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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  October 2, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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hit from t storm . >> anchor: right now whack even is still a towerful category four hurricane but it's expected to veer out to sea missing any pat of the east coast which of course is good news for us because that means joaquin is staying away . >> reporter: despite good news we are dealing with rotten weather out there unrelated. let's go to chris lambert with more on the forecast . >> reporter: huge area of high pressure to the north and that pressure difference from high to the north and joaquin down to the south is driving in a strong northeasterly wind along our coastline. let's take a look at the latest here. this hurricane has been parked across the central bahamas from better part of the last 24 hours now beginning to wobble northbound at five miles per hour going to san salvador island. that north movement, that is good. that's what we were waiting to see here because if that goes to the north and then to the northeast, we're going to be consistent here with the forecast models that now mostly indicate that this is well out to sea and that's why the national hurricane center also has adjusted that forecast over
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the last 24 hours farther and farther east. winds right now 130 miles per hour, look how far off the east bound this is by the time we get into monday morning, hundred miles offshore is the track, hundred miles offshore of new england as well by the time we get into tuesday morning so we're expecting minimal impact with this hurricane. we'll have large sea swells and the possibility of rip current, rip tides out there along the eastern facing shorelines and south faying shorelines of new england. that is it for the impact. i don't be pet any rain from joaquin. the rain we're getting now, it's separate. there is also a more easter down through mid-atlantic that's battering that part of the state state. stationery front stuck just to the south of us and we do have moisture rolling right in on top of it recreating rain you see now. colrain and guffy wind that will continue tonight into tomorrow morning. you can see there is not much movement for that rain band here as we continue to pin wheel in and push in. bouts of some cold rain overnight. 51 degrees. that's it in boston.
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49 bedford, 45 worcester, the wind is gusty. huge area of high pressure to the north driving in that north to northeasterly wind gusting along the coastline over 30 miles per hour. in fact, closer to 40 down through nantucket, the cape and islands as well. so rain and wind tonight, gust gustiest along the coastline. we'll continue that theme overnight tonight. we do start the weekend off damp i think most of the rain we get over the weekend will be tomorrow morning, tapers to drizzle in the afternoon, some slight improvements on sunday and a better looking 7 day forecast ahead in the future. we'll talk for about that coming up . >> anchor: chris shall the strong storm surge cause issues along the coast. this is video from the cohasset police department of a washed up boat. what you can see of that boat is broke free from its mooring and was just tossed around by waves . >> anchor: strong winds are churning up the surf. jonathan hall is live in marshfield with more on the storm there. jonathan? >> reporter: hey, guys, good afternoon. would you almost think these were the remnants of joaquin. that's what it feels like out here but of course that's not the case. it's a different system entirely
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entirely. we did check with boat owners here in marshfield. they are planning on leaving their boats at the green harbor marina. they are hoping some better weather is still to come and a live look right now on ocean street. you can see that the sea wall is the no hoping water back and that minivan is getting pummeled by waves. wild weather on the south shore kicks up waves and wads of wet sea foam. it's fascinating to some . i wish i was like a marine biologist or a chemist. i have no idea what causes this stuff . >> reporter: high tide result resulted in minor coastal flooding as expected in brant rock but the town of mash field didn't egg pet damage. brant rock which had severe flooding and major damage last winter is all too used to sea . . >> reporter: you are getting . . >> reporter: this sea wall should hoed, it's brand new.
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1,000 feet long, 12 feet high with a lip built into the top to help turn the ocean back . benefit residents for topple. it's two feet higher than the old sea wall and we're hoping that will help a little bit . it cost 2.3 million to billed over the summer. they need to add another 1,300 feet of sea wall in this section section. then there is brant rock, a separate problem. hurricane joaquin is expected to stay off to the east, well out to sea, but there are still concerns about high surf this weekend. we're anticipating a little erosion and some heavy seas from that then we have joaquin right behind it and even though it's going east we still may get some impact, coastal impact. >> reporter: back live now so far so good. you can see winds are up a little bit and we are definitely getting a lot of splashover here here. the business distribute there in brant rock is getting the ocean effect flooding going down but so far cars are able to get
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through. we're live in march field, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: you can track rain at and on the 7 news mobile appment we're also post posting updates on face become and twitter . >> anchor: we're following the latest on campus massacre at a community college in oregon. the community grieving there try trying to come to term with the tragedy. investigators have now uncovered at least six guns at the scene and even more inside the gunman gunman's home. paul reports now from roseburg, oregon. these families are current currently living through the nightmare in the most personal way possible. >> reporter: douglas county sheriff says more information on the victims of the shooting will have to wait until after family members have been notified. investigators say they have recovered 13 weapons related to the investigation, six from the school and 7 more from the shooter's home. they say all the weapons were purchased legally. authorities believe the shooter identified by other officials as chris harper mercer shot
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students and faculty in at least two building on campus. victims were found in multiple classrooms . i heard one gunshot and then i looked over outside and people were running a way from the building. we have to get out of here. there is people running. we need to go . >> reporter: witnesses remember the gunman particularly targeted christians during the rampage. he was just silent. he didn't speak much. if you approached him he seemed hesitant . now police and community member alike are trying to figure out what could have mote have aed a 26-year-old to carry out a senseless tragedy. one person's deranked act may have indeed broke especially all of you're hearts but he cannot provide our hearts from growing back bigger and stronger. >> reporter: reporting from rosenberg, oregon, paul vercamom. >> anchor: one man shot 7 times is now being called a here what he did to try and stop that gun gunman.
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again, that's ahead at 5:00 . >> anchor: two airmen deployed from hanscom air force base after a u.s. military plane crashes in afghanistan. official at hanscom releasing more information this afternoon. 7's byron barnett is live at hanscom with more on what they byron? >> reporter: yeah, well this is the first time in recent memory that anyone has been killed in action who is stationed here at hanscom. so as you can imagine, this was a very sad day on this base. flags lowered to half staff at hanscom air force base in bed bedford. military personnel here honoring two airmen who were among those killed when their plane went down in i didn't la la bad, afghanistan . this is a devastating day for the united states air force and for hanscom air force base. our hearts are heavy with sorrow as we grief with and for families of these brave airmen . the super hercules plane like this one crashed shortly
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field. all 11 people on board were killed, including 6 u.s. airmen. there was heavy security outside the air field, no word of the cause of the crash. the deceased airmen were members of the 66th security forces squadron here in hanscom. their job? to assist with security operations around the globe. the base commander said the 130 medical of the squadron are being offered counseling as they mourning the loss of one of . we have what in air force we call mental health providers so these are psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and the like who are providing grief counseling for anyone who needs it as well as our chaplain core is providing grove counseling as well . >> reporter: two airmen were about a meant away from the end of their tour. today governor baker acknowledged the nation's loss . i'm hopeful people move as quick as they can to notify their families and move as quick as they can to bring them back home.
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>> reporter: now the commander says the names of the deceased airmen will likely be released tomorrow. he says 13 other members of a squadron remain delloyd in afghanistan. that's the story live from bed bedford. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. we are following more news here today. the vatican is clearing up some confusion about secret meetings pope francis had while he was here in the united states. in addition to meeting with controversial kentucky clerk kim davis he also met with the gay couple. . >> reporter: the vatican says pope francis's meeting with kim davis shouldn't be interpreted as anything more of an example of the pontiff's kindness and availability. he shook people's hands and gave them rosaries. in terms of why this person was invited you have to ask those questions of the pontiff . >> reporter: a staple said the pope did not enter into the details of the situation of mrs.
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should not be considered as a form of support of her position in all its particular and complex aspects. >> reporter: it still leaves many people wondering how this happened. how she was invited and what the whole point of the meeting was . >> reporter: the vatican said davis was one of several dozen people the pope greeted as he was about to leave washington. sources tell nbc news the meeting was arranged by the archbishop of louisville, kentucky and the pope wasn't aware of how much public attention had been generated by davis's refusal to grant same sex marriage licenses. john yang, nbc news, london . >> anchor: the hid of the in addition' education department is stepping down. arne duncan, secretary of education will leave his cabinet position in december. in an e-mail to staff duncan said he will return to chicago to live with his family president obama spoke about the change this afternoon . arne duncan is one of my longest serving cabinet
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friend for a lot longer than that. so it's with some regret and sorrow that i have accepted his decision to return to our hometown of chicago. >> anchor: duncan has been in charge of the education department since president oh bomb i didn't's first term. the current dependency is set to take over . >> anchor: we wanted to show you a special drill to make sure-fire and rescue crews are prepared in case of emergency. officials treated all of the exercises as if they were real life situations. the drill is required by the federal aviation administration every three years but at logan massport conducts at least one per year and officials say it's no easy task. today our operation ready involves over 52 agencies, public and private, all levels of government. there are 35 fire vehicles on scene, 40 ambulances, there are ten receiving hospitals, there are about 1,000 people involved in today's exercise. officials also say the drill is a good way to make sure
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all of their communication systems are working properly. >> anchor: ahead on 7 news, gearing up for a fight with some kids in rockland are doing to help a mother battling breast cancer . >> anchor: going viral. the baby announcement all over facebook and wait until you see the father's reaction. reaction.. >> reporter: so many of us have suffered braces in our lifetime. for families it's a major expense . >> reporter: whether it's for yourself or for your kids, we have some tips that can save you thousands . >> reporter: we'll have the story monday morgue on today in new england beginning at 5:00
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>> reporter: a woman in virginia coming up with a special way to let her husband know they are expecting. now that video is going viral after she secretly recorded his emotional reaction. >> anchor: what makes the story even more remarkable is just how long this couple has wayed for a child of their own. >> anchor: there is some stuff in the oh haven't too. >> anchor: it was the dinner surprise of a lifetime. you are pregnant? >> anchor: he learns he is going to be a dad after his wife dana, planned the baby's you will asound photo right next to buns in the oven . due february 16 . come here
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and it's a boy. >> anchor: husbandry action was just priceless. i wasn't expecting that at all. i knew he would probably be emotional but i was not expect expecting the reaction that i received. i have never been that excited before in my life. i mean, not mainly for myself, for her. >> anchor: that's of joy after the virginia couple struggled for nearly 17 years to have a child. dana suffered four miscarriages and a still birth . it was a struggle. a roller coaster with emotions going become and for the and i just got to the point i was like you know what. i want to stop trying . >> anchor: she was shocked to find out she is nearly five months pregnant of she secretly recorded her husband's reaction to share with family. but that video is now on the verge of going viral. lady came up to me and said you are the guy on there crying.
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everything is going to be okay. i'm praying for you. it shows god is able to do any and all things. i am just grateful and i said if it can help someone else and give them hope that it can happen, then that's what it is about . you are pregnant . >> anchor: bless his what. did you see him crying in that video is getting a whole lot of attention on-line and has been viewed more than 370,000 times on you tube. >> reporter: gusty winds and cold rains out there now. that will start the weekend, what about the finish and latest . >> anchor: all new at 5:00, rough ride, several people injured on a flight to miami when turbulence sent them flying from their seats . >> anchor: a grand opening. actor mark wahlberg opening up with his time in pope francis as hi his family gets set to open up a new restaurant. >> anchor: now that school is back in session we're also bringing back our 7 news class acts. do you know a student between 6
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outstanding in school, sports or the community? if so, nominate them on-line at
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>> reporter: tgif, everyone. remember aback with a live look at saugus and you can see traffic is moving along nicely if you are getting ready to head out and with a to begin the weekend but also there is a rain drop on the camera lens and all that spray on the roads, it's very well and raw out there. . too. one of days you have to have those sturdy umbrellas or you walk around and it turns inside out and you will be sol i suppose, right? . good news. hurricane joaquin is moving out to sea so that's always good news, right, chris? >> reporter: it looks like he will miss the eastern seaboard by 3 to 400 miles there.
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along the eastern seaboard along from the hurricane in the bahamas right now. take a look at the radar. it hasfilled in even north of the mass pike over the last few hours with that rain steady light to moderate rain at times and it is a cold rain and if you don't hole on to one of those sturdy umbrellas tight you may chase it down the row as we've had a gusty wind as well gusting over 30 miles per hour along the coastline. stationery front to the south of us as moisture continues to get pumped up and over that. that's why we do have that rainfall in here. however, the low level winds out of the north-northeast and that is driving in a colder pattern in fact temperatures right now only in the mid 40's to 50 degrees. so there is that raw day that chilly feel to the air and here are some of the winds gulfing at times near 30 miles per hour. close to it in boston, 33 mile-per-hour gusts in plymouth, 36 in hyannis, strongest wind gust over the next day or so will be down through southeastern mass, especially along the coastline. so we have a coval flood advisory in effect until 5:00 p.m. this evening for the east and northeast facing coast lines and then again there is a
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another coastal flood advisory three to 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. high tide right around 4:00. we do expect an hour or so either side of it to seek pockets of minor coastal flooding once again with those onshore winds being strong. wind advisory also in play tonight into tomorrow morning and until 11:00 down through the cape and islands and back into buzzard areas bay for winds gulf gulfing at times 35 to 45 miles per hour. the bigger picture across eastern seaboard again all of the rain is not really related to joaquin. joaquin is way down into the bahamas. there is some tropical moisture getting in trained into the system but there is a separate upper level low that's spinning its wheels across the mississippi valley. that is drawing in lot of moisture. will hear about flooding rains with the carolinas the next couple of days. joaquin even the bahamas. this has been really stationery almost over the last 24 hours but it's finally moving north now at five and that's a good sign to see it move north and northeast because you can see bound of the united states by several00 dread miles as we go
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next week so i do expect minimal impact from joaquin itself. however, there is a separate system that's on the east coast. that's going to create those flooding rains back through the carolinas. in fact portions of north carolina, south carolina perhaps 8 to ten, maybe even isolated 15 inches of rain over the next count every days. also this area of high pressure across quebec, that's an issue for us because it's so strong when you get these big pressure differences from that high to the north and low to the south of us, that drives the wind and will continue to see wind gusts at times 35 to 45 miles per hour along the coastline through tomorrow morning and because of that we do have minor coastal flooding that we expect and we continue to see these showers into tomorrow, especially during the morning hours. in terms of the rainfall over the weekend, most of the showers over the weekend will be tomorrow morning, in the afternoon i think it tapers off to patchy drizzle but it's still a damp day with a gust iwind out of the northeast there and on sunday there may be a patch or two of drizzle but i do expect by sunday that we start seeing some dry spots and maybe even a couple of breaks in the overcast
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overcast. boston north and west generally an additional inch or less across southeastern mass you may pick up another inch and a half of rain before this is all said and done. 7 on 7 forecast, allowing for a nicer weather through much of next week. warming it back into the upper 60's by the middle partof the week as well. guys? >> anchor: time now for fast track traffic. here is joe staple ton with a . >> anchor: getting a rook look right now at 128 southbound rain soaked but not moving all that through the dedham area and delays of course down by route 24 and route [#] 5. 128 northbound dealing with a tough ride as well from the waltham section pretty much right up into woburn. getting a look at route 1 northbound right now around lynn felt parkway, this slow ride continues up through revere and through the saugus area, very slow going again downtown. that's the zakim bridge on the right, northbound and southbound a tight ride so are the storrow drive ramps and other slow spots are all out west and a lot of them on the pike westbound. clearing exit 17, heading to 128
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then again right out through the natick area. . >> anchor: next on 7 news a massive breach. were officials are warninging tm . >> anchor: plus, new details on a campus massacre as police search the home of a gunman an . concerns. we'll have the latest on the strong winds and high surf that are slamming people who live on
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>> anchor: we're following the latest now on the calm 3 massacre at a community college in oregon. investigators releasing new information today about the shooter after a thorough search of his home the gunman killed after being confronted by police. >> anchor: nine people are dead and several others injured leaving the community obviously in shock. brandon gunnoe here with the latest including the search for a motive . >> reporter: liz and adam, federal investigators say they found 13 weapons connected to the gunman. authorities have identified him as 26-year-old chris harper
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