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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 3, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. u.s. avoiding a detect of direct hit of hurricane joaquin, but the storm's effects are still being felt a long the east coast. we are learning more about a shooter who opened fire at a community college as we hear about the survivors. a plane crashes in afghanistan killing soldiers including a couple with local ties. can it increase the risk of getting breast cancer and a hollywood star is inspiring many to try it. good saturday, everybody, i'm jennifer egan.
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how did you stay dry. >> i didn't run into any rain on the way this morning, it was windy n it was, . >> it was windy, and we have industrial spray this morning. the wind is going to be with us all day. 50 degrees in boston, 52, and strong wind in the city of boss ton, -- boston. a window advice -- a wind advice, pockets of coastal flooding once again likely minor flading at that, but locations that saw it yesterday afternoon like we're seeing a splash over again this afternoon. here is the radar, now there's a lot of green on it, but it's very light. so there's patches of drizzle and patches of light rain as this time. threat the theme as we go through the morning, patchy light rain and drizzle and a few dry hours sneaking in and even yesterday afternoon, you noticed a dry hour or two, i think that is a theme as we go through the day, it will be on the cool
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side, temperatures only averaging the lower 50s this afternoon, a cool weekend after owl, i only talked about that in the forecast. wild weather slamming the east coast, hurricane joaquin is not expected to make landfall in the u.s., but some people will still feel the effects of the storm. communities along the carolina coast are being evacuated because of the crane esed water levels. another foot of rain is expected to fall this weekend along with the wind gusts. south carolina is bracing for heavy rain as well. and some vehicles stalling out in the high waters, just turn around don't drown, never drive interest the puddles, the heavy rains will come through small rounds through monday. the governor asking people to take the storm seriously. >> we have a historic even that we had never seen before in
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we are asking people to have a good restful weekend in at home. south carolina will get more rain in three days than it gets in the entire fall season. look at these waves here. fierce wind gusts forced the high water to rush over the barrier in one town. people there haven't taken any chances this. he have carted packing their outdoor furniture as a precaution with the storms. you can track any rain, using the 7 news interactive radar or the 7 news active and tablet apps, click on weather. breaking story from overnight, now, several people are behind bars this morning after a college party got out of worcester. police used pepper spray to breakup the crowd outside of the police arrested four people, witnesses say it all started in inside. >> it was two fights, and a guy
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fight and a girl fight and i saw the fights, and after that, it was like all the music stopped and everything. the police, and the police, anybody out of here, because so fun. it was people being crazy outside of the doors. >> witnessed we talked to say the event organizers underestimated how many people event. now the latest on campus massacre, we are learning about the gunman who opened fire at a community college killing nine people. now we are hearing from the survivors, and brandon gunnoe has the latest. >> reporter: the shots started ringing at 10:30 a.m., followed by nine minutes of terror. >> i was terrified, ident know if i was going to be alive. >> reporter: it happened in southern oregon. it started in a writing class that 26-year-old harper mercer was enrolled in when he started shooting.
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>> i'm very lucky. there's some people that never made it out of it. >> reporter: the shooter had extra armor and ammunition. at the apartment where he lived with his mother, they found seven more guns, all of them purchased legally. >> we may never determine what the motive but we're going to look everywhere. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say the gunman wrote a long hateful document left on scene saying he would be welcome in hell and embraced by the devil. tonight the name the dead were released nine innocent victims, jason johnson was 34. >> i wish that i would have said don't go. if i knew what i know now. snz nine others were seriously hurt, including army veteran, who was shot 7 times trying to shield others, telling him it was his son's 6th birthday. the shooter shot him, he
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survived but he will have to learn to walk again. >> he has to learn to walk again, but he walked away with his life and that is more than other people did. and the kansas massacre, has president obama emphasizing his frustration about gun violence on friday evening during an event at the white house. the president promised that he will keep pressuring congress for gun control while he is still in office. a said last night, this will not change until the politics changes and the behavior of elected officials changes. is the main thing i'm going to do is talk about this on a regular basis and i will politicize it because our not action is a political decision that we're making. stay with 7 news on air or online for latest about the campus massacre, you can get more about the victims, and more
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investigation at the p a bomb exploded near an afghan hospital killing three doctors from without borders. in an effort to fight taliban insurgents, the trauma center was hit several times and badly injured. the incident is now under investigation. and back here locally flags flying at half-staff yesterday at the hamscom air base honoring six american heroes, two of them were based there. 7 elizabeth noreika with more on this story. >> reporter: flags at half-staff to honor the victims of a military airplane crash in afghanistan. including two airmen who deployed from here. >> they were incredible men who served their country voluntarily. snz their
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assist with security around the globe. the 280 members at the hanscomb are being offered counseling. >> this is a devastating day for the air force, and we grieve with the families of the airmen. >> reporter: the plane men were on this a hercules. they heard a strange sound crashed. they are still trying to figure out what caused it. elizabeth nore be ika. dozens gathering to remember the gee gee brown, who suddenly died. yesterday her mother faced a judge fighting for custody of her other children. 7's kimberly bookman has the story. >> she is a beautiful angel and now heaven has another one. >> reporter: dressed in gee gee brown's favorite color
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purple and wearing a t-shirt with a picture on it. dozens gathered at the apartment where she was found not breathing monday and later died. snrvetion >> reporter: they are here to grief a loss they say doesn't make any sense. >> we don't understand what happened. there were no signs of trauma or signs of anything like that. we want to know why, what happened? >> reporter: in the crowd the little girl's mother, melissa miller. just a few hours she was trying to regain custody of her two other children. the mother says they were taken by the state following the gee gee's death. >> that is totally wrong. they didn't do wrong. those kids need to be with their mother. >> reporter: until this investigation is over, they at least would like the other children to be with loved ones.
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they could be with us, to grieve with us not and be separated. bookman. high school football team will be skipping out on its game on saturday. school leaders say several of the team's younger players were found on the 50-yard line naked doing exercises with upper class men directing the drills. team members told the school was incident was a tradition and no one was forced to participate. after an investigation the school district has decided the team will forfeit its next game. student involved still could face furring punishment. it's a test that could determine your risk of getting breast cancer and many women say a hollywood star is inspiring them to try it. a story of two local girls taking deflate gate drama a to the volley ball court. we will explain what that is all about. now that school is in session, we are bringing back the 7 news class act, and
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grade, doing something out standing in school sports and the community, if so nominate
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women taking the fight against breast cancer in their own hands. >> testing that was inspired by a hollywood actress. we have more on their story.
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award-winning actress, i global humanitarian, a mother of six, perhaps angelina jolie has made an impact on all of these roles, now there's concrete evidence of her influence on women's health. a new study published in the journal of american cancer society, found in 2013, when jolie revealed she carried a gene carrying a risk of developing breast cancer, and revealing she had a double mastectomy and re-construction. and this past january, clawed claw deen had a double mastectomy after she found out that she carried the gene. after her mother battled breast cancer and her aunt cancer.
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removing ovarian tubes and ovaries. >> reporter: she was motivated to take action, not only because of her family history but also after losing her mother-in-law to the disease. >> watching her suffer and watching what the family goes through that made an impact on me. >> reporter: for others the famous woman they don't know was a catalyst. so much, her impact has been coined the angelina effect. >> when a celebrity gets a medical condition, it gets a bleep in the news and then it's gone, but this has been a sustained effect. >> reporter: oncologist judy gar better credits jolie for increasing the request of cancer genetic testing. >> like a 20% increase. >> reporter: while jolie's choices aren't right for everyone, her message is one that can be embraced by all. >> we don't want young girls to grow up afraid that something is going to happen to them.
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families taking care of their health. if you're interested in getting genetic cancer testing it's covered by insurance if you have a history family of cancer. it's a simple blood test and it back. tomorrow is the making strides for breast cancer walk, members of our news team are going to be out there tomorrow morning. stop by, say hello, and grab a picture, we will have full coverage tomorrow morning. such a special event for all of us. >> hopefully they will get a decent morning. ahead troubling texts for a lowell team, hear the messages he received after being elected class president. how a local brady goodell, a saga is playing out. a little bit of patchy drizzle and rain so far this
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we serve new england. and energy brings us together. ever new england. eversource. so today could be a day to get things done inside the house. >> indoors. >> i was talking to chris a little bit on the side if it's a good day to get out there. he said it won't be coming down in buckets, the apples will. what do you think, chris, mostly inside.
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>> you pick the 15-pound bucket or the 25-pound bucket. it dendz on how many buckets you want to fill out as well. start. if you have outdoor activities planned later today, we're not going to get a ton of rain, it's not going to come down in pours, but there be a patchily light drizzle. the wind in boston, it's sustained wind, it's cool. i will give you that, if you are heading out apple picking, i would be prepared for a cool drizzle, and cool air for sure. 42 degrees in bed bedford, good soup weather. 25 in boston, 24 out into worcester. the strongest winds have been down to the cape and the islands, that is where at times it will gust closer at 40 miles per hour. here is the radar, one thing we have going on here, we have a lot of low level moisture, creating patchy rain and drizzle. the atmosphere is trying to dry out.
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there's nothing to support the downpours throughout the day, but with the low level moisture in place and the northeasterly wind in place, there's enough low level moisture to give us the patchy rain and patchy activity. it's not all that widespread in the afternoon. there will be dry ours here and there, so even if you get a light patching shower it's not continuous all day long. then through the course of the overnight hours, the same case, clouds around, patchy drizzle or two, and then tomorrow, the drizzle and the light shower between. we still may have a patch of drizzle or two, but overall it's a cool day, and a drizzy day, can't rule out a few breaks of sun, especially tomorrow and meantime across the lakes region not much going on. look at rain through north carolina and south carolina and you notice the tale that connection, that goes all the way down to the bahamas, that is a tropical moisture connection with joaquin, this is a fire hose of moisture lined up across
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to rain up to 15-20 inches of rain in isolated locations across south carolina. dangerous flooding situation, fresh water going on there. the joaquin, the track of it, national hurricane center well off the east coast. we will keep that track here and that is has been existent over the last 24 hours. there's the seven-day forecast. if you're joining us making strides for the breast cancer walk tomorrow in the city of boston, could have a patch of drizzle, temperatures starting close to 60. brady and goodell best buds. in this case they are, of course, not that tom brady or that ro rod jer goodell. they are best friends, and they the same friends and they are best friends. we have this unique story. >> reporter: on this high school volleyball court, the twoon between brady and goodell ranges
6:22 am
are talking about madison brady and britney goodell. they are two teens. >> our coach said it one day and it kind of clicks. brady and goodell, are you kidding around with me. >> reporter: just like the commissioner counterparts, there's a ravel rehere. these frenemies play the same position. >> i'm playing more than you, so we're back and forthwith each other. >> reporter: according to the coach there might be a deplate gate people here -- deflate gate people here. something. >> reporter: as you expect brady and goodell assume no responsibility. but in this case it's kind of reversed. >> she is the troublemaker. >> i don't check those things. i make sure, my coach takes care of that. >> reporter: but once it's game time, friday night, they were on to the fellow grant, because at end of the day, brady or goodell, it says whit
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tiest inthe back of their jersey. >> they are winning so it's brady, that is what we like about it here. >> reporter: 7 news today in new england. deflate gate won't go away. >> what a cute story. it was a nice twist on it. alarming texts, hear the messages one teen received after winning a class presidency lex. this morning, the vatican playing defense afterword gets out that the pope met with kentucky clerk can kim davis. first, cheerleaders breaking out dance moves to help support
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we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey' s is mine, yours,
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pretty neat story, cheerleaders, with support for the mom who is fighting breast cancer. they are doing the dance to whip canner. they are raising mon -- cancer. they are a raising money and awareness, too. >> it touched my heart. i am through this happening, you know, you really find out that the people in your life are really there for you. the love, the support, it's overwhelming to say the least. >> very sweet, the 20 girls are selling bracelets with the proceeds going to their teammate's family. >> what a great story. >> and look at them.
6:26 am
>> they are also into it. >> how easy it is. >> i learned about this this morning. >> we were teaching -- >> we will spare you the demonstration. >> next up here on 7 news today new england. clearing up a little bit of confusion. the vatican is trying to clear the air after pope francis private meeting with controversial clerk kim davis. a damp start will keep the rain around for the weekend. we will go to the forecast. we will show you a new tool being used by paramedics that could change the way they perform cpr. finally here. long way from the sandlot. t game in the majors? don't know "aarp". becausthis family is enjoying a cross-country basell sum trip they planned online at aarp travel. it's where your journey beginsion, booking, and hot travel tips from real pros. think seize the trip when you think aarp, you don't know "aarp". surprising
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alarming text with a racially charged messages for a teen after he wins a classy lex. the massacre in oregon as we hear from the brothers of one of survivors. pope francis meets with controversial clerk kim davis. good morning, just after 6:30 on this saturday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris anderson. >> i'm jennifer egan. it's a little breezy and rainy out there and it doesn't mean it's a total wash, right chris. we will get a few showers this afternoon, and the rain we get.
6:30 am
many times less an inch or less. 42 in worcester. we will keep the cool air around, i can't change that there. winds gusting at times over 30 miles per hour, especially through southeast mass, plymouth, wind advisory for the cape and the islands, gusts 35 to 40 miles an hour. keep the wind around, because that wind is partially onshore. we do have a coastal high advisory, 415, along the east coast of massachusetts and that means pocket of minor flooding once again. about an hour of high tide. nothing major but spots over, beach erosion possible there. the radar is showing the areas of drizzle outside, it's patchy, light rain, that will tend to be few and far between this afternoon. a little bit of a damp start if you are heading out apple picking. tomorrow it looks mainly dry away from the coastline. temps in the mid-50s. several people behind bars after a college party got way out of control.
6:31 am
worcester. according to the worcester gazette, police used the pepper spray to break out the crowd that was outside of the scene yesterday. police arresting four people. witnesses say it started when two fights broke out inside. two of six u.s. airmen who died when their military jet crashed in afghanistan were deployed from hanscom air force here locally. the airmen were members of the 66 security force squadron, no names have been released yet. the taliban claims that it shot down the plane, but u.s. officials say that was unlikely. troubling text causing controversy in lowell. student accused of sending racist messages after a black student was elected class president. six students were suspended after the text messages were made public. susan tran with more on what is being done about the hateful messages in the hall. >> kim bay didn't have time to
6:32 am
celebrate after win being the election at lowell high school. >> disappointed. >> reporter: he quickly learned a half dozen of his of class messages were circulating racial messages. one read, rule out blacks. there was an online petition to impeach him and one classmate who wrote about lynching him. >> did you really say that you were going to lynch me. he said, i'm just playing around. i said that is not even a joking word. >> reporter: the school has suspended six students and one was a candidate who lost to an ye, and he wanted to win, but an ye will be a great president and is disappointed by some of his fellow classmates. >> it's sad, he is a nice kid and he doesn't deserve this. it was surprising and disappointing, but i don't think it's reflective the school as a whole. i think these problems exist anywhere. >> reporter: the police are doing their own investigation to see if criminal charges are appropriate, but for now school and city officials say they will
6:33 am
opportunity because lowell has a long history of welcoming diversity. >> the vial despicable comments that have in to light during this investigation will not be tolerated now or in the future. >> reporter: susan tran, 7 news today in new england. to the latest on the campus masser in worrying oing oregon. we are hearing more remarkable stories about those who came face to face with this gunman. including the story of two siblings caught in the middle of all of the madness. adam williams has more on the story. >> i don't know how to explain the sound of someone's voice when they think they are going to die. >> reporter: corey was trying to reach his sister just yards away. when he got through on her cell phone. she was balling her eyes out and the first thing she says she was shot. >> she said god was telling her to stay calm, stay still and
6:34 am
don't do anything. >> reporter: that message saved ana life, when she played dead. >> the calm it took to not lose it in a situation like that, she is so brave. she is so strong and courageous, and she did exactly what she had to do. i don't know how many people could have done that. i don't know if i could have done that. >> reporter: his sister was blessed the bullet to her spine narrowly missed critical nerves in her lungs. >> he rushed to the hospital. the first thing that my sister did when a surgeon came in and you. i want the bullet from my gunshot wound and she started laughing. she is an amazing person. i love her with all my heart. i'm really proud of her, she is my hero. >> reporter: ana's doctor recovery. one family's remarkable story giving hope in this time of need. i'm adam williams.
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7 news today in new england. police say that the shooting of a an employee of the police department by a 15-year-old was linked to terrorism. an employee was gunned down, the suspect was shot dead by police. a police identified the gunman as an iranian born member of an iraqi kurdish community. we must not villafy or blame the entire muslim community with the actions of what is in truth a very, very small percentage of violent extremists individuals. the killing of the police employee was the latest in a series of attacks in australia blamed on radicalized youth. new this morning, at least 21 people have died in a landslide that struck a community on the outskirts of guatemala's capital city there. heavy rain unleashed the landslide on thursday, leaving dozens of houses buried underneath the earth. at least 36 people were injured.
6:36 am
authorities estimate that that up to 600 people could still be missing as a result. the vatican clearing up a bit of confusion about pope francis' meeting with controversial county clerk kim davis. saying it doesn't mean he supports her position. davis is the kentucky clerk, of course, who refused to issue any marriage licenses, so she doesn't need to approve any same-sex marriages. now as kim seisy casey telling us, the vatican is explaining her meeting with the leader of the vatican church. pope francis in america. a historic widely praised visit but less than 48 hours after he landed back in rome, news that raised some eyebrows, a meeting with kim davis, the controversial kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses, a visit she described on abc. >> he said thank you for your courage. >> reporter: a visit praised by conservatives but
6:37 am
disappointing to supporters of same-sex marriage. now an extraordinary statement from the vatican approved by pope francis himself, it should not be considered as a support of her position in all of the particular and aspect complexes. the vatican down playing, saying she was one of dozens who met washington. >> pope francis is very politically savvy and will not allow himself to of get entangled in local debate. this is the way to get untangled of some of the criticism he received with another meeting. today another meeting with this same sex couple. grassy is a former student of francis, saying we have been friends for a long time. he knows about me being gay. he has a lot of respect for me being gay and my partner. another meeting we saw coming after a visit seen by millions. i'm kim casey after 7 news today in new england.
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the team back in preseason action as the regular season looms just around the corner. that time of the year again. while hockey season is about to kickoff, of hockey season, not a lot of kicking, they are trying to close the air on a high note, what a stretch for boston red sox. ahead in living healthy, we will show you the new tool that
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is good saturday morning to you all. after a season of major shakeup with the firing of jp, and the decisions of franchise player, new brew ib bruins get their final dress rehearsal in washington. still out of the lineup with the upper body injury. getting a call between the bites for a spinal, preseason, against caps, just over four minutes in. and the louie ericson, poking out a couple of times, and banging out of the score, 1-0, and bruins out in front. justin williams break away from the pack, basuka is situating for them and he slams the door shut. 15 saves night and two clean periods of work. 1 in the third, can't settle a winner, move to the shootout. he needs the score to get by
6:40 am
bray done, he deen ice he denice it. the sox are on the road in cleveland to close out the year. a boston sweep will finish off the turn around with a record, something deemed i possible about a month and a half ago. of coming into cleveland, tough spot in the third, and back to carlos santa, taking owens off-the-wall and center, santana in double, clearing out the bases. 4-0 in the 4th, a 7 home run, a two shot run, up to 7rbi in the year. the nap 4-2. owens not ending the season like he hoped. indians, the rookie giving us 7 runs and 4 in a third of work. sox fall 8-2. harvard hosting georgetown, friday night under the lights in a rainy cambridge, first quarter paul statton for the four yard score. 10-0, more of the same, staten
6:41 am
again, this time rumble 37 yards for the touch down. harvard rolls to their 17th straight win. 45-0 over the hoyas. boston college on the road later today. and expected to make the first career road start for the eagles. that is sports. have a great day. ahead on today new england. it's a machine that can do things humans can't and it's change the way cpr is performed. school start to the weekend, a little bit of a damp start, we will take a look at forecast. ahead in the buzz this morning. snl's newest season set to kickoff tonight. and we will tell you who is hosting. we love, love,
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chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey' s is mine, yours,
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a live look outside this morning, it's not the best start to the day, gloomy, rainy, windy like you said, right? industrial hair spray type of hair. >> it looks like you will need an extra cup of coffee to wake-up this morning. it's dreary out there, chris. >> it is, and on the cold side. temperatures in the 40s inland. 42 in worcester, 50 in the city of boston, of course, as the
6:44 am
we're dealing with this -- a lot of wind we're mentioning this morning. wind in your face from the northeast, 25 miles an hour over the city of boston, gusting at 30s along through the cape and the island. we have a wind advisory in place until 3:00 this afternoon. the radar does show rain out there. most of it is patchy drizzle and light rain, so no heavy downpours and that would be the theme throughout the morning hours, a little bit of patchy, light rain and drizzle outside, but any of the significant rain staying to the south in and west of us in terms of adding up. maybe .10 of an inch or less of rain as we go throughout the day for a lost us. we're -- a lot of us, we're not talking about big downpours at least across southern new england. it's a different story the farther south you go. flooding rains in north carolina and down through south carolina and you look at the tropical connection that extends back into hurricane joaquin, here, that narrow channel of tropical moisture is just hosing south
6:45 am
the some of the models suggesting 15 close to 20 inches of rain in parts of south carolina so this is indeed a major flash-flood event for a lot of locations down in this part of the united states especially across the south carolina. in terms of joaquin itself, the consistency here and the models in the last couple days has been to take the track offshore. you can see a pretty good clustering of it several miles east of the united states and that is where the national hurricane center does have the forecast this morning. joaquin right now, 125-mile-an-hour winds, category iii, expected to stay off the eastern seaboard by several hundred miles as we go through the next few days. in terms of the our forecast this weekend, windy across the cape, mid-50s, a bit milder tomorrow, i think still patchy drizzle around, but a better hours in there. if you are heading to the mountains and lake regions, this weekend, it's breezy up, but overall, dry and get some sunshine across the lakes region
6:46 am
afternoon. down here in mass marc massachusetts, and far southern new mexico, dry -- to 54. the seven-day forecast, bringing back the 60s and the best part of the forecast should be the middle part of next week with temperatures close to 70. all right, chris, sounds good, there's a new tool out, and it could revolutionize the way paramedics perform cpr. it's called the auto post. a machine that can do things that humans can't and it could save more lives. it shows us how it works in today's living healthy. >> sure, okay. when someone is having a heart a taxer cpr -- attack cpr can be the difference, however a much. >> you are using almost every muscle in your body.
6:47 am
pulse is a more the effective solution. >> this device delivers the compression through the thoracic cavity so it gets a more effective compression. it takes only seconds to set up and the these existents preciouses compressions allows more -- pumps more blood. >> you're free to defibrillate. in we can save even one life with this device it's worth everything.
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good morning. lost at sea. a desperate search for a cargo ship in the path of hurricane joaquin with 33 crew members. the ship issuing a distress call after taking on water. the historic efforts by the coast guard to find the ship. fierce flooding. a dangerous situation brewing along the east coast this weekend. up to a foot of rain expected in parts of the carolinas where residents are warned to stay off the road. dylan is tracking it all. a gunman's fury.
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