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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  October 6, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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because my dad was killed by a distracted driver. >> reporter: jerry's son was driving in broad day light the day after his senior prom. him. my wife and i and just talking about nonsense. it appears he dropped his cell phone and unbuckled his seat belt to retrieve it and crash nod a tree. >> -- trashed in a tree. >> he died in my front yard. my front yard. >> reporter: mary went on to work for triple a. to advocate public safety. several proposals are being considered from mandatory hands-free talking to an outright ban on all cell phone use in school zones. some want no cell phone use in cars anywhere. >> whether you are texting, looking on it or waiting for a call, on a call, that is something that is taking part of your mind away from what you should be focusing on, driver. >> reporter: although texting was banned in 2010 enforcement is tough as people can still type in numbers to make a call.
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>> so the technology has changed. there is no need for you to look at your phone or hold your phone. >> reporter: 14 states have hands free laws including new hampshire, connecticut, new hampshire and vermont. at the hearing today there was really no opposition to the hand-free proposal that would make this illegal. but details and specifics need to be worked out as the bill moves out of committee to the house and the senate. but lawmakers tell me they see this moving forward as a bill very soon. janet wu, 7 news. >> a local man under arrest after police say he broke no a yarmouth hotel. squashway danforth was identified by a hotel employee who claims to have seen him breaking into the hotel. police say they found the suspect with bags full of items they believe to be stolen from past break ins in the same area. a man is blind bars after allegedly robbing a tewksbury grocery store and a bank in the same day. police also arrested two other men they believe were
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involved in the chelmsford robbery. no one was hurt in either incident. >> we're learning new details on the-- both companies announced changes in hopes of protectings their integrity. kim -- kim khazei has more. >> reporter: fan duel says its employees and draft king's employees are temporarily banned from playing any contest for money. espn announcing it removed sponsored elements, from its shows. this comes from the result of a "new york times" article that claimed one employee used insider information to win hundreds of thousands of dollars. the report revealed mid level content manager for boston-based draft conviction admitted to releasing data before the third week of the nfl season. that person won $350,000 while playing on fan duel in the same week been.
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statement saying in part: despite pulling sponsored content in it shows espn will be running fan duel and draft kings commerces. , kim khazei, 7 news. >> following more news, amtrak train service in vermont could resume this weekend. crews are busy cleaning up the site where a washington, d.c. bound train hit rocks on the tracks yesterday. sending two cars into an embankment and forcing several others off the tracks. several other people were hurt. they're out of the hospital. the president of amtrak said the investigation is just beginning. >> they would be looking at the speed of the train, how quick did they put the brakes on. they'll look at the track itself. they will look at what the extenuating circumstances were and in regard to they'll want to know the
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who else was in the cab? they'll want to know, they'll want to take a look at any videos that are available. >> since 2006 there have been four accidents involving debris on the tracks in the area. a scare in a college campus in philadelphia when police receive reports of a man with a gun. police say they received a 911 call of an armed man threatened another student during an argument. it raised concerns. just yesterday there was a nonspecific threat made against colleges in philadelphia that referenced last week acedias deadly attack in oregon. the campus was put on lockdown as police searched the building there. >> a now law in texas is starting university at the university of texas. it's called the campus carry law. it allows students to carry weapons on campus. august 1, 2016, students at the university of texas can cary more than just backpacks and books. >> i'm looking forward to august 1 of the next year as
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well. because what that is going to mean is texas schools are going to be cave. >> reporter: anyone with a concealed hand gun license will be allowed to carry their gun but it's up to u.t. to regulate where and how weapons can be carried. >> more guns on campus will not make us save. >> reporter: ellen says 300 professors have refused classroom. shooy is part of a group enact the strictest. >> i find it frightening. as a mother i find it horrifying. >> reporter: last night's forum. >> we've a nut job problem. >> reporter: was thes final chance to speak before the task force make its recommendations to the u. it. president. i believe my right to live and liberty that is from fear of being murdered to my office and classrooms plus those who in the same of name of the second amendment seek freedom to carry weapons into my office and the my classrooms. >> reporter: all right
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feel safe if guns are allowed. >> it's in the an easy task. >> reporter: once the committee makes its recommendation to the university president he will make a recommends but it'll need approval of another board. >> california's governor signs a bill allowing terminally ill patients a right to die. a year ago today britney maynard started a conversation about the right to die in a youtube video. the bill brings meaning to her daughter's death. >> i truly believe that britney facing her death with such clear-eyed objectivity and looking in a camera and talking about dying in front of all of america on youtube, was instrumental in getting the conversation going. >> the bill requires the patients be able to take the medication themselves after two doctors approved it. >> a decision in the case
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being kept a secret. a lieutenant colonel submitted his recommendation for whether berg daal should face a court-martial but the army won't reveal what it is. he was rescued last year. america's federal prisons will see their populations thin out in the next few weeks. the bureau of prisons says about 6,000 federal inmates will be released. the reason, all of the affected inmates are drug offenders and now eligible for release thanks to changes in federal drug sentences. >> taking a look off of the satellites a collision at sea off the coast of belgium. a dutch freighter that sank is on a sand bank unstable. you can see the boat starting to sink in the background. all 12 passengers were rescued. oil did leak into the sea. belgium and the netherlands plan to work together to clean it up.
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>> the death toll rises in guatamala where a massive land skill killed at least 137 people. rescue workers have been digging through mud and debris trying to find missing people. offices say many people didn't follow an evacuation warning. one person is recovering tonight after a massive explosion at a nursing home in the netherland. you can see the debris scattered every where in the street. the victim is in critical condition. the cause of the blast is still under investigation. >> also on 7 police race to the rescue after a kentucky pet shop owner gets attacked by a pay thon. the wan was cleaning out the cage when it bit him. police were able to wrangle the snake and save the owner from a near death experience. >> i see him laying on the ground. a puddle of blood. when he got the head away from the guy i pulled the snake off the guy's neck and we're able to pull the guy away so he could be helped by the paramedics who
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owner started. >> the store owner started breathing again. he is expected to be okay. >> a cat is recovering after taking a harmful hit in michigan. we want to want you some of the images are pretty disturbing. the little cat was shot in the stomach with a hunting arrow. a man found it under his deck and police do not know who shot this poor helpless animal. the man hopes the cat recovers. >> when i see something like that it breaks my heart because there is a lot of good people that are hunters. it wouldn't do that. won't even think about doing that. >> the cat is in critical condition. hard to look at that. >> it is. >> i have a kitty at home and i won't -- makes me want to cry. >> hopefully it'll make a recovery. hopefully they find who did it. >> still ahead here, finishing strong. a 75-year-old runner finds himself in trouble after raising for 20 miles but it doesn't stop him from finishing the race. >> new at 6:00 a brookline
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teacher terminated for the use of inappropriate language but the students are protesting the school's decision. >> aaron hernandez is back in court for his alleged ties to a double murder in boston. 130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico.
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>> a minnesota runner is becoming an inspiration after his finishing touch in a marathon. after running for for more than 20 miles he was almost out of steam. just when the man thought he couldn't finish the race another runner sided to go the extra mile. -- decided to go the extra mile. it's a photo that inspired thousands in just a day's time. including one of the runners, that guy on the right, who helped 75-year-old clicky clayman cross the finish line. >> about 50 feet in front of me we saw the man go down. >> matt says he was less nan a mile from the finish line when he saw clayman fall. >> it was clear he was going to need help to get to the finish line. >> both men ran to him help up. >> these two gouges picked
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to the finish line. >> -- he said will we get there before five hours? i said i think we will. >> they did all crossing the finish line at 4:50:53. all three perfect strangers but all three sharing a common bond. >> there is little bit of a camaraderie as you are running on marathon day especially when you get to the 24, 25 mile point. >> act of kindness that i've of sod blows my mind. >> clayman has been running an coaching runners for more than 50 years. he says at 75 he completed 38 marathons. he is lost with a bruised hip after his fall but x rays today show nothing is broken. he is back at the track. >> going around reverse about three slow laps. >> reporter: back at coaching today albeit using a walker. he is leaving a lasting impact on those who ran with him. >> he could have had us put him on the side and had
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adamant about getting to the finish line. >> good thing they helped him out. he has run many twin cities marathons in the past, including one in a little over t.w.a. and a half hours. moose matchup. two animals going head-to-head in a quiet neighborhood. >> we do cool down late week and the weekend forecast, already in view. with high confidence coming up. >> then at 6:00 a local mom outraged after a business trip says an unusual turn. we are airport officials told her to pump breast milk. >> a tractor trailer crashes into a parked car at boston. why the driver was arrested since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy.
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satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $300 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. >> what a gorgeous day. the sun was shining. it felt more summer weather outside. >> it's one of the days you
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through the end of november then december is fine but keep it going as long as we can. i love the weather. >> it's great. for october, for the season of fall, we start off chilly but it was amazing the turn around. over 35 gracious made it to the low 07's in pepperell. lunn evenburg at 35 and milless close to 70. with dry air you can to remarkable things. it cools off quickly but the sun bation it -- bation it and it -- bakes it up and it warms it up quickly. it also can cap high temperatures too, because the sun's energy goes into warming that moisture more than it does the actual air. we came close to a frost in some spots this morning. frost, with the temperature close to 32 degrees, some plants can survive. however, when you talk about a freeze with several hours below freezing, getting into the upper 20s, this is where you end the growing season. we've yet to see a freeze area wide so the plants continue to limp along. some of them are doing okay.
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they're producing tomatoes and cukes in some cases but temperatures in the mid 60s. tomorrow highs in the 70s will help. clouds moving in tonight. so that should keep the temperature from falling out of sight. we will go down to the 40s but downtown i expect us to be in the lower 50s. oh, by the way joaquin holding on as a category 1 hurricane. it moves eastbound and continues on the track over the north atlantic. giving you a little status update since it was such a big headliner last week. tomorrow not as blew as today. we start off with a few clouds in the morning, they go by and then we increase the sunshine in the afternoon. looking good. our winds will change direction. today onshore breeze, some the northwest wind. that northwest wind will be a warming wend for us along the coastline. so instead of low 60s we make a run at 70 degrees in the city and in the north and south shores too, and metro west. then we take off 10 degrees on thursday. a batch of cool air comes in.
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it looks a little chilly but we'll warm it up again on the backsides of the high on friday. fall foliage is low. we're not seeing a lot of color but it's coming on a little better now than we've gotten traction with mod moderate color. this is a good week coming up. columbus day weekend to check out the foliage in case you missed it last weekend and due to the fact that it's a week late so that helps you out. 44-53. so next week will be good, too. as a matter of fact, warmer. few morning clouds otherwise sunny tomorrow. 67 will have -- 67-73. the weather is cooperating, saturday and sunday in the low and mid 06's. great for leaf peeping or the topsfield fair. the forecast is next. >> epic battle on family's fronts lawn. two moose butting heads. a father and son heard all the commotion and immediately hit record. >> both beats matching each other's strength taking the fight down the block until it finally came to an end.
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it was a bonding moment for the father and son. front row seats for a friday night fight. >> the two started going at it. >> reporter: they were' two bull moose, duking it out at the peak of rut season fighting over a girl. >> it was crazy like someone out of left which you expect. i had seen it in the wild, 100 yards away. >> reporter: but he never expected to see the action this close to his home. >> they were' about 8-10 feet from us. >> reporter: it started in a neighbor's driveway. >> so we're right up in here in the edge of the car sitting here so we're behind the car. i'm filming the video blind the car. >> reporter: bill and his son run for safety. >> i filmed a lot of that video from about here. >> just 10,000 pound away from alaskan grown moose. >> that is where the front row was right there. >> hair flying everyone. one was carrying the other one all the way as crow the street.
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upper hand it's the clear the fight is coming to an end. >> he was ready to flip the other guy and they separated here in the street. the one ran down the street and the winner stood in the street, i'm the victor. we are the champions. >> reporter: the moose are long gone but they left their mark. >> you can see the gouge marks where it happened. >> reporter: there is moose hair everybody and a car nearby caught a few blows. dad says another brawl is okay. he and josh have had enough action to carry them until next mating season. what a sight. fights over females happen every year. >> but rarely do they spill out of the wild into residential neighborhoods. so it's like human men. >> exactly. fighting over a lady. >> up next in the buzz, the fresh prince getting a fresh start. details on will smith's big announcement. >> i'm kim khazei with some of the stories we're working on. students banding together in brookline. they hit the streets trying
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to save a teacher's job. also convicted killer aaron hernandez back in a courtroom. the move his defense team is making ahead of his upcoming double murder trial. and a warm led to a pet relief area when she asked to breast feed her child in an airplane. her outrage is making social media. we hope to see you on news
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>> topping the buzz, kiss 108 gyppingle ball is coming back to boston. >> great artists will be beforing at this year's who will take conser, you can see -- concert. you can see five seconds of summer and more. tickets are available right now. the concept will take place on december 10th at t. >> a group of comediennes will be saluting eddy murphy. murphy will receive the nation's top prize for humor, other stars such as chris rock and ketch kneelon will pay tribute to murray. >> withsmith says he is planning on going on a world tour with d.j.jazzy jeff. smith recently shocked fans making a remix of "fiesta," he is keeping himself quite busy.
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he is going to relaunch "fresh prince of bell air." >> no, really? >> they're relaunching everything, full house, -- >> what is old is new again. >> that is the new thing. >> there is another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead, i'm ryan schulteis. >> i'm elizabeth norieka, 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> announcer: banding together in brookline, students walking out of class and on to the streets. >> save chen. >> we're hear for him. >> announcer: what the school is saying about one teacher's termination, former patriot and convicted killer aaron hernandez back in court. the moves the defense is making ahead of his double murder trial. a lomb woman led to a pet relief area when she asked to use a breast pump at an airport. now an airline is a alocal guising. >> the temperatures bumped up tomorrow a little bit. >> announcer: 7 news at 6:00 starts now.
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support from students in brookline. they want to keep one of their favorite teachers in the classroom. the district recently fired that teacher. >> dozens of kids walked off of class today to protest. steve coop ser live with the controversy, coop. >> reporter: they're frustrated and angry and they want some action. they brought their concerns right here to brookline town hall today. they were here for hours after walking out of classes this morning. their message bring our fired teacher back. sky 7 h.d.capturing the scene over the driscoll school in brooklyn when dozens much 7th and 8th graders left their books and hit the road walking out of class in protests after a popular teacher was fired. >> save chen. >> reporter: chanting holding signs students marched a mile and a half in a show of support for larry chen. the social studies teacher
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