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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 2, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> this is massive storm with dangerous wind, where will it go? the latest on hurricane joaquin and what new england can expect to see over the weekend. a community in mourning. crowds gather to remember those killed in campus shooting tragedy in oregon. charlie baker speaking out after new report details what led to death of young auburn girl who was in foster care. 9:00 a.m. good news for us. we continue to track hurricane joaquin it's powerful category 4.
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i'm christa delcamp. i'm jadiann thompson. we're seeing a unique view of the hurricane this morning. and pictures shown by astronaut scott kelly onboard the international space station took this. he tweeted it out earlier. this shows the storms after it moves over the bahamas. luckily we will be spared. here in boston we have our own weather to deal with. let's go to jr and talk about that. >> a chilly day shaping up across southern new england. we have different weather system that came through new england wednesday. stalled out cool front south of new england. this is generating steady rain through the south coast as well as the cape and island. metro boston the rain has been back and forth. we had a burst of rain at 4:00 or 5:00 this morning. hours. then it blossomed again. this weather system will keep steady rain south of the mass pike through the day down into
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south coast and cape. in melt drove boston it's light rain. you head further north you have a dry day. we have a cool day northeast along the coastline will be the issue piling up water at the coastline. gusting between 30 and 0 miles per hour. astronomical high tide around 3:00 pocket of minor coastal flooding. cool and raw. 40s and 50s now. these numbers won't change. it will feel like november out there. temps this afternoon between 51 and 76. for more on joaquin bri eggers joins me this morning. as far as joaquin still packing a punch over the bahamasian islands. not expected to downgrade from a major hurricane until we hit early sunday. but the track is looking much
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better for us. the cone is getting more narrow what it means it's also going away. forecast track may wobble in between here as you get into tuesday early morning. well offshore for us. it will churn up the seas something fierce as far as though rains along the east coast i will show you that set up here as we head through the weekend. we will watch for flooding rains. it doesn't really directly have to do with joaquin. low pressure system along the east coast state the carolinas moisture. the track of that hurricane staying well out to sea. we'll continue to watch as we head through the weekend and the extended forecast still to come. as you say hurricane joaquin unlikely to directly impact the east coast. but in the bahamas it's been a much different story. the category four storm is
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wind and torrential rain. major flooding left roads completely under water. there's been no reports of any death. but the damage has been extensive. officials had to order evacuations after some people refused to move into shelters. and here at home it's windy rainy weather as we've been talking about. the mid atlantic states still expecting some trouble over the weekend. high tide could make things wort. north carolina sees the effect of the weather system as well. here's 7 jay gray he's live on the outer banks for us. good morning. good morning. they had already seen rain over the last several days. now joaquin will be added to the mix and just going to make a mess. there's been evacuations on some of the outer bank island. those that are only accessible by ferry making sure even gets to higher ground and they are
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not cut off by what is expected to be severe flooding here. as i talk about there's been rain for the last several day. we've seen steady rain this morning. joaquin should add to that later into the weekend. 4 to 6 inches added to what is already saturated ground here. they expect some severe flooding not only here in kittyhawk but across the region. as a precaution people buy extra food and water making sure they are prepared to go a couple of extra days without electricity. making sure they don't have to go get out in the floodwaters and dry in what could be a dangerous situation here. officials worried that just because this storm has changed its track a bit. won't make landfall in this area it's going to cause some major problems. they want to make sure everyone watches what happens. we'll continue to do that. for now that's the latest live here in kittyhawk. back to you. jay gray, thank you so much, gray. don't forget you can track
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interactive radar. head over to or use the 7news mobile and tablet apps then chick on weather. now to developing story in oregon where a community is coming together. crowds gathering last night for vigil in memory of those lost after a mass shooting at community college in roseberg, oregon. speaking at late night news conference. sheriff said nine were killed and 7 injured when a gunmen opened fire in a classroom. he demanded the victim said their religion in an emotional exhausted plea to the country president obama is calling for americans to press politicians for stricter gun regulation. we're also hearing from the suspect's father. let's go to nancy chen with the latest. >> the victim were found in at least two classrooms on the college campus. witnesses said he asked them religion and targeted the one who responded they were
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>> hundred of people attended a candlelight vigil in roseberg, oregon hours after a terrifying scene on the campus of this community college as a gunman opened fire. >> my teacher came running into the room in a very big panic. this has been a long, sad tragic day at ucc. police say the 26-year-old identified chris harper murpher. many suffered multiple gunshot wound. cassandra information clock next and heard a loud pop. i realized something wasn't right. my fellow classmate went out to see and she got shot twice by the shooter. she collapsed and we were all in panic mode then. and we closed the door, locked it. last night several officers searched an apartment connected to mercer.
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the shooter's father said he is horrified by what happened. i'm just as shocked as everybody what happened today. i've been talking to police and fbi. it's a devastating day. devastating for me and my family. appears the victims were targeted based on their religion. he was able to stand there and start asking people one by one that their religion was. are you a christian will would ask them. if you are christian stand up. good, because you're a christian, you're going to see god in just about one second. and then he shot and killed them. the gunman died after changing gunfire with officers. the douglas county sheriff's refuses to even use his name. i will not give him the credit he probably sought prior to this horrific and cowardly act. and according to witnesses the shooter had numerous weapons including handguns and a rifle. cnn also reporting the
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26-year-old had posted threats online prior to thursday's shooting. live in the control room. nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." breaking overnight 13 people are dead after a u.s. military plane crashes in afghanistan. we've learned that six of the dead are u.s. service member. five were civilian contractor civilians. investigated. the u.s. official claims there fire. indonesia. they lost radio contact about 30 minutes before expected to land. its carrying three crew and 7 passengers including three children. back here in massachusetts new details now in the death of a 2-year-old girl from auburn. governor charlie baker speaking out after a new report said the state department of children and families failed to evaluate the qualifications of a foster mother. jennifer eagon at the statehouse with more. jen? >> good morning.
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the governor outlined several failures including from the time the foster mother first applied for a license. 2-year-old coxin appears to have died from heatstroke. that was one finding of state review of the auburn foster child's death. the failure outlined by this report are unacceptable. charlie baker said those failures include the approval of the foster mother's license to take children into her home in the first place. >> the licensing process was deficient in this case. enabling the foster parent to care for children an environment that did meet dcf standard for ensuring safety and stability. the review found there wasn't enough space in the apartment for the children in home and too many children were in her care. the foster mother's health was not assessed. in cdf wokkers made only half the home visits required the first six months after the foster mother received her license. the report states avaleena was
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she died on august 15ths consistent with being left unattended with room or vehicle with excessive temperature. this administration is committed to addressing each and every issue within the department that is necessary to keep children safe. >> another 22-month-old childs also rushed to the hospital from that foster home back on the same day. she is in stable condition now. no charges have been filed in this case. the governor said cdf worker will be retrained including on the policy on approving someone for a license to take in foster children. live outside the statehouse. jennifer eagon, 7news "today in new england." manchester, new hampshire police roommate. 57-year-old sue hutchinson was last scene -- seen at her apartment. her roommate 36-year-old was reported missing the next day.
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he was last seen driving a silver bmw. not clear if they are together right now. crazy crash in fall ssz river lands two men behind bars. two police vehicle were damaged and one officer thrown into the air. victoria warren live in fall river with the latest. vicki? >> good morning. it was a wild ride through fall river yesterday. it did leave a fall river police detective injured and damaged several cars and several police vehicles in the end fall river police able to arrest the two suspects the driver 31-year-old carlos valdez and passenger 21-year-old dele cruz. they were arrested on heroin charges and resisting of. he's facing charges connected to hurting the dae textive as the pay was trying to get away. state trooper and fall river police officers with the gang tax force spotted the car driving eradically yesterday morning. when the cruiser put the blue lights on the the u.s.s spkt backed into the cruiser, then
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slammed into another police cruiser. the impact sending the fall river police detective applying into the air. the police say the suspect also hit three other parked dark and crashed into transport van with lights on. police say they found heroin inside of the suspect's car and also heroin thrown from the car. they made the arrest. >> there's no word if the suspect were injured a as for that police detective is doing okay. he was treated and released. victoria warren. 7news "today in new england." the vatican clearing up confusion about the pope's meeting. the statement it said the pope's meeting with the kentucky clerk shouldn't be seen as endorsement of her decision got to issue same sex marriage licenses. davis said it's against her religious briefs to do so. the meeting happened because of
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the pope kindness and availability. still ahead this morning the newest iphone already breaking some record. hear how many phones the tech giant was able to sell in first weekend. >> the latest on joaquin as it spins to the south. the question is where will it go. it looks like not here. that's correct. we do have a weekend that features some rain rain tomorrow. but not a washout. sunday is looking okay. forecast up next. mark wahlberg opening up about meeting the pope while he helps his family open their newest burger joint. not a bad friday morning drive. we're looking live at route 93. that's the biggest ride we have at the turnpike. everything else is fine. >> that's route one in downtown very light traffic. by the way, there's a two-mile back up and lexington.
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>> it's 9:16 and we continue to tram hurricane joaquin. it's continuing to spin near the bahamas. some damage there. but the good news at least for the eastern half of the u.s. no direct hit expected here in new england or anywhere else on if eastern seaboard. that's right. our weather team has been tracking this so closely to see where the path may go. let's go over to jeremy reiner and talk about that his latest forecast calls for. >> here's joaquin in the bahamas. that's nashua if you have ever spent winter time vacationing down in nashua. i don't think they will get a direct hit. but still this the something we will watch this morning. it the right now moving west at 3 miles per hour. the forecast track the further east than yesterday at this time.
9:18 am
the reasoning this spaghetti charges we call them because it looked like cooked spaghetti on a plate. they are more closely together. these are individual computer models and they are an opinion of what the hurricane will do. a few days ago the lines were all over the place. there's a couple of lines to the left. most of them now continue to converge together and also to the east. when they are together they have the same opinion which is building forecast with confidence. that's the great news for us. this red line stays's of new england. you notice the left edge there's a possibility it may wobble a bit left. that's not looking likely. at the same time it could wobble further to the right. when it makes its pass to new england next week. the only effect it may do is turn up the surf. this weather system. these two weather systems are doing that regardless of what's happening with joaquin. area of high pressure working in tan tandom with this stalled front.
9:19 am
today it's generating rain the front took a nap yesterday. put it woke up and it's awake and alive. we will have periods of rain through the day. steadiest and heaviest down to front itself the cape and island. that's it your day the lost to rain. some of it heavy at times. 1-2 inch likely. frt north boston and north of there it's trickier. because there's dry air coming out of canada. that will chew up on the northern edge of this rain shield. i think we will be in and out of the light rain boston worcester, portions of the merrimack valley. we will have rainfall in order about third of inch of rain. compared to 3 to 4 inch of rain this is manageable. i don't anticipate flooding. 1-2 inch of rainstorm drains will be able to handle that. if you go outside. can you handle this wind? how about the umbrella? wind gusting 5 to 30 miles per hour. combining with astronomical high tides we will set up minor coastal flooding at the
9:20 am
midafternoon high tide. northeast wind will lock in chilly conditions. temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. the numbers won't move. 51 to 56. high school football games cold and raw for the game. and the steadiest rain will be found south of town for those games. merrimack valley, new hampshire lower 50s with sprinkles. and this weather system spends another day with us tomorrow. there's a few isolated showers tomorrow. still cold and raw then we do dry out in the afternoon and sunday will be the better of two days. still notice a lot of clouds and blue arrows still advertising a northeaster i will wind even on sunday. sunday will be the better of two day for outdoor activities. temperature this weekend 52 to 57. breast cancer water sunday. dry for the walk and for half marathon and 5-k road races.
9:21 am
few isolated showers sunday. upper 50s early next week. partly sunny skies monday through thursday of next week. apple is breaking a record with release of newest iphone. the company selling a whopping 13 million iphone 6 s and 6s plus. topping record of 10 million. expert say this may be because more and more people are switching away from two-year contract which allows them to upgrade. every year my phone get more and more out of date. now they need to solve the battery life issue that would be so nice. maybe we use it too much. ahead on "today in new england" more on hurricane joaquin as we learn where the storm may go next. a cold case that investigators say they finally cracked 20 years later. mark wahlberg dishes on time with pope francis during his
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9:25 am
mark wahlberg was there along with his mother and brother's paul and singer donny. it's amazing. such an iconic area. mark also dished on the details of his meeting with pope francis. it was very, very special. he's an amazing man. he's doing a lot of great things. being from dorchester they talk about the importance of church coming up. there's nine kids in the house. you send them out wherever you can. we like to ditch church every now and again. hopefully mark repented for all of us. >> wahlberg wears this rosary around his neck by the pope blessed and that moment at the end with the holy father will be one he cherishes. only if he asked me to pray for him. he's a man with a lot of responsibility. he's always in my thoughts and prayers. >> wahlberg would like to work with the pope going forward. he said he handles many important issue including human trafficking. from boston nicole oliverio,
9:26 am
just ahead this morning new picture of donald trump like you have never seen him before. it's gone viral and shows him sporting off a whole few look. >> plus the latest on indy car race plan for the city.
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denialed trump is known for comb over hairstyle. been the source of so many joke. there's a new photo of him with kind of this new look. it's an edited picture. it shes like what it wouldn't look like if he were to sport
9:29 am
kind of like jeremy wants to do. someone tweeted the front-runner after he barbed rival marco rubio for pathetic stance on illegal immigration. here's what the internet does to you. the man bun thing is everywhere. i've seen it all over the place. we've been starting online to get jr to do it. one of the best eye seen is long hair datsun. >> i haven't figured that out yesterday. seit is a thing and jr talking man buns he talked about joaquin. the good news joaquin will not make a direct hit here. we have the latest track. we will show you that track and the details your weekend forecast up next. president obama react after
9:30 am
9:31 am
>> all eyes on joaquin. we have the latest storm track. joaquin is moving slowly dumping plenty of rain and blasting the bahamass with some strong winds. also this morning president obama speaking out after another mass shooting rocks the nation. this time after a gunmen opened fire at community college in oregon. good news for the east coast. that's right. we're continuing to track hurricane joaquin. and it is looking like the storm will spare new england. this is cat four. 1300 miles away from boston wind speeds 130 miles per hour. moving slowly about 3 miles per hour. welcome back everyone. >> hurricane joaquin visible from space. this picture shot by scott kelly
9:32 am
station showing how massive it looks from outer space. it looks like these will be spared. we have wet weather to deal with ourselves. let's get over to jr and talk about that. we are talking about patches of light rain around the metro. north of down merrimack valley worcester hills dry. i think may be the scene for much of the morning hours. if you have outdoor plans later this morning this afternoon perhaps the art work or golf r tennis you may get that accomplished across southern new hampshire. further south along the south shore and south coast. forget it the day lost to rain. indoor activity. steady rain all day long from chathem even as well as the islands. these locations upward of an inch of rain. you notice here 2:00 this afternoon the rain really crawling to metro boston and nod making north of town. >> that's why i'm confy depth you will stay south of boston.
9:33 am
it will stay on stand by. northeast wind cold, raw. that piling up water at the time of high tide 3:00 this afternoon may lead to some pocket of minor coastal flooding. time. the numbers won't move much. for more on hurricane joaquin and his plans for the weekend. bri eggers takes it from here in the outlook for us getting butter and better. really the entire east coast. but still tearing through the bahamass with 130-mile-an-hour winds and not moving a lot in you can see the movement about 3 miles per hour. it's really stationary at this point. category 4 major hurricane doesn't downgrade until we hit early sunday then takes until tuesday for it to move southeast of nantucket and cape cod. cone of uncertainty the narrowing meaning the uncertainty not so uncertain anymore. we're a little bit more confident.
9:34 am
that's the official forecast track from the national hurricane track. looking at the model considered we're getting more of a match on that track more of a forecast model agreeing that joaquin does head out to sea. a very powerful storm cat 4 through the bahamian island and it will stay there until early tomorrow morning. i believe we will see more damage in a few minutes. hurricane joaquin unlikely to effect the eastern seaboard. in bahamas much different story. we certainly cannot forget about the people in the path of danger. heavy wind, torrential rain. major flood left road completely underwater. there's been so far no report of any ketts but the damage has been extensive. officials had the order evacuations after some people refused to move into shelters. on the east coast wild wet weather there. the mid atlantic state are
9:35 am
there's flooding along the coast in virginia and high tide could make it even worse. in charleston, south carolina homes and roads have been washed away. drivers stranded by the rising water. hit by a front there. every county in the state has a flood watch or warning issues. don't forget you can track all the weather using our interactive radar. that's on it's also on the 7news mobile app click on the weather tab. now to developing story out of oregon. a community shocked after a gunmen opened fire in the community college. showed visibly his frustration with the number of mass shooting in this country. >> president obama said american have become numb to this sort of tragedy. he insist he will continue to bring this up every time there's a mass shooting. take a look here. this picture shows president obama at the white house as he
9:36 am
watched the news coverage. he later addressed the media clearly angry about what happened in oregon attacking anyone who does not believe in the need for increased gun control. >> this is a political choice that we make. to allow this to happen every few months in mark. i hope and pray that i don't have to come out again during my tenure as president to off my condolences to family in these circumstances. opponent have increased gun control say no amount of legislation could have prevented the tragedy in rose besting. in this latest shooting brings the total number of mass shooting in the united states to
9:37 am
at least four people killed or injured by gunfire. 380 people have been killed in those shooting and more than 1,000 have been wounded. live in newsroom. 7news "today in new england." we learn new details in the death of 2-year-old from auburn. a new report said the department of children and family failed to evaluate the mother. governor baker talking tough calling the finding unacceptable. jennifer eagan has more. 2-year-old aveelena appears to have died from heatstroke. the failures that are outlined by this report are unacceptable. charlie baker said the failures include the approval of the foster mother's license to take children into her home in the first place. >> the licensing processes deficient in this case. enabling the foster parents to care for children in an environment that did not meet dcf standard for ensuring safety and stability. the review found there wasn't
9:38 am
enough space in the as parliament for the children in the home and too many children were in her care in foster's mother health wasn't assessed. dcf worker only made half the visits required. the report states she was neglected and her condition when she died on august 15th was consistent with being left unattended in a room or vehicle with excessive temperature. the governor is demanding change. >> this administration is committed to addressing each and every issue within the department that the necessary to keep children safe. another 22-month-old foster child no criminal charges have been filed in this case. and the governor said dcf worker will be retrained including on the policy to approve someone for foster care license. at the statehouse, jennifer eagan 7news "today in new england."
9:39 am
give the key note speech at summit on opiate addiction. waltham. a bill fighting the crisis in the state. it's part of measure patient given a list of alternative pain medications and could refuse opiates all together. they would be required to question if they are at risk of substance abuse. 25 people behind bars after the fed busted trafficking ring. they were arrested thursday after 15 money long investigation. they face charges for heroin. a spike in overdose deaths in taunton prompted the feds to help out. this by the way follows four other indictments that have charged 17 people in connection with distributing heroin in and around taunton. boston police say they have cracked a cold case murder that has been investigated for more than 20 years.
9:40 am
leena bruce found dead in jewell of 1992. despite intensive investigation the case remain unsolved. boston to the crime. the 42-year-old man is behind bars on an unrelated conviction. the official says i they hope crack thing case will prompt anyone with information about an unsolved homicide to share it with investigators. >> also this morning mass port will not try to put the brakes on the plan indy race. according to "boston globe" officials want the make sure the agency won't have to pay for the grand prix of boston. indy car are denying they asked for money. they don't need financial assistance. it is time for oktoberfest.
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we're back with another look at the radar and joaquin the storm is making its way through the atlantic right now. doesn't appear there will be a direct hit i should say to the east coast. but some damage left behind in the bahamas right now. that's not good news for those folk.
9:44 am
it's been a tough time for them now. the storm stuck to the area. jr will talk about where it is go it and what's happening with that. you saw the top of the screen there. it's only moving northwest at 3 miles per hour. it does appear it's been stuck down in the bahamas. yesterday at this time drifting southwest. at 3 miles per hour. it's really been in the same general vicinity for the last 24 hours. unfortunately devastating for those folks there in the bahamas. by the way that's nashua right there in the bahamas. and i think the center of the storm will passion well east of that over the next 24 hours. lit continue to move north and then eventually off to the northeast. our computer models continuing to advertise an eastward track. a track that is indeed out to sea. and you notice here that our cone of uncertainty its a little bit narrower meaning we're becoming more confident with this forecast with each passing hour. so at this time 2:00 a.m. on tuesday that's where we think it will be.
9:45 am
anden when it passes well southeast of new england it will churn up the ocean and churn up the surf. there may be large surf that does approach new england coastline middle of next week. i don't think will significantly take a left-hand turn into new england. there's likely a little bit of wobbling over the next couple of day. en -- what we have going on now a weather system unrelated to joaquin. all the heavy rain. it took a bit of nap yesterday. but it's awake again. generating another band of rain and this band of rain slowly shifting back and forth. it's been steady through the cape and islands. i don't think it will move much. you have steady rain all day long. chatem, martha's vineyard. brewster. still planning on 1 to 2 inches of rain there.
9:46 am
of looks like it's be it's behaving like nor'easter. for metro boston. we're on the northern edge of weather system through the day. so there will be period of light rain on and off the entire day. but i don't think it's overwhelming rain. certainly there's no risk of flooding around the region. even through the cape and island with heavier rain down there. 1-2 inch is not flooding rain. you notice metro boston a third of an inch or less. southern new hampshire may stay cry the entire afternoon. wind have been gusty from northeast over the last several hours. tide may lead to minor coastal flooding. 50s. cool raw day. the numbers between 51 and 56. tonight periods of rain and that coastal wind continuing 48 to 52. for the weekend with weather
9:47 am
system weaken a little bit. few showers tomorrow. sunday the drier of two weekend day. a lot of clouds around sunday. raw tomorrow with that wind and not quite as raw on sunday but still breezy. temperature this weekend 52 to 57. you can pick apples this weekend. few showers in the orchards tomorrow. not a wash out. sunday the nicer of two weekend day for outdoor activities. time for oktoberfest and restaurant across the world are celebrating and in summerville they are serving up a snitzel sand -- sandwich. what better to go with proper oktoberfest beer than snitzel. tim whyteman explains the creation. we make hand made pretzel
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and we sell a lot of snitzel. that's like munsteur. spiced with papricka. they will take good 15 minute on low in while they cook let's work on the meat. we use a nice pork loin. you can use chicken or beef. now let's pound it out. the next step is simple. dip in flour -- dip in an egg wash then bread crumbs. >> we will now pan try. medium hot pan. it needs to sizzle when you put it in. cook two minutes on each side. you look for nice golden color and not burning. for the final touch we take a
9:49 am
butter takes good. we will let it finish cooking in the brown butter. >> stir from fresh chopped parsely and lemon juice. they serve on pretzel roll with pungent cheese spread. don't forget saw sauteed onions. and that's what's cooking. i'm bri eggers, 7news. we need to ask bri if she got to taste that. jr was rubbing his belly. snitzel is amazing. >> it's good. that's what we are having now. two thumbs-up from weather department on that one. next in sports tom brady having
9:50 am
a pretty nice start to the season so far. now the pats star is being honored for his quick start to the year. ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh
9:51 am
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>> good morning. bruins set to drop the puck on new season. looking a whole lot difference than last year's team. first to miss the play off. he doesn't agree with all the talk about his head coach being on the hot seat. but a lot of things happened throughout the course of the year. it's not necessarily just the coach. i think it's unfair.
9:53 am
i know why certain things are said at times. it's unfair to start the season where you know it's out there were the coach could be on the hot seat. i think it's unfair to club. tom brady named offensive player of the month for eighth time in career. 1112 yard. nine touchdowns and zero interceptions. kicker steven named the afc special team's player of the month as well. red sox trying to keep the yankees from saveoring another trip. greg bird adds another lifting solo shot to right. yankee take it 4-1 clinching with the 10,000th win in franchise history. john farrell will return for a fourth season as red sox manager. this according to cfn shawn mcadam. >> one final look at your forecast at hurricane joaquin mornings.
9:54 am
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good new for east coast as we continue to track joaquin. looking like the storm will spare new england. a lot of people in the bahamas going to get hit. although that affecting us here. we're still seeing rain and cold temperatures we are. here's our weather system stationary front doing just that not moving. a round of rain on the cape and island. at times we'll have a couple of batches arraign across the metro especially boston south. north of the pike you probably get away with just a dry day. outdoor plans nashua, worcester probably get accomplished. you have rainy conditions all day. cold and raw as well.
9:57 am
winds will gust 25 to 35 miles per hour. this rain winds down tomorrow. thanks for watching everybody. today show is next. i'm christa delcamp. i'm jadiann thompson. have a great morning. we will right back here for 7news at off and on. [instrumental music playing] windows are the eyes into the soul of the home. ugly soul. go to blinds to go with the largest selection of blinds and shades custom sized and guaranteed for life. they're a designer's best friend. trust me, 0 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go.
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