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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 10, 2015 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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breaking overnight, two bombs explode in turkey more than a dozen dead and what officials are calling an act of a terrorism. officials swarm the home of a man connected to a hire death. officials are releasing new information as they form the cause. look at this search here, a bear scare in you this ton, officials are -- newton. officials are still on the hunt for a bear had that has been running the boston suburbs. good morning, even, i'm jennifer egan. >> i'm kris anderson. first let's take a live look outside right now.
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it's a great start to the day. so great that we're not going to show you that live look. all right, there it is, but we want to get over to meteorologist brie eggers for a check of forecast. it gets better, and better, free clear skies, you can see through the morning, you can see the clouds melting away after get weather and thunderstorms last night. high pressure will settle in for the weekend, this will eventually mean a warming trend for us, not so much for today, sunshine. that could make the temperatures feel 5-10 degrees warmer when you step in that sunlight. mid-40s as you get into bedford, worcester at 42 right now. a cool morning, but it feels even chillier because we still have winds kicking out of the northwest. those winds will eventually relax out of the afternoon, crisp and cool for us, 55-60, but again enjoy that sunshine. i will mention the warming trend. we will get to that warming
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forecast, and we will talk about our chance of seeing a few rains in just a minute. at least 30 people are dead. 120 others injured after a bomb explosion in turkey. witnesses with say there were two blasts near a train station. they were so strong that they rocked nearby high-rise buildings. the turkish government is calling it a terrorist attack, the ta ak targeted a peace rally that was against the increased violence between turkish rebels and increase forces. police and animal control are searching for a bear on the loose. several witnesses tell us they saw the bear roaming around their neighborhood. officials telling people to stay inside of their homes. >> reporter: friday night a newton animal control offer received a call saying there rose tree. >> we had officers respond there and indeed they did find a bear. the bear was taking a nap at one point.
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police were called and took over the scene. we spotted them, walking down the streets looking for the bear. >> we pointed the bear and their determination was leave it lien. >> reporter: shortly thereafter, the bear was on the move again. a robo call has gone out to resident in newton. >> you can stay inside, and don't worry about keeping your trash inside or outside, and bring animals in. >> reporter: angela came home from work to see all of the commotion coming home to her apartment. >> the cops approached me saying to stay inside, and there was a bear when they were containing it. >> reporter: she was surprised that it came here, with the mass bike so close by. >> i'm inside, and looking for the bear. a social worker from wakefield facing alarming allegations u thror rick hall talked with three teenage girls
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over the internet convincing them to send him pornographic pictures. kimberly bookman has that story from reading. >> reporter: redding social worker, rick hall license to practice is now suspended after police say the 34-year-old convinced three under anal girls on the -- underage girls to send money. >> somebody who is supposed to help the community and better shocking. >> reporter: the practice had a hall owns. the its website says he helps people with addictions both individuals as well as families. detectives say they searched computers here as well as at hall's wakefield home. >> i saw lots and lots of police cars, but they remember pulling off, so i didn't know, i wonder. >> reporter: the investigation began in august after one of the victims in oregon tipped off police there. they turned to local police for help. detectives say the three girls
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>> we have no evidence to connect anything here to redding, wakefield or massachusetts for that matter. >> reporter: but they say they had enough evidence to arrest hall wednesday night at his home. >> he did not provide any information to u he hardly spoke. >> reporter: a social worker denies the charges against him but refused to say more than that. hall's neighbor says he was always weary about what was going on next door telling us she reported him to property owners several times. >> just. >> reporter: kimberly bookman 7 news today in new england. two more people are in custody in connection with a murder in marshfield, michael and lauren calio of quincy have been aest ared, ma ask, ertolo faces murder charges while carlio is charged with accessory after the fact. his body was found with severe cuts to his hand and the back of his head. suspects stole several guns from
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his home as well. a third person avenues rested after the -- person was arrested after the killing and was arraigned on murder charges. >> we said it, we meant it. we told them we were coming for him, and we d the attorney, and james ferguson have ruined a lot of people's lives and now they have officially ruined their own, they face life behind bars. maskertolo and calio both have arraignments set for tuesday. the man who lived in everret is no now in custody accused in a plot to kill. prosecutors say he was looking to make quick cash by working as a hitman. >> reporter: fbi agents swarmed this home in everret, pulling computers and searching for evidence, for joseph who was marketing himself as a hitman for hire. neighbors here on lexington street were stunned to see it.
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>> came outside and see all the fbi out here. crazy. >> something out of a movie. >> something like that. >> reporter: and the duality says burke who has done time for `robbery and cocaine charges was hard off for cash and he felt like knocking off an armored car and he intended to murder husbands for women who might want a quick exit for a marriage. he he said to tape, i will do that all day long, for a price, all day long, not a problem. >> it's crazy living right across the street kind of hits home, you know. >> reporter: f bill. i fbi says thatburke and undercover agent, discussed a scene to kill a man, and going to hit him in the derby, three in the derby and three in his chest. they also raided a home in summerville where he stayed with his girlfriend. they took boxes of evidence
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tim caputo 7 news today in new england. jury selection continues on tuesday for a teen on trial charged with killing his teacher at dan ver's high school. on they appointed a legal guardian for allen chisholm, that is because his mother is in the hospital. a boston man has been convicted of all the charges in the murder of a 63-year-old woman. she was found beaten inside of her home. the judge is expected to sentence this man to life in prison without the possibility of parole. police have arrested two men suspected of bank robbery. it happened on friday afternoon, investigators say the men threatened workers with hand guns at a bank at beacon hill and hopped into a cab trying to flee the scene. officers tracked that cab and both suspects were charged with armed robbery.
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dismissal is denied by a judge who refuses to throw out a case against him. women say cosby damaged their reputation by denying the allegations one woman says that the encounter took place at the play bow mansion, when she was only 15 years old. the judge requested that request. cosby has never been charged criminally. the man who bought a drug used by aids and cancer patients not following through on his statement to lower the cost of that drug. martin scoreli is the ceo of the pharmaceutical company. and he hiked the price to thrin .50 dollars a pill to $750, after extreme backlash, say he would lower the cost, and pharmacy chains, the price has not changed and right now it's $900 a pill. we have more information in the investigation of a child's
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name in maine. authorities confirm that this one-year-old boy died after showing symptoms of an e. coli infection. another child was hospitalized. both attended a county fair before getting sick. a lab found that a strain was in both children and was the same strain. service is finally restored after a train went off the tracks on monday. the train was headed to washington d.c. amtrak says all of the 7 people who were hurt have been released from the hospital. still ahead on 7 news today in new england, terrifying moment, a shark scare at a popular vacation destination. one person had to be rushed to limb. also ahead, flying high with the eagles, it's p steining day for a young patient battling cancer.
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a live look at the city right now. on my way in i saw the crescent moon p. it was beautiful, and the good thing about it, it was clear. >> you identified it as the crescent moon. >> i'm good like that. as stron as stron mother. >> fancy fall is what i want to call it, hashtag fancy fall.
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hot apple cider drink, becauseing because it will be cool, we will have sunshine as jennifer mentioned. clear skies, those clouds melting away after we did see showers and thunderstorms last night. high pressure will be our dominant feature throughout the holiday weekend, and sinking, subsiding air means that we keep a lot of sunshine around. initial temperatures are taken out of the direct sunlight. if you step into the direct sunlight, you can easily feel 5-10 degrees warmer. not right now while the sun is still down. 50 degrees in boston, 44 in bedford, a 42 in worcester, tomorrow morning, so 24 hours from now, it will be much cooler than this, and we might be watching out for patchy frost, we will cover that in some morety tail moredetail here. wind out of the northwest and we are getting a chilly breeze that is in the picture but the winds are calm as we get into the afternoon.
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however, again, still quite cool for us. about 5-7 degrees below normal for this time of year, mid-50s to close to 60 degrees, down in the cape stuck in the mid-50s, not a whole lot of warming ahead of us today, but it will kick in to play as we get into the rest of this weekend, how about columbus day forecast into the low to mid-70s for some really nice day heaved us as we get into monday. mostly clear tonight, and cold as i mentioned that patchy frost is a possibility, generally speaking between 37 and 47, and you can see the computer models are giving us forecast lows in the coldest spots as you would expect bedford, norwood in the upper 30s, so there's a frost advisory that is in effect for the area that you see here in blue and purple. sort of western mass and then for metro west, if you have plans that are still producing some crops you will want to bring them in overnight tonight. hol at a weekend, fan fantastic, it just gets better as we get
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into monday. mid physion 70s on monday. the leave color peaks in the north, it's been late a week or week 1/2. it's popping all at once. here is a look at 7 on 7 forecast with the 60s sticking around for tuesday, and that's our chance to see showers and cooler air arrive for the end of the week. new this morning, a sufferer surfer in hawaii lost his leg while in the water. they think it was a 10-foot shark that attacked this man. they were able to grab him, and bring him back to shore, and tied the leach around his side to stop the bleeding. he was conscious when the ambulance arrived. >> his leg is gone. we looked at him, and he was awake and responding with the motions.
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the man is treated at a hospital, and is listed in critical condition. and crews a thin whale was spotted off the coast of the southern california on monday afternoon. the while appeared to have a line wrapped around its body. sea world teams were a part of rescue operation team. the homeowner first spotted the little deer peeking through a window but when she opened the door to get a closer look, the animal just invited its self right in. it looks like it's in the kitchen or the dining room in. the doe wandered from room to room exploring rooms in the house, and it left when it was done exploring. >> and your mother says come in deer. >> getting creative and shaking it off a bit, what the nurses at a local hospital are doing to help spread an important message. draft day for one day
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it's all thanks to the boston college team. on mopped they forecasted a 9-year-old who has been battling cancer. >> while the past months have been tough for her, it was a day to remember. 7's elsa >> reporter: official, this 9-year-old is a part of team. he was nowhere short of heart. >> there was no doubt that when we met quinn he was a bc guy. >> reporter: last april he was diagnosed with a sarcoma and has been under doing chemotherapy. >> we see eagles matter of intent. >> reporter: still as coach jim christian, the best players know how to bounce back and the most special ones like young quinn inspire everyone around him. >> he is a inspirational people, we can't make him understand how precious life is, and how important it is.
6:21 am
>> i never take anything for grant and you never know when something could happen and appreciate and share every day you have. >> reporter: this year's between doctors appointment and chemotherapy treatment, he will be with the team every step of the way. today's signing day was put together with teen impact. a boston charity that supports those with efforts. with quinn, though a little shy landing with the eagles has been a slam dunk. for now on he will be a part of the eagles family motivating in every way. >> i hope he can gain some strength from us because he is giving us strength, anything we can do to help him in that regard, that's what we are here for. >> reporter: as for what position quinn will be playing. >> that type of attitude. he can be anywhere he wants on the floor. he is just a leader, going to get people to follow. he is going to be a great addition to the team. and you can catch win and his sports loving family at eagle sports practices all
6:22 am
season long. great to see a smile on his face. >> stop by and give him a high-five. he put a smile on our faces. a scare at a school, a hidden danger forcing the school to shutdown. a man ranging mad after a parking lot crash, a company playing hardball until 7 steps song: "that's life" song: "that's life song: "that's life p
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medical conditions. k to your doctor,
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there were pickup problems for a new hampshire man. he says a forklift in the parking lot of home depot hit his truck. the accident left behind a big dent and a lot of damage. >> he needed a big pick me up. and home depot told him to file a claim with the insurance company, but the insurance company didn't come through when it came to getting that money. he called it solve it 7. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a quick trip to home depot. wayne was leaving the store near his new hampshire home back in july of last year when all of a sudden, bam. bam, out of no nowhere, wayne says the home depot forklift slammed into the side of his truck. it knocked me a little bit. the store's manager apologized and gave him the contact information for home depot's insurance company. wayne filed a claim. got the estimate, and sent it
6:26 am
off. they didn't like the estimate and wanted their own appraisal. >> reporter: that is when the problems began. he went back and forth with the insurance company for months on the amount of money it would take to fix his truck and get a rental, but there was also another issue. the language in this paper they wanted him to sign. >> a legal and binding contract, that says once i have the check on my hand, they will pay nothing else. >> reporter: the estimate was based on a visual inspection the damage, but the total could depo up. not wanting to of pay out of his own pocket. wayne refused to sign the form, unless the insurance wanted to agree to pay any additional damage. >> they will take care of the damage. i'm not looking to make money. i just want my truck fixed. so wayne called it solve it 7. we reached out to home depot directly. the representative told us he
6:27 am
a few days later, wayne received a phone call. >> i can't believe how much the communications opened up after you gave him a call. >> reporter: a few weeks later he got this check for more than $5,000. home depot sent us this statement quote, we are very sorry for the delay and inconvenience, he experienced with the claims process, and we appreciate opportunity to step in and resolve this matter. wayne is happy that this year-long ordeal is finally over. >> if you feel, there's always somebody else that can give au handsome how and solve it 7 does a great job. we always try our best. by the way be insurance issues or pesky problems have you for looking for a pick up, give us a call at (616)367-7777.
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>> he was so frustrated more than a year, but we finally put a close to it. send us in your tips, we want to help you out asking with. >> sounds good. the speaker shakeup is still unsettled in the house. this morning there's reports of another new candidate and he is not a congressman. cool for today, but the fancy fall forecast just keeps getting fansier. i will show -- fansier, i will show you those numbers coming up. a dramatic rescue caught on police body camera as they rescue a group of immigrants
6:29 am
provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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a car going on a crash course in framingham, what caused the driver of this suv to lose control. dangling in danger, a pregnant woman desperately tries to keep her boyfriend from running off with her car. president obama visits the site of a mass shooting at a community campus in oregon but his trip did not come without controversy. thanks for joining us this saturday morning. i'm jennifer egan. hi, i'm kris anderson. let's shoot over to brie eggers. >> reporter: fancy fall, thanks for using that, on twitter. temperatures not all bad at face a value. 42 at worcester t it's cool out
6:31 am
chilly, because we still have a breeze coming out of the northwest to gusty winds as you get out toft cape and the islands. i-- out of the cape and the islands. sunrise this morning at 6:51 and then high pressure takes over for the weekend. sinking subvieding air keeps -- subsiding air keeps the clouds away, that means a lot of sunshine and even a warming trend doesn't really start for us today and still a nice day for us, get in that bright sunlight as you change these words, we will see no showers, just bright sunshine for us, the temperatures will stay cool until tomorrow. look at that warming trend in the warm and mid-70s by the time we get to columbus day. when is the next chance to see some rain of the? we will get to that extended 63 clack, 6:33, a social worker from pornography charges. police say this man is
6:32 am
34-year-old rick hall and he convinced according to the police three girls who were underage online to send him pornographic pictures of themselves for money. his attorney denies all the charges against him. police began investigating this case back in august. hall social worker license has been suspended while his business -- while his business was in redding. fbi agents warmed a 2 family home in everret on friday after aest aring a suspect who alleged marketed himself as i hitman for hire. he told an undercover agent he intended to murder husbands for women who might like a quick exit from their marriage. an suv on a crash course in framingham. some tense moments inside of a car, 12 people were hurt when the suv crashed into them and hit a cinder wall block. one had to be flown to the hospital. 7 susan tran reports from framingham with what police say led to this accident.
6:33 am
>> there was a big explosion and went through a while there was smoke everywhere. >> reporter: dust ask debris. >> at first i thought there were gunshots because i heard three pops and it sounded like a bomb. >> reporter: a man pinned under a car. >> cargo flying, so i went on. that is when i noticed the car car. >> reporter: there was panic and fear on friday morning when a 78-year-old driver on this bmw hit the gas instead of brakes ramming through the wall and plowing into a crowd of people and several blocks at this framingham auto auction. >> he seemed confused and it went downhill from there, he panicked and kept going. >> i was two feet from my friend and he left in an ambulance. >> reporter: many rushed to help the 12 who were hurt. out. the guy that was stuck under the car. >> there was a gentleman that
6:34 am
was under the car. me and a few people ended up pulling him out. >> reporter: they rushed people to the hospital, one person who was trapped under the car had to be flown. it was a chaotic scene that many don't believe they lived through. >> it's very upsetting. you hope that nobody was hurt badly. >> reporter: susan tran, 7 news today in new england. and in lin a close call after a car crashes into a building there. the windows of a store front are smashed. police say the driver hit the gas by accident while backing up. no one was hurt and the driver was not charged. mu ton school newton school leaders are breathing easy after a carbon monoxide caused a big scare at the franklin school on friday morning. firefighters say the carbon monoxide levels at the school or off the charts. would two workers became ill, one had to go to the hospital, and no children were in the school at the time. >> it maxed out our meters that depo only to 1,000.
6:35 am
>> while they canceled classes for the day and opened windows and doors to air out the school. also this morning, an on campus shooting in texas leaves one student dead and another person injured. shots rang out in the parking lot late friday morning outside of a texas southern university student housing building there. the school was quickly put into lockdown. questioning. >> and another shooting this one at northern arizona university friday morning left one person dead ask three and three others hurt. campus police say it started as a fight between two student groups. a student who shot the student is in custody. these two incidents continue as president obama continues meeting with the families of the victims and survivors of last week's shooting in rose burg, oregon. the meeting was met with protests as the investigation into the campus massacre continues.
6:36 am
in rural oregon a week after a shooting at the community college. he says words are not enough after meeting with families of the victims and survivors. >> i've got some very strong feelings about this, because when you talk to these families, you are reminded the difficulty we have, and your child or your mom or your dad. >> reporter: a student opened fire and killed nine at the campus last thursday in what the medical examiner determined a suicide. critics are outspoken. >> he is not wanted out here to push his agenda. >> i think it's to come to meet with the families is excellent. >> reporter: while the demonstrators opposite to president obama's policies on gun control, elected officials
6:37 am
opposed to gun control welcome the president. >> he is the number oney one elected officials in our nation. by coming here, he brings the feeling of the nation blind us and support of us. >> reporter: they hope to come together and heal during a debate that is sure to open old wounds. elizabeth noreika, 7 news in today in new engrand. republicans desperatelying at desperatelylooking at all options for a new leader. he says, he will think about the position over the weekend. ryan's running mate back in 2012 was mitt romney and there are some reports that some want him to serve as speaker, saying he has the management and political skills to keep the gop together. there's no requirement for the speaker to be actually be a member of the congress. officials are still watching the water in south carolina
6:38 am
after the historic flooding rocked that area three more counties have been declared federal disaster areas as a result. rising rivers are flooding more homes now, even though the storm has moved out. it happens days ago. flood waters rather nearly reaching rooftops in some parts. 17 dams have been breached, one resident says all they can do now is wait. we're praying a lot, just hoping things will get better. hope the water will go down real quick. emergency officials said that they hope the worst is over, but a major interstate through south carolina, i-95 is still closed. no word on when it will reopen. caught on camera, police discovered dozens of undocumented immigrants trapped inside of a sweltering hot truck for hours in san antonio, texas. 39 people including children were being smuggled into the u.s. from central and mexico.
6:39 am
the truck, and called 911. some dramatic moments caught on camera. a pregnant woman dangling in danger being hanging to an suv for nearly a mile on a texas freeway. she says the driver stole her car. that is when she jumped into action, making a desperate attempt to stopping the alleged thief. we have that story. >> reporter: it's not everyday you see a woman clinging to the hood of an suv. she is 31-year-old jessica. >> she would fall off and he would swerve left and right. this car. she is in the middle of the freeway, no front of the car, serious. >> reporter: anthony rodriguez was driving with his wife when he saw it all unfold. >> it was extremely crazy. my wife was going berserk.
6:40 am
police, he stole the suv from jessica, and she demanded for him to get out. and that is when she jumped on the hood. he continues to step on the yard. after 200 yards, she falls off and escobedo takes off. >> i'm thinking, i'm not going to let this guy get away. >> reporter: police found him in the sufficient and arrested him -- the suv and arrested him. >> that woman came away from the encounter with only scrapes and blues, bruises, the unborn baby was not hurt. he could be in for a rough start on 2015. we will take a look. a local hospital the getting creative and spreading their message about the importance of getting a flu shot. breezy to start and bright and cool this afternoon, apple picking forecast for the weekend
6:41 am
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fall is here and in full force, and if you can believe it, the head of the charles is next week, 21 days until halloween, which means that all the candy i bought for trick-or-treaters is gone and 22 days until the clocks fall back. sunrise this morning is at 6:51 but watch what happens as we move into november 1st, once
6:44 am
sunset at 5:38. i don't want to -- 4:38, i don't show that to bum you out. the clouds melting away, high pressure taking control. if the air is moving in a downward motion, then we can't see clouds rise and form, so that means we're stuck with a lot of sunshine all weekend long, stuck with it, get used to - it. it will be really nice through the weekend. the warming trend sets in. not so much today, though, starting out a bit breezy even windy as you get out on the cape and the islands. bright for us this afternoon, which will make the crisp temperatures feel a touch better if you are in the direct sunlight. still the breeze coming out of the northwest is making it a little chilly this morning if you're headed for an early run or a bike ride especially as you mentioned down on the cape and the islands. we're still seeing gusts between 30 and 35 miles per hour as you get farther toward the southeast. today the morning breeze will
6:45 am
fancy fall weather, crisp and cool just like the apples, maybe you're headed out for apple picking tonight. because it's clear and the wind will be light. it will be colder and patchy frost is a possibility for some of those coldest suburbs areas as you get in the metro west. you can see the blue to purple color frost advisory. sensitive plans, you have plans that are still producing, any produce that you might bring them in overnight. tomorrow, mostly sunny, milder, look at those temperatures 65 to keeps getting better for the weekend into the 70s as we head columbus day, and we keep sunshine around. headed to the top, racks up this weekend, it will be cool today, milder tomorrow, 68, and here is a look at that 7 on 7 forecast, the 70s do stick around for tuesday, but that is the next best chance for showers, a cold front making its way through once again, and you could see the cooler air that settles in to the end of the week.
6:46 am
the staff at beth israel, deaconess center is fighting the flu with a key tive creative tune. the song and the music video are spreading message of flu prevention to taylor swift's shake it off. as you may have picked up on. it reminds people to wash your hands and stay at home when you're sick. >> food tips and with a musical phone, inspires us all. patriots looking a hoed ahead as they look to take the cowboys. one of hollywood's bad boys is back in the spotlight after police. terry brsh what a spr a rprise? ingl and how canit yoout of nhe
6:47 am
i know. had c' mon t' s si antalk abo and did u know tt on threpeople wl get shgl (all) that' why i' remindinpe if you h chickenpo then thehingles s is aeady inse (all) oooh who' s d chicke scoot over and lookhat nast can p up any and the in can evenorse thait loo talk to doct or pharci
6:48 am
foodsard morning to
6:49 am
the patriots are a favorite to leave a perfect 4-0. they walk through the pass on friday before leaving for texas. a lot of attention also on that dallas offensive front for the back up quarterback, and the weapons on the outside, new enflanked has to be prepared for whatever comes its way. >> they work well together. offensive is big and strong, a good core group. is group thatis no good individually and you bring them together and they have good chemistry that is a pretty strong group. >> there's no positive spin you can put on the bruins start for the year. boston giving up a 6 pack, and things don't get easier with montreal rolling into the garden tonight. >> there's no reason to hang up our hats. it's one game. tomorrow is another game. if you are going to go into that game thinking negative, then bad
6:50 am
things are going to happen. you have to go into the game and have the right attitude and the right approach. >> at bc football at home, taking on wake forest, kickoff set for 3:00. that is it hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. top the buzz, it could be a dream come true for the '90s kids. >> the back street boys, and the
6:52 am
spice girls may be joining forces for a tour. they talk about rumors about his old band teaming up for a tour with the famous group. they have been talking about the idea for over a year. >> that would be, the '90s kids. labeouf was arrested on saturday at austin, texas. he was arrested for intoxication. tmz reports that he was out of control and disobeyed police. he went to rehab last year seeking treatment for alcohol addiction. - swift has reached 50 million followers. swift took things to graham where she thanked all of her fans, and said that the humbled. she only has that many followers because she posts pictures of cute cats. >> do you post cute cats. >> i don't.
6:53 am
>> bonnie and clyde. >> you got to post pictures of bonnie and clyde. >> taylor swift has got it right. cat pictures work. fancy fall weather later, crisp and cool, 55 to 60, but if you tomorrow. that's after a cold morning, though, could see patchy frost, that's a possibility, weekend gets better and better, by columbus day, how about the low to mid-70s, next best chance for showers isn't until tuesday. perfect day for you. you have to take your cats out for a walk. >> you don't walk your cats. >> no, i don't do that. >> that's going to do it for us this morning. the "today" show ising come up next. we will back for more news and weather at 8:00, we will see
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good morning. breaking overnight. deadly explosion. two blasts rock a peace rally in turkey turkey turkey's capital. who is responsible? we have latest. the lucky one. one student spared in the massive shooting in the oregon community college, shares his account. what happened when a gunman entered the classroom and
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