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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 8, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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it's thursday, october 8th. president obama issue as direct apology to the head of doctors without borders but that's just the beginning. >> this doesn't change anything. we appreciate the expression of condolences. and then this is the result of a flying mattress. plus a whole hands on approach to politics and the press.
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happened since 1945. "early today" starts right now. good morning, right now, a dramatic escalation of tensions between the u.s. and russia and moscow once again stepping up its tactics in syria, the question is against whom? andrea mitchell reports. >> reporter: vladimir putin firing missiles into syria from the first time from his war ship and firing goals. seven of them. winning a hockey game to celebrate his 63rd birthday. and now escalating dramatically to prop up syrian president assad. >> we believe russia has the wrong strategy. they continue to hit targets that are not isil.
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>> putin's sarcastic retort, he says if the u.s. knows the situation better, let them share targets with us and we will work with them. in fact, it's a dangerous game of chicken by the two superpowers. a russian jet had at least one close encounter with a manned u.s. aircraft over syria. and russian jets came within miles of several u.s. predator drones. >> working with assad's forces to retake terrain that the assad regime has lost to the rebls. >> reporter: they also violated turkey's airspace. if turkish forces were hit, as nato ally, they would be obligated to come to their aid.
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presidential politic, rupert mur murdoch, had a tweet that obama. ben and candy carson, terrific. what about a real black president that can properly address the racial divide. he's been publicly supportive of ben carson but this got so much attention, even norman lear weighed in. really, rupert, now you're just being silly. news. >> what i know about it as of today i am not in favor of what i have learned about it. >> the massive trade deal is one of the most divisive issues. and once called the gold standard of international trade
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and after she left office in , her server was the subject of hack attempts. and clinton's team is unveiling a a new plan to crack down on high frequency trading as well as closing a hedge fund loophole. and kasich is facing his own criticism for a joke he made on monday. the student at the university in richmond, virginia, raised her hand to ask a question and this is how she responded. >> i don't have any tickets for taylor swift or anything or -- go ahead. >> well, it turns out that student isn't too happy with kasich's comment. she wrote this is in college's newspaper. it's titled, no john kasich, i
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i didn't go to a town hall forum for taylor swift tickets. i went because it's my civic duty. and the bombing of a hospital operated by doctors without borders that left 22 dead. >> reporter: after struggling to explain how and why the u.s. bombed afghanistan, the president made a call. >> this morning, from the oval office, president obama spoke to doctors without borders international president to apologize and express his condolences for the msf staff and patients who were killed and injured when a bomb attacked
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>> this doesn't change anything. we appreciate the expression of condolences but it doesn't change the fact that we have 22 dead patients and staff killed as a result of this attack ed attacked. >> reporter: the injured describe the bombing, the yelling like dooms day. >> when we make a mistake, we're honest about it, we own up to it. >> reporter: but for days, they kept changing their story, first saying u.s. troops were under fire, then saying they weren't and then saying afghan troops made the call. what started as a response to 9/11 now has the u.s. accused of a war crime, a war to last at least another year, may be much longer. and despite the apology,
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demanding the attack be investigated as a possible war crime. a deadly crash caught on camera. they say mattresses went loose causing a truck to lose control. it went over the guardrail, instantly bursting into flames and killing the driver. thick black smoke could be seen for miles. right now, south carolina beach communities are preparing for a second hit of flooding. this time from water flowing out from the inland. crews are dropping sand bags. some as big as 2,000 pounds to help fortify dams across the state. 62 are still being monitored. the death toll is up to 19. the most recent hap whnd a pick up truck droechb ve into a washed out
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house republicans will meet to choose their candidate for the next speaker of the house. congressman webster is getting support from more conservative members. tracie potts is live in washington. what can we expect today? >> reporter: we're not sure. it looks like, when it comes to getting that vote at the end of the month, kevin mccartny hy may be in trouble. he's arer er r the number two under john boehner. and utah's jason jumped into this race later, announce ing he would be running for speaker. he's been an out spoken conservative voice within the party and then there's daniel webster of florida, who's lesser
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the ultraconservative freedom caucus. they announced they will be voting together as a block, at least in this republican vote in favor of webster, not necessarily in the final vote. today is just the republican caucus. there's doubts that mccarthy can gelt the votes needed to become speaker, which could be embarrassing, because there's a republican majority in the house right now. >> thank you so much for that. an elected official in alabama has been released from jail after assaulting a reporter. it happened after he questioned about whether he eare zioned in light of several voter fraud. >> would you be willing to resign if it would mean a better deal?
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>> is this commissioner was later arrested on assault charges. they say he's out on $500 bond. nbc meteorologist, bill karins has your thursday forecast for you. >> the only threatening weather is in west texas and along the new mexico border. upper level low bringing mois dmr ture into the same areas. and areas just to the east around san angelo. have to watch out for flooded roads in some of those wash areas. another one to three inches is possible as we go through the day. not too bad in new mexico today. so, that's the only really threatening weather. the other story is you knew that cooler weather from canada would push to the south.
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st. louis, and kansas city. you go from 80s, back into the 60s. the warm air will be isolated on friday and on aide saturday, you'll cool off. now a closer look at your day ahead. you can almost see where the cold front is. notice temperatures in the 60s in the dakotas. still very warm, dallas to possible flash flooding threat from el paso to del rio. pretty nice thursday forecast overall. well, bad news for all you renters out there. we'll esks xplain. plus the excellent looking below the surface,
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nearly 800 pounds was kicked out of a hospital in province after ordering a peat izza. he is now at another hospital after he was forced to live out of his father's suv. near frightening scene out of houston. a worker was dangling from a bridge. they built a makeshift tripod tool to lift the man to safety. the man was taken away by ambulance. no word on his condition at this time. the coast guard has called off its search for crew members of the cargo ship. they believe it's unlikely anyone, including the 28 americans on board could survive past five days. >> any decision to suspend a search is painful and this particular case, we were
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professional mariners. yesterday, senate okays massive defense bill, send measure to obama. we're talking $612 billions. president obama has threatened to veto it for a separate war fighting account. and a united autoworkers strike was averted at chrysler. they reached a new four-year deal with the union. no details have been released. the stocks rose for the fourth straight day and later today, we'll get more clues on possible interest rate hikes. according to a new survey, landlords are raising rent by as much as 8%. and just ahead, imagine it. sitting next to lebron james during a game. well, it happened to one young fan last night.
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. the scene in minnesota last night, where residents were treated from a light show from the aurora borealis and the sky over deluth glowed, just beautiful.
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teams come up big in a wild card. it was arrieta who ruled the night, giving up only four hits and no walks. but in the seventh, tempers flared as pirates reliever drilled arrieta in the back side. there was lots of pushing and shoving. first baseman was ejected. and the cubies dexter fouler scored three times, also had a two-run homer. players celebrated big time on the field and in chicago, outside of rigly, the 4-0 victory electrified the people ep oplepeople. taking the mound for st. louis. the reigning stanley cup champions, the blackhawks, rose
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you have a past, watson, ghosts, they're the shadows that define our every sunday day. and a thrilling new series, "sure lock." . jimmy fallon invited a few young inventors to "the tonight show." it's called the ecorder. >> the eat corder or the e corder. eat corder. >> you can blow and eat at the >> okay. how do i do that? "early today."
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good morning, everybody, officially thursday, three minutes before the hour. we've got lots ahead. >> jadiann: firefighters putting out hotspots in oxford after a huge wood recycling building goes up in flames. it used to be owned by a plastics company but officials say there's no air quality risk. >> christa: a stabbing at a market in west roxbury under investigation. police say a man tried to rob a grocery store with a knife but the owner fought back. both men and a third person hurt. >> the owner of draftkings is defending his company.
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and denies allegations of insider information being leaked. an employee of draftkings won $353,000 on a rival company site. >> christa: a homecoming for a little boy who spent more than a year in the hospital. the weston four-year-old had a reaction to a virus and he's back home and recoverying. i love the super hero outfit. spiderman. >> jadiann: good morning to you. >> christa: and to you. >> jadiann: sometimes we get so rushed getting here, we forget to say good morning. >> jeremy: a nice fall day, mostly sunny skies. temperatures moving out of the upper 40s. this afternoon not as warm as yesterday afternoon but lower 60s. i'm going to sell it as a fall day, a great one, with a few showers tomorrow afternoon. that's a cool front. for the weekend, fantastic holiday weekend. all three days talking about
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temps 40s and 50s. boston 55, norwood 41, orange 51. there are a couple cool pockets of air but not as chilly as recent mornings. through the day, partly to mostly sunny skies. a cool front snuck through last night and sometimes fronts make a lot of noise with showers and storms, other times they sneak through. for the day, sun and clouds, temp seasonal, the normal high is 65. the norms close to where we should be. coastal areas, boston around 60. scituate as 60. lakeville 64, north shore upper 50s, metro west, this afternoon low 60s. "7 news today in new england" begins right now. >> christa: firefighters spending the overnight hours watching for hotspots. fierce flames ripping apart a building. >> jadiann: a violent attack in a west roxbury store. three people are stabbed and it
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