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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  October 8, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> this is 7 news at noon. >> jadiann: crews investigating a massive fire at a marina in quincy. a row of boats goes up in flames. and many of those boats were people's homes. >> christa: crews are trying to figure out what sparked that very destructive fire. nick emmons joins us live in quincy with the very latest. nick? >> reporter: this fire absolutely devastating for people who live in this tight-knit community here. this is captain cove here. many people, as you said, lost their homes today because of
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intense flames ripped through a tight-knit marina community. >> i walked outside. i saw my neighbor. he was like "we got a fire." >> reporter: as many as nine boats damaged or destroyed by the fast-moving fire. >> i can see it right there. >> reporter: justin lowrie and tamara silva lost everything. a neighbor describes what it was like waking up just feet from flames. >> oh, my god. there is a boat on fire. you know? what can we do to help them out? >> reporter: this woman's boat wasn't damaged. she and her boyfriend rushed to help save other boats. >> we were hosing the boats on this side so they didn't catch fire. >> the fire-fight made difficult because of all the >> very intense. hundreds of gallons of gasoline. this boat went up very fast. >> reporter: despite the
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>> it's going to be a long road from here. we are going to be fine. >> we will be fine. >> reporter: now, definitely a tough situation for the people involved. in this fire this morning. as far as a cause goes, fire officials have not released what that cause is. the investigation is ongoing. that is the latest live from quincy, 7 news. >> christa: we have the latest on this breaking news on-line at and on our 7 news mobile app. you can find updates on facebook and twitter as well. >> jadiann: more breaking news at this hour. three americans who helped... one of the three americans who helped stop a terrorist attack on a french train is now hospitalized. where a stab wound. nbc news reporting the 25-year-old was stabbed several times in the torso after a fight near some popular bars in downtown
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he remains in stable condition. >> christa: crews at the scene of an explosive fire in oxford. they are dousing hot spots at a mill that went up in flames last night. one of the companies that went up in flames handles asbestos. >> jadiann: nicole oliverio reports. >> reporter: firefighters clean up and pull away from an oxford fire that began early yesterday evening. >> the fire is completely extinguished. we stayed here all night putting water on it. >> reporter: firefighters kept a stream of water on the flames. >> i saw the flames and smoke. you know, and all the fire trucks. big bangs. >> reporter: the fire so intense, it delayed investigators from being able to find a cause. >> state police did a preliminary last night. stuff. we do not have any theories at this point in time. >> reporter: the business that burned repurposes lumber. years ago, it was a chemical plant which caused air quality concerns. this morning, though, the chief says there was no threat.
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>> nothing was found at all. the water came back... i had them test the water. the water came back. the only thing that we found were chemicals you would expect to find duringing a fire. >> reporter: the fire department didn't know the lumber business existed. it wasn't permitted which is required. that meant firefighters didn't know what they were up against. >> it would have given me more peace of mind of what i was our initial attack was certainly to maintain a distance until we knew what we had. had i known what was back there, we wouldn't have to worry about air-monitoring and that type of stuff. >> reporter: the fire chief lives out of state. until he gets here and they can talk to him, it's going to be a while before they know what caused this fire. in oxford, 7 news. >> jadiann: new at noon, a full day of jury selection in accused of killing his high school teacher. prospective jurors are being asked if they would be open to finding philip chism not
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guilty by reason of insanity. he is accused of killing a math teacher colleen ritzer in 2013. chism was 14 at the time. he will be tried as an adult. a store owner ann, an employee, and good samaritan injured during a violent armed robbery in west roxbury. the owner asked the man to leave after he brought a dog inside. about 30 minutes later, the man returned and a fight involving a knife broke out. a third person then tried to intervene. all three people suffered stab wounds. but everyone is okay. >> christa: whitey bulger's longtime girlfriend will be called to court in a few weeks. catherine greig will be arraigned on october 19 on a charge of criminal intent. the 64-year-old refused to testify to a grand jury that is looking into whether other people may have helped bulger on the run. >> jadiann: the search suspended by the coast guard for a sunken cargo ship, leaving family and friends of
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a local mass maritime graduate in mourning. there was a vigil last night for jeffrey mathias. he was onboard the ship when it sank during hurricane joaquin. family members say the father of three was soon planning to retire. fbs and an ram the's vermonter train getting back on track today. it had been shut down since a derailment sent two cars into a ravine on monday. the northbound train will have normal service and there will be modified service for the southbound line. debris on the tracks is what caused that train to go off the rails on monday. >> christa: a football forfeit following a scannednal winthrop. a total of 11 high school football players are under investigation by police because of an incident in the locker room: victoria warren has the latest from winthrop high. >> reporter: an anonymous tip to a school bullying line. one winthrop high school football player accused of recording another football player without clothes on while the student was changing in the locker room. >> when you send something out, you are responsible for your actions that you do. >> reporter: the punishment was quick to come.
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within a day, the senior football player was suspended and the police launched a criminal investigation. >> yes. more than one student involved. at this particular time. we are looking at more than one. >> reporter: the entire team is paying the price. the game against gloucester this friday forfeited. >> it is sad to see that sports will be taken away due to this. >> you have to keep an eye on your kids and what they are doing on their phones. >> reporter: the superintendent says he is disappointed, calling this a black eye on their program. >> when these incidents occur, yes, it's poor choice that is are made. but these are lessons learned. >> reporter: the superintendent notified the parents of any players involved. as for whether or not there is going to be criminal charges, that is a decision that is up to the winthrop police department and they continue their investigation.
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>> jadiann: beautiful day out there. yesterday. not so bad. let's check in with jeremy reiner. >> jeremy: mostly sunny skies. yes, compared to yesterday at this time, temps running about 5-6 degrees cooler than we were. upper 50's, low 60's. the city at 61. beverly, 59. into the worcester hills, middle and upper 50's. up through southwest new hampshire, mid-50's. cool front came through new england last night. and so that's why this afternoon, the temps will struggle to reach 70. still a fantastic fall day. lots o'sunshine. seasonable temps. numbers running in the low to mid-50's. the city this afternoon, 61. lawrence at 62. we have another weather system heading this way. this one has clouds and actually, a little bit of rain. i'll let you know when the rain arrives and how long it will stick around in ten minutes.
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>> christa:s a city council candidate from new hampshire giving his side of the story after he is charged with animal abuse for killing a small dog. police say this man saw the dog using the bathroom in his yard and kicked it so hard that the dog died. now that man is speaking out and telling his version of what happened to kelli o'hara. >> reporter: the last few days have been heartbreaking. >> you know, somebody kills your dog like that for no reason... you know, he knew it was my dog. >> reporter: the keene, new hampshire man says on saturday, he let his dg dog out for a few minutes. the dog ended up wandering away and ended up peeing on the neighbor's lawn. that didn't make the home owner very happy. that is when all hell broke loose. >> the neighbor came over and told me, "hey, he just kicked the dog like a football." he was laying there with his tongue hanging out. i walked out and said i'm calling the cops. he didn't say a word. he didn't say sorry. nothing.
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stone cold. >> reporter: police charged the man running for city council. he is charged with the dog's death. >> i was peacefully working on the property. when you know, these dogs got out of the house. and there is more than one dog. the dogs are rather nasty. and intimidating. >> reporter: did you kill the dog? >> you know, i can't comment now. >> reporter: police have charged you with animal cruelty. the home owner says you kicked his dog to death. >> i have been getting death threats from as far away as new mexico. >> i want something to happen to him. i don't think it should be a misdemeanor. >> reporter: the man is due in court on these charges december 10.
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news. a staggering death toll from a stampede during a pilgrimage in saudi arabia. over 1,200 pilgrims killed. a thousand more injured. it happened in mecca last month. >> christa: two thieves caught in a miami store. customers tried to hide behind racks of clothes. as the suspects ran off with handbags worth $100,000. days later, police identified and arrested the two suspects. >> our detectives were able to quickly identify who these folks were. we are happy to report they are in jail where they belong. >> honestly, i'm sick to my stomach. nobody should have to deal with that anywhere. >> christa: a judge ordered no bond for the suspects. coming up at noon, divine intervention. why a local man is thankful that he was attacked by a shark. >> jadiann: then a fiery fight on a new jersey highway.
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truck to explode. >> christa: a little girl who had her father breaking formation after a long deployment. if you see breaking news or have a story idea, we want to hear from you. call us on the tip line.
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>> jadiann: this little girl just had to rush over and hug her father. she couldn't wait to see him. this all happening in colorado. a big army homecoming ceremony. then she runs back over to mom. and gives her a big hug.
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he had been deployed for about nine months. he says he had to break formation to bend down and give her a little hug. sneaking a little kiss right there, too. >> christa: oh, it is all worth it. that daddy-daughter bond. there isno like it. f with you and emma, too. >> jeremy: absolutely. those stories, i could see those all day long on the newscast. great right there. great fall day. mostly sunny skies. not as warm as yesterday. still low 60's. not too shabby for october. a few showers around tomorrow afternoon. probably not until after 4:00 tomorrow. so no issues for the morning commute. and again, this weather system coming at us tomorrow. a few scattered showers. that weather system moves out of here just in time for the holiday weekend. fantastic holiday weekend. at this time, mostly sunny skies. right around 60 degrees. boston at 61. bedford at 59. there was a cool front that came through here last night. very early this morning. that is off the map now. high pressure takes its place.
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this over here, that is our next weather system. this has more going for it in terms of generating clouds and a narrow band of rain. that will be the weather system that slides through new england tomorrow afternoon. this afternoon, great for outdoor activities. heading to the apple orchards to beat the crowds? great today. mostly sunny skies. seasonal temps. temps this afternoon 60-65. you might need a jacket or sweater this afternoon. compared to yesterday afternoon. still a great fall day. increase. out ahead of the weather system. a mild night tonight. lows only in the 50's. and through the day tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies. showers late tomorrow afternoon. high temps tomorrow back up near 70 degrees. in spite of the fact that will be the a lot of clouds. the shower threat tomorrow at this time. mainly north and west of boston. and then they will zip through
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and tomorrow evening. including some of the high school football games tomorrow night. s a couple of showers: as we work into saturday, high pressure comes back into new england. with mostly sunny skies. breezy and cool during the day on saturday. invigorating. low 60's. sunday morning, quite bold. down in the 0's and 40's. sunday afternoon, a nice recovery. temps near 70 on sunday afternoon. even columbus day, lots of sunshine. low 70's. mountains, lakes region, lots of sunshine for the weekend. a moderating trend. temperatures up across northern and western new england, running in the 60's. fall foliage, really coming on strong now. berkshires, monadnock region, even up through the lakes the mt. washington valley. it is running a little bit behind. typically, columbus day in the orange shading. not quite there. it is peaking up in the northeast kingdom of vermont and northern maine. even in metro-west, boston, some color. in those trees. the weekend, lots of sunshine. seasonal. temperatures in the 60's
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and monday. >> christa: love that leaf-peeping. thanks, j.r. the chicago cubs are moving on to the national league division series. >> jadiann: that's right. during the 7th inning. the pirates pitcher hits the cubs pitcher. the two exchanged words and players from both side rush on to the field. pittsburgh infielders was ejected for throwing a punch. he took out his frustration, well, on a gatorade cooler. chicago won the game. 4-0. and of course, play-off victories rare for the cubs. last night's win was the cubs' first play-off victory since 2003. even though the game was in pittsburgh, fans in chicago poured out into the streets near wrigley to celebrate that win. the cubs haven't won the world series since 1908. >> christa: still ahead at noon, saved by a shark. why a local man says getting
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actually saved his life. >> jadiann: are you getting your fantasy team ready for game time? we will have everything you
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>> jadiann: breaking news in woburn. a rollover scene crash right now. it happened on the ramp from
12:21 pm
route 93 south to i-28 north. the ramp and the right lane are closed. there are reports of serious injuries, as you can see. several emergency responders are on scene. traffic at almost a standstill. a hot of emergency crews coming out of the wooded area. we will follow this as we get more details. >> christa: a man says he was saved by a shark. >> reporter: feeling pretty lucky, huh? >> i feel like the luckiest guy on the planet. >> reporter: eugene wasn't feeling lucky in july. he was vacationing in with his family. he was swinning with his daughter. when a shark slammed into him. leaving a long gash on his back. >> kind of felt like a huge pile of bricks was thrown into my back. you know, i'm swimming up.
12:22 pm
my head got kind of shaken back. >> reporter: he still had chest pain when he returned home to fitch baurg few days later. he says he went to st. elizabeth's medical center in boston. he says doctors found internal bruising from the blunt-force trauma of the shark. doctors also found something else. >> they let me know that they had found a growth or a all it was about the size of a walnut. >> reporter: he had surgery two weeks ago. doctors removed the tumor. he says that shark attack saved his life. >> i think this incident saved my life. i think the shark was a messenger, you know, from god. from an angel looking out for me. you know, i count my blessings and thank my lucky stars for that nonstop now. because if i hadn't gone and had those tests, i wouldn't have known about this cancer until it was most likely too late. >> reporter: byron barnett, 7
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news. >> jadiann: up next at noon, we are breaking down who you should start and who you should sit in this week's fantasy fixer. i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance about senior care options.
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>> christa: welcome back. out live to woburn. we are tracking breaking news right now. a car in the woods after a rollover crash. looks like there was some significant damage to that car with a broken windshield. in the front there. right now, we want to let you know that there is some significant traffic back-ups. this is on the ramp from 93 south to 128 north. you can see it right there. a back-up. if you are headed in that direction, you might want to avoid it if you can. there are reports of serious injuries. it is a story question will make sure to stay on top of
12:25 pm
>> reporter: hey there, pats fans. we are excited about the pats on sunday against cowboys. let's talk about who you are rooting for. >> reporter: you have to like the patriots running back this week. it is a good match-up against dallas defense. the saints and falcons both putting up some big numbers. more of the same for the patriots. dion lewis, a breakout star. legarrette blount, a three-touchdown game against jacksonville last time out. hurting. no dez bryant. no tony romo are. the upset in >> reporter: they will need help from the defense. i don't see that happening this week. the patriots offense, a juggernaut. no sean lee now for the cowboys either. back. he hasn't played in four games. how good can he be? the patriots offense, a bad match-up for anybody right now. >> jadiann: peyton manning, he is not playing like we are used to him playing. >> reporter: manning looking a
12:26 pm
little old right now. he has a good tight end. the raiders against tight ends,, a mess. >> jadiann: all right, everyone. go set your lineups. in quincy. a fire destroying several boats this morning. the latest straight ahead. >> jeremy: temps right now
12:27 pm
>> jadiann: back to breaking news in woburn. we continue to watch sky 7 hd over the scene of the rollover crash. this red car off of the ramp now. this is the ramp 93 south. to 128 north. there in woburn. the car off the road. and with significant damage.
12:28 pm
there are reports of serious injuries. >> and the ramp is closed. and the right lane as well. that is causing quite a traffic back-up right now. be careful in that area as well. we will continue to follow that for you throughout the newscast. >> christa: we are following breaking news out of quincy. crews investigating a big fire at a marina. flames sweeping through several boats. we are learning that some people live on those boats. nick emmons reports with the very latest. >> reporter: flames rip through a tight-knit marina glunt. i walked outside. i saw my neighbor. he is like, "we got a fire." >> reporter: as many as nine boats damaged or destroyed by the fast-moving fire. >> i can see it right there. >> reporter: justin and tamara lost everything. their 26-foot boat had been their home since august. >> we sold everything to do this. roort neighbor describes what from flames.
12:29 pm
>> oh, my god. there is a boat on fire. what can we do to help them out? >> reporter: this boat wasn't damaged, she and her boyfriend rushed to help save other boats. >> we started grabbing hoses and hosing the boats on this side so they didn't catch fire. >> reporter: the fire-fight made difficult because of all the fuel onboard the boats. >> very intense. i mean, these boats can have hundreds of gallons of gasoline. this boat went up very fast. >> reporter: despite the devastation, justin and tamara haven't lost all hope. >> it's going to be a long road from here. we are going to be fine. >> we will be fine. >> reporter: as far as the cause of the fire, officials have not released it. the investigation is ongoing. in quincy, nick emmons, 7 news. >> jadiann: we are following this on our web site and our mobile app. look for updates on our facebook and twitter accounts as well. more breaking news. one of three americans who helped stop a terror attack on a french train has now been hospitalized with stab wounds. now, this is video of airman
12:30 pm
first-class spencer stone's homecoming back in august. nbc news now reports the 25-year-old was stabbed several times in the torso after a fight near some popular bars in downtown sacramento. he remains in stable condition at last check. he tackled a heavily armed terror suspect after he opened fire on a train in paris over the summer. new video shows a connecticut teen's dramatic escape from a abduct her. a very scary escape. investigators in bridgeport say the driver, a woman in her 40's, lured the teen into her car while she was walking to school. surveil listens video shows this girl escaping from the video. this was on monday morning. the 17-year-old opened the door, rolled on to the pavement. she wasn't hurt. people who live in the area were surprised hear what happened. >> you do whatever you need to do to survive. she made the right choice, jumping out of the car at the
12:31 pm
right time. >> christa: it's not clear if the teen knew her attacker. police are trying to figure out if he was stabbed. they did not find a knife. dedham police are looking into graffiti found around town. they found six spots vandalized wednesday morning. five swastikas were spray-painted. other comments were written in several neighborhoods. police don't believe any specific person or family was targeted. >> christa: a man from stoughton accused of making school threats in four states is now in federal custody. the 24-year-old anthony ray sent bomb threats to massachusetts, rhode island, illinois, and north carolina. police first arrested ray back in june after they say he sent threats to two schools in norwood. he also sent another one last month while under house arrest. and police say they have found
12:32 pm
the body of the man from manchester, new hampshire who had been missing for nearly three weeks. police say the 36-year-old was found dead at a motel in tewksbury on wednesday. investigators believe he shot himself. and they are still looking for his roommate, a 57-year-old. she has not been seen since last month. the c.e.o. of boston-based draft kings is defending his company as the attorney general maura healey takes a closer look at fantasy sports web sites. the co-founder jason robbins tell it is "boston globe" draft kings is a very "ethical company." a worker at draft kings reportedly used inside information to win hundreds of thousands o'. >> dollars while playing on a rival site. there are changes if you use the worcester commuter rail. a daily nonstop service begins in may between worcester and boston. it will cut ride times in
12:33 pm
half. 7 news now turning to the wie. let's go back outside. this is newburyport. and it looks like just a beautiful day out there today, j.r. i know it is not quite as warm as yesterday. but not so fast for the beginning of october. >> jeremy: yes. lots of sunshine. beautiful shot there from sky 7 hd. and we will have that sunshine through the day. up on the shore, and cape ann anne, new hampshire seacoast, the numbers about five six degrees cooler than where we were yesterday at this time. upper 50's, low 6's. beverly, 59. jaffrey, 55. down along the south coast and the cape, the numbers in the low 60's. also some sunshine. that is the case for the afternoon. fantastic day. mostly sunny skies. seasonal. with the numbers between 60-65. our normal high in the city is 6/5. we will be in the lower 60's throughout the afternoon. salisbury, 60 degrees. that is your thursday afternoon. what about friday? well, we will track this weather system for you.
12:34 pm
this will zip through new england through the afternoon tomorrow. a risk of some showers. we will talk about that coming up. >> christa: new video of a hospital in afghanistan fog a deadly attack. doctors without borders showing the aftermath of saturday's air strike. you can see that building has been destroyed. the group has called for an independent fact-fining mission at the united states... as the united states admitted to mistakenly bombing the hospital. president obama sent out a personal apology in light of this attack. president obama called the president of the medical relief group in charge of running the hospital. doctors without borders believe the air strikes may have been a war crime. >> if we let this go, as if it was a nonevent, we basically, are giving a blank check to conflict. >> the facts and circumstances of this attack must be
12:35 pm
particularly, given inconsistencies in the u.s. and afghan accounts of what happened over recent days. >> christa: president obama promise it is investigation will provide transparency and he will implement any changes he finds necessary. tanker inferno. in new jersey. the rig collided with an s.u.v., flipped over a flames. spilling fuel and sending thick smoke billowing into the air. hours. you can see the smoke from new york city. s a man driving a few cars behind witnessed it all. there in the part of your screen. the driver of the s.u.v. suffered minor injuries. the tanker's driver lost control while trying to slow down because there were mattresses in the middle of the road. >> i saw a mattress up ahead. looked like scattered into the lane. >> jadiann: firefighters from a nearby airport had to use foam to put out the fire. >> christa: kevin mccarthy has dropped out of the race for
12:36 pm
speaker of the house. that word just coming in. g.o.p. officials say they are now postponing the election for speaker. they were supposed to vote later on today with mccarthy appearing to be in the lead. he was facing two opponents, jason chavez of utah as well as daniel webster of florida. the current speaker of the house john boehner announced his resignation last month. new detail on hillary clinton's private e-mail server. it was reportedly the target of hackers from around the world. the associated press reports there were attempted attacks on clinton's server from germany, china, and south korea after she left office in early 2013. most of those were apparently blocked. it is not clear if there were serious threats or simply a common virus. media mogul rupert murdoch makes a controversial f comment sugging that president obama isn't a real black president. last night murdoch posted on twitter this. "ben and candy carson. terrific. what about a real black president who can properly address the racial divide and
12:37 pm
much else?" that is the end of the tweet there. murdoch later recommended a new york magazine article asking whether the president has done enough for the african-american community. the 84-year-old is the founder of news corp. which includes fox news channel, the "new york post" and the "wall street journal." >> christa: tom brady responding to comments made by a cowboys player about his
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>> christa: breaking news in woburn. happening on the ramp from 93 south to 128 north. we also want to let you know that right now the ramp as well as the right lane are closed. there was heavy damage to the windshield of the car as well. there are reports of mysterious... some serious injuries. a bear that walks upright has been seen again in new jersey this week. the black bear was first spotted over if summer.
12:41 pm
walking on his hind legs just like. that authorities say it is in search for food. now wildlife experts say they think it's walking that way because it has an injured front paw. they want to capture the bear and nurse it back to health. a go fund me page has raised $13,000 to help. we are hearing from the local peewee football players making national news with their impromptu dance during a game. you have seen this. just adorable. 3 million people have seen this on-line now. this peewee possible game in milford suddenly looks more like a block party. a popular song came over the loudspeaker. and the urge to party down came over them. the milford mighty mites broke >> it was still on. i didn't even know that they snapped the ball. >> christa: the crowd loved it. >> watching them dance and watching them play, it was
12:42 pm
you know, number 57 jumping from side to side. both of them on each end. it was really cool. >> christa: these third-graders were playing under the lights during halftime. >> a lot of people watching them. >> christa: all of a sudden, the song came over the p.a. many of them couldn't help bopping. >> i love dancing. it's my favorite. i dance all the time. >> christa: for parents that, cute moment shows what kids in sports are all about. >> it's amazing. the kids were doing exactly what they should be doing. which is having fun. 7, and 9-year-old boys and one girl. so fun. >> christa: pretty cool. after about two minutes of, the music was stopped so the team could focus on football. they are so cute. i love that there is a little girl on the team as well. >> jadiann: we didn't really make a big deal out of that. she is in there with them, too. i wish the kids could teach me
12:43 pm
those dance moves. i don't know how to do all that stuff. >> jeremy: i'm still trying to nail down whoop them down and smile. i'm behind the times there. temps this afternoon, low to mid-6 ice. a few showers on the way for tomorrow afternoon. a cool front. that will not spend time with us this weekend. high pressure is going to spend a lot of time with this us this weekend. lots of sunshine. a few clouds around. right now, upper 50's. low 60's. the city at 61. worcester at 58. through the day, high pressure is with us. mostly sunny skies. in the fall, weather systems begin to pick up speed. one day, you are talking about this weather system. the next day, you are focused on that weather system. and here it is. from the great lake states. an area of low pressure. a couple of fronts. warm and cool. this will swing through new england quickly. by tomorrow afternoon. and tomorrow evening. not this afternoon. old blue, is with us through the day. lots of sunshine in boston this afternoon. south shore. near 60. up on cape ann, upper 50's. new hampshire seacoast, upper 50's.
12:44 pm
working through the merrimack valley, lower 60's. into the worcester hills, 50's with lots of sun. on the cape and the islands, chatham around 58. for tonight, clouds on the increase. mild with those clouds. southerly breeze. lows only 50-57. and for the day tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. afternoon. this is not going to be a repeat of last wednesday. when that weather system tapped into some tropical moisture. we had four inches of rain. tomorrow morning's commute, quiet. through the afternoon hours tomorrow, a few scattered showers. but not until after 4:00. today a slam-dunk. looks awesome. tomorrow, again, a scattering of showers. nothing significant, widespread or long-lasting. most importantly, this is moving along. as we work into saturday, we are back into sunny skies. it will be breezy saturday morning. but all in all, the holiday weekend looks great. lots of sunshine. a little cool as well. low 60's for afternoon highs. sunday, lots of sunshine. sunday morning, down into the 0's to around 40.
12:45 pm
then a nice recovery by sunday afternoon. near 70. monday of next week, temperatures in the low 70's. picking apples this weekend? maybe going to get your pumpkin as well. the apple orchards have the pumpkins. mostly sunny skies on saturday. crisp air. temperatures on saturday near 50. 59. great for making apple crisp as well. sunny, milder on sunday. upper 60's. a couple of showers tuesday of next week. back into the sunshine on wednesday. have a great day. >> jadiann: thank you, j.r.. coming up, tom brady responds to comments about his wife made by a dallas cowboys player. >> christa: house majority leader kevin mccarthy has dropped out of the race for speaker of the house. that word just in. g.o.p. officials say they are now postponing the election for speaker. they were supposed to vote later on today. with mccarthy appearing to be in the lead. the current speaker of the house john boehner announced his resignation last month. we will be right back.
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>> jadiann: over hampton beach, new hampshire, there is a hotel fire right there on ocean boulevard. a section of the street is closed because of this. now, it looks like all the flames and the smoke is out. but you can see a lot of firefighters on the top floor of this hotel. you can see a lot of charred remains left behind there. no reports of any injuries. we will keep following this for you. throughout the newscast. and then of course, over on meantime, the patriots get set to take on the dallas cowboys. one player is questioning a whole lot of attention for what he said. >> jadiann: yeah. he wasn't talking about tom brady either. he was talking about his wife. joe amorosino has more. >> joe: safe to say tom brady didn't appreciate greg hardy's
12:49 pm
comments in dallas. brady was in no mood to answer questions at his weekly news conference. he was all business and plans on doing his talking on the field this sunday. >> brady is not an easy as a cowboy. how do you view that? >> same way i did last time. >> joe: fresh off his four-game domestic violence suspension, the cowboys defensive lineman greg hardy wasted little time causing his next controversy, saying "i love seeing tom brady. have you seen his wife? i hope she comes to the game. i hope her sister comes to the game. all her friends come to the game." >> he gave me one. thank god for tom brady. you know? >> it takes two to wage a war of words. and brady isn't fighting. >> no. i'm just getting red to play, man. >> joe: instead, he opted to take the high road. >> he has been a great player. we will have to prepare for him and be ready for all the
12:50 pm
he's got. >> joe: brady's teammates have their own opinion. >> i personally believe there are lines you cross and don't cross. and that comes down to personal respect. but everybody is different. >> joe: for brady himself... >> i don't really care about his personal feelings. >> joe: joe amorosino, 7 news. >> jadiann: up next, christina aguilera coming back for more. when the upon star will return to "the voice." a rollover crash happening on the ramp from 93 south to 128 north. right now the ramp and the right lane are both closed, causing traffic to slow down. that red vehicle in the woods right there. reports of serious injuries.
12:51 pm
>> jadiann: selena gomez has finally revealed the reason for her breaking the tour in 2014. >> christa: she was diagnosed with lupus and underwent chemotherapy for it. her brief stint in rehab spurred rumors of substance abuse or problems after her break-up with justin bieber. her new album "revival" hits shelves on friday. >> christa: a familiar voice returning to the voice next season. christina aguilera is coming back for the show's tenth season. she will join pharrell williams, blake shelton, and
12:52 pm
adam lavigne. the pop stars have been alternating as judges the past few seasons. >> jadiann: the weather may be nice this weekend. >> jeremy: i think so. right now lots of sunshine. boston, 58. boston has had a northwest wind. in the last few minutes, wind changing to the northeast and east. that is going to keep right at the water's edge at logan. in the upper 50's. farther inland, the numbers will be in the upper 50 to's to low 60's. a nice fall afternoon. mostly sunny skies. >> jadiann: 7 news continues first at 4:00.
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