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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  October 2, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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right now getting close to san salvador island in the central bahamas moving north. this is the latest track from the national hurricane center just came down. it has slit from a cat 4 to cat 3 not much a difference there. still formidable storm. wind 125 miles per hour down from 130, more importantly look at the track here. this hasn't changed much from last advisory well off the east bound by hundred miles not only off the carolina coast but also off the new england coastline here by hundred miles as we get into early next week. for us though there is a stationery front stuck south of us puffing up moisture along it so we've had rain that's broken out throughout the day even now north of boston up in into the merrimac valley. this will continue on and off through tomorrow morning before tapering off to drizzle. the other story, the cold air and the wind that's been in place. 50 right now in boston. only 45 degrees in worcester right now. the winds have been active gulf gulfing over 30 miles per hour along the coastline. we do have a wind advisory down
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cape and islands until tomorrow, until 11:00 a.m. up to 45 miles per hour so the theme here is wet and cold overnight tonight and as we go through the weekend tomorrow is going to be the wetter of the two days, especially in the morning hours and will contend with minor coastal flooding again. there is a coastal flood advisor advisory tomorrow afternoon for along the east coast of massachusetts. we'll talk more on this forecast and when we finally dry outcom outcoming up in a bid . >> anchor: the surrounding surf an early headache for those that little live along the coast. many of them trying to protect their property. that's the scene. jonathan hall live in marshfield where he is talking about what they are dealing with out there today. john? >> reporter: they are dealing with gusty winds, wind whipped rain, it's colder out here than it should be and we have minor flooding. kind of a mini nor'easter perhaps a review of things to come this winter but it looks like this time the south shore is getting off pretty easy. surf's up in march are everybody field and interrupting our the view with a guy renting a house
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for a bachelor party this weekend . congratulations . thanks very much, looking forward to it. >> reporter: waves kicked up sea foam that was believing all over the place. one bachelor party guest came from texas . >> reporter: what do you make of the weather? it's beautiful. it's very different from what i am used to. >> reporter: at the green harbor marina we found people puff pumping out their boats but most very else staying put for a while longer. people have hope warm weather isn't quite over. joaquin seals to be less of a concern as each hour goes by. watching the track to see which wayville veer. hopefully it goes out to sea and we have to worry about high tides and wind . >> reporter: the 3:30 high tide which was 11 feet kicked upper is surf on ocean street seen before. the dpw built a new 12 foot high wall protecting a section of field stone in this seaside down
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but more needs to be done . we need another 1,300 feet to finish this section of sea wall and then we've got brant rock and currently army corp is doing a study . >> reporter: the sea wall repairs and construction will continue here in march field but more funding is ed needed. this is that 80 foot section of sea wall which was blend out by the blizzard in january. these boulders are temporary fakes but a lot more work needs to be done. reporting live, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> reporter: heartache in oregon . they were christian, they were shot in the head . >> reporter: college students targeted in their classroom . we dropped everything and ran . >> reporter: today anger on a call for action . . . >> anchor: that community just grieving tonight trying to come to terms with this senseless move by this cold-blooded killer. >> anchor: nine peel are dead,
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7 overs wounded. the biggest question: why? the 26-year-old gunman has been identified. he is believed to have been targeting christians on this small college campus. we have team 7 coverage tonight from the latest on the investigation to the heros who have i merged. let's begin now with 7's brandon gunnoe . >> reporter: to answer the question why, we may never know completely but law enforcement officials say the gunman last a multi page note at the shooting scene spouting what they call a he is in a classroom . >> reporter: survivors of the latest school shooting described the nightmare . we heard this pop, pop, popping sound and at first we thought it was an engine backfiring . i heard one gunshot then i looked over outside and people were running away from the building very to get out of here here. there are people running. we need to go . >> anchor: officials not provid providing a motive for the shooting. another 7 injured in the attack . all i could focus on was please don't kill me. i have a family
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. >> reporter: authorities have identified the shooter as chris harper mercer, six of weapons found at the college where he opened fire yesterday along with body armor and ammunition. investigators seized 7 more weapons when they searched through his apartment. according to authorities all of the weapons had been legally purchased either by the shooter himself or family members. one person's deranked act may have indeed broken all of our hearts, but he cannot prevent our hearts from growing back bigger and stronger . >> anchor: a survivors brother said the gunman asked people their rejudge on before he started shooting . if they were christian, they were shot in the head. but if they stated other or didn't answer they were shot in the leg. >> anchor: one person is still in critical condition at this hour. two others have been upgraded to stable condition. one of the victims is doing well though we're told and could even be released from the hospital today. at the news desk, brandon gunnoe 7 news. >> anchor: also tonight we're learning more about the heroic
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the classrooms at at the community college. chris mintz was shot several times as he tried to stop that shooter. tonight, his family is sharing his story one they are thankful he lived to tell. here is elizabeth noreika continuing our coverage . >> reporter: this person is being considered a hero. this man said he tried to keep the shooter from entering that classroom in the process chris mintz was shot several times and now his familiar low in north carolina is speaking with his heroism. close to 3,000 miles away from the latest school shooting that left nine people dead in oregon there is a family wondering how this could put someone they love in the hospital . crying and shock you hear about this and you watch tv and see this but when it happened to this family you are on the floor floor. it's just unbelievable . >> reporter: chris mintz played high school football in north carolina, number 71 making a play during this highlight real from more than a decade ago ago. parents said he played a hero role .
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gets shot three times, hits the floor, looks up at the gun gunman and said it's my son's birthday today, gets shot two more times . >> reporter: mints will hold his son again despite two broken legs and rehab ahead . vital signs are okay. he will have to learn to walk again but he walked way with his life and that's more than so many other people did . >> reporter: the family said it's fortunate chris's father just got back from a trip to the west coast spending lots of time with his son and grandson. even today family members got to talk to chris hours before the shooting. my brother talked to chris this morning on the phone while chris was walking into school to tell him to remind his grandson that grandpa said happy birthday birthday. >> anchor: you heard right yesterday was mints's son's birthday. it looks like he will be okay. in the newsroom, elizabeth noreika, 7 news . >> anchor: frustration from the president. another shooting in yet another
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what is government doing? our coverage will continue here at 5:30. >> anchor: also on 7, a tragedy overseas hitting right here at home. we now know that two of the six u.s. airmen killed in a plane crash in afghanistan were deployed out of hanscom air for base in massachusetts. 7's byron barnett joins us live now at the base. >> reporter: kim this is the first time in recent memory anyone stationed here at hanscom was killed in action so as you can imagine it was a very sad day on this base. flags at half staff at hanscom air force base in bedford . they were incredible airmen that served their country voluntarily and lost their lives . >> reporter: a tribute to two airmen among those killed when their plane went down in . there are no words that can adequately express the deep sadness we feel at this time. the individuals who per perished
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in this incident were serving their nation with great dedication and distinction and we will forever be in their debt debt. >> reporter: the superhercules plane like this one crashed shortly after takeoff from jalalabad air field all 11 people on board were killed including six u.s. airmen. outside the air field, heavy security after the tragedy. no word of the cause of the crash. the deceased airmen were members of the 66 security forces squad run here at hanscom. their mission? to assist with security operations around the world. the base commander says the 130 members of the squad run are being offered counseling as they mourning the loss of one their own . >> anchor: we sat down this morning with the entire security forces squadron and talked to each and every one of them and they are all receiving as much help and services as we can provide them to get through this tough time. >> reporter: the two airmen were about a month away from the end of their tour . i am hopeful people move as quick as they can to notify
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families and move as quick as they can to bring them back home home. >> reporter: the names of deceased airmen will likely be released tomorrow. that's what the commander is expecting and he says that 13 other members of the squadron remain deployed in afghanistan. that's the story live from bed bedford, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: a mother coping with the death of her daughter in court today fighting for custody of her two other children. they were taken away by the department of children and families following the tragic passing of the toddler. steve cooper brings us up to date now. >> reporter: little two two-year-old gigi died in a second floor apartment on wellington street earlier this outside of the apartment continues to grow tonight while a heartbroken mother was called to court today. she is trying to regain custody of her two other children. >> reporter: she's called to court for a closed door hearing.
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is trying to regain custody of her two small children following the death this week of her two two-year-old daughter gigi brown brown. the 24-year-old mother whose nine weeks pregnant was instruct instructed by her attorney not to speak with us fearing she would jeopardize her case. her brother says words can't describe her anguish . to not have your children and to have your children taken away from you and no answers or nobody even telling you why is very devastating. >> reporter: worcester police were called to the family's willing street apartment last monday where gigi was found un unresponsive and pronounced dead at the hospital. do they know what happened to gi gigi? i have no idea . >> reporter: investigators found no signs of trauma, dcf took custody of miller's two other young children while the police investigation continues. all we want to know is why . >> reporter: while clarissa continues her custody fight she wrestles with sadness and waits
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for the medical examiner's office to release her daughter's body so she can make funeral airportments . we want our family back to the. my family didn't do anything wrong. we want our family back to the. they should be back together. >> reporter: vigil for gigi will be held on wellington street at 7:00. family members tell us the judge late this afternoon sided with d dcf and the children will remain with a foster family for now. we're also being told that toxicologist results in connection with the death here could take several months to be completed. live in worcester tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> reporter: following break breaking news from swampscott where the school district has decided the football team will forfeit its next game following an investigation. school leaders say several of the team's sophomore players were found on the 50 yard line undressed doing exercises with upper-class men directing the drills. team members told school leaders the incident was a tradition and no one was forced to participate participate. school read leaders decided to forfeit this saturday's game
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against saugus and students involved could face further punishment . >> anchor: a former priest in haverhill who plead guilty to child rape charges will be released from prison. ronald paquin plead guilty to child rape in 2002. he was sentenced to 12 to 15 years in state prison. the state wanted to keep him behind bars but in order to do that, they needed two medical experts to classify him as a sexually dangerous person. well, after a hearing in august, those experts could not come to that conclusion so by law paquin . >> anchor: the head of the stepping down. arne duncan the secretary of education will leave his cabinet position in december. in an e-mail to his staff stun can said she will return to chicago to live with his family. duncan has been in charge the education department since the beginning of president obama's first term. the current deputy secretary of education is set to take over . >> anchor: the vatican clearing up confusion today about pope francis's meeting with a controversial county clerk kim davis.
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saying it does not mean he supports her position. davis is the kentucky clerk who refuses to approve any marriages so that she doesn't have to improve same sex marriage. davis citing religious believes. the vatican said the pope met with many people in the u.s. due to his "kindness and availability." he shook example's hand and gave them rosaries. in terms of why this person was invited, you have to ask those questions of the nunciature . >> anchor: the vatican says pile pope francis was in the u.s. he met with one of his former pupils an open we gay man with his longtime time warmer in in. still to come turbulent times aboard a flight to miami. passengers thrown from their seats leading to damage in the cabin . >> anchor: to men accused of resisting a rest. a trail of damage they left behind in fall river . >> anchor: also at 5:30, t trouble on the green line. the danger lurking above the tracks this afternoon.
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just one hour, a class president at lowell high feeling threat threatened about his classmates after the election. the troubling tents that led to an investigation. >> anchor: a show of support. some cheerleaders in rockland trying to keep spirits high as one of that moms battles cancer. we'll have those stories and
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say rough ride for passengers on bore a flight to miami. several people injured when turbulence sent them literally flying from their seats. the airline said it was unexpect unexpected turbulence . >> anchor: aviation experts say it's a good reminder of why we should wear our seat bets. we spoke with passengers when they landed in miami. >> anchor: we had some previous turbulence and we felt a little rumble again . >> anchor: but this passenger said that rumble turned into something else . >> anchor: within three seconds of that we just dropped complete completely out. a gentleman a couple rose didn't have on his seat belt either and his head actually damaged the aircraft. break one of the panels on top . >> anchor: american airlines flight 982, an airbus 8319 hit by turbulence thursday morning just before landing at miami international after flying in from maurice bishop inter international airport in grenada.
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it went up and down so it mostly went up in the air . my hands were shaking afterwards because it was terrifying for the few seconds it lasted. i think it must have lasted just two or three seconds . i think it affected him more. i am more the adventurous type but it was scary . >> reporter: american airlines say five people treated for minor injuries. hayden's young son flew into the air but was asleep and later seemed more amused than anything else . we were just grateful to god that everything was okay . you can't do anything about it. you are dropping at that speed. there is nothing you can do. just experience it. american airlines said the light was illuminated to reduce injuries when something like this happens. they say five people were treated for minor injuries of recording at miami international international. nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> reporter: gusty winds and cold rain outside right now.
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track on with a keen coming up . >> anchor: testing that can determine your risk of getting breast cancer but many women say they never considered it until a hollywood star went public with her decision. >> anchor: now that school is back in session we're bringing back our class act segment. if you know a student between 6 and 12th grade doing something outstanding in school, sports or the community, nominate them
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>> reporter: temperature only in the 40's and lower 50's and we have a cold rain outside, light rain but steady rain north and west of boston become through the worcester hills and then another band of some stead steadier rain and down through cape cod back through buzzard areas bay and through the south coast rhode island into connect ken. north so it looks like we'll deal with this periodic rain as we go through the overnight hours tonight and even tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon it may start to taper off to a little bit of drizzle out there. 50 degrees in boston right now, a raw day. no question about that with that strong north easterly breeze. only 45 in worcester and these temperatures not moving much overnight tonight. the wind gusting to 26 miles per hour in boston, but even higher the farther south and east you go, in fact we've seen gusts at times over 40 across the cape and islands. recent gusts on the vineyard at 43 miles per hour. we do have a wind advisory for the cape and islands, southern
5:24 pm
morning. four gusts 35 to 45 miles per hour. so there may be down tree branch branches and a few towns down that way. also we've had some minor coastal issue in terms of coastal flooding the last couple of high tides yesterday and today and looks like we'll have once again toll afternoon. high tide tomorrow afternoon close to 4:30 so 3:00 to 6:00 hour and a half on either side of that high tide may get pockets of minor coastal flooding. in tells rainfall overnight it's most widespread tonight and it's tomorrow morning and you notice what happens from tomorrow morning into the afternoon. the green becoming fewer and farther between so i do think these showers taper off just some patchy drizzle in the afternoon so we'll see gradual imfor the weekend. system a lot of clouds around on sunday. maybe a patch or two of drizzle but i think sunday mainly dry and could have a few breaks into the overcast then on sunday. so sunday the dryer of the two weekend days we may pick up another half an inch or so of rain in boston out through worcester. i think it's more likely to get
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more appreciable totals down through the cape and island perhaps another inch to inch and a half. where there is going to be flooding rains, that will be down through the carolinas perhaps six to 12 inches of rain in likely seeing a couple towns even over that close to 15 inches of rain and believe it or not this isn't necessarily a associated with joaquin itself because joaquin itself was going to be off the east bound. however, there is a tropical connection and another area of low pressure turning wheel across southeastern united states and as that draws in the tropical connection it will produce the flooding rains across the carolinas into the weekend. here is joaquin right now category three winds 125 miles per hour. the latest track from the national hurricane center does keep it well off the east coast as it traverses the open waters of the atlantic over the next several days. our weather tonight periods of rain continue, coval win as well 46 to a2 overnight tonight and the forecast for tomorrow 47 in the worcester hills, low 50's in the city of boston, a chilly and raw day with showers tapering off just to a little bit of drizzle. how about the making strides for breast cancer walk in the city of boston?
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if you are coming down and joining us over the weekend should be mainly dry. a bit cool in the morning. temperatures into the lower 50's 50's. bounce back into the 60's for much of next week, guys . >> anchor: still ahead on 7, see the wedding favors that may have left some newlyweds with second thoughts . >> anchor: the celtics gearing up for a trip overseas. ahead of the start of the season
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>> anchor: as always we're happy to spend time with you and another hour of 7 news comes up. i'm adam william. 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: at 5:30 a college campus in mourning. police serving for answers after
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