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tv   Today  NBC  October 2, 2015 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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this is "today." with cathy lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody, it's friday, october 2nd, 2015. jenna bush hager is in for kathie lee. welcome back. >> thank you. >> you have had a little baby since we last saw. >> you yes. >> we wanted just to let everybody know our thoughts and prayers are with all of the neem oregon, the horrible shooting that happened midafternoon
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yesterday and it had a lot of people heartbroken, shaking their heads and wanting answers. we just want to let everyone know at umpqua community college that we are thinking about them, we're praying for them and -- >> i have to say, having a new baby puts this in perspective. >> doesn't it? >> i was feeding her yesterday, you know, you hear this news and you look down at your precious innocent child and you just think when this -- politics aside, when is enough enough? >> when is enough enough? >> so that you can send your child offer to college without being scared. >> or elementary school or anywhere. >> yeah. >> speaking your adorable baby we missed you so much. >> thank you. >> we're so many that you're back today. tell bus this little one. >> she's could cute, her name is poppy louise. >> the name is perfect. just look. >> look at her. >> look at mila. >> she is loving being a big sister. >> what happened on day one when she first saw poppy?
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>> day one she came to the hospital -- that was mila's first day of preschool. the first day she came to the hospital and we let mila pick the baby out of the nursery. we guide it had. >> pick any one of these. >> so we let her pick her out and she's just totally crazy about her. every morning she goes, mommy, where is poppy? and she has a routine. she likes to sing her lull la buys to poppy when she sleeps. as a newborn nose they sleep all the time. >> >> hi, munch kin. >> yeah, she goes hi, munchkin. >> can you name that tune?
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>> twinkle, twinkle? >> no. >> carry me home. by the way, can i just point something out? in every picture that you've shown us, the video and two photographs mila is looking at pop yeechlt she's always looking at her. >> she's so crazy about her. she comes and sings these songs to her. it's great because you never know how it's going to go and she has just completed our family. everybody knows i'm hormonal. >> i know. you're crying. >> i cry at the drop of a hat, but it just feels really complete. >> i love you, jenna. we're happy that you're here and happy for your family. i want to give you a present. it's breast cancer awareness month. this is a breast cancer awareness bracelet, it's from jennifer miller jewelry, a friend of mine as you know. >> i love this. >> it goes for $115 but all the
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of each purchase goes to bcrf which is a great skaus. any way you can help in breast cancer awareness is great >> i love this. >> now we can get rid of the weird hand. >> or i can just grab your head. >> if you want one of these bracelets go to jennifer miller >> do you like it. >> yes, i do. this was this adorable girl, her name happens to be mila >> i know. >> she's two years old or so -- >> she was she was named after mila hager. >> maybe she was. >> is that just me being a narcissist. >> this baby girl has a crush on adam levine. this is her reaction when her mom tells her that adam levine is already married. >> i was going to tell you adam levine got married. >> no. >> he did.
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no, he didn't, mommy. mommy, he didn't. >> that is unbelievable. i have to say mila doesn't have asthma tour of a crush on somebody like adam levine. >> oh, my gosh. >> in fact, she goes i'm going on a date. i said with who? and she said daddy boy. >> i was like hallelujah. i don't know if i sko handle mila being into adam levine. >> how about it at that age. what is mila into? >> her baby dolls and baby sissy and singing like rho, rho, rho your boat. she's not into adam levine yet. it's scary when you are 15 and into adam levine. >> there were these girls who were at a baseball game -- and, look, let's acknowledge that baseball sometimes can be a slow game. lots of room in between pitches and hits -- >> bus bu it used to be -- for me as a kid i used to go to a lot of baseball games, it was time to eat. >> get hot dogs.
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>> get a hot dogs and cracker jacks. >> this is what happened at a major league game, one of the announcers had had enough of these young girls who were taking selfies. take a look. >> every girl in the picture is locked into her phone. >> oh, lord. >> every single one is dialed in. welcome to parenting in 2015. they're all just completely transfixed. >> hold on. i have to take a selfie with a hot dog, selfie with the churro, selfie just of a selfie. >> the beauty of baseball is you can sit next to your neighbor and have a conversation or you can just completely ignore them. >> parelta knocks it into center. lead off single here in the fourth. and nobody noticed. >> and nobody notices. i love those announcers. >> that's with the arizona die monday backs, they were hosting the colorado rockies. >> but isn't that also so true that sometimes you are just --
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you see these people that are look down at their phones all the time -- >> by the way, when you just picked yours up, when i see someone pick their up it's like a yawn. >> where is mine? >> you reach for yours right away. >> all of them are looking at it. we also really liked the faces. >> they seem totally unaware that they were actually on a big screen. that's usually when you pay close attention. >> maybe they weren't. maybe it was just at home. >> that's even worse. >> yeah. >> now, i have a question. do you have a type? throughout guys you've dated -- >> i like a tall man. >> okay. tall. what's your type? >> my type -- my type has changed over the years. >> you have a new type. >> i used to like guys who were a little heftier, i liked big guys, they made me feel tiny. whenever you're dating a smaller guy and they would joke around and try to pick you up i was like no, don't do it.
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even when he picks me up he's like -- >> he's 6'4". >> all right. here is what the study says. people do have a type when you're looking for part nemplt 50% of people's preferences are unique to them. so if we talk about people we thought were hot only half the time we would agree. >> we'll see. >> we're going to play a game. play with us. we'll look at faces and say if they're hot or not. >> hot. >> not. >> okay. next. hot. >> not. >> okay. we do see the other type. >> hot. >> hot. >> uh-huh. hot. >> hot. but i thought every single one besides hot was hot. >> how did you not think kevin james is hot? he is fine. >> you have a type. you sure do. you really do. >> there is something adore ability about -- >> essay do rememberable. hot. >> hot. >> hot. >> wait. we have hot in the kitchen. by the way -- >> we just got distracted and
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>> hot? >> we're deciding instantly if we look at someone if they're hot or not. >> it's good to be judged. judged on merit not -- nothing superficial there. >> it is a meat market on here. >> you haven't ever been on our show, have you, jeff? >> i've heard of it. i've heard that it's deep and interesting. >> and profound. >> not judgmental at all. >> can i just say something, though? i just happened to see the martian which we are going to talk about a little bit later. it is a phenomenal film. this is going to be one of those -- it's got -- you put the 3-d glasses on and it's a true, true peer yenls and you are outstanding in it. glass as soon as. >> i did. i have to. >> you look stupid doing that. i felt stupid. >> and they're plastic, too. they're like the -- >> did you watch it the whole >> you have to. yeah, you see everything in 3-d, all kind of stuff. >> everything. >> everything. >> lillian na is going to be back to show you how to rock
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squenls during the day and his song is burning up the charts. >> plus have the stage, the screen to everything is between actor jeff daniels who is hot. >> yeah. >> music and more after this. een to is your head so congested it's ready to explode? you may be muddling through allergies. to powerfully clear your blocked nose allergy symptoms. so, you can breathe easier all day. -d. at the pharmacy counter. everything kids touch during
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joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joinint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. emmy-award winning actor jeff daniel has appeared in more than 70 roles in shows such as "terms of endearment" and alongside jim carrey in "dumb and dumber" and "dumber and dumber too " " and he is back on the big screen. >> and he is starring along with matt damon as stranded astronaut
11:14 am
>> you are gog ing to say it is impossible and say something like the overtime alone will be something like a nightmare. >> the overtime alone will be a nightmare. >> well, get started. >> i will do my best. >> mark dies if you don't. >> and jeff daniels joins us. >> little drama. >> and yes shgs , it is one of the shows that you think that it is a film with one guy by himself in mar s s, and you said yes before you saw the script? >> yes, the career is at a point where you can -- no, it is ridley scott. it is to me, ridley scott has a film, yes. and then you read the script. >> and we have read that you were not a science guy growing up. and your teachers will attest to it. >> as difficult as will mce e voi was for "newsroom" and this
11:15 am
is perhaps my greatest acting achievement in "martian" because i cannot tell you how stupid and ignorant i was in the subjects of science is and math, and to play someone like teddy williams. >> brilliant. >> and there are high skool chool teachers in science and math going, don't believe him. >> have you worked with matt damon before? >> no, and i did not work with him on this either. h h se e is in mars, and i am down there in houston going, come on back. >> and you are equal parts likable and unlikable in this. all business. >> i can't help myself. ted sdi dy is the guy who has to make the decision of whether to go save one life and risk five or six or let one go. and so -- >> would you go the space. would jeff daniels ever go to space? >> why?
11:16 am
>> because we want to know -- for the astronaut ice cream? >> no. no, because it looks from here, it looks dark. and i have heard and i have seen pictures that once you get up there, it is darker. i am not interested. send me the pix. go, go, and i'm happy to look at them. >> and in this new steve jobs' film out, and you have something cooking on broadway and you v have a lot of projects going at once, and is that your time of the life and the way your normal is? >> well, i have been a scrambler of one to another, and with television now with all of the scripted shows. i remember that i go back to 1970s and 1980s and newman and hoffmann and pacino and de niro and those guys would never do television.
11:17 am
was movies and stage, and i didn't think that the movie thing would last and so in a way it is getting to do all of these things at a later age in an acting career, and that is unusual and i'm grateful and happy to do it. >> and you get to travel with your son as a musinns that fun to be on the road? >> yes, the ben daniels' tour, and we are going out to the west and the northwest. >> we are not judging. >> so much fun? >> so much fun. and parental highlight, and you are playing, and you look over there, and usually, youle enoigt viagara band, and hey, we can still deep beat. no, no, get some 20 somethings behind you. >> we appreciate it. and "martian" is in the theaters today. >> and ul that glitters is not gold. >> and lilliana is going to show us how
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if you are looking to add some pizazz for the daytime trends, add some sequins. >> and you can get your cocktail par party on all day long. >> and who better to show us how than our style expert lilliana vasquez. and before you begin this segment, jena has a outfit on that is kind of rocking. that is so cute. >> well w it like a pinata, but it is hiding some areas that i want to hide. and as my co-host pointed out, she is wearing sequins at 7:30 in the morning, and looking adorable. >> no, it is so cute that you
11:22 am
can't wear them for daytime, but a few rule s s that you have to follow, make sure they are not always black, becau that is more evening, and pair them with something more casual. >> and so, let's go to the working girl, and bring out our >> this s is the metallic skirt that is soft metallic and not so shiny and we paired wit a fall staple with a purple sweater from, and it is with a flat heel so it is workplace appropriate. >> and so if you go out, swap out to a heel. >> yes. thank you. so cute. >> and what about a sporgt ting event? >> well, in is a little bit of a challenge, but we pulled this off. >> and briana can wear anything.
11:23 am
able, and ath leisure is so pop yu ular, and so these are about $100, and a little bit of the investment, but they are just as good with sneakers as heels, and pair them with easy basic like this sweatshirt and vest and the backpack, and this is a look to wear to the baseball game and you will feel feminine. >> you could work out in those? >> no, you would not want to. >> i love that vest, and joanne got me a vest just like that, and got me that exact vest. >> and all white sneak ser so cute -- sneaker is so cute. >> and phyllis for fall. >> and you can wear this going apple picking with the kids or the pumpkin patch, and she is wearing the whole sequinned
11:24 am
and guess how much this t-shirt is? >> $20. >> very close, $29.99, and everybody wants a chelsea boot, and look at those paired with the jeans. >> and are those comfortable? >> she loves those boot, and it is to keep it nice and casual to make sure that the sequins are not too evening. >> and finally for the day date the. >> i like that. >> and every woman has a sequinned dress or you want to wear the sequinned dress. >> oh, my gosh. >> hey, lady. >> this is bianca who heads up our entire foods division. >> isn't that dress ridiculous. >> i love the hair. >> and it is not all black and we mixed in tones of ivory and white and this dress is under $150 from, and if you throw a jean over it, it is casual. and again, we did it with the
11:25 am
and so if you pair et with the right thing, sequins can be so versatile. >> and who blew out the hair? >> well, the team. the team. >> you look awesome. awesome. >> we have to go, kids. >> and so what are we missing here, janet? because with citrusy peel shine, i might as well be spraying orange juice on...grape juice. get serious, get a cleaner with bleach in it. that's right...i'll get it. clorox means clean. welcome to fort green sheets.
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we r are we are here with jenna bush hagar who is in for kathie lee. and we are celebrating breast cancer awareness month. >> and after doctors told jerilyn that it would be impossible for them to have a child, well, they had a baby 10 months later.
11:31 am
and 20 years after surviving her diagnosis she has written a second book called "then came life." >> welcome. >> and can you believe that i was played bay tall blond in my movie. >> isn't that brilliant. and the first book captured so many people, because the title was terrific "why wear lipstick to my mastectomy." and it s is about feeling good and that is the theme, right? >> yes, and i never r lipstick and i was never one of the glamorous women or a gloss girl, but at that moment i saw property of mount sinai hospital, and i said, i wanted to be appearing glamorous and far away from the scalpel, and it last ed ed and when i woke up, they said, what brand. >> and you were told that you wouldn't have kid, probably wouldn't have kids. >> and i would go into menopause, and they were not banking eggs, because it was 20 years ago. >> and right now, you have two kids?
11:32 am
>> so i have a miracle sky meredith lucas and i said she was a little mean, but i was worse to my mom and that is what i write in the book, and when i call to my mom to complain, she says, honey, you were worse. and hayden is a chess star, and that is a miracle, because i can't play checkers, and this is a certified miracle two children at the same hospital i had the mastectomy, and one boob and still have life. >> and so, you know, sometimes you are so empowered in the time of your life that you are stronger than you have ever been, and then things that didn't bother you because you were happy to be a alive and so is then it starts to bother you again. >> and that is so deep, and i
11:33 am
call it mining gratitude. and you are so happy to be without a i.v., and then i went to nursery school in new york city and i said, i have cancer, why do i have to do that, and i play the cancer card. >> and she writes in her journal every morning about gratitude. what do you do to focus? >> i got this tattoo on my 16 1616th anniversary of cancer-free, and i wanted to get healed across my butt to remind me they was okay and i chickened out. and i chose the word sweet. life is bitter and the taste is sweet. so we can't choose the wounds, but we can choose the words. >> we can't choose the wounds, but we can choose our words.
11:34 am
>> and girls, should we all go get a tat. and the first one was instead of a nipple. >> they do that the now, 3d even. even. >> yes. but i decided i did not want a fake nipple like a fake prada, and so i have a little scar, but i cannot stop. and so this is for hayden and this is for sky and this is for my cousin we lost, and like to remember the women that we lost. >> and you are an inspiration. and the book is called "then came 9"life." >> i like hang g ing with you guys. >> and now, steve greenberg is
11:35 am
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fall is the beautiful time of the year to enjoy the great outdoors. >> so if you are going biking, hiking or camping, with we have the gadgets to get into the enhanced expert. >> and guess who has them? steve greenberg. and inspired. and we love that outfit. >> everybody is wearing them. this is the very, very in and it is called the mosquito jacket from hammaker, and this is the way to be outdoors and still look good. and it is fashionable and slimming. >> and if you were camping, you could sleep in that.
11:40 am
the hands, and let me see if i can get out of it. oh, i can see the world. dog. what is going on? >> this is from kirbo and they dog. >> and he is not walking, because he does not like the shs >h no, we get it. >> and the time there is hiking and biking, and spurs or what not or glass in the street, you have to put some shoes on your dog. >> they r are not only doggie shoes, but they light up. >> tray circumstances take those shoes off. >> oh, he is humiliated. >> and you want me to help you take them off. okay. >> and sometimes you can't find wa water where you are, and so this is the quest trail filter, and we have yucky water, and you pour it in here, and pour a
11:41 am
little bit like the dirty water there -- >> is there a fly in there? >> yes, there could be. your folks made it for me, and i don't know how much they feel for me, and it is like a french press, and the water goes in there and it filters out everything, and all sorts of bacteria, and everything, so you can then make not drinkable wa water drinkable. and look at how clean it is. >> and look at the difference, and that used to be that. >> and okay. >> well, you never know. >> and i could -- how does it taste? >> no, no, i am fine. and this is really cool, and this is an iron where you can toast things up. and like a grilled cheese and you hand it over there, and that is -- >> well, that is genius. >> and it tastes good. >> really.
11:42 am
and put it in there of the -- right over the fire. and if you have to go to the bathroom, you can clean up, and this is the man's smell like cedar and this is called from down there, and cleaning is important. next for the ladies, when there is no bathroom around, and this is called the pee pocket. >> nobody is using that cone. >> i would have never eaten a bite of that griled cheese if i knew this. >> and are you for real? why not just squat? >> well, some squatting. >> and become a man for a minute. >> and a minute and half or whatever, and i don't make the products, but i am telling you it is out there, and $1 a pee pocket. >> i am not interested.
11:43 am
>> and joanne points out that you can use it while you are driving. >> and you pee in the car? >> oh, no, a sample jar. >> we are civilized. >> what about this bike? >> and this is two cool things from the people of skosh so this is the handle-it to hold the smart phone and then a bluetooth speaker, and it should play, and that is what is nice with the bluetooth speakers so you don't have to wear the headphones. >> and don't look at the phone while you are riding in the city. >> right. >> and this is from the folks of walmart, you put it on the spokes of the wheel and it goes faster, and faster, and cooler, and cooler. dim the lights. okay. believe me. >> look at how cool that is. >> it keeps changing. >> and 40 different settings, and five different words.
11:44 am
>> and what is last? >> the light up l.e.d. lace, and i think it is great for hall e low wean, but running at night. and they are under $7. and finally, this is the navigator backpack and holds up to 13 cans off soda, and then you open it up. >> 13 cans of soda. just what you need when you are hiking. >> and then you can open it up, and you are able to turn it into a seat. like if you are in a bleacher situation, it is a seat. >> and joining us is andrew
11:45 am
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singer/songwriter andrew mcmahon has reinvented himself several time s s. >> he started with a high school band and then was the lead in
11:49 am
jack's mannequin. >> and now he has been in the single " single" cecilia and the satellite. i "". >> and the last time we saw you, you had leukemia and you didn't know if you would be able to see your daughter grow up, and now, here you are and she is. >> i wrote this song for her. >> and the name of the song is called -- >> "cecilia and the satellite." i lock myself in a hotel room been waiting all night for the walls to move i've loved some girl s s that i
11:50 am
barely knew i've made some friends that is and i've lost some, too crashed my car, i was 17 my mother in the seat riding next to me the things i've learned from a broken mirror how to a face can change when a heart knows fear through all the things my eyes have seen the best is far is you if i could fly then i would know what life looks like from up above and down below what life looks like from up above and down below i'd keep you safe i'd keep you dry don't be afraid cecilia i'm the satellite
11:51 am
and you're the sky i've cafe crawled through amsterdam is i've been around the world with a punk rock band i've seen london and i've played japan i've been knocked down i got up again for all the places i have been i'm no place without you if i could fly then i would know what life is looks like up above and down below i'd keep you safe i'd keep you dry don't be afraid cecilia i'm the satellite and you're the sky i'm the satellite and you're the sky i'm the satellite and you're the sky
11:52 am
for all the things my hands have held the best by far is you if i could fly then i would know what life looks like from up above and down below i'd keep you safe i'd keep you dry don't be afraid cecilia i'm the satellite and you're the sky and you're the sky i'm the satellite and you're the sky and you're the sky >> yes.
11:53 am
yes! >> that was great. that was great. you guys, that was awesome. awesome. we will be back in a moment, but
11:54 am
[instrumental music playing] the soul of the home. ugly soul. go to blinds to go with the largest selection of blinds and shades custom sized and guaranteed for life. friend. trust me, they make window decorating easy. back to school? during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all in cellular shades and that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go.
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want to give a big thank you jena. >> good to be back.
11:56 am
>> christa: tracking hurricane joaquin. the category four storm causing major damage in the bahamas. >> >> jadiann: for us here, it is about the nasty weather outside. >> jeremy: we have rain and wind for the afternoon. how long it sticks around and an update on joaquin's track. >> christa: two police vehicles damaged. also, an officer thrown into the air in a crash in fall river. we have breaking news. two airmen deployed from hanscom air force base, killed
11:57 am
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