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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 9, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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happening tonight, the gun showdown at the scene of a campus massacre as two more universities erupt in gunfire. the president travelled to roseberg, oregon. armed protesters in the streets, many say he is not welcome. capital chaos. the leaders of country trying to find someone to lead them. a job seemingly no one wants. so what happens now, as the drama boils over. caught on camera. the shocking moment a human smuggling operation into the u.s. is busted. dozens, including children locked inside a truck sweltering at over 100 degrees. and space odyssey.
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is the war over carry ones finally over. nbc news has a look at a big change in the year coming to planes millions of us fly every day. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. it is never an easy role being comforter and chief but never have we seen a mixed reception in a grief-stricken city as president obama got today as he visited with families of last week's massacre in oregon. on the same day there shootings on college country. pro-gun advocates in roseberg, oregon, some with guns, came out to protest the president's visit and to make it clear he was not welcome. nbc news national correspondent miguel almaguer is there. >> reporter: streets. some well armed in this open carry state.
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the president is here to meet privately with families of the victims. nine were killed here by a gunman who opened fire in a writing class at umpqua community college last week it. comes hours after two peek were shot and killed on college kpatss in arizona and texas. >> we'll have to come together as country. but today it is about the families, their grief and the love we feel for them. >> reporter: the president came here to comfort but the visit brought this tim per town to the center of the national gun control debate. >> he is here for a gun driving agenda and our town is in mourning. >> some accused the president of pushing his own gun control agenda to expand background checks by executive order going around congress. >> presidents are supposed to uphold the constitution and it is
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respect that zbrrjts roseberg heard the argument before. robert f. kennedy campaigned here and he was heckled as he pushed for tougher gun control laws. >> put guns in hands of people that are insane or mentally kpet ebt or so young they don't know how to handle guns. >> ten days later he was killed by a deranged gunman. >> if anything comes out of this, everybody feels closer knit. they are coming together to mourn and to heal. >> in a country divided over guns, this community is united in remembering those who were gone. >> reporter: today and this weekend the memorial and funeral services will begin for some of the victims. meantime, on monday, the community college just behind me will resume classes for the first time since the shooting.
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>> miguel, thank you. republican lawmakers in congress are desperately trying to pull themselves out of the dep nls of chaos tonight and find the next speaker of the house. it is a task thrown in disarray yesterday after the top candidate bowed out at the last minute and now the man they've turned to to save the day has said no thanks to the job. despite gettingee normous appreciate. so now what? peter alexander reports. >> reporter: paul ryan, the consensus candidate, tonight pressured from all sides of the republican party on and off capitol hill to become speaker of >> right now, i'm going to make it home for dinner. >> the former vice presidential domminee taking a call from mitt romney urging him to run. now ryan has repeatedly said he is not running. after mccarthy stunned out of the race. ryan immediately
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became plan b. even potential opponent chaffetz said he would step aside. the 45-year-old married father of three already has hi dream job. chairman of the ways and means committee and the overseas tax law. >> what absolute privilege and honor it is to chair this committee. >> reporter: but caseos comes with potential consequences, deadlines to make sure the country pays its bills and to avoid another government shut down. >> and he was reluctant to be mitt romney running mate and they hope a week away with his home in wis wis will allow a similar change of heart. let's bring in chuck todd from "meet the press." we just heard what is at stake for all of us. out. >> it is all in the hands of paul ryan. he is not only going home to talk about this with his family and his wife he is ways to accept the job. if he did, it he would
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perhaps temporarily, until the end of next year. but he doesn't want to travel and do the politics part of the job. if folks will agree to sort of those terms, i think all of the arm twisting and he's practically going to be in a sling by the time he comes back to washington his arm is being twisted so much but i think he'll end up doing that. after that, it is speaker boehner or >> we'll see you for "meet the press" on all of the capitol chaos and sitdown with bernie sanders, again on sunday morning. >> in south carolina three more counties have been declared federal zaft areas from the record rainfall. rising rivers are flooding more homes even though the storm moved on days ago. a national guard presence remains and a new look at the daring rescues during the worst of it. dave guiterrez has the latest sflfrnlts floodwaters reaching rooftops near the
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south carolina coast. >> the little white boat, that is the only way i got all of the things out of my house. >> reporter: officials worried and watching 84 at risk. the national guard out in force. this newly released pulled to safety from the raging waters. the before and after images reveal the rain that devastated much of the state. all of that water now flowing downstream toward the coast as evacuations with under way. >> do not assume you can wait this out. >> i never thought we would see the water cover our driveway. >> tammy has live in andrews for 31 years. >> we're praying a lot. hoping things will get better. hope the water will go down real quick. >> reporter: even though a bit more rain is in the forecast today emergency management officials in one coastal county said though hope the worst is over but a page state through remains closed, no
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word on when that will reopen. lester. incredible and disturbing video out of texas. it captured the exact moment that law enforcement officials discovery. dozens of undocumented immigrants trapped in a sweltering truck and they may have remained in there if someone didn't notice something suspicious and called 911. story. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies were stunned when they opened the truck door and more desperate people began to fall out, gasping locked inside with temperatures over 100 degrees, all caught on a police body camera. this man was asked, can you stand up. he said no. this 13-year-old boy told officers, please help me. >> just a surprise to see that many people in a hot trailer. they are sweaty and dehydrated and they just want out. >> reporter:
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and four minors from central america and mexico are all undocumented immigrants, being smuggled into the u.s. the truck driver, 33-year-old drew christopher potter, was arrested but denied any wrongdoing. he's now charged with smuggling conspiracy and illegally transported undocumented immigrants. border patrol agents say this is a common but dangerous smuggling method. in 2013, 19 suffocated in a truck near victoria, texas. and this year 71 dried in an abandoned trailer in austria, suggesting the group rescued near san antonio may have been quite lucky. mike potter, nbc news, miami. let's turn back to politics and a growing controversy over ben carson, surging in the polls and in fundraising. but now facing backlash over what he said about guns and the holocaust.
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a fire storm that has carson on the defensive. we get our report from nbc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: he's surging in the polls. closing in on front-runner donald trump. likely raising more money than any other republican right now. supporters like his soft-spoken manner. >> i was bringing my children so they could see one of our role models. ben carson is a hero. >> reporter: but nice doesn't mean not provocative. on the holocaust he suggests that the jus could have fought back through guns. writing, through a dom bination of removing guns and disseminating deceitful propaganda, the nazis were able to carry out their agenda with little resistance. >> not only the jews but the entire populous. this is a general pattern that you see before tyranny occurs. >> also telling me today if he was in oregon, he would have fought back.
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>> in a situation where you have a mad man who was systematically assassin ating people, after asking them a question. and they are all there, waiting their turn, i would not wait my turn. i would say, let's do something. you know, attack. why would you just sit there and allow him to do that? >> reporter: so what is it about carson and donald trump that appeals to republican voters? >> they are willing to give them a pass on what they aren't necessarily happy about, whether it is the controversial statement because they see them as fighters. >> this year candidates can say whatever they like as long as they don't sound like politicians. andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. it will be a spectacle on a scale perhaps never before seen in north korea and it wants the whole world watching as it puts on the show. tomorrow the country will flex the military muscle as part of the 70th anniversary of the ruling party and
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has gotten rare access inside of the capitol and below it. nbc's bill neely takes us there. >> reporter: north korea is preparing for its biggest show of strength. its people being drilled for a military parade. no one dares put a foot wrong. this is not a place where you step out of line. behind the walls of the ruling community party, they are writing a warning message for america -- don't mess with us. it is a country of bicycles, but of a nuclear bomb too. normally, it is the world's most closed, reclusive country, but nbc has been given rare access to its capital and its metro. the interesting thing is that nearly everyone here is wearing a party bath. most of them with a picture of the country's founder on it. they are now ruled by kim jong-un who they tell us they all
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support. >> yes. >> reporter: this is what north korea wants to show us. this is what it hides. life in what of the poorest, most repressed countries in the world. where famine stalks the countryside. where protests are smothered. for even words gej the regime are enough to have you executed. this is the reality beyond the capitol. where tomorrow the leader will parade his weapons, his defiance of america and boast of life in what he called his worker's paradise paradise. bill neely, nbc news, pyongyang, north korea. today to the war in syria. the pentagon announced it will abandon the long standing effort to arm and trained so-called moderate rebels to fight isis. dollar program produced just a handful of trainees. decision follows
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today for the ferst time in a decade, bill cosby was forced to answer questions under oath about allegations he sexually assaulted a woman, at the playboy mansion 40 years ago when he shwas 15. this is one of more than 55 woman that has come forward with stories. date looip brought half of the women together for powerful and emotional gathers. with our national correspondent kate snow. >> reporter: 27 women in one room, sharing their accusations against bill cosby, ranging from harassment to groping to rape. >> i was drupged an raped. >> i was sexually assaulted and drugged by him. >> he flipped me over and raped me. >> their stories are harrowing. many strikingly similar. >> i know i was drugged. >> and very quickly the room started spinning. >> and i was holing my head because i didn't know what was happening and that was terrifying.
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>> reporter: out of the painful disconnected moments spanning decades, voices of these cosby accusers are now united. >> how many of you lieve you were drugged by bill cosby? how many of you believe bill cosby raped you? but as his legal team has repeatedly pointed out, the 78-year-old has never been charged with a crime. the sheer number of his accusers they say does not make their stories true. >> how many of you reported anything to police at the time of the incident? nobody? did anybody of you go to a hospital for a rape kit exam? >> cosby's attorney has said, quote, it is completely illogical that so many people would have said nothing, done nothing, and made no reports. >> when it happened to me, there was no such thing of date rape. i never heard of somebody being drugged and raped. because it wasn't done.
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somebody on the street. >> the woman in this room say it is hard to ignore the patterns in their stories. people actually think that any of us would have -- come together to bring down some celebrity whose celebrity already started to fade long before we came forward, we're using our voices to say this isn't okay. >> reporter: it took many years for these women to publicly come forward. many of them are mothers and grandmothers now. they say they can't change the past, but they can change the future. >> this is about women taking power into their own hands. >> this body of women are moving the needle. not much, but we're still moving it. >> reporter: we did reach out to bill cosby and his representatives many times and they've declined to speak with us. in the past, they have denied that cosby drugged anyone or had nonconsensual sexual
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no surprise, it is one of the biggest gripes amok air travelers. not enough room for carry on luggage. fighting for space and worse getting shut out of space and making the walk back to check your luggage. the world's biggest plane maker has heard you and change is on the way. tom costello has an exclusive first look. >> reporter: >> reporter: how many times have you heard that -- the overhead bins are already full. >> it all started with the airlines began charging to check luggage, 25 brls her bag on many airlines. for a family of four that can add $200 to a ticket. >> and different planes have different size overheads so it is a constant hassle.
6:58 pm
>> toad is making boeing overhead space on the 737 bigger and wider. >> this is the typical bin space today and what have you done. >> we've made it larger ensuring each passenger will have room for a bag and created 50% more bag space. >> 50% more? >> that is right. it will hold two more bags in the same space. >> that is what they say. 50% more space it. will increase the number of bags that can fit overhead from 118 to 178. 60 for standard size bags. of course bags rarely fit like this. they come in all shapes and sizes, usually overstuffs. now alaska airline is the first to upgrade and retrofit to bigger bins. >> by the end of 2017 half of the fleet will have overhead bins dramatically bigger. >> they are dropping the bins by two inches. and oeg said other considering going
6:59 pm
biggerm but be warned, you still have to get your stuff into the same size bag. tom costello, nbc news, seattle. >> that will do it for us tonight. i'm lester holt. for all of us on nbc news, have a good ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long. upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you, because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too.
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