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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  October 5, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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and here in massachusetts, you can go to a network dentist and get cleanings, fillings, dentures and crowns with a $0 copay. you'll also get transportation to your doctor and vision care. if you're 65 or older and enrolled in masshealth standard, call now about a health plan that could help you with the things that really matter. unitedhealthcare senior care options. >> this is news at noon. first at noon. the search continues for a bahamas. it had 33 crew members onboard. it vanished during hurricane joaquin. >> christa: coast guard officials say they believe it has sunk. they report finding a body. right now we are going to go outside the massachusetts maritime academy. we understand that there is a news conference under way. let's listen in. >> i'll ask tom to say a few words.
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tom? >> these are one of those days mariners don't fear too much, i don't think. but they fear this. when their ship mates, their schoolmates, their friends, their family members are involved in a marine tragedy. it's just not something we look forward to in any way, shape, or form. i'll echo what admiral mcdonald said. we are very hopeful, and we are praying deeply for the men and women aboard the el faro. i have been on the telephone with numerous people today and talked to people from maine maritime, mass. maritime, new york maritime amy. position. we all have men and women onboard that ship. we are very hopeful.
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how to be out in conditions at the high sea. can you talk about, you know, what they had been up against? or how well prepared you would be for something like this? >> well, keith is a marine engineer. his formal training was done in the classroom by the engineering staff. but his experience at sea was done with me, probably one trip on the empire state and two trips on the enterprise, back then, the kennedy. the can debts are trained... cadets are trained very thoroughly in emergency procedures. what do you do in the circumstance of heavy weather. when you start have stability issues. how to survive in a marine environment. i don't... i wouldn't speculate to think that we ever exposed them to that kind of weather aboard the enterprise or empire state.
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we go to sea in the winter. we usually have some strong weather leaving buzzards bay and coming back to buzzards bay. he probably crossed the atlantic with me in 2004. but never weather approaching that kind of wind velocity and seas. i done know if that answered your question completely. >> the radio calls indicate that the ship lost power. is this a worst-case scenarioing for a mariner? and you are at the mercy of the ocean and the weather? >> well, first of all, a ship is a cork in the ocean. make no mistake on it. it doesn't matter how big the ship is. they can become corks in strong winds and heavy seas. the lost of power is catastrophic for a ship. you can still maintain
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emergency diesel generators, but the loss of the main propulsion is critical. as you point out, you tend... when the ship starts moving in the heavy seas, that means the ship suddenly becomes inclined very rapidly. and it is a very uncomfortable situation. >> christa: you are listening live to officials at mass. maritime academy in buzzards bay. talking about the u.s. cargo ship that sank off the bahamas. sadly, a local native keith griffin from winthrop was among those onboard. a crew of 33 here including a handful of crewmen from new england. some from maine. once again, the sad news. keith graff fin, a native of winthrop was among them. we have steve cooper at the news conference there. of course, we will be getting
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more details for you and pass them along as they become available. also breaking at this hour, a fbt flight due to land at logan airport making an emergency landing in new york >> jadiann: that's right. passengers were transferred to another plane headed for boston. we have breaking details. nicole, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, we know that the pilot had a medical emergency, so the flight that was headed from phoenix to boston had to be diverted first thing this morning. it was a red-eye flight from phoenix. it was supposed to land here at logan airport at 8:00 in the morning. but instead, passengers had to be diverted to syracuse. now, we did speak with one man onboard the plane. what he tells us is that everyone on the flight was sleeping. he says there was a quick descent. no one knew what was wrong. then the crew came on the overhead speaker and said that there was a medical emergency with the pilot. they said it was then that is they were quickly landing and diverted to syracuse airport. now, u.s. airways will not
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confirm what that medical emergency was yet with that pilot. we do know that those passengers were initially expected land back here in boston at 10:00. it was delayed. they are expected to land within the next 20 minutes from syracuse. so again right now, we are waiting for u.s. airways to confirm what that medical emergency was. we do know u.s. airways from phoenix to boston did have to be diverted because of that emergency. we are now live at logan airport, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> also breaking news: an amtrak train has derailed in central vermont. vermont state police and local fire and rescue agencies are responding to the scene as we speak in northfield. you can look at the map here. basically, that is about ten miles southwest of montpelier. there are pictures taken by a woman on the train. right now cnn is reporting at least four people are hurt. according to amtrak, there is no immediate report of any
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life-threatening injuries. we are working to get more information on this breaking news story for you as well. we, of course, will bring that to you as soon as we get it. >> christa: caught on camera: a dangerous drive up in salem, new hampshire. police say they went to confront a man sleeping in his car. this is what happened, they say. he woke up and sped off, crashed into a car and then a fire hydrant. let's go to jennifer eagan. she is outside the mall in salem with more on the story. jen? >> reporter: according to court paperwork, the man told an officer that came here to the mall that he purchasedperson in lawrence and then used the drugs. alexander dimaggio slammed the accelerator when an officer tapped on his window. he allegedly hit a parked car, ran over a tree, and ended up on top of a fire hydrant here at the mall parking lot. this happened yesterday around 5:40 in the evening. dimaggio appeared before a judge earlier today via video conference.
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under the influence, possession of a controlled drug and reckless conduct. police here in salem, new hampshire say it is not unusual they come across someone high on heroin behind the wheel. >> what we are seeing... incidents not to this extreme. we are seeing it every day. obviously. they are picking up somewhere, they are driving somewhere. they are using. often using while in their vehicles which is just a very dangerous mixture. >> reporter: now, thankfully no, one was hurt in this incident. including the officer who was just inches from that s.u.v. when this all happened. we are live in salem, new hampshire, 7 news. >> christa: wild weather slamming parts of the east coast. portions of south carolina where streets are rivers. trapping people inside their homes and washing away roads. hundreds of roads across the state are closed because of th historic flooding. and water rescues are happening all over the state,
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including this one when a man's truck got washed away by high flood waters. more doo door-to-door searches are under way as well. people cannot leave their homes even at this hour. let's go to kris anderson with the latest. >> reporter: this flooding is tragic. it is also deadly. the floods being blamed for at least 7 deaths so far in north and south carolina. the situation is so severe in columbia, the capital city in south carolina that the fire chief says there have been too many rescues to even keep track of. he says today emergency responders are going to make sure that they have been able to respond to everyone who needs help. a man trapped in this truck as it swept... it's swept away by raging floods. rescuers swinning over to save him and a good samaritan who also tried to rescue him. both men were brought back to shore safely. >> you can see little children, kids being brought out of these homes. >> reporter: the deluge overflowing several dams. a thousand times more water than usual flowing over some of them.
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areas cut off because of the rushing waters. some roads collapsing under the weight of it all. state officials say it's never been this bad. keisha simpson, among the hundreds rescued by first responders. >> i never thought it would happen to us. we don't see stuff like this here in south carolina. this is a first. it is shocking. it's scary. we got out okay. >> reporter: many of those rescued saw they didn't realize they needed to evacuate until it was too late to escape on their own. >> we are at a total loss. everything is gone. >> reporter: residents this morning, exhausted physically and emotionally. there is several other problems. one of them, though, is contaminated water. all 375,000 or so residents who live in the columbia watt area have been told to boil their water. the issue there is thousands of people don't have power which of course, makes it
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kris anderson, 7 news. >> jadiann: the republican race is heating up in tramp. donald trump's lead is shrinking. carly fiorina gaining ground. a month ago, trump's lead over the nearest competitor in the granite state was 16 points. meanwhile, in the democratic race, hillary clinton maintains her lead in iowa. but trails bernie sanders in new hampshire. and that's where hillary held a town hall session today. victoria warren live for us in manchester with more on hillary's message for the voters. >> reporter: yeah, hillary is trying to change those poll numbers here in new hampshire today. she has three separate events planned and a big focus of all of her events today is the focus on her image and a focus on gun control. >> there is regular lockdown driltion at school now. it is part of life. yet i feel like i know i'm not
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alone in saying enough is enough. >> reporter: hillary clinton using this live town hall meeting to lay out her proposals on gun control. saying as president, she would consider executive power if congress doesn't close loop holes. >> i don't blame you for looking at your nine-year-old son, do i have to tell him to be scared? duck and cover. you know, exercises in your school? in the united states of america. that is just wrong. i'm determined to do something about it. and i'll try in every way i can to get those guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them. >> reporter: clinton is leading democrats in national polls but trailing bernie sanders in new hampshire. savannah guthrie asked her how likable she is. >> it is not the nicest question to hear. >> reporter: she did have a few light hearted moments, saying her singing debut on saturday night live wasn't as bad as she thought it would be and letting everyone know she enjoys a strong drink.
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vodka mar teeny. >> hillary has been dealing with an image problem. when you actually speak with her, she is a real person with real concerns. >> i don't see... sometimes i wonder if it is because she is a woman and there are certain expectations about how you are supposed to behave. >> reporter: she traveled here to manchester, had second town hall meeting. that wrapped up a short time ago. she is coming here for a conference on early childhood education. live in manchester, new hampshire, victoria warren, 7 news. >> christa: coming up, a school scare in philadelphia. fast threat has been issued to colleges there. and schools are on high alert. >> jadiann: plus, the latest in oregon after a community college shooting. that school now reopening its doors. in limited capacity. >> jeremy: partly sunny and cool for the afternoon. milder weather heading this way.
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we will talk more about that up next. >> christa: wait until you see this little dog packing a punch. these bears want nothing to do with it. >> jadiann: if you see breaking news or have a story idea, we would love to hear from you. call us on the 7 news tip line. 1-800-280-tips. mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold.
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>> jadiann: if you are grabbing lunch or something right now, a good time to maybe enjoy the outside. >> christa: you know what? depenning on how much cold you like. that is for sure. starting to warm things up. tomorrow is even better, j.r. >> jeremy: yes. the lunch hour, grab the sweater and jacket from this morning. it was cold this morning. down to 30's and 40's. boston had a low of 48. even a couple of reports of some frost across new hampshire.
12:17 pm
metro boston. deep shading of blue. worcester hills, 495 corridor. typically, within the first two weeks. generally, in that window. metro-boston, inside of 128. the city in particular, not until halloween. on the cape and the islands, still have another month to go. right now, 50's and low 60's. it's slow process to warm things from the cold start. another cool afternoon. boston at 61. bedford at 69. even for mother nature, the struggle is real. that is what we have going on. high pressure is across the northeast. still not close enough where we have completely clear skies. bull we will have a dry afternoon. in fact, much of the week is storm-free. through the day, a mix of clouds and sunshine. a cool breeze. northeasterly breeze. 7-14 miles per hour.
12:18 pm
over the weekend. as you get farther from the ocean, the numbers will reach low 60's. tonight, mostly clear, chilly. lows head down into the 40's yet again. and for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. another chilly morning tomorrow. here is the difference tomorrow. there will be a recovery tomorrow afternoon. so this afternoon, the numbers close to 60 degrees. but tomorrow, less of a northeasterly breeze. the numbers, whether you are at the coast or farther inland, can make inroads into the upper 60's. boston tomorrow afternoon, close to 70. down along the south shore, upper 60's. as well as the shore. topsfield fair rolls on this week. clouds and sun today. breezy, cool. temperatures into the upper 60's tomorrow. two weather systems for you. neither has a name. hear the cool front. the first one that comes through will not generate clouds or rain. behind that cool front, you notice we go from 70 on
12:19 pm
wednesday to about 60 on thursday. then the second cool front coming through on friday. that will generate clouds and scattered showers. no tropical downpours. temperatures on friday in the 60's. >> jadiann: all right. thanks so much, j.r. still ahead, a threat to colleges in philadelphia. what authorities say someone may have been planning to do. >> christa: survivors of the massacre in oregon staci, you have got to shaws & star market. shaws & star market yes, mom. now. spread the word. the shaws & star market stock up sale is here.
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>> christa: welcome back, everybody. a violent threat was directed at local campuses in philadelphia. the threat was made on social media following last week's deadly shooting in oregon. authorities say it didn't mention a specific school but did mention that something would happen today around 2:00. officials do not believe that the students are in danger. they just want them to go ahead and take extra precautions today. >> jadiann: the latest o'en a campus massacre. an oregon community is facing the future and they start to pick up the pieces after a mass shooting rocked the community college. survivors continue to share their stories. the campus of umpqua community college reopens monday. the classes won't resume for another week. students, staff, and faculty can retrieve belongings left behind when they fled for
12:22 pm
their lives on october 1. counselors will be available for anyone who needs them. >> we want to make sure that the students are taken care of in a comfortable setting. >> reporter: classes and events start again on october 12. churches opened their doors to anyone needing support. christian, non-christian. we don't care who you are. you are welcome to come. >> you need to talk, you need someone to cry on, you need someone to pray with you, we are going to be there for you. >> reporter: survivors are telling their stories relayed through family members. randy says his daughter lacy survived because her classmate protected her. >> and she said, requested day, all of a sudden, he was on my left side, all of a sudden, i felt his body as it moved towards mine and part of his body was on mine." we believe that in his last moments,, we believe he made a conscious effort to cover my
12:23 pm
>> i sincerely 100% believe his blood saved my daughter's life. >> jadiann: the school's cam spus back open in a limited capacity today. classes will not start for another week. >> christa: up next, a video that's gone viral. a little dog scares off two bears. they wander on to a family's lawn. that believes in getting results. we made florida number one in job creation... 1.3 million new jobs, 4.4 percent growth, higher family income, and tax cuts eight years
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that saved our people and businesses 19 billion dollars. and if i am elected president, i'll show congress how that's done. right to rise usa is responsible for
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>> jadiann: check this out. a dog stands his ground against a couple of bears in california. the two bears were caught on surveillance video wandering around. well, then the french bulldog comes out, chases them off. look at that bear. can't get over how fast he hops that fence, christa. >> christa: about five times the size of the dog, too. >> jadiann: at least.
12:26 pm
the dog is the size of their paw. look at them go. >> christa: yeah. i didn't know that bear could move that quickly. >> jadiann: i know. >> christa: that is something to see >> jadiann: no more sound effects from me. i apologize. >> christa: we have breaking news in the bahamas today. it is sad news to report. a body found after a u.s. cargo ship is swept away by hurricane joaquin. the search for the ship still under way. >> jeremy: a mix of clouds and sunshine for the afternoon. forecast for the week up next. >> jadiann: patrick kennedy facing some back-lash from family. hear why some family members are not so happy about it. >> christa: hands-free driving on the minds of some
12:27 pm
12:28 pm
>> jadiann: breaking knew at the noon hour. the search continues for a missing u.s. cargo ship in the bahamas. it had 33 crew members onboard. it vanished during hurricane joaquin. >> christa: coast guard officials believe the vessel sank. they also say a body has been located as well. 7's steve cooper is right now outside of the massachusetts maritime academy with more of the breaking details for us. steve? >> reporter: well, christa, this has been a difficult day for all the students and the staff here at mass. maritime. of course, they are following these developments involving the cargo ship. we just heard from officials here a few moments ago, talking about one of their own and they are clearly concerned about the entire crew aboard that cargo ship. they are obviously following what the coast guard has been reporting all morning long. which is the fact that they have now confirmed that this
12:29 pm
fact, sink. in connection with the high seas and the strong winds that they were dealing with off of the bahamas in the wake of the hurricane last week. now, the coast guard confirming late this morning that the 800-foot cargo ship, the el faro sank in the atlantic ocean after encountering hurricane winds and the strong 30-foot seas. the coast guard says they found a debris field and they have located at least one body at this point. now, there were 33 crew members onboard that cargo ship in all. including 33-year-old keith griffin. he is a 2005 graduate of mass. maritime academy here. his friends from his class were here this past weekend celebrating their tenth-year anniversary from graduating from the mass. maritime academy. he obviously wasn't here. because he was onboard that ship. we know that he has since moved to florida with his family. officials speaking about what's been happening just a few moments ago here at the
12:30 pm
academy. >> keith is a marine engineer. his formal training was done in the classroom by the engineering staff. but his experience at sea was done with me probably one trip on the empire state and two trips on the enterprise, back then, the kennedy. he probably crossed the atlantic with me in 2004. but never weather approaching that kind of wind velocity and seas. >> reporter: we are told that griffin was well-trained in all of this from his years here at mass. maritime. officials don't want to second-guess the decisions of the captain on the cargo ship. right now they remain hopeful. tla follow this story just like everyone else right now. we are live in buzzards bay, steve cooper, 7 news. >> jadiann: all right. thank you so much.
12:31 pm
also breaking at this hour, a u.s. airways flight due to land at logan this morning. makes an emergency landing in syracuse, new york. >> christa: the pilot suffered some sort of medical emergency. the passengers onboard the reld-eye flight from phoenix say this all happened in the middle of the night. the flight crew made the emergency decision to go ahead and land the plane in syracuse. the flight made a quick descent. passengers were transferred to another plane headed for boston. and that flight, we understand, landing at boston right now. >> jadiann: an amtrak train has derailed in central vermont. vermont state police, local fire, rescue agencies are responding to the scene in northfield. if you take a look at the map, that is ten miles southwest of montpelier. now, these are pictures taken by a passenger on the train. right now, cnn is reporting at least four people were hurt in the incident, but the extent of the injuries is unclear.
12:32 pm
for you and bring it to you as soon as it becomes available. >> christa: it is a cool and crisp day in the city. turn. leaf-peeping season under way. and the autumn air making people kind of break out the jackets this morning. here is jeremy reiner. j.r.? >> jeremy: down into the 40's this morning. these were the low temps. in the city of boston. 48 right now. clouds. a slow recovery frs from the early morning chills. still cool. boston at 61. bedford, 59. jaffrey at 54. not as much wind from the northeast as we saw over the weekend. there is still a northeasterly breeze. you noticed the wind gust, not happening for as many cities and towns. not happening as often. but still, we will have that northeasterly breeze through the afternoon with a lot of clouds in the city of boston and south. more sunshine in hartford and worcester. this dry air will punch up into the merrimack valley and
12:33 pm
we will spin this as a day that features clouds for some. and sunshine for others. for everyone, a cool breeze. 59-64. the city this afternoon, around 59. fitchburg at 62. freezing raining ham, 64. a little milder tomorrow. we will talk about that in 15 minutes. >> jadiann: caught on camera: a dangerous drive at a mall. police went to talk to a man sleeping in his car. the driver immediately sped off, crashing into a car and then a fire hydrant. when officers pulled the driver over, they say he was high on heroin. now, this morning, the 28-year-old alexander dimaggio faced a judge. he bought drugs in lawrence and drove to the mall in salem to use the heroin. the mall parking lot has become a heroin hot-spot. >> what we are seeing... incidents not to this exstream. we are seeing it every day. obviously, they are picking up somewhere. they are driving somewhere. and they are using. often using while in their vehicles.
12:34 pm
training right across the street and so they were able to act fast. everybody inside managed to escape. one man feared that he had lost everything in all that damage. >> i feel lucky that we are safe. >> jadiann: a fire breaks out in upnon an abandoned home. officials suspect arson. investigators are still working to figure out what could have sparked the large fire. the flames tore through the empty house yesterday morning. stretching from the basement all the way through the roof. engulfing the entire building. dozens of firefighters from several towns had to battle the flames.
12:35 pm
but could not save former multi-family home. fire officials say they are familiar with the home after several instances. vandalism and trespassing. >> christa: state lawmakers will hold a public hearing tomorrow. several bills under consideration would require drivers to use hands-free technology like blue-tooth except during emergencies. new hampshire, connecticut, vermont, and new york are some of the 14 states that already have hands-free laws. supporters of the laws say it helps to cut down on distracted driving and prevent accidents also. >> jadiann: a dunkin' donuts worker refused to serve a police officer in connecticut. the officer was waiting in line saturday morning at a restaurant in west hartford. when the worker told them "we don't serve cops here." the woman apologized later and said it was a joke. people who live in the area are not laughing. >> it's disrespectful, i think, to someone who is
12:36 pm
uniform and carry a gun and try and protect me and my town and keep it safe. >> jadiann: dunkin' donuts says it is aware of the incident and the company does not condone that woman's behavior. >> christa: patrick kennedy receiving back-lash over a new book about substance abuse. in an interview, patrick talked about his challenges in his new book. called "a common struggle." a personal journey through the past. and future of mental illness and addiction. he wrote about how his father, the late senator ted kennedy kennedy admitted to helping his father find ways to hide it. in the book, patrick wrote, "my father went on in silent desperation for much of his life. self-medicating and passing his unprocessed trauma on to my sister, brother, and me." he describes a day when he and his siblings staged an intervention with their
12:37 pm
about my family stories as some way to talk about their story. this is my story. these experiences are embedded in me. they are who i am. >> christa: members of the kennedy clan have voiced displeasure with the book. ted kennedy jr. said the book paints an inaccurate and infair portrayal of the family. patrick has not spoken directly to vicky kennedy. he presumes she has some discomfort with the book. meantime, he says his mother joan who was also battling addiction issues helped him out with that project. >> jadiann: the supreme court is back in session for a new term today. all eyes are on the nine justices as they take on some controversial issues. many include topics like abortion and affirmative action.
12:38 pm
whether to take up one of the most important abortion days cases in 25 years. it is a challenge. doctors providing abortions will have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. supporters of the law say it protects the health of the patient. >> we wanted to make sure that not only those that were taking care of women's health care in the state of texas were qualified and had admitting procedures, but that the facilities they were operating in had good common-sense improvements for health care. >> jadiann: opponents say this unconstitutionally burdens the right to abortion. >> the purpose of this bill is designed to shut down clinics so that there is less abortions taking place in texas. and women have less access to
12:39 pm
>> jadiann: the issue of affirmative action in college admissions is back. a challenge to the program at the university of texas in austin. >> the very fact that this supreme court reviews every single time, a lower court upholds the program. this leads you to believe they are very skeptical. limitations are coming from the supreme court. >> jadiann: the court is likely to take up another challenge to the contraceptive insurance coverage requirement of obamacare. >> christa: still ahead at noon, up, up, and away. a thrill-seeking grandma taking flight for the first time. how an annual hot air balloon festival made her stream become a reality. >> jadiann: taking on torrential downpours and tying the knot? one couple did not let a little rain dampen their day. >> jeremy: they say rain on your wedding day is good luck.
12:40 pm
maybe too much of a good thing. forecast for a few days.
12:41 pm
>> christa: even
12:42 pm
record-setting floods cannot stop love. a kansas city couple had their wedding in south carolina over the weekend. historic flooding there. remember? a tv news crew and locals stepped in to make sure a little rain wouldn't dampen their day. a local councilman married the couple. they also found a new photographer through social media. >> getting married. >> we are getting married. raining on our wedding day. not only range but flooding. >> ladies and gentlemen, mr. and mrs. jason kodak. >> christa: in case you were wondering, they did have a reception. all thanks to some donated food and a doe may thed... donated... it looks fantastic. i don't see any hip-waders in sight. they have the dress and the tux. they look awesome. >> jadiann: you know that? that just shows they can weather any storm throughout
12:43 pm
this marriage. >> christa: a good metaphor. not every day is sunny. that is okay. nameless weather ahead. headed our way. a couple of cool fronts. one of the fronts will generate some showers on until then, we have a dry week ahead. seasonably cool. we are talking cool fronts versus warm fronts. 6:19. and again, this is kind of like olympic highlight warning. if you don't want to see the results, turn away. i won't be offended. october, 19, 5:56. a month from today, sunset will be at 4:37. four weeks from tonight. even i don't want to look at that. right now, 50's and 60's. the city right now, at 61. bedford, 59. jaffrey, 54. a lot of clouds. we had some filtered sunshine for a time this morning. clouds have thickened up along the coastline. you head farther inland. into the worcester hills.
12:44 pm
mostly sunny skies. big blue still acting like big brother and protecting us from any storms. 50's and 60's for the afternoon. a cool fall afternoon. dry for outdoor active dis. yard work and golf. mostly clear. chilly. brighter tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. for the afternoon, not as chilly. it will be cold tomorrow morning. but then by the afternoon hours, numbers will head into the upper 60's. flirting with 70 for a short time. norwood tomorrow afternoon, 69. boston tomorrow, 68. topsfield fair. breezy, cool, low 60's. tomorrow, the numbers in the upper 6's. where is weather system number one? right over here. a cool front that drops out of canada. that won't bother us on wednesday. wednesday is another mild day. the front will sweep through the region wednesday night and thursday.
12:45 pm
this will take this out to sea. hurricane joaquin. north of bermuda. to put it into perspective, boston, 278 days. this is our yearly par precipitation. in three days in charleston, south carolina, 24 inches of rain. unreal. we do not have anything significant in new england this week. we are talking about some showers on friday. upper 60's. but in weekend looking great for checking out the leaves. >> jadiann: sounds like a good plan there. look at this. an annual hot air balloon festival. it is beautiful to see all the balloons in the sky. international celebration is firing up. one woman has been attending the event for years. >> christa: this time was extra special. she is taking a flight for the first time. >> it's beautiful.
12:46 pm
to the balloon fess fiesta in new mexico. she has been doing it on and off for the past four decades, when fiesta first took flight. >> it was at the air foundz right in town in albuquerque. there was 7 or 8 balloons. that was so exciting. >> christa: ever since help the, she has gone through as many as possible. she enjoyed the new balloons and new events. night. that is very pretty, too. >> christa: at this point, you would assume she had been in a balloon several times. you would be wrong. >> no, i haven't. i like the watch them. i have never been this one. >> christa: she says she never had the chance. but in weekend that, opportunity arrives. >> at my age, i'm nervous about it. i should have done this years
12:47 pm
ago. >> christa: she got to go on the ride she always wanted to take. >> the ride will be fine. it's the landing that i'm worried about. >> christa: she is so excited. she said it was a wonderful treat. the landing wasn't too bumpy either. >> jadiann: all right. coming up next, we show you the making strides to beat breast cancer event yesterday. thousands hitting the pavement
12:48 pm
>> christa: making strides right here in massachusetts. tens of thousands of walkers all getting out for a great cause. you were among them. the annual event raising millions of dollars to help strike out breast cancer. >> jadiann: that's right. everyone there has a story. system supporting friends and family. others fighting their own battle.
12:49 pm
nancy chen has more. >> reporter: making strides to help finish the fight against breast cancer. 40,000 walkers coming through. raying $2.5 million. all going to fund breast cancer research right here in massachusetts. >> i'm here today because this is a wonderful event. i love the fact that we are bringing awareness to such a devastating disease. >> reporter: breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women. the walk is really about fighting and surviving. joanne is walking to fight the disease and to inspire others to never give up. >> you have to keep up the fight. keep the faith. you have the friends and family. >> reporter: i'm kim khazei. thank you to all of you who came out on this gorgeous day.
12:50 pm
with general... generous doe neighs... donations going to find a cure. >> jadiann: all right. great event there. up next, silence at the disco. the deejay gets the silent treatment. crowd gets their groove on. more on a new trend sweeping europe. >> jeremy: they should be dancing. one last look at the forecast
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i'm a committed conservative that believes in getting results. we made florida number one in job creation... 1.3 million new jobs, 4.4 percent growth, higher family income, eight balanced budgets, and tax cuts eight years in a row that saved our people and businesses 19 billion dollars. and if i am elected president, i'll show congress how that's done. right to rise usa is responsible for
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things harry potter opening a museum. >> christa: the collector in new mexico won the guinness book of world records for having the largest collection of memorabilia ever, including toys and clothes. >> christa: i guess there is no fighting over who gets to keep... everybody wins. >> jeremy: that is what it's coming to. first the smart phone. now you get your own. 50's and 60's. the city at 61. bedford at 59. afternoon. enjoy. peace.
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>> christa: i'm chris ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh hush my darling... don't fear my darling... the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] hush my darling... [snoring.] don't fear my darling... the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation
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