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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  October 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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nothing beverly that forced them to shoot. >> and that deadly blast opening up here in boston. >> and the area that could see some patchy frost plus those gradually warming temperatures in for the rest of the weekend. >> and calling out the cowboys. tom brady and the patriots preparing for the sunday showdown with dallas. we are live in texas. >> now at 11, breaking news. the suspect shot and killed by the officer in beverly this afternoon. police say the man rammed his car into an officer' s cruiser several times. >> and what led up to the deadly confrontation. we have what we' re learning about the suspect tonight. >> and good evening what precipitated the deadly shooting and the man had mental health issues.
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>> >> at approximately 3:10 this afternoon they received the call for the suicidal man on balch street behind the cummings center. >> moments later arrived to the dramatic scene unfolding in the quiet street. the suv ramming another car and it didn' t stop there. >> i saw a green gmc envoy and ramming into the cruiser and it just happened so fast. >> the man shot and killed by that officer and shes her mother was the one in the other car getting hit. >> i do know that my mom did call 911. and, yeah, was trying to protect her and just get help. my mom was trying to do the s just i don' t know. he' s mentally ill. he' s very ill. >> she'
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what led up to the incident and that da with the same. >> they wish the situation differently. >> and to turn out the way it d. i wish it could have been resolved in a different way. i personally don' t feel there was a need to, you know, draw the weapon and shoot. >> and officer is on paid administrative leave until the investigation is complete. kelly o' hare, 7 news night team. >> right now investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly blast at a condo in franklin. two bodies were pulled from the ashes when fire fighters finally had the flames under control. the night team' s john cocoa is live in franklin with what we' re learning about the couple and the investigation. >> so this all happened right here on tuscany drive. if you take a look behind me, you can see how little of that
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condo is actually left. neighbors say a loud boom woke them up this morning. one woman we spoke with says it knocked a clock off her wall. >> an early morning inferno went up in flames just before 7. neighbors say they heard the explosion. >> a horrible blast and they didn' t know if it was the sonic boom. >> but it wasn' t long before they realized what was going on. >> and the building was completely engulfed. it was really quick. >> it took fire fighters an hour to get the raging flames under control. >> the fire did have a substantial wave. >> they began to search the rubble and identified nancy and richard brown. both 66 years old.
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it is a disaster for the community. and we' re all very saddened. we just learned they have family in the area. >> they walked every morning and just nice grandparents. >> we never met the people. they' re only there a couple of weeks. my wife and i never met them. i know other people have and i just feel horrible for them. of course. >> and this is expected to be a multi- day investigation to figure out exactly what happened here. the fire department did say that these condos are propane- heated and because of
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it is that chill and not too likely but patchy frost the possibility with the low lying areas out of the city tonight. not the frost advisory and it is not expected to be widespread and that frost advisory is in if you do have sensitive plants still producing produce, you might want to bring them in overnight. the clouds from the northwest could keep the temperatures from plummeting any farther tonight. mid- 30s to the mid40s and the closer you get to the city of boston and tomorrow that work week warm up does start for us.
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trying to stay perfect for the season. >> and week 5 of the nfl and tom brady with those actions off the field and that' s thanks to greg hardy and approached the mike to talk about tom brady. >> i' m full of excitement and juice and ready to go. >> cowboys rush in greg hardy making the season debut on sunday and if his motor on the field runs as much as his mouth, they may be in trouble. >> it' s the debut game as the cowboy. how do you view that? >> and it is with that phone. >> and going to be set by greg hardy. >> and ask them. >> and come again? >> and luckily.
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he gave me one so thank god for tom brady. >> it takes a lot of different that. >> the officer nearing a dire brandon 0- 2 for the relief for roamy and no bryant to throw to. >> they change a little bit from week to week and with eye lot of talent to make the throws. >> and then it is going to experience and there' do. that' s hard to short change >> and the cowboys' defense set to get the boost with greg hardy and sean lee leaving game he' ll give it a go on sunday against the patriots and tom
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good test for the cowboys. live in downtown dallas, trey aaron, 7 news night team. >> and also from the night team bill cosby testifying under oath about sexual assault allegations. that testimony happened right here in boston and now the lawyer for an alleged victim for more answers from the comedian. the night team' s jennifer eagan explains. >> bill cosby faced the lawyers from one of his accusers friday during the 7- hour long deposition. gloria albret, an attorney known for taking high profile cases and other women who accused cosby of sexual assault wouldn' t say where the two parties met or what cosby said. the 78- year- old comedian owns a home in massachusetts but testimony in friday' s deposition will be sealed until at least december 22ndment then claims in 1974 when she was just 15 years old cosby molested her at the playboy mansion.
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deposition of mr. cosby and her plannd. >> how many of you believe you were drugged by bill cosby? >> the deposition friday happened hours before the episode of dateline. 27 women who accused cosby of sexually assaulting them gave their side of the story. he' s not spoken publicly about the allegations. jennifer eagain, 7 news niem team. >> the house going up in flames with the scene on dunster road just after 4 and the heavy flames completely engulfing the home. no one was hurt. fire officials are still looking for a cause. >> in fitchburg a tough task for fire fighters on henry street. take a look at this. thick smoke and flames can be seen shooting out of the roof. no word if anyone was inside at the time of the fire. >> up next from the night team, the rhode island man recovering after a dangerous encounter with the shark! >> and the local community
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student becomes the target of racist and threatening text messages. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth
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jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> been exposed and want justice and want everyone to feel equal. >> that call for equality ringing around lowell high today. this after the newly elected class president became the target of racist and even threatening texts. >> he said he' s happy with the outpouring of support and hopes it sparks a much needed change. >> and we' ll fight for our game. >> the message of hate after rocking the high school community. >> and this is the newly elected class president that'
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been the target of racist comments from his classmates. >> this is more than the justice for me. this is justice for everyone. >> investigators say the racist text messages started at a private group but were quickly circulated through the entire school coming to light next week. there were calls to impeach and one said, "rule out blacks" and make ls great again. >> and it seeps we' re still going on now with the diversity in the school and it isn' t a reflection of how tolerant are. >> school officials say 6 students were suspended but community members say the action. >> it' s been disappointing to hear the reaction to the school itself and it seems the city to make sure that this is something that isn' t just being reacted to and actively stopped. >> anye did not expect this much attention after he won his class election but believes he
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can handle the pressure. >> coming up the rhode island man with the sharktale coming tonight after getting attacked. >> it' s a cold night ahead but
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>> 51 in the city of boston right now. clear skies. light winds and 51 for the city is kind of an outlieer. as you can see the temperatures in the upper 30s already. jaffrey, bedford and norwood as well. not so much sure i' d buy the 34 reading on martha' s vineyard. i think it' s too cool to be surrounded by all that water out there. nevertheless something we' re watching for tonight is patchy frost. so those low lying areas with the areas in norwood and in between for tomorrow morning and the patchy frost is a likelihood. so if you'
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re worried about the plants, cover them and bring them in tonight. the frost advisory only in effect for the western part of the state because we expect more of the widespread frost there. temperatures even dropping closer to the freezing mark as you' ve been out past the connecticut river valley. so you see the clouds to the north of us and starting to move into the baystate. that might help us out with the temperatures overnight tonight and keeping them from plummeting each farther as we head to the next couple of hours. hopefully it' s still a cold one for us and we won' t see the temperatures dump much farther spots. the mid40s the closer you get to the city of boston. highs tomorrow. how about this? much warmer than where we were today. mid to upper 60s. this is once again above normal for this time of the year. fast forward into columbus day and how about these temperatures. above normal for this time year.
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be the case for us on monday and and that is when that heat peeks and that possibility for wednesday as well. good luck for the runners with the sunshine and perfect conditions for running and said 58' s comfortable because after running 13.1 miles, 58 is comfortable. here' s the look at my 7 on 7 forecast. enjoy the mild air and the much colder air coming in to settle for the end of next week. >> and then the shark attack visiting hawaii. 25- year- old collin cook was surfing when a tiger shark believed to have bit his leg. pulling him in from the water and cook had his leg amputated above the knee. but his cousin says that he is in good spirits. >> 7 sports coming to you live
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>> and then the downtown patriots returning in the by week and looking to remain perfect in 2015.
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expected to be the final week of tom brady' s 4- game suspension. and now this game carries a completely different feel. the patriots standing atop the nfl and the cowboys playing without quarterback tony romo. brady playing some of the best football of his career, even better than a start in 2007. 3 games thus far and over 1100 yards passing with 9 touchdowns and no picks and then it is going with the riding of the two game skid and desbryant is out and don' t tell that to brady and the rest of the team. >> and they' ll play at home and a lot of good players with the talented team and one of the best teams in football. so it' s last week and very good football team. >> they have the good on
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and the dolphins works well with what they do. then it' s just the good on whiches. >> and big night ahead tomorrow and sports xtra and then it is back to the studio down against dallas and the bruins' season in full swing and then with hockey and all that and more following 49ers and giants on sunday night football. and then the patriots with the roster move today and releasing quarterback fletcher and brantedon king off the practice squad to take his spot. that' s going to do it for us live in dallas. alex back live in the studio with more on the day in sports. alex? >> thanks so much. we' ll see you tomorrow. it' s only game 2 but it' s a big one for the b' s. the hated habs running into the garden and it will continue. and still without the surfaces of the defense under attack again.
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canadians on the power play and capitalizing winning down low 1- 2- 0 in the second and they look like they' ll pull within a goal and it' s waved off. julian would challenge the call but the officials with the interference and looking at the replay in the crease. no goal. les than 2 minutes later the game changer scores the second 0 habs. then scores the first as a bruin but it' s fall 4- 2, now 0- 2 on the season. >> now today, especially i think we just played poorly. for the most part we had hockey and there wasn' t anything special and going to this, too. >> and boston college has the best defense in the nation. and the pitcher'
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then it is going to honor at halftime and then it is going along the group. then it' s just under a minute left and trying to run out the clock. but matt malano and fallos it and bc back in business. so a few plays later, jeff smith keeps it himself and takes it down the goal line but he' s short and down at the 1. so herate situation. eagles without any time outs. the clock ticking and tyler fighting for the end zone. gets sacked up. the clock keeps running and the ball game ends. boston college drops a heartbreaker 3- 0 despite holding the demon deacons to just 132 yards of offense. umass with the conference opener at bowling green. minute men down big in the third quarter and trying to rally. james fielding the kickoff at the 3 yard line and he' s going to go 97 yards for the touchdown.
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38. harvard and cornell meeting for the 80 time. deep up the middle and the 47 yard strike for the touchdown. harvard rolls 40- 3. they win their 18th straight game and the program record 13 straight ivy league win. then the champ yons with the memorial at the auditorium and then going to brasero and knocking out o' connor and 41 seconds into the first round. o' connor did walk out of the ring himself but it was taken to the hospital as a precaution. the baseball post season rolls on and the cubs beating the cardinals 6- 3. the best of 5 series now tied at 1- 1 heading into chicago. and that' s the look at 7 sports. >> all right, thanks, alex. hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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