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tv   Today  NBC  October 3, 2015 2:07am-3:00am EDT

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two words: it heals. w? th heat. reams and rubs that ai thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep circulation and accelerate healing. t's review: elief, plus healing,rmacare. the proof that it heals is you. from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. it's friday, october2nd, 2015. jenna bush hager is in for kathie lee. first of all, welcome back. you had a little baby since we last saw you. >> i had a baby. >> we wanted to let everybody know, our thoughts and rares are with all of the people in
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that happened kind of mid afternoon yesterday when we were home, and it had a lot of people heartbroken, shaking their heads, and a lot of people wanting answers. we just want to let everyone know at umpqua community college that we are thinking about them, praying for them. >> i have to say, having a through baby puts this in perspective because i was feeding her yesterday. you hear this news, and you look down at your precious, innocent child, and you just think, when is this -- politics aside, when is enough enough? >> when is enough enough. >> so you can send your child off to college without being scared. >> or elementary school or anywhere. speaking of your adorable baby, we missed you so much, and we're so happy that you're back today. tell us about this little one. >> she's so cute. her name is poppy louise. >> look at her. >> oh, high god.
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>> mila is loving being a pick sister, you never know how it's going to go. >> ha happened on day one when she first saw poppy? >> the first day she came to the hospital, and we let mila pick the baby out, out of the nursery. we sort of guided it. anyone of these is yours, but that's her. >> we let her pick her out, and she's totally crazy about her. every morning, she says where's poppy? she loves to sing her lullabies to poppy, anybody who has a newborn knows they sleep all the time. >> help me sing! >> hi, munchkin. >> she goes hi, munchkin. >> can you name that tune?
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you know what she's singing? >> twinkle, twinkle? >> no. chariot >> carry me home, oh, my gosh. by the way, can i point something out? in every picture you've shown us, the video and the two photographs. mila is looking at poppy. >> she's so crazy about her. so she comes and sings these songs to her. and she's totally gone on it. it's so great. you never know how it's going to go. but she's completed our family. everybody knows i'm hormonal. i cry at the drop of a hat. but it feels really complete. >> i love you jenna. we're happy that you're here. we're happy for your family. i want to give you a little present. breast cancer awareness month, as we all know. this is a breast cancer awareness bracelet. it's from jennifer miller jewelry, a friend of mine, as you know. i'm going to put it right on your wrist. >> i love this.
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>> it goes for $115. but all the proceeds, $25 of each purchase goes to bcrf, which is a great cause. any way you can help in breast cancer awareness is great. >> i love it. >> nowque get rid of the weird hand. >> or i can just grab your hid ead, how does that feel? >> you can go to her website. that feels good. a little girl, her name happens to be mila. >> maybe she was named after mila hager. >> maybe she was. >> or maybe it's me being a narcissist. >> this little baby girl has a crush on adam levine. this is her reaction when her mom tells her that adam levine is already married. take a look. >> i was going to tell you, adam levine got married. >> no!
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>> he did. >> no! [ crying ] >> no, he didn't, mommy! mommy! he didn't! >> that is unbelievable. i have to say, mila doesn't have as mature of a crush on somebody like adam levine, in fact, she goes, i'm going on a date. and i said with who? and she says daddy boy. i'm like, hallelujah. >> how did about it. what is she into? >> baby dolls and singing things like "row, row, row your boat." she's not into adam levine yet. it's scary when they're 15. >> there are these girls at a baseball game. and look, let's acknowledge that baseball sometimes can be a slow game. lots of room in between pitches and hits and changing the field.
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it was time to eat. get a hot dog, get crackerjacks. game. one of the announcers had enough of the girls taking selfies. >> every girl in the picture is locked into her phone. >> oh, lord. >> every single one is dialed in. welcome to parenting in 2015. they're all just completely transfixed. >> hold on. got to take a selfie with a hot dog. selfie with a churro. you can sit with your neighbor and have a conversation or you can just completely ignore them. >> peralta, knocks it into center. a lead-off single here in the fourth, and nobody noticed. [ laughter ] >> and nobody noticed. i love those announcers. >> that was the arizona
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diamondbacks, by the way. they were hosting the colorado rockies. they are having a lot of fun. >> isn't that true. you see people looking at their phones all the time. >> when i see someone pick theirs up, it's like a yawn. now you're like this. it's contagious. you reach for yours right away to see what's happening. >> we also like to face it. >> they seem totally unaware that they were actually on a big screen. >> maybe they weren't. maybe it was just at home. >> oh, that as even worse. >> now i have a question. do you have a type? the guys you dated, including your wonderful husband. >> i like a tall man. >> what is your type? >> my type has change the over the years. >> you have a new type. >> i used to have guys that were a little heftier. they made me feel tiny and dell catch. you know, when you're dating a smaller guy, and they were like
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and i'm going, no, no, you don't want that. >> i have a tall husband. even when he picks me up, he's like, ooh! >> wow. >> he's 6'4". >> here's what the study says. people do have a type. 50% of people's preferences are unique to them. so, if we talk about people we thought were hot, only half the time we'd agree. so we're going to try it. you play with us. we're going to look at faces and say if they're hot or not. >> not. >> hot. >> okay. next. hot. >> not. >> okay. we do seem to have a type. >> hot. >> hot. >> uh-huh. hot. >> hot. >> but i thought every single one was hot. >> how did you not think kevin james was hot? he is fine. >> you do have a type. you sure do. you really do. he's not a skinny -- he's adorable. >> hot. hot. >> hot.
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>> we have hot in the kitchen. >> we just got distracted and blushed a little. >> hot? >> we're deciding instantly if we look at someone. >> you know what? that haircut. >> it's good to be judged. [ laughter ] >> judged on merit, not substance, nothing superficial there. >> it's a meat market in here. >> you have never been on our show, have you. >> i've heard of it. i've heard that it's deep and interesting. >> and profound. >> can i just say something, though? i just happened to see "the the martian." it is going to be phenomenal. you put on the 3d glasses. >> did you watch it with 3d glasses? >> i did. you have to. >> you look stupid. i felt stupid. >> and they're plastic, too. >> do you watch it with the whole thing? >> you have to.
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>> when we come back, little jeanna's going to be back. >> and from the stage, the screen to everything in between, actor jeff daniels, who is hot! >> yes. music and more.
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emmy award winning actor jeff daniels has appeared in more than 70 films and tv shows like "terms of endearment" and along jim carey in "dumb and dumber" and more recently in "the newsroom." >> now he's in a new film out today called "the martian." and he's in charge of getting a stranded astronaut, played by matt damon, home alive. >> what's earliest we can get a supply there? >> nine months.
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>> three months. you're going to say it's impossible. and then you're going to do the math in your head and say something like the overtime alone will be a nightmare. >> get started. i'll find you the money. mark dies if you don't. >> whoa. >> jeff daniels joins us. >> drama. >> a little drama. this is one of those terrific films, you spend a lot of time watching one guy by himself on mars, you said yes to this before you saw the script? >> yeah. the career's at a point where you can -- no, but it's really, the thing with me was ridley scott has a film, yes. and then you read the script. >> but growing up, you weren't a science guy. we heard some of your teachers attest to that. >> it's difficult as will mcavoy
2:22 am
is perhaps my greatest acting achievement in "martian", because i cannot tell you how stupid and ignorant and dumb i was in the subjects of science and math. so to play someone like teddy sanders who of course is -- >> brilliant. >> there in are high school science and math teachers going -- don't believe him. [ laughter ] >> have you ever worked with matt damon before? >> no, i have not, and i didn't work with him on this, either. no, he was on mars. >> i know. >> i'm down there in houston going, come on back, you know? >> you were equal parts likeable. a little unlikable in parts of this, too. you were all business. >> i can't help myself. no, he's the guy. teddy's the guy that's got to maybe the decision of, do you go back to save one life by risking five others and maybe losing six. or do you let one go? >> mm-hm.
2:23 am
>> would you go to space? you yourself, jeff daniels, ever go to space? [ laughter ] >> no. well, because i'll tell you. it looks, from here, it looks dark. [ laughter ] >> and i've heard, i've seen pictures that once you get up there it gets even darker. not interested. send my pics. go, you go. send me pictures. let me look at them. >> in addition do this film, you're in the steve jobs film that's just out, too. you've also got something cooking on broadway. you have a lot of projects going at once. is this just that time in your life? or is this the way, your normal pace? >> i think i've always been a scrambler. you go from one to the other. and with television, now, with all of these scripted shows. i remember, i go back to the '70s and the '80s, newman and hoffman and redford and all those, they never would do television, ever.
2:24 am
through the '80s and '90s, i was tv, i was movies, i was stage. i didn't think the movie thing would last. so in a way, it's getting to do all of these things even at a later age and an acting career, that's unusual. i'm grateful and happy to do it. >> you're also able to travel on the road with your son? >> yeah, ben daniels and i, this is the fourth tour, we're hitting the northwest. >> look at that hunky picture. >> we're not judging. and is your son -- >> so much fun. >> is your son fun to be with as an adult? >> parental highlight. you're playing and you look over there, because usually you get my age and you get a viagra, hey, we can still keep the beat. no, no, no. get some 20-somethings behind you. that's the viagra. >> thank you so, so much.
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and liliana's going to show you how to sparkle all day long. >> right after this. >> you bring your a-game. now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. heart health's important... you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading
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you look smart. blinds to go.
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if you are looking to add a little pizazz to your daytime outfits, there's a new trend hot for the fall. and it is sequins. >> and it's not just new year's eve and cocktail parties. you can get your sparkle on every day. >> and who better to show us than liliana. first of all, before we begin your sequins segment, jenna has an outfit on that's kind of rockin' today. stand up. >> okay. any new.
2:29 am
i look like a pinata. it's hiding some areas we want to hide. >> but sequins are something you can wear every day, as my co-host pointed out, she showed up wearing sequins at 7:00 in the morning. >> zoom in. >> it's a fashion myth that you can't wear them in the daytime. you want to put them with casual things. >> we have sequins for the working girl. let's bring out our model. gresly. >> she's showing offer the midi sequin skirt. it's under $50. super affordable. it's a metallic, but it's a soft metallic. we paired it with a great chunky sweater, a pastel coat. and the key here is doing it with a flat and not a heel, so it's workplace appropriate. >> if she went out somewhere she
2:30 am
>> that's why sequins are so versatile. now sequins for sporting events. >> what? >> this is a bit of a challenge, but i think we pulled this off. >> oh, brianna, you look so cute. >> she can wear anything. >> she can, and she's adorable. you keep seeing the track pants, but these are sequin track pants. they're from lu lu' and you pair them with easy bay sib -- basics. the whole thing is something aid wear to a football game or baseball game. >> and you don't work out in those, though. >> no. no. you definitely don't want to work out in those. >> i love that vest. joanne got me a vest just like that. she got me that exact vest. >> i love the sneakers too. >> coming up next, we have sequins for fall. let's bring out phyllis. >> phyllis is showing how to
2:31 am
wear this going apple picking with the kids or to a pumpkin patch. she's wearing a sequin sweatshirt. the whole thing isn't sequins, just the stripes. guess how much it is? >> how much? >> $20. >> $29.99! you were close. >> $1! >> look at what we paired it with, a flannel gray jeans and everyone wants the chelsea boots for fall. look how cute it looks. >> are they comfortable, those boots? >> yes. >> it's all about keeping everything relaxed and casual to make sure the sequins don't read too evening. >> finally, for a day date. >> i like that. >> a day date. >> every woman has a sequin dress or you want to be able to wear a sequin dress. >> oh, my gosh. she looks fabulous. >> this is bianca who heads up our entire foods division.
2:32 am
>> i love your hair! >> she's in this gorgeous sequin dress. it's not all black. we mixed in silver and ivory and white. and if you throw a jean jacket over everything. all of a sudden it becomes a little casual. we paired it with flats. if you do it the right way, sequins can be the most versatile things in your closet. >> did lori blow out your hair? >> the team. >> you look awesome. >> all right, coming up, what inspired a woman's life, coming up, right after this. wow mary, is like, every mom from the neighborhood here? look at them all... ...'judgie'. see? you are looking good! using bounce dryer sheets is paying off. your clothes have fewer wrinkles, and static cling... ...ain't bringing you down. oh! and look, it's that ms.brooke-thinks-she's-all-that- and-a-bag-of-chips. good thing you brought your a-game. your a-game. bounce, the 4 in 1 dryer sheet.
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we're back on this try day friday. jenna bush hager's filling in for kathie lee. >> jeri lynn lucas was diagnosed with breast cancer and had therapy and reconstructive surgery. >> she was told they couldn't have children. but she welcomed a child skye. then seven years after that, hayden was born. >> her story was turned into a movie based on her memoir. she's written her second book called "then came life." >> how are you here? >> can you believe that is played by a tall blond in my movie? >> your first book captured so many people, because the title was terrific.
2:36 am
why i wore lipstick to mastectomy. it's something about feeling good, that's been your theme, hasn't it? >> i wasn't one of those glamorous women, but that morning i looked down and i saw property of mt. sinai hospital, and i decided i wanted to appear, be glamorous and far away from the scalpel. and it lasted when they woke me up. they were, like, what brand? >> you were also told you wouldn't have kids. >> yeah. i was going to go into menopause, because after six months of chemo, they weren't making eggs. this was 20 years ago. >> you have two kids. >> i have a miracle, skye meredith lucas. she was an a little mean earlier, but i was worse to my mom. they called my mom to complain. she said honey, you were worse. it's a miracle to raise her and hayden. and hayden is a track star. and that's a miracle, because i
2:37 am
this is a certifiable miracle. my son plays chess. >> you know what's interesting, if you've been through a traumatic event, whatever it is, divorce, cancer, whatever, sometimes you get so empowered during that time, because you're stronger than you've ever been, but somehow you just swing back to life and things that didn't bother you because you were happy to be alive start bothering you again. >> that's so deep. i definitely write about mining gratitude. because we are so happy when we live out of the hospital. then i have to apply to nursery school in new york city, and my son was the worst behaved. and i was, like, i have cancer, why do i have to do this? i like to play the cancer card a lot, though. >> how do you find gratitude? she writes in her journal every morning . >> what do you do? >> what do you do to stay
2:38 am
>> i got this tattoo on my 16th anniversary. i wore a tiara to the parlor with spanx. and i was going to get healed written across high butt to remind me i was okay, but i chose the word sweet. and life is better, it's not too racy. life is bitter, life is sweet. and it's a choice to take the sweet. and i feel like we can't choose our wounds, but we could choose our words. so i like to taste the sweet. >> if i get a tattoo, i'm going to say we can't choose our wounds, but we can choose our words. >> do you think we should all go get a tat? i decided i didn't want a fake nickel, nipple, even though they're beautiful. i got a little heart. but i can't stop.
2:39 am
now it's like the tattoos, this is for hayden, this is for skye. >> oh, sweet. >> and this is for my cousin that i've lost. >> you're an inspiration. >> her book is called "then came life." >> i loved hanging with you guys. >> you too. >> heading out doors. >> look at this. >> oh, my, booties? >> oh, no, no, no, no. years. i think it's time to change it up! goodbye, red. hello, golden blonde. shifting to a new shade is sort of a new beginning, but i knew it was going to be natural because it's nice'n easy. clairol's #1 for natural looking color i don't know if blonde has more fun, but i plan to find out. now you can earn free color with clairol platinum rewards ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste
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back to school? how about...back to blinds! during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go. blinds for life. fall is a beautiful time of year to enjoy the great outdoors. >> if you're hiking or camping, we've got the gadgets to get you an enhanced experience. >> guess who has them! steve greenberg! >> we love your outfits.
2:42 am
>> everybody is wearing that. >> this is called the mosquito jacket from the folks at ham kerr slemer. this is a great way to be outdoors. it's very fashionable. it's slimming. >> you can even, if you were camping, you could sleep in that. >> you can even have your arms in it, your hands. >> great. >> see if i can get out of it. there we go! i can see the world. >> please rescue this poor dog. >> this is from kurgo. >> he doesn't like the shoes. he wants to be barefoot. >> oh, no. >> we get it. >> your dog can be seen. and there's glass in the street or when you go hiking or biking there's all these spurs. >> do you really think you need doggie shoes? >> if you're going into an area that's rough terrain.
2:43 am
>> they're not only doggie shoes, they light up. >> please take the shoes off the dog. >> he's humiliated. >> you want me to help you take them off? all right. >> sometimes you can't find water wherever you are, and water's really important. this is the water trail filter. so we got some yucky water hear. filled with sand and whatnot. we're going to do a little bit like >> dirty water. >> is there a fly in there? >> there could be. your folks made it for me. we push it down. sort of like a french press. the water goes in there and filters out everything. all sorts of bacteria, everything. so you can then make non-drinkable water drinkable. look how clean it is. look at the difference. that used to be that. >> i know. it is incredible. >> you know what? >> i'm going to drink it. >> i could eat that.
2:44 am
>> ahhhh! no. this is an iron, you can put it in the campfire. >> okay. that is genius. >> it tastes good. >> oh, it's great. and you can make little pies. there are a couple of little recipes that go with it. and it's made of cast iron. >> okay. next, again, there may not be a bathroom where you are. these are called good wipes. and they have mens and womens. and they come for the whole body. >> they have a different smell? >> oh, i like them. >> it's the man smell. this one's called "for down there." cleaning is important. next, for the ladies when there's no bathroom around. >> do not even. >> the pee pocket. >> nobody is using that. >> i wouldn't have eaten the grilled cheese had i known where we were going with this.
2:45 am
>> are you for real? >> what's the difference between just squatting. >> well, squatting. >> lets you become a man for a little bit? >> for as long as it takes. the pee pocket. i'm just telling you it's out there. >> i am not interested in that. >> no, i would rather just squat. >> it comes with a little wipe, too. >> he wants to point out that people use it when they're driving. >> in the car? you pee in your car? >> into a snapple jar. >> okay. here's a bike. this is two cool things from the folks at skose. this is a handle it, so it can hold your smartphone and a bluetooth speaker. so it can play. that is a, you don't have to wear headphones. >> i love that. but don't look at your phone when you're riding your bike. >> especially in the city. >> okay.
2:46 am
next, this is a light-up system from the folks at walmart. look, you put it on the spokes of the wheel. >> faster, faster. >> can you dim the lights? >> dim the lights. >> oh! >> see how cool that is? saying hello. >> it keeps changing. >> it changes. has 40 different settings and five different words. these are the light-up l.e.d. laces. i think it's great for halloween or whatnot. but if you're running at night, they're under $7. this is the navigator backpack. it holds up to 13 cans of soda. and you opened it up. >> 13 cans of soda. just what you need when you're liking. >> you can open it up and it turns into a seat. if are' going to a bleacher situation. you can set it on. >> and he wrote it for his daughter and now andrew mcmahon is in the wilderness. he sings for us, right after
2:47 am
weekday mornings, wake up with the weather channel and let two of the biggest names in weather forecast your whole day. it all starts with "wake up with al" with america's favorite weather man al roker and stephanie abrams. get ready for your commute, your job or travel plans with everything you need to start your day. >> sam champion, welcome to the weather channel. >> then for over 20 years, he's been weather's champion in the morning with his expertise, singular charm and trademark smile. now, the weather channel welcomes sam champion to his new home, "amhq." >> morning television can be, i think, the most fun television you can ever do. there are a lot of ingredients to make a morning television show desirable and attractive to the audience. >> it all starts with weather and every morning "amhq's" team of experts looks ahead to forecast the way weather is shaping your news, sports, entertainment and more. >> the live component of it is,
2:48 am
the fact that you are waking people up and they're kind of getting their start with you, they're starting their day -- >> make your mornings count with forecasting you can rely on. >> you can see that moisture that's just kind of pushing in. >> atlanta, you've got a spectacular day. >> this organization is built for weather. there is nothing comparable. there is no number two. this is it. it's the weather channel. everybody who is great at weather is in this building, doing it right there or in the field doing it for this place. >> and we don't just forecast the storm, we take you inside one. >> the worst part of the storm -- >> everything you do today, it all starts with weather. >> people need to understand that weather isn't just bad weather. it's every day. it's everything around you. and it's amazing. it's amazing out there. >> start your mornings with "wake up with al" and "amhq," america's morning headquarters with sam champion, weekdays on the weather channel. what's going on?
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writer andrew mcmahon has reinvented himself several times, now he is at it again with his newest album called "andrew mcmahon in the wilderness." and a song is featured in an upcoming movie called "pam." i had the privilege of interviewing you ten years ago, you had leukemia. your daughter. this is such a beautiful story. >> yeah, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> the name of the song is? "cecelia and the satellite." >> all right, take it away.
2:51 am
locked myself in a hotel room been waiting and night for the walls to move i loved some girl that i barely knew i made some friends and i've lost some too crashed my car when i was 17 my mother in the seat right next to me the things i've learned from a broken mirror fate can change my heart for all the things my eyes have seen the best so far is you if i could fly then i would know what life looks like from up above and down below i'll keep you safe i'll keep you dry don't be afraid, cecelia
2:52 am
i'm the satellite and you're the sky oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, i've got to go to amsterdam been around the world with a punk rock band and i've been runnin' and i've played japan i've been knocked down, i got up again for all the places i have been i'm no place without you if i could fly then i would know what life is like from up above and down below i'd keep you safe i'd keep you dry don't be afraid, cecelia i'm the satellite
2:53 am
and you're the sky oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, i'm the satellite oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, and you're the sky oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, for all the things my hands have held the best so far is you if i could fly then i would know what life looks like from up above and down below you'd keep you safe i'd keep you dry don't be afraid, cecelia i'm the satellite and you're the sky oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, and you're the sky oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, i'm the satellite
2:54 am
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, and you're the sky oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, and you're the sky >> yes! woo! yes! [ applause ] >> yes! >> that was great. you guys, that was awesome. we're going to be back in a moment. nbc. and down below aid keep id keep
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2:56 am
want to give a big thank you
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