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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 6, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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lost at sea the search for survivor as more debris from cargo ship is found. hear from a women whose husband was onboard. report outline condition inside a home where young girl was found unresponsive and later died. midair emergency a long-time pilot suddenly dies during a flight to boston. we're hearing from his wife. we'll let you know what she had to say about the father of eight. good morning, to you, everyone. i'm jadiann thompson. i'm christa delcamp. today's weather put you in a good mood. it's a little bit chilly but sunny. like upward trend. >> upward and onward and there
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you go. out. down into the low 30s, boston had a low of 48. norwood hat a low of 32. orange and jaffrey low of 36. now the numbers responding. i talked about this, this the cold spot. they always make such a quick plymouth at 53. it's the dry air, dry air cools off fast and springs right back when you put sunshine on it. that's happening right now with mostly sunny sky snt high tomorrow. temps near 70. >> and then here's a cool front that will cool things off for the end of the week. minutes the u.s. coast guard focusing the search on finding survivor from cargo ship that el faro vanished during
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hurricane joaquin. they believe that ship sank. debris believed to be from the vessel is found including badly damaged life boat. the ntsb has sent team to investigate. continues. take a look here as the coast guard and crews there take off to search for any sign of life. we have more on the two graduates on the ship. victor air? >> they offered up prayers and moment of silence here at this campus this morning and they said that they still have hope that survivors will be found. morning formation at maritime academy with heavy hearts, prayers and a moment of silence.
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serving onboard as one 2005 graduate keith britman. the two graduate among the 32 missing after the cargo ship saveng sank off the bahamas if. today the ntsb launching a go team to jacksonville, florida. the ntsb launching their own investigation. yesterday the coast guard found debris field. life boat found and body wearing survival suit but so far no survivors. she said she last heard from him wednesday and e-mail that said he was going to bed early because the storm was coming and he didn't expect to get much sleep. while there's still a search-and-rescue mission going
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for your hope and your support the jeff, keith, their families and the families of all 33 persons onboard. there are also several graduates of the main maritime academy who are among the missing and they will having e vigil later today. we're live this morning on buzzard's bay. victoria warren 7news "today in new england." crews in boston north end getting a water main break under control. this was the scene just a few hours ago there on salem and sprint street. you can see the water left behind in the road there. >> luckily no one had to be evacuated. quite a mess for a lot of people. disturbing new details surrounding the death of young girl from worcester. we learn more about the home where gigi brown was found unresponsive. jennifer eagan in worcester with
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more on this. jen? >> the apartment had infestation problem. live wires may have been exposed. the girl's family complained. she's died on december 28th. she had a fever following immunization but seemed to be in good health. officials told the family gigi may have been dead for four hours before she's found inside the apartment. her cause of death hasn't been determined. according to the worcester telegram her grandmother complained to city there was bed bug and calk cockroach infestation. meanwhile the investigate into the girl's death continues. live in worcester this morning.
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7news "today in new england." investigating this crash. the driver of pick up went off road and crashed through a fence the home. the house in the mean time dates back to mid 1800's and once belonged to a sea captain. a midair emergency after a pilot suddenly dies during a boston. now we hear from his wife who is remembering him as a father and dedicated pilot. let's go to nicole oliverio live at logan with more on what she had to say. obviously she is heart broken. >> she believed that her husband was healthy enough to fly but said he did have heart problems in the past. >> a seamingly normal flight headed to boston makes an emergency landing without incident and without much explanation. lands in syracuse safely. but what passengers didn't know that their pilot 57-year-old michael johnston died mid
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that's kind of a surreal. you just feel numb. it's got real. captain johnson family believe he suffered a heart attack. he had problems with his heart. double bypass 2006. >> passengers on the american airlines flight from phoenix say because of the red eye most people were sleeping when the announcements made. i felt something was wrong when we went to quick decent. they came over the loud speaker we having emergency due to pilot not feeling well. . >> medical emergency captain incapacitated. the copilot contacted airport and landed the plane. they released a statement saying quote we are incredibly saddened by this event on focused on caring for our pilotings family and colleagues >> at the end we all shocked and
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johnston leaves behind wife and 8 children. they had no idea he had died until they load the flight to head back. happening today convicted killer aaron hernandez is heading back to court. couple of things we're looking at here. aaron hernandez's lawyer want the other murder charges against their client to be dropped. a hearing on the matter will be held this morning insufficient folk, superior court. attorneys for the former patriot's tight end say the other murder charges should be dropped because there's insufficient evidence to presented to the grand jury. that's their argument. prosecutors say hernandez shot and killed the two men in the south end in july of 2012. according to investigators, he got upset with the men because he said they accidently bumped into him at a club in boston
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according to police hernandez followed the men out of the nightclub as they drove away. prosecutors say hernandez eventually pulled up next to the car with those two men inside and shot them. family members for the two men have filed civil suits against aaron hernandez. he's serving life in prison. this after in april jury convicted him of killing oden lloyd. that's the latest live in the control room. kris anderson, 7news "today in new england." new data revealing the stretch of track where amtrak train derailed has been flagged with problems. there's been 54 crashes there since 2006 including 14 derailments. the train known as the vermonter was headed for washington, d.c. when it hit rocks on the track monday morning. that sent engine and passenger car over embankment. four passengers and three crewmembers were hurt. we felt something. it was like a bump. next thing we knew we kind of
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swerved to the left and then swerved to the right. we all,go. we saw the car in front of us. that's when it went down. it's expected to take crew self days to clear the tracks. state lawmaker are set to discuss the possibility of banning people from holding cell phones while driving. the transportation committee will hold a public hearing on the issue today at the statehouse. it starts at 10:00 a.m. a 2010 law bands people from texting while driving. in massachusetts driver can hold a phone while behind the wheel. i would totally support it. >> if you are on a conference call with work and you're driving and you have pay attention. it can be just as dangerous. 14 state currently have the so-called hands-free law. we have new details on former nbta general manager beverly scott. president obama is withdrawing nomination to the national transportation safety board.
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scott was nominated in july a few months after quitting her job at the t she was the one in charge last winter when they agency dealt with several problems from several storms. the "boston herald" report that scott asked her name be taken out of consideration for personal reasons >> hillary clinton releasing a new ad. clinton's e-mail created to destroy her candidacy. >> the campaign video takes him at house majority kevin mccarthy. he has his sites on becoming the next speaker of the house said last week that clinton could have been unbeatable had it not been for the republican-led committee. republicans fired back and said their only focus getting to bottom of the 2012 attack. airhead on "today in new england." famous monument honoring breast cancer awareness. an update on the historic
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carolinas where the torrential end. >> mostly sunny sky. a bit of a warm up. forecast up next. big cheerios recall. why some with allergies may have to take special notice. . >> bumper-to-bumper doesn't quit. 120 both ways out of the north shore and the south shore still very slow going. look at the turnpike. that's also a mess all the way downtown. not to mention 93 heavy from wilmington in. there's a expressway bumper-to-bumper from weymouth all the way to
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>> it's the 6th of october. month. my 7-year-old is still wearing
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shorts to school. hasn't broken the shorts streak yet since september. he's a true new englander. it's not cold outside mom. a couple of days ago it wasn't today i think you can make the case discussion. it's certainly going to be warm chilly start to today and tomorrow morning. i tell you what i get e-mails from moms and dad in december saying it's too cold to wear shorts. i think streak is longer than dimaggio's. that's extensive. a low of 48 in the city. bedford 36. norwood, 32. now the numbers are warming. cambridge and 52. lexington at 42. a little bit early for recess to get under way. give it another couple of hours. it does feel nice out there. sterling 49.
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south of town the numbers are in the low 50s. wareham and 50. out on cape and island the numbers are running into the 50. yarmouth at 58 with all sorts of sunshine. had a couple of clouds in the cape early this morning. breaking apart moving away. high pressure taking over. high pressure really has been with us since late last week. it was focused over here through the u.s.-canadian border. they set up northeaster i will wind. especially fall, winter and spring. now the blue h just about on top of us. there's less wind out there. and certainly not as from the northeast as it once was a couple of days ago. that's why this afternoon and again tomorrow afternoon it'll will nice recory. temperature upper 60s to around 70. be are still tracking a cool front the first of two weather systems and this will sneak through here tomorrow night. that will prevent temps on thursday from reaching 70.
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but still not too shabby for october. great day today. mostly sunny skies. temps in the 60s to around 70. taking the kids to playground throughout the afternoon hours. perhaps venturing into the apple orchard. looks great at boston. frame ingham at 8. no wind out there. pollen count mild category. mold spores in the low category. tonight mostly clear and chilly 40s to around 50. and after the morning chill melts away tomorrow. lots of sunshine. pleasant tomorrow. temps in the upper 60s to around 70. topsfield fair rolls in. mostly sunny skies. temps between 65 and 70. on friday here's another weather system. that's a cool front. that one will generate clouds and i do think even a couple of scattered showers friday afternoon. not widespread. certainly not heavy. temperature on friday in up thor 60ings and for the holiday weekend. mix of cloud and sunshine all three day with temperature starting to warm back up by columbus day near 70. thank you.
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of breast cancer awareness month. dozens of survivor and patient travel to statute to come together from the fight against this deadly disease. breast cancers is international. it has no borders we're here tonight to see the christ be lit in pink as the eiffel tower and empire state building is. we're here to let you know you have to detect breast cancer early. according to the nonprofit organization america, 42% of women in brazil with the disease do not survive compared to 16% here in the u.s. a lot of work ahead there. still ahead details in the case of bo bergdol. latest on historic flooding in the carolina. mandatory evacuations still in place.
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just ahead at 9:30 controversy hitting another dunkin' donuts, this time in
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the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. glue details on the case against an bo bergdahl. the lieutenant colonel submitted
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recommendation but the army will not reveal what it is. he's charged with december session for leaving his post in afghanistan. he was rescued during a prisoner swap last year. john boehner delaying republican vote for two key post. g.o.p. will hold election to replace the retiring boehner on thursday with the full house vote on the 29th. boehner said he is pushing back the election for house majority leader and house majority whip until after the new house speaker takes over. now to wild weather in the carolinas, the torrential rainfall there. finally coming to an end but the damage has been done and this is historic flooding we're talking about. it continues several dams have been broken. mandatory evacuations are still in place. other people are trapped in their homes. from bad to word in columbia, south carolina after two feet of rain damns are breeching, flooding already hart
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hit area. we got to get people downstream evacuated. if this damn goes the 50,000 will be washed away. but not everybody is hearing the warning. we don't want to have to come out and rescue and much worse we don't want you added to the number of fatality. shelters are filled with family. >> water is in demand. downtown columbia fire trucks are pumping clean water into the property. the roads are still unsafe. a lot of them have been undermined by the flooding. when the water recedes the suffering will not end soon. and neither will the memory of this historic storm. right now classes at local schools are still cancelled for
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many children. including 30,000 students as well at the university of south carolina. still ahead, what you need to know about recall. why your box of cheerios may be mislabeled. management alternate one worcester club going on the defense after a near riot happened outside that venue. a controversy brewing in rhode island after dunkin' donut
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if you sit down for breakfast and cereal on the mend general mills issue recall apology.
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of its cheerios and honey nut cheerios cereals are label as gluten fruit but they contain wheat. general meals wheat flour got into oat flour. it recall cheerio and honey nut cheerio with july use by date. you can order breakfast anytime you want at mcdonalds. restaurant offer limited menu after normal breakfast hours. with more than 120,000 tweet asking for all-day breakfast in the past year. mcdonald said it's been the number one request from its customer remember this video of the rat in new york city. carrying a piece of pizza that went viral. someone getting creative and they have taken this video inspiration for the newest halloween costume. do you want to see it? >> well, here it is.
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it is the pizza rat halloween costume. i thought maybe they may put a piece of pizza on their head something creative like that. you can hardly notice the pizza you see this skimpy little miss outfit here. i told you earlier if you were to poll 100 and ask what they look like. they would probably say what costume. or what pizza. 82 you could do like a big balloon outfit then the pizza and the head with the hat. that would be more like it. jr in the weather center. this morning. on. i think a picture is worth a thousand words. there's the picture. we've got that weather and much more ahead including this -- this is another piece of today. zwloo they are locking horns over a girl apparently. it's mating season in alaska. and wait until you see more of this throw down here, coming up. >> i think they were fighting actually not sure.
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forecast for the day up next. also ahead top military official in the hot seat today after a charity clinic in afghanistan comes under fire.
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crews searching the sea. family hold on to hope that survivor will be found. new detail surrounding the death of girl in worcester. we hear what conditions may have been like inside her home. top military official testifying after a medical clinic in afghanistan is hit by u.s. airstrikes. thanks for sticking around with us everyone. it's a beautiful start to our day so far. it's great out there. perfect fall day, jr and warming
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numbers low 50s. city at 53. plymouth 53. back into worcester hills temperature in the 50s. and we do not have a strong northeast wind today. for the first time in quite a few days. even though the sun is not quite as strong as it has been in recent months i ask still do work. it will boost the temperatures into the middle and upper 60sen close to 70 degrees. thanks to high pressure in this location here. it's with us again tomorrow. and then eventually this cool front will sweep across new england late tomorrow night. but before that happens you have a gorgeous fall day lots of sunshine. hardly any wind. temps between 65 and 70 this afternoon. >> this morning ntsb joined the investigation into cargo ship that vanished at sea. this as the search continues for survivors. here you can see coast guard crew taking off from florida to search the seas for any sign of life. the flight crew departed at first light this morning. victoria warren at the maritime
9:32 am
academy with more on the two graduates who were on that ship. >> those two graduate very much on the mind of everybody here at the mass maritime academy. this morning they offered up a moment of silence. they offered up prayers and they said they still have hope that survivors will be found. more mourning formation with a moment of silence. 1996 graduate serving onboard as well 2005 graduate. the two graduates among the 33 crewmembers missing after the cargo ship el faro sank off the bahamas after running into hurricane joaquin. today we announce a go-team to jacksonville, florida. ntsb launching tear own investigation as the coast guard continues its search effort just yesterday the coast
9:33 am
guard has found a debris field. >> a life boat found and body wearing survival suit but so far no survivors. his wife last heard from him wednesday an e-mail saying he was going to bed early because a storm was coming and didn't expect to get much sleep. while there's a search-and-rescue mission going on. i ask for your optimism and hope and for your support to jeff, keith, their families and the families of all 33 persons onboard. some graduates from the main maritime academy also among the missing. they will be having a vigil up in maine and here on this campus they will offer further prayers at a church service.
9:34 am
live on buzzard's bay. victoria warren, 7news "today in new england." city officials in worcester say the apart where 2-year-old girl was spound unresponsive last week according to family gigi brown was not breathing when her brother went wake the 2-year-old up on september 28th. she will pronounced dead at the hospital. asking to the telegram and gazette they had electrical trouble and issue with bed bugs and cockroaches. near riot outside a club in worcester has the club's bagment defending themselves. they didn't plan theent that police say was responsible for the chaos. five people were arrested when the crowd allegedly become unruly. those five men were supposed to be in court monday but its
9:35 am
anonymous tip lead to bust of growing operation. they seized # plant estimated to worth 100,000. the suspect facing charges. the driver of the car that went on a dangerous dave in waltham said he doesn't know what happened. the man said he was on the way to store and lost control on river street. this was monday afternoon. then he collided with a parked van, pushed it about 40 feet and wound up wedged underneath it. no ones inside the van at the time. but the 32-year-old driver was trapped until someone came along and pulled him out. ist looking straight ahead. i stepped on the wreak. and then i could feel myself going under the scar. i was stuck. i couldn't open my door. police say speed wasn't necessarily a factor but the vans illegally parked.
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claimed an employee used insider information to win hundreds of thousands of dollars. according to report a manager for boston based admitted last week to releasing data. that person won 350,000 while playing that same week. the company release say joint statement monday saying both companies have strong policies in place to ensure that employee do not misuse information at their disposal. and strictly limit access to company data to only those employee whose require it to do their job. employees with access to the data rigorously monitored by fraud control team and we have no information anyone has misused them. health official say 7th person has contracted west nile virus in massachusetts this year. the 7 little person a woman who in her 90s.
9:37 am
nile in massachusetts so far this year. and controversy brewing at yet another dunkin' donuts this time in providence after an employee once again protest the police officer. the officer said the employee was rude to him when ordering and handed a coffee up with with a phrase black lives matter. the police union believe it only condones violence against police. i dent think the employee should do that. shouldn't take a political stance in a commercial place. it stems from people feeling like they've been mistreated. dunkin' donut said apologized to officer and the employee has been counseled. >> he's there to answer tough questions about an airstrike that killed 22 people. and it happened at charity clinic over the weekend. let's go to kris anderson with
9:38 am
a lot of attention being paid to this story. top u.s. general in the region said afghan troops who were on the ground ordered that airstrike. this of course, differs from the initial report that u.s. troop were the ones taking fire. 22 people including doctors and patient when u.s. bomb destroyed the hospital in canduz, afghanistan. it was run by the group doctors without border. the taliban fighter were shooting from the hospital but doctors without borders said that's impossible. this hospital is a fenced hospital like all our hospital guarded by guard. the only people inside the hospital is patient, care takers and staff. the white house said that three investigations are in progress now. the president wants changes made again. there are 5,000 u.s. troops by the way left in afghanistan who are helping the afghan forces in
9:39 am
their battle. the city where this happened was the first major city taken back by the taliban since 2001. that's the latest here from the newsroom. kris anderson, 7news "today in new england." now to voice your choice coverage senate showdown in new hampshire. maggie a democrat will challenge kelly aot a republican next year. they made the announcement monday. meanwhile listen to this. donald trump sends a prank care package to marco rubio's washington campaign office. inside a 234-pack of trump ice natural spring water with trump face on it. us will two towels. a note road since we're always sweating we thought you could use some water enjoy. trump said he has never seen the young man sweat so much or drink as much water. people in lawrence are being
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this is coyote. the animal has been spotted in the area near sear drive. they are asked to keep pet inside and be careful outside with simple chirp -- small children. just ahead, an intense sight on the street of one neighborhood. two moose locked in all out brawl. a father and son right there to film it. ahead with 7 sports. we will check with the pats as they prepare for the battle with the cowboys, this weekend. for the day mostly sunny sky. nice mild afternoon. the forecast is coming up next. >> now that school is back in session our class act segment returns. if you know a student between 6th and 12th grade doing something in the community you can nominate them online at
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if you haven't been with us this morning. we been talking about a great weather day we have on tap. i challenged some of our viewer on twitter to tell me what they would do a beautiful day. i feel like it's a gift. . >> i do too. i think lunch outside. that's simple. doesn't have to be complicated.
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>> anywhere they have tacos. anywhere you are not going j.r. bedford 36. it's shaping up to be a fantastic fall day. it's in the middle of the week. this okay. days like this help us get through the middle of the week as do taco. a, frost and freeze will start to throw those terms at you in the coming days and week and typically you have your first frost in deep shading of blue and first couple of weeks of october this month. metro boston inside 128. usually it's closer to halloween and it doesn't happen until out on the cape and island until the first ten days of noer. frost is what happens when the air temperature up measured about the height of my nose here. about 35 to 36 degrees. down closer to the ground because cold air is heavy and sinks the ground temp would be about 32. 33. there may have been patchy frost along the 495 corridor early
9:44 am
more so up through the northern worcester county of new hampshire. in i event now the numbers turns around 40s and 50s with mostly sunny sky. they are beginning to break apart. and another batch of cloud in northern new england. they won't pester us. high pressure is with us today. and again tomorrow. there will be a cool front that zips out of canada tomorrow fight. and thursday morning. that will prevent three straight day of 70-degree weather. near 70 this afternoon. thursday behind cold front cooler throughout the afternoon hours. today looks great. testimonies between 65 and 70. hardly any wind. boston, 69. norwood at 68. drakette, 69. manchester 70. into the worcester hills 67. cape and island provincetown 64. pollen count moderate category now. and mold spores in the low category.
9:45 am
tonight mostly clear, chilly. lows between 42 and 51. through the day tomorrow much like today cold for a few hour early tomorrow morning. and then turns into a nice afternoon. mostly sunny skies today and tomorrow. friday that's our next chance of rain. that's not a washout. some scattered showers friday afternoon. nothing heavy or long lasting. for the holiday weekend, looking dry. it was fight space fight. moose went head to head on a family's front lawn. going on outside. they had to check things out. when they saw the brawl going down they knew they had to hit record or it would have been like one of those story, no, i swear it was reallies this big. they caught it all on camera.
9:46 am
and son front row seat to friday night fight. they were fighting over a girl, naturally. its crazy. like something i had seen this in the wild 100 yards away. he never expected to see the action this close to his south anchorage home. they were literally about face from us. started in neighbor's driveway. we were behind the car. as the brawl spills on to street they run for safety. >> i filmed a lot of the video from right here. ten feet away from more than 1,000 pounds of alaska-grown moose in each corner. antlers swinging. ones carrying the other one all the way across the street. one bull moose finally gets the upper hand and clear it's
9:47 am
they separated here. the winner stood here you know i'm the victor. we are the champion. left their mark. you can see the gouge mark with it happened. there's moose hair everywhere. josh wouldn't mind seeing another brawl. but dad said that's okay they have seen enough action to carry them until next mating season. fights happen over female every year. but rarely do they spill out of the wild and into a residential neighborhood like that one did. these are not two terriers fighting here. they are 1,000-pound beast. this definitely our favorite story. pats coming off bi week. they look to get back in the gridiron.
9:48 am
they get ready for dallas. a controversy call has league officials say they may
9:49 am
good morning back to reality for patriots. the patriot's are the best team in football and ready to blow out a cowboys team that is missing their two best players on offense. the pats were the perfect attendance at practice yesterday. offensive linemen ryan returning to practice field after missing the first three games while recovering from that undisclosed illness. there's considerable buz
9:50 am
surrounding the former saint defensive tackle who came to new england last week in that trade for michael. 6' 5, 324 pounds now he'll learn to play football the patriot's way. just look forward to playing in this new team. nhl team have to trim roster to 23 player by 5:00 today. pru winn get a jump on that. they could still pass through waiver and wind up in prove against. celtics getting set. tip off set for 2:30. i'm joe amorosino.
9:51 am
controversial call at the end of last night monday night football game. the call was wrong. line. however, player are not allowed out. detroit should have gotten the ball back. no penalty was called and seattle won the game 13-10. ouchy. >> up next in the buzz super hero will be hitting the big screen. find out when you can check out "the flash" in theaters. how pepsi is looking to honor the iconic back to the future
9:52 am
9:53 am
topping the buzz "the flash"
9:54 am
newest super hero movie set to be released in 2018. gram smith has been asked to direct the movie. they announce will be playing the fastest man alive. he's in series that airs on the cw. pepsi going back to future with new promotion fans of the iconic film trilogy. they remember when one character walked into diner to buy a pepsi. the company launching limited edition of bottle on october 21st. which is day marty mcfly and doc travel to back to future ii in the movie. the boot sl a collectible. pepsi only plans to make about #,000 of them. i just read if real life it will cost you about $20 in the movie it cost about $50. let's talk about the hairstyles. that was such an awesome movie. so many lines from that movie. boston at 59.
9:55 am
bedford 48. norwood, 57. mostly sunny skies through the day. temps this afternoon upper 60s. enjoy the rest of your day everybody. thanks for watching. i'm christa delcamp. i'm jadiann thompson. have a great morning. we'll see you back here for
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