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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  October 12, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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let's head right out to kelly o'hara live in peabody with the breaking story. kelly? good afternoon. that driver in very serious condition. lots of broken bones after this accident. you can see they are actually lifting this truck up now. you can see just how bad this accident was. the front of the cab completely crashed and lot of people around here say this tow truck driver lucky to be alive. they have been cutting and cutting with the jaws of life and everything for longer it takes to get him out, the more serious it is . prayers on the side of the peabody road as fire fighters, paramedics and other rescuers tried desperately to save the life of a man trapped in this truck. he has been in there for good 45 minutes now. close to an hour. it's scary because the longer he is in there the more critical it gets . fire fighters tell 7 news the driver of the dump truck may have had some sort of medical issue earlier causing his truck to drive off the road and flip over in the ditch. people stood in stunned silence as they look on at the intense
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rescue operation. the man pinned in his own seat in the make ed mess. rescuers telling 7 they tried to keep the driver calm by talking to him the entire time. finally, getting him out though after nearly two hours, fire fighters say they were getting . we're not leaving until he comes out. >> reporter: become out here live in peabody at the scene where a dump truck rolled over inside. you can see they are lifting up this truck. now the front of that cab completely crushed. that driver was able to get out alive after about two hours. he has lots of broken bones, is pretty banged up and is at the hospital. people say they hope he is going to be okay. reporting live, kelly o'hara, 7 news. >> anchor: 7 news now turning to your forecast. a beautiful day in boston. maybe you were lucky enough to have today off and get outside and enjoy this great weather, but the rest of the week will be a little bit cooler with a
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pete, when can we need those up bringas? showers may get to us by morning, liz and they will sneak in overnight too. 75 for a high in boston. 77 in nashua. the same in norwood. yeah, from almost mid october this is crazy and it's still very mild. water temperature 5 so with the wind out of the southwest it's cooler on cape cod and nantucket in the islands but 78 now in fitchburg, so we did near 80 in some spots. the satellite is ready quiet across new england for now but if we widen the view, just below my maim, you can can see the clouds are building off of the virginia and delaware coast and it looks like that rain or those showers will be in here by morning. they are moving quickly in the gee as i front closes in so totally different picture as we go through the night tonight. clear and very nice though this evening if you are stepping out maybe supper outside, dinner outside it's great for that. all the way through 7:00 we should hold near 70 degrees and temperature only go down slowly tonight. falling back into the sixties then upper 50's. so showers aren't until morning. have you most of the night to
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dry and we have big changes ahead in the next few days. get ready for some real chill by the end of the week of the that's ahead . >> anchor: a police officer caught napping on the job in lowell is now on administrative leave. someone took this picture right here of the officer reclining with a pillow. that person said the officer was in a marked cruiser assent the photo to the lowell "sun" newspaper. the police are investigating. the superintendent released a statement saying in part while extremely embarrassing this is not representative of the hard working and dedicated men and women of the lowell police department. a watermain break causing some problems in salem, new hampshire hampshire. it caused part of the road to collapse at the intersession of lessants and main streets. fire officials say the area is expected to be blocked for repairs all day long. no one was hurt. >> anchor: actor randy quaid in a vermont courtroom today. he and his wife are wanted in connection with an alleged vandal imcase out of california from 2010. they were found living in the guest house of a santa barbara home. they previously opened. the two skipped several court appearances and went to canada. they were taken into custody
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after trying to cross back into the u.s. the critical facts in front of the court now for his absence from the country for five years and no attempt to rectify the santa barbara will be back in three days to determine whether cause. >> anchor: they are each being held on $50,000 bail. >> anchor: we are staying on top of more news today. students headed back to class at than two weeks after nine students were kill but a gunman. the governor of oregon was on hand today. students and faculty tied to bring become a sense of normalcy there as nbc's jay gray reports that's all going to take some time. sharing a message of strength and hope hundreds lined the road back to the community college this morning . this is our community. it doesn't happen here. it's not supposed to. >> reporter: 11 days ago it did happen here when a former student burst into a classroom
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were killed, nine more injured before as police moved in he turned the gun on himself. it was a very sad event and we need him to move on i think. >> reporter: for students moving on means coming back. as the campus opened for the first time since the massacre there was a stepped up police presence along with counselors and volunteers. there is still a lot of healing that needs to happen. the students that i met and talk to need a lot of support and they need a lot of love. love.. >> anchor: . >> reporter: college administrators say support teams will be on campus and many say they will do whatever they can to help their town and these students. this is a very strong and resilient community and they will provide the support that these students need to move forward and begin the healing process. >> reporter: support so many will need do you remembering what will be a long and
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difficult road back. jay gray, nbc news. >> anchor: tubbing now to voice your choice coverage presidential hopefuls hitting new hampshire today just a day before democratic candidates led to las vegas for their first debate. donald trump, bernie sanders and chris christie is monk big names in town. 7's adam williams joins us now with more. adam? >> reporter: lids, presidential candidates are taking part in a convention about problem solving. donald trump took the stage late this morning hitting on several issues including social security and treatment of veterans. he says he will be waving the democratic debate but he doesn't think it will be as interesting far. well, i think it's not going to be very well rated. because trump isn't in the debate. i'm only kidding. i think it's not going to be highly rated. i think it will be, you will watch it for ten or 15 any, people will get bored and turn it off . will you be watching? i will be watching. >> anchor: trumped joined 7
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chris christie is rallying support in the meantime he took questions from the audience emphasizing his views against marijuana use and his support of education decisions being made on a local level. other g.o.p. hopefuls speaking at that convention include senator lindsay gram and ohio governor john kasich. vermont senator bernie sanders also there and he spent some time in boston recently too you might recall. he was there along with democratic candidate martin o'malley and jim web. they are also speaking at the convention. again, the democrats will be headed to las vegas for their first debate which is tomorrow night. in the newsroom, adam williams, 7 news. >> anchor: as adam just mention mentioned, democrats will face off in their first debates tomorrow night and tim caputo is live las vegas. look for his live reports start starting a head at 5:00 . >> anchor: a former investigator looking into the deadly benghazi attack is i can canning the government's investigation is biased against hilary clinton. the air force intelligence officer saying the panel has not stuck with its original mission to determine why four americans
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goody back in 20123. instead he was pressured to focus exclusively on clinton and was fired when he did not. there is wrongdoing here and think it needs to stop. i do not want the investigation to end. i want the investigation to be refocused back to the original purpose. the victim' families are owed the truth. hillary clinton has a lot of explaining to do. we however did not need to shift resources to hyper focus on hillary clinton. >> anchor: the officer sadie is preparing to prepare a lawsuit against the select committee and officer was fired because he solely focused on clinton's role during the investigation . >> anchor: technical troubles creating a mess for holiday travelers this holiday weekend. southwest airlines experienced severe delays after the airline encountered data glitches. now it looks like they are all cleared tore takeoff. jennifer egan mass more on issues that tied up travelers. southwest counters backed up with passengers.
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it is poor customer service it's poor information . lots of people, lots of luggage, nobody knows where they are going or what they are doing. >> anchor: the airline said a technical issue affected their web site and airport check in systems. the problems began sunday morning. they caused long lines at airports across the country, 450 or about 12% of southwest flights were delayed. the lines from where you have to start to where we are now which hasn't even finished is approximately about three miles. >> anchor: this morning at logan airport many passengers came prepared for problems but found just short lines and most things working the way they should. really no problem other than the kiosk wasn't working so they had to switch it over to another one but everything went pretty smooth . when you had your boarding pass, five minutes we were done. >> reporter: so no issues . no issues . >> reporter: so far southwest hasn't said what caused that glitch. at logan airport, jennifer egan, 7 news .
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>> anchor: a stadium shooting just outside the patriots cowboys game in dallas. a fan was shot in the head after the and of last night's game a. a.cording to police a man in his 40's was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. witnesses say he was tailgating when a fight broke out. arrested. it's not clear at this point where the fan is from or what . >> anchor: a florida community coming to the to honor the crew a cargo ship lost at sea during hurricane joaquin. a huge crowd gathered to remember 33 people believed to have drowned when ship sank here the bahamas. it's been 12 days since the el faro was last heard from. the lord give us strength to go through . tragic loss for them, us and the community. that's what i feel like and it's just one of the things that showing our support . two men from massachusetts are among those missing keith
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griffin is a winthrop native and jeffrey in a thighs from within when done. both graduates from the maritime academy . >> anchor: the state of south carolina is starting to dry out after a week of massive rain and flooding. officials say water levels have been going down, 19 people were killed during the blooding. south carolina's governor is assuring residents that they are working fast to clean up that mess. what i will tell ask you we're moving, in we're in gear, we were hands on deck for response last week. we are hands on deck for recovery and restoration. this week everybody is ready. this is not going to take us years to come out of this. >> anchor: officials say they are working hard to get people away from their homes and reducing the number of people living in shelter . >> anchor: much more to come including one family that had a while encounter in their own back yard and they say it's not the first time this bear has paid them a visit . >> anchor: former president george bush making a big pitch during the mlb layoffs . >> anchor: new at 5:00 a texas lawmakers is demanding answers after police used a shocking
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weapon to take him down. that's all coming up right here on 7 news. we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things...
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wild encounter in groton caught on camera. a family finds a bear. there he is, just heying out in their backyard. they check the surveillance
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feeder started emptying a little too quickly . >> anchor: the neighborhood is now on alert. john cuoco spoke with the testimony leand shares their story from groton . >> anchor: imagine waking up and finding this guy in your driveway. i don't know. i don't know, maybe 300 pounds. he is big. this guy is big. >> reporter: kim's son spotted this black bear just relaxing in their yard in groton . hen he said there is a bear in driveway, thought he was kidding . >> reporte: this was no joke. so i just walked over and looked and immediately grabbed the dog, put him in a room, got high camera and took some pictures. >> reporter: see also set up trail cameras and it turns out the bears have been coming by pretty often. kim says her home has a lot of hand so seeing wild animals isn't out of ordinary. just recently we've had the most. i haven't seen many in the past 15 years that we've lived out here but now that we have the outdoor camera we're catching more. >> reporter: they had to take down bird feeders because of them .
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of course this bear wasn't exactly hide under the cover of darkness which makes her a little nervous having two kids. the bear is showing up at all hours of the day morning, early afternoon then at night. she might even start making her children wear bear whistle just to be safe . i worry more about the kids being out there so more cautious. john cuoco, 7 news. >> anchor: . >> reporter: pretty looking bear though. the forecast is noose for now. a slow cooling then the bottom may dropout by the end of week. i will be honest with you. detills arahead . >> anchor: shock and sadness for a family in wellesley when their daughter dies suddenly on the practice field . >> anchor: unbelievable video of a waterspout tearing a cross a bridge . >> anchor: news is all happening and you can get caught
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>> reporter: president george w. bush threw out the first pitch between the kansas city royals. the 91-year-old wore a neck brace and was in a wheelchair. he broke a bone in his neck when he fell at his home in main this summer. still smiling and still are a good time. everybody was so concerned because he is a little bit older but man, he is just so resilient when . >> anchor: jumping out of planes. still enjoying life. good seeing him out there. talking about weather it looked like it was nice weather but boy what a gorgeous day out there today . >> anchor: it almost felt a little summerish, i have to admit and tomorrow will be warm . they do change. it will slide by midweek but the big change you can say the shock of the system will be by this week. secretary. 75 in boston. dew point reading about 50. south wind at ten miles per hour hour. beautiful day, it took a little while to get here, didn't it? yesterday we were working on that 70 degree mark. today well into it. this time of year it takes a good two or three days to actually physically warm up the
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atmosphere at this latitude we're so high and, you know, this far north the sun angle is so weak this time of year. 77 nashua but don't tell that to folks that hit the mid and upper 70's. 74 plymouth. 76 beverly. 69 the high temperature in mid cape today. so it was great. worcester even in the low 70's. this really police in the face of what we have been seeing over the last couple of days and last week too when it was cooler than normal and for the month of october in general too. still holding in the mid 70's. we're 7 in fitchburg. 73 on the north shore. 75 in town. 68 in new bedford. one more day of these 70's i still see it tomorrow even though we have showers in the forecast a little bit more humid too. i don't want to call it a bad tomorrow. slow cooling at first, then much colder by the time we step into the weekend. we see these weather systems lined up so the confidence is very high, there is not much to foil the forecast over the next few days. no errant storm, no strange things happening in the gee,
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everything very uniform and we see that cold building. right now there is your cold front. very distinctly ironed out for you across detroit going back into indianapolis. also we're watching what's going on just to the south of the bottom of your convenient. there is a blip of green that shows up of watch how this jumps up late tonight. this is 2:00 a.m. it's way, way late. by the time we're snoozing then by morning we're in some shower activity. there may even be enough to get a good downpour going on cape cod. that's a possibility first thing in the morning but as we go through the afternoon i think it's just a lot of clouds, a little bit of sunshine, a humid air mass and maybe a shower or two. we may finish it off with one more downpour about 9:00 or 10:00 as the true front goes through. luck at these highs. once again epping, sal bury, any elton, waltham, framingham, not as warp as today but still pretty nice. 73 in lowell. plymouth at 72. brockton 74. barnstable and chatham in the 60's. the warmth goes all the way up into places that you wouldn't expect it for this time of the year. but then the cool air on the
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other side of hudson bay is kind of knifing down across minnesota minnesota. this isn't the cold air that i see for the weekend although that may be the source. witness woe get closer to the weekend you will see a big pool of it in that area. that will be shooting toward us. the foliage looking great. this may be the last web across central and northern new england and a lot of leaf drop as we head into the weekend because of the fact the winds will be blowing and cold air shovels in. rather mild, clouding over, sprinkles by morning about 55 to 61 with a south southwest breeze breeze. few showers breezy but look there is a little background sun there too. dewpoints holding in 60's, low 60's tomorrow but air temperatures 68 to 74. last her the 70's i want to say for the season because i actual i think we may warm up after this batch of cold air but it certainly will be and you won't even know it was 70 by time we get to saturday, sunday, monday. look at though high terms of a week from today. we're going to hard freeze the whole bit. this is unusually cold tore this time of year. see you at 4:30. >> anchor: time now for 7's fast track traveling. here is joe staple ton with a
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check of the roads. hey there, joe . thanks very much. getting a luck at route 95 right now up here in york, maine. still moving a long pretty well on [#] 5 in it section but after this area on 95 south we see to the hampton tolls. so tight ride there along route 95 in that spot. we still have that truck crash too. on 128 southbound off ramp to route 1 and some delays here in downtown boston as well. tobin bridge. that's northbound. there is a left lane crash there and traffic is backing up into the downtown boston area. southbound on expressway down around freeport street, not move took badly. right down into braintree and our pike westbound flying along out by exit 17 in newton but we do delays in the pike westbound clearing route 495. i'm joe staple ton, 7 news . >> anchor: up next a connecticut teen makes a dramatic escape from a moving car. now we're learning more about the driver facing pretty serious charges . >> anchor: a teen tragedy when a 16-year-old girl from wellesley dies suddenly during practice .
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5:00, officials in zimbabwe open opening up about what should happen with the american dentist who killed cecil the beloved lion . >> anchor: dell makes a big buy here in boston. the computer giant inking one of the biggest tech deals ever . >> anchor: we want to remind to you check us out on 7 news on facebook.
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>> anchor: a wellesley family in mourning after their 16 yearly daughter collapses and dies during the field hockey practice. they say she died of a brain hemorrhage . >> anchor: such a sad story here. they are remembering a life lost too soon. 7's jonathan hall is live in wellesley with the story. >> reporter: a thursday funeral being planned for this 16-year-old field hockey player who grew up in wellesley and had so much friends here her family says no family should ever have to lose a child this way.
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she was an energetic spirit . >> reporter: this is casey dunn about a half hour before she collapsed as a u.s.a. themed field hockey practice this dedham on friday. it totally embodies casey. that is pure joy, that's pure casey and what it does for me as her mother and having to say good-bye, gives me a source of comfort to know she was that happy and she died mercifully quick in a place she loved doing the sport that she loved with people that she loved. she later died at children children's hospital. the head of school rushed to the field when he was notified of a 911 call. he said the 16 yearly was lining up for the first drill of the practice when she was stricken . she said it a friend she essentially didn't feel well and she collapsed and after that people immediately sought to get her help . >> reporter: flags are at half staff and students will get counseling when they return to noble tomorrow.
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flowers arrived at case owe's


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