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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 6, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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it's tuesday, october 6th. coming up on "early today," utter despair. the carolinas desperately try to get out from historic flooding. and a bomb air strike on a doctor's without borders in afghistan. and a red eye from phoenix to boston, the pilot becomes incapacitated. the 2016 political front runners gaining attention and an angry mob rips the shirts off of their bosses.
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good morning. i'm betty nguyen. so, it is not over yet. amid full scale evacuations, the white house is officially naming the situation in south carolina quote major disaster. they had a crippling blow from rains and floods. 12 weather related deaths p. and president obama signed a disaster declaration to provide funds in the recovery effort. among the heart breaking stories, a pastor defied a deputies orders wading into waist high water to retrieve a casket. he told nbc if that was my mama or dad i'd walk through hell or high waut squr today ter and today it happened to be high school water sfwlrks from bad to worse, after two feet of rain, dam breaches
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hitting already hard hit area. >> we've got to get people downstream evacuations because if this dam goes people are go fweeg ing to be washed away. >> reporter: not everybody is heeding the warning. with no other place to go, shelters are filled with families. water is not safe to drink and bottled water is in high demand p. >> . >> we've got very little water pressure. >> reporter: in downtown columbia, fire trucks are pumping clean water into a hospital. 550 roads and bridges are washed out p. >> the roads are still unsafe. a lot of them have been undermine bide the flooding. >> reporter: when the water reseeds, it's clear the suffering in south carolina won't end anytime soon and neither twhil
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overnight, nbc news has confirmed the name of the commercial pilot who died midair. 57-year-old michael johnston died while flying. the father of eight had double bypass surgery and had a physical every six months from that to harrowism. we'rehering here aring about how the co-pilot stepped up. sfwlrks >> reporter: passengers on the red eye from phoenix to boston said the plane started to descend. >> all of a sudden we're emergency landing in syracuse. >> reporter: what they didn't know was that pilot was sick and could no longer fly. the co-pilot had taken the controls. >> medical emergency, captain is
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incapacitated. request handling for runway. 1-0 landing. >> when we landed, we didn't know the magnitude of what was going on. pp . >> reporter: hours later, weary passengers were told the pilot died. ape statement, in a statement, american airlines said we're deeply upset by the event. and passengers commended the crew. >> they put you all at ease. >> reporter: pilots rarely get sick or die in flights. but aboard flight 150, the co-pilot was ready and landed the plane safely. this morning, the pentagon is changing its story. there's new events that led to a deadly attack.
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what the military is saying? >> reporter: at the moment, why will by the question that is most on law make's minds. the top commander of afghanistan will be here in front of a services armed committee this morning. the u.s. top general now says troops on the ground ordered the air strike. >> an air strike was in call to elim eliminate the threat. >> people died including doctors and patients. 2 it was run by to the organization, doctors without borders. >> we want them to know that our medical facilities are available to treat them. >> reporter: afghan officials say taliban people were shooting
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something that doctors without boarders say is impossible. >> the only people inside the hospital are patients, care takers and staff. >> his expectations is there there will be a full accounting of what transpired. >> reporter: the president wants changes to make sure this never happens again. and this was the first major city taken back by the taliban since 2007. on dancing with the star, he dedicated his performance to the students of the umpqua community massacre. it hits hard because he's from rose roseburg, orgering egon. >> i would have had class that
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day. even the train makes more sense than this does. it's a disarming feeling. >> skarlatos is helping raise money and a white house says that president will visit roseburg on friday. he will have closed door visits with families of the victims s victims. democratic front runner hillary clinton is taking aimality republicans. in it, you can hear house majority leader's recent comments linking the house benghazi committee to the sagging poll numbers p. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right, but we put together a benghazi special committee. >> a spokesperson for john boehner says this is a classic clinton attempt to distract from
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her record of putting classified information at risk and jeopardize ing our national security. and according to msnbc, trump campaign officials says he's only spent about $2 million so far. that's far less than fellow candidates cruz or carson. they've both spend 5 1/2 million through july. mean while, listen to this, it turns out trump's team sent a taste of bottled water and bumper stickers to rob ubio's campaign office. senator john mccain was on and joked about presidency. >> you the 2008 republican kand dprt president of the united
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>> thanks for bringing that up. after i lost, i slept like a baby. sleep two hours, wake up and cry, sleep two hours, wake up and cry. >> just like a baby. and just in time for halloween, portraits painted on each of the pumpkins. so far he's painted hillary clinton, bernie sanders and trump. this trumpkin has been viewed about a million times online. and the island in the bahamas were not so lucky. the storm left an unrecognizable landscape in its wake. a number of homes and businesses destroyed. so far, no deaths have been reported. >> that's amazing. >> and bill karins is here with that.
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so, what's up with all the rain? the carolinas really need it stopped. five days of it. the storm responsible is still off the coast producing e ing heavy rain. and i do think a lot of people will see sunshine during the day today. let's add it all up. the five days of rain. 11 1/2 inches of rain on saturday in charleston. you picked up o a third of your average rainfall. myrtle beach we had total 15 1/2 inches of rain and that was a 1/3 of your yearly rainfall. and the airport didn't get the heavier of the rain and about a 11 inches there.
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average in columbia. we did get flash flooding last night around las vegas and the eastern half of the country looks really nice with temperatures above average next two days in a row. now a closer look at your day ahead. so temperatures very warm today from nashville to dallas. in houston, temperatures in the upper 80s. and shower and thunderstorms chances in new mexico today. beautiful fall weather. >> we'll take it. well, a popular breakfast cereal favored by babies everywhere is being recalled. and ambushed by furious employees as they tear the shirts off their backs. i want to smell the way champagne tastes. i love champagne. infuse your laundry with... ...up to 12 weeks of luxurious
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tragic news from the caribbean. the body of a crew member from a missing cargo ship was found wearing a survival suit yesterday. and no signs of life on board 37 the elfaro went missing on friday. the coast guard now believes it's sunk to the bod ttom ught ttom of the ocean. >> we're still looking for signs of life. livid air france employees stormed the airlines headquarters in france yesterday. they barely left the scene with their clothes on. they were testing a proposing to cut nearly 3,000 jobs.
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this morning "today" go said live to south carolina. get to some sports. controversially in seattle, monday night football, seahawks seahawks-lions. less than two minutes in the
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game. mega tron lunging and running for the end zone but he has the football punched out of his hands. the ball is knocked out of bounds. after that game it was revealed that wright batting the ball was illegal and the lions should have got the ball back. people still upset about that. trading on insider football. he won $350,000 on a competing website, fan dual. this after he accidently posted stats on which players were most picked. they both defended their business's integrity and stated they have strong policies to make sure employees don't misuse
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and missing tonight's wild card game. the 2007 cy young award winner will check himself into alcohol rehab. and firing matt williams after a disappointing season. just last year, he was voted national league manager of the year. the irony, right. miami head coach was fired after a 1-3 start following three plus seasons. just ahead, jimmy fallon stuffs celebrities into a phone booth. and find out when he's running for silty odors in your bathroom you think it smells fine, but your guests smell this... febreze air effects heavy duty has up to two times the odor-eliminating power to remove bathroom odors you've gone noseblind to use febreze air effects till it's fresh. and try febreze small spaces... ... to continuously eliminate up to two times the odors for 30 days
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happy and healthy. now to entertainment news. tracy morgan will be among those honoring ede y eddie murphy when he receives the mark twain award. in honor of marty mcfly's trip in back to the future part two, they released this jauz 19 trailer as a haulographic movie that terrorized marty when he arrived in 2015. and pepsi getting into the action. all that's left is for the cubs to win the world series. and on "the tonight show"
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jimmy played phone booth. and each wrong ance swered as ed a ads a person to the booth. and it was a tight squeeze. >> we have to close the door? you're pressing against my chest. i hope it's his belly button. >> he has an outy. alex trebek, shaq, very good. >> i'm trying to keep my hands away from shaq. >> he did not look amused. >> she was like get me out of here. alex trebek was funny, right. >> and i like her as a blond too. >> you didn't see anybody else but her. >> she's one of my new favs. >> i can tell. i'm betty nguyen and this is "early today." we hope this is just your first stop of the day on nbc. you tuck there.
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>> christa: good morning, everybody, we made it to "7 news today in new england" starts in about three minutes. >> jadiann: here's some of the stories we're working on. a dangerous drive on the cape when a truck plows into the cotuit. >> christa: the search continuing overnight for a cargo ship that disappeared during last week's hurricane off the coast of the bahamas. two grads of the mass maritime academy among the 33 crew members onboard. the coast guard says one body has been recovered from the ocean but they're holding out hope of finding some survivors. >> jadiann: we're hearing from the wife of the pilot who died
4:57 am
on a flight from phoenix to boston. she says 57-year-old michael johnson had double bypass surgery nearly 10 years ago but was fit to fly. it appears he suffered a heart attack. >> christa: later this morning lawmakers will hold a hearing at the statehouse in boston a proposal to make massachusetts the 15th state to require hands-free calling behind the wheel. >> jadiann: a pretty morning, it's chilly but we have high hopes for the day. >> christa: j.r., near 70? >> jeremy: i think so so. did you catch sunset last evening? this was twitter last night. i checked my phone early this morning and holy cow, beautiful shot all over southern new england. this is from a woman in new hampshire, beer weather sports. this is pictures from last night's sunset. kris anderson took a video of it and showed me before the show. good stuff. right now, cambridge 48. lexington 41, way land 38, redding 39, haverhill 45.
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it's cold. fitchburg 38. townsend 34. hopkinton 32, south of town in the 40s, duxbury 48, the cape and the islands, running in the 50s. the air is dry so we'll have a lot of sunshine through the day today. the thing about dry air, it cools off fast but warms fast with as well. the next couple of days, thanks to high pressure, we're talking mostly sunny skies. once we shed the morning chill, near 70. this cool front will sneak into new england very late tomorrow night and usher cool air back into new england for thursday afternoon. that's thursday. today's tuesday. a taco tuesday, 65 to 70. pollen county moderate category, mold spores low category. >> christa: at 5:00 a.m., the search for survivors of a sunken cargo ship continuing overnight and the wife of a local sailor talking about the agonizing wait for answers.
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>> jadiann: disturbingetails


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