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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  October 12, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> announcer: this is 7 news at noon. >> we are following breaking news. first here at noon, a manchester woman missing for several weeks has been found dead. investigators say this 57-year-old woman was found in a crawl space behind a fake wall inside of her own manchester home. >> 7's steve cooper on the scene right now live. he joins us over the phone with more on these breaking details. steve, what can you tell us? >> reporter: we're getting the information from the new hampshire's attorney general
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office. sue hutchinson was first reported missing three weeks ago. and then last night investigators making this disturbing discovery. her body was found hidden in a crawl space, behind a closet, inside her apartment here on in manchester, new hampshire. now police were called to the apartment last night after hutchinson's family detected what's described as a strange ordinary that was coming from the building. investigators say based on the statements made before he killed himself in a massachusetts motel last week, hutchinson's roommate, 36-year-old steve andrade murdered hutchinson, hid her body behind the falls wall, took off from the area, and eventually took his own life. now the attorney general's office will only say right now they're awaiting result of an autopsy, set to be conducted tomorrow to determine the exact cause of death here. and no word this afternoon on any sort of a motive be in connection with the murder. we're life in manchester, new hampshire, this afternoon, steve
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>> also on 7, a dorchester neighborhood on high alert after a string of robberies. investigators have released surveillance video of the crimes and are looking for the public's help. at the video. police say the suspect may also be connected to a sexual assault in the area. 7's victoria warren live in vicki? >> reporter: yeah, police are looking because all of these crimes happened on the same each other. we spoke with several people who live in this neighborhood today and they all say they're very concerned about this crime. in fact, they say that many of them would prefer to walk the long way home than walk down these streets by themselves, especially late at night. a person of interest in a rash of robberies and a person of interest in a robbery and sexual assault. boston police with new video after several crimes on one night in dorchester. >> interview: that's dangerous and we're women. we come from the train station and anybody can harm us, especially a guy with a knife. >> reporter: the news bringing back scary memories for two
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of past crimes this. woman remembers getting her purse stolen. >> interview: they jump out of hands. i scream and scream. >> interview: about a year ago, it happened to me like late night one night as i went out. >> reporter: near ditson and leroy street, four calls for a man threatening to stab the victims if they didn't hand over money. all four happening within 20 minutes much each other. then a short time later a woman says a man robbed and sexually attacked her at knife point. police are investigating to see if there's any connection. people who live here say things have gotten bad. >> interview: yeah, i'm nervous. i'm almost like a prisoner in my own home, so to speak. >> interview: you just got to pay attention and watch every surrounding around you and make sure you're all right. try not to be out so late. >> reporter: to the police investigation, it continues in boston. and boston police want to hear
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from you when you recognize either of those persons of interest in the video they've released or if you know anything about the crimes. live in dorchester, victoria warren, 7 news. and 7 news now turning our attention to the weather. boy, if you loved the weekend, it's another extension of what we saw with all of the sunshine. nice warm start to the weekend. sunshine looks like it may be sticking around for at least a few more days. let's get over to meteorologist jeremy reiner with a peek at that forecast. >> reporter: right now, chris, mostly sunny skies. lower 70s. the city at 71. bedford 70 degrees. northwood started this morning in the three, now into the low 70s and we'll have the mostly sunny sky continuing for the afternoon. a little bit breezy at times out of the southwest. temps this afternoon between 70 and 75. you're picking apples this afternoon, again the numbers coming out of the 60s and low 70s. later on this afternoon, mostly sunny skies. low 70s. for tonight clear to partly cloudy skies. lows only in the 50s. a mild morning tomorrow. back to work, back to school. and even briefly back to late
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summer weather with a little more humidity around tomorrow. again it won't be july or august humidity coming at us. but i think it will feel a little more stickiness in the air. partly sunny skies, mid-70s tomorrow. then cooler by wednesday. we'll talk more about that coming up. technical troubles creating quite a mess for travelers this holiday weekend. travelers for southwest airlines experienced severe delays sunday after the airline encountered data glitches. today travelers are hoping for a smoother experience. 7's jennifer eagan has more on the issues from logan. >> reporter: southwest ticket counters backed up with with passengers. >> interview: it's just poor customer service. it's poor information. >> interview: lots of people. lots of luggage. nobody knows where they're going or what they're doing. >> reporter: the airline says a technical issue affected their website, mobile app, phone centers and airport check-in systems. the problems began sunday morning. they causedded long lines at airports across the country, 450 or about 12% of southwest flights were delayed. >> interview: the lines from
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where you have to start t where we are now, which hasn't even finished is approximately about 3 miles. >> reporter: this morning at logan airport, many passengers came prepared for problems, but found just short lines and most things working the way they should. >> interview: really no problem other than the kiosk wasn't working. so they had to switch it over to another one. everything went pretty smooth. >> interview: when you had your boarding pass, five minutes we were done. >> reporter: so no issues? >> interview: no issues. >> reporter: so far southwest hasn't said what caused that glitch. at logan airport, jennifer eagan, 7 news. a boston man is set to face charges following a deadly accident in weymouth. police say 30-year-old francisco gomes was behind the wheel when he crashed into a utility pole late saturday night. three passengers were in that car at the time. one passenger, a 29-year-old man, died. >> interview: the car was at least 75 to 100 yards beyond the pole it hit. it had to be flying. like i said i got close enough
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pain and that was it. turned around and couldn't get any closer. >> gomes now faces several charges including motor vehicle homicide and speeding. he is being held on $25,000 bail. also new hampshire state trooper is doing okay after an s.u.v. hit his cruiser, caused a lot of damage to the rear of the vehicle. it happened on 93 south in thornton sunday afternoon. police arrested a 62-year-old woman, who they say was driving under the influence of controlled medication. in new hampshire, a large water main break shuts down part of main street there in salem. you can see a large section of the road is completely buckled, as it was covered in water. it happened around 12:30 this morning. no one was injured. we have some new details now this noon on that attempted kidnapping of a connecticut teenager. this woman, the driver, is being held on $100,000 bail this morning. police say 38-year-old woman lured a 17-year-old girl into her car and then assaulted her. the victim was walking to school at the time.
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dramatic video captures this teen jumping out of the vehicle, opened up the passenger door, leaping right out on to the side of the road. now incredibly she wasn't hurt. police say randall does have a long criminal history. more news today. an iranian court handed down a guilty verdict in the trial of a "washington post" journalist. that's according to a report on iranian state tv. the reporter jason rezaian has been held in the country since july of 2014. his trial was criticized by the u.s. government and press freedom organization. he faces ten to 10 years in prison. president obama is defending hillary clinton's use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state in an interview with "60 minutes." >> i don't think it posed national security problem. i think that it was a mistake that she's acknowledged. this is one of those issues that i think is legitimate, but the fact that for the last three months, this is all that's been spoken about is an indication that we're in presidential political season.
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>> this comes as the republican national committee released this new attack ad accusing clinton of misleading the public. well, emails aren't hillary clinton's only problem. the former secretary of state also under fire for her handling of the benghazi attack. well, now a form staffer on the house committee that was investigating benghazi has come forward saying that it's a partisan investigation that targeted hillary clinton. stunning allegations from air force major. investigation. >> the former investigator with the republican-led committee examining the benghazi attack is hillary clinton. >> i honestly do not believe this investigation was set up to go after littlary. i believe it shifted that way. >> he was fired in june claims he was kicked off the investigation for taking military leave and resisting pressure to focus on clinton. >> i'm scaredded. i'm going up against powerful people in washington. i was fired to trying to conduct a thorough investigation.
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>> congressman trey gowdy says he was targeting clinton himself and cut because of his poor performance. gowdy notes he filed a grievance about being fired, which never mentioned clinton. but the attorney denies he mishandled classified information and says his client told the committee in april about his concerns. meanwhile, the congressman is defending the committee's work. the clinton campaign called the allegations explosive sunday, saying they underscore the investigation, quote, has been a partisan sham from the start. this after house majority leader kevin mccarthy suggested the committee was aimed at dragging down clinton. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right. but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? >> after heavy criticism from that remark, mccarthy withdrew his name from bid to become speaker of the house. amid the growing chaos, a hard push to recruit consensus candidate congressman paul ryan. now even some republican hard liners say they will support
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him. >> i think he'd be a wonderful speaker, just like i thought he'd be a great vice president or president. >> the house stays in recess for a little more than week. meanwhile, hillary clinton will be testifying before that benghazi committee next week. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and the rest of the democratic field will face off in the first debate tomorrow night. 7's tim caputo is heading to las vegas. he'll have live reports starting tonight. coming up here on 7 news at noon, dramatic moments. watch this. a waterspout travels across a bridge, tractor-trailer and the driver inside gets caught right in the middle. plus, hear from the local family who has a bear camping out in their backyard. sunny and warm to start the week. i'll let you know how long this warm weather sticks around in your forecast. and take a look at this picture here. a local police officer is now off the job accused of sleeping clock. we'll be back. if you see breaking news or have a story idea, call us on
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a waterspout doing some major damage in florida. one tractor-trailer driver is okay after running into this funnel cloud as it went by a bridge in central florida. cell phone video shows the waterspout overtaking the bridge. this was early sunday morning as you can see. well, that video showed the tractor-trailer just ripped apart. the florida highway patrol says there were no other reports of any damage. and that man is lucky. that is terrifying. >> that's a lot of power. it just shredded that big 18-wheeler like it was nothing. >> oh! same thought. >> oh. we're share ago brain, j.r. that's dangerous. >> yeah. careful there. hey, look at the foliage pictures we we have picked up from our twitter friends.
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he took a snapshot here of north salem, new hampshire. look at that. just gorgeous out there. thank you, shawn for taking that picture. if you'll our -- if you're out there today or took pictures over the last couple of days. i'll try to get them up on tv as fast as i can. we have a simple weather story. so we can talk more about leaves than, you know, storms or nor'easters. i'm fine by that. color moderate now in metro west. southern new hampshire peaking up north. for everyone it's run being five to seven days later than it usually does. typically if you're up towards mount washington, you'd find peak columbus day weekend. it's just a few days behind schedule. new england. and fantastic weather. lower 70s right now. so this will be a day that finishes warmer than normal. them. today will be another one. temps are running about a degree and a half below normal. and we're talking about warmer weather today and again tomorrow. but overall the trend would be
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sunny skies for the afternoon. a nice fall afternoon. it feels more like late summer than fall with temperatures running between 70 and 75. our normal high is about 63. so these numbers will be ten degrees above normal. boston this afternoon 774. attleboro at 72. north of town lots of sunshine in the mare back -- merrimack. if you're heading out this afternoon for a hike, temperatures this afternoon in the lower 70s. and then out on the to the cape and the islands, nantucket later today at 68. chatham will 69. topsfield fair wraps up today. breezy, warm temps this afternoon 70s. tonight clouds on the increase. and i think a couple of sprinkles very late tonight and into tomorrow morning. the morning commute will not feature any significant rain. but there may be a couple sprinkles tomorrow morning. so another warm day and a little more humidity tomorrow with partly sunny skies. temps tomorrow reach the mid-70s. and a cool front charges through
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new england late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. not anticipating rain. again may be some sprinkles tomorrow morning, but that would be about temperature. you notice wednesday and thursday trending down into the 60s for highs. and then friday that's another cool front. now that will pop some scattered showers much of friday afternoon and chilly behind that. look at saturday and sunday. temperatures in the upcoming weekend in the upper 40s to the low 50s. >> all right. thank you, j.r. a black bear getting too close for a number in groton. >> well, now the encounter has those neighbors on high alert. they say this bear has no fear of humans. 7's john cocoa with more on the story. >> reporter: imagine waking up and finding this guy in your driveway. >> oh, i don't know. i don't know. maybe 300 pounds. he's big. this guy is big. >> reporter: kim mcneil's son spotted this black bear just relaxing in their yard in groton. >> so he said there's a bear in the driveway, i thought he was
12:17 pm
kidding. >> reporter: this was no joke. >> interview: so i just walked over and looked and immediately grabbed the dog, put him in a room. caught my camera and took some >> reporter: she also set up trail cameras. it turns out the bears have been coming by pretty often. kim says her home has a lond -- a lot of land, so seeing wild animals is common. >> interview: i haven't seen many in the past 15 years we've lived out here. but now we have the outdoor camera, we're catching more. >> reporter: they had to take down the bird feeders because of them. >> reporter: of course, this bear wasn't exactly hiding under the cover of darkness, which makes her a little nervous having two kids. >> interview: the bears showing up at all hours of the day, morning, at night. >> reporter: she might start making her kids wear bear whistles to be safe. >> all right. glad everyone is okay there.
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well, shocking arrest in prairie view, texas. two police officers are now at the center of an investigation after they tased a city councilman. >> the police chief says now happened.
12:21 pm
this morning 26-year-old prairie view councilman jonathan miller says he wants answers. miller says there was no justification for police firing a taser at him while he was on his knees. >> hey, he's going to have to taser you. you're not doing like you're to >> the dramatic views, one from miller's friend, another from an officer's body camera don't show everything that led to the tasing. but police say they were on routine patrol when they stopped at miller's house. >> interview: for questioning in an area that is often been found to be involved with drug activity and other suspicious activity. >> miller says they were his friend and weren't doing anything wrong. >> the officer knew me. so i figured if i let her know that she's are my guests, you know, kind of -- i guess lessen the tension. >> but the tension escalated as officers repeatedly asked miller to move back. >> put your hands up. go over here before you go to jail for interfering.
12:22 pm
go back over there to the end, man. >> police say when they tried to arrest miller, he physically resisted. >> get out of the car! get out! >> prairie view is the same town where sandra bland was stopped by a state trooper back in july. she was arrested for assault and then died in jail. the medical examiner ruled it a suicide, but a wrongful death lawsuit brought by her family is pending. >> taser been deployed. >> miller was charged with interfering with police and resisting arrest. fellow council member may call a special meeting. y , is it seems obvious to me our police department needs sensitivity training. >> the police chief promises a full investigation. >> i don't feel like i did anything that i'm accused of. i don't feel like i should have been detained or arrested or anything. >> councilman miller says he did identify himself as an elected
12:23 pm
the boston rocker taking aim trump. plus, president obama giving advice to kanye west on his
12:24 pm
local rocker steven tyler is on. attorneys for tyler asking trump to stop using that iconic aerosmith song during his campaign rallies. by the way, it's the second time the presidential candidate has been warned by tyler. steven tyler's lawyer says trump's use of the song wrongly implies that tyler endorses trump. president obama giving some advice to fellow chicago native kanye west about running for president. >> do you really think that this country is going to elect a black guy from the southside of chicago with a funny name to be president of the united states? [cheers and applause] that is crazy.
12:25 pm
first of all, you've got to spend a lot of time dealing with with some strange characters who behave like they're on a reality tv show. [laughter] so you've got to be cool with that. >> well, that was obama poking some fun at the rapper at an event in san francisco, where west was performing. so much more still to come in the next half hour of 7 news. we are following a big breaking story out of manchester, new hampshire. a woman, who has been missing for several weeks, now found dead inside of her own home. we're live. and we'll have the forecast for the week up next. plus, a deadly explosion and fire in franklin. what investigators think fueled all of these flames. and take a look at this picture. is that officer asleep in his own cruiser? the picture that has landed this policeman on administrative leave. this flu season... remember this. your immune system doesn't work the way it did when rock was young. so we made fluzone high-dose
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still following this hour. the body of a missing manchester, new hampshire, woman found inside of her own home. investigators say the 57-year-old woman was found in a crawl space inside of a closet. >> we want to get out to 7's steve cooper following the storey. he joins us live on the scene with the very latest. >> reporter: neighbors learning a lot of these details disbelief. again this woman had been missing for several weeks here and now investigators seem to have put all the clues together and now they have a murder, suicide as well on their hands here. 57-year-old sue hutchinson was first reported missing three weeks ago. and then on sunday night, that disturbing discovery. the new hampshire attorney general's office telling us
12:28 pm
today they found her body hidden in a crawl space, behind a closet, inside her apartment here in manchester. police were called to the apartment around sunday night at 6:00, only after hatch u.n.son's family detected what they found was a strange odor coming from the building. investigators say based on statements that he made before he killed himself in a massachusetts motel last week, hutchinson's roommate, steven andrade murdered hutchinson, according to investigators, hid her body in the apartment here, behind the false wall and took off from the area and eventually taking his own life. now the attorney general's office telling us this afternoon that they are awaiting the results of an autopsy that will be conducted tomorrow to here. and right now nobody is talking about any sort of a motive here. all we're being told is that this appears to be a murder-suicide right now. and again that investigation into the whereabouts of sue hutchinson, who had been missing for three weeks ago yesterday, has now been solved according to
12:29 pm
investigators, when her body was found inside her apartment behind a crawl space. we're live in manchester, new hampshire, this afternoon, steve cooper, 7 news. >> thanks, steve. also on 7, a dorchester neighborhood on high alert after a string robberies. investigators have released surveillance video of the crimes and the a are looking for the public's help. >> yeah, they need you to look at the video. police say the suspect may also be connected to a sexual assault that happened in that area. 7's victoria warren with more on what police are looking for. >> reporter: a person of interest in a rash of robberies and a person of interest in a robbery and sexual assault. boston police with new video after several crimes on one night in dorchester. >> interview: that's dangerous and we're women and we come from the train station. anybody can harm us, especially a guy with a knife. >> reporter: the news bringing back scary memories for two people who say they're victims of past crimes this. woman remembers getting her purse stolen. >> interview: they jump out of the car, cut it off, they could
12:30 pm
have cut my hands. i scream and scream. >> interview: about a year ago, it happened to me like late night one night. >> reporter: on ridgewood street and ditson street, police say four calls for a man threatening to stab the victims if they didn't hand over money. all four happening within 20 minutes of each other. then a short time later a woman says a man robbed and sexually attacked her at knifepoint. police are investigating to see if there's any connection. people who live here say things have gotten bad. >> interview: yeah, i'm nervous. >> interview: i'm almost like speak. >> interview: you have to watch every surrounding around you and make sure you're all right. try not to be out so late. >> reporter: again boston police continue to investigate. they can't say these are definitely connected, but the timing is definitely something of concern. and if you know anything about these crimes or recognize any of the people in those videos,
12:31 pm
police want to hear from you. in dorchester, victoria warren, 7 news. let's turn our attention to the weather now. it is a gorgeous start to the week after what was a spectacular weekend. and the good news that sunshine looks like it's going to be sticking around for at least a few more days. let's get right over to jeremy forecast. >> right now mostly sunny skies, chris. temps 71. nashua 71 degrees. new bedford 71. high pressure is with us. a fantastic fall day. lots of sunshine. a little warmer than normal. certainly warmer than saturday. temps this afternoon will finish mountain low to mid-70s. our normal high is about 63. for the afternoon, a lot of sunshine. breezy, southwesterly winds helping to get those temps into the low and middle 70s. and for tomorrow it is another warm day tomorrow. but there is a cool front on the map. it's way out here and there will be a few more clouds around tomorrow. we'll call it a partly sunny sky. and warm with temperatures tomorrow lower 70s. then the cool front comes
12:32 pm
tomorrow evening, sending temperatures back to where we should be for this time of year. there are signs even cooler than normal weather on the way. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. officials at southwest airlines say things are back to normal today, after a weekend glitch in their computer system caused a nationwide problem. nbc's tom costello is in washington, d.c. with the very latest. >> reporter: good day from washington. southwest airlines says its computers appear to be back up and operating normally today and all systems appear to be operating normally today after a very difficult day yesterday. we had significant delays at country. at las vegas, at phoenix, at los angeles, for example, because the computer systems went down at southwest airlines, that affected their mobile apps, it affected their computer check-in ability. the lines in some cases lasted and stretched for several hours. in total 500 flights delayed yesterday. that means you had several
12:33 pm
and today they're playing catch-up. they say all systems are operating normally today and the delays they did experience this morning appear to be minimal and now appear to have dissipated. now they say they've got their computer systems up and operating normally. but it could be a full day of catching up and making sure that bags that might have gotten lost get to their rightful owners and those people who may -- maybe missed a flight yesterday, will be rebooked today. i'm tom costello for nbc news. well, back here locally, lowell police officer is in some hot water now, after this photo turned up and it appears to show that officer asleep on the job. lowell police say they are taking this very seriously. in fact, they're calling this picture embarrassing. with his head on a pillow and seat reclined, all allegedly in a marked squad car, this picture now has a lowell police officer on administrative leave. it was taken by a lowell sun
12:34 pm
according to the "sun," it happened on highland street right near rogers school around 5:30 this morning. lowell police say internal affairs investigators spent two days looking into the image of the officer sleeping while on duty. as a result, one officer has been placed on administrative leave effective immediately. a statement from police superintendent william taylor says in part, quote, while extremely embarrassing, this is not representative of the hardworking and dedicated men and women of the lowell police department,ed aing this behavior will not be tolerated. the citizens of lowell and my brother and sister officers deserve better. and lowell police officials at this point say the investigation is ongoing. police have identified the man shot and killed by police in beverly on saturday. hamilton. investigators say it all started when the man repeatedly rammed his car into another vehicle. when officers arrived, he then turned his attention to a police cruiser, driving right at that squad car. that's when officers opened
12:35 pm
fire. >> interview: i saw green g.m.c. envoy ramming into the cruisers, back and forth. and also he ran into the other s.u.v. in front. the next thing that happened is the officer that was in the cruiser behind him ran up and drew her gun. and it just all happened so fast. it was immediate. >> police say the man knew one of the passengers inside the other car. but they're still investigating what exactly sparked the incident. the officer who shot the man has been placed on paid leave while the investigation continues. governor charlie baker is backing new legislation that will help tackle opioid addiction right here in massachusetts. state figures show deaths from ownership -- opioid-related addictions have doubled. earlier this year, a state task force recommended addiction is a chronic mental condition. the governor is expected to file this legislation sometime this week. a suicide prevention group here in boston now accepting text messages from individuals who are looking for help. the director of the samaritan's
12:36 pm
organization says this option is geared toward young people who may feel more comfortable reaching out through a text, rather than calling. suicide is the second leading cause of death wrong college-age young adults and teens. the deadly blast that happened at a condo in franklin. two people, a husband and wife were killed in the fire. firefighters rushed to the site of the explosion saturday morning on tuscany drive, where they found both bodies inside. officials believe that explosion could have been from a problem with the home's propane heating system. the exact cause, though, is still being investigated. bike trail in cape cod is cleaned up today after two swastikas were found painted on the rail trail. right now police are not commenting on those two symbols that were found. golden globe winning actor randy quaid and his wife are behind bars today after caught trying to cross the canadian border into vermont. border patrol officials say the couple was wanted in california for a vandalism felony that happened several years ago.
12:37 pm
the quaids are being held without bail while they wait for an extradition hearing set for next week. checking news across the country. the memphis police department is mourning the loss of one of its officers. 31-year-old tairntion allridge died after being shot multiple times sunday afternoon. the officer had been with the department for about a year. police arrested one man, but investigators say it is still unclear what led to the shooting. the suspect's sister says her brother was washing his car when he got into an argument with allridge. hundreds of people gathering outside of the state capitol in mississippi for a change of the state flag. they marched in jackson with signs supporting a push to remove the confederate battle emblem from the flag. organizers say they don't want people to feel ashamed because of that emblem on the state's flag. so they're now trying to collect enough signatures to get a change on the upcoming ballot. a high school football game in greenville, south carolina, served as the site for a truly memorable homecoming. what you're seeing right there
12:38 pm
is a woman who was walking to midfield during halftime of her school's homecoming game when she was surprised by her father, a u.s. army sergeant. the sergeant just returned from his most recent deployment in kuwait. it was his fourth tour of duty. >> those stories never get old. >> i know. >> always great to see the reunions there. still ahead on 7 news in 59 noon, a -- still ahead on 7 news at noon -- >> for the day mostly sunny skies. late summer weather coming back. i'll let you know for how long
12:39 pm
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all right. the season's first snowfall. don't worry. this is japan's mount fugi. weather officials say the iconic mountain was crowned with snow five days earlier than last year. isn't it beautiful. >> it's gorgeous. >> though, it is 11 days later than usual. the lowest temperature at the summit this morning was about 15 degrees fahrenheit. and j.r. is really good at calculating the fahrenheit/celsius type ratios. you can throw a number at him, and he'll to it in his head. >> let's do it. >> i'm available for birthday parties. christmas parties. >> that's your best party trick. >> that's my only party trick. i'm booking up fast. roxbury 68. of course, that would be 20 celsius. melrose at 71. 60s and 70s through the merrimack valley. book into the worcester hills, the numbers here 70 degrees.
12:41 pm
south of town, this morning we started down into the lower 40s. norton, though, a nice recovery as well as sharon, upper 60s. the bridgewater area 73. marion 67. chatham 62. actually had a little bit of snow on mount washington late last week. and there are some signs this coming weekend that some of the peaks in northern new england may have some snow showers this upcoming weekend. not down here. you're like what he just say? there may be snow showers in northern new england. this coming saturday. not today. it looks great. warm, breezy. 70 to 75 throughout the afternoon. and a number of folks taking pictures of their holiday weekend. this is her twitter handle. littleredlizze. waterfalls cascading down off the rocks. of course, the fall foliage interacting with that. great pictures.
12:42 pm
thank you. great afternoon across southern new england. low 70s. apple picking looks good. temps moving upper 70s, low 60s in the or chars later on lower 70s. for tonight clouds on the increase, mild night tonight and actually i think a couple of sprinkles well after midnight and early tomorrow morning with 50s. tomorrow. not as bright tomorrow. it's a mix of clouds and sunshine for tomorrow. a little more humidity around. and again there may be early morning sprinkles with temps tomorrow heading for the mid-70s with just a touch of humidity and then the dew point temperatures will slide down through the 40s on wednesday. the 30s by the end of the week, as this cool bubble of air now getting organized across the east. thanks to a cool front that will come across new england tomorrow with a couple of sprinkles. wednesday cooler, drier as well. thursday. friday here comes another cool showers.
12:43 pm
temperatures on friday lower 60s. notice saturday and sunday cool there on saturday. by the way, this weekend is the head of the charles in the city. charles. a little bit windy, though, on saturday. sunday mostly sunny, less wind. chilly both days metro boston. well, football season has a very special meaning for a lot of people this fall. but in this tiny north dakota town, it's even more special, because for years those kids weren't able to support a high school football team. simply not enough players. >> but 30 years later, they're celebrating the return of the comets. homecoming day in alexander, north dakota, and high school football comets are on the field after a very long absence. it's been decades since alexander had its own team. cheering them on is leslie the school superintendent, who brought hard to bring football back to the community. >> they have something that they haven't -- that they've been
12:44 pm
that pride. >> football ended in alexander in the late 1980s, when small farms collapsed and there weren't enough kids for a team. but seven years ago an oil boom began attracting new families and this year the comets are back. >> yeah! >> there are only 13 players, but it's enough for a six-man football league. today? actually. weeks ago. >> a few weeks ago, the boys had never played football and still have a long way to go. [cheers and applause] enthusiastic. even though the comets are having a tough day against a more experienced team. >> oh, gosh. we're loud. and usually the loudest team out there, even if we're losing. >> her son number 5 the team is really important. >> i used to be a bad kid and football saved my life. football.
12:45 pm
>> one more reason no one cares about the lopsided score, a source of pride for everyone here, especially the boys are now a team. they are the alexander comets. >> one, two, three. comets! >> although the comets have only won one of the six games this season, their spirits are high. the team plays again this friday. >> and it's a better record than they had last year. 27 previous years. hey, we're still talking football. coming up, the pats on a mission. how brady and boys responded to all of the cowboy trash talking before the game. >> and the bruins not off to a great start. and more bad news for the team already. hear which star is out with an
12:46 pm
here in vineland, home of we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel.
12:47 pm
let's talk football. but tom brady may be a little bit sore this morning. it's worth it. he got the win. times. early sacks. >> once he did, he couldn't be stopped.
12:48 pm
for two more as the patriots scored 27 points. brady has 11 touchdowns this season and yet to throw an interception. the patriots beat the cowboys 30-6. the pats say no one should ever question tom brady's toughness. >> i don't think anybody questioned tom's toughness. some of the toughest players in the league. >> he's a warrior. he's a warrior. you know, it's not easy to stand back there and just, you know, have guys tag off on you. >> with that win over dallas, the patriots are now 4-0. they take on the colts in indianapolis sunday night. you can watch that game right here on 7 nbc. >> and to the ice we go. the bruins host the lightning today, hoping to get the first win of the season. been a rough start to the year. the b's without brad marchand, who is out indefinitely after suffering this concussion here. he was injured saturday night when marchand was hit with that elbow during the 3rd period
12:49 pm
during the loss to montreal. the b's will be without marchand, the captain will make his season debut. the big fella defenseman is listed as questionable for the game. he suffered an injury during a preseason game. >> coming up next in the buzz, kanye west the next american "american idol"? look inside his audition. sunshine for the afternoon. one last look at that forecast
12:50 pm
topping the buzz, a bit of a surprise audition. kanye west appeared on the set of "american idol." >> wife kim kardashian-west instagramed a photo of the rapper, surprising the "idol"
12:51 pm
judges on saturday. he performed his hit "gold digger." probably wasn't very nervous, though. >> wonder if they criticized him. how would you like to own some of these cars. special parade of vehicles featured in james bond movies. making their 007 debut on the streets of paris. several cars participated in sunday's event. the latest bond on wheels will be associated with the fictional british spy is astin martin d.v.-10. many fans in the crowd said the cars brought back memories of watching james bond films during their childhood. >> it's just a piece of history. it's gorgeous. to see just the -- oh, to be next to it after seeing it in ul affidavit movies is just -- it gives me good bumps. >> count them. 24. 24 james bond films. "specter" hits theatres november 6th with daniel craig returning for the fourth time. he's so excited about it. >> yeah.
12:52 pm
or not. >> maybe. >> i love the cars, j.r. honestly probably would rather have been in paris. >> yeah. exactly. great weather there and great day for a car parade. lower 70s. the city at 71. norwood 74. bedford at 70. high pressure with us. mostly sunny skies. nice fall day. temps this afternoon and again tomorrow warm in the 70s. more clouds, though, around tomorrow. sprinkles tomorrow morning. have a great afternoon. >> all right. thanks, j.r. >> 7 news continues first at 4:00. have a great afternoon and we'll
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