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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  October 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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loss of a teen who collapsed and died without warning. new at 11, it's a foot fight in brookline and now a firefighter is in hot water. >> we could push the warm up into tomorrow. but a couple of weather systems week. >> the race for the white house heading out west. live in las vegas where the top democrats are less than 24 hours from their first debate. also tonight, a huge cover up. big change coming to playboy magazine. >> and dining hall drama got him kicked out of school. you know police are not going to come to this. >> now that former uconn student has posted a new video. details now from the night team. 7 news at 11 starts now. all right first at 11 a brutal beating outside brookline taco shop. police say firefighter is responsible. police describing a vicious attack. a man pinned to the ground taking punch after punch. the night team ryan schulteis is live in brookline with what
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witnesses saw before the fight. >> kim, many here shocked a firefighter would allegedly be involved in such a violent fight. tonight that firefighter is facing some is very serious charges. >> a brookline firefighter is off the job in facing assault charges after big brawl outside anna's taco shop sunday night the 37-year-old told them he was in line behind the victim and he was taking a long time to order he asked him to hurry up. >> after exchanging words the victim left, but a witness says the firefighter then came outside and called him an expletive. the witness told police the firefighter started punching victim and then, threw a bottle and food at him. witness says that's when 37-year-old threw victim on ground straddled him and punched 5 to 7 types with both hands. police say firefighter then took off but was arrest ad short time later after the victim identified him. the alleged action of firefighter disturbing to many. >> it seems pretty out of character for a firefighter. you know you would expect the firefighter to be a role model. so one kids can look up not going to going around causing that type of trouble.
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aware of firefighter's arrest, and he's been placed on administrative leave until investigation is complete. >> and victim was taken to hospital treated for cut over his eye. he'll be okay. we did try speaking to the firefighter through his door at his dorchester home asked him if he had any comment he said i'm all set. live here from brookline. ryan schulteis. >> all right we're following some breaking news out of kansas city right now. live image over a massive fire. two firefighters are killed while battling a large apartment fire. we're learning right now kansas city, missouri section of that city. it started burning a short time ago trapping firefighters inside. at least four firefighters we understand and again two are confirmed dead. officials say that four others were injured. we will continue to follow this. again you can see that you had all of the ladder trucks and we'll watch it for you closely. >> now we're going to go to the story out of manchester, new
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community searching for answers after that woman you just saw she was missing for weeks. she's found dead actually hidden behind a wall in her own home. and tonight investigators do believe they know who is responsible. john coco is live in manchester, new hampshire to explain tonight. >> last night wasn't the first time investigators came by this apartment searching for sue hutchinson. but it was last night they finally found her here. sue hutchinson had missing for three weeks. but it's likely she never went anywhere. inside her home the entire time. murdered. stuffed in a crawl space behind a false wall in a closet. i shoep didn't die in pain. i hope it went quick for her and she it didn't suffer. darlene worked with hutchinson she a came by to leave candle roses manchester apartment where 57-year-old was found sunday night. >> she was a wonderful person. and i just want to let her know
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that i hope that she can rest in peace. hutchinson's family called police to search the home after smelling something strange inside that evening. little did they know it was her decomposing body hidden crawl spaces, sometimes they are well concealed. concealed. this one apparently was fairly well concealed. investigators believe hutchinson was killed by her 36-year-old roommate steven andrade who then off. probably killed around september 20th and had been there ever since. about week ago andrade killed motel. >> yeah, its sad. i mean can't trust your own roommate? pretty bad. on scene monday uch hin son heartbroken family who declined comment. darlene however isn't holding back. and has questions of her own. i don't know what she could have done that bad to provoke him. i really don't. >> investigators may get more answers like how are why sue hutchinson was killed. an autopsy is scheduled for
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we're live in manchester, new hampshire, john could corks 7 news nights team. >> and a following break z knew in two stone. truck stuck under a storrow drive overpass causing a lot of trouble tonight. but has just been cleared. that truck hit foot bridge baystate road on inin found state but state police had to closing both inbound lanes. so again, traffic back ups but luckily no one was hurt. all right new at 11 now a teen in worcester hit by an suv while crossing street 17-year-old girl pushed traffic light button and walked into the crosswalk when a car hit her throwing her into the air. she was alert when she was taken over to the hospital. people living on the road say an accident was bound to happen. >> all the time you know, traffic, you know people are driving fast and on the highway. you know a lot of kids crossing road. you know it's not safe up in here. at this hour, police are still investigating the accident. >> now, from the night team. heartbroken in wellesley.
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she was an energetic spirit that bonded with everybody. a sudden death leaves a community in shock. she had such a generous spirit. the night team covering the teen tragedy. >> a completely unpredictable and stunning loss in wellesley. the this teenager collapse a field hockey practice leaving her family and friends and community in mourning. elizabeth noriega live in wells how young girls parents are having to ren their beautiful daughter tonight. kim her family describes her as being quietly care ris mattic. she grew up here in wellesley. and at only 16 years old she was already loved by so many. >> her death was shocking and, sudden, and unexpected. >> no parent should have to bury their child. 16-year-old casey dunne seen here full of life just moments before collapsing during field hockey practice on friday. her parents say she died of a brain hemorrhage.
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but this picture gifks with them comfort. she was an energetic spirit that bonded with everybody. it totally embodies casey. pure joy, pure casey. what does for me as her mother and having to say good-bye. givers me a source of comfort to know she was that happy, and she died merciful quick with in place she loved doing the sport she loved with people she loved. that love evident it field hock facility noble where dunn was junior. casey's friends placing rubber duckies a favorite of her on field with a many with loving messages cool lower flagged half staff loved ones had flowers deliveried to family home her parents sharing mem memory and pictures of teenage daughter. like this one of her paddle boarding on the lake. we have this thing where a magical moments when sunset is right. and water turns pink or orange. and she'll she would always ask
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dad is this going to ping water night. she had hit paddle board and out she'd go. now her family offering this advice to others. relish every moment with your child and your family. >> the family says she was one of a 5 children. and they also say she didn't have any known health problems. live in wellesley tonight elizabeth noriega, seven news night team. also from night team crews rush to rescue of a dump truck driver in peabody. it was a race against time this afternoon. because the driver was pinned inside the flipped over truck. it took first responders two hours to get him out. witnesses could only wait, watch, and pray. >> coming with jaws of life and everything. longer it takes to get him out the more serious it is. he didn't know when he left house this morning this was going to happen to him. >> such a shame. >> firefighters think the driver lost control because of a medical issue. he was letter when and is expected to be okay. >> turning now to the race for the white house.
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top democratic contenders. live look over las vegas. home to tomorrow's first democratic debate. in fact this is going to be the first time we get to seat democratic candidates go toe to toe as have two two previous republican debates. let's head out live to las vegas. tim caputo is there with what we should be watching for are when the candidates take the stage. >> kim, good evening from the nevada where the las vegas strip is lit up tonight. but tomorrow night that big bright spotlight will be on those 5 candidates taking the stage at the wynn casino behind me. the big question is whether the four candidates will take aim at front runner hillary clinton or they will use this opportunity in national spotlight to get their campaign out of the shadows. >> the stage is set literally and figuratively with democrat front runner hillary clinton front and center. in less than 24 hours clinton bernie sanders and three other democrats will be face to face on same sfaj for first time. for each of these candidates they have to defy themselves and
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public understand every election about future. a martin o malall trying to get their name out and have a chance to do son oh the national stage. its not about words but action. across country these here in vegas will be paying close attention to the lead clinton and sanders. i think she's strongest democrat. few months ago nobody knew bernie sanders and i, now he's ahead. new hampshire, now he's ahead. with huge sign over strip being billed a heavy weight bout it is vegas after all. tomorrow night don't expect a slug fest. candidates want to focus on the issue not each other. >> i happen to respect and like hillary clinton. so i don't get in to personal attacks. you know are there differences of opinion, of course. that's what an election is about. even though likely questions about secretary clinton email controversy, also a chance for her to clear the air. now she's gets to make her case directly to american people without filters of gossip columnist and would be gossip columnist. there's six podium waiting in
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joe biden if he decides last second he wants to throw his hat in the ring. >> well here in las vegas you can get folks from all over country visiting and on vacation here. we've got chance to walk around strip ask people about the debate. that's happening tomorrow night. some of them are interested. some of them don't didn't really care all that much. prevailing thought from all we spoke to tired of hear donald trump's name over and over again in news happy about having this first democratic debate other candidates will be in the kim. tim, talk about how hillary clinton took advantage of being in las vegas tonight to go on the attack against one of her biggest republican critics. >> yeah, kim she was here earlier today bill clinton here as well. there was rally going on at the trump hotel just up the street from the wynn hotel with this debate is happening tomorrow night. about 5 r. 500 union members from the culinary workers union were holding a rally outside trump's hotel. hillary showed up to that rally
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saying that front runner the gop does not support women, does not support minorities. does not support immigrants. she went out there as direct shot as front runner of democratic party taking a shot of front runner of the gop. that's latest live from las vegas tonight. tim caputo. see you again soon. tim can but you to live in las vegas. stay with 7 news for coverage tim will have live reports before sxv at democratic 28 right here on 7 news. still much more ahead here on 7 news a 11 tonight. hero rushes into the flames to make a great save pulling a dog from that burning home. this former college student went viral for drunken rant caught on camera. tonight he's go new video. an apology. comfort foods you will want those later in week into the weekend. cold air rushes in. latest on that ahead. >> and this is a family that refused to give up hope. tell you how trip to children's hospital here in boston saved their little girl's life.
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dramatic new video tonight showing the courage of a man as he runs into those flames to save someone's dog. that off duty firefighter rushed in as you can see the home was just burning out of control. he says he didn't hesitate once his instincts kicked in. like you always do. it's obvious tim loves dogs and also not much of one for publicity. i don't do it for people to say thank you and pat me on back. ado it because it needs to be done. >> so it wouldn't surprise people who know him to know that he ran into a burning house saturday. and came out with an 80 pound dog who had trapped inside. then, went on his way. i got in his car and left. this was so weird. he just took off. he's 20 year veteran national fire department.
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you going for figure if there's a dog in house the dog duty saturday. we just live about two or three miles when he saw smoke and new volunteer firefighters wouldn't be there for a while, so it was up to him. he saved sampson the family's pet. the family is very grateful. they didn't have to go into house that was on fire. deeply, deeply appreciatative. that man being there. they say relative was house sitting and had just left to go to the store when the fire broke out. >> new tonight, a major cover up involving playboy magazine. "new york times" is reporting magazine is being redesigned and that when it debuts in march the print editions will no longer feature fully nude photographs. report does say women will still pose in provocative way. but analyst are saying this move will allowed to shared more i know loan facebook and twitter because they have standards that
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ban sexually explicit images. >> also new tonight a former uconn student talking for first time about his fro fan tee laced tirade over mac and cheese. rant record and posted to youtube last week shows him bee rating and attacking manager because he saw him drinking booze. he was arrested and expelled from uconn tonight. he recorded and posted an apology to youtube. >> for the start, by apologizing to all of the staff involved in my incident. especially my the manager who is really just, he was just doing his job. no one deserves to be treated that way ever. he also says he's ashamed of himself, called his actions a wake up call and says he has problems that he is now addressing. >> taking a look at your forecast in sounds like we could have sort of umbrella day tomorrow. yep. and then, things go kind of down. here's chief meteorologist pete but you char. they do slide later in week yeah and weekend too.
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but today let's just revel in moment for moment. close to 80 in perp ill 76 in boston official waltham 77. 75 in inn braintree through stoneham and down the south shore too. >> one more day of temperatures in 70s, and dot dot dot we'll add a little humidity to forecast tomorrow. slow cooling at first. much cooler by weekend. temperatures have dipped down into lower 50s. new bedford lead back at 50. fitchburg a 49. elsewhere, loitering in 50s. we have clouds on the increase, squeezing us from the west and from the south too. first up, what's coming up from the south will be the shower activity for tomorrow morning. expect that to poke out across southeast mass. there might be a couple of downpours. this is one little surge of rain that comes through predominantly in the morning hours. then rockets out of here. so it looks like afternoon will dry out and we'll see a little bit of sunshine. this is when we jump up into the 70s. and it a little skik too. we finish afternoon casinoing off.
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shower with cool front too. >> a warm front cool front combo tomorrow passing there. and backside of this weather system one more front for good measure to driver home point that 70s are out of picture for a while. and cool air shuffles in not like we're going to drop out of sight. you will see in forecast ahead. 70s tomorrow, lowell middleton, boston 72. 74 waltham and framingham. winds out of the south, southwest brisk speeds for tomorrow. warmth go up into nearly hudson bay right on shores 61. then cold on other side of thunder bay. a lot of bays involved here. eventually come to madz bay too. and our temperatures will fall down later in the week. but close to normal. normal high temperature 63 degrees. it's what happens on friday. with that final front that will change things up for the weekend. clouding over sprinkles by more than 55 to 61 degrees. a little burst of rain in the morning and then a break off in the afternoon.
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that rain favors southeast mass and cape and islands. 68 to 74. >> 7 on seven forecast, one more shower with warm weather system on otherwise this week is dry. the weekend, stumbled over on saturday. deep chills coming in by sunday and monday. does not look like it has legs. does not look like it will last more than couple days. we could warm it up as early tuesday next week. maybe just two day stand. see you tomorrow. see you then, pete baby girl i getting second chance life thanks to medical team boston children's hospital. so, if it were talking about you see here there from florida. doctors there told her parents there really wasn't any hope. since day she was born. but tonight little abigail is back home and has a bright future. >> she is our little miracle. baby girl from florida defined defying death. before appear gail jones were born her parents were given a
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tumor found on her brain. we had been told since i was 30 weeks pregnant this was fatal. they set us up with pediatric hospice. we made funeral arrangements for abigail. when she was born in august with both down syndrome and the tumor, abigails parents and big center cherished every second taking newborn photos that went viral. a days passed and abigail stayed stronger can and stephen started to question the diagnosis. >> she was thriving. she was certainly not in anyway, shape or form dying. when erica reached out to doctors at boston children's hospital. >> we thought there wasn't enough evidence to give her a death sentence, why don't you come on up let's take look and maybe we can take it out. that was really the first time that we had hope we had hope. holding on to that hope abigail and her parents flew up to boston children neurosurgeon and his team could perform the surgery. >> when dr. cohen came out surgery and said we got it all,
11:21 pm
and we are pretty, pretty, pretty sure it's not malignant, not cancer, it was almost like she was born again a life now. life her parents hadn't even allowed themselves to think about until now i just look you and think about your life and what you're going to like when you're 1 and what you're going to like when atwo we need to go home and make you nursery get you crib and all of that kind of stuff. tonight we're really, really, really, really, really sure that the tumor was not cancerous. so that's more good news for the family. >> so awesome. what an doer rabl baby. cutest i have ever seen i love those little photographs. those precious. joe on to indy for patriots we're also talking bruins bruins going through early season growing pains right now. tuukka rask, bruins goal tender one taking all the hits here with a poor defense in front of him. we will hear what he has to say
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an over to johnson.
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two goals in a span span of 109. and bang, bang it's two-2. that 2-0 lead over lightning evaporates in at blink of an eye and bruins are now 0 and 3 to start their season. they've allowed 16 goals in those three losses. all on their home ice. their worst start since 1999. cha ra back in the line up joining transfers roy who was signed to one year contract with bruins. one day contract with bruins. game tied 2 in second tampa on tail end of penalty kill. he sees brian boil pick picking on david lead tuukka rask 3-2 b's would get it back on main advantage. already scored twie erickson makes it 3 his second game. later in period, stephen stam skos takes aim on power play and rips rocket past rask. his 500th career point. that's game winner bruins lose it 6-3 now 0 and 3. >> i'm pretty concerned how many goals i'm. that's, that's my concern.
11:25 pm
but i thought we played pretty good today. glim glimpse first two games and playing good hockey. just, not quite whole 60 minutes we get scored, a little bit too much. patriots are now on to indy after smacking cowboys 30 to 6. highlights in game obviously this lewis tip catch in run into endzone to touchdown. lewis isn't most talkative patriot but this a play speaks for itself. >> have you seen? what do you think? >> it was all right. >> it was good. to get rolling and everybody gets rolling a lot of guys on that play. we won our game. going to tougher teams. >> now on to what everyone is waiting for. it is cults week with patriots seeking revenge against team that ratted them out and started the deflategate saga. a drew luck still questionable
11:26 pm
lies ahead if he gets the call. >> you know, i think every game's important. game. it very, very good team and undeeted coming into town certainly is has his rebetween us and then also new year. you got to take care of business at home. so we're excited. >> to buffalo for our capital one play of the day former bu snipe. picking far corn are his second game. good for our play of the day. and bc head coach stooe steve says he will stick with one quarterback for saturday's game clemson eagle have been art smith. he will reveal his choice later this hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
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