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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  November 18, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CST

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the morning. we're falling breaking news, in small car and plane has crashed into a home near midway. >> the fire chief is now giving us an update. >> i have not had a chance to speak with anyone yet. but the front of the house with the plane came in to. into the living room. >> we are live. walk us through what happened this morning. >> 245 a m reports of a small plane crashed into a building the first county is on the scene we did in fact see the plane in the front of the
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building in the living room. two other people in the home were removed and checked by ems. they are fine. reports from the midway tower one person was on the airplane did not located that person yet. we have to shore up the building to do the final search. >> we understand firefighters or police officers had to go in and rescue those to elderly people. >> we cannot confirm. >> what about for the firefighters? it's a very cold out here. >> we do have a woman boss for them. >> and just now and join in new and as we just heard, from the deputy fire commissioner, a small twin-engine plane taking off from midway crashed into a home on the city's southwest side just blocks away from the airport. that plane is resting on the home. it did cause damage to one home. two elderly people
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were in the home at the time. they were rescued. witnesses say somebody went into the house to actually get them out. police and fire right now trying to shore up the home. the pilot has not been located but before fire fighters can begin the rescue or recovery, they must shore up the building. when we are rived we were able to be a lot closer than we are now. it is remarkable to see this plane here. it has literally sheered off the front portion of the home. the understand the living room area is missing. they just brought in a collapse rescue units. the deputy chief in charge of special operations told us that his men have been trained for this type of rescue. he did not see any problems where a great now it's a matter
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of shoring up the building and making sure firefighters are safe before they go in to recover the body of this pilot. we're talking to witnesses and gathering information. but this is what we can tell you for now. back to you. >> will continue to check in. obviously very busy and very chaotic. those to neighboring homes had to be evacuated to that will cause some problems this morning in that area. let's go to erin to phyllis in on the traffic. >> we did hear that plane was on its way to the milwaukee executive airport. this is not impacting any flight delays so far. but we do have crews still staging their at 65 and cicero. that is the area where everyone is staging. there will be the tours there but this point, not impacting trains or planes yet. also watching a fire at
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sheffield and are mintage, 1863 sheffield a historic former school under construction. the fire is out but they do still have a lot of crews in that area doing cleanup and is impacting the red and brown line trains near portage. there are delays there. and finally, with all this cold weather we have a water main break in arlington heights. apparently a lot of water spilled out shortly before 2:00. we are hearing really treacherous their. that's the latest on the traffic friend. for more on this cold weather looks good to demetrius. >> the record low is only a few degrees off from where we are. it's going to be even colder today than yesterday. preconditions, partly sunny. potential for flurries. record
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low high in this afternoon were not warming up. could it be something that falls into the records. today, 13 degrees in chicago. 10 in joliet. calibrating at eight. new rochelle at 8 as well. with the wind it feels like -11. - 8 at o'hare. - 3 is the current windchill in valparaiso. no significant snow showers just flurries. but we only make about 19 degrees. gusting up to 30 mi.. snow will stick cummingtonite into tomorrow. i will tell you when and how much coming up. today's highly 20 degrees. 17 for the love tonight. tomorrow, 28. >> we're following breaking news this morning in lincoln park.
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a huge fire forced a lot of people out of their homes. the building, in the 18-hundred block of north sheffield, used to be the mulligan school. the vacant building was being converted into condos. no word on what started it. no one was injured. neighboring homes on sheffield were evacuated as a precaution. and c-t-a red, brown and purple line trains are being disrupted this morning. we have a developing story overnight out of river north. a 46-year-old man was stabbed during a robbery late monday. it happened outside the whole foods near north dearborn and west superior. the victim was on the street when another man approached him with a knife, demanded money and stabbed him twice in the chest. he's hospitalized in stable condition. there've been no arrests. blase cupuch will be installed as chicago's next archbishop today. three days of ceremonies began last night, with a centuries-
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old tradition called the "rite of reception". cupich knocked on the doors of holy name cathedral, and members of the archdiocese welcomed him in. cupich also set an agenda, saying he will focus on immigration reform, violence and drugs. >> i've learned my agenda is always too small. ultimately unworthy of the people i'm called to serve. no, the agenda has to be gone. >>cupuch will take his seat in the cathedral during an installation ceremony this afternoon. a representative from the vatican will read a mandate from pope francis that names him chicago's ninth archbishop. then, he will preside over two prayer services tomorrow. we will carry the installation of archbishop blase cupich *live here on wgn. the mass begins this afternoon at 2 o-clock, at holy name cathedral. you can also watch it streaming online at "wgn t-v dot-com".
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former chicago mayor jane byrne has now been laid to rest. byrne's funeral was yesterday at saint vincent de paul church, on the city's north side. her family was joined by several current and former politicians who came to know byrne as a pioneer. byrne died last friday. she suffered a stroke about a year ago. but the state recognized her recently by renaming the circle interchange in her honor. >> mother was able to see and hear and even the at the dedication of the interchange. it was a tremendous thing that you did. i think you and my family thinks you. >>byrne's casket was draped in the chicago flag. her funeral procession made stops at her home and at city hall. she was buried at the family plot, at calvary cemetery, in evanston. federal and state officials continue to take security measures before a grand jury's decision in the michael brown shooting. prosecutors suggested the grand
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jury will decide whether to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson sometime this month. brown's shooting was followed by several nights of violent protests. missouri's governor is taking precautions by activating the state's national guard and declaring a state of emergency. ferguson's police department will not be part of the response. >> we don't know what the decision will be but we need to be sure we are prepared for whatever may happen. >>the national guard is being activated to back up saint louis police which is leading the response. the f-b-i issued a bulletin to law enforcement urging vigilance, based on what happened at previous protests. charles manson is getting married. the 80-year-old mass murderer remains in a california prison, where he'll likely spend the rest of his life. this woman, 26-year-old afton burton, calls herself "star." she has been a regular visitor at the prison... and she talks with manson on the phone every day. now, the couple has taken out a marriage license. the wedding will have to take place in the prison... and the
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license is good for only 90 days... so it'll be soon. the landlord of a cicero apartment building has been old man winter is settling in. temperatures 15-25 degrees below normal. it feels more like january and november. everybody is pulling out layers and bundling up. the illinois department of transportation is gearing up for the winter that is to, and warning the driver to winterize your car, watch for that snow and ice. >> slow down when you approach an intersection, offering up an bridge. black eyes develops and may be difficult to see. >> last year 800,000 t of salt or dropped. the department is prepared for another brutal winter with 1 million t ready to go. >> for more on this let's turn to whether. feels more like
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january. >> a good time to find somebody who says it's just the cold. make them stand outside. today, 19 degrees currently in gary its 14. pontiac at 13. talking about extremely cold temperatures. possible records broken today in terms of action in high not getting that war. satellite composite shows light flurries. more significantly affects snow on the flip side. fortunately, that will stay to the east. today's high and only 20 degrees. typically we're closer to 50. tonight back down to 17. was tied 28. breezy there. cool again thursday. we are dry. friday we warm up to 32 with potential for rain and snow and ice. >> coming up, the latest development on a pair of
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terrorist attacks in jerusalem. >> and herbert university is being sued on its affirmative action policy. >> and adrian peterson could learn today whether he will be allowed to play for the vikings began.
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two palestinian men with knives and axes burst into a synagogue in jerusalem this morning, and killed four israeli worshippers.
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six other people were injured, before police shot the attackers dead. police say they're treating it as a terrorist attack. and it is a continuation of arab-israeli tensions that erupted in july when palestinian militants killed three jewish teenagers... and a palestinian teenager was burned to death in a revenge attack. n-f-l star adrian peterson could find out today if he can rejoin the minnesota vikings. peterson was put on an exempt list in september, after he was charged with child abuse. that case ended when he pleaded 'no contest' to misdemeanor reckless assault. yesterday, peterson had a hearing where an arbitrator will decide if he can be taken off the exempt list. e-s-p-n reports the arbitrator expects to make a decision quickly. peterson and the players union say the n-f-l agreed that peterson can play after the child abuse case was resolved. but the league says it can still suspend him. harvard and university of north carolina at chapel hill may be heading to court. the 2 schools have been sued over their admission policies.
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the lawsuits claim the univeristies rely on race-based affirmative action policies... that limit the number of asian american students each year... and impact white students as well. the group filing suit is made up of students denied admission from both schools. they plan to file legal challenges against more colleges... to end affirmative action policies. a woman in utah was allowed to wear a pasta strainer on her head for her driver's license photo, because she said it was her religious headwear. jessica steinhauser told d-m-v workers she is a part of the "pastafarian" movement. they are a group of athiests whose have a flying spaghetti monster as their symbol. dozens of other pastafarians across the u-s have taken photos for their i-d's the same way. d-m-v officials say it's allowed, as long as the person's face is not covered. >> she looks better than the other girl from last time. >> she action did a nice job. that's a good looking koto. >> but maybe a little makeup because that's hard to pull off.
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>> it's america. >> where you can do anything. temperature 11 degrees. the record low is eight degrees. we are three degrees off from that. it was a longstanding record and we are getting close to. another one could fall today. wind out of the west at 22. the dew point is down to four degrees. very dry periods 13 rate now in chicago. 11 in aurora. the wind is coming out of the west. the wind has picked up 10-25 mi. per hour. 22 mi. at o'hare. take the wind and the temperatures. it feels like 8 degrees below that of their appearance of and below in valparaiso. of course, you have to bundle up. today is good to be a cold day. the cold temperature this afternoon may go down in the record books. satellite shower shows like
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affection hours. we are expecting light flurries but that's it. tomorrow is a different story. chance of snow showers developing into tomorrow. one-2 in. during the day wednesday. all of that will stick. today, 20 degrees. record afternoon temperature is 22 from back in 1908. tonight, 17. tomorrow, 28. 24 on thursday. but go back to erin. >> let's start with video from the scene of that plane crashed at 65 and cicero. small plane that went into the living room of a house just southeast of midway. crews are still staging along there. this address was 5511 south knox. fully anticipating detours through this neighborhood this morning with investigators there. the good news is it's not impacting traffic other than that one
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neighborhood no trains or planes are affected either. with a water main break at arlington heights and golf road. this happened just before 2:00. cold weather caused this line to snap. water everywhere. very busy there. now its freezing over which is going to make it very treacherous. still dealing with red and brown line delays all due to the fire on of sheffield the historic former school the was under construction try to make it into some condos. that is impacting all the trains coming out of our litigious. still watching those delays. we will watch this for you and let you know how the weather is good play out in traffic coming up. >>coming up after 4:30 ... the doctor flown to nebraska after contracting ebola in sierra leone, has died. we'll get details. and next in sports -- blackhawks announcer pat foley takes his place among the n-h- l's great broadcasters. hey marcus!
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>> talk about western including new images from the 3 d animated charlie brown movie. the real life hover board and 500 ft. tall roller-coaster going up in orlando. we have that coming up next.
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a good money for the bears the much of a celebration still a lot of stuff for these guys to fix. the vikings game was better than the three before it. cutler holding court at his monday real show, sunday was a step forward it for him. mainly because he stepped forward moving up in the pocket against that passed rushed getting some favorable matchups. for color it was a vindication following an embarrassing three weekends of football. >> we were embarrassed. we didn't want to be in the position we are in. some teams would have folded up. but we have a lot of good guys in that locker room who take pride in their work. anytime you lose, especially multiple games, it is hard. there's a lot of doubt
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had and i doubt in the abilities of try to find a way to overcome it. i think we have a strong locker room with good guys. . >> and after a short night and a long plane ride, the voice of the blackhawks landed in toronto for his induction into the hockey hall of fame. the recipient of the foster hewitt award, he did not take it calmly. >> part of me wants to say, mr. hewitt, sorry, this just goes to show that well meaning, educated people, even they can have a slump. they will do better next time. that's a part of me wants to say. but there's another part of me that wants to add something else. this recognition is rad. this epic. i am wired. i am stoked. this is awesome. and yes, it is tremendously
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tremendous. >> you knew he had to get that out there. that's morning sports. back to you. >> and from then let's go right to demetrius. >> talking about cold weather and some record breakers. our record high could go down. record low is 22. we're looking at 20. but we will have some flurries. the more significant snow coming in to tonight and tomorrow. i will tell you when and how much. but for more breaking news on that plane crash left good to erin. >> this is a picture from the scene of a small cargo plane that left midway airport early headed for the executive airport at milwaukee when it reported engine problems and went down. 65 and cicero is blocked off. investigators are there on the scene. at this point that will be the story through the morning. is not impacting flights at o'hare or midway. at
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this point, not impacting any of the rails. we have or delays related to the fire. we'll have more coming up. >> still more to come including a live report from the scene of that plane crash. >> also, police in northwest indiana looking for a man who killed his business partner and then chopped up his body. >> the united states may change its policy on american hostages after the recent be heading. >> and the new trend some women >> and the new trend some women are taki
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you want i fix this mess? a mess? i don't think -- what's that? snapshot from progressive. plug it in, and you can save on car insurance based on your good driving. you sell to me? no, it's free. you want to try? i try this if you try... not this. okay. da! breaking news --- a small plane
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crashed into a home near midway airport. we are *live with the latest. plus -- an early morning fire guts a former school in lincoln park, under renovation. and, blase cupich begins the transfer of power to become chicago's ninth archbishop. good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. >> their extremely cold temperatures. potential record- breaking morning and afternoon. six degrees is the current temperature. when chicago is at 7 degrees. wind chill on the
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right hand portion of the screen shows - 4. the good news is, the significance of snow on the other side of michigan, that snow will come tonight but just flurries but with a mix of cloud and son today. but very cold. today we only make 20. typically we be 47. that's no develops late tonight. it will be here early tomorrow causing some problems. 17 degrees tonight. tomorrow, 28. thursday, breezy down to 24. the warm-up comes to the tail end of the weekend. >>we're following breaking news this morning.. as a small plane crashed into a home near midway airport. tonya francisco is live near 65-th and south knox with the latest. we know that the two elderly people who live in that home have been rescued. but unfortunately, the pilot who
4:31 am
was chartering that small twin engine plane has not been located. i want to show you a clearer picture of what's happening right now. the chicago fire department is in the process of trying to shore up this 1.5 story frame home so they can begin the process of trying to locate the pilot of the plane. we understand from midway there was only the pilot on the plane, no one else was there at the time of the crash. as for what we know, a run to 40 5:00 a.m. the fire department got a call of a small twin engine plane that crashed into a home. this is the city's southwest side just half a mile from midway airport. the plane had just taken off and was heading to chicago executive airport in wheeling. some have for some reason, that plane went down. we spoke to a neighbor who lives five doors down from where
4:32 am
this happened and she described what she heard and saw. >> i heard a small aircraft and then a loud crash. that was it. a few minutes later all the fire trucks came in. i kind of knew what it was because i heard the airplane and then the crash. it was just a matter of coming out to see it. and then i could see it. it's scary because it's right here and i feel like we are lucky it didn't happen to us. >> it is a very remarkable spot here. according to the deputy fire commissioner, the plane as you can see crashed into the front portion of the home into the living room and into the basement. part of the problem is that the structure is not sound, now firefighters who have trained for years on these types
4:33 am
of rescues half to shore up the front part of the house before they can begin the process of looking for this pilot. we understand from the deputy chief there was no explosion, there was a minor fuel leak that they got under control but the wind and the cold conditions out here are brutal. now they have brought in a warming buses for the firefighters so they can alternate in and out as they begin the process of trying to find that pilot. that's latest from here. back to you. >> more information on this fire in lincoln park. a lot of people in lincoln park were forced out of their homes this morning, when a 3-alarm fire broke out in an old school building. the building, in the 18-hundred block of north sheffield, used to be the mulligan school. it was being converted into condos. there is no word on what started the fire... but we're told, no one was injured.
4:34 am
neighboring homes on sheffield were evacuated as a precaution. and c-t-a red, brown and purple line trains are being disrupted. blase cupuch will be installed as chicago's next archbishop today. three days of ceremonies began last night, with a centuries-old tradition called the "rite of reception". cupich knocked on the doors of holy name cathedral, and members of the archdiocese welcomed him in. cupich also set an agenda, saying he will focus on immigration reform, violence and drugs.
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>> i have learned my agenda is always too small. it has grown to be self-serving and ultimately unworthy of the people i am called to serve. no, the agenda has to be gone. >>cupich will take his seat in the cathedral during an installation ceremony this afternoon. a representative from the vatican will read a mandate from pope francis that names him chicago's ninth archbishop. then, he will preside over two prayer services tomorrow. we will carry the installation of archbishop blase cupich *live here on wgn. the mass begins this afternoon at 2 o-clock, at holy name cathedral. you can also watch it streaming online at "wgn t-v dot-com". taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. missouri governor activated the state's national guard and declared a state of emergency. guard troops will support saint louis police which will handle the initial response to any problems after the grand jury ruling in the michael brown
4:36 am
shooting. prosecutors suggested a decision on a possible indictment of ferguson police officer darren wilson would come this month. former chicago mayor jane byrne has been laid to rest. family, friends, and her fellow politicians attended her funeral on the city's north side yesterday. she was then buried in evanston. byrne remains the only woman to be mayor of chicago. she died last friday, after suffering a stroke about a year ago. with temperatures 15 to 25 degrees below normal for the week... it feels more like january than mid-november. illinois department of transportation is gearing up for the winter ahead. idot has one million tons of salt ready to go for this season. last year idot spread 800-thousand tons of salt. police in northwest indiana are searching for a man from hobart, in the brutal murder and dismemberment on his business partner. the body of 48-year-old david krawczenia was found friday in the trunk of his car at the "mansards" apartment complex in griffith. his head and arms had been cut off.
4:37 am
krawczenia and 63-year-old thomas smith were co-owners of "all about auto." they had planned to meet november first, about a *debt smith owed his partner. that was the last time david krawczenia was seen alive. >> november 30th was listed as a missing person. up until friday we investigated that as a missing person the we believed he may have met with foul play. >>records show, thomas smith bought a *gun, a few days before his meeting with krawczenia. smith was charged with murder yesterday... but this morning, he remains a fugitive. president obama ordered a review on how the federal government responds to militants holding americans hostage. this comes after isis beheaded three americans that it held captive. the white house says it's of the rising number of american hostages. officials are not saying what steps will now be taken to free them. peter kassig was the latest american to be beheaded by isis. a video showed the aftermath of his execution, but it's different from previous isis videos. the video doesn't show kassig alive, and it does not show his death.
4:38 am
analysts say it's possible kassig refused to give a statement like other hostages did before they were killed. kassig was an indiana native. his parents gave a statement after hearing about his death. >> our hearts are battered but they will mend. the world is broken but it will be healed in the end. and good will prevail. >> unlike previous isis videos, no other hostages were shown or threatened in the latest one. the video *does show isis fighters beheading, who they say are, syrian pilots. doctors say there was a frantic attempt to save an ebola patient before he died. doctor martin salia died at the nebraska medical center yesterday morning. he was in extremely critical condition because he was barely breathing and had no kidney function. doctors say salia was given the drug z-mapp which had been used successfully on other patients. he also received a transfusion of blood plasma from an ebola
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survivor. but salia's blood pressure plummeted and never recovered. here are a few things to make your trip healthy. eat a small meal before you board and a boy ice cold drinks it will help your digestion. try to be active. simply tapping your toes can keep the blood clots from forming in your legs and keep your immune system strong see don't catch anything sitting in an enclosed space. >> you are like a doctor. >> it's a side job. you can take a car for a test drive so why not take breast implants for a test drive?that's the idea behind a new product being nicknamed "vacation boobs." a plastic surgeon in new york has developed a saline injection process that gives two to three weeks of temporary breast enhancement. he has another version that lasts 24 hours. women will get to try it out, and see how they look, and how well they handle the extrait
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won't be available rollins years. and let's just and it like that. >> just run some graphics. good morning. i am trying to get a few more years out of his career. it's 11 degrees right now. wind at 23. dew points at four degrees. it is cold. this is not normal cold. it's twentysomething degrees colder than normal. could see records close to loews. this afternoon the afternoon high could break a low record we've had for over 100 years. 11 degrees at o'hare. lansing at 11 right now. union at 11. wind out of the west generally at 10 mi.. the wind chill is - 8 at this hour at o'hare. - 7 and bartlett. no snow right now. but tonight we will see between one-2 in. of snow carrying on into wednesday
4:41 am
morning. today's high temperature only 20 degrees. tonight down to 17. barnes had 28. thursday we are dry but cool at 24 degrees. >> still ahead, as we celebrate 20 years, you can become part of a special in studio audience. >> and mass murderer charles manson is getting married. we will have those details. >> and getting a first look at scenes from the new charlie brown movie. marcus is up next.
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the term we use for the video the runs while a reporter or anchor is talking. a few years ago, the comedian 'sergio' made a funny fake b- roll commercial on youtube. some local guys completely ripped off his idea -- they're trying to launch a new business - here's their new commercial. >> potential local news photographers. are you tired of shooting the same be role year after year story after story when you could be relaxing in the live truck or surfing the
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complimentary shots. come to our emporium. we've got all the shots you need to get you through any newscast. we guarantee. >> the news never looked so good. >> i don't know. it seems like a good business. i wish them luck. >> just what you need is another successful business from those guys. >> you go out the stories and you ask for the same shots every time they can just go to the emporium and buy it. >> i like those two brothers more than the current ones. >> that was really rude! >> something about those mustaches. >> they are some very handsome gentleman. how're you guys doing? somebody's getting
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married. in a few weeks ... it's not who you are thinking. the 80-year- old charles manson. he remains in a california prison, where he'll likely spend the rest of his life. this woman, 26-year-old afton burton, calls herself "star." she has been a regular visitor at the prison... and she talks with manson on the phone every day. now, the couple has taken out a marriage license. the wedding will have to take place in the prison... and the license is good for 90 days... so it'll be soon. i would say december 21st. that seems like a good day to get married. and as a great transition, we got the first images from the new charlie brown movie. here's the first look at a 3 d animated charlie brown. lots of people are talking about it. we have a picture of snoopy. people are
4:48 am
talking about this. as for the story, charlie brown will go on a quest to get something he is sure he needs even though he discovers he is ok just as he is. coming out november 2015. >> remember this from a few months ago. pranking everybody from that video of the harbour board. apparently this one is the real deal. the company making this, it works by using a magnetic system that makes the board however a few inches over metallic surfaces. it won't ship until least october 2015. it will cost about $10,000. just cover all the streets in metallic copper and things like that and we are good to go. >> the biggest news of the day,
4:49 am
the 570 ft. tall coaster. it is coming to downtown orlando florida. first look at the ride, it will take riders up four minutes to wind down flipping upside down multiple times. part of a $250 million entertainment complex. open to get more people downtown to orlando. there will be an observation deck as well. they're hoping to open in 2017. fun fact, the ride and design is designed by the same guy who designed goliath. i rode the roller coaster with him on opening day. the highlight of my life. >> most fun fact ever. >> he designs of the rocky mountain coasters. he has incredible designs. this one looks kinda boring initially but now looks in same period it just
4:50 am
looked like it was slowly winding down. but going upside down all these times, four minutes. that will be pretty fast. its 500 ft. tall. let's go! i am good ago. and we're celebrating our 20th anniversary. this friday we have our favorite moments. we're collecting 50 lucky dior's to, to the studio to watch the show. you can e-mail and tell us why you would like to come join us. last week ever but it was here doing lunches and now you can be in the studio audience. >> a waking up at 3:30 a.m.? >> and not sure what time. >> we're talking about cold weather and cold temperatures. yesterday we were out there live without a hat? really? >> thought it was going to be inside. >> your friend with a
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neurologist to make a look bad. satellite composite shows light showers. significant snow on the flip side of lake michigan. cold temperatures are the issue. but not snow. high temperature 20 degrees. tonight down to 17. barr, 28. breezy into tomorrow. and thursday, high temperature 24. friday and saturday temperatures warm up. chances for rain mixing with snow. let's go to more on the breaking news of the plane crash. >> we do have video that came in. small cargo plane at the airports that literally nosedived into the home just south east of midway airport. pictures are coming in from 65. big response and investigators will be on that scene for most of the morning try to figure out what went wrong. crashing just minutes after calling in some engine problems to air-traffic control. everyone in the house
4:52 am
did make it out. no word on the pilot. area blocked off at 65 and cicero. a residential street. looks like it's not impacting any trains or airplanes at this point. and watching a fire at our litigious and sheffield. here is video. it's just showing the flames shooting through the roof. burning hot. this is a historic former school about 114 years old under construction to be turned into upscale apartments. lots of controversy. guard dogs were just put outside the school a few weeks ago. now it's burning hot. they have crews on the scene in defensive mode still working the fire. it is impacting the trains along our litigious. that's the brown and red lines. those are the latest items on the roads. i saw the crash in ontario. and a water main break in arlington heights that's coming straight ahead.
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>> coming up, another woman speaking out accusing bill cosby of sexual assault.a second womas
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4:55 am
raped by bill cosby has come
4:56 am
forward. joan tarshis is accusing the comedian of assaulting her twice back in 19-69 when she was 19. the publicist said she would often spend time with the actor, writing jokes with him. one time she fell asleep after a drink and woke up to cosby assaulting her. she decided to share her experience after other victims came forward. matthew mcconaughey joined a
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