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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  October 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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starting to collect evidence, it's a very wide area, as you can see from sky 7 hd, of where they've marked off as the crime scene, there's various areas. what we are hearing from witnesses is there was a group that was arguing, and they could hear them arguing loudly, and all of a sudden there was a tussle, and the next thing you know, when they looked over, they saw one man had been stabbed, and the two people involved had run off. another witness did describe actually seeing a woman, a woman suspect that was here on the scene, as the man was lying on the ground bleeding, she proceeded to kick him, and that's the way the witnesses are describing it, that this woman was kicking this man as he was lying there on the ground and bleeding. police and e.m.s. arrived on the scene quickly and took the man to the hospital. they said he didn't have any identification on him exactly, so they don't know exactly who he is. they also don't know who the
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they were described as in their 20s, a white male and a white female. this is a very large crime scene. there's debris and food products that are on the ground, and as you can see, the area is quite roped off. as police are removing evidence, they can tell you that the t is not affected. they say that because people can still get to t stations, the park street station remains open. live here in boston, susan tran, 7news. a complete burnout in a quincy marina, seven boats destroyed. no one was hurt, but a couple lost everything, that called one of the boats home. >> we have the latest live from quincy. >> reporter: the damage has been done here. the stubborn flames are out, but crews are working to try
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damaged boats. boat owners are describing the wake-up call this morning of a fire spreading fast here. >> a big inferno, black smoke. that's it. >> reporter: ferocious flames and thick, black smoke roaring from captain's cove marina in quincy just after 7:00 a.m., when a 35-foot boat catches fire and spreads to several others. this couple had been living on their boat since the summer. >> we just sold everything to do this, to move on it and live on it, and we have nothing. >> reporter: the fire destroyed or damaged 11 boats in all, two of which sank to the bottom of the river. >> said we have a fire, you might want to clear out of here. within minutes his boat was engulfed, and then the next boat and our boat. what else can you say?
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had their hands full from land and sea, scrambling to stop the flames from spreading. >> the wind wasn't too bad, but it was still enough to let it to spread, and it's fiber glas, and there's a lot of gasoline in there. >> reporter: barbara is thankful no one was hurt but says it's still so sad. >> it's just now sinking in, especially after i saw the charred bottom of the boat after they pulled it. it's like, bye, baby. you were fun. >> reporter: the fire chief told me earlier today this appears to be accidental, nothing suspicious. at 6:00, we'll explain how a drone was used here over the fire scene to help firefighters extinguish the stubborn blaze. we're live in quincy, steve cooper, 7news. we're following a developing story out of washington right now. california congressman kevin
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mccarthy to appeared set to win election to speaker of the house dropped out of the running, coming as a surprise to many republicans. so the speaker election is now postponed. we have more on the speaker shake-up on capitol hill. >> the move may have been a personal decision by kevin mccarthy, but many think it's confirmation there is a civil war going on in the republican party. kevin mccarthy wore a smile, maybe because he was quitting the battle. the right hand man to speaker john boehner looked a shoo-in to succeed him, despite challenges. but when mccarthyal tallied his votes, he was short. >> i think i shocked them. >> reporter: so he dropped out. >> if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> reporter: he made republicans look bad last week admitting the point of the house committee to investigate hillary clinton is to kill her presidential prospects. republicans were already in turmoil.
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that's why boehner is leaving. >> our conference is going to have to do a lot of deep soul searching. >> reporter: tea partiers say: >> it's a victory for american people who are demanding a change in washington. >> the house republican disarray could make all the things that people hate about washington even worse. >> reporter: fights over the debt ceiling, planned parenthood, and spending that could close government, a shut down kevin mccarthy had vowed to prevent. more candidates are likely to jump in, but elections are delayed, and john mainer -- and john boehner may have to stay longer. a judge threatening to charge a juror with contempt of court. what happened in court today? >> reporter: good afternoon. you know, in a criminal case it is a big no-no for a juror to talk outside of court. judges take this very, very seriously, because it could
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impede the process. well unprospective juror did -- well, one prospective juror did that and got into trouble. 11 people selected so far out of an initial pool of more than 100. but a snag today, as the judge admonished juror no. 39 for violating his instructions. chisholm's attorney said the father of a high school student talked about attending a candlelight vigil for colleen the judge said what you did is a serious violation that cost us hours. a 14-year-old freshman allegedly murdering a teacher, dumping her body, before raping her twice. she was 24.
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defendant make the jurors uneasy about determining guilt or innocence? what if he is proved sane and knew right from wrong? his defense is he didn't know what he was doing and was not guilty therefore. >> to do something like this, he must have been not responsible or crazy or nuts, right? which 14-year-old does something like this? but society hasn't figured out how to deal with this any meaningful way other than to convict and incarcerate. >> reporter: so far the d.a.'s office has chosen not to charge the man with contempt of court. he was excused from duty because he is a father of a student at danvers high but
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was hauled back in. according to u.s. officials, russian cruise missiles aimed at syria landed in iran. at least four missiles crashed as they flew over iran. it's unclear if there was damage or casualties. the russian defense ministry says the missiles were mob tored, russian ships had been firing from the caspian sea, aiming for isis targets. a hero hurt. spencer stone, the u.s. airman who helped stop a gunman on a french train, was stabbed overnight during a fight near a bar in northern california. he is expected to survive his injuries, but he's in the hospital. authorities say this doesn't appear to be a -- this does appear to be a random act. the people responsible got away. he helped stop a suspected terror attack on board a french commuter train. >> this incident is not
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related to terrorism in any way. and we do not believe in any way -- we know it's not related to what occurred in france. >> reporter: in august the 23-year-old was honored as a hero in france and by president obama after he tackled a gunman armed with an ak-47 on a train bound for paris. he pinned the assailant using a chokehold as friends wrestled away the gun. stone was injured in the melee, his thumb nearly severed. new surveillance video shows last night's altercation, as a fight spilled into the street. >> he was stabbed more than once, and significant injuries to mr. stone. >> a statement released by u.c. davis medical center says: >> reporter: his injuries are not considered life threatening. so right now police are searching for two possible attackers in this case. president obama is set
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community where a gunman opened fire on a campus last week. he is expected to meet with the victims' families. nine people including the gunman were killed, ten people. >> it's his opportunity to push his agenda. >> i'm a republican, i'm a strong supporter of my gun rights, and i want him here, too. the c.e.o. of volkswagen is apologizing for the use of software designed specifically to cheat government emissions tests. >> i did not think that something like this was possible at the volkswagen group. we have broken the trust of our customers, dealerships, employees, as well as the public and the regulators. and let me be very clear, we take full responsibility for our actions, and we are working with all the relevant authorities in a
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>> c.e.o. says the cars are safe to drive, and he says it's going to be next year before they can update the software. hillary clinton is trying to distance herself from president obama, opposing the trade deal with asia that she once supported. she says she doesn't believe it will meet her expectations. donald trump has the slogan "make america great again". he is going after anyone useing that phrase, which he has trademarked. eddie hiller is sitting down with marco rubio. hear about his chances. the bruins dropping the puck on a new season tonight, hosting the winnipeg jets at the garden. >> they'll be dealing with a
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challenge: their captain won't be on the ice. >> reporter: the hockey season is back. hockey is back in boston, and the wait this year, longer than it's been in eight years, after the bruins failed to make the playoffs for the first time since the 2006-07 season. this year's edition will look and hopefully play better, and they'll start two defensemen. >> it's the best, you know. the opening night and then the playoff is the best. >> every year and living it all, and especially at home in front of our fans, you tonight's game. >> reporter: the bruins ready to drop the puck on the regular season, eager to move past last year's disappointing campaign that ended without a trip to the playoffs for the first time under this coach. >> we won the cup over four years ago. right now it's about trying to duplicate what we did in
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the past that made everybody happy. >> last year was last year. start fresh. we're looking forward to the challenge. >> reporter: a challenge that will be even greater with the captain on injured reserve. but julienne is confident. >> my preoccupation can't be about what i'm missing but what i've got, and what i've got i think is good enough for win a hockey game. we just have to go out and show it. >> reporter: and they hope it will put them in the post-season, hoping last season was the exception and not the new norm. >> we're trying not to worry about what people think on the outside. it's about us gelling, getting better as a team. >> pat trees bergeron's got that right. this season and for bruins
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the fun. joe amorrowsino reporting. >> tom brady eaed himself to the picture -- added himself to the picture, showing his photoshop skills, if they need him. it's all in fun. a desperate decision: a teenager throws herself out of a moving car to escape a woman who kidnapped her, and it's all caught on camera. a dog helped make a big bust at logan. what did agents see? and a toddler died, and now another child has e. coli. in just one hour, we're getting our first look at a moment when a bus driver went fleeing out of a seat as she made a turn.
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and a man has nowhere to turn. those stories and much more, coming up on 7 news. ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long. upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you, because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too.
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to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. ever new england.
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mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when thgs are just as wonderful... [phone rings] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> in connecticut, a 17-year-old girl risks her life by rolling out of a moving car to escape a kidnapper.
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what happened to that teenager has the entire community on edge. >> police found the car, and an arrest should happen soon. the whole thing caught on camera. >> it's scary. >> reporter: a shocking sight in connecticut. first you see a gray toyota sedan driving with the passenger door open. a moment later, police say that 17-year-old girl who bailed out of the vehicle made the decision to escape her kidnapper. people who live in the neighborhood say the incident is terrifying. >> i have a kid who goes to school every day, and it's very dangerous out here. >> reporter: the driver of the car lured the teen into her vehicle. >> the operator, a hispanic female in her 40s, she has freckles, long black hair in a ponytail. >> reporter: police say the car had a distinguishing feature. >> it is missing its rear bumper, so the white styrofoam is showing. >> reporter: the teenager puts her life in danger by rolling out in an attempt to get free.
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>> it's just so devastating. >> reporter: local parents are thankful the 17-year-old girl was not hurt during her escape. >> thank god she's okay. >> reporter: police say they have identified a suspect in this case but have not made any arrests yet. next on 7, look to count some sheep? you might want to head over to the harbor. those two are grazing in the water, but why? >> i saw them today. i can't wait for you to answer that question! temperatures up tomorrow, but also some showers. we'll run through the time line, coming up next. think you're grandfathered into an unlimited data plan? why verizon customers will soon be paying more. coming up, a shopper stopper. >> stopped to make some purchases. >> reporter: when: my constipation and belly pain have my stomach feeling all knotted up.
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>> did you see this today? a couple of sheep spotted in boston harbor. the two giant sheep are grazing out on an artificial dot, part of an art instlaition -- installation called "who wears wool?"
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the artist documented all the work on her instagram account. now 7 weather with meteorologist bri eggers. >> not a bad day for us, maybe looking for the sweater or jacket to stay on all day, though. we are now in the 50s, 600 for a high in worcester. it was a cool start to the month. we're running almost three degrees below normal, because of chilly daytime highs. but yesterday, today, orange boxes, and we'll be getting more of those as we get into the holiday weekend. current temperature, 56 in boston with plenty of sunshine. the wind is out of the east-southeast. it's a light wind, but it makes a difference. cool water temperature, 58. you get the wind off the ocean, and temps will drop
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in the afternoon, as they have in the mid-50s along the coastline. you might want that jacket. those initial temperatures, not taken in direct sunlight, but when you step out in the direct sunlight like we had today, easily five to ten degrees warmer, it feels good to be in the direct sunshine. tomorrow, clouds on the increase with that system you see over the great lakes. it takes us on a bit of a roller coaster temperature-wise, clouds moving in as we work into the early hours of tomorrow morning. how about those showers? wet weather to work through for your friday, but it looks to be in the afternoon hours. scattered even isolated showers as we get to about 9:00 p.m., not really a concern for us. not a lot of rain, not a washout. we do have dry times here.
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about a 2th to a quarter inch -- a tenth to a quarter inch at most. the holiday weekend looking fantastic, temperatures getting back into the low 70s by monday. clouds moving in tonight, 46 to 54. tomorrow, breezy, 56 to 71, even though the rain is coming down, the temperature is going up. look at the weekend, perfect for leaf-peeping, apple picking. glad i didn't mix those up. a $700 expense for workers who sit too much, through the white house. and a one-on-one with a presidential candidate opening up about his run for
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>> i hope you stay there for 7news at 5:30. >> now at 5:30, busted in boston. miss say they stopped a passenger's plan to sneak 100 pounds of pot into new england. exposed at a petting zoo in investigators looking into possible deadly bacteria at a kids attraction. gun control. a passionate plea. and rifles on the field, two friends off of it. a star quarterback turns football into a fundraiser to help a rival. we begin with breaking news. boston police investigating a stabbing that happened near park street station.
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