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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  October 9, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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inside this framingham auto auction afr a driver loses control. it seems like he was confused. he hit the goes on accident instead of hitting the brake then went downhill from there. he just panicked and kept going . 12 people hurt, 8 rushed to the hospital. police tell 7 after 78-year-old man hit the gas instead of the brakes and kept ongoing. you can see from this eyewitness video the panic inside the warehouse moments after the accident. friend. he left in an ambulance. . >> reporter: one person pinned underneath a car. one person rushed in to help out her . me and a few other people ended up pulling him out. he was a little dazed for the first five minutes. his eyes were closed then he end ended up coming to. you never know when your last know? take every day for granted, every breath because you never >> reporter: the auto auction was closed the rest of the morning but did open afternoon.
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luckily, police tell us. as to that driver to charges as of yet and he is cooperating with police. kelly o'hara, 7 news . >> anchor: breaking tonight a social worker from wakefield is behind bars facing human trafficking charges investigators say the 34 34-year-old talked with three teen-age girls over the internet convincing them to send him pornographic by thursday. they say the man owns north shore recovery management in reading. he is under strict orders to have no can't with the victims and not to use the internet . >> anchor: also on 7 federal agents swarm an everett home. the man who lived there now in custody accused in a plot to kill. prosecutors say he was looking to make some quick cash by working as a hitman. 7's jonathan hall was there as he faced a judge. he joins us live in worcester with the latest. jonathan? hey, there, this guy has been in trouble before with the feds. he was arrested for instance in his mid 20's. the first time in 1988. now he is in trouble again facing a long prison sentence if convicted. it was i busy morning on
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lexington street in everett. dozens of f.b.i. agents and crime scene investigators swarm swarming this two family looking for a1-year-old joseph burke who was allegedly mark marketing himself as a hit man for hire. neighbors on this quiet street were stunned to see it. came outside and seen all of the f.b.i. out here. just crazy. >> anchor: something out of a movie . something like that. >> anchor: an f.b.i. document says burke who did time in 1988 on federal robbery charges and in 1993 on a cocaine distribution case was hard up for money and told an undercover agent he felt like knocking off an armored car for some quick cash. the documents said he went on it state he intended to murder husbands for women who might like a quick exit from a marriage. he allegedly said on tape "i will do that all day long for a price, all day long. not a problem" >> reporter: what do you think of that kind of a scheme? it's saysy living right across the street kind of hits
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home, you know? >> reporter: the f.b.i. says burke and an uncover agent also discuss a plot to kill a man allegedly from new york. burke allegedly told the agent he would go to new york and shoot the man in the head and chest "going to hi him right in the expletive derby. three in the derby and three in the chest." the bureau also raided a home in somerville where burke sometimes stayed with his girlfriend. agents took boxes of evidence away including a computer. >> reporter: in state court you are arraigned and can make bail. in federal court it's an initial appearance. no plea was enter and he will be held until his next appearance on object 21. live in boston, jonathan hall, 7 news . >> anchor: 7 news now turning to the forecast. the weekend getting started with some showers. let's take a live look outside now. windy in the city. a lot of rain coming down out there. for more on wet weather let's head to pete bouchard. not a way to start a friday, pete . >> reporter: you know, the holiday weekend no worries on the forecast.
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the rain or anything like that. it's all sunshine for now though we're wet so the friday evening commute is wet and also your friday night plans too. at least for the next few hours. boston just getting rid of a downpour. there are more though out through natick and sherborn. almost to holliston right now, northern part, then we go south of bridgewater, some more wet weather, some of it heavy at times and then this quickly on the heels of the rain out through worcester. there is no real gap here between downpours. this is coming right at you and there is some thunder possibly out through westfield although we have yet to see lightning strikes. 60's to near 70. we did make low seven tease today. feels balmy, feels humid. front back here embedded in these deep clouds. white clouds we'll clear humidity out and showers too. a beautiful weekend. warming trend with 70's by columbus day. more on that ahead. >> anchor: safety concerns lead leading to a lawsuit for uber. two women one of whom says she was sexually acalled by a driver said the company does not adequately screen its employees.
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jennifer egan has more on the lawsuit. the lawsuit against uber claims the company markets itself as the safest option on the road after a nine out. targeting young women in particular. the two women suing the ride sharing service say that is misleading. both say they were section wall asaturdaying by their drivers. one of the women is from boston. her driver was charged after allegedly attacking her last february. the lawsuit calls for an overhaul of uber's safety measures including adding 24/7 customer support centers in all cities it operates in, disabling the child lock feature on passenger doors giving customers the position of requesting a female driver and installing tamper proof cameras in all cars cars. it's important we put a framework in place to manage this very popular and very . >> reporter: governor baker pushed for legislation that would create more regulations for uber and other ride sharing companies . i said all along i think
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there should be a statewide framework that includes public safety that includes insurance coverage and marking on the car so you know it's a livery vehicle . two women are suing for un unspecified damages. in a statement uber said the thoughts of the company remain with the two victims. in boston, jennifer egan, 7 news. jury selection continued for a teen on trial charged with killing his teacher. a today the judge appointed a legal guardian for phillip chiso chisolm because his mother is in the hospital. a new pool of more than 100 potential jurors were brought in yesterday. one potential juror was threat threatened with contempt of court for talking about the trial with other jurors. >> anchor: more violence on college campuses today. this morning one person was shot and kill at texas southern university and another is in the hospital. the university president says the student was a freshman at the school. houston police say they have two people in custody for questioning. the shooting happened outside of a housing complex. the campus was on lock down and class were canceled for the rest of the day. two males have been detained at the scene.
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it's taking further investigation and at this point it is very active investigation. however, it is not an active shooter incident. it has never been an active shooter incident and at this point we believe that it just is a matter of getting the third suspect into custody . >> anchor: the victim in the hospital is in stable condition. one person dead and three others wounded in a shooting early this morning at northern arizona university. they say that suspect is an 18 18-year-old freshman who attend attended school. according to court documents he told police he was hit in the face during a late night confrontation with another group of students and that he tried to perform first aid after he opened fire on four florida t members. the alleged shooter says the members of the other group chased him. that's when he went to his car and retrieved a handgun . >> anchor: now on 7, a controversial visit. protests today surrounding president obama's visit to oregon. his meeting with survivors in the family's of victims of last woke's campus massacre but his rifle has many upset. the president visiting roseburg
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just off over a week after the shooting of a community college. a mass casualty event that left obama visibly frustrated with nation's gun laws . this is a political choice we make to allow this to happen every few months in america. >> anchor: a student opened fire and killed nine classmates at the campus last thursday before dying in what the medical examiner determined to be suicide. a poll in the aftermath of the shooting shows that while less tan half of americans support strictor gun control laws an overwhelming majority want background checks for gun buyers buyers. the rose berg community has a minority of obama supporters. he received 35% of the douglas county vote in 2012 but his critics are outspoken . he is not wanted out here to push his agenda. i think just the fact he is coming to meet with the families is excellent . >> anchor: while demonstrators oppose to the policy protested visit elected officials also opposed to gun control are well coming the president . he is the number one elect
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nation. and by coming here he brings that whole feeling of the nation is behind us and in support of >> anchor: in a community divided by opinions on guns, hope to come come together and heal during a debate sure to open old wounds. the white house says the intention of the president's visit is to simply comfort survivors and the victim's families. >> anchor: we're following new developments in the speaker shakeup in washington of all eyes on paul ryan who faces pressure from g.o.p. to take that job of the turmoil in the house comes after kevin mccarty dropped out of the race yesterday. he was wildly expected to take that roll. representative paul ryan is both mccarty and speaker john boehner boehner's first choice despite insisting he is not interested. he hasn't officially ruled out a run. ryan was mitt romney's running mate back in 20126789 many republicans believe he is the best man for the job. he would be an amazing speaker. paul lion now has clout, stature . many of us believe he will rise to the call.
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would be stepping down as speaker late last month said he will stay on until election there happens so he can get a . >> anchor: still to come a shocking sight on a texas highway i'm pregnant woman was clinging to the front of an suv. . then rolled over. a member of the kansas city royals grounds crew nearly >> anchor: a pregnant woman shot in the back. police say it was by her boyfriend. charges he is now facing. >> anchor: plus, a former tv icon going under oath. bill cosby being forced to answer questions about an allege . then? just one hour a hidden digger forcing a newton school to shut down. what made several workers sick. those stories and a lot more coming up right here on 7 news. ready to head out when others head home.
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>> anchor: a woman dingling in danger hanging on it an suv for nearly a mile on a texas freeway freeway. car . >> anchor: tonight we are learning she was pregnant. it's not every day you see this. a moving suv. police say that woman is 31 . she would fall off and he would serve left and right . >> anchor: the man behind the
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wheel jessica's ex-boyfriend . this lady is trying to stop this car. she is in the middle of the freeway in front of the car. it's got to be something serious serious. >> anchor: anthony rodriguez was driving with his wife when he saw it all unfold . it was extremely crazy. my wife was going berserk . >> anchor: according to police she stole the suv from jessica. she found him a short time later at the shell gas station and demanded he get out when her ex exrefused jessica decided to jump on the hood . that's when i said it's on . >> anchor: you can see continues to step on the gas. after about 200 yards she falls off and he takes off. i was just think. . >> anchor: anthony was unable to catch up but soon after police found him and the suv and arrested him. the woman came away interest that with only scrapes and brows brows. the unborn baby was not hurt. next on 7 a new hampshire man backed into a corner after a parring lot crash until solve it . >> anchor: okay, liz.
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our forecast a little wet this evening but drying out for the weekend and i think you will like the look of it too coming up . >> anchor: a burst of sun flowers can try end up a dinner. we try a grilled dish with floral flavor in tonight's what's cooking. >> anchor: fall here. that means winter is right around the connor . >> reporter: before it gets too cold we'll let you know three things you can do to your house to lower your energy bills. >> anchor: that's monday today in new england.
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>> anchor: a member of the grounds crew running into tarp trouble. that man couldn't seem to get out of the way. a rain day in game one of the playoff series between houston and kansas city. he managed to get out without any injuries though. the astros won the game 5-2. that poor guy is just trying to get out of there. his foot is caught and he is done for it . >> anchor: always amazing to watch as they put that tap on any ballpark that has an open air roof and how fast they are able to do that. they move it so fast. >> anchor: they do so quickly they don't continued a chance. billy got caught . >> anchor: we need a big tarp because we have a lot of rain around here. >> reporter: plenty of going down too. amazing how the red sox crew can do that so quickly as well. kudos to them. even when the season is over now now. rain in boston, north shore too. i mean, the immediate north shore up through revere like in
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all the way to medford and then down we go almost to about the split but not quite. you have another batch of rain through braintree and look what just ed up through marshfield and pushed off through kingston too. bridgewater is wet then you pick up another batch of moderate rain at times from bellingham on up to hook dale and then that's passing over toward looks like franklin. the break is short. not much of one through framingham and then we get into some lighter rain, about marlborough and then, wow, from worcester all the way back to about springfield and westfield at least. these are some serious downpours downpours. that is the final leg that's going through right now in western mass coming into orange and also westfield and that marches through and that's pretty much it. today we made 70's. you are saying when? well, it was earlier in the afternoon during that gust of wind. almost blew you over. the winds easing a little bit but they will pick back up behind the front later ton. 64 in the city. 62 worcester. 64 up through the north shore. this is the dive of cool air
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coming down. you can see how it's kind of aim aiming toward sudbury ontario and surging southbound. this is just good enough for saturday. this is all we have for cool air and then it juts out. montreal right now 45 degrees. buffalo at 57. that's behind this front so when that shuffles in you will know it. it really sets us up for a cool start to the weekend. i have cool morning coming up both saturday morning and then sunday morning, especially as we get near freezing in some suburbs. sunday's recovery is nothing short of amazing. it's a lot of dry air so we start chilly and finish mild. 59 to 69 to 74 in columbus day. that play particular morning on monday morning will not be all that cool. fall foliage coming in pretty nicely actually across pelham, new hampshire up through southern new hampshire, southern maine and southern vermont and also central mass too. so this has been a big jump in the color over the last week and the updated map brings that moderate color down on to route 2 and then southwestern new hampshire. there are pockets of moderate
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the way from topsfield fair weekend, fair is in nice and also don't forget to go to the fair and then out through metrowest too. peak color now a week late but we typically get it late september but now it's almost mid october that we're seeing peak color across the greens and white mountains and it's delayed but not denied. evening showers downpours, clear clearing late 46 to 52. winds gust out of the northwest then they ease late then we may even invite the sea breeze in. reluctantly in the afternoon which will keep us coolest at the coast tomorrow. low 60's otherwise away from the coastline and we're just making it to the low 60's before we cool it off rapidly. a chilly night saturday night if you are stepping out it's coat weather. tell you that right now. next week, no, no. mild and then we cool off wednesday, thursday and friday. see you at 5:30. >> anchor: turning now to pickup problems for a new hampshire man. he says a forklift in the parking lot of home depot hit
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his truck of the accident left a . >> anchor: home depot told him to fill a claim but the insurance company didn't come through. hiwi called solve it 7. here is kris anderson. it was supposed to be a quick trip to home depot . >> anchor: i just finished mak making a purchase and i was coming home to use the material. >> anchor: wayne was leaving the store near his hooksett, national home back in july of last year when all of a sudden out of nowhere wayne says a home depot forklift slammed into the side of his pickup truck . >> anchor: he knocked me over just a little bit there then when i came back caved that in . >> anchor: wayne said the store store's manager apologized then gave him the can't information for home depot's insurance company. wayne filed a claim. got the estimate, sent it off, they didn't like the estimate. they wanted their own appraiser . >> reporter: that's when problems began. wayne said he went back and forth with the insurance company for months on the amount of
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money it would take to fix his truck and get a rental [ there was another issue. the language in this paper they juan sign . very legal and binding contract that says once i have the check in my hand, they will pay nothing else. >> reporter: the body shop said it was based on a visual inspection of the damage but the total could go up. not wanting to pay out of his own pocket, wayne refused to sign the form unless the insurance company agreed in writ writing to pay for any additional damage. they hit your truck. you want them to fix it . easy. take care of the damage. i'm not looking to make money. i just want my truck fixed. >> reporter: so wayne called solve it 7. we reached out to home depot directly and the representative told us he would look into this case. a few days later, wayne received a phone call from the insurance company. i couldn't believe how much the communication channel opened up after you gave them a call
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check for more than $5,000. home depot sent us this statement. "we're very story for the delay and intervenes experienced with our claims process and we appreciate the opportunity to step in and resolve this matter matter." wayne is just happy this yearlong ordeal is finally over. if you feel there is always somebody else that can give a handsome how and solve it 7 does a great job. job.. >> reporter: we always try our believe. insurance issues or other pesky problems have you looking for help. give us a call. 617-367-7777 or sent us an e-mail solve it 7 as in the newsroom, kris anderson, 7 news. >> anchor: a dad serving over overseas has the winning play eight high school football game when he surprises his son on the 50 yard line . >> anchor: former massachusetts first lady anne romney sitting down with christa delcamp.
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how she says this race for the republican nomination as when her husband was running and the
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upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you, because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. ever new england. eversource. >> anchor: thanks so much for joining you. there is another hour of 7 news ahead. 7 news at 5:30 start right now. >> anchor: now at 5:30, a pregnant woman shot. today her boyfriend faces a judge . >> anchor: a wet evening on your friday and these showers are exiting later tonight. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast . >> anchor: communities bracing for a wall of water as floods race toward the south carolina coast . >> anchor: a cement wall comes tumbling down landing right on top of a teen-ager . >> anchor: jamming out to a
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special song. local nurses take on an important topic to the tune of taylor swift. 7 news at 5:30 starts now. a violenten counter under investigation in brockton. police say a man open fire on his pregnant girlfriend. neighbors say they were wakened . >> anchor: two men went before a judge facing some very serious charges. 7's byron barnett is live in brockton with the disturbing details. byron? >> anchor: yeah, i tell you this is not only a bizarre story story. it's a very tragic story as well well. a pregnant woman from brockton is in the hospital now being treated for a gunshot wound to her shoulder and her boyfriend and his uncle are both facing charges. >> anchor: a shirtless 24 24-year-old dominic galo charged with assault to murder. police say he shot his pregnant girlfriend outside her brockton home in the wee hours of the morning. police say the two started out at gal very o's house where he got mad where she was sleeping
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on his side of e bed.
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