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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 4, 2015 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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fierce flooding in the californias and torrential rains drenching that area. deaths. and stepping up the search, officials may have the new lead in the cargo that that went missing during hurricane joaquin. fire crews battling fierce flames in upton. vacant store goes up in flames. and making strides against breast cancer this morning, we realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning.
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know good sunday morning, i'm jennifer eagan. so much more straight ahead ahead on 7 news today in new england. we will follow the strides against breast cancer walk, we had pete bouchard out there this morning and the crowds are filling up and everybody is dressed this pink for this wonderful cause to help support the disease so many people battle. and it looks like they had a good morning shaping up, too. gusty this morning, and its seems like the rain has faded away, not drizzling or anything, and for the walk it shouldn't be too bad. chris, what do you say >> a different story, yesterday morgue we had the patchy light rain and electricity out there. -- and drizzle out there. 48 in bedford and 53 in my mouthed. one thing that we have seen, out of the northeast, gusting over 30 miles an hour and likely to see that throughout the day,
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strongest gusts on the coastline np go-around, the tide is high, so we are not looking for any coastal flooding as we go to the next couple day ofs. coastline looking good. quiet across new england right now. still low level moisture getting in, so we do have patches of clouds, working in. at times >> patches of sun this morning. temperature consistent. a dry start, if you are heading to the hatch shell it does look good. if you are walking two mileors five miles, a great cause this morning and temperatures pretty much that he see what is you get. the wind with us throughout the day, more clouds and sunshine sunshine. a look at the next 7-days. we had back to the 70s this week breaking overnight, a vacant four. this video, see how intense the fire is?
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the sbair building fully engulf with the fire department arriving on the scene, upton police tweeting out this video. main street was closed for a while while police warn people to avoid this area. fire officials are investigating a cause but say the building is a total loss. also breaking overnight, look at this video here, a truck in woburn hitting a telephone pole, happened ron 4:00 this morningants pole is there in the street and last damage to the truck. though word on the condition of the driver of the vehicle. tracking hurricane joaquin,torrential rains are drenching the carolinas and ug see in in video from south carolina the rain is flooding the streets, lam foot of rain fell in charleston on saturday. president obama declared state of emergency in that state. the weather is blamed for at least four deaths. the rain is expected to continue until monday. meanwhile a huge cargo ship is missing after being tossed around by hurricane joaquin in
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the bahamas. three krub members and the ship's captain from new england. crews are expected to continue their search after high winds and rains tampered their efforts yesterday. the coast guard says they have confirmed a life ring found at sea what is the ship. jonathan hall reports. >> reporter: last in the sea, for twhorn two days, the captain fridays windham maine and three of his crew are from the pine tree state as well. mike holland is an engineer on the ship. his mom is trying to get to florida, delayed by the weather. he worked his whole life. to try fainds our loved ones. >> reporter: the crew set of tuesday night from jacksonville to a course to reach san juan, puerto rico by friday. a distress call near the bahamas crooked island.
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lost propulsion and took on water and was tipping to the side. any ship, when you have a lift, it puts you in an unstable position and when you are unstable that compounds the problem. that is why we are concerned. no smuntions since. a father of five, he wife believes he will come home but can't help put wonder why it was out there at all during a dangerous storm. >> if something should have hurricane. >> reporter: kenneth benson worked on the ship last week and well. >> most of the crew has been sailing for at least 15 years. i know wherever they are, whether the ship is floating on whether they had to abandon ship, they are fighting for
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the weather costing a bit of truly on the shore in quincy. high seance ruff waters, the source of some of the damage you see in the video pup see that dock falling apart and 7's nancy china says a recent full moon and weather pattern is creating minor problems for residents in quincy. >> wild weather ripping up waves, lots of trouble in quincy. >> now that the tide is coming up, my dogs, some of my dogs are sinking so it is peat bad. >> a storm that managed to beach this boat. mick kelly is holding out hope his sea craft doesn't wash to shore as well. >> knock on wood. >> reporter: not everyone was worried about the weather, some say it is the price of of doing
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>> it's nothing. nancy chen, 7 news today in new england. and we are following more news, the department of defense identified the two airmen from hanscom air force base who died in a deadly crash in afghanistan. airman nathan sartain and air man kcey ruiz were on the plane. destroyed a hospital, the blast killed 19 people, the group says some of the staff members are working in other health facilities in that city. the group is blaming a u.s. air strike, afghan officials returned fire from taliban
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fighters who were hiding in the hospital. on 7, a breakout in a popular concert hall in worcester, hundreds spilled into the street as police used pepper spray to control the crowd. police made an arrest at another event last night. receive's john cocoa reports from worcester with the latest. for the second night in a row worcester police outside the palladium. someone was being arrested night. but friday night the real problems happened. chaos at about 10:30. so many people being crazy outside the doors. worcester police saw between 5 and 700 people in the front when they arrived. officers were told by the staff that people were trying to get into the show with fake tickets causing a crowd that officers described as aggressive and unruly and violent andry outous.
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>> two fights, a guy fight and girl fight. to control it uproar all available officers were sent with help from state troopers. the she was shut down and officers ordinary thaerd people disperse. when that didn't happen, pepper spray was used. they spray pepper spray all over the place, there was so many people out trying to have fun. five people were tan away in cuffs. the ven up says this was organized by a company called new world llc. we reached out to them but haven't heard back. >> john cocoa, 7 news today in new england. also in worcester, a cab driver viciously attacked on west boylston street, police say that driver was picking up two customers and as soon as they pt into the vehicle police say they stabbed him several times and investigators say the man and woman took cash and credit cards and ran off. that driver is now in stable condition.
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boston police releasing this new surveillance video of the perp of interest in a carjacking. police reported the carjacking in late oug a sum better land street off huntington avenue. a machine got in her vehicle and she was able to escape but boston police are still investigating and asking for your help in identifying the person of interest. ahead on 7 news today in new england, at least one person is dead after a gas explosion in brooklyn. what official says may have caused it. we are making stids against breast cancer. live on the esplanade this morning, we will check this with meteorologist pete bouchard coming up.
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welcome back, doing something extra special helping in battle against breast cancer. thousands of people are participating in this, this morning our even pete bouchard is live on the esplanade for the making streeds against breast cancer walk. >> good morning to you. a beautiful morning, not bad a little wind out here, too. thousands lining up to walk on the esplanade and of course we have our very own needham high school girls soccer, number one in the donations for high school groups. my name is emma. how did it work this money you raised? >> we have been doing it for three years and what happens is everyone of our teammates,
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team gets ten sponsors and each are asked to pay us for each goal we score, and each shutout we have. and you gets to decide your donation. in people pay a dollar for a goal or $5 and we have had a successful season, so we are making a lot of money for breast cancer. >> that is great. so far we are at $11,000, with the one-time donation, and those are the people who just decided to doe nature one time, and hopefully by the end of the season we will see more. >> and you are number one. little do they know these young ladies were that good. they said oh, i'll give you a couple of bucks. little did they know. a plaque that have you now, this is great stuff. a part of the donations and thousands of people and thousands of schools helping out and all the walkers here. we have a huge crowd and the weather is so nice today.
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know that. 240,000 new cases this year alone and these are some of the statistics that we are up against here. second leading cause of death after lung cancer. so it looks like our forecast is looking good all day long. lots of sunshine and fair weather clouds. a bringsing wind. this rolling start until 10:00, a 2-5-mile course and cuts through cambridge and coming back. 48 in bedford and no i don't expect temperatures to get very far today. we will stay where we are, the warm ocean is helping to keep temperatures up but boy that wind is something at logan airport. it is not too bad here, breezy but not like it is nasty wind. our radar is silent across the cape, after two to three inches of rain between tsd cape and islands. no rain today but fair weather clouds floating by. and this will continue as we go through the course of the day
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and even to tomorrow. our coolest days are today and tomorrow with temperatures in the 50s. may be closing in on sixty if we're lucky in worcester and southern new hampshire. elsewhere in the 50s, not expecting any green blogs line rake showers and clouds will hold this way, though, all the way to tomorrow and tomorrow evening. eventually, warmer air in here in the middle of next week. late off the joaquin, not a worry for us but the surf is up and should stay up on the eastern sea board. thanks to joaquin and the high pressure. ruff surf all the way to wednesday at least from joaquin. it is stale category 3, winds down to 115, as of the latest advisory and heads to the central and nrn atlantic. holding its own, though, in a category 1. today, cool wind andy, clouds
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and sun, most sun will be inland but at times partly sunny here, too. northeast wind gusting from time to time. and tonight falling back to the 30s and 40s, even a frost advisory in western mass, it will bet that cold. not expecting frost here. too much of a breeze and clouds around, too. 38 to 50, warmest downtown and tomorrow breezy and cool, clouds and sun, look at the temperatures come back, 62 and northeast wind easing a little bit on the coastline, though, stays gusty tomorrow. the warmer weather, everyone not quite. it is not sum are but milder, that is for sure, on tuesday and wednesday, 6-72. and then saturday as well. we'll have more more live from the esplanade but a big cheer for these ladies and the fund raising they did. see you in a bit. >> a big cheer for them and pete, up early and all smiles.
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>> i love that team tied their goals to raising money. $11,000 already. hats off to them. today in new england, bernie in boston. the presidential candidate making a stop to help drum up support in the baystate. also ahead a building collapse in north carolina, under investigation, and more than two hospital. we'll be right back. all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing
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stop what you are doing and check out this video. an alligator caught in rhode island. police confiscated this alligator in a man's home in east providence. officials say its own are did not have the proper prosecute mitt. theoner will be in court next month. also this morning a powerful explosion through a building on saturday killing one person in brooklyn, new york. emergency crews say three others building. part of the building collapsed. investigators suspect natural gas as the cause. it rocked the neighboring homes. >> the floor shaked and like a big explosion. >> i didn't know what to do, i was with my sister.
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that building today to investigate. the three people who were injured are expected to survive. >> multiple people injured in an explosion in a high rise condo near miami florida. happened on friday, officials say a natural gas explosion sent glass and debris flying everywhere. the debris fell on patrons down below people on the beechl. officials say the building was under construction at the time of the blast of blast. more than two dozen people rush to do so the hospital after this high school building roof collapsed in north carolina on saturday. officials say 25 people, including students, suffered injuries ranging from minor to some life threatening. the condition yet roof collapsed after a support beam was hit bay truck. ahead on 7 news today in new england, linkd-in lawsuit. what they were accused of doing to customers.
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surrounding surrounding this license plate. we'll be rig i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain.
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[clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue.
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a local license plate is roe moating peace. a heartwarming story from boston police, surrounds this license plate. one officer said he was thinking about young martin richard, the
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victim of the marathon bombings and he saw the license plate and pulled over the brifr because he was i will pressed. the driver says martin richard was the inspiration behind that plate. a sweet story there. next up on 7 news in new england a saturday night spectacular, the fourthitith season, about big names at the helm. live on the esplanade, thousands are making straids against breast cancer.
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i'm a committed conservative that believes in getting results. we made florida number one in job creation... 1.3 million new jobs, 4.4 percent growth, higher family income, eight balanced budgets, and tax cuts eight years in a row that saved our people and businesses 19 billion dollars. and if i am elected president, i'll show congress how that's done. right to rise usa is responsible for
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a community coming together to remember lives last in oregon as we continue to learn more about the shooter and a possible motive. plus, feel the burn. the democratic presidential candidate making a stop in boston as he tries to rally support for his campaign. and we are making strides against breast cancer, this morning. we are checking in with our chief meteorologist pete bouchard live this morning on the esplanade. >> this is 7 news today in new england. welcome back, about 9. 30 on sunday morning, thank you for making us a part of your day. i'm kris anderson. >> i'm jennifer eagan. we find our very own pete bouchard at the making strides against breast cancer walk this morning. everyone see seems like they are in a good mood.
9:27 am
of people who passed and that is also something that weighs heavy. people are walking in memory of too. a lot of survivors and people still fighting fight, too. joining me know, the speaker deleo from the house and he has year. this is year... >> 20. right. the enthusiastic supporters from here and survivors, who have been with us a long time. they will continue to be with us for a long time. and that is what it's all about. you can't imagine the people that it hits each and every year i will get a call from someone, i want to join the walk this year. you know, and talk about
9:28 am
idea in terms, and it helps to raise much needed money for research. >> right. a personal cause for you? >> yes, it is. very much so. this was started with 8 and now we are up to 200 people. and a labor of love. great. >> thank you. >> any time. smi roles small compared to what's other people are doing. the crowds have formed and people pass through. care givers amazing. it is. and you know, again, you hear the stories, and some the young people, learning something about what life is all about. and it is just an amazing experience. >> awesome, thank you,
9:29 am
representing, too. don't run away. it's okay. they were a big fundraiser in past, too. thank you. and weather is cooperating, wouldn't you know it? we thought there might be a hurricane, a let of that, in doing, it looks like that is far out to sea. the witnesses is cooler, 54 in boston and 48 in bedford. we are offer to a chilly start and feels like it will never warm up. our gusts of winds to 20 miles an hour, 30 at the water's edge and all the way from revere and saugus. the winds will go through tonight as well and tomorrow not much change in that department. cool and windy and clouds and sun today, most of the sun and we are doing all right in boston, temperatures will hold to the midand upper 50s and tomorrow below normal and from tuesday on, a warming trend back
9:30 am
so, big crowds out here, along all morning long, maybe an update. more to come, stay with us. >> pete, thank you. breaking story from overnight, take a look at the video we have for you. vacant store in upton up in flames around 4 am. the entire building fully engulfed when the fire department arrived. upton police tweeted out this video, main street had to be shut down for a time as police warned people to avoid that area so firefighters could focus on their jobs. fire officials are investigating but say the building is a total loss. to the cam because massacre in oregon, the community in roseburg is in mourning after nine people were shot and killed on the campus of umpqua community college. the classes are expected to resume a week from tomorrow. this morning we are learning more about the victims and the shooter behind the rampage. >> as many ambulances as possible. we have upwards of 20 victims.
9:31 am
chilling new details in the oregon college massacre, the gunman prepared to kill as many as possible. >> he is in the classroom. investigator says he brought a steel plated flack jacket and a rifle. six were recovered at the school and 7 at the shooter's residence. along with five magazines. >> reporter: nine people killed and nine others wounded when the 26-year-old who was enrolled at the college walked into his own english class rm and opened fire. in the middle of the rampage he handed his write togs a survivor to give to police. in those pages he rambled about a hatred toward black men and how he was fruftded about being a virgin, unable to find a girlfriend. >> someone was outside the doors. >> reporter: why the shooter targeted the college is than clear, he lived nearby in this apartment complex with his mother who is reportedly fiercely protective of him.
9:32 am
his family has been interviewed by investigators and cnn has learned the shooter suffered mental health issues and had soubt relief. shocked. we are learning more about the victims, who range in age from 18 to 67. a long the dod an assistants professor of english. quinn cooper who loved acting and a woman whether wanted to become a pediatric nurse. one person's der ranked act may have broken our hearts but he cannot prepresent our hearts from growing back bigger and stronger. and police now say the shooter eventually took his own life. the father of the gunman in that campus massacre in oregon speaking out over the weekend now. >> he's my son, you know.
9:33 am
any bitterness or anything like that between him and i, you know, we did things that sons and dads do. talk, he lived with his mother the whole time. he didn't live with me at all. we had a relationship. >> the father said he had no idea his son owned any guns, in fact and that he believes in strict gun control. stay with us on air and on-line for the latest on the oregon campus cassmer. we have set up a special page for the victims and you can get breaking a lerts on the investigation by whdh km and 7 news mobile a tablet apps. voice your choice coverage, campaign trails blazing into boston. bernie sanders make a big stop this the city, rallying supporters. he had a big day in massachusetts, but as 7's kelly o'harry found out the impressive
9:34 am
>> welcome to the political revolution. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: to crowds of thousands, democratic presidential hopeful spoke for more than an hour on saturday night. please envision a nation where everyone no matter their race, their religions, their disability or their sexual orientation, realizes the full promise of equality that is our birth right as americans. >> the crowd was one of the largest so far, something he is proud of along with the young voters. i think we are giving the young people the kind of vision for a country that they would like to see critics called sanders a socialist and many said he has competition for the nomination. hillary clinton is considered the party lead april vice president biden may jump in as
9:35 am
well. sanders all smiles to the naysayers. >> what do you say to the critics? the supporters say he's the answer for the country's future. time for real change in our deck democracy. hillary won't stand a chance against him. i don't think any republican can, either. kelly o'hara. new hampshire is seeing a few visits from republican presidential candidates. carly fiorina, senator ted cruz and rick santorum also get an annual gathering helped by the american principle project. the self-described conservative group held a for number southern new hampshire. -- forum in southern new hampshire. the vatican announced they dismissed a long time priest, after that priest admitted he is gay. the polish priest made the
9:36 am
announcement in an interview with the italian newspaper. the vatican says his dismissal had nothing to do with his sexual other thannienation but did say the interview was irresponsible. when belief in god... >> the priest says he wants to hold a demonstration in front of the vatican and also says he does in the regret coming out. and new this morning, a popular social networking website is paying up for spamming users. longd in will shell out $13 million, settlement affects those used it between 2011 and use verse until december 14 to submit a claim form to be
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and boston college taking the show on the road. for the first time this year. any magic left flutie name in highlights from the field ahead in 7 sports. and thousands are making strides against breast cancer, this morning, ouron pete bouchard is live on the esplanade and we'll be right back. "hey! you gotta get fios!" well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $300 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving
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time for 7 sports with trey daerr. >> boston college on the road, if this was basketball the eagles might be this trouble. on the cusp of the top 25 with nine wins and more in back-to-back seasons. a defense role, and duke up 9-0 and blue devils looking to punch it in. fourth and goal, stopped. piece. bc with the momentum and later in the third they finally connect on the big play. troy flutie play action going deep, 66 yards to pay dirt. 9-7 game. under four to go now. boston college, setting up for a go-ahead field goal from 45 yards out. but no dice. eagles fall 9-7 in durham. umass back on campus hosting
9:40 am
first quarter, deep, 77 to the house for a touchdown. minutemen out in front. this time, sharp, umass winning its first game of the year, 24-14 over the panthers of florida international. david ortiz topped his game, approaching his 40s, despite his 37th homer of the year on friday, and boston however can manage to pull off a winning season, win number 79 on saturday put ortiz or dustin pedroia in the line up. big papi, bottom of the second, carlos santana, deep out to left. solo shot, 1-0 indians. solid work, giving up two out of five. story of the game, all about the reigning cy young winner,
9:41 am
striking out 9. baseball history in new york, nationals, tossing his second no hitner 2015. first pitch since nolan ryan to pitch a pair in the same regular season. ryan doing it in 1973 with the apgels. with dominating stuff on saturday, striking out 17, including 9 of 10 to end it. only an error in the sixth keeps it from being a perfect game.
9:42 am
welcome back, delegate something special this morning. and helping in the fight against breast cancer. thousands of people in fact helping us out by taking part in the making strides against breast cancer walk. this morning our own pete bouchard is there, he joins us live from the esplanade. pete? >> good morning everyone. a nice day out here. making due, a little breezy and chilly, but it's october, too. and catholic memorial, one of the bigger schools to donate every year.
9:43 am
they are in their 10th year of donating and apparently over $200,000 in that ten-year span. this is incredible. this year wave couple of gentlemen from the school to talk to us and one of the big guys that have been helping out. >> for six years. anthony. >> how did you raise the money. >> we have done a bunch of different fund raising in school, started off spare change at lunches, money that you were spending on lunches, going into home rooms and collecting money, dress-down days. sending outleters to family members, and all around raising as much as we can. >> dress-down days, you give up a free dress. >> that is the best. what was the donation like ten. >> usually like five for a day or 10 for a couple day ofs, yes. >> have you to be proud of these guys? >> i'm so proud to be at catholic memorial, an amazing group of students, 7-12 school
9:44 am
and we believe this this. we are an all boys school and catholic school but our goal is to promote thoughtful young men and we recall sisters and auntses and mothers and we live in a coed world and helping thome understand the causes that affect women tis at the core of what we are doing. >> it is great to see and the crud that you have, i mean we heard you before we saw you. incredible. ed energy our guys have, our school is a real family and if you think about what we do, 7-12 and in helping these boys to know who they are, and over 450 boys are here, we have alumni and parents and 30 faculty members and community that we have and experience has we do here, changes their lives. our goal is to trns form the lives of these young men and we have an open house in october, and we will love to have you come down and get a feel for the
9:45 am
boys. >> thank you very much. congratulations to you. and we will be here all morning long and the course goes out on again. survivors and care givers and people walk being remembrance of cause. american cancer society, on-line donations are accepted. our forecast today, is not a bad one. sunshine, and clouds, and it looks like our temperatures will hold in the 50s. we'll be along with more later pete, thank you. a 7-news team out there, and if you go out there to the esplanade say hello and stop by. you. they ended up with a good day and all the students, that is impressive. doing it with a smile on their face. next up, someone has "star wars" fever, the iconic costume that has sold for big bucks.
9:46 am
came out to kick off the 40th
9:47 am
topping the buzz, saturday night live with a big premiere. miley cyrus hosting and the musical guest from new york for the second time as the show celebrates their 40th year on the air. she was the musical host. look at that. looks like it is glued together. she paid tribute to various people who made headlines, hillary clinton made headlines and made an appearance as a
9:48 am
of herself played by actress kate mick kin common and topic of the donald popped up. >> i'm so darned bummed. ally one wants to talk about is donald trump. >> isn't he the within who is like, you are all losers? >> do you think he'll win the primaries? >> i want to be the one who take him down. >> comedian amy schumer is set to host next weekend, get ready for more laughs. mckinnon has the hair down there. the dates game, after being let go from the eagles last month tim tebow has something else or someone else to focus on. he is now said to be dating miss universe 2012 who recently split from singer nick jonas.
9:49 am
they are reportedly trying to keep their relationship quiet. you just ruined it. david cassidy charged with leaving the scene of an accident in florida. local police say he side swiped a truck and tried on cover subpoena license plate before driving off. investigators say witnesses identified him in a photo lineup. his lawyer said he gave police his driver's license and registration before he left the scene. >> some lucky movie fan out there now has their hands on a piece of "star wars" history. the bikini worn by princess leia sold for a whopping $96,000 on friday. he was worn by carrey fisher and included the collar and chain links that was used to keep the kidnapped princess on a tight
9:50 am
a lot of memorabilia. we are doing a great big making strides against breast cancer. our own pete bouchard is live on the esplanade, and we'll have that and the rest of the day's
9:51 am
breaking overnightings fire tear tlaus building in upton, fully engulfed as crews arrived on scene this morning.
9:52 am
rain causing serious flooding all along the east coast. carolinas hit especially hard and streets have literally turned into rivers. flooding also on the minds of some here locally, high tide and rough seas make their way toward shore. learning the names of two airmen from hanscom air force base died in a military plane crash. realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning. this is 7 news today in new england. thank you for wouldn'ting us, i'm jennifer eagan. i'm kris anderson. we have plenty of news a hid, first up is a huge day in boston, thousands of people on the esplanade for the making stride against breast cancer walk. and 7's chief meteorologist pete bouchard is live there this morning. how is it going? >> going good, jen and kris, a nice morning compared to what we could have had, instead we have sunshine and clouds and thank you thousands of people helping to fight breast cancer as donations are doing to the
9:53 am
american cancer society and that is oh ongoing challenge for research and treatment and just basically education. a lot of people were diagnosed with breast cancer. when they diagnosed they don't know where to go and this is a resource the american cancer society has a lot of resources available and doe naigs and we will auk about researchers on the front lines of a cure for breast cancer, used to be unheard of. our forecast today, looking good, winds and clouds, okay, to zit october, what do you want, right. chilly one, in the mid50s for highs. coming out of the 40s in bedford and worcester, cold this morning, and with this breeze and the gusts are picking up. we introduced some sunshine, and back to mix the atmosphere, so if you are going to the fair up in tolls field today, chilly. -- pops field today, chilly. but it is an october fair.
9:54 am
by the way a frost advisory in western mass for tonight to tomorrow morning, and late tonight to tomorrow morning and growing season may be cut short out there, in southern vermont, too. this was a big question mark, a couple of days ago, freting over this but joaquin, hurricane joaquin still holding together as a cat gear 3 right now, with winds to 115 an hour. not taking away anything from joaquin. make brush with bermuda today, and tonight, and passing through west to northwest and continue out to sea. our forecast cool wind andy, mostly sun inland today. 53 to 57. no rain expected. breezy and chilly tonight, to the up are 30s where the winds settles in the suburbs and breezey and cool tomorrow. get your monday off right. i'm not specking any showers today, tonight, or tomorrow. and you thought winter was here
9:55 am
or autumn but summer tries to make a comeback. it is all relative, coming from summery. this week. back more with some research, in the development, and a cure for breast cancer coming up in a little bit. thank you. breaking overnight, a vacant store in upton goes up in flames, the entire building was fully involved when crews arrived on scene. upton police tweeted out this video, main street was closed for a time and police warn people to avoid that area but that road is back open. fire officials are investigating a cause but they do say the building is a loss. and breaking overnight a truck this woburn hits a phone pole happened around four this morning and you can see it end up in the street. there is a lot of damage to the truck, too. no word on the condition of the driver. and to the wild weather on the east coast. president obama on saturday declaring a state of emergency, in south carolina, the video
9:56 am
that you are looking at is a big reason why. the state has been hammered by high tide, mixed with heavy rains and officials a ten to 12 inch investigate fallen in some areas since thursday, causing coastal tlading. the weather is blamed for at least four deaths. crews are searching for a ship lost at sea. the k last spoke to the ship on try evening when it communicated with crew members after it was caught in the path of hurricane joaquin off the coast of the bahamas. the captain said he was trying to avoid the storm but there was problem with the ship. on saturday the crews found a life ring and confirmed it did belong to the ship. >> formatly, the ship became disabled because of a mechanical problem. and the ship was in the past storm. the captain of that hip and at
9:57 am
left three of the crew members are from maine. there was knowed flooding concerns locally on the south shore. big waves and high seas had people going out to check on their boats and found them on the land. there were problems. as you saw moment ago a couple of boats even washed up on the shore. nance chen reports. >> reporter: wild weather ripping up waves and lots of trouble in quincy. >> it is getting worse now that tide is coming up. we have broken in of the chains. it is pretty bad. >> reporter: high tide for this storm a storm that even managed to beach this boat. mick kelly came here to make sure his boat is okay and he is holding out hope his sea craft doesn't wash to shore as well. >> going good so far. >> reporter: not every within was worried about the weather.
9:58 am
doing business here. >> it's nothing. nancy chen, 7 news today in new england. breaking overnight, heavy rains around the french riff year a, look at the damage to homes and vehicles. the rifr overflowed. rescue crews are looking for other flood victims. at least six people are still missing as a result. and we are following more news owed. a cab driver was myiously attacked on saturday morning on west boylston street. driver was picking up two customers but they stabbed him several times and possibly tazed him in the back of the head. the man and woman took cash and credit cards and ran off. the driver is in stable condition. and boston police releasing new surveillance video of a person of interest in a car jacking.
9:59 am
the police reported the carjacking back in late august on cam better land street and off huntington avenue. a woman says she was parking her car when a man got inside and she was able tos kaich. boston police are investigating, and asking you to help identify this thern of interest. >> this morning the department of detectives identified two airmen from hanscom air force pace whether died in a military plane crash in afghanistan. airman nathan sartain and air man kcey ruiz died. the cause of the crash has not been determined. worcester police were outside the pal aidium making an arrest. the state on try was chaos. hundreds got so out of hand they had to use pep are spray. officers described the crowd as
10:00 am
violent andry outous. -- and riotous. >> the ven sue says it was in the their event and it was organized by a company called new world llc. following news from across the country, one person is dead and three others injured after a gas explosion in the new york afternoon. fire officials say this blast tore through the front of that building and september debris flying into the street. the explosion may have been caused by a taint disconnecting their stove. more than 2 huchb firefighters responded to the scene, there is an investigation now underway. and ahead on today new england, the race for the white house made a stop in boston last night. we'll take you inside bernie sander's rally in boston where thousands of supporters packed the convention center to hear him speak. and checking back in live with meteorologist pete bouchard live
10:01 am
this morning in the making strides against breast cancer walk. stick around, we'll be right
10:02 am
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steak dinner, for $12.99. tonight, only at longhorn steakhouse. you can' t fake steak. for lunch try our steakhouse burger, or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. we will look at your fork but first live all morning long on the banks of charles river. and making strides against
10:04 am
taking place to morning. let's get out to 7's pete bouchard live. i know there is a somber mood, but everyone seems to have a smile on their face because they are doing it for all the right reasons. >> that's right. a lot of people are walking in remembrance of someone but some people are fighting the fight, survivors, six-10 years and some are rediagnosed and sad in that sense. some of the presents that came back last year, this year, we have a few tumor or something and have to have it removed and that is why we are here to find a cure and i'm talking about some of the researchers and there are encouraging words on what is going on in the research. and where this money goes. so joining me now, a few of them, a good many of them, working hard to fimd that cure. some years it is about the prevention and now it is a cure is tangible result from all this
10:05 am
absolutely and we are so excited. many of us are doing research to make sure that discoveries that are made get to all women whether need them and health care delivery research is an important aspect to bringing care to every woman to have the cure they deserve. many of russ supported by the american cancer society to make share that happens. a lot of it now is just like pinpointed for a specific person. is that right? if you get cancer you have different drug cocktail than someone else? >> the personalized medicine, eve woman's tumor is unique, and we want that make sure the treatments they are deserve are personalized and gets to them. this requires researchers that we don't always have access to? >> how much more effective is that? >> in terms of survival and treatment, very, much more effective, saves a lot of lives. you all are working hard on this
10:06 am
cure? >> we can cure the vast majority of women with breast cancer these days and a lot of keys to what we are studying is how to get the treatments, state-of-the-art treatments to all women and men a lot of disparities still and outcomes for various groups and some women are not getting the care they need and not know being what is important for them to receive for their breast cancer. and a lot of work that we are doing here is studying ways of implementing and bringing care to those patients. the number one thing that you are focusing is on is prevention and getsing it early, that is getting on the list? >> we still don't know how to prevent breast cancer, in a lot of women, yet early detection is mammography, and the key is to find them as early as we can and
10:07 am
because we can cure most women with the disease. that is where the money goes, millions raised this year and last year 43 million and they are hoping to top that and since 93 over 260 million in research. you can help donateon lynn, too, and try to be screen rows if you can. a lot of people out on the course and a few more, still going until about ten, and we are getting close and a lot of people are volunteering, i want to thank them, too. forecast looks good today. sunshine and clouds in the mid50s. not the warmest day but it's october, right. later to we will start to washing up tuesday and going into wednesday. and 7 have or better, our overnight lows in the 40s and more in the 50s and long range, doesn't look like any storms will bother us. tropics are quiet and in the a
10:08 am
and much more as we go through the morning, stay with us, another live update in at bit. thank you, pete for the live report. still ahead talking politics, bernie sanders drawing quite the crowd last night. we will look at the night in boston and what he had to say to supporters there. and while sanders was here, hillary clinton took her talents to new york, a laback at her appearance on saturday night live. i had no idea snhu had this amazing campus. even the walk to class is amazing. i love the sense of community. people actually hold the doors open for you here. all my professors really know who i am here. they genuinely want you to succeed. i've made so many friends here. friends i know i'll have for life. snhu is the place for me. visit snhu and see for yourself.
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have holding a rally in boston, one of the biggest yet. the democratic presidential candidate spoke about equality for all americans regardless of their sexual orientation and disability or race. and he says he's especially proud of the young people who are supporting him. >> i think we are giving the young people the kind of vision for a country that they would like to see. >> earlier in the day he spoke some springfield about gun control there. he says he's taking the next few days off to spend time with his grand children. hillary clinton making an appearance on the season premiere of saturday night live. perform performed in a sketch
10:12 am
portraying the presidential candidate. and they talked about donald trump. i'm so darned bummed. all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump, isn't he the within who is like, oh, you're all losers. you think he'll win the primaries? >> he news'nt. i want to be the one to take him down. next week should be funny as well, comedian amy schumer is set to host next weekend. donald trump made a stop in tennessee on saturday, he gave an emotionally charged speech before a crowd of more than 0500 people and he spoke about guns and second amendment and fixing the mental health system. republican presidential candidate power atmosphere attended a husband party in new hampshire on saturday. she took questions from about 75 people and spoke on a variety of topics including national security and the space industry.
10:13 am
she also attacked the donald trump casino for tearing down a home in atlantic city to build a limousine parking lot. next up on 7 news today in new england, a live look at the hatch shell. and 7's pete bouchard is live, and we will check this with him when we come back. ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long. upgrading technology, managing vegetation,
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improving how we get information to you, because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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have a new nbcful has the late of
10:16 am
the numbers in the race for the white house. and donald trump, talking about his latest tax plan. and who is russia really targeting in syria, a busy morning ahead on "meet the press". chuck todd jackpots us with a preview. another mass shooting and the question is why does america lead the world in gun violence. plus: i sit down with donald trump and some surprising comments he made about whether he might ever drop out. and what it would take for him to drop out. and is he holding his lead, lynn ton holding off sappeddersers, new numbers from iowa and thum. second place will surprise you. and russia joins the fight in syria. all that is coming up a very busy "meet the press". all morning long we have been checking in on the esplanade, where the making strides against breast cancer walk is taking place.
10:17 am
great cause to 7's pete bouchard, live there this horning with a final check of the forecast. pete, it looks like they got some sun, too. >> we did get some sunshine, jen, and it looks like the day will be okay. clouds moving through but in the wet and in the expecting shower activity. four 40,000 people expected this morning and the walk is going think the morning and goes right 9 the esplanade and out to cambridge and back again. a lot of people on the course now, we have the hatch shell filled with people talking about their stories of survival, and the stories of remembrance, too. we want to salute all the people that did turn out, and we are hoping to raise over our 3 million this year alone, american cancer society, making strides. anyway the forecast looks good, today, sunshine and clouds, stepping out to do other things, fine. we miss a big rainstorm and a big potential hurricane a couple of days ago.
10:18 am
we were fret being that but in longer. and it it doesn't look likefully storms. temperatures in the 50s, chilly today and warming tomorrow and more so on tuesday and wednesday, closing in on 70. so that is it from the enplanned a, have a great day everyone. see you later. doing. that will do do it for us this i'm kris anderson.
10:19 am
if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support they don't even really support we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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