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tv   Today  NBC  October 5, 2015 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. you know what that is? >> what? >> only because i said so. >> what? >> "lay it all on me." and it is ed shearan. >> and it is funday monday and october 5th, and i hope many of
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many of you through ow the kun out the kun tri country are having a tough one, and are una able to watch, but we are hoping the best for you. >> and there is a new show out called "blind spoth." and it is a show that is addicting, and it is about jamie alexander, and she is known for the tattoos all over her body, and i saw the first one and i am hooked and i have e c sfoanson b me. >> and you know what, everybody is tauk lking about it, and picked by one of the big critic organizations as the b w show. >> and i am so gd >nd have a surprise i hear? >> i might have a surprise. >> and you had a very good weekend? >> i went to california to watch the ucla bruins play the arizona
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>> what are they? >> the wildcats? >> nobody knows. >> i am kidding. it is the -- well w i should know because arizona state beat ucla and it is a fun bunch of people, and we just enjoyed ourselves, and they do a crazy tailgate. >> it is ten hours long. >> it is across the 19-golf -- 19-hole golf course, and people just ride up, and the thing that saved me was the saints played the cowboy, and the saints have not won a game yet. and it hurts my feeling. >> yes. >> and in the fourth quarter, and look at what drew brees did? it was tied, and he threw it to c.j. spiller, and took it to overtime. all right. awesome, and he is back. look at him. >> he is adorable. >> awesome. >> adorable. >> congrats to the new orleans saints. >> well, thank you for asking.
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and i read a great book by my friend joel and it is the called the -- well, i will get it for you tomorrow, because i can't remember. >> and "saturday night live" was big over the weekend and everybody was wondering what would happen and miley cyrus was the host and musical guest and up 13%. >> and is that because of miley or hillary clinton? >> i think hillary, but not everybody knew that she would be there and if you tuned in -- >> for hillary? >> well, i don't think so. >> well, i thought that every everywhere. yeah, yeah. >> and the show opened up with sta, idi si ao to frank snau inatra's "my way" and different cast
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me i state my case which i'm certain i've lived life to its full i have traveled each and every highway and i did it my way >> come on. you watch the whole thing through, and they had the den -- dentist who shot the lion, and the arizona sun devils, and i am trying to block it, because they beat ucla.
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"first hostage the" by joel c. rosenberg. okay. who is that? >> an actor was recently photographed on a moviee and so let's figure out who it is. >> he is bouncy fellow. >> and you can tell that it is matthew mcconaughey in a time machine. >> look at that. >> we learned it. we saw it in the newspaper today. >> but he was in a show called "gulp" and he shot it with camila. >> and we should say come by. >> and also in that movie, dallas bryce is in it, too. >> she can come by, too, and we love it. >> and this thing the -- >> well, the next thing, i think that you woula >ioet tu re i a silent discoe party, and so what happened is
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that every single person, and you can choose one of three different music channel, and you groove to it, and everybody is silent except for the people singing the song, and maybe you connect to the people who have your tune going. they are not rocking, but doing a fr e >a no kathie lee's cd. everyone has a story for i was born to you it just makes you move, you know. gyrating. uh-huh, uh-huh. >> i think that i would like that, why wouldn't i like that? >> um, i don't know. you know what is wrong with me besides the obvious, i -- even when i was a kid, i didn't like loud music. >> no? >> i didn't. and i knew it was hurting my ears even when i was 15, i knew it was hurting my ear s s, and i was a musician and singer, and so i was always trying to save
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my voica not a good place to be and i came to new york and it was during the time of the disco world. and i was not made for the night life, but one of us is enough, hoda. >> and here is a social cue. you have gone to the restaurant and gotten it undercooked and sent it back. >> yes, i have. have you? >> i have, and when my mom was visiting, and we got a hamburger at a nearby restaurant, and it was totally raw in the middle, and we ate around the edges. >> why did you do that? >> because it is a pleasure problem i have. >> and my mom would be growning the -- groaning the whole time. >> and you know that you can get sick from raw? >> and what if you were eating in someone else's home, and would you say, well, my burger
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is not cooked all of the way. >> and so our friend, and in social cues, but it was about raw chicken. >> and it was undercooked. >> and which you can get salmonella there. >> and she looks around and everybody else's is cooked all of the way through, and the hostess does not say, hey, why aren't you eating that chicken and don't you like the chicken, and she didn't say anything. but she thought that the hostess should have said something. >> and she is seated right next to the hostess. >> would you have said something? >> i put myself in the position of the they were at my house, i would want everybody feeling well saying, i am so sorry, but do you mind if i have mine done
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i would not invite anybody who would not feel comfortable. >> would you feel that is high maintenance if they said, well, this is overdone. >> i would say, well, let me see if there is something else in the kitchen that you would like. tell them why you said that. because you don't host anything. >> that is true. nobody comes to my house. and nobody walks through the front door except for the delivery person and joe. >> and do you ask anyone to sit down to enjoy a meal? >> no. role. and this with what the advice was, it is not the host's responsibility, and next time just ask for it to be cooked a little more. >> not next time, but that day. >> and it is too late, because she wrote the letter. >> why are you writing the letter now.
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>> and who writes letter? it is so long ago that it happened. >> i know, pony express. and this is so sweet with the university of ole miss playing, because they were told that the dinkins family was told to go out to the field for the honor, and then, here he comes on the field. >> look at the kids. they won't let go of him. >> and look at the sign. >> okay. should we go out on the world beard championship. >> yes. >> i am so glad they don't invite me. oh, my gosh! >> oh, no. 350 bearded and -- ooh, ooh, ooh, look at how it moves. >> or it doesn't. >> oh, many i gosh. there is a mustache category and beard and goatee. >> and it is octoberfest month,
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and so there they go. >> no, no, no. and ooh, look at the one behind, ooh! >> ooh! >> that is reminding me of who was over? will forte. >> remember when we talk d a ed a tb stuff in the beard. >> and remember how we stuck all of the things in it, toothpicks and corks? it was fun. we will share our favorite things so stick around. >> and the favorite star there, jamie al and off you go, and off you go, and off you go, for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go.
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delicious dinner idea? make tonight white chicken chili night! start with bush's white chili beans, simmered in our flavorful chili sauce. then add rotisserie chicken... punch it up with a little heat... and a few ingredients from your pantry. it's easy to make the perfect pot of chili every time. make your chili better with bush's white chili beans. for this and more great chili recipes, visit it will have to work. >> we are so excited. it's been called the season's hottest new tv show and a thrilling new drama. we're talking about nbc's -- >> "blind spot!" if you haven't see the debut, let us set it up. imagine a beautiful, naked woman -- not so unusual in new york -- popping out of a duffel bag in the middle of times
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tattoos with no idea how she got there or where she is. >> that is actress jamie alexander, and she's made her way over from a few blocks away to join us. first of all, we're so excited about your new tat! >> it's a brand-new clue. >> crazy what happens in times >> where's that going to lead you, jamie? >> i don't know. i was hoping you could tell me. this is not water. it is not water. >> it should be. >> crazy things happen over here at rock center. >> but what a thrill. first of all, when you're on a new television show, you never know what's going to come of it, and this has been such a thrill, right? the numbers are great. >> yeah. my awesome fiance tried to explain the numbers to me. i was like, dude, as long as people are watching, i'm good. i don't know what any of the four-point whatever stuff means. >> we do -- >> we can tell both of you do, but i have no idea. >> a lot of shows have come and gone that people put their hopes on through the years, and it's so rare to have this kind of reaction. >> what is the tattoo -- first of all, your body is like a map. >> yes. >> of tattoos. >> it's not the first time, is it? >> no.
11:16 am
>> so, how does this happen? so, before you shoot every day -- >> yes. >> tell us the process. >> by the way, my poor makeup artist is off to the side like having a mini stroke. >> yeah. >> no, we actually -- we go through -- you know, if i'm wearing this outfit, i would only put on the arms and the clavicle -- >> how long does that take? >> like an hour and a half. >> okay. >> most of the days it's that, hour and a half to two hours. otherwise, eight hours. >> how much time then -- i'm sorry -- do you have to then actually work in front of the camera? then you have like an 18-hour day after that? >> i do, and i'm not a spring chicken, so it's a little bit difficult. >> you are a spring chicken. >> you seem like a spring chicken to us. >> trust us. >> i'll take it. i'll take it. >> old chickens know a spring chicken when they see one. >> how do you get them off? >> we use a chemical called beta solvent and then bond-off. it's a lot of off to get it off. >> makes your skin kind of gray. >> thank you for pointing that out!
11:17 am
>> i'm actually dead. >> and it's monestat that they use? >> monestat? >> so, do you guys want a tattoo? >> where's the monestat? don't worry. >> we actually take these, we place them on your skin. well, first we pull up -- >> for this show -- >> i remembered. >> you pull the plastic off. you take it, you wet it -- >> do it! are we doing it? i want it. >> hoda wants it. >> i want it on my calf. i want "kathy" on my calf. >> wait a second. >> usually -- >> this is awkward. >> i've got it all. >> so, i'm going to clean your leg. how much time do we have? >> not that much. >> uh-oh. >> does it matter if she's shaved in the last six weeks? >> i shaved. >> i hope you did recently. >> i hope you did not shave recenty. >> is that where you're putting it? >> it's that or -- >> too late. >> okay, go. >> okay. >> okay. >> we already had that last week. >> kathy, you're getting it wet. >> i don't care, sweetie. thank you. >> isn't this what happens at weddings? >> this is so much fun. >> this is fun.
11:18 am
>> hody. >> i'm still dreaming. >> can we ask one more thing about this show? >> yes. >> is it fun? >> no, it's pretty boring. pretty boring. >> if this messes up, i'm going to blame it on -- >> it's blurry because you were drinking ahead of time. >> okay, here we go. >> hoda! >> boom! >> boom is right. where's kath? >> oh, wow. >> thank you so much. >> we don't have enough time for me. you guys are going to love this show. it is the hottest thing going. it is "blind spot." >> yeah. >> you are a delight. >> you are so sweet. >> thank you. >> congrats on your bling. >> yeah, she's got an italian, ladies. he's off the market. >> italian. >> it's on tonight at 10:00/9:00 central on -- >> nbc! >> all right, should you make that renovation or make a move? the stars of "love it or list it" share some advice. and listen up. your phone may be ringing. we are about to give away a resort vacation. >> how about that? >> one of our fans of the week. >> you could probably use one, right? >> right.
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>> and now it is time to surprise our "fan of the week." >> time to spin the globe and it has landed in pompano beach, florida. that is where our favorite fans
11:23 am
>> marie ree are you with us? >> yes. >> is that your mom? >> yes. >> how exciting, you guys. >> and thanks for watching. >> huh? we love you guys. >> we lo skype. before we give you the trivia question, let's tell everybody why you were chosen. marie just went back to work after taking care of her two kid s kids kids, hurley who is in his terrible 2s and annabelle is a newborn. she said that watching us was necessary mom time. >> and she leaks to catch up on the favorite segments like " "hoda's tunes." >> that is a cute guy kissing on you. >> and it is the fan dom cop test.
11:24 am
a segment called ambush makeovers every week, and what day of the week does that segment air? tuesday, thursday or sunday? or thursday or thursday? >> thursday. >> okay. we will check the tape to see if you really won. and you and a fabulous guest are going to the stay at gateway spa. >> and not only dinner at the restaurant, but round trip for two, because it is all included, and this is thanks to gateway canyons and spa. no pressure. there are problems there. >> and my husband probably. >> okay.
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if there is one thank you can look forward to on a funday monday, it is all of the juicy celebrity news. with the buzz -- >> here s is the host of nbc's "today's buzz." and snl made it especially entertaining this weekend? >> yes, and hillary clinton made a premier appearance playing a bar tend bartender. and the first time she appeared it aiapeh seelan thsmes was playing val
11:29 am
>> yes. >> and all anybody wants to the talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that is like, ugh, you are all losers. do you ti that he is going to win the primaries? >> he must. i want to be the one to take him down. >> that is the chunk. >> and this is avoiding topics like the e-mails and benghazi, but one thing they did poke fun of is the late support of hillary on gay marriage, and even dale hammond came in as a late appearance of bill clinton. >> and they had a late adoption of the policy in fairness. >> and yes, it was a great moment for her going into the campaign, and you remember about
11:30 am
and how important it was for him. and it was very funny and i enjoyed it. >> and lady gaga, and you don't often see a picture of her with her fiance. >> yes, and she has done hundreds of red carpets as as a singer, but how many times as an actress? >> i have heard that she is great in this. >> yes, the reviews are fantastic, and this is the first time she attended the premier as an actress and she tweeted that she is so alive wit, and attended with her parent, and andrew penny, who is on "chicago fire." and ryan murray said that he was actually scared to e show the first six minutes of the movie to gaga, because it was so gory. >> and she is also the person
11:31 am
so if she comes over for spaghetti dressed in meat, you know. >> and jennifer and justin with a picture together. >> and not since the wedding thy not seen -- >> justin and -- i got confused. >> oh, no, don't confuse me. >> justin timberlake and jessica biel. okay. they are having a bay by, too i by y by aby, too. and so jennifer aniston and justin thoreau together, and both in black, and one of the key things is that she came out to see him, because they are filming it in austin for the hbo film. and they are very busy. and she is doing "leftovers" in austinq* and he s is in atlanta filming his show. and with so many break-ups, it is great to have a couple so many love. >> they have been married for
11:32 am
two months. >> come on now. >> and well -- >> ep kite keep it in rereare al ti chk, jack. >> and also princess leia's bikini. >> yes, for the bikini she wore, it sold on auction at $90,000, and the name of the win ser not -- the winner is not only getting the bikini, but the chains, and the cuffs. and she is coming back for "the force awakens," and so it is going to be with quite interesting how she comes back into the franchise. >> and we will have a meal that hel helped one of the members of the
11:33 am
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it is a question that many homeowners ask themselves at one time or another. >> should we renovate or relocate. >> and maybe you have outgrown the space or you want something new to come home to. >> and if your family has reached a crossroads, hilary farr and david vicente is here to "love it or list it." >> this is your third or fourth time with us, and hilary, you tell us about the concept? >> well, most people buy a hous house, and then it gets old like everything else. and n in this case, do you want to
11:38 am
list it or love it with renovations. >> okay. kevin, this kevin, this is the family that wants an open kitchen and workout space. what would you do with that? >> the main floor, they have a kitchen that was amazing. right here shgs , the kitchen, and this is what they have. and it is opened to, and i opened it up so that it has flow-through to the dining room area, area, and stunningly gorgeous, and anything that you would want to iwosrla family which they have. >> and what didn't they get? >> you know, they wanted a homework space, but they didn't get that. >> okay. and with the schools and all of that stuff, they are happy with the kids there? >> and it is very important. >> and it is tough to get people to move out of the neighborhood. >> you think they should list ? absolutely. >> and tell us why. >> one, they needed more space. they had four kids, but only four bedrooms which moons they are missing one.
11:39 am
houses so all of the kid s s could have their own, and plus a fantastic house. they loved the workshop, and the workout space. and the mom is an avid athlete, and she needed space to workout. >> okay. now we will see what happened. did you love it or list it? >> well, i know exactly what happened, they listed it. >> oh. >> they should have? >> no, no. >> and so it was a spectacular house. >> and you found them something in the same neighborhood? >> and really, really, really, next. >> mason and shannon adopted a teenager daughter, and they wanted a workout room and a real mas master bedroom, and what did you
11:40 am
do for them, hilary? >> well shgs , the kitchen, i opened it more for the open concept, and the la access, and they got every single thing they wanted. >> and there is always a little exception? >> and the except of the great workout room, and we had skinny dollar, and you can do what you can do, and the one thing they didn't get is a relocated laundry, and powder room. >> in my house, they got everything plus a relocated laundry room, and it gave them more space, and bigger lot, and bigger house. >> ten times bigger. >> i have to say at this point, list it. >> me, too. >> and what s is the verdict? >> they loved it. >> well, good for them. >> no, it was a big mistake for them. >> and if they are happy, they did not make a mistake, right? >> well, we will see. >> and kids, that is all. >> i could have done that all hour hour.
11:41 am
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well, whether you have have 10 pounds to lose or 100, sometimes you need motivation to get started. >> and we have it for you, and our newest members of joy fit club have lost over 80 pounds. >> and one is a teenager, and the other is a mother, and they are going to share their story with joy bauer. >> our first person is sandra who was diagnosed with with hypothyroid hypothyroidism, and that means that her thyroid slwn and she was predisposed to gaining wait.
11:45 am
food, and by the time she was in 11th grade she was 309 pounds and she missed out of all of the activities. and so her mom went into her bedroom, and they had a heart-to-heart, and they had a program called the diet impact, who hooked her up with a dietician, and pediatrician, and so she knocked off 109 pounds, so this past year, she went out to college slim and fit, and her sister asked her to be her maid of honor, so i asked her to put on the maid of honor dress, and she is going to put on roses, because you are going to love it.
11:46 am
picture, and now come on out. oh, my gosh! >> she is beautiful. >> 68 pounds thinner. >> e o, my gosh. how are you feels? >> great. >> are you sleeping pet ing ing -- -- sleeping better? >> yes. >> and that heart to the heart with your mom must have been difficult? >> yes. two years. >> and what did your mom tell you. >> she said that how many she loved me and how much she did not want to lose me, and so we have done the program, and lost the weight. of south carol watch >> okay. thank you, joy. and now we have 33-year-old tiffany mccoy from fris eco, texas -- frisco, texas, and when she was
11:47 am
and she comes from the vivacious family who entertains all of the time. and she married a man who has a sed en dare job, and her wakeup call is when she stepped on the scale and she saw the number for herself, and she said no more. she joined a gym, and committed to ten minutes of exercise each and everyday. she said it was the most bu tall week ever, but she lost five pounds, and she said, hey, i could keep doing this. so in the before picture she is 250 pound, but she is about to walk out 112 pounds slimmer, and when i say va voom, you have no idea how va voom! >> come on out, and let us see the new you. >> sorry about that.
11:48 am
that is unbelievable. >> wow. what is happening there? how do you feel? >> i feel great, and much more energetic, and everything. >> that is amazing, and again, from the first day that you started to right now, how long did it take you to drop the weight? >> eight months to the lose 100 pound, but after that, it was slow slower. >> and people are saying, who is that? of my husband's co-workers said, did you get a new wife? >> and we have a blog to follow her called 100 pounds later. >> and no more butterball stuff. congratulations. both of you. wow. you are going to want to stay tuned for our favorite things next.
11:49 am
i'm a committed conservative that believes in getting results. we made florida number one in job creation... 1.3 million new jobs, 4.4 percent growth, higher family income, eight balanced budgets, and tax cuts eight years in a row that saved our people and businesses 19 billion dollars. and if i am elected president, i'll show congress how that's done. right to rise usa is responsible for
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and now, coming up, we have a guest helping couples who are struggling with fertility, and i "the next list" is a reminder to be more transparent about the struggles in life. and the t-shirt is $38 and the necklace is $58, and also cozy. >> mine is breast cancer t-shirt sold at the bloomingdale site for $ 28, and $18 will go to the bcrf, and it is very soft and cozy. that is our favorite thing, too. right? >> yes, we love to be cozy. >> all right. tomorrow, pastor joel osteen is going to share his words of wisdom. >> and we are going to have a
11:51 am
so we will see how that is. >> and how to garden with this weather. >> and yes. >> and tomorrow's favorite day
11:52 am
>> coming up, breaking news. one body found after a cargo ship is swept away by hurricane joaquin. a local man part of the crew. >> caught on camera: fast wild crash in a new hampshire mall. a sleep... driver takes off. >> colleges in philadelphia on high alert after a threat of violence on campus. >> breezy and cool for the day. temperatures near 60. we are going to head for 70.
11:53 am
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