the fatal beating of a three year old boy in rogers park. dominique lott, the boy's second cousin, is charged with first degree murder and was ordered held without bail. authorities found three-year old donnell coakley in his bed last friday. he apparently had been hit more than one-hundred times with a belt and an electrical cord. his mother and father were charged earlier this week. police in gary are holding this man, jeremy anderson, after he was arrested for the murder of a man in round lake beach. the victim's name has yet to be released. but police say he was killed in a domestic incident saturday on idlewild drive. investigators were able to track anderson's getaway car. when anderson is extradited back to illinois, he'll face two murder counts. a loyola university student has been missing for almost a week. 20 year old chan williams was reported missing by his father. he has not been at class. he is not responding to e-mails and phone calls. chan was last seen going into the chicago board of trade
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building, friday night. anyone with information is asked to call chicago police. a former skokie police officer was sentenced to probation for injuring a woman he shoved into a jail cell. michael hart pleaded guilty to official misconduct. he's on probation for two years and will lose his pension. police video showed him shoving a woman into a concrete bench, while booking her in march of last year. the woman's eye socket was broken and teeth were loosened. hart's apology admitted he was acting out of frustration. the woman still has a federal lawsuit against him and the village of skokie. a deadly robbery plot in joliet will cost one of the killers the rest of his life in prison. joshua miner was convicted of strangling eric glover and terrance rankins last year, after they were lured to an apartment for the purpose of robbing them. two of miner's friends have already been sentenced for their roles in the plot. a fourth person, adam landerman, is awaiting trial. a lawsuit will be filed today, to try to stop george lucas from building his museum between soldier field and mc- cormick place. the group "friends of the parks" may argue that the museum can't be built on the site, because of environmental concerns. the land is considered "reclaimed waterway."
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whatever the objections, the lucas museum planners say it'll be good for the city. >> there will be a house there. there will be free days to the. it's not like a high-rise with a penthouse. it's a museum, it's a house. >> >>a few years ago, "friends of the parks" sued to stop the conversion of soldier field into what you see today... and lost. for all the waukegan public school students who thought the strike was great... well, now comes the make-up days. the school board met yesterday to approve a revised school calendar... taking into account the four weeks of classesthe school year will end june- 17th... later than originally scheduled. classes will be held the day before thanksgiving, m-l-k day, and president's day. and in early april... classes will be held on four days that were scheduled for spring break. the brookfield zoo is celebrating the success of a surrogacy program. an orangutan named kecil was born at a zoo in ohio last
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january, but his mother never formed a bond with him. he was matched up with a surrogate at a zoo in milwaukee, but that bond didn't take. so...they decided to pair him up with maggie at brookfield zoo, because she has been a successful surrogate before. officials say 10-month old kecil has been thriving since he arrived. you, to chicago and things get better for you. the auto works around here. >> we are expecting some snow showers today. mainly flurries across the region. a light dusting is possible. it's not a heavy hit of snow. temperatures are really the headline in terms of the weather. we do see flurries of boy back towards iowa they are along earache now moving toward 70 before the day is done. kerry is trading at 28. lincoln park is at 26. glen
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ellen at 21. it's gone to the cold through the entire day. 31 tomorrow. light flurries and then into saturday and sunday has in the low to mid-30s. >> coming up, an earthquake strikes america's heartland. >> the u.s. could overhaul its mission in syria and the fight against ices. and who is behind an attack on a group of american sailors in turkey. >> and the head, what's new in an extended trailer for the avengers sequel. three americane
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attacked while on shore leave in turkey. a group of men beat up the three crewmen of the "u.s.s. ross" as it docked in istanbul. the sailors were wearing their civilian clothes. the assailants put plastic bags over the sailors' heads, and shouted "yankee go home." turkish media are reporting, the attackers are members of the "turkish youth union." the sailors weren't seriously injured... they have since returned to their ship. c-n-n is reporting that president obama wants to review, and perhaps overhaul, his military strategy in syria. that would mean an admission that the current air campaign to stop the advance of "isis" isn't working. the review may lead to the conclusion that removing syrian president assad would make it easier to defeat "isis." among the options are an accelerated program to vet and
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arm moderate syrian rebels... and enforcing a no-fly zone along syria's border with turkey. people in kansas and parts of oklahoma were all shook up... after an earthquake made a surprise visit yesterday. the epi-center of the 4-point-8 magnitude quake... was 33 miles southwest of wichita near the oklahoma border. however, the shake was felt more than 200 miles away -- as far as irving, texas. no injuries were reported, though some people are left with minor damage to their homes. civil defense officials in hawaii are monitoring three lava flow breakouts in pahoa, on the big island. lava is burning through the asphalt of the driveway at the town's transfer station, but it has not come into contact with any structures. the front edge of the main lava flow has been stalled for two weeks, but lava has been breaking away at several spots upslope. a spot in alaska is attracting tons of daredevil surfers. alaska's turn-again bore tide allows surfers to ride the cold waters for miles.. past scenic snow-dusted mountains. bores are a series of waves, creating walls of water up to 10-feet high. there are about 60 bore tides in the world, but alaskas is one of the largest.
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thrill-seekers wanting to take it on...need a big paddle board, balance and agility. but you would do it demetrius. >> ago e.c. lifeguard ... to feed on the ground for me. we're looking at light snow flurries across the region. you could get a light coating on the car. not much accumulating on the ground. maybe a dusting in some areas. portions of northwest indiana have the potential for more as the lake effect really kicks in today. not a heavy hit of snow. as you can see we clear out by about 11:00 a.m.. them expect generally clear conditions tonight. breezy and cold for the rest of the work week. next chance for significant snell which should stick comes in saturday evening and sunday morning. you can see it's nothing to write about this morning but as the get into the
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second we've that starts in the afternoon on saturday and then as to get into early sunday, we have about 1 in. on the computer model across much of the area. here's the temperatures right now. 24 at o'hare. 27 in chicago. 25 in lansing. current temperature is 24. the forecast shows a high temperature 31 degrees. tonight we're back down to 20. feeling more like 10-15. tomorrow we make 31. saturday, 33. >> we're watching a crash in bartlett at bartlett and lake where they have emergency responders on the scene. and lingering construction on the kennedy causing a slow pocket out there in the early morning hours. and at ohio, this will be closed until 5:00. another 40 minutes before it moved out of
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the way. other than that it looks good on the roads other than that light bit of snow flurry coming down. another look at that coming up. >> coming up, it made history by landing on a comic but scientists say the bourse said the probe is not in the clear just yet. >> and it's back to work for the bears as they try to put sunday behind them and work on minnesota. >> to teenagers can get there from across the world. created and app the became one of the most popular in the store. we have their story coming up.
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even in her laundry room. with downy unstopables for long-lasting scent. and infusions for softness. she created her own mix, match, magic. downy, wash in the wow. a cauldron of anchor below the
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surface at halas hall. in 37 years i've never seen such a total collapse. brendan marshaled the only one who stepped forward to question the talent. mel tucker said yesterday he will never threw a player under the bus. a lot of guys would like to see him on a bus out of town. saying he is not focusing on alps has called for his head. after giving up 106 points in two games no plans to change his style. >> right now talking to guys,
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it's not one of those times where i am angry. however, we all get angry at times, how do we turn them into production? >> how is melton tucker handling this? angry? >> i don't know if angry is the right word but he is fired up. he should be. i think everybody is fired up. we don't like where we are. especially after the last two performances. everybody should be fired up. >> moving ford that's what we have to do in life and in the scheme. if we keep looking back at everything, things will get worse and we can't afford for that happen. >> the coach is as down as i have seen him. he is like a prizefighter who had been pulp pummeled in the rain. >> when we got back to work today, we worked and were focused and we know we have a
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long way to go. i think our guys are well aware that we've got a lot of work to do from where we bore on sunday. we are focused on doing that. >> bears and vikings play noon sunday at soldier field. >>stocks closed lower on wednesday, pulling back from record highs. the dow slipped 2 points. nasdaq rose 14. s-and- also dropped slightly the space probe that traveled a long way to land on a comet, may not stay put. the spaceship rosetta flew over 300-million miles, over ten years, to get to comet 67-p. it then dropped the landing probe philae onto the comet's surface. but instead of landing gently, it bounced. now the probe's harpoon anchors are not working, which could make it tumble around. but scientists still hope the probe can carry out the experiments its carrying. >> of the main thing we will learn about is the formation of
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our solar system, the origin of the planets including earth. more than that, the, and delivered some of the ingredients for life on earth. >>the philae probe weighs 220- pounds on earth, but it's as light as "one gram" on the comet. this is the kind of stuff that demetrius loves. >> i watched the whole press conference yesterday. but we were really excited when it did land on the comic. hopefully this start getting back some information soon. we struggle to get a live shot downtown and here they are landing on a comment. let's take a look at our today. today, it's 24. snow flurries outside. just light not heavy stuff. 31 degrees by this afternoon. that will be the high. much colder than normal. let's check on the roads. >> watching new accident close
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to joliet. a serious crash with injuries. the whole and to section shut down at larkin avenue. outside of the dan ryan we have the traffic lights coming in. it's pretty dark about their light volume. should be a nice easy ride for people heading out this morning. we will break down the travel times. we have some morning reconstruction there tried to squeeze in before the heavy snow hits. more on that in a minute. >> still marge, including details on the governor's first phone call to his successor after the election. >> and a woman is suing the city for the right to go topless. will tell you what the hon that. >> a dramatic rescue in new york city for some window washers. >> unbelievable stuff. and we have a baby elephant who managed to escape from an attack by aa g
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of an off-duty chicago police officer and her daughter. >> computers to back up after yesterday's fiasco at the dmv. >> the president is at in other asian summit. we have details. >>good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte.
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those headlines are coming up butlet's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. >> i wish we could just move past this segment on some days. here's the deal, snow showers, light flurries across the region. not too many. but the issue is the temperatures. i wouldn't call them dangerous but they are uncomfortable and much colder than normal. typical high is around 50. we are lucky to make it over 30. it's not just today, it will be like this for the next seven days. another reinforcement of cold air comes next week burning even colder temperatures. here are the current temperatures. here is the day planner, 29 by 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. down to 26. 31
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degrees today and tomorrow. 33 saturday. sunday we climb up to 34 for the bears game. >> more information on the earlier crash that has the intersection completely tied up at black and larkin. serious injuries involved. the ongoing investigation has everything blocked off. also, if fire at spaulding and 15. the fire is out but crews are on the scene for the clean up and the final sweep through that building. that's why there is still some staging their. numbers look good. >>charges are filed against a man accused of shooting an off duty police officer and her daughter. anthony gates is due in court today for attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm. the shootings happened on the 22-hundred block of east 68-th street, tuesday night.
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gates is the daughter's ex- boyfriend and the father of their two year old son. police say gates shot the then drove off with the boy. the boy was not hurt. the two victims are stable. chicago police are holding a driver who tried to outrun officers last night, and ended up crashing his car into another vehicle. he tried to flee a traffic stop, and crashed at grand and franklin. an occupant of the other vehicle suffered minor injuries... and a state trooper broke a finger. no name of the driver yet. 12 people are displaced after a multi-alarm fire in the grand crossing neighborhood. it happened around ten oclock last night. one man jumped who jumped from the second floor and fractured his leg was taken to stroger hospital. everyone else unaffected was able to return inside. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the computers are working again at d-m-v's across the state, long lines and frustrated drivers. patrick elwood is live at the facility in jefferson park with more. >> could morning. this might fall under the category of how things can't get much worse. the secretary of state's office promising a better day to day.
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that after a computer problem network wide paralyzing the state's computers at over 130 different locations. no new driver's license or stickers or business with the state when it came to driving a vehicle legally. this is the busiest facilities in the state. you can imagine, frustrations are sky high. because they were closed on the holiday on tuesday, there were more people showing up the unusual only to get no satisfaction. emma and license expired yesterday. i didn't realize it until i was out and looked at. and here i am. i am not a legal driver. >> and just hoping i don't get a ticket when trying to do the right thing. >> trying to do the right thing. in that vein, the folks at the
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secretary of state's office have offered people who came here a free pass to jump the line when they come back either today or tomorrow. at this facility, they will open up 30 minutes earlier. from the northwest side of town. back to you. >>a woman is suing the city of chicago, after being ticketed for going topless this summer. the encounter with chicago police was captured on video and uploaded to youtube. kenneth flaxman is representing the woman -- 41 year-old sonoko tagami. he says she was participating in a 'go topless' event in august... designed for women to protest the right to expose their breasts in public. the suit claims the city's ordinance banning such activities is unconstitutional. >> seeking protection for basic rights protected by the first and fourth amendment of the constitution. and the federal courts are the guardians of federal rights. it cannot enforce the ordinance. >>tagami was slapped with a 140-dollar fine, and was threatened with arrest, if she
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didnt cover up. the lawsuit does not specify a dollar amount for damages -- flaxman is hoping a jury will decide that. police are warning the public about a dangerous form of ecstasy, after a woman died taking it. the synthetic drug is called "sass", because it's made from the sassafras plant. it's also sometimes called "sally". lake county authorities say a woman from spring grove died at a hospital in waukegan, after ingesting it monday night. they are now trying to find the person who gave it to her. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. police arrested one of the two assaulting two women on halloween. greg bogacz is being held on bail for aggravated criminal sexual assault. police say bogacz was identified after these security videos were released. the second suspect is still on the loose. a judge gave former skokie probation for injuring a woman in his custody. hart pleaded guilty to official misconduct. police video showed him shoving
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a woman into a concrete bench inside a cell. the woman still has a federal lawsuit against hart and the village of skokie. police are investigating a bold crime at a pizza place in wicker park. surveillance cameras show a young group walking into "craft pizza" on saturday, including a mom with a stroller. the mom orders a slice of pizza, then reaches into a tip jar and takes ten dollars. later, the group goes behind the pizza place and scales a ten-foot locked fence ... then steals a bike worth 7-hundred dollars. a lawsuit will be filed today, to try to stop george lucas from building his hollywood museum between soldier field and mc-cormick place. the group "friends of the parks" may argue that the museum can't be built on the site, because of environmental concerns. the land is considered "reclaimed waterway." governor pat quinn and his successor bruce rauner have finally talked. rauner did not hear from quinn after the election. they even avoided each other at a veterans day event. but the two did have a phone conversation yesterday morning. their offices say they covered the affordable care act and the
4:36 am
transition process. rauner then thanked quinn for his work. mayor emanuel is urging bruce rauner to extend the state income tax hike and to raise the minimum wage. the income tax will roll back on january first unless lawmakers renew it. rauner campaigned on phasing it out. emanuel says he hopes rauner changes his mind so public schools don't lose any funding. he also says he doesn't understand when rauner says he supports raising the minimum wage, if it comes with pro- business reforms. governor quinn wants to raise the minimum wage before he leaves office, but he may not have the votes. president obama is taking part in another asian summit. he's in myanmar, formerly burma, for a meeting of the "association of southeast asian nations." the gathering will focus on regional economic development. obama says he also plans to press the leaders of myanmar about the government's treatment of ethnic minorities. he'll meet with a prominent opposition leader tomorrow. congress is expected to take a big step toward approving the long-delayed keystone oil pipeline. the senate, and president obama, don't want it. but yesterday, senate democrats suddenly dropped their
4:37 am
opposition. it may be a move to boost the fortunes of democrat senator mary landrieu, who faces an uphill fight in a louisiana runoff election next month. landrieu's republican opponent, bill cassidy, is the sponsor of a *house bill approving the pipeline, set for a vote later today. it's not clear whether president obama would veto the keystone bill. near the city firefighters make a dramatic rescue after to window washers were left dangling off the side of a one world trade center. there were hanging for two hours yesterday after a cable broker. the scaffolding was tilted at an almost vertical angle. it was 69 stories above the ground. firefighters were from the inside out instead of trying to lower them down. the had to cut through three layers of glass in order to reach them. >> where they were, at that point there was nothing to do. nowhere to go. >> the man suffered a mild hypothermia. and their officials say they are shaken up but
4:38 am
expected to be ok. the building just opened for business last week. >>a baby elephant in the wild... has some serious thinking skills. take a look -- as the calf fends off an entire pride of lion. this video was shot at a national park in zamia africa. the elephant got separated from its hurd, and the lions pounced on the opportunity! however, he manages to escape, buy running into the water. after fending off 14 lions... the elephant was later happily reunited with its herd. >> those lands are the king of the general. to leave those elephants alone and! >> they always say go to the water when land attack. let's take a look at our radar. we see snow across the region. we expect light snow flurries to continue. a light coating. the snow is heaviest across the lake as a moves to the flip side of lake michigan that's where we are expecting a significant
4:39 am
snow. but this will not be a heavy hit. a coating or investing for chicago. manley has much as 1 in. in northwest indiana. we know that those are hardy people and this is just a small incident. here are the current temperatures. the wind is 12-19. it's going to be called today. scattered snow showers today high-temperature 31. tonight back down to 20 degrees. 31 on friday. saturday, snow. high temperature 33. >> still ahead, the latest on the grand jury investigation of the police shooting in ferguson, missouri. >> and a 15 year-old who created a game that became one of the hottest actors in the country. >> and she is still trending this morning over this picture right here. are we going to find out who is spoken her? >> there are some really gthe ge
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michael brown jury will hear from the pathologist was hired to perform the autopsy. doctor michael baden is scheduled to testify today. the brown family requested that
4:43 am
he perform an autopsy in august. back then he said there was no gunpower residue on brown's body, meaning he was not shot at close range. that contradicts with the county autopsy which supports ferguson police officer darren wilson. gun fired when brown went for it. the justice department performed a third autopsy, but results were not released. same-sex marriage advocates won another two victories. in kansas, the u-s supreme court declined to block a lower court's ruling that declared the state's ban on gay marriage as unconstitutional. also yesterday, a federal judge struck down the state's same-sex marriage ban in south carolina. that ruling will not take effect until next week, to allow time for an appeal. here are a few stories that are trending online this morning ... amid deteriorating relations between united states and russia, moscow is making plans to send long-range bombers to patrol the gulf of mexico. other patrols are being ordered near american territorial waters in the western atlantic and eastern pacific. russian air patrols were common during the height of the cold war, more than two decades ago.
4:44 am
kim kardashian released more provocative photos yesterday in various stages of undress... including a shot of her fully driving drunk when he was killed by a car crash. his blood alcohol content reported to be five times the legal limit. his 18 year-old girlfriend also killed in the crash. considered one of the top baseball prospects this season. >> more provocative photos released yesterday in various stages of undress including a shot of her fully naked from the front, wearing only pearls, and dripping in and leave it to chelsea handler to make fun of anything related to the kardashians... the t-v personality posted a picture of her bare bottom on instagram, perfectly mimicking kim's magazine cover, writing -- "guess which one's real?" an extended trailer for marvel's "avengers: age of ultron" dropped yesterday. take a look..
4:45 am
>> it's the end of the past i started us on. >> nothing lasts forever. >>we don't learn a whole lot more about ultron... but we do get two new lines of dialogue, and more scenes of our favorite superheros in danger. "age of ultron" arrives in theaters on may first. >> are you trying to get a voice over career? >> it's never over ... >> sold! i will be there. but stich a look at our weather. we have light snow showers and snow flurries. some scattered showers. it will feel like january. today we only make 35. typically we are at 50 degrees. even colder air arrives early next week. 80s for about 10 seconds because here it is. 31 today and tomorrow. saturday,
4:46 am
33. sunday, the bears game has a chance of showers. high of 34. really cold air arrives monday and tuesday highs in the low to mid-20s. it just keeps getting better ... >> of talk about the roads. a few accidents that just popped up a few minutes ago. left-wing blocked outbound at cicero. a fender bender they're creating a tight pocket. over to the bormann, basically at torrance the exact same spot we had an accident yesterday, to release are blocked. it's a notorious stretch for the last few days. and this here is the sight of that serious accident at the was overnight with injuries. investigators still on the scene which is why that intersection is still blocked off. looking good so far. will have more coming up. >> good morning. do you ever download these i phone games the
4:47 am
simple ones like flat the bird or something? you look them? >> some of them are really popular. >> they are so simple but the next thing you know you plan in the game for three hours. a teenager who created a game like that became one of the most popular in the u.s.. take a look. >> on your screen, a simple game. on the back end, dozens of lines of code, indecipherable to the average person. but to austin, it's a weekend afternoon. >> i can do it on a saturday. >> the 15 year-old is the co creator of this game called impossible brush, he taught himself how to code a few years ago inspired by his older brother. them of when i was 10 i just picked over his shoulder and saw what he was doing and he asked what my opinion was on what he was making. i told him
4:48 am
and within 10 minutes he had a perfect version that i approved. i thought it was cool. >> a few months ago he joined if facebook group for high-school students into making apps. >> hackers is the name but it just means making stuff. a group of guys like to make stuff from games to web sites and stuff like that. >> through that group he met an australian teenager. >> he sent me a photoshop mockup of a game he calls colors. let's make this. why not. >> in a few hours from across the world, the game was finished and ready for the store. >> such a simplistic game anybody can pick up and play. i knew we were on to something. but i never thought that this would be what it is now. >> they sold the app to a marketer for a $200. after that it took off. >> i woke up to a text message
4:49 am
saying we're no. 70 on the app store. i said no we are not. >> what other apps for you ahead of? >> like netflix and tender and sky. my dream was to be number one. but it's really getting into the top 100 to seeing yourself on the top charts that meant the world to me. >> people all over the world are hooked on his game. among them is his mother. >> basically a colored ball comes from the top of the screen and drops down onto a rotating cube. you rotated by pushing a little cute. it can be frustrating but that's how it gets good. >> what are your thoughts that he's on my talking to people in australia developing this? >> it's pretty cool. technology has made our world so much smaller. it's a great place to network. the ideas get feedback and it can be very helpful in developing the idea.
4:50 am
>> when he's not busy with school, he's doing work for clients and creating even more apps. and then there are projects like a bonfire, a social network that is safe for teens. >> it blocks profanity. we have a huge list of words and phrases that are blocked. if they detect that it popped up something we don't allow it. in the future and would like to work for google or apple or one of those big companies in california. that would be super cool. >> he is well on his way. you can go to his website. he has a list of a lot of things he has worked on. he is turning these out like it's nothing. >> it should invest in this kid now. >> those big companies will be working for him. >> no you think he must be super rich but they only sell the for a few hundred dollars. but look at the attention. hopefully they get some exposure to credit to get even more. the money will
4:51 am
come up with more. >> coming up, how many people want to be a rapper's blunt roller? we'll tell you about the coming up. >> and john cleese is chatting with dean. see what he has to say. apparel
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try our newest, ultra stain release. helps remove 99% of everyday stains. blunt roller is still available. more than 60,000 revs amaze have been sent in. but the rapper has not found the perfect qualified campaign debt. $50,000 offering a week per diem. >> one of the minds behind mount python is paying a visit. john cleese sat down with our own dean richards. visiting the theater, one of the building blocks of the comedy scene. he's on a book tour for his new memoir about his legendary life in comedy. he talked about his interaction with obsessive fans. >> last time i could not walk
4:55 am
along the pavement in sycamorsi. it was extraordinary. sometimes you want to hide because it can't be yourself. it's occasionally enjoyable. but it can drive you crazy. >> it's extraordinary. dean will have more all morning long periods i don't connected to the british accent. >> i think he tried to pull it off. i thought you were doing an elf accent. but it was good. looking at 31 degrees today. light snow she showers this morning and possibly this afternoon. 31 today it's more. warmer but not much. sunday and is the warmest day, 34 degrees. >> a few accidents. we've won at cicero where a car hit a deer. that accident was moved to the shoulder. on the bormann, sims
4:56 am
thought we had a bad crash involving a semi and the car. to release blocked. and finally the fire which will do about that has been struck at spaulding and 15 crews are on the scene. >> coming up, white expect extra long lines at the dmv. >> and an update on construction at wrigley field. stay with us, we will be back.
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