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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 12, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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southwest airlines with a message to travellers. what they say passengers need to do after big delays over weekend. also this morning string of robberies in boston. what police want you to know about this video. a stunning arrest as councilman tazored outside of his own home. good morning. morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris anderson. i'm jadiann thompson. this is our columbus day. you. we're here for you. let's go over to j.r. and talk about what a beautiful day we absolutely. mostly sunny skies. numbers into the low 50s. cambridge, good morning, 52. a lot of these cities and towns away from the city of boston
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boxford at 48. hemsted, 47. auburn, 53. boilton, 48. down south of town there were cool pockets of air at 45. fall river now at 60. marion 59. and out on to cape and islands the number in the upper 50s to around 60. high pressure with us today. mostly sunny skies. fantastic funnish to the holiday weekend. breezy and warmer than the past couple of day. temps this afternoon 70 to 75. right now string of robberies and a sexual assault have police on alert in dorchester. investigator have released surveillance have a of the crime and looking for the public help this morning. victoria warren joining us live with more on what police are looking for. boston police released two separate video clip and they hope when people see the video it helps them solve a rash of crimes that happened last sunday. all this time happening in
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dorchester within an hour of each other. some armed robberied. there were four armed robbery within 20 minutes of each other. they want to talk to this person of interest. the crimes near leroy street. a man told them he would stab them if they didn't hand over money. this is person of interest in a robbery and a sexual assault. that occurred in a part of dorchester. this person had two-toned hoody and could be driving an suv. they investigate to see if the first incident related to second incident. if you recognize the person of interest or you know anything that can help them in this investigation that you come forward. live this morning in dorchester. victoria warren, 7news "today in new england." there's a breaking story that we continue to follow for
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dell computers buying hopkinton based company for about 67 billion dollars. emc is the state's largest technology company employing nearly 10,000 people. the deal reported to be the largest ever tech industry take over. look at this car bursting into flames north of boston. happened right on the exit 16 off ramp around midnight. no one was hurt. the ramp had to be closed for a short time. it's back open. travellers on southwest airline are hoping to avoid delays today after technical trouble sunday caused big headaches for fliers. this morning southwest said yesterday's issue have been relved and that seems to be reflected here at logan where things are running smoothly that's not yet when the english caused big problems
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>> southwest ticket counter backed up with passengers. this the horror. it's poor customer service. it's poor information. lots of people, lots of luggage. nobody knows where thatry going or what they are doing. technical issue effected their web site and airport check-in systems. problems began sunday morning. >> long lines at airport across the country. 450 or about 12% of southwest flights were delayed. the lines from where you have to start to where we are now which hasn't finished approximately about 3 miles. this morning at logan airport many passengers came prepared for problems but found just short lines and most things working the way they should. really no problem other than the keosk wasn't working so they had to switch it over to another one. everything went pretty smooth. when you had your boarding pacify pass, five minutes you were done.
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no issues. no issue. so far southwest hasn't said what caused glich. 7news "today in new england". a boston man set to face charges in weymouth. francisco gomez behind the wheel when he crashed into utility poll pole late saturday night. one passenger was killed. the car was at least 75 to 100 yards behind the poll it it. it had to be flying. had to be flying. i got close enough where i could hear voices of pain and that's it. turned around and couldn't get closer. gomez faces several charges including motor vehicle homicide and speeding. n 1/2 state trooper doing okay after suv hit his cruiser. happened on 93 south. sunday afternoon they arrested 62-year-old women who they say
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was driving under the influence of controlled medication. breaking news overseas this morning. and iranian court has handed down a guilty verdict in the espionage trial of "washington post" journalist. that reporter jason has been held in the country since july of 2014. his trial was criticized by the u.s. government. he faces ten to 20 years in prison. i don't think it possessed national security problem. acknowledged. this is one of those issues that i think is legitimate but the fact that for the last three months this all that's been spoken about is an indication that we're in presidential political season. this comes as the republican national committee released this
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attack ad. e-mails aren't hillary clinton's only problem. the former secretary of state also under fire for her handling of the bengazi. he said it's a partisan investigation that was targeting clinton. stunning allegation. this has been a partisan investigation. the former investigator with the republican-led committee examining the bengazi attack said the group's actual target is hillary clinton. i don't believe this investigation was set up to go after hillary. i believe it shifted that way. polifca said he was kicked off for resisting pressure to i'm scared. going up against powerful people in washington. i was fired for conducting a thorough investigation. tray udg said he was
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targeting clinton and cut because of poor performance. he filed aggrievance about being fired which never mentioned clinton. but his attorney denies he mishandled classified information and said his client told the committee in april about his concerns. meanwhile the congressmen is defending the work. the clinton campaign called the allegation explosive sunday. saying they underscore the investigation has been a partisan sham from the start. this after house majority leader kevin maccarthy aimed at dragging down hillary clinton. everybody thought she was unbeatable. we put together a select key. what are her numbers today. amid the growing chaos a hard push to recruit consensus candidate paul ryan. now even some republicans hard-liners say they will support him. i think he would be a wonderful speaker like i thought
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he would be a great vice president or president. >> the house will be in recess for a little bit more than a week now. meanwhile clinton is going to testify before that bengazi committee next week. hillary clinton bernie sander and the rest of the democratic field will face-off in the first debate tomorrow night. t i m caputo heading las vegas. we will have full recap wednesday more something who is ready to talk football. patriot's, no problem with the cowboys on the road on sunday. defending super bowl champs able to get that undefeated season alive. brady's teammates talk about his toughness. we have more on the game from dallas. >> he's a hard warrior. it's not easy to stand back and have guys tag off on you. tom brady sacked a season high five times all coming in the
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they did some different stuff. we made adjustment and tried to manipulate. the pocket holding for brady in the second and the patriot's never looked back. we're on the road. never easy. and you know certainly they get two of their key guys back. we will be a good team. they will deal with injury. glad we got the win. cowboy defensive front impacted early but the patriot's defense never lifted. registering three sacks, two turnovers and no touchdowns for dallas. they do their job and we do our job. they are able to make plays and get sacks and able to get interception and we're able to make plays not letting them draw back and throw easy throws. the patriot's defense playing their most complete game of the year keeping the cowboys out of the offense. albeit against the back up quarterback. could be more of the same next week. a possible quarterback for
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can't go. a lot of prep work getting ready for indy. local police officer off the job. he's accused of sleeping on the clock right in his police cruiser. hear from the local family who has a bear camping out right there in the backyard. that's a place you like to see. a waterspout travelling across a bridge. >> sunshine for the day. warm, forecast coming up next. >> you be the traffic reporter. what's the common denominator for all these not. there's turnpike. how about the expressway. there's 93 and how about that turnpike.
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>> a waterspout doing some
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one tractor-trailer driver okay after running into the bridge. cell phone video shows the waterspout overtaking the bridge early sunday morning. as you can see that damaged. the florida highway patrol said there were no other reports of any other damage and that driver said the first thing he did when he got home was hug his little boy. it has to be terrifying. once the waterspout touches the land does it become a tornado. they rename and say waterspout then tornado if we to loop and and go back out. now he has a waterspout again. en though it's really the same engine. the same beast doing that thing. say we got to call it that. it will be that again. speaking of labels. this beautiful. this from one of our twitter friends. her handle aheart family.
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we tweeted pictures. this women said i got pictures too. if you have pictures from the weekend send it is our way. we can share pictures. fall foliage coming on strongen here in southern new england. the maples ahead of the pack. the oaks come up for the end of the season. almost like and to-peek season and fall foliage. the oak won't pop until halloween or november. if you head out there, over the next say half an hour to 45 minutes and the notch too far away. you can make your way into metro west and the worcester hills. a lot of color. even south of town. some great stuff there this morning. numbers coming out of 50s. boston at 58. man at the statistic. sunny, warm, temps between 70 and 75. the only folks that may not be
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run the 10-k it will be warm can road ways with mostly sunny skies. breezy. temperature straight up and 12:0070 12:00, 70. low 70s finishing in the low-to-middle 70. normal high for the city is 63. we're about 10 above that. the city this afternoon 74. tops field fair that rolls on today. 70s throughout the afternoon. in the orchard picking apples. perhaps getting your pumpkin. mostly sunny sky. temperature wherever you are today would be warmer than we have over the weekend. certainly more than saturday. even yesterday upper 60s today low 70s. few sprinkles 51 to 58. tomorrow a little bit of humidity tomorrow with mix of clouds and sunshine. mid 70s tomorrow your 7 on 7 forecast we have partly sunny skies away for wednesday into 60s thursday mostly sunny skies. near 60 only chance of rain this
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week looks like a couple of scattered showers likely. look that. a black bear getting too close for comfort for family in grotton. wild animal caught on camera hanging out wild encounter has fable on high alert. it's a big bear in their backyard. the bear has no fear of humans. let's go to john coco with more. imagine waking up and finding this guy in your driveway. i don't know. i don't know. maybe 300 pounds. he's big. this guy is big. kims son spotted this black bear relaxing in their yard in grotton. when he said there's a bear in the driveway i thought he was kidding. this was no joke. i just walked over and looked. and immediately grabbed the dog, put him in a room. got my camera and took some pictures. she also set up trail camera. turns tout bears have been coming by often. >> her home has a lot of land
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the ordinary. recently we had the most. i haven't seen many, many in the past 15 years that we've lived out here. now we have the outdoor camera we are catching more. they had to take down their bird feeders because of them. of course this bear wasn't exactly hiding under the cover of darkness. which makes her a little bit nervous having two kids. the bears showing up they are all ours of the day. morning early afternoon and then at night. she might start making her children wear bear whistles just to be safe. they need that dog from last week chasing away the bears. new information in a stunning kidnapping that had a new england team jumping out of moving car. care fiving moment. look at this. a deadly explosion and a fire in franklin from over the weekend. we will tell you this morning what investigators think fuelled the flame.
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some skashy moments in dallas last night when fan shot in head outside of at&t. this after the end of last night game. according to police the man in
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his 40s had to be rushed to the hospital in critical condition. witnesses say he was tailgating when a fight broke out. this suspected gunmen was arrested not clear at this point where the fan is from or what started the fight. two texas police officers are at the center of an investigation after daysing a city councilman. the police chief said they are now looking into what happened. this morning 26-year-old jonathan milley said he wants answer. miller said there was no juflgs for police firing taser at him while on his kneeings. the dramatic video one from miller friend another from officer's body camera don't show everything that led to the daysing. they were on routine patrol when they stopped at miller's house. for questioning who were in an area that is often been found to be involved with drug activity
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and other suspicious activity. miller said they were his friend and weren't doing anything wrong. guest. the tension escalated as officer repeatedly asked miller to move back. don't make go over before you go to jail for interfering. go back over there to end. when they tried to arrest miller he physically resisted. i felt like it was unwar renlted to be harassed like that. she was arrested for assault and then died in jail. the medical examiner ruled suicide but wrongest death lawsuit brought by her family is spending. miller charged with interfering with police and
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fellow counsilmember may call a special meeting. >> it seems obvious to me. our police department needs sensitivity training. investigation. he said he did by himself as >> stul ahead here on 7news "today in new england" stephen tyler sending out a message the boston rocker taking aim at a political powerhouse. donald trump. president obama givinged a
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local rocker steven tyler telling donald trump to dream on. the attorney for tyler asking donald to stop using the iconic aero-smith song during campaign rally. utsz the second time he has been warned by tylerment. tiller lawyer say drum use of the song wrongly implies that steven tyler in endorsing him. president obama getting advice to fellow chicago neighbor kanye west run for president do you think he will elect to be president of the united states. first of all you've got spend a lot of time dealing with some strange characters who behave like they are on reality tv show. you got to be cool with that. obama poking fun at the wrapper at an event in san francisco where west was performing. having a little bit of fun there.
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knows what it is like to be in reality show family with kardashian family. long lines across the nation. what you need to know if you are flying southwest airlines mostly sunny skies. a warm day. forecast for the week up next. is that officer asleep in his cruiser? the picture that landed one
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the 2015 models find your tag and get of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get zero percent financing for seventy-two months on most remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. a english cautions headache what you need before you head out. police officer facing some tough questions after he was photographed in his cruiser was he cleaning on the job? >> there's a new tool to help prevent teen suicide.
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in need. 9:30 thanks for sticking with this morning. it was beautiful weekend. did you get out and enjoy? it. >> was gorgeous. i went up north in new hampshire. i saw a lot of color on the drive out of the city. we saw that on twitter time line earlier. a lot of folk taking pictures and tweelting beautiful fall foliage here. good gao. more ma'am valley the number in the lower 50s. back into worcester hills. yarmouth 60. vineyard at 63. high pressure is with us all day long. mostly sunny skies. heading out for hike or bike ride or some fall foliage looking and viewing and taking picture. 70 to 75. a nice warm day. breezy perhaps a little bit too
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warm for the tough 10-k for runner with temperatures alternate noon near 70. in the apple orchards 60s this afternoon. low 70s this afternoon. traveller on southwest airline are hoping to avoid delays after technical trouble caused big headache for flier over the weekend. good morning, jennifer. good morning. southwest said this morning yesterday issue have been resolved things have been running pretty smoothly here this morning. that's not the case when the english caused problems from nashville to l.a. southwest ticket counter backed up with the passengers. lots of people. lots of luggage. nobody knows where they are going or what day are doing. airline said a technical issue
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they caused long line at airport across the country. 450 or about 12% of south west flights were delayed. >> the lines from where you have to start to where we are now there's a approximately 3 miles. this morning at logan airport many passengers came prepared for problems. really no problem. other than the keosk wasn't working. >> they had to switch it over to another one. everything went met smooth. no issue. so far southwest has not said what caused yesterday's technical glitch. also on 7 plates are investigating sexual assault in string of armed robbery connected.
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there were 20-minute span on september 26th. the man you see here is person of interest after he allegedly told these people he would stab them if he didn't hand over money. a man sexually assaulted her in different part of dorchester. officials want the know if suspect in this video could be connected to that string of armed robberies. lowell police are take thing seriously. they call the picture embarrassing. with his head on pill yoi and seat reclined this picture now has a lowell police officer on administrative leave. submitted to paper thursday. according to sun happened on highland street right near roger's school around 5:30 this morning. internal affair found two days
9:33 am
looking into the image of the officer sleeping while on duty. one officers have been placed on leave effective immediately. this is not representative of the hardworking and dedicated men and women of the lowell police department. adding this bhafor will not be tolerated. the citizens of lowell and my brother and sister officers deserve better. police say the investigation is ongoing. police have identified the man shond and killed. 49d-year-old from hamilton. it started when the man repeatly rammed his car into another vehicle. when officered arrive they turn attention to police cruiser driving at the squad car. that's when officers opened fire. i saw a green gmc envoy ramming into the cruisers back and forth and also he ran into the other
9:34 am
the next thing that happened is the officer in the cruiser behind him ran up andrew a gun. it all happen sewed fast. the man knew one of the passengers inside the other car but they are investigating what sparked the incident. the officer has been played on paid leave while the investigation continues. >> we have new details this morning on an attempted kidnapping of teenager in connecticut. police say 38-year-old lush the girl into her car and assault heard. we have video captures the teen dramatic escape here. incredibly she was not hurt. randle has a long criminal history. new this morning governor charlie baker is backing new legislation to help tackle opioate addiction.
9:35 am
state figures show death from the overdoses has doubled in the past five years. earlier this year a state task force recommended addiction be considered a chronic medical condition. governor expected to file legislation this week. suicide pri vengs group in boston accepting text messages who are looking for help. the director of the organization said this option is geared toward young people who may feel more comfortable raechling out through text rather than calling. >> police continue investigating a deadly blast at con dough in frank ridge killed a husband and wife inside at the time. firefighter rushing to scene saturday morning. they found both bodies inside. officials think the explosion could have been from a problem with the propane heating system. the exact cause is still being investigated.
9:36 am
two swastica found painted on the trail. they are not commenting now. randy quaid and his wife are behind bar after they were caught trying to cross the canadian border into vermont. border patrol officials say the couple was wanted in california for a vandalism felony that happened several years ago. they are held without bail while they wait for extradition hearing next week. the memphis police department mourns the loss of a police officer. officer aldrich with the department for about a year. it's unclear what led to shooting. suspect sister said his brother argument. hundreds of people gathered outside the state capitol for a change in the state's flag. they marched with sign to
9:37 am
confederate battle emblem. they don't want people to feel ashamed. they are now trying to collect enough information. serving as the site for memorable homecoming friday. walked to mid field she's surprised there. its his fourth tour of duty. you never get tired of see that story. ahead on "today in new england." a long time since north dakota school played football three decades later the game has returned. an implosion overseas doesn't go exactly as planned. how crews had to finish up the job. lots of lots of sunshine for the
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only at a sleep number store. right now save $600 on the #1 rated bed, plus 24-month financing. hurry, ends tuesday! know better sleep with sleep number. >> official try to bring down the building by detonated powerful explosion. you can see on the right and left side of screen the
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a little high-rise that could. you heard people boo them. mount fuji sees first snowfall of the season. weather officials. but 11 days later than usual. the lowest temperature at summit this morning was 15 degrees fahrenheit. slightly warmer temperature back here for us. that's correct. that's closer to home. that's in our backyard. it's somewhere else on the planet. mount washington that's up the road. shoe took this picture over the weekend. this summit. she said from the summit just amazing vista.
9:42 am
next week to ten days. getting close to peek. the white. northeast of vermont then up into the valley further north. that's an all-day trip. peeking colors there. that's working south through the lakes region. en into the northern berkshires. boston 58. plymouth, 57. high pressure with us. all sort of dry air. certainly compared to saturday. saturday we barely hit 60. and i think this afternoon between 70 and 75 boston around 74. merrimack valley new hampshire seacoast low 70s. rain in new hampshire 73. into the wour crester hill. worcester at 70 out on cape and island great golfing weather. provincetown 68.
9:43 am
and mold spores running in the low category. for tonight cloud on increase. mild night few sprinkles possible after midnight. lows 51 to 58. tomorrow another warm day. more clouds around especially tomorrow morning. could be a couple of sprinkles out of the clouds and a hit of hue hidity. not mid summer humidity coming roaring at you. i think dewpoint temperature climb to around skiblth 60 for a time tomorrow. the dry air returns wednesday and thursday. the reason being our next weather system cool front. there terms of rain probably won't happen as that weather system falls apart. the next couple of day we start out like this. jet stream looking like that. by the end of the week behind the cool front and second cool front on the way on friday will really rearrange the jet stream into a fast that usher in air. rain showers friday.
9:44 am
temperature on saturday and sunday. temperature on sunday may not make out of the 40s through the worcester hills and lakes region sunday afternoon. thanks so much. football season has a very special meaning this fall in this tiny town in north dakota. four years there weren't enough children to support a high school football team. 30 years later they celebrate the return of the comment. homecoming day in alexander north dakota and the high school football comets on the field after a very long absense. . it's been decades since alexander had its own team. cheering them on lesley beaver who fought hard to bring football back to community. they have something they haven't you can feel that energy in that pride. football ended in alexander in the late 1980 when small farm chance and there weren't enough
9:45 am
7 years ago oil boom attracted family and this year they are back. thargs only 13 player but for 6-man football league. how are they looking today? >> looking sharp today. miles from where we we were a few weeks ago. they couldn't be more enthusiastic. even though the comment are having a tough day against more experienced team. usually the loudest team out there even if we lose. really important. i used to be a bad kid. and football saved my life. one more reason no one carries about the lopsided score a source of pride for everyone here especially the boy are team
9:46 am
although they have only 101 game this season. spirits are high. the team plays again this friday. up next in sports bruins need to get a win. not off to great start to season. more bad news for the team here. which star is out now with an injury. its the play everyone is i have this recurring dream where i actually enjoy flying i never get bored and i just feel welcome...
9:47 am
let's head to ice. withdrew winn will host lightning hopping to get their first win of the season. been a rough start now. they will be without their star who is out in r indefinitely after suffering this concussion here.
9:48 am
beau in loss to montreal. the big defensemen listed his questionable for tonight game. he is recovering from an upper body injury he suffered during preseason match up. dodger second basemen expected appeal two-game suspension. major league baseball suspended him saying his glide into rubin was illegal. it broke his left fibula. game three will be played tonight in new york. the colts have asked a message not fly over the stadium during the game. the message requested by colts fan and deflate this brady. of course tom brady and patriot were accused of using deflated football during january afc championship game against the cults.
9:49 am
>> president had the chance to throw out first pitch prior to last night american league division between the royals and astros. the 91-year-old wore a neck brace and was in wheelchair. he broke his ben in neck when he fell at home in main over the summer. houston won the game to take 2-1 series league. dixon chumba won the men race. florence the current world record holder in half marathon won the women's race. a couple tied the knot at #-mile mark. they met in 2013 while they were training for marathons. they used gatorade to toast to their marriage.
9:50 am
like a bride and groom. kanye west said he wants to run for president in 2020. could he also be the next american idol. we'll have look inside his addition. >> james bond known for flashy cars. fans got a chance to see them up close in paris. for the day lots of sunshine. nice warm day one last look at the forecast up next. if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of
9:51 am
americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. staci, you have got to get down here. shaws & star market. shaws & star market. yes, mom. now. spread the word. vicki, this sale is amazing. the shaws & star market stock up sale is here. general mills cereals are $1.88 each. crisp, eastern apples are just .77 a pound. and nature valley and fiber one granola bars are 4 for $10. honey, can you bring the truck? you're in for something fresh! the shaws & star market's
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topping the buzz we love auditions on american idol. kanye west auditions. he surprised the judges. he performed his hit gold digger and received the golden ticket. would have been funnier if they rejected him. prince william and kate making royal appearance at mental
9:53 am
health father in london. the couple met with young people on saturday. the duke and duchess listened to story of former patients. wrapper busted in pittsburgh. he's been cited for public urination behind a bar. he was in town to perform at the university of pittsburgh basketball season kick off. he went to high school in that city. wow. he has a lot of memories. let's go to box office. the martian doing well. hotel transcylania coming in number 2. disappointing 15 million worth of tickets in opening weekend. a special parade of car featured in the james bond movie making their 007 debut on the streets of paris. scars from several bond filmed participated in the event.
9:54 am
associated with the fictional my is the 10. many said they brought back memory of watching james bond films during their childhood. it's a piece of history. it's gorgeous. to see just the to be next to it after seeing in all the movies. >> it's just -- gives me good boom ps. the film hit theater in the u.s. on november 6 with daniel craig returning for fourth time. do you like those movies? >> are you a bond fan? >> >> let's talk about what's going on today. temperatures in store. 50s and 60s. postup to 62. norwood at 63. and we have sunshine for the day. temperatures this afternoon warmer than the past couple of days. breezy. temps between 70 and 75.
9:55 am
too warm for the 10k road race. 1:00 this afternoon. low 70s. good luck to all runners. break out the shorts and tank tops again. warm weather. more on "today show" straight ahead. thanks for joining us. i'm jadiann thompson. have an awesome morning.
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