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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  October 5, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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>>and ained at the mass maritime academy. as you can imagine a lot of people here know these families. they having a tough time dealing with this. steve cooper is at the school with the latest. coop? >> reporter: right, so ryan this has been a difficult day here at mass maritime academy for so many reasons. in fact, it began with word that one of their graduates from this school back in 2005 was among the crew missing at sea. well, by this afternoon we began to learn that there was a second graduate, a 1996 graduate, of mass maritime academy that was also missing at sea so you can imagine not only students here but staff today real concerned about the news that was coming out of florida where all of the families have been gathering, waiting for word of course the grim news coming from the u.s. coast guard earlier today that the debris field that they found off of the bahamas was in fact mes of the missing cargo ship and then of course they found several other items related to
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the actual ship itself and then they found one body. but of course many people here at mass maritime still holding out hope that perhaps there will be some sort of a miracle and those other members of the crew that were missing at sea will be found, perhaps alive. these are one of those days that mariners fear. >> anchor: the captain who runs the training ship kennedy here the amass maritime academy says everyone is shaken to the core. guard today that massive cargo ship the el faro sank. the crew of 33 including two graduates of mass maritime. i suppose there is not a job in the world that doesn't have risk. . >> anchor: the ship left florida last tuesday night head hurricane joaquin a tropical storm but thursday trouble near the bahamas. high winds, huge waves, the ship had lost power and was taken on water.
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the loss of power is catastrophic for a ship . >> reporter: on board keith griffin, a 2005 mass maritime graduate who recently moved from winnipesaukee flop to florida with his family. along with 1996 graduate 42 42-year-old jeffrey mathias, a father of three from kingston. the entire maritime community across the world unites when something like this happens . >> reporter: school officials say theyant here to second guess a captain's decision. they are here in a show of support and to provide comfort. there is a hopeful spirit. but it's a reality and sadness of the city that we face this . so school officials say this is really been an anxious day for everybody here on campus campus. there is no lowering of any flags here right now. there are no memorial services, just everybody is sort of coming to the in their own way, supporting one another and hoping for some sort of a miraculous outcome from this
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tragedy that's been unfolding off of the bahamas. live in buzzard areas bay, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: also developing this afternoon several people isn't to the hospital in vermont when a passenger train derails. amtrak says the train was headed to washington, d.c. tim caputo joins you now at the breaking news desk with more on the story . >> reporter: at least 7 people injured when the train went off the tracks this morning in the town of northfield, vermont. one person was seriously injured and was flown to a trauma center in new hampshire. officials say the train crashed when it hit rocks that had fall an on to the tracks. one passenger car and engine went over an embankment and lad ladded in a creek. four other cars derailed off the tracks. this derailment caused a fuel spill in a nearby river. crews will work to clear and fix those tracks as well as clean that spill. vermont as governor says it is unclear when those rocks fell and why it wasn't noticed before the train came through this morning. there is no belief that there is any wrongdoing here. a freight train wept through
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late last night it. passed without any incident so the ledges had to have fallen in the last several hours. >> reporter: that accident will imfab service north of field, massachusetts until crews can rebuild the tracks. right now amtrak is bussing passengers to stops that are affected. tim caputo, 7 news . >> anchor: high anxiety on a flight headed to boston. passengers stunned to learn that the pilot died during the flight flight. co-pilot is getting a lot of credit here because he was able to touchdown safely in new york. 7's dan hausle is live at logan. dan spoke to some people about what happened on board. >> reporter: this was a u.s. airways flight from phoenix to boston, but it got diverted to syracuse when one of the crew suffered what turned out to be a if ial illness. 147 people on board, a crew of five and those passengers are crediting that crew in getting them down safe. >> reporter: the u.s. airways
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jet on the ground in syracuse after boston bound passengers found themselves making a sudden unexpected trip down for a landing. it was very crazy . i knew something was wrong, are' going down an hour earlier. i said something is wrong. . passengers said the pilot was ill but when passengers got on the ground it was clear the situation was worse. there was ambulances wait waiting there already when the plane got to the gate and they came on but like no unsaw the pilot being rushed off the >> reporter: airline officials give more details. after several hours on the ground in syracuse, the passengers got back on the same jet and flew on to boston, arriv arriving about three hours late but thankful to be safe. at the end we were all shocked and like wow. didn't know him but put our life . when you think about it.
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tragic than it was. high is gone. we're all still here. >> reporter: u.s. airways giving us no further information about this pilot, how old or what was the problem with the illness. passengers though have great deal to say about the pilot and the rest of the crew. the co-pilot and the rest of the crew they say they were calm and the face of what was a very difficult situation emotionally and physically. live at logan airport, dan hausle, 7 news. wild weather in north carolina starting to calm down. a drone flying over the area capturing this foot am of the disaster showing how flooding has shut down the state. rescue crews telling people to keep out off the streets. this shows how powerful rushing water is totally wing out this pick run truck. the worst of the wild weather is over but as jay gray reports the struggle continues in that part of the country.
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south carolina is still under water right now. historic flooding that's tossed aside cars, torn away roads, bridges and damns and swallowed communities from the coast through the mid lands . we are continuing rescue and evacuation operations throughout the state. in the columbia area alone there have been more than 150 swift water rescues and first responders expect that number to climb. national guard has moved in to help with the ongoing effort in the flood zone focus much of their attention to the columbia area where the water had an effect on just about everyone and everything. infrastructure is compromised. severe issues water. not flood levels that continue to climb but public water system that's been compromised leaving thousands without usable water. the situation so dire, fire teams continue to pump tens of thousands of gallons of water into area hospitals.
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we're going to continue to provide the water to the hospice as long as we can sustain it and we just accident know how long we can sustain that. >> reporter: the fire fighters and water system like most everyone here pushed to their limits but the struggle for many is still far from over. when it finally does stop raining and floods recede, then we have to deal with all of the incrediblalities of property damage which i'm sure will total into billions. we have a lot of work to do but we're doing it together. >> reporter: the same way so many to this point have survived this historic storm. jay gray, nbc noose, columbia, south carolina. >> anchor: so much better for us. in fact, get ready for a midweek warmup. the sun is coming back, that means temperatures are on the rise, give you a look over the city of boston. still cloudy right now but i hear that's about to change. who tells me that? well, that would be pete who is here with a look at the forecast forecast. >> reporter: those clouds should break up later on this evening and overnight tonight. it will settle back into the 30's and for ease in some of the
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suburbs downtown closer to 50. we were 61 for a high today. worcester made it to 58. so it was a little bit warmer than we saw over the weekend. currently now at 58 degrees and 6023 bedford. 58 worcester. these clouds tenacious and they look like they would drop some rain. they darkened but they are fine and they are no radar returns on rain showers underneath those clouds. mostly cloudy skies this evening and then overnight we'll see clouds thin out and then we'll start very sunny for tomorrow. our temperatures fall into the 40's and hold in many cases although downtown we should fall through the 50's and hold right around 48, 49 or 50 for a low. it is warming up over the next couple days. it's not dramatic but, yes, 70's may return by the middle of the week. we'll talk more about that ahead ahead. >> anchor: more news trade i'm dangerous drive at a salem, new hampshire mall. officers say they woke up an un uncommon man. the driver then hit the gas and slammed in i aparked car and fire hide rabbit. when officers pull the driver
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high on heroin. this morning 28-year-old alexander dimaggio face adjudge. police say he bought the drugs in lawrence then drove to the mall. officers say that parking lot has become a heroin hot spot. we're seeing incidents not to this extreme but we're seeing it every day. obviously they are picking up somewhere, they drive somewhere and they are using and often using while in their vehicles which is just a very dangerous mixture. >> anchor: dimaggio is charged with reckless driving, dui and drug possession. police are vetting a deadly crash. witnesses say a car went out of control taking out two utility polls last last night. national grid crew spent the morning repairing those polls. officers have not released any information about the victim. >> anchor: now to a bone chilling account of the oregon campus massacre. one of the students inside a classroom saying this gunman entered the room calm and ready to kill. tracy hugh said she lived because she played dead. she says she was face dunn on
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the ground, hit by a bullet in her hand and was thinking about her three children while she said show was waiting to die. he just came in and shot toward the back of the wall and told everybody to get in the center of the room. he shot the professor then he just started shooting everybody on the ground and that's when i knew that this is it. i'm probably going to die. i probably won't see my kids any more. i probably won't see anybody any more. >> anchor: nine people were kill in last week's attacks. several others hurt. the 26-year-old gunman killed himself during a shootout with police. colleges in philadelphia are on alert today after a threat to local campuses there. the threat was made on social media following the attack in oregon. authorities say it didn't mention a specific school but did mention something would happen today. authorities do not believe students are in danger but say they are taking extra precautions. turning now to voice your choice coverage the democratic candidate hillary clinton is spending the day in familiar.
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community college this morning greeting a large crowd at a town hall meeting. clinton is starting to fall behind in the polls in new hampshire. vermont and senator bernie sand sanders is leading clinton with 48% of the vote. right now clinton has 39%. republican candidate carly fiorina is also campaigning in new hampshire a day after a new nbc news poll showed her at surg surging in that state. she opened the day with a rotary club speech in manchester. but in the g.o.p. race donald trump is still on top leading with 21% of republican voters in new hampshire. carly fiorina follows with 16 and jeb bush comes in third with 11% . >> anchor: much more to come on 7 news at 4:00 including a fourth grader being called a hero for saving his bus driver's life. >> anchor: meet a couple who wasn't going to let a hurricane rain on their big day. >> anchor: at 4:30 a police officer turned away from that coffee shop. the shocking reason. >> anchor: new on 7 news at five:00 a household pet standing its ground when unexpect visitors pit a visit.
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camera. . >> reporter: many of us have a routine to get rid of that groggy feeling when we wake up in the morning . >> reporter: maybe it's not cutting it any more. we very some tips on what you can do the night before to help out. details on today in new england.
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>> anchor: school bus drivers has a special message for one of her students after he jumped
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into action and saved her life. so the fourth grader knew something was wrong, the driver started coughing and had pulled . >> anchor: it turns out she was having an asthma attack. heroes come in all sizes this. one happens to be four foot two . he saved my life of i just want to thank him. for him stepping forward and being able to be there for me when i needed it the most. >> anchor: she has just picked up nine-year-old jaden and his sisters in one of these school . she was like coughing a lot so she pulled over and she like >> reporter: without hesitation the four-year-old . i went out there and i got . >> reporter: thanks to his help paramedics found their way to the bus. jaden's brave act is right on par with this year's school theme: life together. senior pastor stephen jennings couldn't be more proud to hear . it's not just about yourself or the person right next to you.
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it could be your bus driver, it could be your next door neighbor it's anybody. >> reporter: for now, jade sent content doing what kids do. playing football and having fun. one thing me may never forget? the day he saved a life. jaden said he hopes one day to become an nfl player or police officer. coming up, walking down the aisle in the rain. the couple who wasn't going to let a hurricane dampen their big day . our forecast doesn't including a lot of rain. it hassunshine and warmer temperatures though, stay tuned. >> anchor: plus, police in new hampshire responding to reports of a shooting at an apartment building. make a dangerous discovery . >> anchor: patrick kennedy open opening up revealing a dark secret of the kennedy family in his new book . >> anchor: on the campaign trail two big names in the presidential race in new hampshire. and selling their message to voters. >> anchor: a reminder news is always happening. you can get caught up wherever
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we'll be ryback. it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. to crack down on these abuses. commentator:
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he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent.
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>> anchor: nothing could stop this couple from tying the knot. the two said their wedding vows on a beach in virginia as they had planned. the grooms and grooms men were decked out in suspenders and bow ties but no need for shoes there on the beach. you know, plans fall through, but, hey, god works everything out to the good. so it's, this has been an in incredible day. i couldn't have asked for a better one. it's one that we'll never forget and i'm just so thankful. the couple plans to vacation in myrtle beach hit hard by heavy rain and flooding but posed to be good luck . >> anchor: mid el beach is not in good shape right now. i love their attitude they can weather that they have a lot easier time weathering the relationship. isn't it really bad in myrtle beach?
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>> reporter: it's getting better. it was bad. they are getting better but yes the whole area is just nasty with the flooding and we're really feeling for these people. this is like and some are saying like a one and 1,000 year flood they are seeing. some cases the rain was so intense it washed away some of the river games so they don't even know how high rivers are. they just know they are out of their banks and it's historic. that's for sure. 5 in boston right now. dew point reading about 49 north-northeast wind at 9 miles per hour. that was not from joaquin either either. that was from low pressure system that ended up protecting us and keeping that storm offshore but unfortunately somebody had to pay the piper on that. milder days ahead, staying mostly dry. we talk about light breezes now. the winds are easing along the coastline. that's huge. along the coast it's been just nothing but a northeast wind for days on end out throughout islands, cape as well. i think a lot of folks are ready to see this paten stiff up of water temperature now down to 57 degrees. that's of note because when the sea breeze comes in nowadays, it's going to be a cool breeze
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and tomorrow maybe a sea breeze day. 60 bedford, 5 worcester. 60 new bedford and 57 up in beverly. these clouds kind of pulled off whack on so joaquin saying shot didn't hit new england but he did provide us with a little bit of moisture in the form of mid levels and neat looking clouds today. this is joaquin by the way. good thing he is offshore. waves will be coming up from whack on though and we'll be with us through at least midweek at the beaches so keep that in mind. crashing waves all weekend long and those are just not going to come down especially wave sets coming off. tomorrow some clouds around, there might be some clouds through the cape as well. kind of just still with us but i expect even there to see some sunshine eventually. the rest of us a nice day. a lot of sunshine in store and again that sea breeze threat so along the coast temperatures will be in the mid 60's tomorrow tomorrow. boston, beverly, even low 60's down through plymouth but upper 60's we're closing in on that magic 7 day degree mark. bedford down to failing ham,
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lo60's on cape cod too. so as we track the final steps of joaquin, staying away from halifax, stay away from st. john john's in new finland so not worried about any strike in the march tiles for viewers there, wind to 85 miles per hour, north-northeast moving forward speed at 13 miles per hour now. partly cloudy, at least this evening. to mostly clear later tonight. 38 to 50. then tomorrow milder, mostly sunny skies, 66 to 70 with a light wind or on shore breeze. here is your 7 on 7 forecast. just a couple of showers on friday. are we going into another dry spell? we're going into another die spell that will last into the weekend. it looks like our temperatures will go back and forth warming up wednesday, cooling down thursday, back up friday, back down saturday. back up sunday and monday. you get the idea. i will see you at 4:30. >> reporter: getting a look to the pike westbound ride really jammed up getting by this situation a truck that spun out here on the left-hand lane.
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the west coast ride now rolling all the way become into the allston area, get a second look at that backup here. right back toward downtown boston. so that's our big problem of the afternoon it looks like hope hopefully that will be the only problem on afternoon on the mass pike. getting a look now to the expressway southbound ride. not move took badly down here by morrisey boulevard. about a 48 minute ride into braintree. route 93 and route 3 north of the city moving a long relatively well. route 1 northbound just a minor slow down here up by the lynn fellows parkway and again through the lynn felt area. joe staple ton, 7 news . >> anchor: up next hands off the phone and on the wheel. a look at the new push for a hands free law in massachusetts. >> anchor: a donut store employee under fire after refus refusing to serve a customer . >> anchor: coming up neighbors the a winthrop apartment build building shaken up after a swat . >> anchor: it was a case of bar versus bite when a continuy french bulldog tries to scare . >> anchor: want to remind you to check out 7 news on facebook. some interesting facts about all
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>> reporter: on the road and off that phone of a hands free driving law could be coming to massachusetts. this one would require drivers who want to use their phones when driving to use a hands free device . >> anchor: a similar law is already in effect in three other new england states but not everyone is on board. janet wu live in boston with the very latest on this proposal. janet? >> reporter: nationwide 14 states have this so-called hand free law and massachusetts could be next with lawmakers here set to take up new legislation here on beacon hill tomorrow. now, a lot of people we asked are all for it. especially with new technology that makes talking and driving easier and safer. >> anchor: it's illegal to tent and drive in massachusetts, but you can still hold a phone and
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