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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  October 6, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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jury where we heard from brad about hisonversation with aaron hernandez. aaron hernandez back in court. in it front of the families of the two men he is accused of shooting and killing in 2012. danielle abreau and if you sariro furtado. prosecutors revealed bradley told the grand jury hernandez was worried about what bradley saw. tell anybody. the only thing i recall him saying to me is i better not say anything, keep this between us. >> reporter: seven months later bradley spoke of the murders again and upset an increasingly paranoid hern glaze mr. hernandez allegedly seized two individuals who he said were staring at him all night. were bradley says words to the effect that is probably because of the f.ed up stuff you did in bass last summer. >> reporter: the next day bradley was shot in the face but survived.
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prosecutors say it was hernandez who shot bradley trying to silence the lone witness to the boston murderers. >> this is basically a concocted fastsy. this is not probable cause. >> reporter: hernandez's lawyer won't concede it was hernandez who shot his friend and even if he did hernandez's lawyer says bradley told the grand jury the two argued about other things before the shooting. >> he was asked, is the reason why he shot you about this? meaning the boston shooting. his answer was, i honestly -- if i was going to call it i would say, no. but as time went on i started wondering. that is the best they have from bradley. >> reporter: no decision on this matter from the judge today. he would take the matter unked aizement. the hearing resumes next week. next tuesday, all leading up to the trial. live in boston, dan hausle, 7 news. >> new at 5:00 a wrong turn leading to a traffic mess in boston. the tractor trailer side swiped a parked car on a
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street. they took the driver into custody? [inaudible] >> reporter: he actually drove down this way. he ended up blocking many of the cars that were parked right there and actually took out one of these car. look at this video. you can actually see police cuffing the truck's driver and they have him in custody right now. from sky 7 you can see that he took that tractor trailer on to a one-way street. his helper who was also in the tractor trailer says that they were forced to do that turn because the treat was too nar orbs to make the right. -- narrow to make the drive. the driver smashed one of the car's drivers side window of the we talked to the driver, witnesses on the scene say that the driver appeared to be under the influence but his helper says it was all due to his medication.
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>> coming down this narrow street. he made a right turn. he made a left turn. >> medical issue with cancer. and it's just kind of effects his talking and his features sometimes. and that is where it go from. there you know. >> reporter: as you can see traffic has opened up here in the fenway area. that tractor trailer has been removed. we're waiting from hear from boston police to hear what charges he might be facing. susan tran, 7 news. >> family members of the crew on board a cargo ship that sank in the bahamas holding out hope their loved ones may still be alive. two of the men here are their pictures are from massachusetts. tonight as the search continues for those men and any other survivor the national transportation safety board has launched an official investigation. >> reporter: 33 crew members were on board when
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just one body has been recovered. the search continues near the bahamas. the coast guard is scouring the seas five days after offices think the ship sank during the height of hurricane joaquin. one of the crew members is from kingston, he graduated from the massachusetts maritime academy in 1996. his family released a statement today saying in part: keith christen graduated from mass maritime in 2005 but lives in florida where his wife is pregnant with twins. the national transportation safety board is involved with this case. investigators are searching for any clue that could help find answers. >> we'll be looking at all the factors that have affected the safety. so what happened, why it
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happened, ultimately to prevent this from happening again. so we'll be looking at the voice data recorder that will be of utmost pops to try to find that. recovered debris from the ship in an effort to lost. but for the family and friends of the missing, there is nothing they request do now but wait and hope. in the newsroom, elizabeth norieka, 7 news. >> disturbing details about a toddler tragedy in worcester. we're learning about past problems in the homes where a 2-year-old girl was found. the apartment had several code violations. thes girl was not breathings when her brother wept to wake her up. the family's building recently had electrical problems and issues with bed bugs and cock roaches. >> the, outstanding issue
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the -- the exterminator did go to the property however we have a grieving family that right now may not be that. >> the cause of death is still not known. investigators are waiting results. >> a united oreline flight makes an emergency landing when a co-pilot passes out and in mid air. plane will to stop in it al ba curbingy. the air -- al ba curbingy. so -- albuquerque, that comes one day after a mid-air emergency after a pilot died in the cockpit. nicole oliverio shows us that man's wife is remembering him as a loving dedicated to his job. normal night makes an emergency landing without explanation. it lands in syracuse safely, but what passengers didn't
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>> it's kind of a surreal, you feel numb. that is the only way i can explain it. this is not really real. >> reporter: the captain john sows family believes he sufficiented a heart attack. >> he has had problems with her heart. had double bypass 2006. >> reporter: passengers on the flight from phoenix say because it was a red eye most people were sleeping when the announcement was made. >> i felt something was wrong when we learned of a quick descent. >> they were' saying they're having an emergency due to the pilot not feeling well. >> reporter: they didn't know how bad it was. >> medical emergency. captain is incapacitated revenues the co-pilot contacted syracuse airplane and landed the plane. american released a statement saying: >> at the end we're shocked. put our lives in his hands now he he is gone. >> reporter: passengers
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tell us they had no idea what happened to the captain until they boarded the plane heading back to boston. johnston leaves his wife and eight children. nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> also on 7 the top commander of coalition forces in afghanistan facing tough questions. senate lawmakers want answers after a deadly strike on a doctors without weeks. the general admitted the strike was a mistake. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan told senators why it happened is not clear. but the air strike that killed 22 at the hospital on saturday were the fault of the american military. >> the decision to provide aerial fires was a u.s. decision. >> reporter: a mistake said general john campbell. >> we would never intentionally target a protected medica facility. >> reporter: president obama is demanding quick action from the pentagon. the white house said to prevent another mistake. >> to get the facts, to get this full accounting and
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make sure whatever changes are necessary are properly implemented. >> reporter: the tragedy came after the taliban took over kunduz. the commander in chief is reassessing the plan to pull out. almost all of the 9800 remain forces by 2017. do to the pull out jays mccain. >> if we do what is presently planned to begin we'll see the iraq movie again. >> isis taking territory. u.s. backed troops fleeing because republicans say u.s. forces left too soon. an afghanistan pullout campbell opposes it. >> that decision was made in 2014. a lot has happened since then in transition. >> from syria to cubele and almost none of it -- kabol and none of it good. isis is said to be seeking a foothold in afghanistan. >> people in sauk are finally seeing sun but also
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seeing that, an overwhelming amount of devastation in the region and a lot of high water. the governor saying they're not out of the woods yet. the death toll of this history-making rainfall and flooding now stands at 14. the sun is giving people in some of the hardest hit areas the first chance to pull away debris and the national guard is helping out but even with this cleanup beginning, south carolina's governor says flood waters are still testing dams and bridges and they're urging people to continue to take precautions. >> the next 36-48 hours are going to be a time we need to temperature to be careful just because there is no rain and just because the sun is out, we are now looking at down streams, waters and other areas that are going to be affected. >> authorities are saying it could be a week or more before some of the rivers and creeks begin to recede. and the cleanup of course very expensive.
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>> donald trump send a care package to marco rubio that included a 24 bottle case of ice trump spring water. trump said rubio sweats a lot and drinks a ton of water. >> rubio is not the guy that's going to negotiate with the kind of people you have to negotiate with to turn this country around. but just so you understand, very simple and he was the one this attacked me first, i didn't attack him. >> rubio told the "today" show it's high quality water and he appreciated the gesture but turned his attention to a hot topic on the campaign trail, gun control. >> many of the proposals that are out there now on gun control won't have prevent that had attack or some of the others we've seen in the past. we need to examine why it is that people are taking violent action. no the what they're using to commit the act with and we've two issues. someone mental illness which we need it address more seriously. >> rubio address idea he didn't attend many votes in the senate.
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the majority of the job is the constituent service and committee work, not walking on to the floor saying which way you are going to vote. >> during her trip to iowa, democrat candidate hillary clinton also talked about her support of gun control. former secretary of state said this country can't tolerate mass shootings. she said her goal is to stop those violent attacks. >> the nfl acknowledging it fumbled a call during last night's game. it cost detroit's chance to win monday night's game. joe amorosino is here with a closer look. >> reporter: back in 2012 during the replacement referee era seattle was home to the failed mary, that helped the seahawks escape with a win over the packers. last night they were on right side of another error that saled up the sea hawks victory. johnson gets the ball punched away by chapsler where it was batted out of
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it went down as a turn your but the nfl admitted that wright should have been flagged for illegal touching because the defensive team is not allowed to bat the ball. the flat was not reviewable an the back judge seemed contact inadvertent. belichick pushed for the league to review everything, make everything reviewable. he asked that to do that and he was asked about that today and how he prepares his team for every possible scenario. we'll have his answer coming up on. 7 news at 6:00. joe amorosino. >> we look forward to that and also still to come, a bad day that becomes a very good one for a woman in michigan. when she realizes she just hit the jackpot and what she plans to do with her win. >> then in our hex half hour lawmakers looking to put hand health cell phone use on hold. >> a moose mel.
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why those two were going head-to-head in the middle of a neighborhood. >> in one hour -- >> save chen, save chen. >> middle schoolers in brookline taking their protest to the streets after a popular teacher gets fired. >> kim: airline apologizing to a local mother about the way they handled her breast feeding
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>> a michigan woman striking it rich, today she claimed herb power ball winnings, she was' presented with a very big check. she took the lump sum option. she will head home with a cool $197 million in cash. >> she is making a lot of changes in her life. her is chris anderson. >> reporter: julie was on her way to work last wednesday night when she decided to stop at a gas station to get some coffee. it was that stop that would change her life forever. she bought $20 worth of bot lottery tickets. an thursday a tough day at work quickly took a turn. >> just wept to work, was going a bad night. went to mcdonalds for lunch. thought well, i might as well check my numbers while i'm waiting for my lunch, and that is when i realized that i was the winner reference the mother of 3
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more than $310 million in saturday's power ball drawing. >> i kept trying to focus my eyes on is the numbers and dates and i was shaking and -- >> reporter: what ishe first thing she did after the numbers came into focus? >> i quit automatically. [laughter] i was done. >> reporter: she said good-bye to her supervise position at a fiber glass company and now says she wants to focus on her family. >> i'm going to take care of my kids. i don't want them to have to work like i had to work. and deal with the kind of things that i had to deal with over life. if we ever won the lottery we wanted to buy a bunch of land and build our kids a emwho and have our own community. julie has been with her significant other for 36 years, when asked if she thought he might propose. >> i said he would have to sign a renew now.
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[laughter] >> reporter: -- prenup now. >> reporter: she didn't sleep for the first 30 hours fearing that it it was all a dream. also the little community she plans on building with her family will be somewhere in michigan. that is the story in the newsroom, chrisanderson, 7 news. >> next on 7, why not have break fast for dinner. mcdonalds making it all possible starting today. while everyone is not loving it, though. >> oh, yes, well i think it's cool. our forecast is looking good through the rest of the week. warm-up, cooldowns, we go through it in the forecast ahead. >> pete is hungry. how about this. at 5:30 finishing strong. little team work. helps a runner make it to
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>> 59 degrees right now. dew point reading about 48. east wind at 9 miles-an-hour, when a day, warmer tomorrow though and it's the warmest day of the week that i see. just some sprinkles on friday. that's it for wet weather. a pleasant weekend setting up one near normal, too, no big colds shots. 59 in boston with a sea breeze. water temperature is 57 so it stands to reason. 65 worcester. 67 orange, still 70 hartford and in the low 60s across
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high clouds, and mid level clouds moving in, this is a cool front and as its name suggests we'll cool down. just not tomorrow. our temperatures soars up to the70s, no showers expected but it'll bring in a west wend by drives back the sea breeze which was the factor that kept us in the 60s in the city but tomorrow i think we'll make 70 degrees even in boston, too. so, yes, lunch outside. that kind of thing. short sleeves. 9 on the north shore. almost mid 60s through hyannis and provincetown. 72 fitchburg, 67 worcester and 73 in taunton. one ever the warmer spots. down we go on thursday. high pressure moves in, temperatures go 10 degrees cooler than return on friday then back down again on saturday. although sat's shot of cool air does not look as sit as thursday. normal high temperature, we may be below normal between thursday, friday and saturday.
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that is something to say. 44-53 tonight for the temperature range. some clouds moving in after midnight. a clear start. then tomorrow warmer. few morning clouds otherwise a sunny day. 67-73. the west wind at light speed. 7 on 7 forecast. one day with a couple of showers, that's it? we're in a dry spell. there maybe some on tuesday, i'll give you that but we're warmer all the day through next week early on at least. there might be more significant cold air coming later in the week. the trend over the 7 had ever 10 day forecast is cooler overall. see you at 5:30. >> seven in ten people say they want breakfast all day long. >> mcdonald is rolling out all eye breakfast items. all day breakfast lost a limited menu, mcmuffins and bizkit items are included. >> there has been reaction about that. ahead on 7 lucky to be
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look at the cat hit by an aroar, experts say it wasn't an accident. >> trouble roaming around a lawrence neighborhood. the warning for people who
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. >> thank you for being with us, here is another 60 minutes of 7 news ahead. >> 7 news at 5:30 start now. >> new at 5:30 a new law for massachusetts drivers up for debate. why hand-free drive could be one step closer to a reality. >> proves in texas outraged after a new law permits
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>> a moose melee in a family's driveway of the we hear from a father and son several feet away from the head-to-heat badle. >> the 5:30 news starts now. >> lawmakers hang up on cell phone regulations. supporters of the law say it would help prevent accidents. >> several states have impolice departmented hand-free laws. janet wu has details on today's hearing, janet. >> reporter: i can tell you, it was a very emotional time here at the statehouse as one person after another recounted how distracted driving using a cell phone killed their loved ones. now, there may be changes on the way. look around. you will see far too many drivers holding speaking into or looking at their phones. new laws could soon change that. >> i've been waiting for the legislation for a long time.
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