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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  October 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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does for me as her mother and having to say good-bye gives me a source of comfort to know that she was that happy and she died mercifully quick in a lace that she loved doing the sport that she loved with people that she loved. >> anchor: n was a junior, the head of school here said the 16 ceil was lining up for the first drill of friday's practice when she fell . she said to a friend that she essentially didn't feel well and she collapsed . >> anchor: it was a brain hell range that took her life. casey was the well-rounded middle child in a string of five kids. she played sports, she loved to sing and dance. her dad loves this photo of his daughter paddle boarding on lake winnipesaukee where sunsets made water so beautiful . she would always ask dad, will this be a pink water night? and she hit the paddle board and out she would go . >> reporter: khazei friends began putting rubber duckies on the logo at the feel hockey facility. they will certainly need each other .
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times communities and families rally together to do their best to support people through. >> reporter: such a tough lessonp counselors will be on hand toll. the wake comes wednesday and on thursday we'll be the funeral. live tonight in wellesley being i'm jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: we're filling a developing story in peabody. a dramatic rescue there when a dump truck crashes and roll over over. the driver was trapped in that mess in and crews had to cut through wreckage to get him free free. kelly o'hara was there for the less could you and she joins us live in peabody and actually pretty deseebbing so far. that driver is okay. he is at the hospital. a lot of broken bones and he is bruised but he will be okay. this dramatic rescue all caught on calm ramp you can actually see the tracks of where this big rig laid mother for several hours saying everybody we spoke to says this driver is lucky to be alive. he has been in there for good 45 minutes now. close to an hour. it's scary because the more
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longer she in there more critical it gets . for nearly two hours monday afternoon . he didn't know when he left the house this would happen to him. such a shame . people in peabody stood on the side of the road and stunned silence. holding their breath, hoping and praying that dump truck driver pinned in his own cab was going to be okay . question, i had been here since like 1:00 and it's already quarter past 2 and they have been you canning and cutting with a jaws of life and everything. the longer it takes to get him out the more serious it is. the truck driver losing control after having some sort of medical issue fire fighters tell 7 news. driving off the road, flipping his truck and stuck in the mangled mess. fire fighters, police, paramedics and basically anyone who could lend a hand to help out did in order to get this man out safe and alive. finally, after a i have long hour and 45 minutes, this man was taken out awake, in pain but finally safe. and fire fighters say there they were getting him out no matter
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what. we're not leaving until he comes out. >> reporter: what an intense afternoon it was. the cleanup is continuing we're told about 50 gallons actually of gasoline spilled here as well well. again, that man is expected to be okay. however, several fire fighters were hurt during this. they had some cuts and brows but again their fire chief says they will be okay as well. in peabody tonight, kelly o'hara 7 news. >> anchor: also on 7, a deadly hampshire leaving neighbors in shock and disbelief. investigators say the body of a missing woman was discovered and it was found behind a fake wall. steve cooper live in manchester with who police think kill her. steve? investigators here in new hampshire telling us tonight that they believe it was the victim's roommate who in the end actually took his own life last week at a massachusetts motel. tonight, police are saying what happened here was a murder suicide. .
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the crime is really closing in on where i live. that's for sure. stunned neighbors still die jeffing the details after a startling discovery. three weeks after she was first reported missing, the body of 57-year-old sue hitch anson is found inside herman chester, new hampshire apartment stuffed in a . the close he was empty out and they discovered a false wall in the closet behind that wall was a crawl space and in there . hutchinson was first report reported missing by her family back on september 20. then last night relatives not notified police after deat thing a strange odor coming from the building. certainly appears like she was probably killed right around september 20 and had been there ever since . prosecutors say it was hutch anson's roommate, steven a andrade that murdered her and hi the body before taking off eventually killing himself last week . it appears he killed sue first then eventually killed himself . a crime scene clean up crew
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hutch inson's heartbroken relatives declined comment while disbelief . yeah, it's sad. i mean, can trust your own roommate. that's pretty bad. >> reporter: an autopsy is schedule for tomorrow to determine the exact cause of death here. as for the motive, right now that is something that investigators are not coming on right now they say they have a theory but they are not ready to live in manchester, new hampshire tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. and we are following more news. a rider flown to the hospital after falling from a horse in topsfield. fire officials say the person suffered a hip and shoulder injury, was taken by that helicopter on a stretcher as you saw. we don't have any details on a condition tonight. a watermain break causes part of a road to collapse in salem, new hampshire. this happened around 12:00 this morning at the intersection of main and pleasant streets it. took while quite a few hours to fix it up but the break has been repaired .
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7 news now turning to our fine fall evening give you i live look outside as we wrap up weekend. so very beautiful, nice, nice weekend but there are changes coming for tomorrow. chief meteorologist is here with a first look at the forecast . those changes would be a few showers working in. we're not ready to say good-bye to the 70's. we made it close to 80 degrees in some spots today up through pepper will and back through waltham it was close. withster at 76. wrentham 75. 73 in stoneham. now down to the upper 60's to near 70 degrees after holding through those 70's now that the sun is going down temperature obviously cooling off but still some warmth ers. with astill be around 60 or 61 in the city overnight tonight. a balmy night but not without in increasing clouds and eventually some showers will come to us. now tomorrow morning we should see these just few sprinkles, most of these across south eave mass. what we're doing is we're in increasing the clouds through the fight. 70 to 61 to 59.
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get cold later in the forecast we'll talk more about that ahead ahead. >> anchor: just 24 hours away from the first democratic debate and race for president. right now crews setting the stage this nevada. cnn is hoping the event tomorrow night. we all know hillary clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders will be taking center stage . but there are other candidates on that stage looking to get their name out there. 7's tim caputo live in las vegas with the look ahead at the big event. good evening, from sunny las vegas we are at the winn resort hosting the first democratic debate of this political season. you guys mentioned everyone seems to know the front runner at this point hillary clinton with a huge lead in states like nevada where we are right now but today or tomorrow night's debate another opportunity for the remaining candidates to get their name out there. hilary clinton . bernie sanders . >> reporter: by now you probably know him. but do you know them? martin o'malley, lincoln chafey
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and jim webb look for a carly fiorina moment of their own hop hoping a strong performance . it's not about the wordp it's about the action . >> reporter: leads to points in the poll. all three registering at less than 1% in the latest cth n or c poll in nevada that has clinton with a hefty 50% of support in that state. for each these candidates i have to define them selves and public understands that every election is about the future and that's where they want to hear about . even though they will likely be questioned about the e-mailer is have very which president obama called a mistake on 60 minutes sunday night bernie sanders who leads her in new hampshire plans to focus on something else . i happen to respect and like hilary clinton so i don't get into personal attacks. you know that. but obviously divisions of opinions should be discuss. that's what an election is about. if vice president joe bid indeed sides to join the race there is a sixth podium weighing for him in vegas . oh so there are five podiums on that stage for tomorrow night. hilary clinton the front-runner will be in the middle flanked
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there is a sixth podium waiting in the wings if vice president joe bide indeed sides to throw his hat in the ring but at this point it doesn't seem likely. kim, adam? interesting it is there anyway. we know the g.o.p. debates have been heated at times to say the leave. do we expect similar fireworks tomorrow night with the democrats? you know, las vegas is none for heavy-weight fights in town but don't expect a slug-fest tomorrow evening. a lot of candidates want to keep it positive. bernie sanders one of them said yesterday he wants to keep it a positive campaign and he will focus on the issues and not the other candidates. live in las vegas, nevada, tim caputo, 7 news . >> anchor: we'll have more live reports from vegas continue and term ahead of first democratic debate . >> anchor: coming up this evening on 7 news at 6:00 are a family from florida refuses to give up hope. they bring their little girl to children's hospital in boston and doctors perform surgery that saved her life . >> anchor: bruins get off to an early lead and fast start.
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so the 3 1/2 million people we serve have the energy they need. we serve new england. and energy brings us together. ever new england. eversource. >> anchor: bobby girl there getting a second chance at life all thanks to a medical team at boston children's hospital. the best of the best no doubt. that infant is from florida and doctors told her parents there wasn't any hope . >> anchor: that's what they said in florida but now that baby a future and is ready to go home.
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>> anchor: she is our little miracle . a baby girl from florida defying death with help from doctors at boston children's hospital. before abigail joan was born shall her parents erica and stephen were given a devastating diagnosis about a tumor found on . we had been told since i was 30 weeks pregnant that this is fatal. . they set us up with pediatric hospice. abigail . when she was born in august with both downs syndrome and a tumor abigail's parent and big usser it cherished every second taking these newborn photographs that when viral along with their story. but as days passed and abigail stayed strong, erica and stephen diagnosis . she was thriving. she was certainly not in any way shape or form dying . >> anchor: that's when ered sox soxa reached out to doctors at . we thought there wasn't enough evidence to give her a death sentence. .
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time that woe had hope . >> anchor: hole on to that hope abigail an her parents flew town boston so children's neuro neurosurgeon and chief and his team could perform the surgery . when dr. cohen came out of gentlemen ooheded a said we got it all andy are pretty sure it's not malignant, not cancer it was almost like she was born-again of she had a life now . >> anchor: a live her parents hadn't allowed themselves to even think about until now . i just local you and i think about your life and what you will be like when you are one and what you will be like when you are two and that we need to go home and make you a nursery and get you a crib and all of that kind of stuff . >> anchor: so abigail was released just this afternoon and they did confirm that the tumor that they removed was not cancer cancerous. so going home to florida with the whole new world . thank goodness. congrass to them. beautiful story. beautiful family and we will be
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>> anchor: hop youen today and the enjoyed the weekend because this fast ford a few days and it will feel a lot like fall of you might like that too if you like a cozy for an sweatshirt, right? >> anchor: nice are good when they are in fireplaces. so pete, you think this is going to be the last hurrah for the warmth that we've had or can we get a little bit back? yeah, it's long, longer it this might be it. tomorrow we get into the 70's then we start to talk about the cool down and the then it just keeps spiraling out of control.
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this week. 68 in boston right now. dew point reading about 55. south wind at 13 miles per hour. that south wind will be with us tonight and keep the night balmy all through. colors are fall filling up my twitter feed and this is a beauty. wow, was that today? shopped? that was real and that pretty. this monk we woke up in the temperatures were a little cool but we broke that inversion, that kind of stable air near the surface that kept us cool and then the temperatures were off. we got into the 70's as you saw earlier. mid and upper and now only around 70 degrees and some 60's being fund across southeast mass mass. two areas of clouds conspiring against us tonight. one to the west and this by the way sign of a rapidly developing weather system so this is a strong cool front that will eventually take out the 70's. this batch of rain to the south off the mid-atlantic coast that comes northbound here with time. it looks like just a little band of showers right now but as it
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comes north those showers expand and they stay out of the ocean of they will be hidden from the radar until they spring upon us in the morning. look they are on top of us, four four:00 or 5:00 sprinkles, folks folks. not talking about downpours although you saw that blob of yellow and red from about new bedford to plymouth that comes through. there is a chance we might get a little burst of rainery tomorrow morning and southeast mass and on the cape then maybe one downpour, two downpours between 5:00 and 6:00 or 9:00 in the evening. the day is not washed out and still another one in the 70's from goes by and then have you one more front to come through late day to just completely break the back of those 70's then bring in the 60's so we'll cool it off on wednesday but still it may be above normal on wednesday too. deaf putly above normal tomorrow tomorrow. 0's, low and mid and then low 70's to near mid 60's out through cape cod. the outermost cape. temperature trend is down, step down a little more on thursday, level off then one more big drop going into the weekend. rather mild clouding over
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a bit humid tomorrow too. 68 to 74. pseudo bad hair day. there is your 7 on 7 forecast. friday is a little sprinkly, there is when the bottom drops out on sunday in the 40's and lows in the 20's. snuff out the mosquitoes and growing season all in one fell swoop. see you tonight. are . >> reporter: no break for bruins this columbus day. the b'sly up again on their home ice this time by the tampa bay lightning. bruins have given up 16 goal in their first three games and start their season 0 and 3 all garden. zdeno chara back in the lineup puck drop with paragraph us roy. game tid at two in the second. tampa on the tail end of a at th thalitiy kill brian boil kicking off david master knack streaking in beating tukka rask. b's we get it back on the man advantage they also scored twice
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in the power play. ee ricson makes it three. this is not the recipe for staying on top. later in the period stephen takes it on the power play and respect a robert past rask 500th point of his career 4-3 tampa. jonathan druan adds insurance in the third, tukka would like to have this one back. five holes, bruins lose it 6-3 starting their season 0 and 3 for the first time since 1999. doesn't matter what the situation is, we got to be better defensively than the amount of goals from the goaltender on out. defense and we just got to be better. it used to be our strength and right now it's our weakness . i think we need to realize that good defense will result in good offense and defense isn't always a glamorous thing but it wins games . the final score might suggest otherwise but the patriots 30 to 6 win over the under manned cowboys yesterday
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and dallas was anything but easy easy. tom biddy left texas with a win but probably spent a little extra time in the ice bath this morning after getting sacked fives times and hit 8 times in that game. brady and the pats eventually figured it out. the patriots quarterback throwing a pair of scores running his touchdown to inter intersession ratio to 11 to 0 this season. his team is 4 and 0 and one of six unbeaten left in the league but this win wasn't the cake walk many expected. it was a big win for us. going on the road was never easy and certainly they get two of their key guys become a good team. they deal with some injuries and i'm glad we got the win . it wasn't easy for ussy on but probably the way we fought through some of that adversity and played a complete game toward the end. now the fun really begins its colts week where patriots and brady can let loose and off season's worth of deplete gate related payback against the team that got it all started. andrew luck still no lock to
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play on sunday night but knows what lies ahead if he gets the call. every game is important. this certainly is a big game and it's the next day. it is a very, very good team thanks undefeated coming into town and there certainly is a has tory between us anthem but it's also a new year and you have to take care of business at home. so we're excited. >> reporter: astros looking to finish off the royal but houston coughed up a four run lead in the eighth inning. eric tracks on there tax on more two more in the 9th and big fli flioff josh fields royals forts a deciding game five wednesday night in kansas city with a 9-6 win. become to houston carlos made an error in the eighth that helped fee the royals run but earlier in the game the astros super rookiest going way up to snare.
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that throw on to second and pleat a tricky fielders choice. clearia showing off the hops with our play of the day. and an hri conif ing the worst case scenario for jamal charles. he is done for the year with a torn acl. that's sports. 7 news continues after break. leadership isn't given.
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>> anchor: this our time for 7 news at 6:00. i am adam williams
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