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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  October 12, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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they call it embssin . >> anchor: that officer is now on paid administrative leave. 7's john cuoco live h lowell with more reaction from the police department. john, what are they saying? >> reporter: police are saying this picture does not represent what the department is all about and they are taking this very seriously. with his head on a pillow and seat reclined all allegedly in a marked squad car this picture now has a lowell police officer on administrative leave. it was taken about i a lowell paper on thursday. according to the sun, it happened on highland street near the rogerers school at around 5 5:30 that morning. lowell police say internal affairs investigators spent two days locking into images of the officer sleeping while on duty. as a result, one officer has been listed on administrative leave effective immediately. a statement from police superintendent william taylor says in part: "while extremely embarrassing, this is not representative of the hard working and dedicated men and
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women of the lowell police department." adding, this behavior will not be tolerated. the citizens of lowell an my brother and sister officers deserve better. as of right now this investigation is continuing. willive in lowell, john cuoco, 7 news . >> anchor: a florida community coming to the to honor the crew of a cargo ship lost at sea during hurricane joaquin after a large crowd gathered in jackson jacksonville last night to remember the 33 people believed to have drowned when that ship sank near the bahamas. it's been 12 days since the el for oh was last heard from. two men from massachusetts are among those missing. keith griffin is a winthrop native, jeffrey in a thighs is from kingston . >> anchor: governor baker is becoming new legislation to help tackle opioid addiction if massachusetts. state figures show deaths from opioid related overdose have doubled in the past five years. earlier this year a state task force recommended addiction be considered a chronic medical condition. the governor is expected to file his legislation this week. a suicide prevention group here
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in boston now accepting tent messages from individuals who are looking for help. the director of the samaritans organization says this option is geared toward young people who pay feel more comfortable leaving out through text rather than just calling. suicide is the second leading cause of death among teen and college age young adults. >> anchor: new details on an attempted kidnapping of a teen-ager in connecticut who escaped thanks to some quick thinking. the driver is being held on $100 000 bail this morning police say 38-year-old that juana randall lured a 17 yearly girl into her car and assaulted her the victim was walking to school at the tile this. video here captures the continue continue's dramatic escape. she opened the passenger door and jumped right on the side of the road. she was not hurt. police say randall has a long criminal history. >> anchor: family of a 12 12-year-old shot and kill by police in cleveland believe there will never be charges in the case. in a new report release bid prosecutors two experts say officers responded reasonably when they saw tamir rice holding
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what turned how to be a pellet gun. the rice family attorney says they are wrong . these two so-called expert reports are written by pro law enforcement, pro police folks and they have selective amnesia about certain critical facts that a reasonable jury could find means those officers have commit a crime . >> anchor: the attorney says a report presents an incomplete picture of what was captured on surveillance video. video shows police cruiser drive up to where the 12-year-old was standing in a park then shots are fired. the county prosecutor says a grand jury will decide whether the officers involved will face any charges . a shoving match between students leads to a list take down in a texas high school. a student says his friend wouldn't give back his goggles which led it a shoving match. police say school officers tried to diffuse the . the student claimed an officer pushed him in the become as he walked away and grabbed him by neck and took him to the ground. he should been trained well enough to know that this is a 1
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at was taken was totally un unnecessary. the student says he was suspended and given two saturday detentions. the president of olive garden apologizing to a kansas city police officer kicked oh of the rest ran because he as carrying his service weapon. the officer said he was in full uniform at the time heave said he was with family celebrating his birthday when an employee informed him there were no weapons allow in the establishp. he then made a facebook post which was shade over 1,800 times. >> anchor: protestors in mississippi are culling for change. a israeli was held over the weekend calling for the state to cut the confederate emblem from the state flag. many say now is the time but there are still some who are standing by their flag. more than 200 people march to the state capital in mississippi calling for a change in the state flag. the group flag for all mississippians supports mississippi initiative number 55 analliment to the constitution to remove the confederate battle . >> anchor: we have to draw a line.
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which stands for slavery or slavery or are you southern. i'm southern to the day i die . >> anchor: at the capitol they were joined by civil rights activists and south carolina state representative jenny horn who worked to remove the confederate flag from their statehouse grounds . it is incumbent upon our generation and generation that comes behind to us stand up for equality an justice and to not back down in the face of opposition . i look at you today, i see strength, see courage i see determination . >> anchor: supporters of the current flag say they were there to counter negative attacks on the flag . if they or fended i question their mote vagues because the blue in the confederate battle flag represents saint andrew who was an apostle of jesus christ and he was jewish. and that makes me wonder is it,
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it's not about let going of your southern history. it's not about that. it's about having a flag so people can all feel proud of the flag and not feel any sense of fear or shame . >> anchor: the commit youy is working 100,000 citizens to police a flag changes amendment on an up coming ballot . >> anchor: since the shootings in charleston some have said mississippi should adopt a flag without the confederate symbol in it. that could unify the state they say . >> anchor: topping news off the off the satellites british police ended their three year 24 24/7 stakeout keep watch over julian assange. he ehas been hold up in ecuador ecuador's assembly there in london since 2012. he is there to keep from being extradited to the u.s. for massive leak of government seeks and wanted for an alleged investigation wall all is a sought in sweden. china started construction on a record breaking bridge. officials say it will be longest glass bridge in the world. it is expected to be more than 1 400 foot long of bridge luck opened at the beginning of next year . a giant devil ray is caught
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on camera in croatia despite its size scientists have only seen this type of ray in that area in the world about 15 time in the last 150 years. it's on the edangerered species list. but scientists are investigating whether there are more raise than previously thought . authorities in zimbabwe are not interested in extraditing the american dentist who killed cecil the lion. they say he was lured out of a national park before he was shot with a both by walter palmer in early july. the environmental minister said palmer had all papers necessary for a hunt in order. she aed there had been enough publicity surrounding palmer and that lion . >> anchor: up next, back in the game. football returns to a tiny town and we'll tell you why they . a race to the rescue when a dump truck flips crap trapping . >> anchor: a family left heartbroken by tragedy on the playing field.
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>> anchor: a high school football team in a tiny town is pawing history of for years there weren't enough kids this .
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. >> anchor: homecoming day in alexander, for the dakota and high school comments are on the field after a very long absence it's been degree aids since alexander had its own team. cheer them on islessly bieber, the school superintendent who fought hard to bring football back to the community . they have something that they haven't, that they have been starved of 27 years. you can feel that energy in that pride . >> anchor: footballened in alexander in the late 19 0's when paul farms collapsed and there weren't enough kids for a team but 7 years ago an oil bomb began athatting new families and this year the comets are back. there are only 13 players but it's enough for a six man football league . so how are they looking today? locking sharp today actually. miles from where we were a few weeks ago . a few weeks ago many of these boys had never even played
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way to go. they couldn't be more enthusiastic. even though the comets are having a tough day against a more experienced team. oh gosh, we're loud. and usually the loudest team out there even if we're losing . for her son, number 25, this team is really important. i use continue a bad kid and football saved my life. . >> reporter: one more reason no one really cares about the lopsided score, a source of pride for everyone here especially the boys who are now a team. comets.. our forecast mild today, warm in fact. another day in the 70's for tomorrow before it starts to cool down. >> anchor: just a reminder to
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>> anchor: a wild an counter in groton when a financely finds a bear.
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it all-stared when family noticed their bird feeders were emptying a little too quickly . >> anchor: so they decided to check their secure cameras. john cuoco spoke with that family who said the family there is on high alert . >> reporter: imagine waking up and finding this guy in your driveway? i don't know. i don't know. maybe 300 pounds? he is big. this guy is big. kim's son spotted this black bear just relaxing in their yard in grow groton . when he said there is a bear in the driveway, i thought he was kidding. this was no joke. so i just walked over and looked and immediately grabbed the dog, put him in a room, got my camera and took some pictures. she also set up trail cameras and it turns out the bears have been coming by pretty often. kim says her home has a lot of land so seeing wild animals isn't out of the ordinary. just recently we had the most. i haven't seen many in the past 15 years that we've lived out here. but now that we have the outdoor camera we're after catching more.
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they had to take down their bird feeders because of them . they are still showing up . this bear wasn't exactly hiding under the cover of it, ness which makes her nervous having two kids . bear showing up at all hours of the day more, early afternoon then at night. she might even start paying her children wear bear whistles just to be safe . i worry more about kids being out there . >> reporter: john cuoco 7 news. >> anchor: bears everyone else is trying to enjoy nice weather about before things start getting cold . >> anchor: today is probably a little warm for him because he has his fur coat on, but now it's going to be perfect weather for him coming up soon, pete of we'll got our jackets out, our fur coats. right? what's that? i said our fake fur coats . >> reporter: absolutely. it will get much colder by the end of the week and weekend too much one more day of temperature in the 70's before we see that slow cooling at first and then a lot of momentum in the cool down by the time we get into the weekend. so we're seeing this, we're timing this out too because the weather pattern relatively quiet
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very neatly so confidence is high. now fall is here, five days to the head of the charles. that's this weekend. 19 days to hal when and 20 days before we bring it back to daylight saving or rather standard time from daylight saving time. and it looks like that particular weekend will go become to sunsets around 4:30 that kind of thing. so it was nice to get one in. yeah? about 75 in boston. 77 in norwood and same in nashua nashua. still hoping in the 70's, what a lovely evening, a little bit cooler on the cape too. watch these clouds sneak in tonight. they will actually race in so we'll go cloudy late tonight and tomorrow morning too as we add a little humidity to the forecast. it will be easy to cloud thing up. tomorrow morning we might have a couple of showers at 5:00, 6:00, 7:00. you can see a burst of rain coming up across southeast mass. it seems to favor that particular location from plymouth, plympton, down to middle borrow and also to new bedford and out through chatham
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batch of rain to run through and then lonely front coming through in the afternoon with few downpours that go through between 7:00 and 11:00 so it's late in the day. new of the day is dry. i will mention that too on though we have scattered showers off and on and it will be balmy with dewpoints in the 60's, it will feel humid, temperature in the 70's. it won't feel like the season of fall of that's for sure. 72 brockton, 75 wellesley. we should make it again. you can see the warmth going all the way up into parts of hudson bay and back into central quebec 73 in montreal right now. buffalo 75 and even 75 out through chicago too. that insurance at least tomorrow tomorrow's warm and then you can see too a cold little protrusion here of air coming through wisconsin and also into minnesota too of foliage looking great across northern new england. question have moderate to even high color now purring all the way to the sea coast and we're peaing now right new across northern new england. that's going to fade quickly too too. i think leaf drop will be significant by the time we get into the middle and ladder half of the week.
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rather mild, clouding over, sprinkles by morning. 55 to 61 degrees of a few showers breezy tomorrow, bit human, 68 to 74 with the win out of the south southwest. there is your 7 on 7 forecast. even on tid that's not a washed out day. maybe a shower or two as the true front comes through. we have one front coming to take us out of the 70's back into the 60's and then 50'sment then the second one that comes through snuffs out those 50's in good order by time we get into ladder half of the weekend. 56. see you at 6:00. >> anchor: kicking off another workweek many of us, maybe we vacation instead. imagine if you can take time off whenever you felt like it . one major tech company is joining the growing number of businesses offering unlittled vacation. it sounds good, but is it too . t not your parents office. the head corridors for social net working sightlinged in features free lunches, ping-pong tables and open work spaces
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i think there is a greater emphasis here laced on employees well-being . now they have a new vacation policy called dto, discretionary time off it. means the company to longer has a minimum or maximum amount of vacation tim employees can take in a year. linged in's vice president says it's part of a growing movement to place more focus on results and empowerment, not hours worked. several other companies have done the same including netflix, virgin, group i don't know and a southern california company called zest finance. we need to build a world where workers an in the trust each other. where companies make people realize they working to live as opposed to living to work . >> reporter: douglas's company always gave employees unlimited . if we were to track it we would send a message that says it isn't unlittled. that. >> reporter: one study finds ewe mrs.y take only 51% of vacation may not make a huge . as much as they hear they
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back of their minds they think with the a minute, if the economy turns i don't want to be seen as not a team player. so i'm not going to take my vacation. in fact some companies like kick starter try to limit vacation but dumped it but employees were unsure how much time was okay to take off. seth finance says it's important for bosses to lead by at thes i try to model vacation both by taking vacation and by if you are on vacation and you e-mail me i will never answer you . >> reporter: a modern day push to vacation without limits . lendinged in employees are now free to take as many vacation days as they want or not with 17 days built in. pretty good. up next a big night on the voice voice. we'll give you a preview of the battle rounds next in the buzz . >> anchor: good evening, everybody. i am kim khazei . >> anchor: coming up on 7 news at 6:00 cruise are setting the stage for first democratic debate in the race for the white house. we are live in las vegas ahead of tomorrow's night's event . investigators say they found body of a missing woman inside that home in manchester,
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new hampshire. what do police think happened? >> anchor: a family flies to boston for a life saving operation. their little girl getting a second chance after having a brain tumor removed. >> anchor: amazing story. those stories and much more coming up on 7 news at 0 clock. we hope to see you then . for the latest news, weather an sports tap the 7 news app. it's free. just search whdh in your an or
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store.. >> anchor: contestants on the voice will be facing off tonight tonight. >> anchor: two is el from team farrell will be swearing off after bat erun. each coach will decide which ar artive from their team is strong strongest. coaches will have the of stealing the losing artist and done forget to check it out starting a the 8:00 starting on 7 nbc followed by the blind spot at continue:00 and we'll be back after that for 7 news at 11:00 . >> anchor: a special parade of cars featured in the james bond movies making their 007 debut on the streets paris. cars from several bond tips took part in this sun's event here the laest vehicle to be
5:56 pm
british spy is the as tin martin dv 10. many fans say the cars brought back hell or ease of watches james bond films during their childhood. it's just a piece of history. it's gorgeous to see just -- to be next to it after seeing it in all of movies it's just gives me goose bumps. >> anchor: the 24th james bond film spector hits theaters here in the u.s. on november 6 with daniel craig returning for his fourth and final time . >> anchor: in new york bar is honoring will ferrell, a new bar called stay classy, new york is paying homage to the comedian that will feature several degree operations and drinks inspired by his movies. the bar gets its name from a classic line of a farrell character in anchorman stay classy san diego. >> anchor: great movie . >> anchor: i know it is. there is another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead. i'm elizabeth noreika . >> anchor: i'm ruin schulteis. 7 news at o'clock starts right now. >> anchor: the teen in a prestigious private school
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suddenly collapses and dies. she had such a generous spirit. she did so much by leaving out . >> reporter: tonight being her parents share their memories as doctors try to figure out what caused her tragic death. a man pulled from it nasty dump truck crash. how the dramatic rescue played out . >> reporter: what a columbus day. beautiful weather all around. but in the days ahead, it will cool down. and a baby girl comes to boston to get the treatment she desperately needs. we started thinking about a second opinion not because we didn't trust our doctor but just because we didn't feel like, she didn't act like she was dying. >> reporter: 7 now at 6:00 starts now. >> anchor: first at 6:00, a teen tragedy. a student at a prestigious private school collapses at feel hockey pack advertise. she was captured in a photo full of life just before she passed away .
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right new a family is remember remembering this young lady with an incredible spirit. jonathan hall is live in wellesley with reaction from her parents. they want to talk about her daughter. it must be so tough, john. i cannot imagine . >> anchor: kip, adam, good evening. it really is. this happened on friday. the girl rushed by emt's to norwood hospital then up to children's but it was too late. it was so sudden, so unexpected her family says she had no medical problems that they know of and now her familiar eand friends in wellesley simply devastated. >> anchor: her nay, kissy dunn . she was an energetic spirit that bonded with everybody . >> anchor: her in wellesley devastated . no parent should have to bury their child at 16. >> anchor: a classmate took this photo of casey about a half hour before she suddenly collaps collapsed at a usa themed field hockey practice in dedham friday friday. she was born on the fourth of july. it totally embodies casey. that is pure joy.
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