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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  October 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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scene has them ready for a riot. >> whipping winds and chilly temperatures, when we'll finally see a warmup, and we'll check in with hurricane joaquin. anchor: then bernie sanders supporters packing into boston, making for one of the largest rallies of the presidential hopeful. anchor: and a ship and its crew with new england ties lost at sea. investigators discovering a key clue in tracking the them down. >> 7 news at 11:00 starts now. anchor: the chill is on, the rain is gone. hurricane joaquin won't have an impact on boston. the track of that storm is now headed well out to sea. anchor: so now our focus turns to those windy raw conditions out there. let's check in with bree eggers with a first check of the forecast. >> if you didn'tfs'ow#u any better, you might have thought this was a nor'easter. it is not. but that persistent on shore wind has been feisty, and this evening gusts up to 35 miles per
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down on the cape and islands still a win advisory in effect, but those wind will be pulling back tomorrow. and coastal concerns no longer a concern. worcester only made 49 today, 54 in boston. cool temperatures with us again tomorrow. but yes the good news for us is hurricane joaquin, the track of it heading well out to sea. but we will talk about that track in more detail coming up in the extended forecast. anchor: thank you. treacherous says along the coast today, high tides creating damaging waves. anchor: and we're tracking joaquin, new englanders among the missing on a cargo ship that disappeared after running into the storm. in a few minutes a look at a brand new clue that could help rescue trues track themd=4*'hp&so from the night team, worcester police making another arrest at the palladium. but the scene tonight is nothing
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ready for a right -- riot. >> police say they had to use pepper spray on the crowd. john is with us in worcester. reporter: so tonight we saw one person arrested. last night it was five people and a much more chaotic scene. for the second night in a row, worcester police outside the palladium. for the second night in a row, someone was being arrested there. but it was friday night when the real problems happened. there was chaos outside the venue around 10:30. >> there were so many people being crazy outside the doors. report police saw between 500 and 700 people in front of the palladium when they arrived. officers were told by staff that people were trying to get into the show with fake tickets, causing a crowd that officers describe as aggressive, unruly, violent and riot us. >> cops said there were too many people outside so they had had to leave. >> there was a guy fight and a
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reporter: all available officers were sent to the palladium, along with state troopers. the show was shut down and officers order that people disperse. when that didn't happen, pepper spray was used. >> they entried pepper spray all over. reporter: in all five people were taken away in cuffs, several others were treated for the effects of the spray. the event was organized by new world llc, we reached out to them but haven't heard back. >> everybody was trying to have fun and turn out, but it just didn't happen tonight. reporter: the people that were arrested last night will be in court on monday. anchor: worcester detectives have been busy, a cab driver is attacked overnight on west boylston street in that city, the police say the driver was picking up customers, soon as they got in the cab they stabbed him several times, they tased him in fact.
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investigators say the man and woman took cash and credit cards and then ran off the driver is in stable condition. anchor: turning to new information from a deadly crash in afghanistan the department of defense has identified two airmen from hanscom air force base who died in that crash. airman nathan sartain of florida and airman first class kcey ruiz of georgia died early yesterday along with four other u.s. airmen. their aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff the cause of the crash has not been determined. boston police also releasing new surveillance video of a person of interest in a carjacking. police reported the carjacking in late august on cumberland street, just off of huntington avenue. a woman says she was parking her car when a man got inside, but she was able to escape. boston police are still investigating and ask you to help identify the person of interest. anchor: new information tonight about the campus massacre in oregon. the community of roseburg is still mourning the victims of
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learn more about the man responsible. several memorials have been placed around the city. police say one of the victims survived by playing dead. fundraisers have raised half a million dollars for chris mintz, the army veteran who jumped to times the gunman's father is speaking out, shocked by what happened. >> we saw each other, went for dinner and did things that sons and dads do, just talk. he lived with his mother the whole time, so he didn't live with me at all. so we hadd_ a harmonious relationship. anchor: he also said he has no idea that his son owned any guns and that he believes in strict gun control. stay with 7 news on air, online massacre. get breaking news alerts on the investigation on, and the 7 news to beat and tablet apps.
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quincy today where there was flooding fear as long the south shore. high seas and rough waters causing damage, even beaching a boat there. things though have calmed down tonight. the recent full moon and weather patterns combining with high tide is to blame for those rough seas. anchor: and the night team tracking joaquin. a maine man among those lost at sea possibly on a missing cargo ship that sailed near the storm. tonight a new clue. the coast guard says it has found a life ring from the el faro. the cargo ship disappeared on thursday as it sailed from florida to puerto rico. the captain and three other crew members, at least three others, are all from maine. one of them, mike holland is an engineer on the ship and his mom is trying to get down to florida. the coast guard has searched more than 31,000 square miles, but they say conditions are terrible. 30 to 40 machine foot seas, high winds, low visibility. searchers are hoping for better weather and better luck
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tomorrow. anchor: onto voice your choice coverage. presidential hopeful bernie sanders visiting the bay state tonight, wrapping up a speech in boston just hours ago. tonight's rally drew thousands of people to the convention center, filling nearly, nearly filling the center's biggest hall. kelly o'hara was at the event and has more. reporter: good evening. his campaign says in is the third largest rally they've ever had in the country and they say their numbers prove it. they had more than 20,000 people here at the convention center. >> welcome to the political revolution. [cheers and applause] reporter: to a crowd of thousands, bernie sanders, vermont senator and democratic presidential hopeful, spoke for more than an hour saturday night. >> please envision a nation where everyone, no matter their race, their religion, their disability, or their sexual
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orientation, realizes the full promise of equality that is our birth right as americans. reporter: the crowd one of the largest so far of sanders campaign, something he's proud of, along with his young voters. >> i think we're giving the young people the kind of vision for a country that they would like to see. reporter: critics have called sanders a socialist and many said he has tough competition for the nomination. hillary clinton is considered the party lead. vice president biden may be jumping into the race as well. sanders though all smiles to the naysayers. supporters though say he's the answer for the country's future. >> i think it's time for some real change in our democracy and taking it back from powerful corporations. >> hillary i don't think will stand a chance against him and i don't think any republican can
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that no one else will. reporter: sanders spoke earlier at an event in springfield, he spoke about gun control. there were a lot of people selling t-shirt and buttons, and i said do you sell trump merchandise or hillary merchandise, he said no, i only sell bernie's stuff and i follow him wherever he goes. bernie says he'll take the next week off and will spend some time with family up in vermont. in boston, kelli o'hara. anchor: up next, an explosion at an apartment building leaving witnesses shaken. >> and the latest advisory on hurricane joaquin came out minutes ago, we'll take a look at that and our forecast. anchor: and looks like something out of the everglades, so why
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anchor: a high rise rocked in florida, a huge blast sending pieces of concrete crashing to the ground. it left the top stories of a luxury part tower blown out. anchor: several firefighter hurt when dangling chunks broke off. reporter: the first calls came in just afternoon. >> oh my gosh, oh my gosh a big chunk of concrete from the top of the floor just came piling down oh, my gosh. reporter: the 34th floor of the chateau beach residences gone. firefighters believe a gas leak in a boiler room sparked an explosion that blew off much of the top floor. >> can you see that the wall there's are completely blown out. if you look on the side of the building the explosion so grit that it knocked chunks of the wall there. >> i was in front of the elevator and he went back to get something and that's when the first boom, boom, then the
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second boom came and the elevators dropped all the way down. reporter: at least six people hurt, this man carried out on a luggage rack. another in the back of an ocean rescue truck. this man rushed to a hospital in aventura. and another air rescued to jackson memorial. a viewer shot cell phone video of yet another victim headed to a medical helicopter. two of the injured, firefighters. and now investigators are trying to pinpoint exactly where in explosion happened and why it happened. and after that the developer and a demolition company will work together to figure out what happens to this building now. anchor: another big blast in a new york building this afternoon, one person is dead, three others hurt after what officials are calling a gas explosion. gas tore through the front of the building and sent debris flying into the street.
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anchor: we're seeing new video of an alligator caught in rhode island of all places. police confiscated the gator from a man's home in east providence today. officials say the owner did not have a proper permit and the alligator will be brought to a local shelter the owner will appear in court next month. >> checking in on hurricane joaquin, still a massive storm, but finally pulling away from the bahamas where it was parked there for the last couple days. tropical moisture streaming into
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13-inches of rain plus that they've seen in charleston, south carolina through the last few days. the latest on joaquin, still a category 4 hurricane, this arrow pointing to this little tiny block dot, that would be bermuda. as you can see just on the edge of that cone of uncertainty i don't think that bermuda will come away unscathed by this, especially if it's passed by a category 2 hurricane, so we'll continue to watch that. but for us, things looking better and better as that forecast track is much more narrowed in on and is well off shore. we're talking by a couple hundred to a few hundred miles. gusty winds for us. if you didn't know any better you mit think its with a nor'easter. it was not. but a northeasterly wind with gusts up to 40 miles per hour and chilly temperatures, 49 was the high in worcester today. these temperatures about 10 degrees below seasonal averages. and we've had a raw day as well. just some light showers and
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drizzle still pumping through, mainly in the western part of the bay state. we will clear out with some of the clouds overnight tonight, but the bad news is they're back tomorrow and i do think we can't quite rule out the chance of a spot shower, light shower or drizzle, mainly in southeastern mass along the coastline tomorrow. but it will be dry for most of us for the next couple of days. a dryer pattern setting up for us, just a slight chance of showers sunday, monday, and a nice stretch of weather for the middle of the week. tonight patchy drizzle, chilly breeze, patchy fog for us, 41 to 48. then tomorrow another cool one with the clouds winning out. if you're headed for the making stride walk tomorrow, bring the jacket, maybe the poncho, we will be dry though. loving the looks of tuesday, wednesday, thursday. pleasant weather to come with more sunshine as well. have a great night. anchor: you too, bree. purchasing a home should be easier thanks to a new federal law that goes into effect today.
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the goal is to help you avoid any surprises so you'll know exactly what your mortgage payment will cost before you sign on the dotted line. it simplifies and consolidates some of the required disclosures as well. the law has been nicknamed, again, know before you owe. >> when they can get those a few days in advance and have a chance to review them, think about them, feel good about them, when they come to closing they're just signing. anchor: as with anything new, there could be a few kinks to be worked out, but that should be done by the end of the year. >> up next in sports, history being made on the diamond, unfortunately none of it concerning anyone from the red sox. in the college game, is there name?
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>> boston college football taking the show on the road at duke saturday. the blue devils no slouch in football any more either. with nine wins or more in back to back seasons. steve has the defense rolling. now he needs the offense. duke up 9-0 in the third. blue devils looking to punch it
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in following the b.c. turnover. eagles defense holds, keeping b.c. in striking distance. later in the third they finally connect on the big play. this is troy flutie, off play action going deep to smith. 66 yards. 9-7. under four to go now, b.c. set up for the field goal from 45 yards out, but it's way off to the left. b.c. falls at duke, 9-7. u. mass back on campus hosting florida international at mcgurg stadium. 57 yards for the touchdown. 7-0 minute men out in front. second quarter -- u. mass winning its first game of the year over the panthers of f.i.u. >> ortiz to deep right field and that ball is gone. clutch to right for big papi. >> ortiz' playing time this
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weekend may be limited, but he's got to make the most of it. >> david ortiz at the top of his game even approaching his 40's, despite his 37th homer of the year, the red sox lost friday. boston could still manage to pull off an 80-win season, but they have to get win number 79 out ortiz and dustin pedroia in saturday's lineup. pai getting the night off. carlos santana taking breslow deep front. breslow solid work, giving up two runs over five and a third of story of the game all about cory cluinger, the real king in cleveland tonight. indians get the win. baseball history made tonight in new york, the nationals max scherzer flowing his second no hitter in 2015. he's the first pitcher since
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bids in the regular season. scherzer with dominating stuff, striking out 17 tonight including nine of the final 10 to end up. only an error in the sixth keeping him from a perfect game the celtics traveling to italy for their first exhibition gail gail -- game on tuesday. >> i think it very likely that we'll start different lineups in each game overseas. we can certainly discuss it and talk about it. but i don't think anything will be set in stone. i think you want to have it somewhat set by the time we preseason. >> on the ice, tuukka rask ready thursday. looking sharp with two clean periods of work friday against the capitals of bruins dropping the game 2-1 in a shootout to close out the preseason.
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but no fault of rask who turned aside all 15 shots he faced. big night tomorrow on sports extra, we'll break down the bruins season opener, we're also talking patriots steve and mark. that and much more following the saint and cowboys on sunday night football. the revolution visiting chicago. new england needing a win or a drew to clinch a playoff spot. even at one in the second half, that put chicago ahead 2-1. refs fall 3-1 in the final. nfl sunday kicking off tomorrow with jets-dolphins at 9:30a.m. in london. the steelers cutting scobee and
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