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tv   Today  NBC  October 12, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. good morning, more delays, more head lakes aches. that computer glitch that grounded many southwest flights are causing problems for tens of millions of travelers this morning. what will it take to fix it and the warning the airline is issuing to travelers. she made a mistake, president obama weighed in on the e-mail controversy plaguing hillary clinton. >> it is important for her to answer these questions to the satisfaction of the american public. >> and whether he thinks his vice president joe biden should join the race as planners for
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extra podium on hand just in case. >> growing outrage. a police officer in prairie view, texas, uses a taser on a city councilman. what was behind the confrontation? this morning, the man at the speaking out. and are you ready? come and get it. pop superstar selena gomez is here for a special falcon certificate today, monday, october 12th, 2015. >> from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. we have a huge crowd on the plaza. >> that is a huge crowd. i heard she is singing in the dressing room, are you ready? come and get it. it is fall. >> it is.
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good, because i just want to look good for ya. good for ya. >> i can't believe you know the lyrics. >> i do. i have children. all right. we're going to talk about that in a while. let's get to our top story. it's a travel nightmare. tens of thousands of passengers are facing big delays today after that computer glitch led to huge lines at airport as cross the country over this past weekend. nbc's tom costello joining us from reagan national airport with more on that. tom, good morning to you. >> hi, matt. i just got off the phone with southwest airlines. the problems persist. they say if you're traveling to day, please print your boarding pass at home. your mobile app should work when you get to the airport today. the kiosks should work. the problem is with them trying to check you in at the airport with bags. that system is down. no flights canceled yesterday. 450 delays and today likely we're off to a rough start again. >> reporter: this morning, a
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massive southwest airlines glitch impacting tens of thousands of passengers nationwide. the computer crashed quickly across the board. computers at airports, website, and phone centers all affected. southwest is warning passengers today to arrive two hours early and print boarding passes at home before coming to the airport. as the airline uses backup systems to check travelers in. you might call it flying the frustrated skies. >> it's poor customer service. it's poor information. >> the lines are not moving. >> lots of people. lots of luggage. nobody knows where they're going or what they're doing. >> reporter: from coast to coast, miles of long lines at airports including nashville, phoenix, and scores stranded in las vegas. one woman describing a three mile line with a four hour and counting wait before even reaching the check in counter. >> there's elderly people that have had to sit out in the heat. >> reporter: in los angeles, passengers were stuck outside in
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police at lax passing out water and setting up canopies for shade. >> cheese or sausage? >> reporter: inside, southwest employees handed out pizza to the hungry. >> one of our biggest worries is we're not going to be able to have breakfast or lunch and miss our flight. >> reporter: across the country, a day of flying or trying to fly but getting nowhere fast. the concern is we could have a similar day to day. southwest airlines also issued a statement today saying we apologize to our customers for the extra effort and any delayed arrival of passengers and their backage. the hope baggage. no cancellations but delays. so get there early if you're flying today. back to you. >> up to two hours early. tom, thanks very much. >> such a bummer on the holiday weekend, too. now to the run for the white house. the president said if he were allowed to run again, he'd win. but isn't yet endorsing any of the fellow democrats who are
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of the season in las vegas tomorrow. and his vice president joe biden is still holed up in delaware and is not tipping his hand. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in vegas this morning. >> good morning to you from vegas. all the democrats except for joe biden here tomorrow night. bernie sanders, hillary clinton going to put chips on the table. biden may be taking a gamble by not showing up at all. this morning president obama is defending his former secretary of state saying while she made a mistake, there is no thaefdz evidence that her private e-mail system was used to hide something. >> reporter: president obama speaking out on "60 minutes" about hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. >> did you know about the use of the private e-mail server? >> no. >> while she was secretary of state? >> reporter: saying while it's been gin flchlt e ned up for political gain, she should have handled herself better.
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>> she needs to answer the questionses for the american public. this is not a situation in which america's national security was in danger. >> i did not e-mail any -- >> reporter: still, the republican party isn't letting up. debuting this new ad. and the head of the first democratic debate tomorrow night, much of the focus is on the man who won't be on stage but his podium is there just in case. vice president joe biden, 2500 miles away spending the weekend in delaware, mowing a run with his family. president obama praising his vp but taking no position on 2016. >> i'm going to let joe make that decision. >> reporter: without biden in the race, a new poll shows the majority of democrats support clinton over bernie sanders but add biden and that lead shrinks. fresh off another round of massive rallies on "meet the press," he previewed a likely criticism of biden as a flip-flopper. >> people have to contrast my consistency and my willingness to stand up to wall street and big corporations. >> reporter: and touted his own
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left wing credentials. >> are you a capitalist? >> no, i'm a democratic socialist. >> reporter: as for the republicans, donald trump retaining the frontrunner doubted the billionaire will be his successor. >> apparently donald trump is keeping score of how president obama did last night. he called that performance in his words, "terrible, sad, and anythingtive " negative." great, everyone said i did much better than -- excuse me, i did much better on "60 minutes" last week than president obama did. i agree. he has an excuse to talk right now. he's up six points in that latest national poll. that is over ben carson. that triples every other rival. back to you. >> all right. thank you. mark halpern is managing editor of bloomberg politics. good morning you to. >> good morning. >> big week for the democratic side of the presidential race. does a strong performance
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clinton more or does it help bernie sanders more? >> it helps bernie sanders more. he is still introducing himself to the american people. if he shows himself to be up there and able to be president, able to stand toe to toe with her that, helps him a lot. he said to chucked to he's not a capitalist. i think hillary clinton people are going to look at that and a lot of other things sanders said and say do you want this to be our general election candidate, a guy saying i'm not a capitalist? >> he's going to hit her hard on her record. flip-flops over the last decade or. so how potent a weapon is that for bernie sanders? >> my sense is he won't hit her hard unless the moderateors insist on it. he wants to tell people what the mess saj age is. the reality is baked in the cake. she gets tough scrutiny. eight years ago in an october debate in philadelphia, item russert moderating, she made one mistake at the end of the debate on driver's licenses for people here illegally and it was a huge
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controversy for weeks. she knows the margin of error is zero for her, unlike for all the other candidates. >> and with the e-mail scandal still in the headlines, the president weighed in on that interview on "60 minutes" and said she should have held her stoefl a self to a higher standard but national security was never at risk, saying what hillary clinton's been saying. >> you could argue he did help her out a bit saying national security is not an issue. hard to know how he's reached that determination when the fbi is still investigating. on the other hand, we know from reporting the president, vice president, other people at the white house are not pleased with the way she handled her e-mail. i think the president kind of didn't bail her out completely by saying this is serious, it should be looked at. this is something she has to explain more to the american people. i don't think the people of the clinton campaign looked at what he said yesterday and thought that was the best possible thing president obama could have said. >> you mentioned the vice president.
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let mend there let me end there. joe biden is going to be watching this democratic debate in his living room at home or somewhere like that. what will he be looking to see or hear that will have a major impact on his decision about running for this -- in this race? >> i think this is a three act thing for him. he'll watch the debate for sure, see shou she how she perform. i want to see how she does with the benghazi hearing going up in a week when she goes face-to-face with benghazi and the e-mail and her general public impression. it comes back to not what happens here in vegas tomorrow night. it's what's happening in his heart and his talks with his family. he spent the weekend with him. he still has to decide if he has it in him to run. then he can think about the political implications and tactics and strategy. >> mark, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> mark said one issue expected to come up tomorrow night will be the on going investigation into the benghazi embassy attack. hillary clinton is squarely at the center of that controversy.
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from an unlikely source, a republican investigator on that house committee investigating benghazi. nbc's andrea mitchell also has the latest from vegas. >> good morning. indeed, both new charges come against the republican led benghazi kbht to come committee to come from a republican former staff member who had been fired. >> reporter: increased scrutiny this morning of the congressional committee investigating benghazi. after selling claims from one of the committee's former investigators, a career intelligence analyst. air force major bradley publiska. >> this is a partisan investigation. i don't believe it was set up to go after hillary. >> reporter: he was fired in june says he was forced out because he resisted pressure to target clinton. >> as i stated, hillary clinton has a lot of xblang to explaining to do. we don't have to hyper focus on hillary clinton.
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>> it's a damn lie. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with nbc news, trey gowdy denies his claims saying he was fired for poor performance. >> he was a lousy employee. and that was evidenced by the fact he mishandled classified information and he wouldn't do what his supervisors instructed him to do. >> reporter: his attorney denies he mishandled classified information. and he says he plans to file a lawsuit charging that the committee's leadership was "not interested in revealing the truth about the benghazi attacks but rather they intended to use the select committee on benghazi for their party's political gain" and he claim the committee retaliated against him for taking leave for several weeks to go on active duty in germany. if true, that would violate a federal law. the dispute could be a life line for hillary clinton as she prepares for tomorrow night's first democratic debate. their calling the allegations explosive against a committee investigation that was already
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under fire after majority leader kevin mccarthy suggested that the committee was created to damage hillary clinton politically. matt and hod snachlt a? >> great time of the year for sports fans. you have hockey and football and baseball playoffs here in new york. a lot of people still talking about a controversial play that ended up costing the new york mets their shortstop for the rest of the playoffs. all right. saturday night tight game against los angeles dodgers. mets shortstop rubin tejada tagged second base to get the out on chase utley. utley slid wide of the base and over tejada taking his legs out from under him. several mets players said the play was dirty and the replay clearly shows utley did not start the slide until he was almost past second base. add injury to insult, tejada broke his leg on the play. he'll miss the rest of the playoffs. utley apologized and said he was
7:14 am
just trying to break up the play and not hurt tejada. so dodgers went on to win that game. >> welcome new developments. major league baseball announced that utley will be suspended for his illegal slide for the next two games of the best of five series which, by the way, is tied at a game apiece. so now there is a question that some people are asking. sometimes when something like this happens, there is retribution fromnother team. so you have to wonder what might come up. pitcher. the question is, is he going to throw high and tight? >> do they do that? >> oh, yes, they do. that yes. all the umpires are going to be waiting for something like that. so harvey throws a questionable pitch, will he get ejected? and do you want that to happen? by the way, if you look at the of bounds. he was out of the base pad. it was a late slide. part about him hitting him when
7:15 am
he starts the slide before he slees sees that tejada spins around. i don't think he meant to hurt him. >> what do you think the two games, fair? >> it's dangerous play. i really do. >> think about football? >> you can't take out a catcher any longer. to break up the double play and take out the shortstop, i mean, the whole thing is dirty. >> i don't think it's a question of whether matt harvey will throw a high spite pitch, it's when. >> and how high and how tight. >> right. >> natalie has breaking news about an american being neld eye held in iran. >> "the washington post" reporter has been convicted after an espionage trial that ended two months ago. it's not clear though what specific charges he was convicted of. the newspaper calls the verdict an outrageous injustice. the american-iranian reporter has been in prison for more than 14 months, often under harsh conditions.
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in afghanistan, a witness says a helicopter that crashed sunday killing five nato service members and injuring five others struck the cable of a large balloon used for observation. the chopper has been attempting in kabul. a former member of sergeant bowburg doll's court says he should be spared jail time. burgdol was accused of desserting his unit in afghanistan before captured by the taliban and held for five years. the former colleague that is speaking out says he deserves life in prison. several prisoners died while searching for him. the pentagon says they have no evidence of that. a suspect is in custody after the murder of an off duty memphis police officer. officer terrance aldridge was shot several times in his own driveway while preparing to go to work sunday afternoon. officials have not revealed any
7:17 am
motive for the shooting. officer aldridge was on the force for just over a year. he's the second memphis police officer shot to death in the past ten weeks. california corrections officers want to start letting prison inmates convicted of violent crimes take part in fighting wildfires. firefighters in the state already get help from thousands of nonviolent offenders. but the largest inmate unit is about 800 members short. so under the new propose al proposal. con inmates convicted of robbery and assault would be add philadelphia the security classification level improved based on good behavior. officials in south carolina's capital are still working to get the city's drinking water system repaired. more than 300,000 water customers in columbia will to boil water yet again this weekend before drinking or cooking with it. heavy rain and flooding caused numerous breaks in the system and possible contamination. however, city officials say they are confident they will not lose water service altogether.
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the sunday night nfl game. new york giants fans on the edge of their seats through the fourth quarter as the lead seesawed back and forth with the san francisco 49ers. then trailing by four with less than 30 seconds to go, the giants made that leaping catch in the back there of the end zone making it the win. the giants holding on 30-27. if anybody is tired, it's probably because of that this morning. george h.w. bush got in on the play-off action. he threw out the ceremonial first pitch twens the astros and royals. looking good there. mr. bush wearing a neck brace since breaking a vertebrae. he had a big smile on his face. mr. and mr. speaker bush wore the matching astros jerseys. their team won 4-2. so a good luck charm for the astros. >> that is beautiful. >> all right. thank you. >> al is off today.
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we have a check of the forecast. >> it doesn't feel like october, that's for sure. it's been warm for most areas across the country. when the jet stream is sitting this far up to the north, that's when we have warmer temperatures. especially in the southwest. an area of high pressure is bringing exceptional heat. l.a. should top out around 95 degrees today. vegas, 96. the temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees above average in the east and back through southern plains. we are looking for temperatures in the 70s, 80s and 90s. dallas, 94. that is 14 degrees above average. kansas city making it into the upper 70s. washington, d.c., about 76 degrees. now we have a cold front that is moving through the northern plains. wind could gust up near 50 to 70 miles per hour. fargo hit 97 degrees. that's the warmest it's been all of 2015. that's the weather
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strong hair can do anything strong is unbreakable just like you, just like me strong is beautiful pantene >> reporter: good morning. mostly sunny skies. cool early this morning and then warming up through the afternoon hours. 70 to 75. perhaps a little too warm for the tufts 10k race in boston. noon temps around 70. breezy and as we work into first part of the afternoon, the numbers reach the lower 70s. picking apples today? looks great. temps this morning in the 60s. this afternoon low 70s. tomorrow still warm. a little more humid around tomorrow with temperatures tomorrow in the middl 70s. could be a few and that's your latest
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>> coming up, a local politician taserred by texas police and it's caught on tape. now that councilman is speaking out as an investigation gets under way. and how reliable are the age progression photos you see in missing child's cases? we put the process to the test with some surprising results. but first, this is "today" on
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>> this is 7 news now. >> anchor: good morning. 7:26. sunshine bright on this monday
7:26 am
morning everyone let's get over the jeremy rhiner with a peek at that forecast. >> reporter: chris, mostly center skies. temps 40s and low 50s. norwood 46. that will bounce quickly to the 60s. in fact, i think this afternoon warm, 70 to 75, breezy. your 7 on 7 forecast, a little bit of humidity around new england tomorrow. still warm tomorrow. mid-70s. >> anchor: time to check our top stories this morning. a car bursting into flames on the expressway north of boston off ramp to exit 16 around midnight. you can see the fire just gushing out from underneath the hood there. no one was hurt. the ramp was closed for a little while so crews could clean up that mess. it is back open for this morning's commute. new this morning, a new hampshire state trooper is doing okay after an s.u.v. hit his cruiser. it happened on 93 southbound in thornton on sunday afternoon. police arrested a 62-year-old woman who they say was driving under the influence of controlled medication. they were both treated for minor injuries. we're back in 25 minutes.
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back at 7:30 on a monday morning. the 12th of october, 2015. and that is a huge crowd out on the plaza for the 8:30 half hour concert with selena gomez. >> yeah. when i came in this morning, they were laying on the concrete sidewalk waiting to come in and see their selena. >> we got lucky. the weather in new york is nice. >> all right. we're going to start this half hour with a look at what is making headlines. president obama said that hillary clinton used the private
7:29 am
e-mail server while she was secretary of state was a mistake but did not invade national security. she should have held herself to a higher standard. >> a suspect is in custody following the shooting of an off duty memphis police officer. he was a rookie cop with a fiancee who was four months pregnant. >> and southwest airlines is advising travelers to arrive at least two hours early today and print boarding passes before going to the airport. after technical issues cost hundreds of southwest airlines flights delays on sunday. southwest officials say the problem is affecting its computerized check in system at the airports across the country. all right. let's continue this half hour with growing outrage after a prairie view, texas, councilman was taser ed outside his home. jonathan miller is taken down. he's now speaking out as police insist the officer's actions were justified. nbc's reporter is in prairie
7:30 am
view with the latest. janet, good morning you to. >> matt, good morning. this is the same community where sandra bland was arrested by a state trooper in july and later died in jail. this morning the councilman is speaking out to nbc news. he is telling us he does not know why officers that he knows would tase and arrest him. >> okay. i'm not either. >> reporter: this morning, 26-year-old prairie view councilman jonathan miller says he wants answers. miller said there was no justification for police firing a taser at him while he was on >> okay. he's going to have to tase you. you're not doing like you're supposed to. >> reporter: this video, one perfect miller's friends ooshgs from the officer's body camera don't show everything that led to the tasing but they were on u teen patrol when they stopped at his house. >> i stopped him for questioning because they were in an area that is often been found to be
7:31 am
involved with drug activity and other suspicious activity. >> reporter: miller says they were his friends and weren't doing anything wrong. >> i knew the officer. she knew me. i figured i'd let her know these are my guests. you know, kind of -- i guess lessen the tension. >> reporter: the tension escalated as officers repeatedly asked miller to move back. >> officer, come on. >> go over here before you put you go to jail for interfearing, man. >> you're doing way too much. >> reporter: police say when they tried to arrest miller, he physically resisted. >> i feel like it was kind of unwarranted to be almost harassed like that. >> get in the car! i will light you up. get out. >> reporter: prairie view is the same place that sandra bland was stopped for a traffic violation in july. she was arrested for assault and then died in jail. the medical examiner ruled it a suicide but a wrongful death
7:32 am
miller was charged win the fearing -- charged with interfering with arrest. they may call a special meeting. zbh it seems obvious to me. our police department needs sensitivity treatment. >> reporter: they promise a full investigation zblichlt don't feel like i should have been detained or arrested or anything. >> councilman miller says he did identify himself as an elected official during the incident. and authorities here in prairie view confirm that one of the officers involved did have a tie to the sandra bland case in july. >> all right. janet, thank you very much. >> let's get a check of the weather from dylen drier. >> and it's hard to find a lot country. minnesota. we have a couple of showers with this cold front. back behind this front, temperatures are getting much,
7:33 am
much cooler. now out ahead of it as we go into tonight and tomorrow morning, we'll see a few scattered showers try to pop-up out ahead of it. nothing too severe. but especially back through northwestern pennsylvania, that's where we'll see the heavier pockets of rain. then you'll notice temperatures drop once that front passes. overall, a tenth of an inch of rain. some areas near erie, pennsylvania, koend up closer to a quarter inch. but let's look at what it does to temperatures. rochester, 78 today. 63 on tuesday. down into the 50s on wednesday. new york city, we get into the 60s by wednesday. same for d.c. pittsburgh, top out around 57 degrees by the time we get to wednesday, too. everywhere else across the country, windy in the northern plains. enjoy that sunshine up and down the >> reporter: good morning. mostly sunny skies. cool early this morning and then warming up through the afternoon hours. 70 to 75. perhaps a little too warm for the tufts 10k race in boston. noon temps around 70. breezy and as we work into first part of the afternoon, the
7:34 am
numbers reach the lower 70s. picking apples today? looks great. temps this morning in the 60s. this afternoon low 70s. tomorrow still warm. a little more humid around tomorrow with temperatures tomorrow in the middl 70s. could be and that's your latest forecast. coming up, dining alone. more and more people are doing that, eating in restaurants by themselves. so what's behind the trend? >> and up next, the special report correcting the case. >> that is chef rossen and that is chef rossen, too. what if i went missing? my parents only had these foet tows go on. police would use age progression technology. how does it work and is it really accurate? we're sending these off and not telling them it's me to 30, 29, 28. tick, tock. 25 years old and you're still playing in the mud. 15 feet in the air, that's where you feel most alive. 10 meter maids waiting
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a special series, "cracking the case: the desperate search for missing children." >> police officers use age progression technology to figure out what those children might look like today. how accurate are the images? today our national investigative correspondent puts them to the test. jeff, good morning. >> good morning you to. as a parent, we all worry about it, right? our kids walking to school and home often alone. and it's always in the back of your mind, could someone kidnap them? and it happens. and too often the cases go unsolved. now police are relying more and more on this age progression technology. probably seen it on the news. so we wondered how accurate can the photos really be? this morning a new experiment using my childhood photos. we sent these in to what will they come up with and will this end up looking like me today? just wait for the big reveal. they are the faces of the missing. vanishing as children, abducted, lost, a mystery.
7:40 am
age progressed photos created by forensic artists at the national center for missing and exploiting children, law enforcement counting on them to solve cold cases. >> my daughter disappeared. >> reporter: like this 9-year-old erica baker out walking her dog 16 years ago never to be seen again. here's what she could look like today. david warner missing since 1983. now he may look like this. and asia degree, just 9 when she wandered away from home 15 years ago. this is what forensic artists think she would look like now. so how does it work? are those photos really accurate? we're setting up a little experiment here. these are a bunch of my childhood photos. that's me. here i am at 8 years old. we're sending these off to an independent forensic artist telling them to age progress this boy at 8 all the way up to 38 years old which is how old i am right now. i haven't had anything to do with them.
7:41 am
this is my producer josh. you've been talking to them. right? >> absolutely not. just that you're a random nbc staffer. they don't know if the person is on camera, off camera. aged to 38. >> they asked for my family photos, too. >> yeah, they work with law enforcement on cases of missing kids. family photos are really important. we sent them a picture of your parents and brother. nothing like me. >> it doesn't matter. it's important to them. >> all right. with. >> in michigan, our cameras are there as they get to work. >> the first thing i do is i study the boy's face, the cheeks, the tip of his nose, the mouth shape and chin shape. >> this forensic team dissecting my face, piece by piece, comparing it with my parents. >> the father has a very thin nose compared to the brother. >> i see his mother with the eyes, the squinting, the fullness she has. >> then the guesswork.
7:42 am
>> things such as hair we can't predict. you have to use your best intuition. >> and whether n they're finally done, the big reveal. >> this is what we came up with. this is what we believe the staffer will look like at 38. we thickened the eyebrows, elongated the nose and ears. the chin. we tried to keep the original essence of the person. >> do you want to meet the real staffer? >> yes. >> let's bring him in. >> okay. here we go. vinlt seen i haven't seen this yet either. did. >> hi. >> hi. >> wow! that is freaky. >> i need a second. this is crazy. what do you think looking at me in person? >> it's three did he mentional. >> i'm baffled by this. obvious lit hair is different.
7:43 am
>> and you're thinner. >> thank you very much. thank you for saying that. wow! you got close. >> that's why we ask for photos of the family. >> thank you for all you do and for helping people. >> wow. >> if i twor see that were to see that picture, i don't know if i would say that is jeff ross en, en, but when i see them together, you can see the resemblance. >> the cheeks are on. >> the only thing that is not spot on is the hair. how would they know? >> they wouldn't know that. this is what they're doing to find missing kids. it does work. it is hugely helpful to police. we have something really cool on today right now. you can control back and forth. you can look at it real up close and exactly how they do it and the difference. look at the eyes. >> amazing. >> it does look pretty accurate. >> yeah. >>, you can check it out. this is really helping law enforcement. now you know how they do it.
7:44 am
coming up in pop stars, what was kanye west doing at the "american idol" auditions? we have the growing controversy woke up l8, freaked, then remembered mcds all day bfast, #boomshakalaka. @mcdonalds yaaasssssssssssssss #alldaybreakfast soooooooooooooooo good yo mcdonald's is serving breakfast all day now? @cowsgomookie fo'sho dear @mcdonalds. thank you for serving all day breakfast heart emoji everyone on earth. retweet favorite your retweet it's time for #alldaybreakfast ;p when it's your job to protect the world's greatest nation, it's your responsibility to solve the world's greatest challenges. this is why we search for the best and brightest. why we train for every eventuality on land and water, in the air, space and even cyberspace. we operate in a complex world
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and talk to your rheumatologist. humira. this is a body of proof! it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. saturday night live is never one to shy away from controversial topics as amy schumer took on the hot issue of gun control. >> people are still buzzing, of course, about the sketch about her fab public service announcement mocking what they portray as america's love affair with guns. in her "saturday night live" debut -- >> i'm hosting "saturday night live." >> amy schumer taking aim at gun
7:49 am
>> guns are there. >> the sketch immediately polarizing. pierce morgan calling it brilliant but others saying it's bad timing and not funny. >> they unite us. >> simply entitled guns, it comes a week after the oregon school shooting and also on the heels of july's movie theater tragedy where a gunman killed two and injured nine others after a louisiana screening of schumer's own movie "train wreck." >> it's very personal for me. following the shooting, schumer calling for tighter background checks. >> no one wants to live in a country where felons, meantally ill or other dangerous people can get their hands on a gun with such ease. >> an issue schumer is also targeted on her comedy central show, joking about how it's control. >> no refills? month? >> yep. see you then.
7:50 am
>> can i have a gun? >> yep. >> taking on controversy with comedy. >> her first love. new beginning. wherever life takes you, gun. we're here to stay. >> it sure is provocative. we reached out to the nra, amy schumer and "s&l" for comment but didn't receive a response. >> what is that about? let's go to the orange room. let's see what viewers think. >> no one got to us for reaction. the viewers online talking about it. what do you think of "s&l's" gun parody? in good humor or too far? 78% say it went too far. keep your comments coming to us. quite a debate this morning. >> yeah. i'm not sure the humor part of it. was it powerful or not?
7:51 am
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7:53 am
come and get people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it
7:54 am
doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain. but you know what? i know how to get it done. new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> this is 7 news now. >> anchor: good morning to you. live look outside as we approach the 8:00 hour. the sun is shining wright over the city. let's get over the j.r. with a peek of the forecast. >> reporter: chris, mostly sunny skies. 40s and 50s. boston 54. bedford at 42. warm day shaping up with breezy conditions. temps this afternoon between 70 and 75678 another warm day tomorrow. a little more humidity tomorrow. mid-70s. > anchor: j.r., thanks. dell come prosecutors reaching a deal to buy hopkinton based emc. emc deals with data storage. it's the state's largest
7:55 am
technology company and employs nearly 10,000 people. the deal is worth about $67 billion. police are trying to figure out if a sexual assault in a string of armed robberies in dorchester are connected. they -- there were four separate reports of armed robberies in a 20-member span on september 27th. an hour later a woman says a man robbed her at knifepoint and sexually assaulted her. we're back in 25 minutes with
7:56 am
coming up, unlimited vacation days? a major u.s. company joins the growing list of the ultimate perk. but is the new trend too good to be true? plus, searching for the truth. >> you have to protect yourself now. we all do. >> hollywood legend robert redford stops by to talk about his new role as a controversial cbs news anchor dan rather. i just wanna look good for you
7:57 am
>> and selena takes over "today." pop sensation selena gomez has a new number one song, a new album and a new world tour and she is celebrating with a live concert on the plaza today, monday, october 12th, 2015. >> has my mirth day birthday and i love selena. >> i'm your biggest fan, selena! i know >> we listen you to every day, selena. we love you, selena! >> and we're back now, 8:00 on a monday morning. it's the 12th day of october, 2015. a bit of a chill in the air here in new york city. the ladies have gone coatless this morning. but i'd like you to snuggle up a little bit.
7:58 am
meanwhile, let's snuggle up with a couple thousand of our closest selena gomez fans here. we're drawing a big crowd on monday morning. >> you're right. you know what is kind of cool, you guys? we're on the plaza. and today we're sharing your photos. you see that big screen behind us? we want you to #selenatoday and we'll catch the photos on the big screen in a little bit. >> have you heard? she's going to perform in our 8:30 half hour? let's go inside, natalie is standing by with a check of the top stories of the morning. natalie? >> good morning once again. an alert to anyone who is flying on southwest airlines today. be prepared for delays. the company is trying to straighten out the computer problem that caused huge headaches on sunday. nbc's tom costello is at reagan national airport. tom, good morning. >> yeah, the problems continue today. southwest still saying that if you are flying today, please print your boarding passes at home.
7:59 am
mobile phone app. and the kiosks at the airport apparently work. the trouble is when they try to check people in with bags at the airport, that system is down. they've been having to write out paper tickets at the airport. we've seen significant delays at airport as cross the country presence. in some cases, the lines are like three and four hours long out in l.a. it was 100 degrees out there. people standing outside. in fact, the police handing out bottled water and inside they fed people piz yachlt za. southwest is still trying to figure out what the problem is with the computer system. it is anticipating that it could be a rough day. yesterday 450 flights delayed, no cancellations. but that means about 10,000 or so people inconvenienced. today, we should see also another day of inconvenience as southwest tries to rapidly diagnose and fix this problem. >> all right. the advice again, be early and print your boarding passes.
8:00 am
tom costello, thank you. congressman paul ryan is back home in wisconsin for the holiday weekend, deciding if he'll enter the race for speaker of the house. he left washington saying he didn't want the job. but some members of his party are pressuring ryan to run feeling he could unite in the republican party. he was a running mate in 2012. president obama says hillary clinton made a mistake by using a private e-mail server for government work. he told cbs' "60 minutes" that mrs. clinton should answer to the public about the e-mails. his former secretary of state insists she did not endanger national security. the president also said he felt the issue was being ginned up by the campaign season. a texas councilman says it was unwarranted for a police officer to use a taser on him in his own driveway. prairie view, texas, council member jonathan miller was on his knees when police stunned him. police say he was interfering with an investigation.
8:01 am
one of the same oifrd was involved in the death of sandra july. we all know daredevil nick defying high wire walks. there is more than one member of the family with nerves of steel. his wife pulled off this acrobatic act on sunday. take a look. she is 300 feet above charlotte motor speedway suspended from a ring dangling from that helicopter with no net, no harness. and for the finale, she holds on simply by hanging with her toes. she's amazing. she's a wonderful woman. i met her in person. >> you're very familiar with that family. >> they're so talented. but so scary. >> wow. thanks so much. i've been waiting for this story. unlimited vacation time. one major tech company is joining the growing number of firms offering up that perk. but could it be too good to be true? nbc's joe fryer explains. >> reporter: it's not your parents' office.
8:02 am
networking site linked in features free lunches, ping-pong tables, open work spaces filled with beanbag chairs. >> i think there is a greater emphasis here placed on employees' well-being. >> now they have a new vacation policy called dto, discretionary time off. they have no minimum or maximum amount of time employees can take in a year. the vice president says it is part of a growing movement to place more focus on results and empowerment, not hours worked. several other companies have done the same including netflix, version, groupon and a southern california company called desk finance. >> you see more and more companies having a policy like this, what is your reaction? >> great. ultimately, we need to build a world where workers and management trust each other. where they learn to work to live and not live to work.
8:03 am
>> he has given employees unlimited vacation without tracking days off. >> if you were to track it, in some sense you're sending a message that, is not unlimited. we don't want you to take all. that. >> one study foundz that u.s. employees only take 51% of their eligible time off. so unlimited vacation may not make a huge difference. >> as much as they hear they get unlimited vacation, in the back of their mind, they think wait a minute, if the economy turns, i don't want to be seen as not a team player. so i'm not going to take my vacation. >> in fact, some companies like kick start are tried unlimited vacation but dumped it because employees were unsure how much time was okay to take off. the finances merrill says it's important tore bosses to lead by example. >> i try to mod that will el that behavior. if you're on vacation and e-mail me, i will never answer you. >> modern day push to vacation without limits. for "today," joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles.
8:04 am
>> hypothetically speaking, if nbc decided to go the unlimited vacation route, do you think you'd take a lot? >> i think i'd take less. i think the pressure of not and feeling guilty. am i taking too little, too much? >> when you talk about how little vacation we're taking anyway, i bet you can take less if you were offered more. dylan? >> i normally work weekends. so monday through friday and al is off, i'm not doing much. so i probably wouldn't take it. >> i wouldn't advertise that, dylan. >> you do what you got to do. >> that's right. >> a lot can happen. >> coming up, reactions from those who dare to enter. >> then he's the ultimate movie star. now legend robert redford is taking on a new anchor. he is playing dan rather. we'll talk to him about that. >> and our over version of david
8:05 am
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8:10 am
dinner alone. i'll go to a movie alone. i'm perfectly happy sitting in a theater with popcorn. >> not really what we were talking about. >> back to me. >> we were talking about restaurants here for a second. all right. if you go out to eat by yourself, sometimes you get this kind of reaction. >> hey. i'd like to have some dinner, please. >> great. is your wife going to meet you? >> no. >> your girlfriend? >> i don't have a girlfriend. >> you're just by yourself? >> yeah. >> okay. just one. all right. here's your wine list, menu, come on. >> that was taken from "forgetting sarah marshal." if you like to go to movies alone, sometimes they react this way. the stigma around eating alone
8:11 am
table says reservations for eat ago lone have soared 62% in the last two years alone. why do you think that is? >> maybe more people are signing up for open tables. >> i don't recall them giving you the one option like person of one. i think i always book for two. >> they'll sit you at the bar. >> all right. >> so we're lovely and depressed. >> let's talk about the act of kindness going viral this morning. it was a photo taken on a bus in can d.a. the man canada. the man on the right is robert. he was overwhelmed by the commotion on the bus. so he asked a stranger next to him if he could hold his hand. the stranger named godfried on the left, at first thought he was being frank, he just realized that robert needed comfort. he held robert's hand during the 30-minute bus ride. the photo now up to more than 45,000 likes on facebook. i got misty. >> that teared me up. i like.
8:12 am
that i think it's great. so often if we're on planes or buses or subway or whatever, we try to go in our own little space and we ignore everybody around us. it's a nice moment where someone takes time to make somebody feel good. >> beautiful. beautiful. >> all right. now to the haunted house photos that will make you scream with laughter. did you go to a haunted house by yourself? >> you know what? >> this is from fear factory near niagara falls, can d.a. it is dan canada. they photograph people going through the house. every year the house goes viral. the house won't tell us what the people are looking at. the funniest photos is where the guys push the women. >> right there. >> by the way, you learn, you learn about how someone reacts in a haunted house. >> we went to a haunted house last year, myself, natalie, al, willie. willie shoved natalie into the death of some goul's hands.
8:13 am
you remember we have -- >> yeah, we were hanging on to each other for dear life. and he shoved us. >> i remember that. anyway. >> it was a haunted house. >> i love a good haunted house. >> all right, kanye west reality star? and piggyback and let's go to "pop start." >> "american idol" has turned out some good stars, so a newcomer comes along and perhaps he can be a big star. his name, kanye west. yes. that kanye. he auditioned for judges jennifer lopez and harry connick jr. with his hit song "gold digger." you can see jennifer lopez watching the performance. there is no surprise that he won the ticket to hollywood. the stunt is for the upcoming final season. treely trying to go big. also kanye west spending time at a fund-raiser for president obama where the president said
8:14 am
if you run for office your nickname would be peasy. next up, he is shutting down body shamers. this photo went viral revealing what some were calling vin's surprising dad bod. but then wanted to prove he's anything else. he doesn't have a dad bod, he has a smoking bod. he posted this to his instagram account showing shiz a his abs. he said we focus a lot on body shaming. it's wrong for people to do that. >> i don't mind a dad bod. >> if it is a dad bod, it's my bod. i earned it. >> yep. >> finally, how do you get around town with your friends? if you're jennifer lawrence, you get a piggyback ride. she gave aziz a lift as they headed out on the "s&l" after party for amy schumer. jennifer did this in heels. in heels. and that crop top.
8:15 am
that is your "pop start." now hoda, can you do it? pick up matt. >> that's a bad idea. >> you know i would do it if it was my show. i feel like there are rules here. >> yeah. >> it would be a lot harder than. that thank you, we appreciate it. dylan has a check of the weather. >> yes. and we don't have a whole lot going on in the weather department. you really have to hundred for rain. we have a little in north dakota and a couple in the outer banks of south carolina. elsewhere, we're looking at this really warm temperatures. we're going to out well above average throughout plains and the east >> reporter: good morning. mostly sunny skies. cool early this morning and then hours. 70 to 75. perhaps a little too warm for the tufts 10k race in boston. noon temps around 70. breezy and as we work into first part of the afternoon, the numbers reach the lower 70s. picking apples today? looks great.
8:16 am
temps this morning in the 60s. this afternoon low 70s. tomorrow still warm. a little more humid around tomorrow with temperatures tomorrow in the middl 70s. could be and that's your latest forecast. matt? >> screen legend robert redford, no straufrpg torte newsroom. well known for his role playing bob woodward in "all the president's men." he heads back to the news business this time taking on the roll of former cbs news anchor dan rather in a new film "truth." take a look. >> dan rather. >> general. >> si >> thank you for doing this. let's start from the beginning. >> robert redford, welcome back. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> this is based on a story that made national headlines in 2004. a lot of people's reputations were tarnished. a lot of people lost their job. were you following it closely at the time it was happening?
8:17 am
>> no. i was just vaguely aware of it. in 2004, i was busy. i was filming. i was vaguely aware of it. i knew there was a story there. >> but the basics of it, dan rather and "60 minutes" did a piece on george w. bush and his national guard service. it was called into question when the documents that were based on were thought to be forgeries. did you have a viewpoint once you started reading up on it going into making the project? >> no. i mean, that research was up to other people. but i think what was interesting about it is that -- the whole thing unraveled over what was a small technicality at that time. it was blown into major thing. and the bigger story was the story that dan and mary who were working on about the air national guard. and suddenly that got pushed away and a small glitch became a scandal. >> do you want people to walk out of the theater with big questions in their mind about --
8:18 am
>> i assume they didn't walk out of the theater. >> they just stay there and watch it over and over again? >> do you want them to ask bigger questions about journalism and political coverage and things? >> that would be my hope. i would hope that whatever the film does, it would raise a question that has people pay more attention to journalism. and the value of journalism. i think it's so important. i always have. i look at the work i've done. value of journalism and how journalism sometimes, when politics and politics gets to truth that, is tricky. journalism is so key, so important for our knowledge and our well-being. so i'm big on journalism and keeping it alive. >> was it awkward or difficult to play such an iconic figure, dan rather is known to so many people in this country. >> it is tricky. it is tricky because i had the difficult task of playing somebody that everybody was familiar with.
8:19 am
they didn't see me nightly. so, therefore, had this thing happened maybe in 2013, i wouldn't have touched it. the flakt is enough time so he was off the air for a long enough time. and my job was to -- be careful not to chashg aricature him but find the essence of him. it is the essence he is essence of dan without caricaturing him. >> did you always assume great juicy roles would continue to flow in your direction or you are surprised that you're getting the opportunities? >> i'm pleasantly surprised. you know, you don't know of anything -- there is no such thing as continuity if you're an actor. you can't imagine continuity. you don't know what the next day is going to be. sometimes it brings a crash. so you don't know what to expect. you xwust hope just hope. you just hope when you do it,
8:20 am
you do it again. >> more often than not with you, it does. great to see you. >> nice to see you. >> welcome back. good to see you. let's go outside. >> matt, the crowd is getting pumped up out here. they've been sharing fan photos using the #selenatoday. we got them here on our city's fan cam. and jennifer is with the city. she's here to help kick off the partnership. good to see you. >> thank you. we're thrilled to be here and be part of the "today" show family series. we're really excited to partner with the show to create experiences that brings the fans here on the plaza and those at brands. the world. did you know that phantom could be this exciting? >> it's super exciting. and selena here with these amazing fans, yay! >> do you have your dancing shoes? >> okay. here we go. i got a surprise. all right. here we go.
8:21 am
one, two, three, selena. >> selena and hoda! >> oh, my gosh. >> wait a minute. are you ready for this?
8:22 am
staci, you have got to get down here. shaws & star market. shaws & star market. yes, mom. now. spread the word. vicki, this sale is amazing. the shaws & star market stock up sale is here. general mills cereals are $1.88 each. crisp, eastern apples are just .77 a pound.
8:23 am
and nature valley and fiber one granola bars are 4 for $10. honey, can you bring the truck? you're in for something fresh! the shaws & star market's stock up sale. >> this 1 news now. >> anchor: good morning, everyone. it's 8:27. looking live over braintree, let's get over to j.r. and talk about our fourth for the day. >> reporter: mostly sunny skies. 40s and 50s now. boston 54. nashua 45. through the day, lots of sunshine, breezy, warm. temps this afternoon between 70 and 75. low to mid-70s again tomorrow. >> anchor: now to our top stories. dell computers has reached a deal the buy hopkinson based evidence mc, which deals with data storage. it's the state's largest technology company and employs nearly 10,000 people. according to reports, the deal is worth $67 billion. a car burst into flames on the expressway north in boston. it happened on the off ramp to exit 16 around midnight.
8:24 am
no one was hurt. the ramp was closed for a little while so crews could clean up the mess. it's back open for this morning's commute. new this morning, a new hampshire state trooper is doing okay after an s.u.v. hit his cruder. it happened on 93 south in thornton sunday afternoon. police arrested a 62-year-old woman who they say was driving under the influence of controlled medication. they were both treated for minor injuries. "today in new england" returns at 9:00. we'll see you in just a few minutes.
8:25 am
we're back now, 8:30 on monday morning. it's the 12th day of october. it's 2015. and it is selena gomez day out on the plaza. as we get ready for a great concert for a lot of fans who have been here. some people sleeping overnight. >> yes. >> i saw them on the pavement. we've ban practicing. you ready? on three, ready? one, two, three. i wanna look good for you
8:26 am
>> she is going to be so impressed by that. >> she can't hear us. >> see what you started? >> it's the entire song. >> by the way, she is asking and she has been tackling some health issues. she's been a very busy woman. >> all right. >> also here this morning, another very strong woman, gabriella union, she plays a character she calls a hot mess on the popular show "being mary jane." we love her much glad to have her here today. >> a lot to get to before we get to any of it. let's get a check of the weather from dylan. >> it warmed up in the last half hour. it could be the dancing. whatever, it's getting warmer out here. highs to top out in the mid 70s today. it's ahead of the cold front that is going to trigger a couple scattered showers and storms, especially across western kentucky and tennessee. this cold front is cooling things off in the northern plains. it went from 97 degrees in fargo yesterday, down to highs only in the 50s.
8:27 am
in the southwest, hot today. the temperatures will start cooling off. in the northeast, we'll see that cold front trigger a couple of showers, especially across new england and then that's it with the warm temperatures. it's going to start cooling off and stays much, much cooler and more fall like as we head into >> reporter: good morning. mostly sunny skies. cool early this morning and then warming up through the afternoon hours. 70 to 75. perhaps a little too warm for the tufts 10k race in boston. noon temps around 70. breezy and as we work into first part of the afternoon, the numbers reach the lower 70s. picking apples today? looks great. temps this morning in the 60s. this afternoon low 70s. tomorrow still warm. a little more humid around tomorrow with temperatures tomorrow in the middl 70s. could be hoda? >> thank you so much. gabrielle union is the hit of show "being mary jane."
8:28 am
she plays a successful news anchor struggling to piece her life back together after the devastate ing car accident in last >> good morning. >> i'm going to start off by saying when i walked in here, the first thung i said have not aged. they did the side by side pictures from when you were 26 -- how old are you now? >> i'll be 43 in a couple weeks. >> yeah. >> is there any secret or just good living? >> i've been pretty hard on my body. i just have a good time. >> i do. i don't know, and oily skin. you know, when you're a teenager, you hate it. then when you get older -- >> your show "being mary jane," you once described your character as a hot mess. is she continuing? >> nothing has changed. nothing has changed. in seasons one and two, she had her career to fall back on or a man or her friends. and we pick up where she had
8:29 am
caused by overhearing her best friend and the love of her life, hooking up. >> stop it. >> yeah. >> so she doesn't have -- like after the car accident, she can't work. she doesn't have her best friend and she doesn't have her man. >> it's all over. when you think about your real life, it's so contrasting. you're newly married for a year to dwyane wade. what is that like? married to a younger hot man. sound. delicious. like it doesn't get old. every day he gets out of bed and like, yes, thank you jesus! he looks just as good going as he's coming. not a bad gig. >> how was the first year of marriage? was it what you expected? >> people like at marriage as the end of freedom. and for some reason, especially my husband has sort of looked at it as freedom to finally be the man he always wanted to be.
8:30 am
i've had to get used to him being so freakishly happy. it's been good. like he's -- he's happy and we're comfortable. and it's -- we really enjoy each other in a way that's probably not very healthy for us. >> you know what i love? i love a lot of things about you. but one thing you did is you shared something about you that was painful. and i think a lot of women their heads. you talked about how ibf was a struggle for you. you talked about trying to have biological children and it was something that wasn't working out. tell us a little bit, if you wouldn't mind, about what that was like. >> i was actually not actually talking about ibf for me personally but for women in general. and most of my friend who have done ivf are not women in their 40s. women in 20s and 30s. zwroust try to talk about shed a little light on, fertility is an issue, period. and having a career is not the price that you pay for any ill.
8:31 am
i think tv shows and film kind of make the frigid, you know, single focus career woman that her career is the root of all the problems in our life. can't find a man, it's the career. marriage falls apart. it's the career. kid gets an f in algebra, it's the career. that's not the case. just to show support and let people know that it just gets better with age. and having a career is an amazing thing if you choose to have one. and if you happen to have issues with fertility as you got older and happen to have a career, all is not lost. there are so many -- there is so much hope and so many options. you're not alone. >> by the way, you're so nice and sweet and smart and everything. i'm just looking at you. i know you're telling me important things. part of me is just watching and thinking, wow. thank you so much. good luck with "being mary jane." it premiers october 20th at 9:00 p.m. on bet. next, selena gomez live if
8:32 am
but first, this is "today."
8:33 am
ladies and gentlemen, he is sleena gomez. i'm on my 14 carats i'm 14 carat doing it up like midas, mmm now you say i got a touch so good, so good
8:34 am
make you never wanna leave so don't, so don't gonna wear that dress you like skin tight do my hair up real, real nice and synopate my skin to your hart beating cause i just wanna look good for you good for you i just wanna look good for you, good for you let me show you how proud i am to be yours leave this dress a mess on the floor and still look good for you, good for you i'm on a marquis diamonds i'm a marquis diamond could you even make that tiffany jealous you say i give it to you hard so bad, so bad make you never wanna leave i won't, i won't gonna wear that dress you like skin tight do my hair up real, real
8:35 am
and syncopate my skin to how you're breathing cause i just wanna look good for you, good for you i just wanna look good for you, good for you let me show you how proud i am to be yours leave this dress a mess on the floor and and still look good for you, good for you trust me i can take you there trust me i can take you there trust me i can trust me i trust me i trust me i can take through trust me i can take you there trust me i
8:36 am
trust me i trust me i i wanna look good for you, good for you baby let me be good to you good to you let me show how proud i am to be yours leave my dress on the floor still look good for you, good for you trust me i trust me i trust me i [ cheers and applause ] >> some more music and a chat with selena gomez in a moment.
8:37 am
the republicans finally >>"republican kevin ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. she'll never stop and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and
8:38 am
23 years old and she's no
8:39 am
stranger to the spotlight. and now selena gomez is back with letter second solo album. it is called "revival." she's ready to shine brighter than ever. good morning. >> speak for her telling her story. you know what i love about you? she's having a full on conversation. >> hey, guys. >> cover of "elle magazine" and "billboard." the stories have the same theme. after being years of what people thought you should be, its time to be who you want to be. is that fair? >> yes. absolutely. i think ultimately i've been shifting and growing and in this transition in my life and i really want to be able to be heard. and i don't really want anybody else to speak for me. >> one of the things you said recently is you were diagnosed with lupus and thankfully you're in remission and feeling better. just tell us a little bit about that, how you're feeling. >> to be honest, it still makes me uncomfortable to talk about it. genuinely, i feel like i'm able to reach fans and understand
8:40 am
people when i am one-on-one with them and they're kind of dealing with the same thing. because i've been. there i'm just trying to take something that maybe is negative and turn it into a positive. >> you're about to go on a big tour. how do you get ready for that physically and emotionally? >> i have to be healthy. i shouldn't eat all the things i do eat. but genuinely, my tour, the tickets go on sale this saturday which i'm very excited about. and i'm ready to share my new album with everyone. >> we're thrilled to you have here. what are you going to sing now? >> my second single is same old love. take away your things and go you can't take back what you
8:41 am
i heard it all a million times and i'm not one to forget i don't believe i don't believe it you left me in tears i'm on my knees right now i'm so sick of that same old love force that just tears me up love my body's had enough oh, that same old love oh, that same old love i'm so sick of that same old love feels like i've bologna part i'm so sick of that same old love the kind that breaks your heart oh, that same old love
8:42 am
i'm not spending any time wasting tonight on you i know, i've heard it all so don't you try and change your mind because i don't want to be changing too, you know you can't believe, still can't believe it you left in peace left me in pieces too hard to breathe i'm on my knees right now i'm so sick of that same old love that stuff it tears me up i'm so sick of that same old love my body's had enough oh, that same old love oh, that same old love i'm so sick of that same old
8:43 am
love feels like i've bologna part i'm so sick of that same old love the kind that breaks your heart oh, that same old love oh, that same old love >> i'm so sick of this. i'm so sick of it i'm so sick of it how you doing this morning? i'm so sick of that same old love that stuff is tearing me apart i'm so sick of that same old love my body's had enough oh, that same old love oh, that same old love i'm so sick of that same old love
8:44 am
you've blown me apart love heart oh, that same old love oh, that same old love >> more music from selena gomez in a moment.
8:45 am
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we're back with our citi concert series. i have one question. are you ready? when you're ready come and get it when you're ready, when you're ready when you're ready come and get it you ain't got to worry, it's an open invitation and i'll be sitting here real patient all day, all night, i'll be waiting stand by can't stop because i love it hate the way i love you
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all day, all night, maybe i'm addicted for life, no lie i'm not too shy to show i love you i got no regrets i love you much, too much to hide you this love ain't finished yet this love ain't finished yet so baby whenever you're ready when you're ready come and get it na, na, na, na when you're ready come and get it na, n a, na when you're ready, when you're ready when you're ready come and get it na, na, na [ cheers and applause ] you're all i need
8:48 am
me and the rhythm yeah the rhythm me and the rhythm i know, i know, i know i can't fight it denying yeah, the rhythm me and the rhythm i start to feel it now feeling like i'm losing no matter what your history be free with me everybody wants to get some don't blame yourself move your body i don't have to talk about love
8:49 am
feel the energy yeah, all i need is the rhythm me and the rhythm all we need is the rhythm me and the rhythm i know, i know, i know i can't fight it i know, i know, i won't deny it all i need is the rhythm yeah the rhythm me and the rhythm [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much!
8:50 am
>> selena gomez, thank you so much. selena, this crowd loves you! >> i love them. thank you so much, you guys. i hope to see you on tour. >> all right. we'll be back with more "today" after your local news. progresso, soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every so if you're not going to make do what we do...make it
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alert. help. southwest airlining working to fix technical problems that country. a car burst into flames >> a mega merger that could impact thousands of bay stay workers. mostly sunny skies. school right now. temperatures heading for the 70s this afternoon. >> all right, when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long. managing vegetation, information to you, you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, you're ready, too. to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. ever new england. eversource. spray. this changes everything. onase is the 24 hour relief erforms the #1 non-drowsy we breathe in allergens,
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