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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  October 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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living right across the street hits home . >> anchor: eights also raid a home where burke's girlfriend lives in somerville, a search warrant netted a computer and other evidence. the f.b.i. says she was heading burke get weapons. burke was fooled by the f.b.i. undercover agents met with him several times and recorded the conversation in of them an agent said he needed help taking care of a guy in new york who was making trouble for him with the irs an eight filed a 21 page document with the federal court making his case. burke seemed enthusiastic about the new york job. he allegedly said he would shoot the man in the head saying " "expletive going to hit him in the expletive derby. three in the derby and three in the chest. the agent writes he wrote about murdering husbands for wives that want out of their marriage. he said i will do it all day long, all day long for a price, not a problem. well, now there is a problem.
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pending a final hearing object 2 21 and if convicted he will do prison. live in worcester, jonathan hall . >> anchor: following breaking news now two more people are in custody in connection to a murder in marshfield. a 45-year-old man was found dead inside his home back in september. a man arrested will face murder and unarmed burglary charges and a woman is charged with accessory after the fact. a third person arrested shortly after that killing is also charged in this case also break a social worker from wakefield facing serious charges. investigators say 34-year-old rick hall talked with three teen-age girls over the internet convincing them to send him pornographic pictures. police say hall owns north shore recovery management in reading and tonight he is under strict records orders from a judge to have no can't with victims and not it use the internet. reading police are having a news conference about this later tonight offy rain move together area. we're talk about rain aat thing
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everybody's drive home tonight and it will be a warmer weekend but then things start changing next week. here is pete checking the forecast right now . >> reporter: final leg is fierce indeed. intense rain in plymouth and carver and watching this potential thunderstorm with damaging winds in munson. the national weather service just tweeted this and talking about this so we have an argue of rain right on the mass pike pretty intense in fact. all the way through charlton right now and sutton and then all the way to west borrow but the surge of wind is right through southbridge and maybe brimfield right now as it heads into woodstock, connecticut that. seals to be the push of the wind so be mindful of any warnings that come up across southern worcester county it. could pop up at any moment now just based on that potential wind gust and that thunderstorm. scituate and kingston right now heavy rain so it's all coming together right ahead of the front, concord to acton, woburn heavy rain, this is just clipping the north pat of boston at least the north end and it
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comes through needham and newton and brookline too. more to come, stay with us . >> anchor: an out of control driver on a crash course inside an auto auction. a dozen people hurt in the chaos chaos. 7's kelly o'hara is live with dramatic video shot seconds after that crash. kelly? >> reporter: you can hear people creaming and running for their lives after 12 people were hurt but 8 rushed to the hospital after a driver ryan lost control. inside this framingham auto auction after a driver loses control. >> reporter: first i thought there was gun shots i heard bomb. >> reporter: people were screaming this. ewere screeing for everybody to get out. the driver of this suv up for auction accidentally hitting the gas instead of breaks police tell 7. in the chaos he ends up hitting another car, a brick wall and even driving over one man. 12 people ended up with injuries 8 of them rushed to the hospital
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it seems likely was confused. he just went downhill from there there. he just panicked and kept going. i was two feet away from my friend. i was a little scared . >> reporter: eyewitness video shows good samaritans rushing in to help pulling this man out from the wreckage. police say despite the injuries and scary scene, everyone here was lucky and no one was serious seriously hurt . me and a few other people ended up pulling him out. he was a little dazed for the first five minutes and his eyes were unresponsive. his eyes were closed then he he endedp coming to . >> reporter: now one of those men was flown to the hospital and a precaution. mrs. tell us late this evening he is peckested to be okay. as for that driver, he is shaken up but we're told that this is still under investigation and no charges as of yet. in framingham tonight, kelly o'hara, 7 news. >> anchor: a close call after a car crashes in a building. the windows of a star front are smashed. police say the driver hit the gas by accident while backing up no. one was hurt and the driver was not charge. police stop a cab with a suspect
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suspected bank robber inside. investigators say he and another man threatened workers with handguns at a bank in boston this afternoon. both suspects are now in custody custody. also on 7, carbon monoxide sickening workers and canceling class at an elementary school in newton. vet oh are say co levels were dangerously high. receive scooper is live where two people were taken to the hospitalp this was a close call here today. so much so two men tonight are lucky to be alive and tonight fire investigators here in newton say they are blaming it all on a broken boiler. carbon monoxide alarms were going on and people were trapped in the building . >> anchor: danger brewing inside the franklin school in west newton 90 minutes before students were to arrive for classes and carbon monoxide deal dealors started going off . very dangerous. matter of minutes you are going down . >> reporter: fire official say the two male victims air custodian and contract were rush rushed to mass general hospital suffering from carbon monoxide
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poisoning while they were working oh on a boiler in the basement . we had to pull one of them out. the other one made it out on its own. the first, second one had to carry them out. co levels were off the charts. a normal reading is zero to 8 parts per million. fire fighters arrived to levels over 1,000 . it was over 1,000 basement. our meteorologist only go up to 1,000 so it maxed out the meteorologist. >> anchor: with classes cancel for the day second grader colleen walsh ends up with an . my dad just told me that there was no school really. are you happy or sad? >> reporter: close call for sure with parents thankful no one else was hurt here and two . thankfully they are okay. i heard they are okay. somebody tweeted out they are okay so what's what matters. late this afternoon the superintendent of schools was blaming problem on an error by a heating contractor installing
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the new boiler here. school resumed here after the long holiday weekend on tuesday and as for two victims in the hospital tonight, they are set to be in stable condition. live in newton tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: now to the big speaker shake up on capitol hill house republicans have their eye on congressman paul ryans a new leader after john boehner announced he is stepping down and majority leader kevin mccarthy thought to be the one to replace him dropped out of the conversation there. 7 political editor andy hiller thinks he knows what's causing all of that gridlock in the to's hiller interstint. i would like to tell you i'm shocked, saddened and dised a that no one wants to be but i'm not. because it makes perfect sense, no one can speak for all of the republicans in the house and everyone knows it. there is no single voice and can't would be that can defend compromising with the democratic president and trying to shut the government down. a tension americans. we have the government we
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it's as divided as we are. look inside the house. there are 247 republican representatives and 188 democrats. to get a majority, you need 218 votes. so the republicans have enough votes to elect any speaker they would like to. but there is no one yet enough of them like to win the job. 40 are so tea party republicans went a speaker who will confront the president. that's not enough to elect a tea party speaker but it is enough to force any republican who wants to be speaker to get some votes from democrats. but that would increase the influence of the democrats and the republicans are not ready to do that yet. so current speaker john boehner who wanted to leave at the end of october can't and will now stay on until his replacement is picked. and when will that be? who knows? my take away, don't blame the republicans, don't blame the tea
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party and don't blame john boehner because they are not the ones who are keeping our government paralyzed. it's us. instinct. >> anchor: coming up on 7 news, a new mission for a former massachusetts first lady. our christa delcamp sits down with anne romney as she talks about life off the campaign trail and using her own experience to help others. >> anchor: bruins back on the ice trying to put last night's loss behind them.
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i see myself in every one of the students that i have. i know that it's my responsibility to do for them what i would want someone to do for me. helping the community is important to me because i live in this community, so when i'm 80, 90 years old, looking back, reflecting on my life, i want to be able to say that i did something awesome for somebody, i helped people, you know, i helped change my community, i helped enhance someone's life. i want those to be my memories. my name is stephen and i have blue cross blue shield. leadership isn't given. it's taken. >> anchor: former massachusetts first lady anne romney is on a new campaign trail.
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sitting in on the sidelines for this presidential election . >> anchor: her attention turning to a cause close to her. christa delcamp sat down with mrs. romney and has her story . >> anchor: she was a constant presence on the presidential campaign trail with her husband in 2012. but right now anne romney former first lady of massachusetts wave waves the 2016 race from a distance do you miss it? i don't miss it. i sympathize with everyone that's going through it. it's really tough. it's wonderful and it's terrible at the same time. the wonderful part is that it's worth it because this country is worth it . >> anchor: and romney has strong words when it come to the current political climate . in this situation that we're in right now, the political situation, the respect respectful dialogue has stopped. >> anchor: he's days romney is on a new campaign to fight for neurological diseases working with brigham and women hospital.
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sclerosis detailed in a just released book titled in this to the. a direct quote from her husband mitt when doctors gave her the devastating diagnosis in 1998 . we were crying and he said i don't care, it's not fatal, we're in this together. i don't care how bad it gets. >> anchor: after 46 years of marriage, she still gets love notes from her husband. this one posted on twitter recently . >> anchor: how often does he leave you love notes? all the time. i love it. all the time. like if he leaves early before i get up or something, i will always have a note, an i love anne note wherever . >> anchor: do you write him notes? i am not as good at it as he is i am embarrassed to say. he is the one that really is so romantic. >> anchor: romney said she is so excited between a partnership between drug companies and researchers working with her center at brigham and women's as they study a new treatment for a als.
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in the newsroom, christa delcamp 7 news. >> reporter: the week forecast looking good. we're watching for downpours this evening. we'll get into that and a beautiful weekend forecast. over to you. the bruins hope the sky isn't falling after a miserable open opening night. the patriots hitting the road for dallas tomorrow. greg hardy and amanda maclean as well.
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ready to head out
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>> reporter: the radar is chock full of this evening. our temperatures in boston right now 65. look at that dew point reading at 62 degrees, so that's come you. it's a little humid out. there south southwest wind at 9 miles per hour. those gusts of 30 or better have faded out now. but i expect the winds to pick back up later tonight as the cool front passes. it's way out in western mass so that is after we go to bed. anyway, beautiful weekend forecast, warming trend, 70's by columbus day, so the warming trend starts on sunday and then it tiptoes into early next week. if you have monday off that's looking stellar as well. downpours though, we've had reports they already passed through worcester and millbury so right on the edge of it. pushing it out of southbridge too. this is pretty intense though in the northbridge area and douglas and over toward it looks like west borrow right now and this
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will continue down. i was looking at some of the winds behind this batch of heavy rain and whereas they are impressive we had trees down in munson and wilbraham line but right now it doesn't seem to be a big case for strong wind because that thunderstorm wherever question had it there was fading out now. still, plenty of heavy rain now on the south shore all the which down through kingston and then we pick up some steady rain in boston and pushing through woburn right now and going through waltham too. there are temperatures in the 60's holding. we had nice temperatures today in the 70's along with other gusty wind. cool air, we have that too. montreal now 45 degrees, 55 in buffalo. cooler air will be here tomorrow morning but the front will cross here in the next few hours. we're soaking in it tomorrow. that cool air, 59 for a high in boston, 60 billerica, 61 framingham. 62 in attleboro but the turn around is as early as sunday. beware sunday morning will be very chilly.
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the suburbs, close to frost. we turn it around quickly in the afternoon. temperatures shoot right up so upper atmosphere is warm, close to 70 degrees on sunday and if we don't ache make it sunday we'll be there on columbus day as highs reach into the low 70's 70's. a string of but ease coming up. hope you like sunshine because all of the way through monday, 5 59, 69 and 74 degrees. our temperature trend stays in the 70's on tuesday before we pull it back a little bit by the middle of next week of a cool start to the month. just about nearly two and a half degrees below formal. it's been the chilly daytime undoing. so evening showers downpours, can't rule out a rumble of thunder but i think we're okay with that just mainly downpours. clearing late. chilly by morning, so you have a couple of cool morning coming up up. is aest morning and more so on sunday morning. a fancy fall day tomorrow. sunny and cool about 57 to 63. take it in new england. there is your 7 on 7 forecast. next week it seems cool on wednesday, thursday and friday.
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colder air by next weekend if it lines up right. i will see you tonight. have a good weekend! we made all of those mistakes tonight which resulted in goals against. >> anchor: after one night you are left to withiner did if it could be the first of many. thing not getting any easier for the bruins with the canadians and lightning coming up. claude julien and company up quickly. it's not yet time to panic. our heads. it's just one game. . david krejci knows with so many new faces in the lineup, it's going to be a work in progress. but hopefully they are fast learners from thursday's 6-2 loss. you don't want to press the panic button. chalk it up in the first game,
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learn from our mistake . it's become to the drawing board for the bruins finding ways it approach the early season challenges. it's encouraging to know when we play like we can play we can dominate teams like we did in the past so not neither goal is to do that for three periods tomorrow night . while bruins are quickly turning the page they will have to wait for the return of accident oh chara. the b's captain is hoping to play saturday night against montreal and is frustrating as it may be for him to sit out he knows he has to be patient and come back when fully ready. you don't want to come back and be half of what you are then basically herring the team and yourself and putting yourself in a position you will be miss more time . >> reporter: missesing more time than he has to is something the bruins can't afford. in wilmington, alex corddry, 7 sports. >> reporter: thanks in large part to rob grokowski, the patriots offense off to an explosive start. offering a league best 39 point
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jason witten on the opposing sideline gronk won't be the only tight end posing problems in the dallas. tony romo and bryant for the cowboys lighting wten as the field goalal point of the dallas passing game leading game it targets, res is and yards. most impressive of all he missed only one game in his 13 year career. a feat not lost on rob grokowski. he is out there all the time. he barely missed any games in his career from what i can recall. he is playing him every gay game and it's consistent how on the field, production out on feel of he is always ready to play. he is always ready to make a play. one day after turning to practice sean lee turns the protocol and will play this sunday. the heart and soul of cowboys defense leads the team in tackles this year being back on the field a win in itself for lee sat the entire 2014 season with a torn acl. game two alds in toronto rangers trailing by one in the eighth
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coming through with the clutch two out pinch hit rbi single driving into line of the shield. we're dead at four. stays tied in the 14th alberto breaking the deadlock with a single to second. just beating the throw home to score the game winning run. rangers add another win 6-4 they will head back to arlington ahead 2-0 in the series. and former red sox in the showcase game tonight game one at sane lewis cardinals started john lackey opposite of the cubs jon lester. that's sports . >> anchor: 7 news at 6:00 will
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ahead on "nightly news" the president getting a mixed recession as he visits victim's families on that campus shooting in oregon as some gun supporters let him know he is not welcome. from texas we have incredible video of dozens of undonemented migrants that are rescued from a sweltering truck after being smuggled across the border. is it the end of carry on wars on airlines? we'll show you boeing's answer to the overhead space problem when we see you tonight. >> anchor: thank you so much for joining us on this rainy
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friday. i am ryan schulteis in for adam williams . >> anchor: have a wonderful night and we'll see you later. ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long. upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you, because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too.
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