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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  October 9, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> anchor: we star at 4:30 with a weather alert out there because we have so much rain falling at this appointment. we have a one round going through later on tonight. one going on right now. it's kind of a welt ride home for people out there . >> anchor: lots of scattered showers out there. let's check in with pete bouchard and pete, what are we looking at for tonight? >> reporter: couple of downpours going through hingham and cohasset and weymouth then we have another batch going through nashua and up through dunstable and back into dracut. it finishes up with a good round of downpours, maybe even a rumble of thunder out through western mass right now. if you have to check out lightning detection our first stop is on the south shore wet down route 24 and then out
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at this downpour coming in to wellesley. just a couple of minutes of dry weather before this started to move in and out through framingham and natick to sherborn all the downpours for you headed eastbound. this should at least clip dorchester and all the which to dedham. as far as it getting downtown, i think we'll be on the northern most edge of it. wet again, another round coming through. 68 in boston, heaviest again staying just to the south of the city. 63 right now in worcester. 63 in nashua and 64 in bedford. the wind ease up just to allow these downpours to push through and then they switch direction to the northwest. get a little brisk. coming up. a warming trend too. one day is cool. it's only saturday really. then sunday we start the warming trend and then 70's by columbus day and it looks like that might hold for a little while too. would this be the last stand that we see for the foreseeable future? yes, i will show you some much cooler weather coming in in the 7 day forecast ahead. >> anchor: now at 4:30 a
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after police say she was shot by her boyfriend. get this, police say she is also pregnant . >> anchor: the man charged in the incident appeared before a judge today. 7's byron barnett live in brockton with awful detail. byron? >> reporter: this is a bizarre and very tragic story as well. a trek woman from brockton is the whoed with a gunshot wound in her 24-year-old boyfriend and his uncle are both charged in this case. now, 24-year-old dominic galveo of brockton charged with assault to murder. now the victim was at according to police was at his house where she was going to sleep over, but police say the two of them argued and when he said he didn't want her sleeping on his side of the bed. police say that he and his uncle then drove the victim back to her home in brockton and that she got out of the car but that galveo called her back to give her her cell phone. police say that's when he shot
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when he got close to the car she got nervous. she stated the defendant pulled the phone back into the vehicle and held his other hand out of the window revealing the same long barreled black gun as earlier. she spun to her left in retreat. the defendant shot one round striking her in the right shoulder area. >> reporter: this is the suspect's uncle behind the glass there. he was charged with accessory of at fact because police say that he drove his nephew, the suspect away from the scene without stopping to help the victim. now dominic galveo, the alleged shooter, also being held without bail and told the court he plans to represent himself. he rejected the help of an attorney in court. john galveo, the uncle, 28 28-year-old john galveo is being held on $100,000 cash bail and the victim we are told is in boston medical center being
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to her right shoulder. that's the latest live in brockton, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: new at 4:30 a man from dorchester is indicted for manslaughter in a crash that killed an 18-year-old. he appeared in court today. prosecutors say he was driving drunk when he hit a car in may pushing both cars through an intersection. the teen-ager who was on his bike waiting to cross the street at the time was hit and died at the scene. in lynn a close call after a car collides with a building. you can see the damage here. are smashed. lynn police say the driver accelerated by accident while bagging up. no one was hurt. the driver was not charged . >> anchor: also on 7, a show of support in brookline. students protesting the firing of one their favorite teachers. >> anchor: dozens 6 middle school students stormed a school committee workshop last night bringing that meeting to a halt. the school committee refused to discuss this issue and instead telling them to come during a meeting where there is a public comment session. larry chan was fired for
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allegedly saying one curse word in front of teens. this week his students, current and former action long with their parents staged this walk walkout, protested, wrote letters and signed petitions . he is our universe and as soon as we heard this we had to react . there is no crime. it's not even an inappropriate word. you hear it ten times worse every day. >> anchor: he was not at the meeting. the next public meet something tuesday. students say if their teacher is not back in school, they will be there. >> anchor: we're following more news today. bill cosby expected to take the stand in the first time in a civil lawsuit brought by a woman who claims he sexually assaulted her. a judge in los angeles ruled the comedian must be interviewed under oath. the woman said she was assaulted at the "playboy" mansion in the 1970's when she was just 15 years old. on tonight's "dateline" for the first time in one room nearly 30 women who made similar accusations speak out together. kate snow interviewed the women about their claims of drugging,
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sexual assault and harassment. cosby's attorney denied those claims. he has not been charged with the crime. you can watch it tonight at 9:00 right here on 7 nbc. the pilot accuse of helping a mexican drug lord escape prison has been captured. this is reportedly the pilot that flew a man to freedom after he escaped from his cell. he escaped by crime klumming threw a hole in his shower and traveling through a mile long tunnel right out of the prison . >> anchor: south carolina experiencing flooding after more than a trillion gallons water fell on the stay. the governor is warning coastal flooding. throughout the state and officials are keeping a close eye on 70 more that are almost at their breaking point. people who live on the coast are being encouraged to leave. i know that this is your property and this is your home but this is your life. we want you to be very conscious of the fact that we are trying to save it.
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>> anchor: hayley said flooding could linger for up to 12 days. hundreds of roads and bridges . >> anchor: dramatic moments caught on camera in texas. police releasing footage adozens of undocumented immigrants were truck. officials say they were rammed crammed there for hours in a truck with no food or water and little air. this morning newly released video from police body cameras capturing the first dramatic moments from 39 undocumented immigrants gasping for air. after being cramped for hours in the back of a sweltering 18 wheeler. police say they were in desperate shape, some two weak to stand. it's just a surprise to see that many people inside a hot trailer. they were all sweaty, dehydrate and just want out. a concerned citizen spotted them being loaded at a rest stop near san antonio and called police . i saw ten people getting
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into a truck here . >> anchor: immigrants included 28 men, 7 women and four minors from guatemala, el salvador and mexico. one 13-year-old boy very grateful . since he jumped how of the truck, the trailer, he said thank you so much. thank you for saving us. he gave us a hug. 33-year-old drew christopher pot potter arrested on the school indeed need he did anything wrong. he has been charged with smuggling conspiracy and illegally transporting un undocumented immigrants. in what agents say is a common human smuggling method that can be extremely dangerous . >> anchor: officers say the trailer was a refrigerated unit not working properly. temperatures inside were well above 100 degrees. >> anchor: out of control car goes on a destructive rampage in a north carolina intersection. cameras rolling the entire time as the car slam into several vehicles including police cruis cruisers. people watch in horror as the driver showed no signs of 1207 1207ing.
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video. stunned onlookers watching in disbelief as an out of control driver goes on a rampage in the middle of a busy intersection. two police cruisers and two other cars were damaged by the woman. cameras were rolling from inside a bus parked at the intersection intersection. oh my god. >> reporter: other drivers just stuck in their cars with no place to go. the wild drive came to an end when the woman drove right in a police cruiser. the car flipped down a 12 foot embankment. her car ended up on its roof. a police rushed to the scene and put the woman in handcuffs. her wild ride lasted more than ten minutes but incredibly, no one was hurt. >> anchor: police say the driver told them her name was faith, hope and love. now she was taken to the hospital to be checked out as
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investigate. in the newsroom, nancy chen, 7 news. >> anchor: an electric bicycle rider from a rollover accident this footage shows a speeding truck run a red light as that bicycle crossed the road. the truck overturned in an attempt to avoid that bike spilling dirt and gravel all over the place. escapes. . >> anchor: in other news, apple says it's actually expanding its mobile paying service. best buy is accepting apple pay in store nations wide. starbucks said they will too. kfc and chill chili's plans to open it next spring. netflix raising prisses for new member. it will cost $9.99 a one dollar increase. nut rate will take effect november 11 rates for current customers will stay at 8.9 per month until next okay. >> anchor: then we'll all pay
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all ahead on 7 news gender neutral. one school in wisconsin taking dram at insteps to make sure no . >> anchor: at give:00 a car on auction. what happened that sent people . >> anchor: plus dramatic moments caught on camera. a pregnant woman tries to stop someone who is trying to steal her car. that's all coming up on 7 news. we'll be right back. >> reporter: it happens who everyone and someone tax a comment the wrong way . >> reporter: there are key phrases smart people are careful it avoid. we'll tell you what you should never say . >> reporter: check it out on 7
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>> anchor: the high school in madison, wise consin is following a recent trend. skills are getting rid of the and queen . >> anchor: instead they are making the homecoming court
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income week west high school will be like any other school celebrating the traditional . i am proud of west and . . king and fine is confining to a lot of people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, anything, right? i wouldn't have wanted to be called queen myself. neutralizing the homecoming court . it won't being separated by male and female. it will simply be the top 20 students in the senior class that their classmates thought represented who we were a school school. >> anchor: the idea emerged last year by the school's gay straight alliance group . we started a petition . >> anchor: it quickly sprung . which got nearly 1,000 signatures . >> anchor: after much discussion the school administration jumped on board. it was interesting to watch the way it just kind of evolved in our school . >> anchor: a change sparked by students. for a small subset of
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and validates in a way their existence . >> anchor: has ignited a community . i am non-binary so to me this is really aofficialing and validating for me . this is really showing our community we have some really creative and powerful leaders coming up in our world so get ready. >> anchor: instead of calling the winners king and queen, students have suggest suggested the two regents or regent rulers referring to the school's mass scott . >> anchor: still our holiday weekend coming up. a lot of sunshine in store and warning trend too. details are next. >> anchor: speaker shakeup in washington. a front-runner steps out of the race for the house speaker but a new candidate has come to the front of a pack . >> anchor: uber accused of putt putting profits before safety. new details on a lawsuit the 7 is now facing . >> anchor: a new hampshire man driven mad after a parking lot crash. a major company playing hard
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>> anchor: 66 in town now, dew point reading about 61. the southwest wind is about 15 mile-per-hour. has been did youing well over 30 from time to time. follow us here, folks. milestones in this autumn. we have 8 days to the head of the charles. we have 22 days to trick or treat time and then 23 just the day after halloween. we turn the clock back, we go back to sunset around 4:30. just putting it out there. you know it's happening now. obviously. right new all about the mild weather and the downpours that are coming through from time to time. look at these moving in to the shore. at least in norwood and down into rockland right now but from natick to wellesley on out through about marlborough and westboro and then now pushing into boston at least through the south end, dorchester, roxbury and also all the way out through the j way and continuing out through wellesley and loose
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likes needham now with heavier rain. 66 in the city but 65 several. hoping through here, so wasn't all that warm across southern new hampshire but still you know 60 degrees is something and then we're close to 70 still across southeast mass with those dewpoints hanging in the mid 60's. everything comes to a crashing halt when the front crosses later tonight. that would be the warmth. the showers and these clouds. when the front crosses it will take most of the cloudiness with it and start to dry us out. cooler day. our winds from the northwest initially pretty brisk but they will ease as we go through the afternoon. i really like the look of the afternoon for deep blue square light wind and a cool chill to the air. 60 in lowell, hudson at 60, 58 in boston with a possibility of a sea breeze late day. to one is really ing the numbers all that much. we're in the mid enough tease through chatham. 60 brockton and 61 in wellesley. topsfield fair ongoing through the week.
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any fair there really is and saturday temperatures are 59, sunday closer to 69 degrees. that temperature trend continues upward through monday and tuesday. normal high temperature 64. no way more like ten degrees warmer and it has been a somewhat cool start oh object. chilly daytime highs, that's really what's knocked us back with the exception of today of days. evening showers and downpours 52. the 7 on 7 forecast is still looking good next week into tuesday does not look like downpours will come on tuesday, just a couple of scattered showers, not as numerous as today. hope have you had drink of water water. see you at 5:00 . >> reporter: we'll so then. let's get a check of the friday drive home eastbound and westbound barely moving here in the allston newton area. traffic has been jammed up basically from newton right through the allston tolls or right down toward the ted
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williams tunnel. westbound has been a mess here out by exit 17 and it continues heavy as we look at our helicopter shot along route 128 and the mass pike. that's the weston tolls. that stays heavy as well. from this spot right out past 4 495 real rough afternoon mother on our mass pike ride. delays to on the southbound side of the expressway this is down near morrisey boulevard. sobbed the ride has been clocked at a 70 minute commute from boston down into grain tree. northbound less than an hour making your way from the braintree merge up through the o'neill tunnel and this is pat of the reason. this is route 93 northbound and southbound getting by route 28. i'm joe staple ton, 7 news . >> anchor: ahead in the buzz a possible reunion in the works? two bands popular in the 90's
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>> anchor: top of the buzz 90's kids get ready for the ultimate tour . >> anchor: that's us, the spice girls and backstreet boys may be joining forces to an especially being tour in an interview with rolling stone aj mcclean talked about rumors his old band is teaming up for a tour with the famous girl group. he says they have been talking about the idea for more than a year now. he also said the backstreet boys
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to work on a new album . >> anchor: they keep coming out with albums. they keep going back . >> anchor: they are back all right . >> anchor: tracy morgan back at work. he was so in atlanta on the set of his first film since an accident left him in the hospital. he will host snl next weekend . >> anchor: produces for the comedy "updatable" decided to do the entire season live start wag one hour season premiere tonight tonight. the sore ease experimented with a live episode back in may. you can catch the premiere tonight at 8:00 . >> anchor: the rock and roll hall of fame named its 2016 contenders. jan ejackson one of the several first time nominees including steve miller and the cars. rap icons nwa are in the running for the second year in a row. cheap trick and changa can also on the ballot. winners will be announced in december . >> anchor: i love saying chakak chakakahn . >> anchor: that wasn't very fast. that was most horrible. much more to come in the next 90 minutes.
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starts right now. >> anchor: an out of control car crashes in a crowd at a framingham auto auction. several people caught in the path of the danger . >> anchor: an everett man facing murder for hire charges. what prosecutors shied wanted for eschange in the kill . >> anchor: shots fired on college campuses in texas and arizona. two people dead, others ed . >> anchor: more gun violence as president obama heads to oregon to meet with survivors of a mass shooting. why he is being greeted by protestors. >> anchor: couple downpours and some showers pushing through now but the weekend forecast much im iminvolved . >> anchor: all eyes on paul ryan tonight. the congressman being urged to step up to be the next leader in the house . >> anchor: a pregnant woman makes a desperate attempt to stop a man who stole her car. >> reporter: tonight on 7, chaos and confusion. first i thought there was gun shots because i heard three pops.
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into a crowd at an auto auction . >> reporter: people caught in a collapse when a wall comes crumbling down. how the driver ended up out of control. >> anchor: 12 peel hurt when that suv went on a crash course inside that framingham building . >> anchor: one person had to be flown to the hospital. we're live with what police are saying led to this accident. kelly? >> anchor: some scary mow. 8 people rushed to the hospital after an elderly man we're told lost control of his car and people we met say it's a miracle no one was seriously hurt. first i thought there was gun shots. i heard three pops and it sounded lick a bomb . people were screaming. they were screaming for everybody to get out. it's very upsetting and you hope that nobody was her badly . >> anchor: chaos an confusion
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inside this framingham auto auction afr a driver loses
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