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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  October 12, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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flowers arrived at case owe's pares home in wellesley. they are thankful for the support of their family, friends and church and they wanted to share some memories of the girl they loved so daryl, the peace making middle child in a line of five kids. she had such a generous spirit. she did so much by leaving out to people. we've talked about you know she did this trip in eighth grade to romania and worked in an orphanage and banded so much with the little kids that she met there. >> reporter: again, the doctors are telling the family it was a brain hemorrhage that took casey. this they are stunned. they say she had no history of any sort of medical problems that they knew of. live in wellesley, jonathan hall 7 news. >> anchor: new detail on an attempted kidnapping on a teenag teenager in ken contact thanks to quick thinking here. the female driver is being held on $100,000 cash bail this morning. police say 38-year-old tawana randall lured a 17-year-old girl in her car and assaulted her the victim was walking to school at
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video here captures the teen's dramatic escape. she opened the passenger door and jumped right on the side of the road incredibly she was not hurt. police say randall has a long criminal history. >> anchor: two survivors speaking out after a plane crashed near the home they were renting while on vacation in california. the plane came through nearby trees and exploded just feet from the house. officials say it had just taken off from a nearby airport when it lost control. the house quickly caught fire. the couple thankfully was able to escape . i felt like somebody hit the house. it jolted and there was this noise so that's when we got out and started to look toward the window and there were branches falling from the tree. sad letwo people in that plane were killed. federal vetos are working to figure out what caused that crash. a midair scare forces a lean to make an emergency landing in new york. an alaska airlines light was headed to seattle where credit card reader caught fire. the fire was contained, no one was hurt. hurt.. >> anchor: six people had to be
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saved from a rip current off the southern coast of california yesterday it. began when an 11-year-old girl became stuck in a rip current. her father tried to rescue her but wasn't able to. help. rescue crews were able to less . there with a total of four civil that attempted to make a rescue and they were also suffered from minor injuries. three were transported to local hospitals. one signed an ama which is against medical advice and was released. >> anchor: officials say one person rehaynes in critical condition. the president of olive garden officer who was kicked out of carrying his service weapon. the officer says he was in full uniform at the time. he said he was with his family celebrating a birthday when an employee informed him there were no weapons allowed that establishment. he then made a post on face book shared over 1,800 times as of last night. >> anchor: protestors are calling for change of a israeli was held over the weekend calling to cut the confederate
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emblem from the state flag. supporters say it's time to drop that symbol but there are still some people who are standing by their flag. more than 200 people marched to the state capital of mississippi calling for a change in the state flag. the group fled for all mississippians supports minute mississippi initiative 95, an amendment toll constitution to remove the confederate battle emblem from the state symbol . we have to draw a line. are you confederate which stands for slavery or slavery or are you southern? >> anchor: they were joined about a civil rights activist and south carolina state representative generally horn who worked to remove the confederate flag from their . it is incumbent upon our generation and the generation that comes behind us to stand up for equality and justice and to
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i look at you today, i see strength, i see courage, i see ddtermination. supporters of the current flag say they were there to counter negative attacks on the flag. if they or fended i question their motivations because the blue in the confederate battle black represents saint andrew who was an apostle of jesus christ and he was jewish and that makes me wonder is it, are they anti- anti-semitic . it's not about letting go of southern history. it's about having a to people can look at it and all feel proud of and not feel any sense of fear or shame . >> reporter: the committee is working to the 100,000 signatures to place a flag change amendment on an up coming ballot. >> anchor: since shings in charleston some said mississippi should adopt a different flag without the confederate flag in it that could unify the state i think. taking a look now at news on satellite.
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year 24/7 stakeout keeping watch . he has been hole up in ex exwith a door's assembly in london in 2012678 they are being kept away from extradition for the u.s. for massive leak of government secrets each is also watched for an alleged sexual . >> anchor: china started construction on a record break breaking bridge. officials say it will be the longest glass bridge in the world. it's expected to be more than 1,400 feet long. the bridge will be open at the beginning of next year . >> anchor: a giant devil ray caught on camera. despite its size scientists have only seen this stipe of ray in that' the world 15 times in the last 150 years. it's on the endangered species list but scientists are investigating there are more . >> anchor: a zoo is welcoming three rare white bengal tiger cubs to their family. video shows the cubs crawling around their nurse sheri on saturday. two have black sometimes, but one of the little tigers is
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almost completely white. the cubs are being raised from bolt else by staff and will be living with some recently been lion cubs, that little white one that's almost entirely white, very rare, right? very rare to see that and i'm sure they would, people love to bring them home aspects but can you imagine how big they get get? no . >> anchor: probably eventually over time wouldn't work out so well and randomly i heard before that too like when they are all white they can have trouble with their vision . oh really. that's too bad . >> anchor: yeah, i know. doe pressing fact i add to the conversation . >> anchor: there is much more . >> anchor: if you are sick of the work grind, there is another company offering its employees a limited vacation day . >> anchor: coming up a wild waterspout in florida tears a . >> anchor: a show of hands.
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>> anchor: canning off another workweek, many of us rather be kicking off a vacation instead. well, imagine if you could take time off whenever you wanted . >> anchor: well, one any juror tech company is joining the major number of businesses offer offering unlimited vacation. to be true? t not your parents office. the head corridors for sorely networking site linked in features free lunches, ping-pong tables and open work spaces . there is greater emphasis here placed on the employees well-being. >> anchor: now linked in has a new vacation called dto discretionary time off it. means the company no longer has vacation time employees can take in a year.
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to place more focus on results and empowerment, not hours worked. several other companies have done the same including netflix, virgin, group on and a southern california company called zest finance. ultimately we need to bull a world where workers and management trust each other and where companies make people realize they are working to live as opposed to living to work . >> anchor: founded in 2090 douglas merrill's company has always given employees unlittled vacation without tracking dissolve . if we were to track it in some sense we end accepted a message it isn't unlimb. we don't want you to take all of that . one study finds most employees only take 51% off. unwilled vacation may not make a huge difference . as much as they hear they get unlittled vacation in the back of their mind they think wait a minute, if the economy turns i don't want to be sewn as not a team player. so i'm not going take my vacation. in fact some companies like kick starter tried unlittled vacation but duffled it bus employees were unsure how much
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time was okay to take off. zest finance says it's porn for bosses to lead by example . i try i to model that behavior both by taking vacation and by if you are on vacation and you e-mail me i will never . a modern day push to >> anchor: so linked in employees are now free to take vacation or not as they choose in. i feel like some people might abuse that though. who is keeping track? they are not keeping track of it so like y is been for the three weeks out of the month. where is he? >> anchor: on the couch watching netflix or jamaica . >> anchor: a nice benefit to have . . >> anchor: a little tempting to be lizzie or not to come to work. >> anchor: you don't get paid then . >> anchor: you don't get paid? then that's not a good dole is it. up another reason call out off work. why doctors say this season could be worse than most years . our forecast is mile at least through tomorrow. then it slowly cools off. no big storms in sight but big
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changes ahead. >> anchor: a counselor in texas demanding answers saying officers took it too far when they used a shocking weapon to . >> anchor: what next for the dentist who killed cecil the lion? officials speaking out . >> anchor: tom brady showing off his arm against the cow business and getting end zone love of us own . >> anchor: if you see breaking news or have a story idea woe would like to hear from you. just give us a call on the 7 news tip line. that number 1-800-280-tips. >> reporter: for the latest news, weather and sports tap the 7 news app. it's free. just search whdh in your android or iphone app store. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year.
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store.. >> anchor: beautiful summer lie day . >> anchor: i went and bought another coat for fall like temperatures then i brought it in today and i was like oh maybe i don't need it so much . >> anchor: is it bus you lost your rain ? >> anchor: i lost my rain jacket. if anybody seize it, it's black . >> anchor: hope fellfully you done need it this week. where did you lose it? >> anchor: i dropped it . >> anchor: we looked for it for a week . >> reporter: were we? apb for the coat. 75 in boston. dew point reading of 50. south wind at ten mile-per-hour. good breeze going on out there. high temperatures today something to just stare at for a little while. won't see this for a little while. tomorrow is a little bit cooler. still a mild day overall and the humidity will be coming up too. nashua today 77. too. 7423 plymouth. 60's on cape cod but we're not
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taking anything away from the weather there eat. it was beautiful on the cape and ilan as well. current readings are still holding so dinner outside, wow. with an option tonight! strolling outside, shorts, t-shirt still. these temperatures will hold for another few hours so even through 7:00, after the sun goes down, we're still in the low 70's or around 70 degrees. it will cool off tonight but not by that much. 78 right now in fitchburg, that was the high out on route 2. so, wow. stellar. one more day where we're in the warmth but tomorrow certainly not as bright. we will see showers. they will come to us late tonight and first think tomorrow morning. a slow cooling at first, then much colder by the weekend. i'm here to tell you it will really get unusually cold. normal high temperature in boston is 63 degrees. we'll try and make it out of the 40's by the weekend. that cold. so this is a front to change it. well, this is the one that actually breaks the 0 degrees temperature trend and brings us back into the 60's. this will be coming in but ahead of that we have a plume of moisture just racing up the
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eastern seaboard. this will reach out to us by morning. so we'll find ourselves with clouds and a few showers too. nothing terribly heavy from boston back through worcester hampshire. but we might see something that could come to the as a downpour across southeast mass briefly as it runs by. that's essentially your warm the cold front. how tidy, huh? that brings us a couple of showers. it might come in a couple waves 7:00 to 10:00. in be a downpour involved in too.. it will take away these temperatures. 71 epping, 73 hopedale. 71 boston tomorrow. or 71 or 73 in that range. 75 wellesley, 60's on cape cod. it has been a very cool october. we had a couple days that's been above normal but generally below normal by one and a half degrees so it's odd we get this warmup then we go back to what we've been seeing for the first part of the month as we get into the week. chilly daytime highs, warrer
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through tuesday and then that starts to crumble. 55 to 61 tonight rather mild, clouding over with struggles by morning and tomorrow few showers and breezy, bit human, 6 will to 74 and the 7 day forecast has with it another batch of showers on friday. that's the true cold front coming through. i guess you can say one takes away the 70's, the other takes away the 50's and leaves us with what's left by the weekend. high confidence in this forecast forecast. prepare for. the heat is going on this weekend in my house. actually what am i saying? it's been on. i will see you at 5:00 . >> anchor: let's get a check of the ride home. here is joe staple ton. petty quiet out there? it was moving a long pretty well on route 95 then this happened unfortunately. slowly moving a as you got get by a left lane crash near the kittery off ramp toward the mall around that exit on route 95. as kind with already slow moving traffic working your way out of maine so we have i sizable backup as you work your way south on route 95 or try to. other problems spot has been the tobin bridge outbound you can see the lower level where the
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blue lights are flashing that's the right travel lane crash work working to clear away for us traffic has been stalled out try trying to get by. making your way on the pike east and westbound we're cruising along nicely out here by exit 17 and moving too badly heading through 128. then the lower deck of route 93 moving slowly down by community college upper deck route 93 northbound moving around pretty question. i'm ejoe staple ton, 7 news . turning to a's "healthcast" blue season in full swing if you haven't gotten your shot just yet you might want to get it soon . i have not gotten one. the for disease control says this month is when the virus begins to spread and doctors say this year might leave you feeling down and out. we do this every year. it helps you keep healthy . >> reporter: lewis put on a brave face for his yearly flu shot. his dad making sure the family stays healthy . prevention, we do to prevent every year . prevention is key according to dr. robinalitiman a pediatrician.
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he said flu season is off to an early start. all right treating several patients. history repeats itself every year there is an influenza epidemic . >> anchor: the cdc says last year's vaccine was only 20% effective against the two strains that sickened so many people. dr.alitiman said this year's quadvaccine casts a wider net and will protect against four strains. the vaccine is formulated new at the end of every flu season and the scientists do the best they can to predict and estimate what vaccine strains are going to be around for the next flu season. the cdc has already distri distried 92 million doses of the flu vaccine. dr.alitiman says this early supply is if the a problem but recommends rolling up your sleeves early . you can get vaccinated at any point during the season, however, the best timing is before the season begins or as early as possible into flu season .
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>> reporter: she says it's quick and easy. just ask lewis who gives it a thumb's up. >> anchor: if you get vaccinated today it take the body two weeks to build up anti- anti-bodies. it's just as porn for adult as it is for children . >> anchor: ahead a new bar owner staying classy when he opens. where you can go to sip on a will ferrell themed drink . >> anchor: a reminder to check us out on facebook.
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>> anchor: contestants on "the voice" will be facing off tonight. two state policers from team pha pharrel will scare off. each coach will hear which artist interest their team is the strongest. coaches will have the option of stealing the losing artist. don't forget to check it out starting at 8:00 on 7 nbc followed by blind spot at 10:00 and we'll be back after that for 7 news at 11:00 . >> anchor: a special parade of
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movie making their 007 debut on streets of paris. ers from sever bond films took part in that event. the latest vehicle to be associated with the fictional british spy is the aston martin db 10. many fans in the crowd say the cars brought back medical or ease of watching james bond films during that childhood . it's just a piece of history. it's gorgeous to see just to be next to it after seeing it in all of the movies. . >> anchor: the 24th james band film spector hits theater on november 6 with daniel craig returning for his time time as james bond. >> anchor: a new york bar will be staying classy. a new bar called stay classy, new york is paying homage to will ferrell. it will feature several declarations and inspired by ferrell's movies. and of course, it gets its frame
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classic "anchorman," stay classy san diego . >> anchor: i don't know how many times people ask us stuff like that from anchor man. is it really like that? sometimes maybe. much more to come in the next 90 minutes. a elizabeth noreika . >> anchor: i'm eryan schulteis, 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> anchor: bringing news. lucky continue alive. a dump truck driver pulled from the wreckage after rollover in peabody . >> anchor: a miss being woman found dead. her body hidden inside her home in new hampshire . >> anchor: anticipation building. the democrats finally up for de debit and some lessor known candidates looking to make a name for themselves . >> anchor: what a columbus day. beautiful weather all around but in the days ahead it will cool down . >> anchor: plus, actor randy quaid answering to fugitive charges in new england today. an order held on high bail. >> anchor: a big buyout. dell's record breaking deal to by a local company. >> anchor: breaking news here first at 5:00. a dump truck driver pulled from
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a rollover wreck wreck in peabody. the man was trapped for nearly two hours in the smashed up cab of that truck. it was a tricky rescue for emergency crews out there . >> anchor: luckly, the man is expected to survive. kelly o'hara was there for the rescue. >> anchor: they have been cutting and cutting with the jaw jaws of life and everything. the longer it takes to get him out, the more serious it is . >> anchor: prayers on the side of the road as fire fighters, paramedics and other rescuers tried desperately to save the life of a man trapped in this truck. >> anchor: he has been in there for a good 45 minutes now. close to an hour. it is scary because the more longer she in there for the more critical it gets . >> anchor: the driver of the dump truck may have had some sort of medical issue earlier causing his truck to drive off ditch. people stood in stunned silence as they look on at the intense rescue operation. the man pinned in his own seat in the mangle mess. rescuers telling 7 they tried to
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