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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 8, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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a scary scene market three owner. dramatic situation when teenager jumps out of moving car kidnapper. we do begin with breaking news. fire at may ripa. they broke out about two hours ago. smoke could be seen for miles. coast guard fire crews are on the scene right now dousing it with flames. good morning to you. we'll have a live report from the quincy marina in just a moment. first of all let's get over to jr and talk about the forecast for the morning. boston at 56. bedford 53. nashua, 52. at the waterfront including quincy there's wind out there
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of the northwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. again if you are south of that you may see dark plume of smoke. elsewhere across southern new england high pressure building in from northern new england. we had cool front sneak through last night. sometimes when the fronts come through they will make some noise with clouds and showers. that will happen tomorrow evening. so today a mix of clouds and sunshine because the cool front came through. not as warm this afternoon. but still seasonal. upper 50s at the coast to around 60. and then further inland frame ingham 63. another front on the way for tomorrow that will bring a few showers. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes we have this breaking news from quincy. crews investigating a big fire at marina there. the flame sweeping through several boats. nick emmens is on the phone with the latest. what can you tell us? >> right now it looks like this fire pretty well knocked down.
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boat into the marina to help tack it will flames on multiple boths here that are in their -- at this captain cove's marina. what we saw earlier were intense flame coming from all of the boats. we have video and pictures from earlier this morning from just about after 7:00 this morning when the first responders showed up on scene here. what we know now is 7 boats total are involved. we don't know how this fire started that time. i just spoke with quincy fire and they told me the investigation is ongoing. they continue to mop up the flames on the 7 boat. i spoke to woman who lived on the boat. i saw a women running from boat this morning screaming crying saying, her boats on fire. obviously this is such a terrible news for people who live on their boat. some of the boats involved here where people werelying on.
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people because those boats many of them are total losses. the good news at this point there's no word -- no confirmed injury at this point. 7 boths damaged by this fire that ripped through the marina just after 7:00 this morning. i will continue to gather information from the fire crews on scene to try to learn more about how this may have happened. but for now live in quincy nick emmons, 7news. we will bring you update at and our mobile app and you can find update on twitter accounts and our face book. right now crews are on the scene of explosive fire. this one in oxford. they dousing hot spots at mill that went up in flames last night. there are concerns about the flame sending toxic fumes into the air. one of the companies that burned handle asbestos. nicole oliverio is live on the scene with more for us on this. nicole?
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>> air quality the problem was because this building wasn't permitted which isn't necessarily required the fire department didn't know it actually existed. they didn't know what type of business its back there. they did have air quality test done. those all came back negative. you can see the fire department has officially wrapped up they are pulling out and say they have gotten all of the hot spots. huge flame and thick black smoke at the business. when i got out of work i saw the flames and smoke. getting the fire under control was a challenge the business but years ago its chemical plant which caused air quality concern about what exactly was burning. zmoo we brought in air monitor because of the previous occupant and not else knowing what could
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everyone managed to make it out safely. it's always important to seek the public's assistance. doesn't mean it was intengly set fire. taking a live look now you see the damage from the warehouse fire. they tolds because it was so hintic and chaotic last night they haven't had a chance to begin the investigation. they also say that the business owner will lived out of until he gets here and they can talk to him about whats going on inside it will be a long time before they know the cause. nicole oliverio, 7news "today in new england." >> a store owner and employee as well as good samaritan injured during violent armed robbery. the owner asked a man to leave after he brought his dog inside. a third person there tried to
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intervene. all three people suffered stab wounds. everyone is okay. suspect facing multiple charges. new this morning stunning video of teenager jumping from moving car to escape alleged abductor. a gray car drives on the road when all of a sudden a 17-year-old girl opens the door and rows on the pavement. and amazingly she seems okay. she's able to stand up and walk away. investigator say the driver of that car a woman in her forts lured the teen into the car while the girl was walking to school monday morning. driver. a football forfeit following school scandal in win tloep. investigation because of an incident in the locker room. nicole oliverio has the latest on how the player are accused of going out of bounds. an anonymous tip. one high school football player
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football player without any clothes on while the student changing in locker room. >> when you send something out you are responsible for your action. the punishment was quick to come. the senior was suspended and the police launched a criminal investigation. more than one student involved at this particular time. we're looking at more than ten. the entire team is paying the price. all football activity this weekend are can eld. the game against gloucester, forfeited. sad to see sport will be taken away. whether or not the police decide criminal charges are appropriate the superintendent said he's disappointed calling this a black eye on their program. when the incidents occur it's these are also lessons learned. and when we need to make sure in today's world we learn the lesson. they immediately notified the parents of any of the players involved. as for whether or not there will
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matter that's up to the police department and they continue their investigation. victoria warren 7news "today in new england." coast guard officially calling off search for sunken car go ship leaving family and friend of this graduate in mourning. they held a vigil for kingston native. the father of three was soon planning to retire. >> happening today jury selection will continue in trial of dan investor student -- danvers students accused of killing his teacher. the remaining 59 will return to court this morning for follow up questions lawyers. philip chisms 14 when he killed colleen ritzer two years ago. >> whitey bulger's long-time girlfriend will be back in court.
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october 19th on criminal contempt. she refused to testify into grand jury that lacks into whether other people may have helped bulger while on the run. she's reserving 8 year sentence after pleading guilty to several charges. also this morning, certainly didn't go there for any harm to come to any animals. a city council candidate from new hampshire giving his side of the story after he is charged with animal abuse for killing a small dog. police say this man saw the dog using the bathroom in his yard and kicked it so hard that the dog died. now that man the speaking out and telling his version of what happened to kelly o'hara. the last few days have been heartbreaking. i'm hurt. someone kills your dog for no reason, and he knew its my dog.
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his dog out for few minute. they wandered away and peed on the neighbors lawn. you just kicked the dog like a football. i think it's dead. and then i walked out and said i'm calling the cops. he didn't say a word. didn't say nothing. just don't call. police charged toby a man running for city council animal cruelty to the dog's death. we caught up with him outside of the police station earlier. ist peacefully working on the property when this dog got out of the house. and there's more than one dog. the dogs are nasty and intimidating. >> did you kill the dog? >> you know, i can't comment now. police have charged with animal cruelty and the homeowner said you kicked his dog to death. that's correct. i've been getting death threats.
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he just wants justice. i want something to happen to him. i don't think it should be a misdemeanor. in keen, new hampshire kelly o'hara. 7news "today in new england" soccer governing body temporarily suspended president for 90 days. he remains president of fifa until he steps down in february. the 79-year-old is part of criminal investigation by switzerland's attorney general. several other top official were given similar punishment. a stampede during pilgrimage. over 1200 killed. 1,000 more injured. happened in mecca last month. the victims were from 17 different country ifs police in new york say the officer who arrested james blake used excessive force. that officer tackled brake last month after mistaking him for suspect. the charge could lead to
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the nypd will hold department trial to determine the officer's future. after learning of wednesday ruling he sent out this statement saying it's my understand that the officers now face trial. i have complete respect for the principle of due process and appreciate the efforts to advance this investigation. the patriot's are said to take on the cowboys this sunday. tom brady not interested in discussing the comments paid by dallas defensesy end greg hardy who said he hopes brady's wife come to game. he just finished serving suspension following his arrest on domestic violence charges last career. when asked tuesday for his thought about facing brady. hardy said i love seeing tom brady. have you seen his wife. i hope she comes to her game. i hope her sister comes to the game and all her friends
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brady was not interested in responding to the words? >> i'm just -- i'm just getting ready to play. i got to focus on my job. he's a great player. we got take a lot of different things hand alguy like that. i don't really care about his personal feelings >> after a couple of questions brady ended the news conference by saying he simply has work to do. there's much more ahead on "today in new england." a shark attack actually saved his life. and sunshine. not quite as warm as yesterday. forecast for the holiday weekend up next. little girl breaking protocal because she lows her daddy. we continue to follow this breaking news. several boat catching fire this morning in quincy. crews have put the flames out. got it mostly under control now. we will keep you updated on this story throughout the morning. >> we're looking live on the
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it's a three-car fender bender here. the back up is as you can see nasty. in fact right back to westin area. also very slow going here. route 120 southbound after 93 still very slow right down to turnpike bumper-to-bumper and there's a look what's happening on the expressway. it's slow too.
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>> check out this video getting likes online. a girl can't wait to give her dad a hug. this is during an army homecoming ceremony and colorado. and then her dad oh he was deployed for nine months. and he said he had to break formation to give her a hug. that's completely understandable.
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look at her run too. there's nothing like that daddy daughter love is there? >> absolutely not. she's a sweetheart. let's talk about -- what we have in store for us this morning. >> what do you have jr? >> a mix of clouds and sunshine. boston at 56. plymouth 57. jaffrey at 49. we have a little cool front sneak through last evening. high pressure now taking its play. the little h that came out of canada. what that means i don't think we reached the 70s today. today northerly brees at time northeast off the water it will be noticeably cooler than yesterday for sure. the numbers below normal. the city this afternoon around 60 on cape ann middle and upper 50s. then back into metro west worcester hills. temperatures in the lower 60s. pollen count in the moderate category today. and mold spore running in the low category. tonight increasing clouds mild,
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i think there's a couple of scattered showers tomorrow afternoon. not until after 3:00. if you have outdoor plans tomorrow the first part of the day is dry. certainly morning commute even when the weather system comes into new england won't have tropical moisture. we had a cool front last wednesday and deposited four inch of rain. we won't do that tomorrow. there's no tropical moisture. there will be a few scattered showers late tomorrow afternoon. and tomorrow evening. some of the high school football game may have a few showers. that zips along and it's out of here. it's out of new england just in time for the holiday weekend. saturday mostly sunny sky. a warming trend by sunday and more so columbus day. mountain lakes region breezy and cool. sunday morning will be chilly down in the low 30s in mountains. and then by the afternoon in the low 60s. and upper 60s on columbus day. fall foliage for the weekend peeking in the northeast vermont.
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berkshire that color coming on strong. even into metro west. don't have to go too far to find the maples doing their things. this is your first new england fall do you look forward to foliage? >> listen to this saved by a shark. you don't hear that every day. why getting attacked in the ocean actually saved his life. are you getting fantasy team
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>> a stunning story about a man from fitchburg who said he was saved by a shark. those are wound from close encounter. they discovered far more serious when treating him. byron barnett has the full story. >> reporter: you feel lucky, huh? >> feel like the luckiest gave on the planet. >> eugene wasn't feeling lucky in july when he was vacationing in huntingdon beach, california with his family. swimming with daughter when a shark slammed into him.
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kind of felt like a huge pile of bricks thrown to my back. i'm swimming up and all of a sudden i had instant whiplash and my head got kind of shaken back. >> then he had chest pain when he returned home a few days later. he said he went to saint elizabeth medical center where they found internal bruising from the blunt force trauma. but doctors also found something else. they let me know they had found a growth or tumor on my right kidney. that was about the size of a walnut. finney had surgery two weeks ago. and doctors removed the tumor. he said that shark attack saved his life. i think the incident saved my life. i think the shark was a messagener.
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if i had president had the test i wouldn't know about the cancer until it was too late. byron barnett. 7news "today in new england." you hear so often about people deteblth de but never a shark. that could be a first. have you set your line up. we're breaking down who you should start and who you should sit in this week's fantasy fixer.
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excited the pats back on the field. let's talk about who you are rooting for. got to like the patriot's running back. good match-up against the dallas defense. they both put up the numbers. game winner for new orleans out of the back field. a three touchdown game. he got either of those running back start. let's talk about the cowboys. they are hurting. are they capable of pulling off upset. i don't see that happening this week. the offense juggernauts they are getting greg hardy back but he hasn't played in four games. a bad match-up for anyone right now. payton manning got him on my team. he's not playing like we're used to. also 4-and-0. who will help him out. manning looking old right now.
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the raiders a mess. the bear rip them up. each game to tight end this year. owen daniel starts. go set your line up. and when we return on 7news at 9:00. tom brady responding to comment about his wife. for today mostly sunny sky. school, forecast up next. also firefighter putting out hot spots in oxford after a huge recycling building goes up in flames? we continue to follow breaking news from quincy. several boats catching fire. crews have the flames under control. a lot of work has been done.
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hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where' s the? right. it' s being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together. >> following breaking news fire
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tearing through boat in quincy marina. dramatic escape caught on camera. teen making a big move to get away from a woman who was trying to abduct her. and one dallas cowboy player getting attention for what he said ability tom brady's wife. welcome back. thanks for joining us. you know we been talking about the fall foliage. jeremy said it's a great weekend. absolutely. vermont is the place to be; isn't it? >> everywhere you go you can't go wrong. temps in the 50s. bedford 53. i've noticed on my trek home mass pike out west a lot of color. if you want the do that all weekend long. boston back and forth. there's no shame there. city 56. high pressure with us mostly sunny sky. overall delightful holiday
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50s and 60s this afternoon. yesterday boston hit 72. won't be that warm today. i will let you know how much rain is on the way. now we get to breaking news we been following from quincy. fire tears through several boats at marina there. those flame were fast moving the smoke could be seen for miles from bostonen. it happened captains cove in quincy. some people lived on their boats. they lost their homes. as many as 7 boats were damaged. no confirmed injuries. it's not clear how it started coast guard and other fire boats did race to the scene to put out the flame, though. we have nick emmens on the scene. what can you tell us about how the scene looks right now.
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out mostly. they upped the number of boat involved to eight or nine. we learned four boats have gone down in the marina. a lot of damage here. the big story here is that some people lived on the boats. we don't have an exact number of how many people were living on the boats involved here. a few people here their emotion running high. so much lost when the boats are totalled. the flames gutted the boats. the nature of boat fire with upward of 100 gallon of gasoline onboard each boat it can be intense and spread quickly. they are close together in slips.
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again a lot of them totalled. four of them sunk. we look at cleanup effort here. and a lot of people struggling to figure out what that do next. they have lost everything. as far as cause they don't know yet. the investigation is just now getting underway. >> sad situation for those people who use those as house boats. we're bringing you the latest on this breaking news online and also on the mobile app and find updates on facebook and twitter. new video this morning showing a connecticut teen dramatic escape from women police say was trying to abduct her. investigator in bridgeport said a driver lured the teen into the car while walking to school. video shows the girl escaping from the vehicle monday morning. the 17-year-old opened the door and rolled on to the pavement. she's not hurt. people living in the area say
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about this attempted abduction. i think she definitely made the right choice. investigator say rear bumper the missing from the car. it's not clear if the teen knew her attacker. police in harvard are investigating a violent fight near the university of law school. two people were involved last night. police told student to shelter in place as they search for suspect. they arrested one man a second man believed to be the victim. police are looking into offensive graffiti found around town. they found six spot vandalized wednesday. five swastikas were spray painted and other were made. a man accused of making bomb threat against school in four state in federal custody this morning. the fbi said 24-year-old anthony
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threatened schools in massachusetts, rhode island, illinois and north carolina. police first arrested ray in june after he sent threats to school in norwood. police say they have found the body of the man from manchester new hampshire who had been missing for nearly three weeks. he was found dead at motel on wednesday. investigator believe he shot himself. right now police are still searching for roommate. 57-year-old sue hutchinson. . the ceo of boston based draft king defending his company as attorney general moira healey site. they said it's a very ethical company. a worker at draft king reportedly used inside information to win hundred of thousands of dollar while
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playing on rival site fan dual. if you use the commuter rail train service between boston and worcester begins in may. t-officials say it will cut ride times in half from three hours roundtrip to less than two. new video of a hospital in afghanistan following a deadly attack. doctors without border release thing video showing the aftermath of saturday's airstrike. you see the building just completely destroyed. the group has called for independent fact finding mission after the united states admitted to mistakingly bombing the hospital. 22 people were killed. and president obama sending out a personal apology to the president of doctors without border in light of the attack. president obama called the president of the medical relief group in charge of running that hospital. doctors without border believe that airstrike may have been a war crime.
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as if was nonevent we give a blank check to any country at war. the fact must be investigated independently and impartially. particularly given the inconsistency of the u.s. >> president obama promising the investigation will provide transparency around will implement changes he find necessary. driver of tanker truck found dead. the rig collided with suv flipping over guardrail and bursting into flames. it burned for more than 2 hours. and you could see the smoke from new york city. a man driving a few cars behind witnessed it all the driver of the suv suffered only minor injuries. i saw a mattress up ahead. the lane.
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firefighter from nearby airport had to use foam to put that fire out. hillary clinton's private e-mail servers reportedly the world. the associated press report there were attempted cyberattack on clinton's server from china, germany and south korea after she left office in 2013. most were blocked. it's not clear if they were serious threats or simply a common virus. house republican will vote for speaker of the house. kevin mccarthy appears to be in the lead. he faces two opponents. current speaker of the house announced his resignation last month media mogul rupert murdoch sparking controversy suggesting that president obama isn't a real black president. last night murdoch posted on twitter carson terrific. what about real black president who can properly address the
9:36 am
murdoch later recommended a "new york" magazine article whether he has done enough for the african-american community. a local peewee football game turning into dance party. this story amazing. they are getting a lot of attention. a bear on its hind legs. this animal spotted again. animal control officers are concerned. for the day a mix of cloud and sunshine. a little bit cooler than yesterday. holiday weekend forecast up next. and now that school is back in session. we bring back our class act segment. if you know a student between sixth and twelfth grade doing
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something trveng nominate them i have this recurring dream where i actually enjoy flying i never get bored and i just feel welcome...
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>> welcome back. good morning, everyone. a bear that walked upright has been seen again and new jersey this week. the black bears first spotted over the summer walking on its hind legs. allegedly in search for food. now while life expert say they think it's walking upright because it has injured front paw. they want to capture the bear and nurse it back to health. go fund me page has raised
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i mean hopefully he gets the help he needs. you have to confirm it's not a human in bear costume. it's so weird to see. it's interesting. now the weather gorgeous outside. hopefully going to stay that way. what do you think, jr. i think so and hope so. great fall day. mostly sunny skies. you can get a lot established. few showers tomorrow afternoon. they will not pass you during the morning hours. they will be scattered. probably not until after 3:00 or 4:00. in i event the holiday weekend looking great. the city at 56. worcester 53. there's a little bit of wind out there right at the coastline. helping to chase away a cool front. the norther i will breeze will prevent us from reaching the low
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70s this afternoon. still a nice fall day. partly to mostly sunny sky. boston close to 60. lakeville, 64. south coast low 60s. north of town new hampshire seacoast cape ann with northerly breeze bending to the northeast and then the east and southeast. that keep temps in middle to upper 50. out on cape and island much like cape ann the internet and then northeast and southeast breeze. your temps out toward the elbow. chatham about 58. few showers tomorrow afternoon. afternoon. temp tomorrow. ahead of another cool front that will cruise through new england late tomorrow night it's gone by saturday. mostly sunny saturday with side. breezy during the morning hour. sunday morning chilly.
9:41 am
i think a lot down into the 30s and 40s. even downtown boston middle fert. then by sunday afternoon a nice bounce back. your 7 on 7 forecast. this time of year goes up and down. up near 70. monday columbus day low in the 40s. afternoon hire in the 70s. nice day for some football. this the heart warming. a remarkable kov el recovery. he has been recovering for more than a year from virus that led to severe swelling in spinal chord. he was on ventilator for 24 hours a day and could barely speak for months. now christian is standing and talking and said he's looking forward to leaving the hospital. what is the first thing you
9:42 am
fire truck. his parent are happy he will be home in time for the holiday. we hear from peewee player. this is just adorable. more than 2 and a half people have seen this online. instead of pass tackle or kick they broke into a whipping nae nae. a crowd loved it. watching them dance and watching them still play. it was like they were jumping from side to side. both on each end. it was really cool. the third grader playing under
9:43 am
the light during the high school lights half time. the kids were out. a lot of people watching them. when all of a sudden the song came on and many just couldn't help bopping. i love dancing. it's my favorite. for parents that cute moment just showed what kids and sports are all about. it's amazing. the kids are doing what they should be doing is having fun. 7, 8 and 9-year-olds. it's fun. sometimes you feel the music and you have to move. after about two minutes of this the musics stopped so the team could get back to focusing on football. isn't that the cutest thing? >> i love it. england." tom brady's response to comment about his wife.
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>> patriots are set to take on the dallas cowboy. one get attention for what he said. he wasn't talking about tom brady. he was talking about his wife. 7 sports director joe amorosino has more. safe to same tom brady didn't appreciate the comment hoping his wife come to the game. brady in no mood to answer question. he's all business and plans on doing his talking on the field this sunday. brady not an easy opponent for your debut game. how do you view that?
9:47 am
>> same way i did last time i saw him. >> fresh off four-game domestic violence suspension cowboys defensive linemen greg hardy wasted little time causing his next controversy saying quote i love seeing tom brady. have you seen his wife. i hope she comes to game. i hope her sister comes. all her friends come to game. he gave me one. thank god for tom brady. but it takes two to wage a war of words and brady isn't fighting. no i'm just getting ready to play. instead the quarterback opted to fake the high road. he's been a great player. we have to prepare for him and be ready for the moves he has. brady teammate have their own opinions on whether or not his trash talk went too far. i think that's old school days. . >> i personally believe there's line you cross and don't cross. and that's just comes personal respect. fsh is different.
9:48 am
and for brady himself. >> i don't really care about his personal feelings. that was that. brady answer all of 7 questions before abruptly saying thank you i'm done i have to go to work. well played by tom brady. joe amorosino, 7news "today in new england." we're continuing to follow the breaking news for you this morning. several boats catching fire in quincy. crews have gotten the flames under control. no report of injury. we'll have live report coming for you up next.
9:49 am
you back to breaking news. those flame were very fast moving the smoke could be seen for miles. nick emmens joining us now with the latest. the fire is now out? >> that's the good new. but we've learned as many as
9:50 am
nine boats were damaged or destroyed during this fire. happened after 7:00 this morning. few intense flame. you have to think about boat in may marina. the fire fight very intense not to mention the material of by the boats are made out of. the tragic news here that upsetting news for many people in this marina community is that these boats are some people's homes. they live on the boats year-round. in one case we spoke to women who said she lost everything. when her boat was damaged in just gutted by the fire. four boat also sank in the fire. now you have salvidge crews come in and pull the boats up. this is upsetting seen for people here. as far as injury no injury reported at this point. the investigation just now getting under way. again, nine boats as many as
9:51 am
destroyed here from the marina. that's the latest live from quincy, 7news. sad situation. now to topping the buzz. familiar face returning to "the voice." christine as aguilera coming back. she will join blake shuton and adam levine. pop stars have been alternating the season. power rangers have found a pink ranger. naomi scott will play the role. the power ranger putting twitter -- i didn't mean to say. their twitter account tweeting out this photo to announce big move. set to hit theater in january of 2017. take it away. pink power ranger always my favorite. >> looks like a great show. the city at 58. through the afternoon lots of sunshine and nice fall day.
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low 60s a few showers around late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. jr. thank you. there's more of today show straight ahead.
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