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tv   Today  NBC  October 6, 2015 2:07am-3:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> you know what that is? >> what? >> only because it said so? lay it on me.
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you say rudemental and i say ruddmental. i know many of you in parts of the country, you're going through tough times, you're probably not watching this, but our prayers are with you. >> if you like this new show out called "blind spot", it's one of those that is kind of addicting. anyway, we have jamie alex and der der on. i have the second one stored shall waiting for me. so nobody tell me. and -- >> yeah, yeah, yeah. everybody's talking about this. it was just picked by one of the big critic organizations as one of the best new series of the fall. >> and you're going to have a little surprise, too. i hear. >> i might have a surprise. >> hoddy i might have a spriegs urprise.
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>> i watched the bruins play the arizona state, whatever. >> what are they? wildcats? >> i should know, base arizona state inch ended up beating ucla. they did this crazy tailgate. >> it's about ten hours long. >> it's all around a golf course. hey, everybody. but, and then, but the good, the thing that saved the whole football weekend for me was last night on sunday night football, the saints were praying laying the cowboys. look what drew brees did? it was tied. 80 yards uh-huh, in overtime. that is awesome. okay. drew brees is back. look at him. he is awesome. >> he's adorable.
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saints. >> it was a blustery weekend here, so i read a great book by my friend josie roseleberg. i like thrillers that are based on biblical prophecy. it's really, really good. i'll get it for you tomorrow. i'll put it on the website. weekend. it was the 40th season. miley cyrus was the guest. the numbers were up. >> is that because of meal iley or hillary? >> they didn't know for sure she was going to be there. >> i didn't know. >> anyway, the show opened with a little bit of a standup and
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miley decided to sing a song to frank frank frank sa inatra's "my way." and it was all about people over the summer that we will never see again. i've lived life is full i've traveled each and every highway and i did it all my way >> come on. that was rachel dolezal, the dentist who shot the lion, the pizza rat. >> pizza rat is my favorite.
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>> and i blacked out, too, it is the first hostage by josie roseleberg. all right. who is that? >> there was an actor recently photographed on a movie set, and people didn't know who it was. let's figure it out. >> that's the bald guy. oh, i like when we -- that is. >> mathieu mcconaughey in a time machine. look at that. >> if you know the answer, you don't have to give it. >> we learned it in a meeting. today. >> but it's in a new movie. camilla. come on by. we love her. >> we love everybody. okay. i think i would love this. >> i think you'd hate it, actually, hoda. this next thing. >> if you were told you were invited to a silent disco party, how would you feel about it? thousands of people did this.
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what happens is, every single person has headphones. at a train station. >> so you get to choose one of three different music channels, and then you just groove to it. everyone's silent except for the people singing the song, and i guess maybe you connect with the people who have got your tune going. they're not really rockin'. they're doing a frat boy -- >> they're listening to the kathie lee cd. everyone has a story for i was born for you just gets you gyrating. uh-huh. >> i think i would like that. why wouldn't i like that? >> i don't know. i, you know what's wrong with me, besides the obvious? even when i was a kid i didn't like loud music. huh-uh, i knew it was hurting my ears, even when i was 15, i knew it was hurting my ears, and i
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i was always trying to save my voice. then i came to new york, and it was during the time of discos. >> i would have loved it. >> couldn't wait to go home and go night night. i wasn't made for this world, basically, but one of you is enough for both of us, hoda. >> this is one of those social cues questions. have you ever gone to a restaurant and gotten something undercooked. have you sent it back >> yes. have you? >> i have. when my mom was visiting, we both got hamburgers at this nearby restaurant, and it was totally raw in the middle, and we ate around the edges. >> why? >> i don't know. i don't know. it's a pleaser problem i have. >> both of you, probably moaning and groaning about it the whole time. >> my mom would say, i don't think hers was as raw as mine. >> you know you can get sick from raw -- >> anyhoo. so what if you were eating in
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one else's home, would you say, hey, my burger doesn't seem to be quite cooked all the way. >> this time it was from a woman. it was raw chicken. >> she's looking around, everyone else's chicken appears to be cooked through. hers isn't. the hostess didn't say anything like hey, why aren't you eatin' that chicken? do you like chicken? the girl didn't send it, didn't say anything and she thought it should have been the host's responsibility to say hey, is that okay? does it taste okay in. >> she was seated right next to the host. what else is going on around the table. >> would you send something? >> i know i put myself in the position of were they at my house. if they were at my house, i would want everyone saying i'm sorry, could i have mine done a little bit more? because you want your guests to enjoy.
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phil said this is the wrong answer, but i wouldn't invite anybody i don't think, that wouldn't feel comfortable sending it back. >> would you feel like somebody was high maintenance if they said kath, mine's a little overdone. how about that? >> i would say let me see if there's something else you might like in our kitchen. >> i wouldn't like that. >> because you never host anything. >> all right. i don't host anything. no one ever comes to my house except joel. >> your mother and the girls. >> no one walks through my doorway except the delivery person, the fresh direct. >> bringing food to you. have you ever had someone sit down and enjoy a meal with you. >> i don't know, i'm not familiar with your role. people. it was not the host's responsibility. plus it's tough for the host to eating. next time just ask the chicken to be cooked a little more.
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>> next time? right now. >> why is she writing letters? >> it's like pony express. >> there's a surprise at ole miss. the family was brought onto the field, told they were going to see a message from their father on the jumbotron serving overseas. his fifth deployment. >> look at the surprise. he ran out! what a moment for this family. oh, my gosh. look how the kids are not letting go. >> i hope he stays home now, you know, five is -- >> look at that son. oh. >> should we go out on the world beard championship? >> why wouldn't we? >> i'm so glad they don't invite me. oh, my gosh. >> oh, no! >> 350 bearded -- ooh, ooh, look how it moves.
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oh, there's mustache category, beard category, goatee category. >> and it is oktoberfest month. >> look at the one behind him. remember, will forte. >> remember how we stuck all those things in it, toothpicks and corks? we're going to share our favorite things. and the star everyone's talking about, jamie alexander. oh, there she is. oh, oh. yes!
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. we are so excited. it's been called the season's hottest new tv show and a thrilling new drama. spot." >> imagine a beautiful naked
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woman -- that's not so unusual in new york -- pop out of a duffle bag full of tattoos having no idea who she is. >> and that actress is jamie alexander. first of all, we're so excited about your new tat. >> that's a brand-new clue. >> crazy what happens on times square on saturday night. this is not water. it is not water. >> crazy things happen over here at rock center. >> what a thrill. first of all, when you're on a new television show, you never know what's going to become of it. this has been such a splil. the numbers are great. >> my awesome fiance tries to explain the numbers to me. and i'm like, dude, as long as people are watching it, i'm good. >> we've seen a lot of shows come and go that people put their hopes on through the years, and it's so rare to have this kind of reaction. >> first of all, your body is
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like a map of tattoos. >> not the first time, is it? >> not at all. >> so how does this happen? before you shoot every day you -- >> yes. >> tell us the process. >> by the way, my poor makeup artist is off to the side having a mini stroke. if i'm wearing this outfit i would put on the arms and the clavicle up. >> how long would that take? >> about an hour and a half. most days it's that, hour and a half, two hours. otherwise, eight hours. >> do you have to, then, actually work? >> yeah. >> in front of the camera. you have a 18 hour day after that. >> i do. and i'm not a spring chicken, so it's a little difficult. >> you seem like a spring chicken. i mean old hens know a spring chicken when you see them. >> how do you get them off?
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solvent and another off. >> it's monistat? monistat? >> you want a tattoo? want me to put one on you? what we do is take these. we place them on, first, we pull off, i remembered. you put the plastic off. you take it, you wet it, >> do it, are we doing it? i want it. i want it on my calf. i want kathie on high calf. >> i got you, hod. >> i'm going to clean your leg, how much time do we have? >> not that much. but anyway. >> does it matter if she's shaved in the last week? >> i did shave! is that where you're putting it? >> it's that or -- >> okay. go. >> okay. >> we already had that last week. >> oh, get it wet.
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weddings? >> this is fun. >> okay. wait, can i tell you what? can we ask one more thing about the show? >> yes. >> is it fun? >> no, it's pretty boring. pretty boring. [ laughter ] >> if this messes up, i'm going to blame -- >> it's all blurry because you were drinking at the time. hoda! done! >> wow! >> thank you so much. >> it's sad we don't have enough time for me. you guys are going to love this show. it is the hottest thing going. it's blind spot. you are a delight. >> congrats on your ring. >> yeah, she's got anity talon italian italian, ladies, he's off the market. should you make that renovation or list it?
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. now it's time to surprise our fan of the week >> today it has landed in pompano beach, florida. that's where our fan watches us on wtvj. who's that? is that debbie? >> yes, this is my mom. >> hi, mom. >> how are you guys? how exciting. >> thanks for watching us. huh? >> oh, we love you guys. >> and we love skype.
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question, let's tell everyone why you were chosen. marie just went back to work after being on maternity leave. hurley and annabelle. hurley's in his terrible twos and the annabelle is a newborn. >> she catches up on ihoda. >> online and on her phone. she's been a fan for a long time. she and her mom used to watch the show together and bonded over it. >> that was a cute guy kissing you. it's time to put your fandom to the test. you need to answer correctly. we want you to win this grand prize. >> for years we have been featuring a segment called ambush makeovers once a week. what day does it air? tuesday? thursday? or sunday. >> tuesday? thursday?
2:28 am
or sunday. or thursday or thursday. >> thursday! >> thursday! [ ding ] >> i like her. >> we'll see what you won. but you won a fabulous resort vacation where you're going to stay for four days and three nights. >> you'll receive round trip air travel. this is all courtesy of gateway canyons and spa. are you going to take your mom with you? no pressure. >> we'll let you all decide that. >> my husband. >> oh, sweet. have fun you guys. see you. it's an itsy bitsy gold bikini and more celebrity news. but our new joy fit members
2:29 am
if there's one thing you can look forward to on a fun day monday it's all the celebrity scoop. >> with us is jack rico.
2:30 am
>> snl made it'segg especially entertaining. >> hillary clinton was playing "val", the bartender. this time she was an actress, you know, playing "val" >> with cue cards. >> with cue cards, obviously. >> all any one wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump. >> isn't he the one that's like, ah, you all are losers. [ applause ] do you think he'll win the primaries? >> he must. i want to be the one to take him down. >> that's a small chunk. but they avoided topics like the
2:31 am
thing they did poke fun of was the late support that hillary had of gay marriage. even daryl hammond did a quick appearance as bill clinton who also was very funny. >> you know, i think it was a really great moment for her, especially going into the campaign. remember bill clinton, arsenio hall, how important that was for her. it was very funny. >> lady gaga attended a premiere. and you don't always see a picture of her and her fiance, and we get to see one this time around >> yeah. lady gaga has done hundreds of red carpets as a singer, but how many times has she done it as an actress? >> i hear she's great in this. >> the reviews are fantastic. this is the first time she attended a premiere as an actress. and she tweeted out how honored she was to do this.
2:32 am
she attended with her parents along with taylor kenny. >> isn't he a sweetheart of a guy. >> and ryan murphy, the executive producer was scared to show the first six minutes. he was scared how gory it was. but she was beautiful. she's literally the lady in red. >> she's walked around with meat on her. they shouldn't be shocked. she con mes over for spaghetti dressed in meat. >> we saw jennifer since the wedding. >> they had a wedding? >> don't confuse me! >> justin timberlake and jessica beal. >> they're having a baby too. >> they have not been seen together. this is their first public appearance since their wedding in bel-air.
2:33 am
they were both in black, very beautiful. one of the key things about this was that she came out to see them because they're filming this in austin. and they're both very busy. he's still doing "leftovers" in austin and she's doing "mother's day." >> as opposed to new year's eve and valentine's day. >> they're so in love. >> they've been married for three months! three months! >> but we're happy for them. reality check, do not mess with her. >> we have to show this bikini, because we've been talking about it. princess leia's bikini. >> she wore this gold bikini. and it was put on auction, it sold for a whopping $96,000. so the name of the winner was not revealed, but i have to tell you, not only is he getting the bikini, he's getting the collar,
2:34 am
the chains and -- >> oh, more information than anybody needs. >> rico. >> she's coming back to star wars "the wars the force awakens. do you want to give your metabolism a boost? >> she dropped more than is 00 100 pounds. renovate or relocate? right after this. he said sure. but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists. with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean. oral-b know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back
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it's a question many home owners ask themselves at one time or another. >> should we renovate or relocate. >> maybe you just want something
2:37 am
new to come home to. >> if you have reached a crossroad, we are here to help you to decide whether to love it or lift it. >> hey, kids. >> it's your third or fourth time with us. >> so on your show, you guys talk to homeowners, right, who aren't happy with the renovations that they made. tell us a little bit of the concept. >> well, everybody loves a buys a house and love it, but then you wonder should you put more money into it and renovate. >> let's go with the first house. kevin in nevada, they have four kids. they want an open kitchen and a workout space. >> what would you do with that? >> actually, main floor, they got a kitchen that was amazing, right? here's the kitchen, this is what they had. it's open.
2:38 am
flow through to the dining area. stunningly gorgeous. everything anybody could dream of. and it worked for a large family, which they have. >> what didn't they get? >> oh! >> you know, they wanted a homeworkout space. >> they didn't get that. >> and with the schools and all that stuff, they're happy with their kids there? >> it was very important. >> it's tough to get people to move out of their neighborhood. >> you think they should list it? right? >> absolutely. >> why? >> because they needed a little bit more space. they have four kids but only four bedrooms. which means they're missing one. so i showed them a five bedroom house so that they could each have their own bedroom and a work out space. she was an avid athlete. >> same school system? >> no, it was slightly out of neighborhood and slightly over budget. >> now we're going to see what
2:39 am
what did you guys do to it? did you love it or list it in >> well, i know exactly, they >> oh! >> i wanted to love it. they should have. >> no, no. the kids get older, they need an extra bedroom. >> also the same -- >> exactly. >> they become a teenager. >> next, mason and shannon adopted a teenage daughter. they needed more space. they wanted an open kitchen, a dining room, a work out room and a real master bedroom. what did you do? >> i gave them every single thing they asked for. here's the new kitchen. larger. they got everything they wanted. >> everything? room. you know, we had skinny dollars. you do what can you do.
2:40 am
get was a relocated laundry and powder room. >> and i show them they got everything plus a relocated bigger lot, bigger house. >> ten times bigger. >> i'm going to say at this list it. >> me too. what's the verdict. >> they loved it. >> what? >> well, good for them. >> no, not good for them. they made a mistake. >> if they're happy, they didn't make a mistake. >> thank you very much. >> is that it? >> yes, that's it. >> i could do that all hour. >> i know you could. has your weight been holding you back? they took control of their health and are ready to share
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you have ten pounds to lose or 100. times you need a lot of motivation.
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our two members have lost a combined 280 pounds. >> one is a teenager and the other is a mom. >> these two are unbelievable. we first have 19 year old shandler cunningham from south carolina. she was diagnosed with hypothyroid disease. so that means that her metabolism slowed down. they put her on medicine, but in combination, she had terrible eating habits, and she ate a lot of the wrong foods. >> comfort foods? >> everything. and by the time she was in is 11th grade she was 309 pounds. she missed out on all the fun stuff. she didn't date or go to prom. her mom came into the bedroom and talk about it and they had a heart-to-heart. they decided as a team they
2:45 am
she joined a new program called local impact. she knocked off 168 pounds. so what i had her do is this past year, the biggest highlight of her life, she went off to college slim and fit. her sister asked her to do the maid of honor in her wedding, and she's never felt more glamorous in her life. so i asked her to put on the maid of honor dress and i gave you roses. you're going to shandler. >> here's shandler's before picture. all right, shandler, come join the joy fit club. oh! >> can you believe this? >> you are gorgeous. >> 168 pounds thinner. >> are you kidding? oh, my god. >> beautiful, sweetheart. >> how do you feel? >> much better, more energy. everything. >> i bet you're sleeping better. >> is your mom so happy for you? >> yes. >> your mom, who i have a feeling is sitting in the
2:46 am
studio, that heart-to-heart must have been difficult for both of you. how long did it take, shandler? >> it took me two years. >> what did your mom tell you? >> she told me how much she loved me and that she's afraid of losing me, and that hit home. and we found a program at new impact and i lost the weight. >> everyone at her university in south carolina is watching. now we have 33-year-old tiffany mccoy from frisco, texas. when she was younger, her nickname was butter ball. and she comes from this loving, vivacious, awesome, texas family. >> celebrating all the time. >> absolutely. so she got married to the man of her dreams, and she had a terry work job. she said no more. she joined a gym and committed
2:47 am
to just ten minutes of exercise each and every day. >> that's something. >> it adds up. >> she said it was the most brutal week ever and then she lost five pounds and said, mm, i could keep doing this. in her before picture, she's 250 pounds, she's about to walk out 112 pounds slim ir mer, and when i sayva vavoom, you have no idea. >> let's see the new you. woo! >> i'm sorry. >> i have some extra. >> is that unbelievable? >> wow! what's happening. how do you feel? >> i feel great. everything. >> that is amazing. and, again, from the first day you started until right now, how weight? >> it took me eight months.
2:48 am
>> are people recognizing you? they must be, like, who are you? >> one of my husband's co-workers were like, did you get a new wife? >> she has a blog called 100 pounds later. >> congratulations. no more butterball stuff. congrats. >> beautiful, both of you. >> wow! >> thank you, joy. you're going to want them. our favorite things are next. >> but first, this is "today", on nbc. >> wow, sweetie! >> wow, you guys look so great. so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we g ive you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol . seems like we've hit a road block.
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all right, it's time to share our favorite things.
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necklace by scarlet and gold for their give grace campaign. they are battling infertility. the proceeds go to help couples struggling with infertility, going through ivf. it's a reminder to be more transparent about our struggles. it's so cozy. >> mine is also a tee shirt for breast cancer awareness month. $28 sold at blooming dales, $18 of that goes to breast cancer research foundation. the bcrf. and it's very soft and cozy. that's our favorite thing, too. >> we love to be cozy. >> tomorrow pastor joel osteen. >> and relationships and dating. >> very brave guy. and how to through the changes in weather. >> plus a comfort meal to warm
2:53 am
you up in the cold weather.
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