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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  October 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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>> someone is outside one of the ors shooting through the doors. sparking outrage. >> this has become routine. and new details about the campus massacre. and hurricane on the move and gaining strength. tonight the damage done, and what is headed our way. a&m tracking hurricane joaquin as it gains strengths and batters the bahamas. and back in boston and dishing on a meet and reet with pope francis. hashing wahlberg reveals the pope's private message to hm. 7 news at 11:00 starts now. realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning. the nightteam following two breaking stories, including me dies on the school shooting rampage in roseburg, oregon where live pictures of a candlelight vigil as we learn more about the victims and shooter who took their lives. and brecking news on the track of hurricane joaquin, the car gear 4 storms swirling up in the ocean, windses are powerful at 130 miles per hour. right now joaquin has set its
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sights to the bahamas. and new images of the severe flooding crippling that island and cars and homes sub-americanned with joaquin lamming into the area. and get over to chief meteorologist pete bouchard. a new advisory? >> i do, battering the southern bahamas and wobbling, essentially a stall right now and expected to continue to move a little more to the west, and then northwest and due north. and the movement is there, at three miles an hour, still a category 4. and we show the new track, and it is decidedly offshore, far offshore of our islands on the east coast, sparing any portion of the united states. and even our friends in south eastern canada, these are the tracks that bring in monday and tuesday, as it weakens in the colder waters and the national hurricane center's track is
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of the models that we used to make of 7 news forecast, and our model and the europian model and we can say with confidence it will spare the eastern u.s. and new england. of any ill effect and maybe some wave action and that is about it and an improving weekend forecast. coming up, we will return our coverage of hurricane joaquin with a closer look at some flooding stretching from the bahamas to other parts of the united states. >> and right now breaking news oregon. again live pictures where the community is coming together, at a candlelight vigil, for the ten people killed in the shooting in a community college this morning. we are learn morgue about the gunman tonight and how those brave first responders finally stopped him. let's go to tim caputo and he has nightteam coverage with details on how the attack unfoiledded. they were killed and injured in at left two classrooms on the college campus and it happened
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quickly and on the first week of classes. students for the first time heard a bang and didn't think much of it. >> then we realized these are gunshots. they bolted the door. the gunman identified as 26-year-old chris harper mercer shot his way into a classroom at umpqua community college. he demanded people stand up and state their religion. the sheriff said ten people were killed. after screaming, and i looked out and saw the people running and i said to the teacher we need to get out of here. students who heard the gunshots sprinted away from campus. >> i ran to the back of the campus. and we were running for our lives. 7 othss were hurt and dozens of police and first respondsers rushed to the campus located in a small town. we you a someone girl wrapped in
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the gunman was killed after exchanging gunfire with police. >> two heroic officers responded into the building with minutes and exchanged gunfire with the suspects. the can't puss was put on lock downand students were busted as investigators started to process the mass crime scene. and some parents showed up not sure if they are kids made it out safely. i don't know where she's at. i don't know some f she's wounded. a visibly angry president obama said mass shootings have become the norm in the u.s. and something needs to change. this is routine, we have become numb to this. federal agents are on the college campus working with local police, police and they recovered low pistols and arrival they they belonged to the shooter. >> nets tragedies aern supposed to happen here, yet they did. and it leaves tons of questions
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in our minds. sources tell cnn the shooter posted threats on-line and police believe the gunman acted alone. tim caputo. tim mentioned a visibly shaken and trusted president obama who called for change today. our thoughts and prayers are not enough. it is not enough. >> the saying over and over again enough is enough and another community is left shaken to its core. brandon gunnoe joins us with the president. >> reporter: we have heard the president say we have become numb to this and he will continue to bring this up every time there is another mat shooting. a clearly angry and fired up president obama, speaking tonight after the shooting. somehow this is routine.
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response here at this podium is routine. the president verbually attacked think one who tone believe this increased gun control and says he tone minds politicizing it. this is a polited cal choice that we make. to allow this to happen every few months in aerk. he also lashed out at those would feel the answer to tragedy such as this is more guns, in the fewer. >> does anybody really believe that? >> the president said we talked about this after columbine, and after the virginia tech shooting where a gunman killed 32 people and after 2 san, and six others were killed and after newtown and aurora and charleston. >> i hope and pray that i don't have to come out again. during my tenure as president. to offer my condolences to families. but based on my experience i can't guarantee that and that is
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opponents of incent kresed goon control say no amount of legislation could have preventedded today's tragedy. brandon gunnoe. 7 news september out breaking news alerts and you can track the latest information on the campus massacre in oregon on and the 7 news mobile and tablet apps. turning on tour offerage of hurricane joaquin, this cat fwer 4 storm is getting stronger by the minute. much of the bahamas is underwater and we are seeing homes underwater and people are having trouble and a half gating the roads. and images are preparing and dealing with the worst. ryan schulteis is here with details. the bahamas starting to feel the impact of this powerful hurricane and the east coast is getting ready just in case. a very powerful hurricane joaquin slammed into the bahamas and heavy flooding and wicked winds are bringing down power lines.
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thousands of miles away and the east coast is racing for more wind and rains. parts of south carolina have at least five inches of rain and fast rising water is putting cars underwater and one person is dead and another rescued when the road washed away. the heavy surf already eating away at beaches expecting to bring heavy rain. i cannot stress enough that we are talking about the real possibility of deadly flooding. the states of emergency theired on the east coast as hurricane joaquin continues to gain strength. in new jersey, military equipment bought after sandy building a massive barrier for miles on the jersey shore in case hurricane joaquin arrives. this one will forget the devastation from sandy, homes damamed or destroyed and boardwalks torn up and that flooding. flgts everybody is scared. you don't know, if we don't get ready it will hit us hard. >> reporter: the new boardwalk is ready with supports dug 20
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and ten inches of rain could fall in the bahamas tomorrow. and storm surges could hit the area. ryan schulteis. >> stay with us for the late of the path and strength of hurricane joaquin. we will check this with jeremy reiner in the morning for the late of the. he will have details on the hurricane and other rain on the way, and that all starts in the morning at 5 am. and also from the nightteam, scathing report of a foster care failure. dcf facing heavy cry six for how it handled a case that ended with the death of a child and another one this serious condition. we are live with the potential changes coming from the report. >> reporter: the state officials say this report is not about blaming high one but about pigging out the flaws in the system and finding way to fix them. a closer look at the case involving the death of an auburn toddler has governor charlie baker stressing the need for chaigs in the department of children and families. saying thursday the department
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>> today's report unveils a series of failures within the department leading up to the def stating loss of a little girl andner death of another little girl. the report doctors state this condition could be expected to result if the child were left unattended in a room or vehicle with excessive tempts and skin find innings a bruising pattern could be sign of a child struggling. the doctor says it is my medical opinion that this represents child negligent. multiple fundings reveal the staff failed to properly evaluate the foster parent, in this case at the beginning of the licensing process. the report listed a series of tail you ares including the approval process not followed properly. stating that more interviews should have been conducted and pointing out there wasn't enough physical space to accommodate the number of children in the home.
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of four lived there over the course of 08 months, including the foster mother's own three children. she had diagnosis up lupus and gout and took xanex nightly with various other medications. dcf supervision was defishlt. checks of the home were not properly documented. and the list goes on. and a clear sign that something needs to be done, and governor baker says that it is. >> the failures, they are outlined by this report are unacceptable. >> and we are told a corrective action plan is in place, right now. er are live in the statehouse tonight, 7 news nightteam. and voice your choice coverage turning to a tp democratic candidate. hillary clinton going one-on-one with 7's byron barnett as she campaigns here in boston. the former secretary of state taking on tough topics such as how she would handle russia's attacks in syria and private e
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mail server scandal. hillary clinton on the campaign trail in boston. hosting a sub-tans abuse forum with mayor marty walsh and attorney general healy. promising to make drug abuse and addiction a top priority if she's elected president. i want substance abuse put on the same level as any other challenge to our mental or miscal health. >> clinton later sat down with 7 news to discuss another issues, including how she would respond to the russian air strikes in syria. i would be advocating for a no-fly zone and human tarrian from the ground. >> reporter: the former stit talked about her sinking poll numbers a hrn tight race with bernie sanders. >> why is this democratic race so close? >> you know races always get close. they are supposed to be close, they are supposed to be hard. i never expected anything else. the buzz around your campaign is
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why don't you think more voters like you some >> i think a lot of people do. i think it is a question of people pushing away the fog of all of the partisan attacks and things that are said that have nothing to do with what the next president will be doing. >> do you believe when americans start to vote in 2016 that your e mail server will a fading memory. it should be. i think most people get that, and they just are saying look, she took responsibility. and what about donald trump's statement that he said thinking syrian refugees who came to america back? >> adopt know what country he thinks he's living this. we have a long and proud tradition of accepting refugee trs conflict. clinton refused to openly criticize bernie sanders and says she refers to focus on the differences between the democrat and republicans and things will no doubt heat up during their first debate coming up.
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barnett. and that does look like there might be good news for united states tracking joaquin. we are turning the page of joaquin and moving into the weekend forecast, which is improved but chilly. and also tonight, a family affair in the fenway as theualburgs open up a new restaurant and washing wahlberg taurks about the meeting with the pope april and a brush with greatness, the man whether caught brady's 4 unth toch ball talks about hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. mark wahlberg dishing coils on his visit with the pope as his brother openings up a new restaurant in the fenway neighborhood. the dis of that meeting were underwraps until now.
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what he revealed. marching wahlberg can't believe he had a once in a lifetime opportunity to host an event for the pope on saturday. in fact he even wore the rosaries left by the pope when he came to the opening tonight. the crowd formed around the wahlbergs outside the new restaurant at fenway park. but it is marching wahlberg's recent audience with the pope. >> i feel blessed today. >> reporter: than he feels with his movie role. a once in a lifetime opportunity. very, very special. he is an amazing man. doing great things. >> reporter: his brother and mom opening. they talked about growing up catholic in boston and church on sunday. she wanted us out of the house. 9 kids in the house and you send them out wherever you can.
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a kid in dorchester to a megastar hosting the pope. wahlberg says he wears the rosaries blessed by the pope, and that moment at the end with the holy father will be one he cherishes. >> he asked me to pray for him. but you know he's a man with a lot of responsibility so he is prayers. before the brothers came here to the opening they actually had a softball gail over at fenway park against casey burgers and team won. we are live in fenway, 7 is in. back to hurricane joaquin, obviously still out there, till powerful but for us, there is some good tonight tonight. i will not sale his thunder and let's get to chief meteorologist pete bouchard. tracked further offshore and in the looking like it will be of consequence to the east coast. right now in the southern bahamas and churning to a stall
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right now, intense, too. category 4 on the scale, which goes from 1-5, and topped out at 130 and expected to maintain some strength as it passes over the open ocean. time frame is monday to tuesday, till offchore and way back from that, and also from high pressure, independent of the storm, kre it ating big waves this-- creating big waves in the northeast. our focus now is one of wind and also wave action, and also some coastal flooding. we saw today, and last couple of cycles and a few shores, too this front offshore in the back ground is creating shower activity but the teddiest will be tonight and early tomorrow, and very spotty on saturday. right how steady rain showers, and good thing, too, this is the soaking we wanted with the downpours yesterday. but we didn't get.
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and bands of rain will come up from the south and west, that will be from connecticut and tomorrow i expect a lot of that to fizzle out, in points south, steadier through scituate and braintree, and then that breaks away, and we go to tomorrow night. and saturday itself, looks like light rain showers, a damp day, we have to paint some colors in massachusetts, to be above the light rain showers and steady rain southeast mass, buzzard's bay to cape cod. and mostly dry from worcester to lawrence and and that is not to say you won't see a few showers but they will be late and between tonight and tomorrow, and into tomorrow night, great of the amounts of rain on the cape, chatham and vineyard nantucket two-plus inches of rain, thank you, stationary front. and i'm thinking unit might curse is on saturday and a
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pocket of cool air coming down. watch that happens when that happens. a pocket of cool air moves and and ran showers are light, and you can see the colors change and they fade away, there might and be dry air moving in. you see that wedge of dry air coming in from nova scotia and gusts to le5 on the cape and width advisory is up and on the islands too. 50 in worcester and would you believe they would be the high temperatures on saturday. showers tonight, 40s and 50s tomorrow, and tip it down to the upper 40s possibly, worcester could be like 48 or 4 money on-- four 9 on saturday. where-- 49 on saturday. where is the parka. at least it's not raining. see you tomorrow. stay with us on air and on-line for latest on hurricane
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and you can follow joaquin on and on the mobile and tablet app by clicking on the weather tab. local patriots fan tossing back the football thatdom bridey used to show his 400th career touchdown pass. he gladly returned it, and he caught that pass, and in minutes a ball boy came to ask for the bowl and he handed it over and was invited to meet brady on wednesday after practice. he thanked me forgiving the ball back and i congratulateed him on his accomplishment, being able to con drat late for everything he has done for the city. great to meet him made our winters shorter by watching football in january and february. he says catching the ball last sunday was a highlight of his
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you know we spent talks about deflategate, ands his so funny joe. and now talking about tom brady as the best quarterback in the inch and ffc layer of the month. we are also talking about the copy julian starting on the hot seat and cam neely tells us that is not the case, next in 7
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is responsible for
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and now time for 7 sports with joe amorosino. the bruins set to drop the puck on a new season one week from tonight and looking different from last year's team, the first to miss the playoffs in 18 zones, the team president cam neely says he does not agree with this talk about his coach being on the hot see the. -- hot seat. a lot of things happen that is not necessarily on the coach. it is unfair. i know why certain thinkings are said at times. but it is violence unfair to start the season where you know, it is out there where the coach could object hot seat.
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s unfair to the club. >> tom brady will punish the nfl up a season long, leading the patriots on a 3-0 start and earning the afc's top honor. named the offensive player of month for the 8th time in his career and completed 72% of his passes for 11 tefl yards and zero interceptions. the kicker named the special teams player of the month. red sos, trying to keep the yankees from favoring another trip to the playoffs but down in the 7th, another for the pinstripeers they take it 4-1 and clinch a playoff spot. and assuming everything checks out, john farrell will return for a fourth season as red sox manager, this according to csn sean mcfadden.
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