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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  October 7, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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copay. you'll also get transportation to your doctor and vision care. if you're 65 or older and enrolled in masshealth standard, call now about a health plan that could help you with the things that really matter. unitedhealthcare senior care options. >> this is 7 news at noon. >> christa: breaking news here at noon. a winthrop student has been suspended, accused of taking an inappropriate picture of another student. >> jadiann: steve cooper has the very latest for us right now. >> reporter: we just talked to the police chief who did confirm that a high school senior from winthrop high has, in fact, been suspended in connection with this incident. we are told this is a high school football player and he allegedly took a picture, a naked picture in the locker room of another football
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player. now, the police chief is confirming that they are investigatele. along with the district attorney's office. this inappropriate image was seen by, we are told, according to the police chief, more than ten other kids. now, the suffolk county district attorney's offers confirming to us moments ago that they are involved in this at this point, no criminal charges have been filed here. they say they are right now collecting information. they say this is at a fact-finding stage right now. a source also says there was no sexual purpose here for the picture that was taken in the locker room. but it was more to embarrass another football player here. and again, several agencies now involved in this investigation this afternoon. along with school officials as well. and we expect to hear from the police chief during a 1:00 news conference here at police headquarters to update us on all the details. we are live in winthrop this afternoon, steve cooper, 7 news. >> christa: a 16-year-old danvers high school student
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accused of murdering his math teacher is in court. in fact, right now jury selection is getting under way. >> jadiann: the family of the victim colleen ritzer, looking for privacy and justice. victoria warren has more from salem at the courthouse. reporth yeah, the family of colleen ritzer in the courthouse right now. this is the first day of jury selection. for the first time in open court, philip chism's defense attorney say he plans to use the defense of not guilty by reason of insanity. philip chism, he is 16 years old. he was 14 years old when he was accused of murdering his teacher and raping her. when he walked into the courtroom today, he sat directly in front of colleen ritzer's family. chism's mother started crying, hiding her face behind one of her family members. the judge explained to potential jurors that their jury form includes questions about criminal responsibility or what most people would refer to as an insanity defense. the victim, colleen ritzer was his math teacher. she was well-liked by
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students. her body was found murdered and raped near danvers high school. the crime shocked the community. chism's defense team originally asked for a change of venue. but that was denied during jury selection. there will be a lot of questions about how much potential jurors already know about this case. so there are more than one hundred potential jurors inside of the courthouse here at salem superior court. they will need to get that number down to 12 jurors and four alternates. they estimate that that could take about a week. maybe a little bit more. once the trial starts, they estimate the trial should take anywhere from four to six weeks. live in salem, victoria warren, 7 news. >> and now a story you will see on just one station: a smashed-up scene in dorchester after a truck driver loses control. police say the truck rolled out of control, down a hill, smashing everything in its path. an officer at the scene says he is shocked no one was killed in this. nicole oliverio has the
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for us. >> reporter: well, basically, the brakes let loose on this flat-bed truck. there was no driver. take a look at how steep this hill is. that car was parked at the top of this hill. it went all the way down the hill. fortunately, it didn't go down the street. it actually was in the parking lot here. people say they are lucky it didn't go into traffic. a three-car crash with a lot of damage. no one was hurt. and no one was behind the wheel. >> then there was like a thud. that car was facing my driveway. then it was facing the wall. >> reporter: the truck sailed down a road in dorchester. the truck hit a utility pole. smashed into two cars. then took out a street light before stopping inches from crossing into busy washington street. >> when i came out, i was like, where's my car? >> reporter: jim just finished
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his radio show in a sound proof booth. he had no idea what happened. his car, one of the ones damagedf had to be towed away. boston police say the flat-bed carrying scrap metal and appliances was parked along the street. the driver got out to collect more items when the brakes gave way. the truck began rolling down street with no one inside. somehow on its own, the truck veered right towards a lot and not straight down the street into traffic where the homes or gas station is just feet away. >> that is what i was scared of. when i saw them underneath, i said that is what saved them from going into the gas station, which i'm grateful for. >> reporter: you can see the damage to the utility pole here. some of the debris from the flat-bed truck and the pole still lying here on the ground. now, boston police say this appears to be just an accident.
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the driver wasn't actually behind the wheel. he won't be facing any charges. nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> jadiann: a developing story: crews out right now looking for survivors lost at sea after their cargo ship sinks during hurricane joaquin. crews have found some debris in the ocean and recovered one body. the n.t.s.b. is looking for the data recorder. now, to understand what was happening aboard the ship before it went down. a vigil was held in winthrop for crew members including two from massachusetts. family and friends are hoping keith griffin of winthrop is still alive. jeffrey mathias was also onboard. the ship's owners are speaking out as relatives question way to ship set sail last week as hurricane joaquin grew stronger. >> when the ship sailed on tuesday evening, the storm was nowhere near what it was at
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became disabled. >> jadiann: the n.t.s.b. will continue searching the scene for another 7-10 days. >> christa: wild weather right now: it has been another difficult and busy 24 hours across south carolina. teams, including those from the national guard, are frantically trying to secure dams that are being tested by the rising flood waters. people are just doing what they can to recoup operate the all the flooding as well. and clean-up. officials say the area could flood again. >> the dam had been stabilized, unstabilized, then stabilized. these crews have been working really hard since sunday. >> jadiann: cities and towns downstream are still bracing for more flooding. a difficult situation there. but here in boston, it's bright. it's sunny. temperatures are warming up nicely. jeremy, it would be nice if this sticks around for a while. i don't know hate the will.
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>> jeremy: sunshine again tomorrow. a little cooler tomorrow afternoon. right now, the numbers, middle and upper 60's. the city at 66. norwood at 67. fitchburg, 67. provincetown, at 61. with mostly sunny skies. there are a few more clouds off to our northwest. that's actually our next weather system. a cool front on the move. it won't pester you today. temps this afternoon, 66-72. boston this afternoon, around 71. south shore, south coast, low 70's. up into metro-west and the merrimack valley, the numbers are going to be near 70 degrees. cool front will sweep through new england late this evening overnight tonight and tomorrow afternoon, cooler. but that is actually closer to normal. we will talk about that in a few minutes. >> jadiann: more news today. a maine toddler dies after his parents say he was exposed to e. coli at a petting zoo. the 20-month-old contracted a form of e. coli bacteria which led to severe seizures that caused his brain to shut down. his father believes he was
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exposed to the bacteria while visiting a petting zoo at the oxford county fair. the best way to keep kids safe is to wash their hands. >> they have to wash their hands when they come out of the petting zoo. because you know, they may pick up fecal material in there. and so many of these diseases are fecal-oral. they are spread. we want the kids and their parents to be aware of that. that is why we have these hand-wash stations at all the signs. >> jadiann: another child who visited the same zoo is now in same illness. the cdc is investigating. >> christa: prosecutors say rachelle bond could more charges. she says her boyfriend killed the toddler. the medical examiner has yet to rule on a cause of death. the three-year-old's body was found inside a trash bag on deer island back in june. 40-year-old rachelle bond has
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pleaded not guilty to being an accessory after the fact this in her daugt's death. her boyfriend is charged with the murder. they are still behind bars this afternoon. >> jadiann: steve wynn continues to battle officials in boston over a casino in everett. he is suing unidentified comforts. he says they defamed his company by releasing subpoenas to the media. he claims the subpoenas were meant to damage him and his company. in a statement to the "globe," he said "no individual company who presents themselves honestly in the commonwealth of massachusetts by any measure of fair play, should be subjected to the defametory political abuse we have experienced. it is our intention to finally deal with it." >> christa: new york's
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to the draft kings. the new york attorney general is asking draft kings to provide information that includes a list of employees who input players' stats and determine their fantasy value. officials want to know the policies when it comes to employees playing on draft kings or on rival sites. draft kings, meantime, has contacted massachusetts attorney general maura healey who says she is "hearing them out." travel trouble in boston. witnesses say a truck driver turned downs a narrow one-way street and the... in the fenway neighborhood area, going the wrong way there. the truck blocked traffic. police took that driver into any charges. another person, though, in the truck says they were forced to take that turn because the area was too narrow for them to take the correct turn. meanwhile, authorities are
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investigating an accident involving a police cruiser in boston. the accident happened at columbia road and morrissey boulevard earlier this morning. one person was taken to the hospital. >> christa: smugglers are trying to sell nuclear materials to the militant group isis. police arrested a man in moldova in connection with this. authorities say these criminals are trying to sell specifically to isis extremists. the middle-man apparently told an undercover informant he wanted the materials to be used specifically against americans. four nuclear sales have been stopped in the past five years. >> jadiann: a u.s. general facing tough questions. saying an attack at a hospital in afghanistan earlier this the u.s. commander general john campbell went before
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the attack left 22 dead. now sparking controversy and doctors without borders is demanding answers. the military justice department, nato and the afghan government are currently investigating. >> be clear, the decision to provide aerial fire was a u.s. decision made within the u.s. chain of command. a hospital was mistakenly struck. we would never intentionally target a protected medical facility. >> jadiann: the u.s. has yet to say exactly what led them to bombing that hospital. >> christa: coming up at noon, caught on camera: fast woman trapped in the wild pulled to safety in a helicopter. >> jadiann: ready to write your holiday wish list? wait until you see what neiman marcus is offering up.
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>> christa: neiman marcus has released this year's christmas catalog. some of the big gifts, a motorcycle that comes with a two-day ride experience along the california coast. with keanu reeves. guess what that will run you? $150,000. there he is. keanu reeves. also $90,000 per person, that will get you a ride, 100,000 pressurized capsule. you will see a 360-degree view of the earth. kids, i don't know. i think a $5,000 costume trunk is one offering that they have. i think it's intreing that the space trip is less expensive than the keanu reeves... i don't get that one. >> jadiann: i guess it is about priorities, j.r. >> jeremy: the matrix. you know? that's where i'm going. down that rabbit hole. fantastic day ahead. we have lots of sunshine through the afternoon.
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afternoon. so there are two cool fronts coming at us. sometimes they kick up the dust and make rain. other times they don't. the first one copping through tonight. you won't notice it other than it is cooler tomorrow. friday, another cool front. a few showers friday evening and afternoon: holiday weekend looks a-okay. 60's right now. doing good right now. winthrop at 68. lexington, 6. north of town, numb bosnian serbs in the middle and upper 60's through the merrimack valley. south of town, west bridgewater, at 66. randolph, at 65. out on the cape and the islands, orleans at 65. nantucket is 60 degrees. mostly sunny skies right now. a few clouds off to our northwest. they don't have rain-drops. for the afternoon, mostly sunny. maybe a few clouds that show up. here is the first of two fronts righter in along the u.s.-canadian border. a couple of sprinkles right now in the st. lawrence river
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they will hold together. they will pass to our north late tonight. we will have a cool shot of air coming into new england. for tomorrow afternoon at this time, a great day. lots of sunshine. and for many cities and towns, this is our first warm afternoon of the month. the first week or so. the numbers have been below normal. not now. not this afternoon. temps this afternoon right around 70 degrees. boston at 71. billerica, 70. framingham, at 72. pollen count, this has been an issue for some of you. into the moderate category. with mold spores running in tonight, mostly clear. chilly. lows in the 40's to around 50 in boston. there is the cool front doing its thing. low 7's today. behind the front tomorrow, lower 60's. still lots of sunshine. here comes another front in new england on friday. again, at noon, this is where i think the front will be. still way off to our north. it is way over here. this will generate a lot of there may be isolated showers midday. a higher chance of a few
12:19 pm
afternoon, friday evening. even with that said, only a 60% chance. it is not a lock that we see rain. the amount of rain on the way, minuscule compared to last week. and that cool front. four inches of rain. no, not again. your holiday weekend forecast features more sunshine. and another warming trend. low 70's by monday. columbus day. >> christa: j.r., thank you. a rough ride when he gets
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>> jadiann: breaking news attorney's office. a stoughton man is in federal custody, charged with senning bomb threats to schools in four different states. investigators say he sent threats to schools in massachusetts, rhode island, illinois, and north carolina. of course, we are following this for you. information to you as soon as we can. >> christa: one woman gets a sky-save after she is hurt during a hike. rescuers were able to rescue the woman. you can see them harnessing her in. she dislocated her hip after falling on some rocks while taking a hike. >> jadiann: a semi-truck driver survives rough ride on a michigan highway. a white sedan cuts in front of the truck. you see it in the highlighted portion of the screen there.
12:22 pm
the car hits the truck's cab, sending it rolling over into the median. the driver of the truck was the only person hurt. he says he is lucky to be alive. >> i was in shock for probably an hour. but i was coherent. i never closed my eyes. because i was just trying to make sure i was going to make it. i didn't want to die in the truck. i thought the truck was going to catch on fire. >> christa: police are looking for the driver of the white car who they say drove off after hitting that truck. police looking for a suspect in connection with a smash-and-grab burglar yes at a gun shop. the car smashed right into the store where at least 25 guns were stolen. >> jadiann: coming up next, a retired man who never stopped smiling. he is making it his mission to make sure other people do the same. >> christa: a food fight breaking out between a student and a dining room manager all
12:23 pm
>> jadiann: i love this story. a heart-warming one on the a man on a mission. he has one goal. to make other people smile. he has been retired for years. >> christa: he is making a difference. here is ryan schulteis with his incredible story. >> reporter: he sure knows the halls of this cancer center in north dakota. he should. he has been here for just over 20 years as a volunteer. >> guaranteed to put you to sleep. >> reporter: today he went to get a warm blanket for wade. at 87, he has never volunteered anywhere else. >> if i can get a smile out of them, that is so much the better. so nice to see you.
12:24 pm
sick. he comforts patients getting treatment. >> the patients are so nice. they bring me gifts at christmastime. >> reporter: for some of the patients, he has been a familiar face since day one and until treatment ended. >> this is what i got used to doing. i can't wait to get here in the morning. >> good morning. >> my youngest daughter had her first field trip. he has a smile for you. and he is soft spoken and has a kind word and compliments you. kind of lightens things up. cancer is a heavy, heavy illness to deal with. >> reporter: not only visiting or bringing doughnuts to patients like jessica. but greeting people. sometimes the first person they see at the cancer center. sitting with them, he has become part of their journey. >> i like what i do.
12:25 pm
news. >> jadiann: i love what he said there. "i like being here." we should all have that attitude. >> christa: doesn't have to have a medical degree to do sop healing as well. >> jadiann: a brookline teacher getting a lot of student support. see what happens when he was fired for swearing. >> jeremy: sunny skies for the afternoon. a nice mild afternoon. midweek forecast up next. >> christa: caught on camera: fast food fight breaking out at a college dining hall when a student is denied mack-and-cheese. >> jadiann: the danvers teen accused of killing his teacher now facing a judge.
12:26 pm
>> jadiann: breaking news from
12:27 pm
the u.s. attorney's office. a stoughton man in federal custody, accused of sending four states. investigators say anthony ray sent threats to schools in massachusetts, illinois, and north carolina over the course of the last year. >> christa: ray was arrested back in june after police say he sent bomb threats to e-mail. he was arrested today on federal charges after he sent additional threats after his initial arrest, investigators he will be arraigned later on this afternoon. we will be following that throughout the day. also breaking here at 12:30: a winthrop high-schooler in trouble accused of taking inappropriate pictures of another student. >> jadiann: the suffolk district attorney now investigating that incident. steve cooper is live from winthrop for us. he joins us with more on this story. steve? >> reporter: jadiann, the story is still developing right now. detectives are still actively working the case. the police chief telling us no criminal charges have been filed here. school officials did confirm that the high school football
12:28 pm
suspended from the team. at least right now. investigators say the incident involves a high school senior who was taking a naked picture of another football player, locker room. now, police say the inappropriate image was taken on a cell phone and was viewed students. at this point. there may be more beyond. that now, a source says there was no sexual purpose here. it was more to embarrass another athlete. the suffolk county district attorney's office, we are told, they are acying in this investigation right knew. a spokesman telling us late this morning that there is an investigation under way. they are in the fact-finding stages right now. we expect to learn a whole lot more from the police chief here at headquarters at 1:00 this afternoon at a news conference. in the meantime, we expect to hear from the superintendent as well and just what, in fact, all this means for the high school football team in winthrop as well. we are live from winthrop this afternoon, steve cooper, 7
12:29 pm
>> jadiann: a 16-year-old accused of murdering his teacher at danvers high school is in court. >> christa: now the first day of jury selection is under way in the trial. philip chism's attorney plans to use a not guilty by reason of insanity defense. he was 14 years old when he was accused of raping and murdering his teechler. the judge explained to potential jurors that there are questions on the jury forms about the insanity defense. the victim, a well-liked math teacher, 24 years old. colleen ritzer. once again, she was found in the woods near danvers high school. two years ago. the crime just shocked the entire community. chism's defense originally asked for a change of venue. that was denied by the judge. more than a hundred potential jurors were in salem superior court today. that will eventually be whittled down to 12 jurors and the trial is expected to last for four to six weeks. >> jadiann: a developing story: crews are out right now looking for survivors who are lost at sea after their cargo ship sinks during hurricane joaquin.
12:30 pm
it's been more than a week since the ship sank off the coast of the bahamas. crews have found some debris in the ocean and have recovered one body. the n.t.s.b. is looking for the data recorder to understand what was happening aboard the ship before it went down. now, a vigil was held in including two from massachusetts. family and friends are hoping keith griffin is still alive. from kingston was also on the ship. relatives are questioning why the cargo ship set sail last stronger. >> when the ship sailed on tuesday evening, the storm was nowhere near what it was at the time that the vessel became disabled. >> jadiann: the n.t.s.b. says they will continue searching the scene for another 7-10 days. >> christa: you cannot ask for a better fall day out there. as we turn to jeremy reiner. we should say that the official complaint office for
12:31 pm
>> jeremy: yes. that is correct. very nice at this time. the numbers in the middle and upper 60's. the city at 66. and this is our first time where the average high temps are actually going to finish warmer than normal. mostly sunny skies. a couple of clouds across northern and western new england. some of the clouds way over here along the u.s.-canadian border. actually, we have a couple of sprinkles. that is our next weather system. a cool front. that will not pester you until tomorrow at this time. and even then, it is returning our afternoon temps to where we should be this time of year. our normal high of 65. we will be above that in many cities and towns. boston this afternoon, 71. framingham at 2. here is that front. that will sweep through new england very late tonight and through the day tomorrow. still more sunshine tomorrow. not quite as warm. temps tomorrow, low 60's. >> christa: funeral services are happening today for a unresponsive last month. family members say the
12:32 pm
two-year-old was not breeing when her brother went to wake her up inside their home in worcester. she was pronounced dead at the the cause of her death still is not clear. city officials in worcester, though, say they found many safety violations inside the apartment where the two-year-old was discovered. investigators also waiting for autopsy and toxicology reports. >> christa: in worcester, police arrested 16 gang members on tuesday and pulled eight weapons off the street. including the guns you see in this picture right here. five of the gang members were suspects or victims of gun city this year. now, the f.b.i. and dea joined state and local police in the earlier in the summer. a man from keene, new cruelty charges after police say he killed a dog that tried to go to the bathroom in his yard. police say the 55-year-old kicked the 17-year-old chihuahua mix to death when the dog wouldn't leave his yard saturday afternoon.
12:33 pm
bail. >> you know, that's where dogs go to the bathroom. not where breast-feeding moms pump their milk that their babies are going to eat. >> christa: a local mom is calling for change at airports. she is fuming about the way she was treated when she tried to use a breast pump. here is the story. >> reporter: the bathroom or service animal release area. complete with red fire hydrants. f those are the two options this newton mom says united airlines employees gave her when she needed to use a breast pump. >> i was horrified. you know, that is where dogs go to the bathroom, not where breast-feeding moms pump their milk that their babies are going to eat. >> reporter: the conditions in the two suggested low kags were unacceptable. >> when i told her that was gross and unsan tir, she said "i don't know what else to tell you. that is the only location that we have that you can do this." >> reporter: cooper didn't have much of a choice and couldn't wait any longer to
12:34 pm
pump. >> it is not just oh, i want to pump. you can get physically sick, you can get a fever. you can get engorged. you could be hospitalized for not pumping your breast milk. >> reporter: she went to a terminal and had a coworker helped shield her as she used her breast pump. she turned to twitter. the tweet caught the attention of the airline who sent out this statement saying in part, "we welcome nursing mothers to breast-feed or pump on our aircraft and in our facilities. we are reaching out to miss cooper to apologize that we weren't able to provide her a more suitable accommodation." >> you know, it is 2015. find a location or at least have a back-up plan. it is ridiculous that we even have to talk about this. >> jadiann: now a dining hall
12:35 pm
dilemma. the university of connecticut student facing criminal charges after a profanity-laced air theade and shoving match. the student was apparently drunk. the story was caught on camera. >> reporter: it was an altercation over bacon jalapeno macaroni and cheese. the uconn student demanded it from workers in the student union sunday night. >> i was, like, two spots behind the line. in the mac and cheese line. the kid had a beer. they confiscated it away from him. that is when it started. >> reporter: the video shows the 19-year-old pushing the manager and swearing at him. the employee eventually wrestled him to the ground before police arrived. an officer took him away. he appears to spit on the manager. officers say he was denied service because he had been drinking alcohol in the
12:36 pm
building. many weren't pleased with the actions. one student says there are no complaints when it comes to the quality of the mac and cheese. >> amazing. i almost understand why he was upset that he didn't get his mac and cheese. >> reporter: the student transferred to uconn from umass-amherst where he was arrested twice. according to the "hartford courant," he is due back in court on tuesday. nancy chen, 7 news. >> christa: republican candidate ben carson making headlines for comments he made about the college massacre in oregon. when asked about how the shooter asked about religion... staff. even kindergarten teachers to protect themselves against the
12:37 pm
potential of more school shootings. also, the gloves coming off between republican rivals jeb bush and marco rubio during a campaign event in iowa last night, bush called rubio out for his poor atense record in washington. >> we should cut the pay of elected officials that don't show up to work. i don't know about you. but this idea, this idea that somehow voting isn't important, i mean, what are they supposed to do? they should go to the committee hearings. they should vote. >> christa: rubio has been a no-show for votes since he announced he is running for the white house. hillary clinton is sending a copy of her book "hard choices" to her republican rivals. clinton says it was meant as a joke after they repeatedly targeted her accomplishments as u.s. secretary of state during the second g.o.p. presidential debate. she also included a
12:38 pm
"with 15 candidates in the race, you have enough people for a book club." >> jadiann: still ahead at noon, it was winner take all in new york. and the astros have is a reason to pop the champagne. >> christa: a priest under fire. accused of takeling the game
12:39 pm
at humana, we value sticking with things. when something wor ople stick with it. re people stick with mana medicare advantage. cause we stick with them. humana medvantage.
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>> jadiann: all right. a new boston police dog in training. we showed you a story about him early on. now look. he is getting so big. the boston police k-9 unit posted a before and after shot recently. i met him when he was the size... well, you can see he has grown into his harness. he is well on his way to being a police dog. he is currently in his fourth week at the k-9 academy. the fall patrol class. >> is that your foot? >> jadiann: no, it's not. i could claim. that i got to meet him when they introduced him. they asked the public for help naming him. >> christa: i remember. that did you want to take him home? >> jadiann: i did. you need training, aggressive police dog. >> christa: yeah. he is going to grow up at some point. he might be fierce. >> jeremy: he could be. he reminded me of scrappy-doo in one of those pictures. just an observation. not fact.
12:41 pm
just an opinion. good to see him growing. hey, for the afternoon, you are taking rex, sparky to the dog park, looks good. mostly sunny skies. sunshine tomorrow. a few showers friday afternoon and evening. that is a cool front. it moves out of here just in time for the holiday weekend. numbers right now, mid and upper 60's. numbers running in the lower 60's. with a mix of clouds and sunshine. you move up into northern and western new england and there are more clouds. southeastern canada, even a couple of sprinkles and isolated showers. that is actually from the first first of two cool fronts. this first one when it comes through, i don't think it will generate showers for us. in fact, clouds might even be hard-press thed for this weather system. temps this afternoon, out ahead of the cool front, mild. 66-72. boston this afternoon, around 71. attleboro, 72. down along the south coast, low 70's. merrimack valley, new hampshire seacoast, back into
12:42 pm
the metro-west, numbers near 70. into the worcester hills, middle and upper 60's. the fall color starting to accelerate. perfect timing, too. as we roll toward the holiday weekend. even with that said, the pace will be a week late. no matter where you are across new england. temps on the cape and the islands, running in the 60's. most little clear. chilly overnight tonight. 40's to around 50. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. there is the cool front. knocking the numbers back to where we should be at this time of year. still a lot of sunshine. and then on friday, here comes the second of two fronts. this one, i think, will generate a few scattered showers late friday afternoon and friday evening. friday morning, dry. even with that said, friday afternoon, not 100% chance you will see rain friday afternoon. in any event, for the holiday weekend, you can go north and west looking for color in the trees. yeah. there will be some color in them hills. temperatures running in the 50's on saturday. sunday and columbus day, mostly sunny skies. warming up. temperatures headed for the
12:43 pm
middle 60's on monday. much of the same on the cape and the islands. morning clouds saturday. mostly sunny saturday afternoon. sunday and columbus day. your 7 on 7 forecast. 60's and 70's for the next several days. in terms of any rain, again, a little bit friday afternoon, friday evening. perhaps a little bit more next tuesday afternoon. tuesday evening. >> jadiann: all right. well, the yankees will have to wait at least another year for their 28 lt world series title. yankees were shut out by the astros. the astros will now take on the royals in the american league division series. >> christa: hockey fans, rejoice. the n.f.l. season starts tonight. bruins fans will have to wait until tomorrow night when they host the winnipeg jets. we don't know if chara will be playing thursday. he did take part in practice after suffering an upper-body injury last month in a preseason game.
12:44 pm
under way, patrice bergeron was honored for his play last season. he won the bruins' m.v.p. last night at the "boston globe's" inaugural globey awards. coming up, a priest accused of taking his love of the game a little too far. i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom,
12:45 pm
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12:47 pm
outside, he was flanked by dozens of port authority and jersey city police officers who he has been a chaplain to for many year. >> i believe i will be vindicated of these charges. and that my reputation will not be harmed by the people who know me. i'll be okay. my concern is for my young parishioner. >> jadiann: carter fear it is boy will be traumatized. neither the boy nor his parents were the ones to press charges. carter's team believes the charges will be dismissed. >> the events of these past few days has not and will never ever change that respect and admiration i have for law enforcement. >> jadiann: a female parishioner saw the priest point a musket at the child and push him against the wall. she reported it to the archdiocese. kaert's attorney says the family brought the eight-year-old to see father carter to joke around about football. carter is a known giants fan.
12:48 pm
jersey. >> father carter, at one point, had the gun in his hand and raised the gun. and there are different people who say different things. but i don't believe that he pointed the gun at the boy. >> jadiann: so the musket was never loaded. but the county prosecutor says whether you are joking or not, you can't point a gun at someone else. >> christa: up next, the author of the twilight series doing a little role reversal. >> jeremy: sunshine for the afternoon. one last look at the forecast
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
>> christa: winthrop high is investigating an incident that happened within the boys looker room... locker room. have been notified, we and here is the news here. all football activityings, including friday's game, against gloucester will be very serious situation there. we will be following it today. >> jadiann: all right. changing gears now. going over to the buzz. tom hanks lending a helping hand. >> christa: the actor found the fordham university student's i.d. in a park yesterday. he took to twitter and tried to get it back to her. he tweeted a picture of the car... card right here saying "if you still need it, my office will get it back to you." and it worked. she is not on twitter. her professor let her know that the tweet had gone viral. and she contacted him on facebook. he has ten million followers.
12:51 pm
yeah. get the word out. right? >> jadiann: twilight fans have something new to look forward to. a little twist here. the main characters play a role reversal. edward and bella now have become edith and bo. the book centers around a female vampire who falls in love with a teenage boy. the author says the story line is the same and hopes to attract new readers. ten years after the original one was published. bringing back some of those... >> christa: are we post-vampire at this point? it was all about the vampires three years ago. >> jadiann: i think so. >> jeremy: for the afternoon, mostly sunny skies. boston at 67 right now. norwood at 68. a mix of clouds and sunshine for the afternoon. a nice afternoon. >> jadiann: wonderful. that will do it for the afternoon show here. >> christa: we will be back here tomorrow. are you still waiting to change your bath tub? not any more. when i finally did it, it changed everything! only bath fitter
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