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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  October 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> now at 6:00. driver facing charges. >> roller coaster temperature ride, another boost tomorrow. and then a big cool down by the end of the week. >> then a lowell officer in hot water after pictures show him allegedly sleeping on the job. >> and stephen tyler is cutting donald trump off. why he tells presidential hopeful to dream on. >> 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> first at 6:00. police investigating a deadly drive in weymouth. officers dueled middle street last night after a quar crashed into a pole with. >> one killed.
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three others in the hospital. and we are live in weymouth where the driver is facing serious charges. >> good evening. that driver behind bars charged with killing a passenger. and weymouth police tell chan than that this wreck took the life of a 29-year-old boston ma. you can see how horrible the wreck was last night. police tell seven before midnight. a car with four people inside was traveling. down one of the roads. that's where it hit a telephone pole. losing control. and splitting that pole in. two and three people were rushed to the hospital. one of those passengers was killed. and police are charging the driver francisco goal with speeding and motor vehicle homicide and several other charges. neighbor we spoke to are horrified. gomes is behind bars facing $25,000 bail. . >> also on seven. lowell police officer, in
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to show him asleep on the job. now police superintendent is getting involved. 7's is live in lowell. >> police are taking this seriously. calling it embarrassing. >> with his head on a pillow and seat reclined all allegedly 93 marked squad car this picture has a lowell police officer on administrative leave. and it was taken by a lowell sun reader and submitted to the paper thursday. according to the sun it happened on highland street near rodgers school 5:30 a.m. lowell police say internal affairs investigators spent two days looking into images of the officer sleeping while on duty. as a result, one officer has been placed on administrative leave affective immediately. and a statement from police superintendent william taylor said that in part. while extremely embarrassing, this is not representative of the hard working and dedicated men and women of the lowell police department.
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not be tolerated. the citizens lowell, and my brother and sister officers deserve better. >> at this point lowell police say the investigation is continuing. live in lowell. 7 news. >> 7 news turns to weather. holiday weekend turning out to be while in boston and if you are lucky enough to have tomorrow off. it looks like that warm wethis sting around. we have a check of the forecast. >> nancy, another boost in temperatures tomorrow. some of us woke up to on patchy frost this morning. but able to rebound. mid to upper 60s. 68 was the high in boston. nashua down to norwood. nice day. bright sunshine out there. 66 in boston. dry air and light winds out of the southwest. but that's also going to usher in some even warmer air as we get into tomorrow. high pressure still in control for us. and believe it or not. into the early hours of this morning. last night. there was some snow in the crown of maine.
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mostly clear not so cold tonight. do not worry about frost. 44 to 54. and tomorrow, into the mid to upper 70s. really nice day in store. but that's when warmth peaks. big cool down on the way. get to those details in a bit. >> firefighters battling a huge fire in quincy at a house. multi-family home on phillips caught fire last night. and local police still looking into what caused the fire but as you can see the flames pretty intense going through the roof of the home. we are told no one injured. >> busy day in quincy because hours later firefighters were called to this fire o lebanon street. firefighters believe the fire at a vacant building caused by. >> mashpy, flames. look at the picture. thick black smoke over the water. police say the boat caught fire this afternoon. detectives still looking for an exact cause. >> a man shot and killed following a deadly confrontation with police in beaverly.
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witnesses say the man rammed the car repeatedly into an officer's cruiser. this is the scene on balch street yesterday. shortly after the driver allegedly started to ram another car and it did not stop there. >> i saw the green gmc envoy, raming into the cruisers, back and forth. and also ran into the other suv in front. next thing that happened is the officer, that was in the cruiser behind hem. ran up and drew her gun. and just all shopped fast. immediately. >> police say the man knew a passenger inside of the other car but they are still investigating exactly what sparked this whole thing. the officer that shot the man has been placed on paid leave. >> police continue to investigate a deadly blast and fire in a condo in franklin. firefighters firefighters rushed to the explosion yesterday on tuscany drive. unit you can see, engulfed in flames. big ball of fire there. police discovered two bodies inside of the condo. identified both victims as
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residents of the unit. >> and clean up underway after a offensive find on cape cod. two swasticas found on a trail between harwich and brewster. right there. police not commenting on this discovery. >> and we are following more news today. small plane crashing into a home in lake tahoe, killing both people on board. and officials say the plane crashed into the two story house shortly after takeoff. and no one on the ground was hurt. crash caused a fire that was quickly put out. >> you can tell it was a bad accident. also scary because of it windy here. and last time we had huge wind and fire here, we had angora fire. so scary to any resident that lives here that we may have another huge fire where we lose homes. >> faa investigating what caused the crash. >> and ohio prosecutors have released two independent reports on the death of a 12-year-old boy shot and killed by police. those reviews finding that a
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nothing wrong when he killed tamir rice last year. boy holding a pellet gun when police arrived at a park. this is surveillance video of the scene. officers did not know the gun was fake at the time. and opened fire. and when rice reached for his waistband. grand jury is deciding whether to bring charges against the officer. >> two texas police officers are at the center of an investigation after tasing a councilman, investigators say the officers approached the councilman outside of his houston apartment on thursday. and jonathan miller reportedly official. as he stepped between officers confronting four fraternity step routine. and now the police chief said happened. investigation. we are looking at all of the facts surrounding that incident. and to determine whether or not any of our policies were violated or that we followed
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proper patriot cause. we are in the process of this time. >> councilman taken to the hospital and released. he is charged with resisting arrest. this incident does involve the same deputy that arrested sandra bland, woman that died in jail days after pulled over for failing to signal a lane change. coverage. democratic presidential hopeful gear up to go head-to-head in this week's debate. mess in washington right now. choosing the next speaker of the house. dave wagner explains. >> it is the calm before the storm. in washington this week. >> house divided over who is the next speaker. >> we have to change things. we need a fresh start. we have a gulf and divide. >> congressman ryan talked football as he left for the weekend. while across section of house members are mounting a full
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>> we have endorsed daniel webster but ryan is a great man. good communicator. we need. >> i am ryan republican nominee for vice-president in 2012. and republican frontrunner for president in 2016 thinks ryan might buckle to pressure. >> he doesn't seem to want it but i bet if it was offered to him he would take. >> while republicans attempt to unify. democrats running for president are trying hard to show their differences. >> are you a capital insist no. >> i am a democratic socialist but i have been elected as independent throughout my political career. >> tuesday five declared democrats will debate in las vegas but all eyes on joe biden. with frontrunner hillary clinton slipping in polls mounting presh for your biden to run. race for president that is anything but predictable. dave wagner, 7 news. >> and straight ahead o 7 news at 6:00. school officials drying out
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water. >> stephen tyler does not miss a thing. why the singer is telling donald
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>> wild weather in washington casing a major clean up for a school. look at this. high school football field filled to capacity. with all of that rainwater there. it is like a big lake. now stadium soaker came during a heavy rain storm. >> it turned the field into a pool. people say this is not if the first time they have dealt with this mess. >> first round of rain that swept through a washington town created this massive waterfall down the steps of the high school. and flowed into the bowl below. cell phone video captured the gushing water terrific the football field into a pool. reminiscent of this mess left behind from another powerful storm last novemberment. >> there was a river coming down
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2nd street. my gosh, i bet you stadium bowl is crazy. >> fall leaves covered storm drains above causing the water to rise and rise fast. and as soon as the school board member heard about the mess she came over with her son-in-law to clear a path. 30 minutes later back to do it again when the pouring rain returned. >> unfortunately we have to look at something else to make sure it doesn't happen again. something systemic is happening. >> portion of the highway shut down when dirt and mud slid down the hillside and covered the entire width of the road. dump trucks brought in like an assembly line to load it up, haul it away. christine hill showed the path the rain took through her property that sits at the bottom of the hill. last year city graded the road in front of the family home and driveway. but any time it pours, they and neighbors are forced to load up sandbags to try to keep the
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>> the city has a lot on its plate but we feel like one or two drains up there to catch it. >> and crews were said to continue clearing mud packed roads today. >> coming up. swimming season may have passed and unless you are brave to get out there in the cold water. but we are getting another look at close calls with sharks off the coast of the cape. >> gorgeous day in store for us tomorrow. bus find a way to bottle it up. because a big cool down on the way. foreca who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? tax cuts for the eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> stephen tyler tells donald trump to dream on. attorneys for the rock star asked donald trump to stop using the song dream on during campaign rallies. second time presidential candidate has been warned by tyler and attorneys. lawyer said that trump's use of
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the song wrongly implies that tyler endorses trump. >> on probably tell him to do not walk this way, basically? >> yes. yes. yes. keep going with the songs. >> yeah, yeah, i might have to google more. >> this is happening more often. you know i have politician using a song they like and artist says not so much. >> exactly. >> i am always on top of what weather songs i can use in my forecast. but we will skip that today. unless you have a good 70s band in store for tomorrow. because we are back in the 70s tomorrow. fall is definitely upon us woman, you believe the head of the charles is next weekend. only 20 days until halloween. we have a fall back with the clocks on november 1. highs today, though, did not feel like middle of october. nade up to 68 degrees. nashua down to norwood. and boston. and beverly really gorgeous day to get outside. current temperatures are not far from that. low 60s, worcester, bedford. 66 in boston.
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that southwest flow, will be continuing into tomorrow, which means another boost in temperatures. high pressure keeping things nice and dry for us. and so overnight tonight not expecting temperatures to plummet like they did last night. should not are to worry about this. instead of plants or frost. generally speaking, mid 40s to mid 50s. lighter winds overnight. i know there was a breeze today. and tomorrow, well, into the 70s. fantastic day. although a bit cooler on the cape, stuck in the 60s. still nice. enjoyable. if you are on cape and islands. highs tomorrow, wow! i am loving this. bottle it up. 73 for worcester. 74 boston. even 77, not out of the question, i even think we could see a 78 pop up there. so beautiful weather for apple picking. if that's not store for you tomorrow to celebrate columbus day. warm one. step in the sunlight you will not need the jacket. these are days for layers. layer it on in the morning. some layers you can take off in the afternoon, and last day of
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and looking good. sunshine. and 71 by the time you hit before sunset. next couple of days. high pressure keeps things nice clear skies. and as we get into tuesday. couple of shots at rain. cold front passes through later on tuesday. much cooler air is behind this. those temperatures drop as we week. and they do not stop there. next weekend looking down right cold for us. rain chances next best chance will be on tuesday. slight chance on wednesday. and really we peak with the warmth tomorrow. keep it around for tuesday. however the clouds will be with us, and then look at how the temperatures just drop as we get closer to next weekend. so, yes, possibly even a wide spread freeze as we get into a week from today. and so next sunday morning, cold one for us. maybe even windy and chilly with highs in the low 50s. >> wow! going to enjoy 75 while it lasts. thank you. we are getting a terrifying
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first look at pictures of a cape cod shark. that is simply too close for comfort. those photos taken over the summer. just released today. you can see white shark right near two wind surfers, off the coast of nasset beach the shark never approached those wind surfers though. >> coming up next in seven sports. bruins two games into the season. they already have a long list of issues. and injuries. hear the top of the list next in seve building a better bank starts with looking at something old, like this... and saying, "really?" so capital one built something new - caf\s. where you can unwind with free wi-fi and banking advice, without all the mumbo jumbo. free checking accounts. no minimums, fees or gimmicks. and a top-rated banking app that lets you handle your financial needs... right here. that's banking reimagined.
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>> time for seven sports with joe amorosino. >> with julianne starting on the holt seat bruins needed a fast start. they did not get. first time in 10 years. the b's are 0-. two halfs dominating the b's at the garden with tuuka rask looking for the win against montreal at the garden. add martian to the list of banged up players. out indefinitely. martian took a elbow to the head from wees third period. will not get easier. tampa comes in tomorrow afternoon. reigning eastern conference champs in the house to wrap up three game home stretch. >> we have to start from being sharp and better defensively. move on to the offensive side of the game. but we are doing great things
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and creating some play with our speed. so i guess it is a fine line where you want to be better, you have to realize there is positives out of it. >> you cannot let up for five or 10 minutes of the game. they get a goal back on you. and it is tough to climb back out of the holes so we have to focus on playing faulk sit minutes. >> celtics back in the states following the european tour. brad stevens with two wins. and plenty of game film on breakdown being before going to new york. celtics back on court. goal was simply. shake out the jet lag and cob web out of the system. and next turn attention to preseason game against nba opponent. at brooklyn wednesday and long to-do list before then. >> our focus will be on cleaning up things that we did not do well. and making sure that we are more sound in our system. we missed a few things that we
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need to make sure we do not miss pus again. especially defensively. and offensively, i thought, we need to continue to emphasize facing and figuring out strengths. and, i think, we have a good foundation. >> patriots in dallas leading the cowboys in the third period. 20-3. complete post game coverage of the pats on sports statute big night ahead on "sports extra." tray dare in dallas with patriots. and we are in studios to break it down. and bruins' season up and going. sean is with us and ready to make a quick evaluation of the team. two games n we will have "sports extra" after giants and niners on sunday night football. around nfl check in on some unbeaten. 4-0 cincinnati seattle in overtime of the bengals coming back from 17 down. and nugent banks in the field goal. bengals 5-0 thanks to 27-24 over time win.
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and losing the last 27 games when trailing by 17 or more in the 4th. 4-0 falcons host washington n over time of the cousins tossing the interception. it is a walk off pick six for robert alford. falcons are perfect, 25-19 final in overtime. bills only other afc east team in action visiting tennessee. down 10-0 third. and here they come. tyler called his own number. 22 yards. 10-7. it was 13-7 in the fourth and taylor this time goes to hogan. for the go ahead touchdown. bills are 3-. two they win it 14-13. that's sports. we will have "sports extra" tonight after sunday night football. >> joe, thank you. >> that's 7 news at 6:00. i am nancy chen. >> and 7 news nightly news is next. see you at 10:00 over on cw 56.
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