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tv   Today  NBC  October 5, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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this morning on "today's take" daye diggs on starting the next chapter in his life and wearing fatherhood on his sleeve and then demi losta bears all. the photos everyone is talking about and "star trek's" george takai embarks on a new enterprise. all that comi up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome back to "today" on this monday morning, october 5th, 2015.
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i'm natalie along with tamron and looky, looky, looky outside. >> look who the cat dragged in. >> hi, kids. >> our good friend hody-ho. >> i always wonder what had happened at 9:00. >> you're supposed to be working. >> this is a pre-show to warm you up. >> the pre-show. >> this is when you're mixing and then you start drinking during your hour. >> hoda is here, of course. we've got willie in new hampshire and also al is down in south carolina covering the storms for us as well. we're going to touch base with all, but let's start off with you, al, and the historic flooding, something the governor years. >> yeah, guys, i've got to tell you it is startling how this area has been brought to its knees but this weather. let's go to our drone. we've got a look at the congaree, how do i pronounce
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this again, the congaree river. i've been having trouble with if all day, but you can see the flow of this river. here's a statistic that just is a mind-bogler. at the height of this yesterday 1.4 million gallons of water was flowing past this point per second, per second. that's -- that would fill two olympic swimming pools per second. it is now down to about 1.2 million, but it's still an amazing amount of water that's flowing, and the -- and the deep water rescues that went on yesterday, we have video to show you that is just unbelievable. away. first of all, hundreds rescued. there you go. people using boats to swift water rescues. people using actually human chains to get people out of high water, along rope lines. it was unbelievable. of course, our four-legged
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friends had to be rescued as well. the animal shelter here is really suffering, and people, unfortunately, driving into high water and having to be rescued. there was one video of a pickup truck that was floating down the street and a good samaritan grabbed a tire iron, swam out to the guy and bang the out the back window and he was able to climb out so thousands rescue. hundreds of people. thousands are still out of their homes. we've also got nearly 30,000 people without power right now. that's pretty amazing, and all columbia residents are told to boil water because they have had water main breaks and there have been sewage backups, big problems, and, in fact, they may have to evacuate. there are three hospitals in columbia, two of them downtown because of the lack of water they may have to start
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evacuating the high school and at the university of south carolina the dorms are without water so they may have to evacuate as well. a really still dire situation, guys, that continues to be tracked. back to you. >> all right, al. thanks so much. you're doing a terrific job there. >> the human chains that they had to form to help each other. neighbor helping neighbor. ? it's hard to believe just a few days ago talking that joaquin is hitting and everyone breathes a sigh of relief and it's turning away. >> and there were always fears of a second storm system and al warned and predict that had sadly this was the potential outcome but to your point, natalie, seeing those people really and being since taken by a surprise even with the warnings, and you know, hoda, with your ties to new orleans, whenever we see people on the tops of roofs, you know, begging for help and assistance, that sends a special shiver through all of us and now we have another potential information. >> it's funny. when i worked in new orleans, and it was a day we remember,
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like katrina, but the images looked very similar to south carolina. everybody thought it was just rain, not going to be a big deal and all of a sudden something like that happens. >> water rises so fast. >> let's lighten the mood, a lot of people enjoyed themselves over the weekend in other parts of the country. some tuned into "snl," season premiere. miley cyrus hosted. i was a little scared. you never know what's going to happen, but hillary made a guest cameo and played a bartender named val. she's in a sketch with kate mckinnon as secretary clinton. >> it really is great how long you've supported gray marriage. >> yeah. >> i could have support it had sooner. >> well, you did it pretty soon. >> yeah. >> could have been sooner. >> fair point. >> maybe you should take a vacation. >> a vacation? >> a vacation. >> what are you saying?
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>> did somebody say vacation? oh, my god, they are multiplying. if we r are one there's always tomorrow >> i heard hillary at the town hall asking if she had any kinds of musical talent and somebody that had to stand there. >> willie is in hollis, new hampshire for a pancakes and politics town hall with hillary clinton. hey, willie, nice to take a toss from you on a show, hoda kotb and i saw secretary clinton right before the town hall and what should i call you secretary clinton on val and, please, i
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an awesome venue in hollis, new hampshire, right along the massachusetts border with an amazing group of people who are either hillary supporters, people thinking about supporting hillary or independents maybe supporting bernie sanders or somebody else, and they got the opportunity in a setting that we don't see very often with a presidential candidate sitting in the round for about an hour, hour and a half answer their questions. we did, of course, talk about benghazi, we talked about e-mails and about what her foreign policy would look like as president, but us a pointed out there were some lighter questions getting to know hillary clinton a little bit, including one that was asked about what song or instrument would be played at her inauguration. >> secretary clinton, you've had a lot of you have to questions this morning, this may be the toughest one you get all day, but many years we go we saw another clinton at his inauguration playing an instrument and song. what song or instrument would you play at yours? >> saturday night on "saturday night live" i sang "lean on me"
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with kate mckinnon who plays me better than i play me, so maybe that will be the song because it -- it wasn't as bad as i feared. you know, all my friends from literally grade school and high school, you know, were just e-mailing me like crazy. i can't believe you sang, you know, the person who the choir instructor would say, you know, hillary, you can sit with your friends who are sopranos as long as you don't sing so probably that's a good start i think. >> were you impressed by secretary clinton today? >> absolutely, yes. >> anybody change their mind about supporting her? >> yes. >> yes. >> a very strong woman, very capable woman. >> very strong woman. >> we had a great cross-section, people representing the state of new hampshire which obviously, guys, is so critical if you want to become the nominee. got to win in this state. >> yeah, willie, thanks so much. a great crowd. thanks to them for participating. >> fun this morning. >> it was. strong women, friday we celebrate the breast cancer survivors right out on the plaza
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with our pink party today. it got us thinking of a promise that we made last year. >> let's get another woman should join us, another hot woman should join us this fine morning. >> surprise. >> we're like connected. >> nbc is out of hot women so they sent me in. >> oh, dear. >> they are using every single one they have got today and then they said, kath, do you mind if you go in, fine, here i am. >> you are the one with the sheer lace top. >> oh, imagine that. >> you still got it, my friend. >> i still have too much of it, i know that. >> you've got presentee. >> how are you guys doing? >> how was your weekend? >> soggy, but not anywhere near like south carolina where people are truly suffering. i was thinking and praying for everybody over the weekend between the fires in california and the devastation on -- it's like -- >> yeah, yeah.
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>> matt pointed out when he interviewed governor nikki haley, point the out the church shooting and now this and asked about the resilience of the people in this state. >> and she is always emerging as such a leader and yet a calming influence and people love her down there. >> yes. it's a challenge for everyone. >> may be in the news, a couple of presidential cycles from now, who knows. >> were you surprised, and last year we challenged our viewers to help us raise $10,000 for breast cancer research. >> oh, i remember this. >> yes. >> it was a major moment. it went viral. >> somebody went under. >> i did in a gown and actually some jewelry from anne taylor lost that raised money for breast cancer. >> i want to point out your wet hair is good. >> you are being kind. >> hody is not kind but she's honest. >> okay. so, this year the stakes are as they say higher. >> okay. now what? >> like a blackjack table of some sorts.
10:11 am
we're raising thetantics and we're gambling in a sense because we're asking you at home to help us raise $50,000 by the end of the month. >> what's the thing in. >> here's the deal. last year i said if we raise the money all four of us, that would be willie, al, natalie and myself would all get dunked. i have never seen a dunker that fits four people. >> so you'll have to build that. >> we'll need a bigger dunker. >> anyway, we're asking you to head to if you could please start donating, even the smallest amount. >> yes. >> we had kids last year who raided their piggy banks, you know. >> it brings out the best in people. >> that's sweet. >> bricks out best in people. >> and you need to join us as well. >> that's nice. >> we're up the next hour. >> we have hair issues. >> oh, come on. >> there's going to be some surprises along the way. maybe you'll surprise us. >> oh, okay. >> are we being railroaded? >> we are so grateful to have this opportunity to be dunked
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for a great cause. >> it's going to happen. >> that's right. >> and all the proceeds go to the avon foundation for women. >> awesome. >> let's head back down to al in columbia, south carolina, with a exwhich of the wetter. >> if you got two dunk tanks, if you make them for threes, if hoda and kathie lee would join and we got $100,000. >> someone just raised it even more. >> al roker just raised it to 100,000. >> i'm so glad i have an isb in. >> he said 100,000 and we have to get dunked, too. >> oh, okay, for that. >> we'll do it. >> are you guys in? >> we're in, we're in. >> you're in. >> 50 for me and 50 for hoda. >> no, we don't get paid. >> it doesn't go for me, for me to dunk and you to dunk, i think it's worth it. >> and we have a month and should be fair to our viewers. >> let's just keep it at 1 and you're in. >> we need to raise it and go for the 100. >> i need to pray about this. >> 100 if we're in. >> while she's praying will you update the weather there, please.
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>> all right, okay. amen. it's the lord's work. let's show you what we've got happening as far as our weather is concerned. so look at this. you can see that this swath of rain is still coming in, especially myrtle beach, hearing word of evacuations going in right now and additional heavy rain, east and south carolina and southern north carolina, 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts as this low lifts up. we'll be watching this. again, another couple of inches before the rain is all over and we're also looking at the -- at the congaree river reaching not quite record flood stage, but it's going to be there right now. 30 feet and then start to drop as we head towards wednesday, but, again, volatile situation still going on here in the carolinas. we're going to continue to track it for you. i'll be with lester holt here in the carolinas tonight for nbc nightly ne >> good morning. another cool day.
10:14 am
a mix of clouds and sunshine. a chilly breeze. temps at the coastline upper 50s boston this afternoon. 59 framingham. through the day tomorrow, more sunshine. not as breezy tomorrow. not as cool either. upper 60s tomorrow. wednesday close to 70. thursday continuation of sunshine. temps cool once again near 60. only chance of rain this week with a cool front on friday. a scattering of showers. temperatures on friday mid and upper 60s. >> and that's your latest weather. guys, i think all six of us, 100,000, boom. >> boom. >> 100,000 each, come on! >> oh, okay. >> we keep raising it, kathie lee. we have a month. >> coming up, we've got daye d to the couple who set aside the whole day to sell their old car
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and broadway to "private practice." >> we loved that movie. >> a good one. >> and several other romantic films as well and "the best man" and "best man" sequel. >> and made a return to broadway and wrapped up his starring role in "hedwig". >> and now he's writing his second children's book called "mixed me." >> good morning. >> you got your mixed me t-shirt on. >> people can go to to get this. >> very close to your heart and this one and the book prior hit home, this especially for your little boy and other kids like him. >> this bok as well as "chocolate me" hits on identity. this was inspired by my little boy walker nathaniel diggs the product of a blended relationship. his mom vanilla and i'm dark chocolate and i wanted to write a little something that touched on their experiences.
10:19 am
>> you have a lot of questions as he was being raised. is that why you wrote the book? >> no, no, i wrote it from my childhood because i didn't have anything like this to refer to when i was a kid. luckily a lot of the kids today, you know, are in the classes and schools that are a little bit more diverse but that doesn't mean that these issues don't need to be looked at. >> your first book "chocolate me" where you say you addressed so of the questions you got growing up. >> was that tough in. >> tough for me and then i think my cousin is of mixed race and, you know, people weren't as comfort able comfortable with who they were and kind of standing up to where they came from. this book touches on that and we hope it will make it even easier. >> does walker like the book in. >> yes. >> it is he read it to you or you to him? >> i read him to him and then he tells me which pages to repeat. >> that's so cute? illustrations are all in the family.
10:20 am
>> shane w. evans illustrated "chocolate me," andy straighted this one and will illustrate everything else i write. >> i love a lot of things about you but your name in particular, day e taye and then your nickname, scott-taye and it just stuck. >> i like that. >> when you get in trouble was trouble? >> it was scott or just the back of my mom's stade de gerland trouble with your first and middle last name. >> no name, just a smack. >> we teased a little bit in our open of the show about how you wear your love for your son on your sleeve literally. >> literally, my left arm. >> you got some art. >> this is his name, what camera should i look? >> right there. >> so that's -- his name is walker, his nickname. >> how long did that snake. >> no more than an hour because i'm a little bit of a sissy and these are two dinosaurs that he
10:21 am
drew, really into dinosaurs and then he -- i had him write i love daddy. >> that's great. >> this is my favorite one right here. >> and now i'm waiting -- >> daddy's boy for sure. >> and a momma's boy. >> adean ashe has a show at the hollywood bowl. >> she's doing well and has her concerts and we're trying to keep it moving. >> the book is called "mixed me" and give walker a hug for us. >> yes, i will. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up george tatai i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto . hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there's limited information on how xarelto and warfarin compare
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taking a look at headlines, nbc news has learned the cargo ship that disappeared in the eye of hurricane joaquin likely sank. that's according to the u.s. coast guard. the "el faro" hadn't been heard from since it sent a distress call thursday. they found life jackets and oil sheen on the waters near the bahamas. the family members of the crew have been notified. two new records not to tell you about, not good news for consumer. atm fees and overdraft fees have hit new highs. the average fee for using an
10:28 am
trord $4.52 per transaction, a 21% increase giant will start selling apple giants. target says some stores will have the watch by this week, and it will be available everywhere by october 25th. it will sell 20 models will prices starting at $349. millions of earthlings
10:29 am
weekend helping "the martian" blasting off taking in $55 million in its debut "and hotel transylvania two" was in second place. and a 20-pound french bulldog from monrovia, california, the surveillance video caught the pup fiercely chasing away two bears from his owner's property and proves the bark is worse than his bite. he is one fierce pug. let's get a check of the weather right now from al who once again is covering the flooding in columbia, south carolina. hey, al. >> the rain is coming down again, natalie. we could pick up another 2 inches here in columbia. this is the congaree river and have a drone over the river and just to give you an idea of the power of the water, look at that. you see that access road. it has been washed out in the middle there because of the congaree rushing. 1.4 million gallons per second yesterday. now down to 1.2 million gallons. this really is amazing, and they
10:30 am
may have to evacuate hospitals here. there are three of them. two of them downtown columbia, south carolina, so we'll continue to track that. let's show you that's going on right now for today as you look in the southeast. there's more wet weather and more windy conditions. northeast new england looking pretty nice and more rain in the southwest. in fact, they had flash flood warnings up for death valley, california yesterday and early this morning. sunny in the pacific northwest. tomorrow the sunshine continues in the pacific northwest through the northern plains and sunshine through the northeast and mid-atlantic states. finally starts to dry out here in the southeast and we look for more sunshine in the gulf >> jeremy: good morning. another cool day. a mix of clouds and sunshine. the chilly breeze. temps at the coastline upper 50s boston this afternoon. 59. framingham at 64. through the day tomorrow, more sunshine, not as breezy tomorrow. not as cool either. upper 60s tomorrow. wednesday close to 70. thursday a continuation of sunshine.
10:31 am
only chance of rain this week with a cool front on friday. a scattering of showers. temperatures on friday mid and upper 60s. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> all right. al, thank you very much. george takei, a tv icon for many reasons, but certainly we remember him as the helmsman of the ""uss enterprise"" in the original "star trek" series. look at that cute face there. >> hasn't aged a lot. >> now at the helm of "the great white way" starring in "allegiance" based on experiences in world war ii. >> good morning, good to be with you. >> i know this show "allegiance" sat labor of love. this is a story of your life during world war ii. >> an experience i lived through as a child, during the second world war behind american barbed
10:32 am
wire fences but toys now a musical opening this fall on broadway, and it's my broadway debut with of all people the luminous leasolamga. >> you've talked about your childhood, same-sex marriage, you're very political as far as being a voice for the democratic party in many ways. what gives you that fortitude to say, you know what, it's time. i'm going to share this story, may be therapeutic but it's a story that other people should hear. >> i've been sharing this story all my life, from the time that i was in college, but i at that time didn't quite imagine it as a musical, but i met an amazing composer lyricist when i think is going tonight definer of musical theater from now on out after "allegiance" and so we started developing this musical
10:33 am
today, and here we are about to about on broadway this fall with lea solanga. >> she's amazing, such a fan of her work. let's talk about your social media status as well because you are a social media icon. you have 2 million followers on twitter. what do you think the secret is to having that kind of online success? >> well, my social media campaign is interrelated to "allegiance" because when we started developing "allegiance" we said this is about the internment and people know very little about this story still, how do we get the people informed, rates awareness because that's what the musical is about, and so we thought, well, technology, social media. this is it. i had a blog, a monthly blog then, but we developed that into a campaign. >> yeah.
10:34 am
started talking first about sci-fi which is my base. >> of course. >> and then we discovered that in order to grow the base humor was -- was the honey. >> yes. >> and so we started doing a lot of, that and once the base grew then we started injecting a little information about history, the internment and about marriage equality, equality for lgbt people. >> you lured them in and got serious which is a perfect combination but the happy dance is enough to make anyone -- >> let's show the happy dance. it's enough to make anyone follow. >> i have one thing to say. >> work it. >> combination of a little bit of equality and happiness in which i genuinely feel, allegiance is going to be opening this fall on broadway
10:35 am
and it's my broadway debut. >> wear that boa to the opening. >> work it around the red carpet. >> well, halloween night, 31st, we calling it "star trek" night, and we're having all my fans from sci-fi come as who they really are. >> hello. >> you want me, that's who i am every day. >> in your red outfit or if you're a klingon warrior come in full regalia or an andorean princess or an officer. the theater will be filled with "star trek" people. >> i'm there that night. >> george takei, thank you so much. congratulations, by the way. we look forward to the show "allegiance." preview performances begin tomorrow, as we mention the, but also opening night in november. tickets available now. >> november 88. >> all right. >> coming up, what everybody was looking for online this weekend when we check out the hottest google sear i thought activia was for big digestive issues.
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this kid makes stains like crazy so we got our new he washing machine but it took forever turns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent. so we switched to tide turbo clean. now we get way cleaner clothes way faster he turbo clean. 6x the cleaning power in the time well, "beverly hills 90210," o.j. simpson and demi lovato, what do they have in common, you might ask yourself.
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searches and here's daniel to tell us about that. >> good to see you both. >> topic number one, i can't tell i you how old we feel. 20 years ago today that o.j. simpson was acquitted. >> yeah, that's right. it was, of course, this controversial announcement in 1995. we saw searches around o.j. simpson himself, his football career. you know, entire generation has grown up maybe not being familiar with o.j. but with people attacheded to the trial, kim kardashian, daughter ever robert kardashian, attorney for o.j. simpson. >> a lot of people remember with johnnie cochran. >> people curious what happened then and 20 years later here we are today. o.j. simpson is still in the news. he's in prison in nevada. still a lot of people curious what happened back then. >> trial of the century as it was called back then. >> moving on to a show -- i have to admit i've never seen one episode "90210. ". >> where have you been? >> i've been reading and studying but my niece maya now 14 all into the old episodes so i'm going to catch up. 25 years ago.
10:41 am
watching this show, and, you know, there were searches around sharon doherty and cast members, around some of their relationships and flings that they may have it. >> tori spelling and jason priestly one hot summer according to a lifetime unauthorized show. >> over the weekend, an element of fact-checking going on, wanted to know what exactly happened during the making of the show, and just, of course, now another generation that has grown up learning about that and following these actors. >> like the time machine of google. >> exactly. >> a couple of notable anniversaries. >> next up one we love. a lot of people taking notice of demi lovato, so stunning and >> exactly. >> has a new album coming out on october 16th called confident and these pictures were taken with a vanity fair photographer, and she actually recorded a video talking about how this was important for her own confidence. she had three rules. no makeup, no retouching and no clothes. >> wow. >> so obviously very revealing
10:42 am
about confidence in herself and as a woman and about her body, so very powerful to connect with her fans and just a lot of search interest around these images. >> i'll be talking with her in an hour on mental health issues and she's a very bold girl. >> very bold. >> people are asking when is daylight saving time? >> when is it? >> you save an hour of sleep so everybody is thinking maybe it was this weekend, felt a little cool. it wasn't except in australia where it did happen. >> november. >> not until another four weeks from now. >> okay. >> wait until then. we did see a lot of searches around daylight savings time and as we get closer to the date it will happen increasingly. all of our devices know. >> i don't get anxiety because i know did i miss it, did i miss it. >> we need to mentally prepare. >> daniel, what a good list. >> thank you so much. up next, one of the most popular
10:43 am
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10:47 am
dish you make at home. here stephanieizer, the owner of girl and the goat in chicago. stephanie, good morning. >> i love the idea as chinese as comfort food. >> when i was growing up we used to go to a place in connecticut and get tons of chinese food, the ribs with the red coloring and maybe they are dry sometimes, get the same flavors and nice and moist and bigger and full of more flavor. sound good? >> start with the grid here. >> lots of ingredients. >> you want to do the whisky. >> i'll do the whisky. >> put you to work. >> we've got soy sauce. >> all right. >> already some honey in here so we're going for a lot of -- in chinese cooking layers of flavors, sweet from the hobby and salty from the soy sauce and we'll do a little more sweet from the maple syrup. >> oh, wow. >> and this is sort of a marinade and mix. >> you can make this days ahead, right. >> can sit in your fridge for
10:48 am
bourbon if you don't have dry sherry. a lot of people have that around the house. a little bit of sesame oil. >> ice. >> some hoisin. >> nice. >> and these ingredients for some people will seem like exotic things to have in their refrigerator but you'll find yourself using with different things. >> true, miso, this is red myoso, you can use white also. both will work in the recipe. nice and salty and has a funky tape. great for soups and stews. ginger and garlic, a little salt and chinese fried spitz, one of my favorite spice mixes. >> you can use that in pumpkin pie. >> a limb szechuan peppercorn along with the cinnamon and annise and people are wondering why is your pumpkin pie so good. >> marinade. >> reserve a little for later. >> let's brush on our marinade. >> these are beef or pork.
10:49 am
>> these are pork ribs and this marinade is even great on chicken. >> slather that on. >> then we're going to wrap it up. >> we've got foil and plastic wrap. >> only do one side or both sides with the marinade. >> do both sides to get it full coverage. >> we'll put that -- >> what's the temperature we're cooking it at? >> low and slow at about 325 for about flee and a half hours. the marinade is really sweet so you don't want to go too high sglit and when it comes out, put it in plastic wrap and foil inside of the oven. >> the plastic wrap doesn't melt. >> i never cooked with plastic wrap before. >> we'll put more sauce right on top. >> just here. >> and we're running out of time. >> and then you'll put it back in the often. >> put it back in the oven so it gets nice and glazed and shim sglerg and you have it served up with some amazing fried rice.
10:50 am
>> and use the marinade in the friday rice as well. >> look at that. fall off the bone kind of ribs, look at that. >> this is amazing. >> you're from texas, what do you think of the rib sns. >> can i marry you. >> good answer. >> i'll ask my husband, see what he thinks. >> marry you and your husband. >> thank you, stephanie, my gosh. >> we'll enjoy this during the break but head to the website for the recipe. excuse me. this is "today" on nbc. >> this is so comforting. >> so delicious. staci, you have got to
10:51 am
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all righty. so we're still hungry after eating the ribs and more comfort food. >> this is really good comfort food. >> this is chicken and dumplings. >> okay, ladies, come on, try this. >> i know the ribs are great. >> chicken and dumplings you can make in a slow cooker, chicken breast in your slow cooker along with some chicken soup, creamed chicken soup and veggies, really
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