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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  October 7, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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his precious chihuahua pomeranian teddy. the dog ended up wandering over to the neighbor's lawn and peek on the lawn. he says that didn't make the neighbor very happy and all hell broke loose. >> the neighbor tell me hey you just kick the dog like a football and it was laying there with his tongue hanging out. and i walked out and started calling the cops. and didn't say nothing, sorry, nothing. just stone cold. >> reporter: police ended up animal cruelty. we tried to track him down at his home and business but the keene man is also running for city council and declined to comment on camera. over the phone he says the dogs have been causing problems in the neighborhood and he didn't mean to hurt the dog. he says now he's getting death threats. all the kids saw what happened and his grandson is scarred. >> i want something to happen to him.
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i don't think it should be a misdemeanor. >> now moments ago to usually actually came up to us. he went on camera. you'll hear from him at 5:30 he says he came here to file a police report because he's been getting so many death threats nation wood and due in court on december 10th. in keene new hampshire this afternoon, kelli o'hara, 7news. new at 4:30, a man in a chelsea courtroom today charged with attacking another man with a knife. the 46-year-old michael fitzpatrick appeared in a hospital gown accused of stabbing a victim outside of a home on broadway street last night. they were both taken to the hospital with injuries, and both are expected to be okay. the man in fitchburg is arrested for allegedly exposing himself to people earlier this week. michael boyd is charged with disorderly conduct in open and gross lewdness. he was arraigned yesterday december. we have new details in the investigation into a fantasy new york state's attorney general is now looking into the
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daily fantasy sports giants and draft kings. this comes after accusations that workers at these companies used inside information to win money on the sites. meantime, the massachusetts treasurer says her team is now looking into how it might affect the state's lottery system. >> we found that we really needed to be looking at it. it's exploding. a lot of conversation about it. and we said, if this is the competitive environment that we're operating in, we need to understand it, where it's at. >> so both fan dual and draft kings are currently borrowing barring their employees from participating in fantasy sports. well, lieutenant governor policy leto and frank depaul la announced some upcoming changes to the worcester framingham commuter rail schedule. they say they will be launching a non-stop train between worcester and boston and also express service. >> it allows us to build even even stronger connection to our capital city of boston by adding
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the two cities and additional express service so that people that need to get to work or get to school, if you're a student, or get to a hospital, can do so in a shorter period of time. . policy leto says this will cut a three hour round trip to less than two hours. the new non-stop service will take affect next may. checking stories making news across the country thousand. at least two people are shot in what police are calling a craigslist crime. authorities say a father and son in michigan went to a home to craigslist. when they got, there the house was abandoned. three men allegedly jumped them and one of the buyers pulled out a gun and started shooting. police say that man had a license for the gun. two of the alleged assailants are in the hospital. police are still looking for the third suspect. a fire causes serious damage to a historic chicago church. flames ate away at the roof making that collapse right into the sanctuary this morning. the roof was recently repaired there. the fire department says the
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fire is not suspicious and may be related to renovation work. one woman gets the save from a sky after hurt on a hike. rescue crews tethered to a helicopter were able to rescue that woman. you can see them harness her from so they can lift her to safety. the woman had dislocated her hip after falling off the rocks while hiking. a semitruck driver survives a rough ride on a michigan highway. dramatic police video shows a sedan cutting in front of the truck. the car then hits the truck's cab sending it rolling over into the median. the driver of the truck was the only person hurt and says he's lucky to be alive. >> insists shock for probably an hour. but i was coherent. i didn't never close my eyes because i was just trying to make sure i was going to make it. i just didn't want to die in the truck. i thought the truck was going to catch on fire. >> police are looking for the driver of the white car who they say drove off after hitting the truck. also on 7, sometimes sports fans take the love of the game too far.
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like one priest in new jersey. he's facing several charges accused of pointing a gun at an 8-year-old boy, all because he was wearing a cowboys' jersey. the priest doesn't think it's a big deal and now wants those charges dropped. here's more. >> reporter: a not guilty plea from father kevin carter to aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child charges. outside he was flanked by dozens of jersey city and port authority police officerses who he's been a chaplain to for many years. >> i believe that i will be vindicated of these charges and that my reputation will not be harmed by the people who know me. i'll be okay. parishoners. >> reporter: he says he fears the bo will be traumatized. neither the boy nor his parents carter's team believes the charges will be dismissed. >> the events of these past few
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days has not and will never ever change that respect and admiration i have for law enforcement. >> reporter: a female parishioner says she saw the police point a musket at the child and push him against the wall. she reported it to the archdiocese. carter it's a attorney says the family brought the 8-year-old to see father carter to joke around about football. carter is a known giants fan. the boy was wearing a cowboys jersey. >> cater at one point had the gun in his hand and raised the gun, and there are different people who say different things but i don't believe that he pointed the gun at the boy. >> the musket was never loaded but the county prosecutor says whether you're joking or not, you can't point a gun at someone else. he. a smash and grab burglary at a gun shop last month. the burglary happened in september. surveillance video shows the car smash into the gun shop at around 2:00 in the morning. at least 25 guns were stolen and that burglary.
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also caught on camera, how about this, a police chase straight out of the wild west. police say two men left on horseback after a fight at a rodeo in mesquite, texas when they tracked the men and horses down, one surrendered but another tried to make a run for it. officers eventually tracked down the second suspect and tased him for resisting arrest. new video of a jewelry heist with six menussing pick hatches and hammers to smash their way into a jewelry store. they rode away in skeeters, later ditching those for a van. police eventually tracked them down and arrested all six men. a danes drive caught on camera in australia. a man trying to escape from police drives his car right into the ocean. police had been following him for almost two hours in the sand dunes until he drove right into the water and of course officers rescued him and arrested him.
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well, it was all over, a helping of mac and cheese. a retired man who never stopped smiling, and he's making his mission to make sure other people do the same. then all new at 5:00, a teen in danvers accused of murdering his high school teacher is in court as jury slebs gets underway in salem. plus, a story you'll see on just one station. a driver loses control of his truck and goes on a crash course in dorchester. that's coming up on 7news at 5:00.
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you can see here crews making headway on the tanker
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guardrail and exploded. looks like it's still burning but now much closer than they were before. they put that foam on there as they try to put this fire out. no reason why the truck flipped over at this point. they're still investigating that burn. let watch this as they really try to put out the last bit of flames here. this. the a lot of delays for traffic in the area. northbound lanes getting shut down. people getting out of their cars, as you can see there, because there's nowhere to go at this point. they're putting the foam on there. again, this is a tanker truck that flipped over the guardrail, caught fire, looks like it's now almost completely out. and that confrontation that was caught on camera, a university of connecticut student is facing criminal charges after a proceed feability-laced tirade and shoving match with a dining hall manager. the manager apparently refused to serve the drunk student. >> and it led to the dining hall
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nancy chen has what was all caught on camera. an altercation over bacon, macaroni and cheese, luke dmadgedded it from workers at student union sunday night. >> it was like two spots behind the line in the mac and cheese line and so the kid had a beer and then they confiscated it away from him, and that's when it started. >> reporter: the video shows the 19-year-old pushing the manager and swearing at him. the employee eventually wrestled him to the ground before police arrived while an officer took him away, he appeared to spit on the manager. officers say gaddy was denied drinking alcohol in the building. while many weren't pleased with gaddy's actions, one student says there are no complaints when it comes to the quality of mac and cheese. >> amazing. and i almost understand why he was upset that he didn't get his
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transferred from uconn to u-mass. last fall he was arrested twice. and in the latest case he's facing charges of breaching peace and trespassing and due back in court on tuesday. nancy chen, 7news. mess with a man's comfort food, huh. our forecast is looking good into the weekend. a little chilly to start at least. details ahead. then all new at 5:00, it's decision time for joe biden. time is running out for him to declare if he's running for the highest office in the country. turn. a new report detailing how the militant group al-qaeda may have gotten their hands on secret materials. and search suspended. coast guard officials release
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we've had a couple of these. we finally made in. no sea breeze today. we're still standing at 71. 69 in plymouth. 63 mid cape. a little bit cooler there. water temperatures in the upper 50s, but still holding in those low 70s. these numbers are gonna crash soon. don't worry about that. front went by, winds shifting to the northwest. our cooler day is tomorrow. watching this upper-level low come out of the desert southwest, not a worry for us, also watching the rain up in the pacific northwest. the season is starting, the wet season in west and hopefully we'll get some rain into quay came as well. an oddity of nature here, this is hurricane oho out near hawaii crossing from the central pacific basin to the eastern pacific basin and going in an unusual direction, towards british columbia. storms don't usually go there at all, you know, pacific storms do but not tropical storms. this is by thursday and friday, as well, so the end of the workweek. it's a category ii hurricane right now and it will be the
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first time that's happened once years. all right, so our temperature trend over the next couple of days is down tomorrow and tries to get back up on friday, but there's a weather system coming in friday that may bring us some rain. not like a big dose of rain. i think we'll be missing that as it goes through northern new england but some showers possible. saturday starts cool. but sunday the finish stellar. close to 70 degrees. normal high temperature about 65 degrees. astonished. i didn't remember october being that cool but it is. the numbers are alive for the city of bfns. our average temperature 54. 4.4 degrees below normal. so we'll see how that plays out here in the next couple of weeks. remember, when you get in that pattern in october and more specifically november, that's a very cold month, sometimes that can lead you off into a cold december, too. at least the lead-off into the winter, we'll have to see how this plays out. very interesting, though. cooling off, clear skies, 42 to
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fun degrees. a north-northwest wind at light speeds. not terribly chilly tonight. we've really come back by the way in the mornings cooling off in the suburbs. we had a couple of frosts in some spots so the foliage will week. typically a week after that frost. anyway, sunny skies tomorrow, the 7 on 7 forecast, weekend looks great, again, early next week, well, it's continuing on with the theme of sunday. mid-70s possible in fact, it might get a little sticky by tuesday with some showers. can't rule out a thundershower with a front crashing through here late in the day on tuesday. see you at 5:00. >> let's get a check of the ride home. here's john saucier -- used to be john saucier, but joe stapleton now with us. sorry about that, joe. >> oh, that's all right. looking at the masspike news. i know it looks slow out here heading out towards exit 18 but the earlier crash has been
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hopefully will get moving again out through newton. getting a look at our helicopter shuttle around route 93 make your way down to medford and somerville. the southbound traffic moving away from the camera and the northbound stuff moving along pretty slowly. northbound we have it as well up toward saugus and toward downtown boston. steroid drive dealing with delays, too, and the upramps heading towards the tobin bring, i'm joe stapleton, 7news. here's a story that will warm your heart. an 87-year-old da coat tap man made a selfless mission to makes others smile. >> he's truly making a difference. >> have you got everything you need. >> reporter: nels thompson sure knows the halls of the cancer center in north dakota. he should, he's been here for just over 20 years as a volunteer.
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today he went and got a warm blanket for wade. at 87 he's never volunteered for anyone else. >> if i can get a smile, that's better. >> reporter: he's been remembered for years. >> so nice see you. >> but not from the job he never calls in sick for. >> and that calf is awesome. >> reporter: comforting patients getting treatment. >> and the patients are so nice, they bring the gift at christmastime. for some of the patients, he's been the familiar face since day 1 and until treatment ended. >> this is what i got used to doing, and just can't wait to get here in the morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. colleen has stage 4 colon cancer. >> my youngest daughter had her first field trip. >> reporter: after two years of treatment, nels has become like family. >> e got a smile four and he's soft spoken and has a kind word and compliments you and just kind of lightens things up.
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illness to deal with. >> hi. >> reporter: not only visiting or bringing doughnuts to patients like jessica... >> can we get you anything here. >> reporter: but greeting people. sometimes the first person they see at cancer center sitting with them. he has become part of their journey. >> i like what i do and i like being here. >> what a great guy here. nels's spirit of service even extends to woodworking. a patient hd him do a project for him. up next, tom hanks taking to social media to try to solve a mystery. >> and check us out on facebook. log on and search for 7news.
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tom hanks found a student's i do in the parking lot yesterday so oh tweeted a pick tour of the card and said if the student still needed it he can contact his office. lauren contacted hanks on facebook. >> how cool is that? ben affleck and jennifer gardener's home is reportedly on the market. the three acre compound will apparently cost around $45
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million. the couple announced they were splitting in june after 10 years of marriage and three kids. abc family is getting a makeover starting next year. the network will be known as free form. the name change is part of an effort to reach millenniumial viewers and move away from its whole coming edge. well, this season is a lady gaga for season 6. no word if she accepted that offer. >> and the last hunger game movie is here. a shocking finale to the series mocking jay park 2 will be in theaters november 20th. will be here before we know it. >> those movies seem to go on forever, don't they? i bet it won't be the last. >> much more to come in the next 90 minutes.
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now. >> an invasion of privacy at winthrop high. the video that led to a student suspension and police investigation. >> the coast guard ready to call off the search for the crew of the missing cargo ship that got lost at sea. >> a high-profile murder case underway. a teenager accused of killing his teacher. how long it could take to find an impartial jury. >> on just one station, a rollaway wreck, a truck out of control on a dorchester street. >> a two-day run at near 70 degrees, now falling back to normal in the next few days. >> then, who tom boy is saying about the trash talk. >> and we have breaking news first at 5:00. 10 members of the winthrop high school football team at the
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police say it stems from a video that surfaced of one of their teammates naked in the locker room. this evening we know one student at least is suspended. >> and the school is canceling football activities through the weekend. >> the high school football team will full 1 and 4 on the season because they'll be forfeiting friday night's game against gloucester and the reason behind that is over some troubling images that police found on the football players cell phone. >> reporter: paints picking up the kids at winthrop high just finding out a senior on the varsity football team has been suspended over cell phone video of a naked student getting dressed in the boys locker room. >> i just hope that they find out, you know, if he disrl it and take the action they need to take. >> reporter: we now know that ax aside from the suspension involves at least 10 football players.
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