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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  October 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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tonight a family' only home destroyed. and plus rain moves in tomorrow, will it be clearing out for the rest of the weekend? >> and a school bus driver takes a dangerous turn. an inside look at the wild ride and damage left behind. and the big home improvement store responsible did not pay up to fix a truck, he asked us at solve it 7. 7 news at 11:00 starts now. realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning. chaos on the common today. a fight turned bloody, a man stabbed outside of the park street "t" stop. tonight investigators believe two people are responsible. a man and woman wanted by police. susan tran is here wlaitest. >> reporter: and police are still searching for the two people they say are responsible for stabbing the man at the park street "t" station. they left him in a pool of blood. a violent attack in broad daylight outside the park street
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a man stabbed several times left bloodied and lying on the ground, witnesses say a woman that proceeded to kick him. >> he was hurt in the chest. >> reporter: it was thursday afternoon, at first they were yeeling at each other. you i saw them arguing and all i saw that was tossle. >> reporter: and police say someone pulled out a knife april stabbed the victim several times. >> they think they probably did know each other. helped this words according to what we were told and a fight ensued. there is a good chance they knew each other. >> reporter: police taped off a large six of the common for their investigation. a busy place a frightening one for many who are in the area. >> this is supposed to be a place for family and and children and you can't be safe anywhere. and police say that man did not have any identification on him,
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when they first arrived and they didn't immediately know who he was. and police are searching for the two people say they are responsible. we are live this boston, susan tran. boat owners in quincy left with a sicking feeling as that huge fire torched a row of boats. flames damaged nearly a dozen boats, some home to their owners. the nightteam's brandon gunnoe is in quincy to tell us what went wrong. >> reporter: the fire started on one of the boats in the marina behind me and investigators believe it was an accident but they say it was the fiberglass and gasoline and the fire jumped from one boat to another. you can see the flames and thick smoke pouring from boats at this marina in quincy. for in families it is home. >> we lost everything.
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>> reporter: tuesday tin was lucky to get off his boat in time, after his neighbor's boat was on fire. within ten minutes the first boat was engulfed in flames. and the next boat and our boat. what else can you say in the fire started at 7 am and firefighters had it out by nine can and 11 boats were destroyed and three sank. it didn't sink but it is charred and gone. crews from the ambulance launched a drone oath flames and the firefighters looked at the scene from the air to figure out how to best attack the blaze. no one was hurt and this tight community says that is what is most important. i'm thankful everybody is okay. it could have been so much worse. like last week when the winds were howling. it could have taken the whole har reen a.
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be fine. the cause of the fire is under investigation but it a peers to be an accident. live in quincy, i'm brandon gunnoe. and authorities are ruled that massive fire in oxford accidental. flails quickly tore through the building on old webster road. it was likely caused bay-- by a kiln used for drying wood. a warm start to the weekend but how long will it last? afrlts fantastic weekend, but we have to get through wet weather tomorrow. clouds on the krines, but they really don't thick than in until we hit the wee hours of tomorrow morning. high pressure kept us sunny today but tomorrow we start to kurn our attention to all this rain moving through the great lakes. warm front followed by a cool front and in the cool dry air behind that will be what really kicks off on saturday. let's talk about the wet weather
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timeline, clouds thickening in tomorrow but the showers hold off until we hit the afternoon. scattered showers at best, not a clet washout but we can't rule out a chance of lightning and rumbles of thunder. we will cover this this more detail and talk about how much rain we are expecting in a few minutes. and also from the nightteam, drama in the courtroom during jury selection today for the dan versus teenager a trial for murder. one potential juror for phil ip chism's trial was threatened for con team of court for talking about the trial with other jurors. he is accused of killing his teacher. in newton this afternoon, a car crashed into building there you see what the accident did, left a large hollow the side of boston's sports club. 82-year-old driver hit the gas instead of the brakes. the driver and her husband were the only two people in the car
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at the time and no one was hurt. a show of or the in brookline middle school students tormed a school committee meeting, protesting the firing of one of their favorite teachers populary chin was fired ar allegedly using a curse word in front of students. that is a hundred pounds of marijuana. and the police dog at logan airport found it. they were sewed in a suitcase and passenger who checked the bag is held on $15,000 bail. a hero is hurt during a fight in california. this week after he helped to stop the terrorists with a gun on a train in france. surveillance video from outside a bar in sacramento. investigators say it shows a fight that thanned with spencer stone stabbed several times. he was rushed into surgery but is said to be doing okay.
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the airman and his presents a top medal after they took down the terror oyft a high speed train headed to paris. on cal hill, kevin mccarthy who looked like he would be elected speaker of the house drop dropped out. the nightteam's tim caputo is here with more. >> reporter: he left people scrambling, john boehner's right hand man and can car think pulled out of the race. i shocked some of you, huh? >> reporter: he was facing fierce opposition from party conservatives, and said he didn't help his cause when he said the point of the committee investigating hillary clinton is to kill her presidential prospects. >> we are looking for a speaker that works with conservatives rather than against them. we will have to do soul searching and we'll see what happens.
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the gop are trying to draft into the speaker's job, fuel o'brien, mit romney's runningmate in 2012. and the speaker is among those putting pressure on him to take the job, and ryans ahead said no to the offer several times. as for speaker boehner he was supposed to be on the victimmy fallon show tonight but when the mccarthy news got out, he cancelled his peempbs. low have to remain in the speaker's chair until a replacement is chosen. 7 news going one-on-one with florida senate and kbp candidate for of the, marco rubio. happened before today's shakeup in congress. our political editor andy hiller sat down with senator rubio and talked about the race. >> why is marco rubio smiling? because he should be. florida senator marco rubio is the republican with momentum. moving up in the polls.
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and his message is clear. america is at a crossroads. lit be greater than it has been or we will be the first americans to leave our children worse off, and that is what this election has to be about. >> he's a baby. he is use meg for publicity. >> reporter: and rubio has phone up in the polls front runner donald trump has come down on him. example, this ad on drum oops twitter page headlined:ner hire a boy to da do a man's job. and featuring a picture of a very young rubio. when he calls you a nice boy, isn't he tauntsing you. >> one this is how he gets attention and the other, he is a guy whos sensitive to criticism. and from time to time, we'll respond because it is fun to watch him blow up even more. thank you. >> rubio is running against jeb
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political mentor in florida. if he wins the white house bush could be working with him there. >> this is not about running against jeb or any of the others with you put him in your cabinet. >> he is qualified and could do a number of jobs. you are a czars matic first term senator, why doesn't make that this year's barack obama? >> he failed because his ideas don't work. he has 7 years now. and he still is making bad decisions. it is impossible to stand here today in october and stay here's what will happen next november. but it is also impossible to say marco rubio won't be part of it. i'm andy hiller and that is my instinct. up next, buckle up. dramatic video from in a bus that goes out of control when a driver falls out of her seat.
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trouble a a newman the forecast is next. and the b's are back, is the coach happy? pretty rough night. wave wrapup from the garden next on 7 news at 11:00. hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced
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we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. (applause) jeb. proven conservative. real results. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. we are seeing new video of a driver who is facing a busload of trouble. the school bus driver last control after foughting out of her seat and crashing into another car and home. >> she is out of job. we have the video and an explanation. >> reporter: the homeowner says
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she thinks it is a fitsing punishment, after that bus came around the corner through here into two cars smashed into this home leaving a hello in the side that is still there nearly a month later. a ruff ride for worcester school bus driver, you can see she made a turn and fall out of her seat and lose her grip on the wheel. this video released by the school district gives us a better picture of what happened inside the bus when this accident took place this september. the bus crashed into two cars and a husband. a sign posted on her door made it clear she didn't want to talk but a woman whose house was smashed up did. it would have went directly to our house. there were though students on the bus when the crash happened and she was cited for several offenses, including at the time having the seatbelt fastened. she was fired from her bus company. realizing the risk and safety of children, it could have been on the bus, i would say that yes,
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would say they should have fired her. the incident leaving lasting effects forcing those in the path of destruction to drive around this rental cars. >> we are happy that things turned out the way they did. someone is definitely watching over us. that is what we are thinking. a family member tells us the whole thinking was an accident and that her seatbelt fell off. we are live in worcester, f-news. and we are following more news, pop star selena gomez reveals a health scare was the reason behind her break in her tour. she was diagnosised with lupus and underwent chemotherapy. cher brief stint this rehab spurred rumors of a drug addiction. she says her new album revival comes out tomorrow. >> tomorrow, we are talking about rain, bri eggers has the details. >> but a nice weekend after
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as well. warmer than today. 52 in the city of boston and clouds starting to move in but will take million tomorrow morning for the clouds to thicken, and temperatures are already dropping, we are looking at the low 40s, for many of the coldest spots and maybe closer to 40 for a low in norwood. clouds again, as you can see, looking close moving in from the north and west but they will thicken in tomorrow. that light wind becomes breezy, to gusty tomorrow but look at the temperatures, 66 to 71, but it is not the kind of day you won't a run outside and enjoy the milder temperatures because this is what we are in for, a system dragging cold front through the area, and that will bring some scattered showers as we get to tomorrow afternoon. running through the timeline, clouds thickening up but here we go with the wet weather, it takes until three in after for the showers to get going and we
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cannot rule out the potential for rumbles of thunder and lightning, and i think more likely south of the mass. pike, nevertheless if we do get that thunderstorm activity, then we can't rule out the possibility for heavier downpours, bringing about rain totals closer to an inch. generally speaking, we are looking at less than a half inch between a tenths and really a third of an inch for most. not a washout but will be breeze "t" to gusteddy. first the winds from the southeast, that start to get feisty, and you can see the cold front moves through and wind direction changes, out of the northwest and takes until saturday for them to calm down. a drier and more calm air mass on saturday but look how much cooler it is. we have gone from low receive teas yesterday to low 60s today and low 70s today and seems like the pattern keeps going. and a nicer weekend in store for
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73 degrees and more sunshine and we get to enjoy and don't bring the clouds back in or chance of showers until we hit tuesday but mild. have a great night. a new hampshire man with more than the stuff he needed for a project. he was driving out of the home depot parking lot when a fork lift hit his struck. he started to have problems with the insurance company, and he called sefl it 7 with kris anderson. >> reporter: a quick trip to home depot. >> i just finished making a purchase and going home. >> reporter: wayne was leaving the store near his hooksett new hampshire home in july of last year when all of a sudden, bam. out of nowhere wayne says the home depot fork lift slammed into the side of his pickup truck. he knocked me over and when i came back, that is okay. wayne says the store's manager apologized and gave him the contact information, for home depot's insurance company.
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>> got the estimate and september it off. they wanted their own a racer. >> reporter: that is when the problems began. he says he went back and forth with the insurance company for months on the amount of honey it would take to fix his truck and get a rental. but there was also another issue. the language in this paper they wanted him to sign. a very legal and binding contract that says once i have this check this my hand they will take nothing else. the body shop said it was based on a visual inspection but the total could go up. and in the wanting to pay out of his own pocket, wayne refused to sign the form, millions the insurance company agreed in writing to pay for any additional damage. they hit your truck and you want them to fix it. simple. >> easy. take care of it. the damage. i'm not looking to make money. i want my truck fixed. so wayne called solve it 7. we reached tout home depot and the representative told us he
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would look into the case. a few days later, wayne received a phone call from the insurance company. >> i con believe how much the communication channel opened up. >> reporter: a few weeks later he got this check, for more than $5,000. hope depot sent news state. we are very sorry for the delay and inconvenience he experienced with our claims process and we appreciate the opportunity to step in and resolve this matter. wayne is just happy that this year-long ordeal is over. >> there is always someone that can give you a hand somehow and solve it 7 did a great job. >> we always try our best. insurance issues or other problems have you looking for help? give us a call. or send us an, mail. in the newsroom, kris anderson. 7 news. we like the patriots there.
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truck, imagine the shirt. very nice. impressive. you think solve it 7 could help the bruins? >> i wish kris anderson could do something for the bruins but they have a problem, defense. they don't have the them, they are young and inexperienced. and hopefully they turn it around quickly. we will show you how it went
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now time for seth sports with joe amorosino. the pru is's worst fears realized, and the b's in share zone opener without zdeno chara out with an upper body injury. and the bruins get lit up by the jets on opening night. coach julian back for a ninth season, and making due without zdeno chara and the opener. he remains on vured reserve. looking bright for the black and gold, david creche, back hands lived. a giveaway, dumps it off to mark
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winnipeg ties it at one. matt irwin, met by andrew ladd who finds make wheeler for that one-timer. still in the second, eat breakdown on d. drew stafford left all alone out front. allowing three more and open their season what thud, losing 6-2 to the jets. >> i don't think it is the d's but we expect on have challenges there, but i think we have to look at our games a a whole. it is not about youth, or young d's but our game without the puck. and it might have got excited about our on finances. you tell them. the debut to remember for the former bur terrier, lighting the lamp in his first regular season goal. falling to the senators but he gets his first pro-goal out of
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he went from bag guy who came to foxboro on a futures contract to being a piece of future in the patriots back field. deion lewis earned a contract extension that could be worth up to $5 million. not bad for a guy who was out of the league last season. >> they give me a chance. they showed a commitment to me. i will keep ongoing out there and making it right. they gave mae chance. >> and celts tigs closing out their two-game you arian swing in madrid. look at the 3 wo-year-old attack the rack, with a one-handed slam. 11 rebounds and celts cruise to a 111-96 win and heading home now, they begin their ittion schedule thx week here in the united states when they visit
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and coming up on jimmy tonight. >> thank god, music from celo green. a great show. here in vineland, new jersey, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. it's white breast meat chicken every time. because white breast meat chicken releases its flavor into the broth and absorbs more
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all right, facebook is working on a new way too express owe motions on line, beyond like. they are testing out a feature called reactions which are six cartoon new jersey new jerseys, love, thumbs up, haha, sad, angry. they are hoping that helps cruisers show more emotion without the complication of creating a dislike button which
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you are so poud of your emojies. a lot of people are not emoji people. i am a big emoji person. and there is one that goes yes. and i have the gronky. they are so cute and they can make them just like you. >> eye color. your outfit. we have to go now. i'm kim khazei 7 news continues at avenue am with today in new england. have a great friday and good night. mmm. yeah that's right...i love yoplait greek 100 whips. the texture's quite nice. it's like...a little fluffy cloud in my mouth.
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make your tummy happy.
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