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tv   Today  NBC  October 7, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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this morning on requested today's take" jay leno back in the driver's seat in primetime and he's taking us along for the ride. then "real housewives" star e giudice breaking his silence for the first time since theresa was sent to prison and a rocker performance by adam lambert coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a lovely wednesday morning. october 7th, 2015 here in new york city.
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i'm willie along with al, natalie and tamron and this morning's jam didn't come from us. your idea last week was to get the viewers to send us the song. brenda parish, "beautiful day" of course by u2. >> it is going to be a beautiful day. >> good portion of the country and thankfully for our friends down in south carolina, even though the dams are still on pressure. >> yeah. >> the weather is good. >> wow. >> drying out a little bit. >> wow, good news. >> we'll talk more about that in just a little bit. politics. dr. ben carson is a guy who has surprised a lot of people, at or near many of the national polls tied with donald trump in some of them and he lit up the gun control debate with some new comments on mass shootings, of course, reflecting on last week's terrible day in oregon. what dr. carson said in "fox & friends" and how he would have responded if a gunman asked him what religion are you. >> not only would i probably not cooperate with them, i would -- i would not just stand there and let them shoot me. i would say, hey, guys,
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us all. >> he said that this morning -- yesterday morning and then reiterate it had again when he was asked again and again. a lot of people taking great offense to someone stepping back from the comfort of a presidential campaign and say here's what i would have done at nine people were shot, many of them reportedly asked what their religion was when they said christian. they were gunned down. >> yeah. i mean, it's beyond insensitive. it's hard to hear that. >> bill kristol, the conservative columnist, legend in the conservative world attempted to defend the remarks this morning on "morning joe," the show that willie is on as well and his point was dr. carson was not saying that wrong. >> right. >> that he was pointing, to for example, 9/11, with united flight 39 when we know those passengers fought back. that's at least one person's explanation perhaps for dr. carson's remarks. >> right. >> but then he went on and made
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similar comments on another program, dr. carson did. >> i just think as a rule, don't explain what you would have done in a moment none of us could imagine. >> are you don't know how you're going to react. >> if he wants to comment on it, good for him, but i think there are many people who would probably say, you know what, i'm not in those people's shoes, i'm not going to even begin to presume. >> and isn't it more important that we hear your policy proposals potentially on this conversation, a more substantive conversation rather than if then scenarios that certainly lead people to assume that you are saying that these poor people who lost their lives were passive and that you somehow would have been aggressive. >> and that wasn't the point i think he was intending to say, that these people were not passive. i think it was just more his idea of if we, you know, work together and take down the shooter, but, yeah. >> but when the shooter's armed with a semiautomatic weapon, it wasn't this case in this shooting and bottom line is one
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of those conversations that we have. i always think when we all watch the same video and majority of people go what did he say? that's usually not -- we're not all crazy here. >> part of his explanation last night when he was asked about it on a different show is i want to plant the seed for the next victim so that they react in a different way, but my goodness, who would ever second guess people in that situation. >> i don't understand it. >> you mentioned policy. part of it is here. dr. carson suggested in an interview with "usa today" that if he had a child in kindergarten he would want school security guards and even possibly that child's teacher to be armed saying if the teacher was trained in the use of that weapon and had access to it i would be much more comfortable if they had -- if they had one than if they didn't. later in the day he appeared on "the view" and was asked to clarify that comment. >> not only kindergarten teachers, i said people who are trained. >> okay. >> and understand all the implications, and you obviously are not just going to have a weapon sitting on the kindergarten teacher's desk.
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>> where would the weapon be? >> secured in a place where kids could not get to it. >> if a gunman -- if a gunman comes in with an ak-45 or ar-15, how fast can that teacher go to the locked drawer and get that gun? >> well, i want that teacher trained. >> you want that teacher trained. >> i want that teacher trained in diversionary tactics and whatever needs to be done in order to get there. >> by the way, that's not an unpopular position. >> a lot of people that feel that way. >> there's a strong argument to be made that you could employ a retired police officer or a veteran who is looking for work to be in the parking lot, in a are can a and to be a security guard at a school. >> what the other argument is that there were armed security people at columbine. >> right. >> and so, again, that's a part of the substantive conversation that you can have, but it has to be an informed conversation, and when people say and support the statement from dr. carson and many people do there is the other side of columbine.
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>> it's such a sad commentary, you know, on where we are in the world today. >> absolutely. >> we're desperate to find a safe way. >> need a conversation about arming our teachers and i think a lot of people are having that conversation across the country, but at the same time it just makes you -- as a parent the sick to your stomach the thought that you have to think that way. now our schools have -- our school put multiple security features on top of what's already there. >> i don't know if you saw this oregon mom. her daughter was inside the community college umpqua when this happened and she said very clearly that if her daughter had been armed she feels that her daughter could have helped out, and there she is a parent frightened to death that she >> right. >> and she strongly believed and to your point about, you know, this is something that many people support. she said if my daughter -- i wish my daughter had been armed. >> yeah. >> and that's a parent speaking. >> we're not going to solve this obviously, but there's a lot of back and forth that's going to
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>> yeah. >> to a lighter story, one that might put a smile on your face. 50-year-old michigan want julie leach pick pentagon up a powerball check for a cool $310.5 million. >> gosh. >> yesterday. >> she's adorable. >> yeah. she drove to the fiberglass factory where she worked for 22 years and didn't realize she had think the big. >> went to work, having a real bad night at work and went to mcdonald's for lunch, thought, well, i might as well check my numbers while i'm sitting here waiting for my lunch, and that's when i realized that i was the winner. did i believe it. i had to go back to work and get verified from a couple other co-workers and just -- just couldn't believe it. i'm going to take care of my kids. i don't want them to have to work like i had to work and deal with the kind of things that i had to deal with over life. i just want to make it a good life for them. >> good bless her. >> so sweet.
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>> right away. grandchildren. >> oh, wow. >> she will take the lump sum which is almost like $198 million after -- actually it already-140 million after taxes, so it's just terrific. they will buy a couple of houses, get the kids houses. she's -- she and her husband are going on trips to hawaii and alaska, god bless her. >> she said they used to fant sides, if we live the lottery we'll all build houses together and live together. >> and then she will build another mansion away because she is like here i am. >> a vacation place. >> when i first saw the check, i thought -- oh, look, that's nice, 300,000. >> more zeros there. >> 310 million, amazing. you know what's not so bad having tom hanks rescue you. >> wow. >> talking about this earlier. so tom hanks tweet the out a picture of an i.d. card actually. it says, lauren, i found your student i.d.
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do you still need it? my office will get to you, so obviously tom hanks tweets. people listen. the university, lauren's friends, professors, everyone lauren. you would think it would be pretty easy in this age of social media. well, lauren's not on twitter, her. she ended up getting a call from a professor. take a listen. >> i checked my e-mail and had an e-mail from one of my professors, and so i opened it. and it said you're famous. hearing from people i haven't really heard from in a couple of years. media has reached, you know, as far as england i saw something online so it's pretty cool. >> i said she got an e-mail from the professor, but here's the catch here. she paid $20 already to get a replacement i.d. 20 bucks for a college kid, that's like 200 million and she wants her money for -- she's like hoping she can get her cash back.
10:10 am
>> she's a celebrity now at school and on campus. she said she wants her money back celebrity or not. i want my 20 back. >> had that one great tweet and now people are going to go around dropping their i.d.s wherever celebrities hang out. leonardo dicaprio found my i.d. >> that's a good one. >> i'm going to litter the world with my i.d. >> all right. let's get a check of the weather, al. >> we'll show you some video. this normally would look like what you would see in oklahoma. take a look at this video, but, in fact, this is over arizona, that's right. heavy rain coming down. they had flash flooding,0 out roads, a real mess there, and we got the potential for more today. let's look on the radar, and you can see this upper level low spinning. it's a closed off low pressure system. there's no jet stream to steer it so it's just going to kind of hang out so we've got the risk of severe weather from albuquerque all the way down to presidio and what we're looking at is favorable conditions for some super cells, large hail
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and look at rainfall. some of these thunderstorms could produce upwards of 3 to 5 inches of rain. that's >> good morning. mostly sunny skies, chilly early this morning, turns into a nice, mild afternoon. fantastic, 66-72. boston, 71 this afternoon, villa rica, 74 tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. cooler tomorrow afternoon, temperatures tomorrow afternoon closer to normal, which is 6a 5. scattered showers tomorrow afternoon, not a washout, holiday weekend, mostly sunny skies, another warming trend. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. up next, i got to hit the road with jay leno in one of the coolest rides ever made. oh, my gosh. '57 corvette convertible. >> nice. >> jay gives us a rare peek hello. we're ocean spray farmers. when you take a sip of our ocean spray cranberry juice,
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look who is pack with us, jane leno who reigned supreme court on late night for two decades and now the car enthusiast is back on television with his hoe "jay leno's garage why the "on cnbc. i got a chance thanks to jay to check out his one of a kind car collection. >> this is a steam car, howard hughes' car. howard hughes owned this car in 1925. >> if he's not on stage telling jokes there's a pretty good chance jay leno can be found prized cars. this is much more than a garage. it's a gearhead's fantasy land. with ancient technology restored to perfect sitting next to futuristic custom built vehicles created by jay and his team. shop. used a jet engine out of an attack helicopter. built the whole car here, yeah. >> jay's encyclopedic knowledge
10:16 am
of cars is on full display on garage." >> call it a tank car, patented tank engine from the korean war area. this is actually schwarzenegger's favorite car. >> this would be a fantastic car to drive. >> mind if we take one of these sure. the corvette nice. like corvettes? >> that will work. >> '57, sure? and i'm driving, right? >> yeah, that will happen. yeah, yeah, sure. >> leno now owns more than 200 cars and motorcycles but jay says the big collection was never the goal. >> i never thought of it as a collection and then i realize the i could never bring myself to sell any of them. it's kind of like imagine every girl you ever went out with in high school still looks exactly the same and when you go to visit them nothing's changed. that's kind of what this is like, and believe me this is cheaper than girlfriends.
10:17 am
he loves comedy and he loves maevies, his wife of 35 years, and, man, does he love denim. >> it's a denim car. >> the meet the leno 501. >> jay and the team at funny or die having fun with his everyday uniform. >> every piece of denim on this car has been worn personally by me. >> despite the fame achieved by being on television every might for 22 years leno has managed to do the impossible in hollywood. he remains normal, showing up to interviews with no entourage whatsoever. >> the funny thing about show business is the more successful you are the more mentally challenged people think you are, like people say how did you get here to the studio? i drove myself. jay drove himself. like -- you drove yourself. i mean, people seem generally amazed that you're able to comb your own hair and perform hygiene functions on your own.
10:18 am
>> success it comes, leno says, from keeping it simple whether on stage or under the hood. that car. >> i loved the eulogy. i didn't pass away. >> it was a good ride. >> thank you, good night, everybody. spot the. in that incredible garage that i >> yeah. >> if you had to drive one car out of that garage which one would it be? >> my '55 buick because that's the first car i drove to california and met my wife in that car. >> you go out with what you came in with. >> talk a lot more with jay.
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we're back with jay leno already getting sick of us. on "jay leno's garage." do you mind telling us about the vintage fire truck, about the guy who came in to paint the line. >> the fire trucks, the goal leaf, all beautifulfully and hand leathered and i have a friend of mine and that's what he does and the fire truck costs enormous, it's enormous, 60 feet long, and he's got his gold paint and brush and bottle of scotch. he takes a drink and he draws a perfectly straight line all the way down the truck, which is really hard, try it. >> i saw it. >> all the way down and finishes takes another swig and goes the other side, another perfectly straight line and then he did
10:23 am
some of the filigree in the front and then after about -- he just passes out. and i have to wait until tomorrow, and he sleeps all day and then he wakes up the next day, okay. takes a swig, and draws -- i mean, it took three days. it's fantastic and looks great but he can only do it drunk. couldn't draw the line straight and you would think it would be exactly the opposite. >> you keep running out to pie more jamiesons because he was doing such a good job. >> buy more johnny walker, here you go. >> jay, you seemed to me as i spent more time with me in the garage, a guy totally content. you happy off tv and late night tv? >> happiness is a privilege, it's a right. it's a privilege, and it's one of those things you should just enjoy it when it happens and that's what i to. >> when you look at late night landscape, you've moved on and david letterman has moved on, stephen colbert and jon stewart moves on. trevor noah. >> the movement of the white guys. it's a white guy migration as
10:24 am
more white guys come in. >> you've said that a lot over the last couple of weeks. you would hike to see more diversity. >> i'm doing my friend lille wilmore's show tonight and just to get a different perspective. it's probably for a female host in one of the late night positions and certainly plenty out there that are qualified. >> from a pure comedy standpoint is late night in good shape? >> i think it's in great shape. it's still the easiest way for networks to make money, you know. you write jokes which don't require sets and cgi and all kind of stuff like that and if something is funny, you know -- the monologues usually takes up, when we did the show 10 or 11 minutes, so that's 10 or 11 minutes which is pretty cheap to do yeah fangsly for the network. so, yeah, yeah. i think it's in great shape. colbert is doing well, jimmy fallon is still number one and i'm really proud of him. >> one of the things that's amazing about you, a guy that
10:25 am
you're out on the road more than 200 nights doing standup. >> i did a show, did a corporate event a couple months ago and a guy says my wife and i really enjoyed "the tonight show" and i said, well, you know, i haven't done it for a while? >> i said, no, i left about 18 months. oh, you're not on anymore? >> no, no. nobody pays attention to this stuff. we either only ones that pay attention. >> great to see you. >> great to see you, my friend. you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling... ...ingrown toenail, redness, itching, and swelling. tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away. stop toe tucking... and get the drop on toenail fungus.
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taking a look at headlines volkswagen says a recall of the cars at center of the emissions rigging scandal should start in january. the automaker intend to to fix them all by the end of next year. up to 11 million vehicles worldwide contain the software used to cheat on emissions test and in most cases a software update will suffice but some vehicles could need new injectors and catalytic converters. california has now has one of the strongest equal pay laws in the nation. on tuesday governor jerry brown signed the california fair pay act following a recent study
10:28 am
cents for every dollar paid to men. the bill prohibits an employer from paying any worker less money for performing similar work, not just equal work. the law is being hailed by hollywood actresses gene geena davis pand tricia arquette who have pushed for wage equality. a study in denmark is suggesting that transplanted ovarian tissue following cancer may allow women to regain fertility. cancer treatment itself can damage the ovaries so some women have had their tissue removed ahead of time. researchers say about 30% of the women studied were able to become pregnant naturally or through in vitro after their ovarian tissue was removed, stored and transplanted. there's more evidence just how dominant amazon has become in online retailing. 4 in 10 people, 44%, turn to amazon first when looking for a product online.
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yahoo! first and 41% go to a specific retailer's website. let's get a check of the weather once again. here's mr. >> good morning. mostly sunny skies, chilly early this morning, turns into a nice, mild afternoon. fantastic, 66-72. boston, 71 this afternoon, villa rica, at 74 tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. cooler tomorrow afternoon, temperatures tomorrow afternoon closer to normal, which is 65. 63 tomorrow, scattered showers tomorrow afternoon, not a washout, holiday weekend, mostly sunny skies, another warming trend. warming trend. >> that's your latest weather. >> the five new jersey families took the nation by storm when their table-flipping passion and personal drama hit the airwaves. six scenes later it's the giudice family that continues to
10:30 am
>> last year joe and his wife teresa pled guilty to fraud charges and now as teresa served the rest of her 15-month sentence joe prepares for his time behind bars. i sat down with joe ahead of braffa's three-part special, "the real housewives of new jersey, teresa checks n." >> the giudices are one of reality's most famous families, appearing on all six seasons of jersey." joe, teresa and their four daughters are reality royalty but fairy tale came crashing down when they pled guilty in 2014 to multiple counts of fraud. >> john salas has imposed a 41-month of sentence on joe guide ice and 14 months of imprisonmentment for teresa and now joe is talking for the first time in a no hold barred interview set in their famous home.
10:31 am
>> 41 months, yeah, 41 months. >> do you even think about it at this point? >> no. >> why? >> why not is the. >> because if i did you're just going to drive yourself craze' tlnd 'knows point. >> guy sax 14 and gabriel is 11 and milania is 9 and adriana 6. in four years you will come home to -- >> big girls. >> one will basically be an adult. >> yeah, pretty much. >> so the question is was it all worth it? >> no, of course it's not worth it, but, you know, why it happened i don't know. >> you believe teresa is behind bars not because of something you didn't do anything wrong or illegal? >> i wouldn't say i did anything wrong or illegal but there were definitely people behind and talking to them and telling them that we did this and did that and being in the attention and being in the public help didn't help. >> i hear the economy is
10:32 am
crashing so that's why i pay cash. >> 120, 360, 120,000360. >> also a lifestyle that was presented here. >> yeah. >> i'm in your home right now. there's a lifestyle presented of great wealth. the things you were accused of and accused of were things prior to going on national television. >> yeah. it was prior. >> if you know that your xs and os aren't adding up, why go on this show presenting an opulent lifestyle that could land you behind bars and is? >> well, i didn't anticipate, you know, going on this show. i didn't want to go on the show number one. they were bothering us for over a year. we just thought we were going to do it and it would be like no big deal, you know what i mean, and we didn't know it was going to turn into this. >> phenomenon. >> yeah. >> and that's how we ended up here. >> you didn't think you were doing anything illegal? >> you know what i mean. i was just -- i was just signing my name. i would never fill out anything. i wasn't, you know -- it wasn't my -- i wasn't an accountant,
10:33 am
wasn't a mortgage person or a banker. >> a number of people that i've told that i was going to do this interview with you, a lot of them women, fans of the show, for good or for bad, and repeatedly i heard from more than a few this is joe's fault. teresa took a fall for joe. what do you say to those who believe that you are to blame for it? >> i was to blame. i took full responsibility for everything and they still put her away. >> you still feel guilt? >> i was supposed to go away, not her. that was part of plea. i don't know what happened in the courtroom that day. >> when you realize that had she would serve 15 months in addition to the years that you will serve, what -- i mean? >> i feel like somebody just snapped my neck. i mean, it was -- i felt the pain, a chill going down my spine. i couldn't believe it, but, u know.
10:34 am
you've become a tabloid obsession. you google your name, there it is. joe on a date allegedly with a strip club employery while his wife is serving time behind bars. what's the truth? >> what's the truth? >> were you on a date, have you dated since teresa's been behind bars? >> i don't date anybody. i don't go on dates. none of that is true. that person just happened to be out one night with a friend of mine that knew her and they came and sat at the table and somehow pictures got taken and that's how that came about. listen, anybody that does anything for money, you know what i mean, so if they feel they can make a couple bucks, they are going to make it. they are going to say whatever they want to say. >> i know that this interview we're able to talk about it, some things more delicate than others, some things more sensitive and i know one of those things is the issue of
10:35 am
deportation. so i'll ask you this, joe. you're not afraid of going to prison. you've -- and i think in your words you'll toughen it out with all of this. are you afraid of being deported? you doesn't want to answer it? >> no. >> wow. >> i've never had an interview with someone remain silent that >> yeah. >> and he would have sat there and we would still be there. question. he won't find out if he's going to be deported or not until
10:36 am
after he serves the four years but that is the topic that scares this macho guy. chance. >> i think his reaction right need to know. >> by the way, they are good real. that's not an act, and i -- >> oh, yeah. >> i was suspicious at them. they were living that life living the fallout from it. kids. >> forget about it. >> so sad. for more on the interview head there's plenty more of it and the three-part special, "the real housewives new jersey, teresa checks in" premiers on our sister network and i asked about rumors he's being paid for all of this. business. >> okay. we shall soon find out. still ahead, ibs-d. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d
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trublend has the perfect blend for each of us covergirl p!nk blend of rockstar and mama bear. her trublend... light 4 it blends in doesn't build up for a flawless nude look find your trublend at easy breezy beautiful covergirl adam lambert burst on to the music scene on "american idol" and has had a successful solo career ever since. issing with rock out for us in a few minutes but first a look back at his journey to our stage. momma just killed a man >> adam lambert rose to fame on
10:41 am
season eight of "american idol." >> welcome to hollywood. >> you'll kill it in hollywood. can't get no satisfaction >> taking the stage week after week and finishing runner up. >> adam went on to release his debut album in 2009 receiving the grammy nomination for his single "what the do you want from me?" what do you want from me what do you want from me >> which has more than 52 million views on youtube. i would hope this night never be over >> his second song top 200 on billboard and add am even returned to the small screen popping up on "glee." >> i the not be embarrassed to share the stage with you.
10:42 am
out as his single "ghost town" heats up the charts. another lonely night >> ready to rock the nation with an exclusive new look at his exclusive music video "another lonely light". >> the don't go anywhere, adam is sicking his now song what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food.
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about adam lambert out with the new album "the original high the "debuting at number three on the billboard chart and we'll sing the lead "ghost town" and the glamberts are psyched about this album. seven years since "american idol" and all the opportunities and touring with queen has to be right near the top. >> that's definitely the crown jewel for sure. they are amazing, these guys, brian and roger. i spent the last month, five weeks, in south america with them which was incredible. we played rock in rio for 85,000 people. it was wild. >> the album is number three. can't wait to the heart single. adam lambert, take it away. t single. adam lambert, take it away.h adam lambert, take it away.e
10:47 am
adam lambert, take it away. died last night in my dreams walking the street of some old ghost town i tried to believe in god and james do you know but hollywood sold out saw all of the saints look up the gates i could not enter walked into the flames called out your name but there was no answer and now i know my heart is a ghost town my heart is a ghost town
10:48 am
my heart is a ghost town died last night in my dreams all the machines had been disconnect the time was thrown at the wind and all of my friends had been disaffected now, i'm searching for trust in asy of rust, a city of vampires tonight, elvis is dead and everyone's spread and love is a satire and now i know my heart is a ghost town
10:49 am
my heart is a ghost town my heart is a ghost town there's no one left in the world i'm gunslingin don't give a dam if i go down, down, down i got a voice in my head that keeps singing oh, my heart is a ghost town my shatter ghost town oh, my heart is a ghost town
10:50 am
my heart is a ghost town >> love that sound. adam lambert, thank you. the album is "the original high." we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. i feel too young to be this old.
10:51 am
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>> hello. i bet you want to know what's coming up. dr. oz and his beautiful wife lisa are going to make dinner for us. >> how about jay leno is coming
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