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tv   Today  NBC  October 8, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. good morning. reversing course. hillary clinton makes a break from the president, opposing the deal with asia she once supported. >> i don't believe it's going to meet the high bar i have set. >> is clinton feeling the pressure from bernie sanders, and did the vice president take a swipe at her? >> if i don't move, i'll be demoted to secretary of state or something like that. that's a joke. >> the latest on the democrat's race, live from washington. fiery scene. a tanker swerves off the new jersey turnpike, flips over a guardrail and explodes.
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this morning, the passers by by who tried to rescue the driver, speaking out. car. police believe she was taken against her will. will this surveillance video help police track down the abductor? "people" gets political. the magazine known for its celebrity scoops and red carpet fashion wades into one of the most controversial issues in america. is the magazine taking sides? today, thursday, october 8th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. morning. i'm savannah guthrie. we have willie in for matt. >> you have hillary clinton on some issues having the run against the record of the president. >> that's the team of rifle s vals. >> it's our top story this
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morning. hillary clinton's tough talk, as she breaks from president obama on his trade deal with asia. this is a move critics are calling a flip-flop on her part. nbc's andrea mitchell has more on all of it. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, savannah. excuse me, savannah. this is the biggest split yet. the biggest split from the -- excuse me -- from president obama, on one of the critical priorities. an issue guaranteed to win the support of a key group. she's also unveiling new proposals to tighten regulations on wall street. >> reporter: with the nomination in the balance, what happened to the team of rivals? president obama's former secretary of state has opposed his high priority treaty with asia, even before she read it.
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today, i am not in favor of what i have learned about it. i don't have the details. i don't believe it's going to meet the high bar i have set. >> reporter: republicans immediately cried flip-flop. as secretary, clinton called it the gold standard in trade agreements, though before the details were negotiated. the move neutralizes bernie sanders. >> i'm glad she reached that conclusion. this is a conclusion that i reached from day one. >> reporter: it puts joe biden on the spot. if he runs, he'll have to choose between organized labor and the president. the trade decision is clinton's most dramatic break from obama. the list includes coming out against the keystone pipeline, going beyond the president on gun laws, and criticizing the white house for deporting so many undocumented immigrants. as joe biden weighs whether to run, there is a criticism of an
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ad due to run next week. >> by focusing on my sons, i found my decision. >> am i alone on finding this tasteless? it's powerful but exemploy ploi employ ploitive exploitive. >> i worked for beau for a long time and never would have approved an ad i thought was problematic. >> reporter: with the world waiting for his decision, the joked d about not overstaying his welcome. >> if i don't move, i'll be something like that. that's a joke. that's a joke. >> quite a joke. with time running short for biden to decide whether to run, clinton said her team is already doing opposition research on him, or any connection to her attacks on bernie sanders. today, her regulations will position her to the left to better compete with sanders.
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>> thank you very much. u.s. officials on high alert this morning, keeping a close eye on a developing situation overseas. after russia fired more than two dozen cess missiles into syria. richard engel has more. >> reporter: the syrian government, which has been losing ground to rebels and islamic groups, has launched a major ground offensive. the syrian chief of staff said it had the full support of moscow. launching 26 missiles to back up its ally, bashar al assad, russia is showing off its military might. the missiles were launched on wednesday, 900 miles from their targets in syria. if it was tense, president vladimir putin didn't show it. he was celebrating his 63rd birthday on skates, scoring
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then who is going to stop putin, especially on his birthday? nato meeting today is especially concerned about russian incursions into turkish air space. >> in syria, we have seen a troubling escalation of russian military activities. this is particularly relevant in the view of the recent violations of nato's air space by russian aircraft. >> reporter: no one in the west is ready to turn syria into a clash of superpowers. already, at least once, american aircraft had to divert off course over syria to avoid contract contact with russian aircraft. there have been meetings, where russia secretly filmed and aired on a propaganda channel. russia isn't just supporting a regime the u.s. is opposed to it, it's bragging about it. russia is increasingly aggressive, another chapter in
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the already very tense relationship between vladimir putin and president obama. >> escalating situation. i must say, suspect defense in the hockey game. thanks so much. now to devastating news. for families of the 33 crew members of the cargo ship el faro, the coast guard suspended the search for survivors, doubtful that anyone was able to make it through hurricane joaquin. kristen dahlgren is in jacksonville with an update. >> reporter: good morning. so many people here had been holding out hope for a miracle. some of the families have headed home. two mothers said they'd be bringing with them a small jar of seawater. all they have left of their children. for the families of the el faro's crew. >> it's the worst ending we could have ever imagined. >> reporter: the coast guard suspending its search for the 33 men and women on board. today, remembered as fathers, daughters, brothers and sons.
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jackie jones jr. was supposed to retire next year. his father isn't ready to give up the search. >> six days? come on. too early. >> reporter: the coast guard believes the el faro sank 15,000 feet below the last known position. after finding one body along with debris and a badly damaged lifeboat, concluded no onevived joaquin, six days at sea. >> i want the families to know how committed we were to finding their loved ones. to finding our fellow professional mariners. >> reporter: the ntsb is investigating how the 790 foot cargo ship lost propulsion. equipment is being brought in to try to locate the voyage recorder. >> there is a voice a data recorder. we'd be able to hear the conversations that took place, in helping us determine what happened and why the decisions were made.
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company has insisted the storm forecast intensified and shifted after el faro set sail. the owner is now refusing to answer questions. while the families begin the painful process of saying good-bye. >> i'll never see my son again. have nothing but memories and pictures. i'll never see him again. >> reporter: the company insists it will take care of the families and cooperate with the ntsb investigation, saying, there is a lot to learn from the investigation investigation. savannah and willie? thank you. carolina. officials warning that flooding is still a major concern, even though the rain stopped two days ago. columbia, south carolina, for good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. a few days ago, the water was over this bridge. now, it's flowing, following gravity, as it heads downhill. it's heading toward the coast, where folks who live there are
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this morning, the south carolina coast is back in the bull's eye. battered beach communities already have seen the damage caused by almost 22 inches of rain and now preparing for record amounts of flood water, flowing from the interior down to the ocean. >> we want you to understand that we've got another wave coming that we just need to be careful of. >> reporter: officials say 62 dams around columbia are still at risk, but the national guard has been dropping sandbags the size of bolders into the ulders to hold back the water. homeowners are relieved. >> i feel like this is going to be managed from here on out. >> reporter: as the waters recede, stories of heroism and bravery are surfacing. >> i went down in the water. >> reporter: clara and her grandson clung to a cross after her car skidded into a ditch near a church. he took this video, and they waited five hours until rescuers
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finally pulled them to safety. the national guard is now deployed more troops in the impacted areas. 5,000 are expected to be deployed into those areas by friday. in the meantime, 17 of south carolina's 46 counties are now declared national disasters, which means the victims can get some federal aid. willie? savannah savannah? >> kerry sanders, thank you. we are learning more from oregon, the details about what first officers on the scene of last week's community college shooting were facing. the d.a. said police sergeant and detective were justified in using force when they ran toward snyder hall and shot mercer, firing at them. >> the officers hit the shooter, forcing him to take cover. that's where he later committed suicide. the gunman didn't injury additional students once they arrived on the scene. the officers were in plain clothes and not wearing bullet
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today, they're being hailed as heros. >> these men saved lives that day. >> in the meantime, chris mintz, one of the victims, is hailed as a hero. he was shot seven times while trying to save other students. he was able to leave the hospital last night. >> veteran of the united states military, stepping in once again, as we've seen so many times. there are tough questions likely today, as the american chief heads to washington. tamron is here with us. >> good morning. the head of joex wag volkswagen's american business is in the hot seat at capitol hill. he faces tough questions on the volkswagen emissions scandal. the controversial surrounds up to 11 million vehicles equipped with software used to cheat on u.s. emissionshearing will explore what it means for consumers. president obama apologized on wednesday for the deadly american air strike on a
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hospital in afghanistan. the president spoke by telephone with doctors without borders international president to apologize and express his condolences. despite the gesture, doctors without borders are not dropping their demand for the attack to be investigated as a possible war crime. house republicans gather to speaker of the house. kevin mccarthy of california, railroad the front runner, currently serves as house majority leader. more conservative members are pushing florida's daniel member jason chaffetz is also running. the vote will take place on october 29th. dashboard camera caught a fiery crash on wednesday when a tanker truck flipped over a guardrail on the new jersey turnpike and burst into flames. >> felt like i was starting to burn my arm and my leg.
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>> reporter: a thick black cloud of smoke rose from the new jersey turnpike wednesday afternoon, as kevin howard tried to save the man tried inside the burning tanker truck. >> i wanted to get the guy out, but you know, being a tanker and as big as the explosion was, i mean, you can see where i got is as close as you could get. >> reporter: the dashboard camera on howard's truck caught the whole accident on tape. he says a pile of mattresses on top of a van broke loose, and vehicles swerved to avoid them, including the truck's driver, before nearly missing a small suv and flipping over a guardrail. the truck burst into flames, the scene visible from new york city. howard tried to run to the driver's aid, but the heat from the fire was too intense. >> i got a good look at the cab, and whatever -- whatever was left was already gone. >> reporter: police later pronounced the driver dead at the scene.
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he's not been identified, but howard believes he's a hero. >> whether he intended to or not, he saved those people in front of him's life. you know, he gave up his own. >> terrifying to watch. thankfully, there were no other reports of injuries. absolutely frightening. newly released video shows a 17-year-old girl rolls outs of a moving car. now, police in connecticut are hoping the video will help them catch the suspected abductor. it happened monday in bridgeport. you can actually see a four-door sedan driving, when the back right car door opens, and a female tumbles out of the car. the 17-year-old girl was not injured. she says she was walking to school when the driver of the toyota lured her into the vehicle and then attacked her. the victim bailed out when she got that chance. it's unknown if the teenager knew her attacker. firefighters pulled off a
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wednesday after a worker was left danger ling from a bridge over a canal. the man was in a harness. rescue crews opened a manhole on the bridge's roadway and lifted the man to safety. no word on how he got there to begin. on a much lighter note, who are you rooting for? the cubs are moving on to the next round of the playoffs after a big win over pittsburgh in the that had plenty of fireworks. schwarber hits a two-run homer to give the cubs a 3-0 lead. the drama came in the seventh, when watson hit chicago's pitcher, with the ball. lots of pushing and shoving, choice words. the cubs win it, 4-0. thousands of fans. this is the happy part. gathered outside of wrigley
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field in chicago to celebrate the win. they'll play the cards. you know the curses of billy goats. you know what chicago has been going through. i know we don't like to pick teams because we love all teams. >> what are you talking about? you're constantly picking the dallas cowboys. >> it's in my blood. >> do you have a policy change? >> just now. the chicago cubs, this could be team. and get rid of the curse. >> 107 years. it's time. it's time. come on, chicago. >> don't go to pittsburgh any time soon, okay? >> i love it. great food. >> thank you so much. al, what's it looking like outside? >> unfortunately, we have a change in the weather coming that is going to affect our friends in the southeast, specifically, the carolinas. here's this front right now, coming through minnesota, bringing showers and thunderstorms ahead of it into wisconsin. you're going to watch the progression. it brings some showers pushing through. it'll also bring cooler air. by friday, it makes its way to the northeast and upstate new
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york. by friday, it's pushing into the carolinas. saturday, more showers and thunderstorms may develop right on into saturday night. rainfall amounts, unfortunately, we could be seeing up to an inch of rain in some of the affected areas, where the dams have already been weakened or breached. could be an inch between columbia, augusta, charleston. we'll continue to watch this closely. we'll get to your it's a long day and sometimes, an even longer night. helping with homework before doing your own. and you may think no one notices... but she does. she sees more than "mom," she sees determination. we do too. for nearly 40 years, we've designed an education for people just like you. learn more at
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>> reporter: good morning. a cool breeze this morning that will fade away. temps this afternoon not as warm, especially at the coastline. yesterday boston 72, today right around 60. cape ann upper 50s. metro west and worcester hills, the numbers reach the lower 60s. a lot of clouds tomorrow. a few showers tomorrow afternoon, not until about 3:00. they will be scattered. they won't be heavy. in any event, your holiday weekend loaded with sunshine saturday, sunday and columbus day with a warming trend. >> that is your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. getting a lot of reaction online this morning to rube pert murdoch's tweet about president obama. >> media mobile is a top trend on twitter, drawing criticism over this post. he writes, ben and candy carson terrific. what about a real black president who can properly address the racial divide? and much else. the 84-year-old billionaire has been vocal about his support for
7:20 am
ben carson, but his choice of words here immediately sparked social media backlash. look at this. harry shearer says, can you please regularly advise black americans on which of them is "real," so they'll be free of doubt? star jones. the day i start allowing rupert murdoch to define what it means to be black is the day i turn in my black card. marry mary garden. ben carson is a real black and president obama is not? can i be your real editor? >> sheinelle, thank you very much. coming up, the controversy brewing over comments made about a female baseball announcement. why a popular radio host is off the air for what he is saying about her. after winning a $300 million jackpot, a factory worker in michigan might be saying, now what? lessons from form irwiners in
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who is it that's got the foreign policy experience to deal with what has become an increasingly complicated world at a time when america needs to emerge and restore its leadership? no one really has that experience, except for maybe one. john kasich's for us. new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content of this
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coming up, dorm room dining, anyone? how one college student is cooking up some of the best meals in town. really? >> look into that. plus, the halloween scare.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> this is 7news now. >> anchor: good morning, everybody. it is thursday, the eighth day
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loss of sunshine out here in boston as we take a live look. jeremy reiner has a check of your forecast as you head out the door this morning. j.r.? >> reporter: right now 54 in boston. norwood at 40 degrees. sun and clouds through the day. seasonal today. not as warm in boston. low 60s in the city of boston. a few scattered showers tomorrow afternoon. mainly after 4:00 p.m. >> anchor: thanks, j.r. officials trying to figure out what caused a fire at a business in oxford. the building at one time served as the chemical plant. it now repurposes lumber. no one was hurt. and firefighters say there are no air quality concerns this morning. three men are expected to survive after they were stabbed at a store in west roxbury. police say the suspect attacked a store owner and another worker with a knife last night. that led to a struggle. the store's owner telling 7news that he'll be reopening this morning in just about an hour -- half hour at 8:00. we're back in 25 minutes with
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7:30 on this thursday morning, 8th of october, 2015. it's a pretty fall day here in rockefeller plaza. thank you for starting your morning with us. >> let's see what's making headlines this morning. hillary clinton made a break with the white house, saying she opposes the new pacific trade deal between the u.s. and 11 other nations. as secretary of state, clinton supported the deal. >> president obama called the head of doctors without borders to personally apologize for the u.s. bombing of its hospital in afghanistan. at least 22 patients and staff were killed in that attack six days ago.
7:29 am
searching for survivors from the cargo ship that sank off the baa bahamas during hurricane joaquin. 33 crew members were on board. ball her day job. maybe she can learn how other winners before her spent their money. if you pick up "people" magazine, you'll notice a different headline. sorts. stephanie gosk has more on that story. >> good morning. the mass shooting as an oregon community college last week has reignited the debate over one of the most contentious policy issues of our generation, gun violence. president obama will travel there on friday to visit with families of the victims. the trip has angered locals, who say obama is using his visit to gain support for his gun control agenda. now, "people" launched itself
7:30 am
into the debate, as well. >> reporter: "people" magazine has a message for the people, rise up, reach out and tell congress to do something. >> one thing is very, very clear, and that is as a country, we are not doing enough about gun violence. >> reporter: "people" posted and published the contact information for all 535 voting members of the senate and the house, along with this fact. over 10,000 people have been killed this year alone by guns. the editor says the idea was inspired by president obama's speech following the shooting in roseburg, oregon. >> somehow, this has become routine. >> i was watching president obama give his speech, and when he got up to speech, i rolled my eyes and i thought, oh, here he is again. there has been nothing done about the last mass shooting. >> reporter: he says this is not about an agenda. >> i think any time you try to start a conversation, some people take it as, you want to
7:31 am
take away my guns, or you want to take away my liberties. i was careful not to take a side. >> reporter: the sides are well staked out. echoed over and over on the campaign trail this week. >> the idea that you need more guns to stop people who are committing mass shootings is not only illogical but offensive. >> name a case where gun rights being restricted out of washington would have changed the course of any of the cases. >> reporter: he's tired of the rhetoric. >> let's hold our representative's feet to the fire and let them know these routine responses are just not going to cut it anymore. >> reporter: like it or not, "people"'s call to action has thrown the magazine into the political fray. on social media, there was vows to cancel subscriptions. proof when it comes to guns, everything is political. >> inaction on capitol hill after a mass shooting is what
7:32 am
"people" magazine's editor is hoping to move the needle, but will voter outcry will loud enough to overcome political reality? >> thank you very much. now a story getting buzz. after jessica mendoza was the first female to call a major league baseball game. this morning, an atlanta radio host is apologizing for remarks he made about her. she's a gold medalist, one of the best to play, one man is not ready to hear her call a game. this morning, mike bell is in hot water for his tweeted comments about espn's jessica man mendoza. she was calling the game against the yankees and the astros. bell, making a reference to a sexist comment used in the 2004 film "anchorman." >> you're watching ron burgundy and [ bleep ] mcgee.
7:33 am
>> a male-dominated 1970s television broadcast culture sent a tweet, yes, tell us, t mcgee, when you're up there hitting a softball, do you see 90 miles per hour cutters? he said, you guys are telling me there isn't a more qualified baseball player espn can use than a softball player? give me a great. the falcons expressed their beliefs. embarrassed by mike bell's comments. given he's on our flagship station. disappointing. by wednesday, his radio station has suspended him. he released a statement saying, in part, i want to take this opportunity say to jessica what i said was dumb and hurtful, and i apologize for putting that garbage on twitter. there's no place for that kind of stuff on our show. this has been a real eye-opening experience. mendoza, 34, a former softball
7:34 am
medals for the u.s. team at the athens and beijing olympics. after working up through the espn ranks, she began in was in the broadcast booth this year, becoming the first female analyst in history. the length of bell's suspension hasn't been specified. espn said jessica has made terrific contributions and carries herself with class on and off camera. she's received an overwhelmingly positive response for her work. she played four years at stanford, all american. she knows her stuff. get a check of the weather now from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by capital one. switch to the venture card from double miles. time. little fall coming on ahead of
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the front. chicago, up to 78. kansas city, 85. behind it, market, 54, a four degree drop from average. friday, everybody in the upper 50s, low 60s. ahead of the front, it's summertime. richmond, 82. new york city will be in the upper 70s. saturday, we're all in the fall. 65, washington. 64 in raleigh. cleveland, you're four below average with a temperature of 61 by saturday. that's wha >> reporter: good morning. a cool breeze this morning that will fade away. temps this afternoon not as warm, especially at the coastline. yesterday boston 72, today right around 60. cape ann upper 50s. metro west and worcester hills, the numbers reach the lower 60s. a lot of clouds tomorrow. a few showers tomorrow afternoon, not until about 3:00. they will be scattered. they won't be heavy. in any event, your holiday weekend loaded with sunshine saturday, sunday and columbus
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day with a warming trend. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks. coming up, what's the secret to living a really long life? the one breakfast item the world's oldest woman eats on a daily basis. >> roker endorses this. lottery. how will life change for the michigan factory worker who just won the giant powerball? we'll talk to past winners and get their advice on how had it miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it.
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back now. 7:42. did we not fall in love with the lady? she won over $300 million in the powerball jackpot, and her life in a moment suddenly changed. >> with the good does come bad oftentimes. how does she cope with a big win? we asked previous winners to give her advice. here's jacob rascon. >> reporter: when asked if she would keep her job as a supervisor at a local factory, julie leach didn't hesitant. >> i quit, automatically. i was done. >> reporter: history shows there's no guarantee what happens next. jack whittaker took home $315 million but lost most to thieves, gambling and lawsuits. william posted along the instant
7:42 am
eventually declare bankruptcy. another ended up in prison. willie says hitting the $450 million jackpot was the worth thing that ever happened to him. >> heard about people who have done bad things and done -- gone off the deep end, but we're determined not to do that. >> reporter: mary and brian, who won $202 million are proof the lottery isn't always unlucky. they built the only grocery store in their city in iowa and a football stadium at the local high school. >> no one treats us that much differently. >> reporter: this family and other survivors, like former nbc employee, jackie. >> sometimes i do wish for the simplicity of life before the lottery. >> reporter: and seven-time winner richard. >> don't let your spending part of it become an addiction. >> reporter: i'll say, beyond a team of financial advisers, what
7:43 am
saved them were sound financial practices everyone can follow. pay off debt first, use a savings account and have a plan. julie leach says she's ready. >> i don't want it to be a curse. i want it to be a blessing. >> reporter: determined not to learn the hard way that even $310 million can't buy you happiness. for "today," jacob rascon, nbc news. >> little happiness there. >> looks happy there. >> yeah. >> looks happy this morning. coming up, stars that are just like us. what julianne moore is saying about how she handles the bad hair days. why you could be spending a lot more this year to keep things scary.
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>> this is 7 news now. >> anchor: good morning, everyone. 7:57. a beautiful shot of the skyline as we heat up a little bit for this persian gulf fall day, j.r. >> reporter: fantastic. lots of sunshine. boston now at 54. bedford at 44. this afternoon upper 50s to the low 60s. not quite as warm as yesterday. but a nice fall day. a few scattered showers arrive after 3:00 tomorrow. >> chris: breaking news in quincy. right now several boats are on fire at quincy point. sky7 over the scene for us as we speak. look at the flames billowing out of those boats. this is at cove way there in quincy.
7:55 am
we have a crew headed to the scene. then we'll wring you updates all throughout our morning newscast. meanwhile, dedham police are looking into offensive graffiti around town. they found six spots vandalized wednesday morning. five swastikas were spray painted. other comments were written in several neighborhoods. another one was drawn at the commuter rail station. we'll be back in 25 minutes with another update. hope you're having a great
7:56 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, the great pumpkin price surge. why your biggest scare may be when you reach for your wallet. plus, life, love and the haircut heard around the world. >> you're happen y with the hairgate behind you? >> it's never behind me. >> " "felicity" cast reunites. >> it's about falling in love at a certain time in your life. >> we didn't know how good the show was. hollywood legend julie
7:57 am
thursday, october 8th, 2015. >> shotout to our friends and family in mississippi. >> stay strong, south carolina. >> portland, oregon, celebrating my 24th birthday. go blazers! >> 40 years. >> oklahoma is okay! i can't calm down never want to give up >> good morning, everybody. it is thursday, october 8th, 2015. pretty day on our plaza. we've got al here. we have willie in for matt. we have wrangler by your feet. ms. sheinelle jones here. we are excited to have you along. >> we also have, for my money, the funniest guy going, billy eichner, from "billy on the street."
7:58 am
screaming at people on the streets. it's one of the funniest things going. we'll talk to him in a moment. >> looking forward to that. also, legend in the house. julie andrews is here. we'll check in with her and her daughter about their newest for the moment. tamron has our top stories. >> hillary clinton made her most former boss. she's come out against president obama's new pacific trade treaty. that could win support from labor unions who say the deal will cost american jobs. clinton's democratic opponent bernie sanders already opposed the deal. republicans accuse clinton of flip-flopping. she had supported the treaty as secretary of state. clinton says that was before the details were finalized. nato defense ministers are discussing a troubling escalation of russia's role in syria. a major ground offensive have been launched against
7:59 am
turkey says russian war planes have been violating its air space. moscow insists the air strikes are targeting isis and not the forces trying to to believe its allies. syrian president, bashar al assad assad. the coast guard suspended its search for the el faro. it was heading from florida to puerto rico with 33 men and women on board. officials believe it went down in hurricane joaquin and it's 15,000 feet under the surface. debris and one body has been found. search teams will now try to locate the ship's data recorder, which should give off electronic pings until the end of the month. residents of the south carolina coast are bracing for a new round of flooding, even as they add up the damage caused by nearly two feet of rain last week. the death toll has climbed to 17 people. now, water that fell on interior parts of the state is flowing
8:00 am
it's raising river levels and putting added pressure on dams. a politician is on bail after caught on camera apparently attacking a reporter. the reporter asked, don't the alabama city commissioner, will he resign? he shoves a reporter and drawing blood. the commissioner was charged with misdemeanor assault. keep your eye on the ball. during this crazy youth league off. the ball only goes three yards before it hits the ground and spins backwards. no one seems to know what to do next, except for one other player on the receiving team, who took the ball and runs 45 yards for the td. there you go. never stop running. that's got to be some lesson somewhere. savannah and willie? >> thank you so much. halloween is just over three weeks away. we have scary news. turns out celebrating this year
8:01 am
could cost more than it has in the past. sheinelle has more. >> we all know costumes can be expensive, but who thought pump pumpkins could break the bank? >> your biggest scare this halloween may be to your wallet. >> trick or treat. >> happy halloween. >> with kids, parents, even pets getting into the spirit. the spooky start of the season comes with a high price tag, thanks to rising costs of candy, costumes and especially those fall must-haves, pumpkins. >> it's not enough to buy a bag of candy and answer the door. it's become a much bigger deal. >> reporter: according to experts at bank rate, a kid's costume, two bags of candy for trick or treaters, a pumpkin and decorations will set the average american back $156 this year. the biggest jump in cost coming from your jack-o-lantern. record rainfall hitting key crops in illinois means lower
8:02 am
supply and higher prices, up 21% this year. even worse news for canned pumpkin, there's concern that will be in short supply for the whole holiday season. if you want to carve a jack o jack-o-lantern for halloween or make pumpkin pie, head to the stores now. with the rising costs, how can consumers cut back? >> if you shop around for things like candy, you can save considerably. a 40 ounce bag of chocolates was $3 more expensive in some stores than in others. >> reporter: cutting costs is crucial, because while trick or treating might be the first holiday tradition this time of year, there's a long line of ones to follow. >> the downside in going all in on halloween is that this is just the first of a long holiday season. >> they also suggest buying medium sized pumpkins, which are the best bargain, and can save you money buying them at the
8:03 am
supermarket instead of the pumpkin patch. >> the pumpkin patch is so much fun. >> if you're saving money, go to the store. >> we can buy little ones and paint them. different ways to go with that. >> i buy candy. we don't get the trick or treaters and then i eat the candy. coming up, is it really possible to get gourmet food from a dorm room? a student chef whose restaurant of sorts has been booked for months. why daniel craig says he needs to wait before thinking about whether he'll play james bond ever again. team ben? what about the haircut? we'll talk to the cast of "felicity" reuniting after the show went off maria? into the complex health care system.
8:04 am
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playing in the mud. 15 feet in the air, that's where you feel most alive. 10 meter maids waiting to wallpaper your truck. better get out of town. 5, 4, 3... the all-new tacoma. toyota. let's go places. happy music. back now at 8:10. trending on a thursday morning. how about that? >> next shot there. >> it's a roll. >> happy. >> we're all in the mood now. there are a lot of good restaurants in new york city. a lot are hard to get into, unless you know al roker. you know what the hottest table in town is now?
8:07 am
>> dorm room at colombia university. this is opened two weeks ago. he's booked until christmas. he cooks all the meals in a suite he shares with three roommates. on the menu, lamp chops. >> wow. >> look at that. everybody is loving it. how does he afford to have that? >> the kids pay. $20. >> he does it in the dorm kitchen. >> $10. >> he makes money. >> is it just for the students or can creeps like us go to a >> yeah. >> takes some random folks. >> okay. i love that. >> also trending, the secret apparently to longevity. the key to the fountain of youth may be on your breakfast table.
8:08 am
al roker called this years ago. meet souza ue zanne suzanne jones. he's she's the oldest living person. she eats bacon every day and snacks on it throughout the day. >> amazing. >> we've heard this from oldest living americans. richard, 109 years old, drinks whiskey and smokes multiple cigars a day. >> interesting. we put bacon on the table. where are the whiskey and cigars? >> al, you should start with passing to the left. >> of course. >> passing around bacon. a lot of bacon, wasn't that the diet? >> i'm going all in on that. >> atkins diet, a lot of meat. >> crispy. >> got to be crispy. >> just like this. >> me, too. >> you don't like it wiggly? >> this is good bacon. >> we're going to live forever, guys. >> exactly. >> cheers. >> bacon, we're gonna live
8:09 am
forever. >> we're clearly so happy. >> is there anything more telling about you than your google search history? >> i don't think so. >> jimmy fallon sent one of his writers on to the streets and histories. found interesting results. >> we have cat puke cleanup. geez, i got a cat named wilma who puked every morning. we're always trying to figure out the best way to clean up the puke on our white carpet. >> you did a search for google? >> yes. >> if you do a google search for google, where does it take you? >> back to google again. >> is it legal to eat pigeons in new york city? is it legal to catch pigeons in new york city? pigeon recipes. >> he noticed all the pigeons in new york and was curious. >> isn't that what we all do sometimes? >> yeah. >> that's why it's revealing.
8:10 am
search history, go to and put the cursor in the blank space. it pulls up what you've searched. what do you have? >> this is how lame my life is. i was on amazon looking for ink jet printer ink. isn't that exciting? rock star life i lead. al in? >> my last one was a halloween costumes for captain america. that's what nick wants to go as. >> do you remember michelle branch? i love her and i wondered hand to -- what happened to her. >> what happened in? >> i don't know. i got lots of music though. >> better not be justin bieber. >> it is not. >> she already has that on her phone. >> it is the nose ring, because i want a nose ring.
8:11 am
>> what else, if you go one farther down? >> savannah? >> this is like a window into the soul. >> it is. >> the google search history. pulp fiction dance team. matt lauer ellen dance. ugly old queens. i was looking for a picture, image, of a mean old queen to send to a friend. >> wow. >> what about the dance team? >> i don't know. >> what came up under ugly old queens? >> lots of pictures of kind of all de these old queens with, like, teeth and looking mean. >> stop now. >> okay. >> old queens with teeth. >> do the neck thing. >> sorry. >> now to why daniel craig is over playing james bond, maybe. the a-lister who will beg to stay away from the new steve jobs movie. >> i have bacon grease on my shirt.
8:12 am
first to daniel craig and the speculation whether this will be his last bond movie. look what he said about playing bond again. i'd rather break this glass and slash my wrists. i'm over it at the moment. we're done. all i want to do is move on. he left the door open. quote, if i did another bond movie, it would only be for the movie. that's what he said. now to the steve jobs movie and the controversy surrounding it. we know steve jobs widow tried to kill the movie. she begged a-listers not to take the lead role. it went to michael. citing a source, the hollywood reporter said mrs. jobs called leonardo dicaprio and christian bail, and bale, and asked them to stay away. >> there's been tough moments. it comes out tomorrow. >> daniel craig could have
8:13 am
>> if the money was right. >> finally, julianne moore. the actress refuses to go into public over the summer. on ellen, she revealed why. >> i can't blow dry my own hair, can't strengthen it out. >> can't do that to your hair? >> no. it's wavy, but frizzy. in the summertime, i let it go and let it, you know, just let it be. i try not to go anywhere because i can't control my hair. there it is. somebody said to me, you did that to your hair. i'm like, no, i woke up that way. >> there you go. >> i'm not beyonce, i woke up like this. >> julianne is happy to let her hairdo its thing over the summer. i'm all about letting it go. >> why not in? >> i can relate. >> i walk out in a fro. we pass each other and don't know it. >> tamron goes, savannah, is that you? >> tamron? >> sheinelle, thank you.
8:14 am
mr. >> mr. roker? >> that was good bacon. >> i don't know. we need to find out. fantastic. identify i've got to resist taking it with me to the weather map. we have a hurricane, hurricane oho. i like the name of that. 75 75-mile-per-hour winds chltd . possibly. however, the moisture from oho is going to make its way into the pacific northwest. friday morning into friday afternoon and saturday, look at some of the rainfall we're area. we could be looking at somewhere >> reporter: good morning. a cool breeze this morning that will fade away. temps this afternoon not as warm, especially at the coastline. yesterday boston 72, today right around 60. cape ann upper 50s.
8:15 am
60s. a lot of clouds tomorrow. a few showers tomorrow afternoon, not until about 3:00. they will be scattered. they won't be heavy. in any event, your holiday weekend loaded with sunshine saturday, sunday and columbus day with a warming trend. savannah. >> al, thank you. time for a college reunion we can all look forward to. >> we're teaming up with entertainment weekly for amazing cast reunions, as the magazine celebrates its 25th anniversary. we're catching up with the cast of "felicity." erica hill sat down with them. >> on our staff, we had "felicity" fans. from 1998 to 2002, millions tuned into the drama of life, love, and the controversy hair ial haircut. >> where are you going to college? >> new york. what about you?
8:16 am
>> reporter: an exchange on high school graduation day that spoke volumes about the adventures to come for a young girl who abandoned her comfortable college plan to follow her heart and high school crush to new york city. along the way, felicity gained millions of fans. drawn to the heartwarming and often heartbreaking stories of college life in the '90s. including one unforgettable love triangle. >> hey. >> hey. >> reporter: while ben may have inspired felicity to head east, noel quickly found a place in her heart, too. >> just, you know, stopping by to say yo and welcome. >> the actors, keri russell, scott speedman and scott foley, got together for entertainment weekly's reunion issue. revealing 13 years after the show ended, fans haven't forgotten where their loyalties lie.
8:17 am
show, everywhere i go. before people were shipping characters, they were team ben or team noel. people come to me, hey, i love "stan " "scandal," but i'm team ben. >> do you get the same? >> no. >> you don't? >> scott assumes everyone is team ben. >> most people are always just telling me how much they love the show, or it meant so much at that time in their life and all that. it seems like a nice interaction to me. >> reporter: after a successful first season, including a best actress golden globe for russell, became one of the show's most controversial story lines, pitting fans into two more teams, short and long. even those who didn't watch couldn't ignore the headlines about keri russell's hair. >> did it feel crazy to you at the time, that a haircut resulted in so much coverage and speculation? >> it was like kind of amazing, that anyone cared.
8:18 am
i loved it for the story. they called me and said, would you cut your hair for the show? yeah, it's awesome, a college girl would do it. >> there's a misconception, that keri cut it on her own and showed up. >> you looked so pretty before you cut your hair. i was like, thank you. thank you. >> so you're happy to put hairgate behind you? >> it's never behind my. >> reporter: felicity the character and the show survived the drama for another three seasons, wrapping after four years, a fitting run for a show about college. >> it was this lovely sort of, in some ways, idyllic view of college. >> very much so. >> did it feel like a little bit of college for you guys at that point? >> it sort of was our college. >> for me. >> if you consider college a transitory period between being a kid and being an adult, this, for me, for all of us, was definitely that. >> reporter: while all three actors have long since graduated
8:19 am
to other roles, they agree there was something magical about "felicity." >> it was a good, sweet story. i loved it. it was sweet and funny. >> it was just a simple story about, you know, falling in love at a certain time in your life. >> we all knew how good the show was. we had a fantastic staff and great actors and a great audience. it's like lightning in a bottle. >> the three of them hadn't all been together since the show ended in 2002. when they taped the final scene, of the host. they had a great day together. it was fun. they were cracking jokes with one another, with me, it was great. >> you can tell when the chemistry is real. i did the "family ties" one yesterday. you watch them before and after on camera, and it's fantastic. >> i loved that one. it was amazing. >> trust me. i was there. >> sha lala la after every sentence. it was amazing. tomorrow, we'll reunite the cast
8:20 am
of "bring it on." >> it's already been brought. >> good one. >> erica, thank you. we're going to check in with natalie. she's on assignment in los angeles. we miss you. what are you doing out there? >> hi, guys. i'm here on the red carpet, outside the theater for the first ever latin american music awards. we talked this week about the power of latinos in america, and the fact that the amas have gone latin prove we're here to stay. tonight will be a great show, live on telemundo. lots of stars will be walking the red carpet as they go to earn their prizes tonight. one of the nominees, i had an interview with him, a young man who is a fast, rising star in the latin music scene, but also in mainstream america. he's on tour with ariana grande. you'll get to know prince royce here on "today." >> looking forward to it. >> we'll have special guest sheinelle in the orange room right now. >> tell me about it.
8:21 am
we have the lovely julie andrews and her daughter, out with a new fairy princess book in time for halloween. we'll have time with billy eichner. isn't this amazing? like a party in the orange room.
8:22 am
how do you start the day brighter? make the ride smoother? and finish with a smile? you' ve got this. you' ve got t.j.maxx. better brands, at prices
8:23 am
>> anchor: we continue to follow this breaking news for you out of quincy. sky7 h.d. over the scene right now of this huge fire. several boats on fire as we speak now in quincy point. you can see the flames, all of that thick smoke. firefighters working from the dock to put water on those boats. the fire so intense that it could be seen all the way from boston, at least the smoke that is within the last few minutes. firefighters have gotten some reinforcements. this large fire fighting boat has just gotten on scene. it's helping spray down what's left of the flames. you can see that a number of boats are damaged. we've gotten some video from the ground, as well, the quincy fire
8:24 am
we've also seen towboats brought in to pull other boats out of the way, hoping they don't catch fire. we'll be bringing you updates throughout the morning. let's now go over to j.r. and check on your morning forecast. >> reporter: temps are in the 50s. norwood 45. boston 44. a mix of clouds and sunshine. between 59 and 64. a few showers to be way for tomorrow afternoon, but not until after 3:00. there will be scattered showers. no heavy rain. near 70 tomorrow. holiday weekend loaded with sunshine. another warming trend. 70 on sunday. low 70s columbus day. >> reporter: thanks, j.r. much more on this breaking news coming up in quincy.
8:25 am
8:30, everybody. it's a thursday morning, october 8th, 2015. it is absolutely a beautiful, crisp autumn day here in the northeast. hope you're having a great day wherever you are. happy to see all these smiling faces on our plaza today. >> just ahead, we love it when julie andrews stops by. she's here with her daughter, emma walton hamilton, as the duo have written a children's book, just in time for halloween. and we love this man, he is our fav, mr. billy eichner. not only runs up to folks on the streets, we're going to talk to
8:26 am
billy eichner about the celebrities he's getting to take part in his shenanigans. >> we love him. somebody else we love, natalie, is on assignment this morning, hanging out. she's on the red carpet for the latin american music awards. she will be a presenter on the show. scream when you see her at home, when she comes on the stage. we'll share her conversation with one of the nominees, who is extremely popular, prince royce. we were talking about googling earlier. google prince royce. his following is huge. >> speaking of musicians, we're kicking off our citi concert series next week. first up on monday, columbus day, superstar selena gomez. she'll rock the plaza. then carrie underwood will be here on october 23rd. 5 seconds of summer will be hitting the stage on october 28th. >> that's awesome. >> thank you.
8:27 am
>> you're asking the wrong person, sister. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> ten seconds of fall. show you what's going on for tomorrow. wet weather in the pacific northwest. wet in the northeast. texas and the southwest. sunshine down in florida. on saturday, we've got more rain coming ahead for the southeast. we do not need it in the carolinas, wet and windy in the pacific northwestment . sunday, sunday, the sunshine returns for much of the crownty. ty country. showers left, as well. the pinkest precinct. nice to see you. thank you for being here, supporting breast cancer awareness. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> new york's finest. new york's inkest. >> reporter: good morning. a cool breeze this morning that will fade away. temps this afternoon not as warm, especially at the coastline. yesterday boston 72, today right around 60. cape ann upper 50s.
8:28 am
the numbers reach the lower 60s. a lot of clouds tomorrow. a few showers tomorrow afternoon, not until about 3:00. they will be scattered. they won't be heavy. in any event, your holiday weekend loaded with sunshine saturday, sunday and columbus day with a warming trend. >> one of my weather channel compatriots, kait parker, who just got engaged to our hurricane expert, michael lowry. >> you dropped the bomb on national television. thanks, al. >> what are friends for? savannah? >> al, thank you so much. we are pleased to have julie andrews with us this morning. she's a triple threat, as we know. academy award, grammy and emmy under her wing. she and her daughter emma walton hamilton are best-selling authors. their latest collaboration is
8:29 am
was this planned, the timing? >> a little bit. >> we love the series. it's after your daughter, your granddaughter granddaughter, the inspiration for jerry, the main character. >> do not call her geraldine. >> that's right. >> she believes she's a fairy princess, although -- >> despite all evidence to the contrary. >> i was going to say, talks about her ankles and holes in her tights. she's a very fairy princess. >> princess is a state of mind. >> thank you. i'll remember that. >> good, good. maybe i'll get a shoutout in the next book. this is a halloween-themed book. what's the moral of the story on this one? >> want to take that in? >> sure. >> basically, it's let your sparkle out any time of year, but especially at halloween. be your authentic self and find a way to bring that to the halloween celebration. jerry has to go with her wings and crown everywhere she goes.
8:30 am
crown? she has to get creative. >> then her best friend has a real setback. it's about friendship, as well. need. >> was halloween big in your >> it certainly was. with five children, it was just huge. >> were you the mom that could sew costumes, or was it more like -- >> this is the mom that can sew costumes. i vaguely remember my son, i said, no pulling of girl's hair. >> egg throwing. >> wait a minute. no spray on cars. he said, what about eggs on girls? no eggs. >> nice that he asked though. >> well, yes. >> what are you going to do for halloween this year? >> halloween is huge. i live on eastern long island and halloween is one of the biggest events of the year there. i'm doing a book signing on halloween for this book in our local bookstore. >> great. i heard this series, is this the seventh in the series?
8:31 am
>> the eighth, i think. >> i think it's the eighth. >> one was just written. >> more coming out. >> it'll be made into a television show. >> it is. >> they've very kindly developed an animated series. i guess -- i don't know when it will start airing. >> hoping for next year, if all goes well. >> we are so thrilled and delighted. >> now little hope can say, i'm the inspiration for jerry on tv now. >> that's right. >> this will be exciting. speaking of exciting, they're talking about a remake of "mary poppins." >> i heard. >> supposedly, it's set 20 years in the future. >> what i know about it is it's not the original piece. this is, i think, seven mary poppins books. that was a series, also. i think there were seven left in the disney archives or vault. it's those seven books being developed as a second movie.
8:32 am
>> do you have any theories about who could be mary poppins? >> i have a lot, but i'm not sure which one they'll go for or how they'll shape it. i really don't know. listen, after -- it's 50 years since that came out. i think it's time. >> it is time. can i tell you, every time you are on, i look at my phone and i have like 300 text messages from people saying, julie andrews is in the studio? i can't believe it. you're so beloved. >> thank you. >> it's awesome to have you here. >> i'm very, very lucky. >> you deserve all the love and accolades. julie and emma, great to have you here. >> thank you so much. >> by the way, "a very fairy princess spooky halloween" is on bookshelves now. thank you very much. >> thank you. billy on the street is stepping inside. we'll talk to him in a moment. coming up next, natalie introduces us to latin singing
8:33 am
>> announcer: viva today is brought to you by toyota, a proud supporter of hispanic heritage month. >> we are back at 8:40 on a thursday morning, with viva today, our series that highlights prominent latinos in america. >> natalie is catching up with a 26-year-old singing sensation, hailed from new york but popular is growing nationwide. good morning to you. >> good morning to you guys. i'm here live at the dolby theater. the scene for the first ever latin american music awards. the young man you're talking about, prince royce, is nominated in a few categories tonight. if you haven't heard his name until now, all that is changing for him. he's taking the music world by storm. >> reporter: prince royce is used to screaming fans. he's one of the biggest musical
8:34 am
talents in latin pop, making him one of today's hottest musicians. born jeffrey in the bronx to dominican parents, he got his first record deal at age 18. it was not without hustle. >> i don't would hand out cds in the streets. i'd go on rollerblades, handing out my demo. >> reporter: the year 2010 was a turning point for royce. his spanish album included a cover song "stand by me," which exploded on the airwaves. >> i think doing it in spanish was different. it hadn't been done before. >> tell me about your latin sound. why bachata? >> it was a genre my parents listened to. i could bring my own sound to it. i wantedr &b, york play flavor.
8:35 am
latin billboard awards. >> do you prefer singing in spanish or english? >> spanish feels romantic, just because of the language. for example, "i like you" in spanish would sound way more -- >> like i love you. >> then "i love you," is te amo. >> romantic on its own. >> reporter: these days, he can be seen alongside jennifer lopez and pitbull in a new video "back it up," the first song off of his recently released english album. >> jennifer has been a great part in this english spot for me. she was helping me with the set list on the tour. >> she told you to take your shirt off. >> who told you that? i'm like, jen, i don't know if i'm ready. she said, take your shirt off. i go. yeah, you're ready. okay then. >> reporter: he ignores talk of
8:36 am
his english speaking album being called a crossover album. >> that term doesn't exist anymore. i like to call it, you know, my first english album. >> reporter: as for his awards, don't look for them to be out on display. >> in my house, i have them on a closet, in a room i don't go into. >> why? they should be on your mantle. >> i don't like to see them. >> you worked hard. >> i know. i like to feel like, what's next? >> no girlfriend, for all those who want to know? >> i have several girlfriends, and they're my fans. i love all of them. >> he certainly knows how to work it and certainly has a lot of girlfriends, as he's currently on tour with ariana grande, one of the biggest music sensations. he is nominated tonight in a couple different categories. the latin american music awards first ever airs on telemundo. the coverage begins and all the fun begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern time.
8:37 am
back to you. >> natalie, thank you. can i say, you look so gorgeous this morning. not that you don't every day, but my goodness. that color is amazing. >> really? thank you. >> who are you wearing? >> must be the red carpet glow. >> you're going to present, so you have the answer that question. natalie, who will you be wearing tonight? >> who am i wearing tonight? i can't even pronounce the name. i don't know. i forget. it's a trick question. it's too early. >> that man or woman appreciates the plug. very much. all right, natalie. have fun. we'll see you. coming up next, everything funny man billy eichner touches or streams goes viral. a new season of "billy on the
8:38 am
leadership isn't given. it's earned. realized. accomplished. fulfilled.
8:39 am
leadership isn't given.
8:40 am
if you walk the streets of new york city long enough these days, there's a good chance a at you. his name is billy eichner, and he is hysterically funny. billy is back with his microphone, pounding the pavement and looking for answers. >> miss, for a dollar, name three white people. go. >> three white people? >> yeah. >> dead or alive? >> yes, famous, please. >> elvis presley. >> one. >> michael jackson. >> he was not white. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> oh, god! >> the pressure, the pressure. the fourth season of billy eichner's show premieres tonight on trutv. when i said you were crazy, i said it in a loving way. you know that. >> i know you're a fan. >> i have been for a long time. >> thank you. >> when you first started, you had your friends to run with you. now, you have oscar winners, julianne moore, tina fey.
8:41 am
>> this has blown up for you. >> i want to get julie andrews on the show. >> she was right here. >> believe me, i got her number. i got it in the green room. >> i can see you dragging mary poppins through the streets of new york. >> you had the first lady of the united states. there was a shopping cart. how did that come together? >> the first lady's team came to "funny or die." they had done work with the president. they were billy on the street fans, and it came together. >> was that a freak out moment for you? >> i was dying of nerves until she got there. i made the current first lady of the united states push me around in a shopping cart while i recited gwyneth paltrow's oscar accept acceptance speech. she was willing to do it. >> she was game? >> so lovely and enthusiastic. i don't know why she did it, but i was honored she did.
8:42 am
he to the billy eichner. i know you a little, and you're not screaming all the time. >> i'm relatively normal all the time. i think it was who i was when i was a 12-year-old, obsessed with celebrity and pop culture. >> is anybody out there who hasn't been on the show, and i think i know the answer, who has not been on the show? >> i talk about meryl streep a lot, for years. we got close. we haven't gotten it, but i hold out hope. >> meryl streep, call billy eichner. best career move you ever made. we talked about how i've been a fan for a long time. >> you're very nice. >> i was watching in the early days of the show. for a long time, i felt like the love was unrequited. >> willie. >> until someone pointed me to a clip from late night with seth myers. >> do you have any celebrities beyond reproach?
8:43 am
i think he'll be happy to hear this. >> that was my favorite part of the clip. no one reacted. >> you know i'm a huge fan. >> that was julie, of course, from your hit series "difficult people" on hulu. we're going to play a game with you. >> i'm not prepared. >> you're a game guy. >> wow. >> this is stream or cream or dream. does this make you scream or is it a dream come true? in honor of you, away we go. damon. >> why? i don't know. willie. >> all day breakfast at mcdonald. >> scream. >> tom hanks finds your wallet in central park. >> dream. >> right? >> everybody wants tom hanks to find all their personal belongings. >> kanye west said the fashion industry discriminates against him because he is not gay. >> at this point, kanye can say i'm a pigeon and i can say, whatever, kanye. >> last one, this version of
8:44 am
>> only if he's in a car, giving a speech in a car commercial that no one understands. >> billy eichner, ladies and gentlemen. the new season of "billy on the street" premieres tonight on trutv. >> thank you, willie. coming up next, preview of today's ambush makeovers.
8:45 am
we are back. 8:53. special birthday wishes from our friend. >> when you're in new york, you don't go anywhere. that's the best place in the world to have fun, eat good and live good. and see the "today" show.
8:46 am
has raw carrots for breakfast. bet betty loves the wis pistons. favorite team. joe derosa from strongsville, ohio. loves to make wine. 100 years old today. bill reboli is 100 years old today. loves to ride his bike, exercise is his secret to life. we've had fun down here. little warm, but we like it that way. better than cold and freezing. now back to new york where it's always nice. >> thank you so much. day. >> did you know that? >> of course i do. best segment on tv. i watch it every thursday. that's the truth. i mean that, best segment on tv. >> including your own? >> sadly, yes. >> better than our segment in? >> i've walked into it here. >> you have. >> they went outside and found a bunch of people. two in particular. one is the mother of a groom.
8:47 am
her son is getting married, and she wanted a whole new look. the other was with girl scouts. she was like, i'd like a makeover. can you believe, they trust us? >> they don't trust us. >> right, those are some favorites. the reactions are crazy. >> perfect for the wedding. she'll upstage the bride. >> we hope they like it. >> best thing. >> has it happened? >> when it happens, you know it. >> it's one of the more awkward moments. >> i never knew that. >> it's another great segment. >> amazing segment. >> you should watch it sometime. >> i do. i actually do dvr it. when i get home during dinner, i watch it. >> is that what you do, you and deborah? >> yes. we gather the children all together.
8:48 am
8:49 am
we are following breaking news this morning. several boat catching fire at marina.
8:50 am
we're live in quincy with the late. crew stealing with explosive fire. we're live with concerned about toxic fumes. check it out. a little girl so excited to see her dad that she goes running up to him during an army ceremony. >> a little bit dusty in here. temps in 50s. nice fall day forecast coming up mmm... nothing like johnsonville breakfast sausage. with nothing to hide.
8:51 am
no secrets. just like our family. well there is one. folks, i'm not your grandma. just a handsome kind hearted drifter who wandrered in years ago and stayed for all the yummy sausage. feel bad about lying. nap time. i got her. seriously? i feel like i just woke up. ha ha ha! fully cooked johnsonville breakfast sausage. we don't make sausage.
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