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tv   Today  NBC  October 13, 2015 2:07am-3:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh, yes, it is fun day monday, october 12, 2015, and what's more fun than being joined by the amazing, the hilarious, the dancing machine, jenna elfman. she's in for kath, she's taking a day off. she's in a new film coming out.
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>> it's out this weekend. you can go to your theaters. big stone gap >> and we've got the writer of the movie is with us. >> and the best selling novel. >> of the same title. >> you know that song we were just playing? it was ellie golding, "something in the way you move." she's got a haunting, beautiful voice, doesn't she? >> i know. >> we're going to be talking about celebrity buzz, steven tyler. >> here's how we're starting our day, plastic surgeon is going to perform -- ow! la, la, la, la, la, pull it out. >> she's very calm through all of it. >> it happened within five minutes. we're going to revisit this five-minute face-lift. >> face-lift and peace, face-lift and world peace.
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>> can we talk about your movie "big stone gap"? >> yes. >> so you shot this movie in a small town in virginia. >> she was born and raised in big stone gap, virginia. lots of characters there, they're all lovely, and we -- >> what's your character? >> the movie's set in 1978. and i play the mobile book librarian. i got to drive a big truck. my character's drunk at her own wedding. i'm obsessed with row mance and love, and i want my best friend played by ashley judd to find love. it's a hilarious and touching movie. i haven't seen a dry eye at the end yet even from men of the and in this day and age where it's hard to find movies that you can take multi generations to and enjoy the characters.
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i've got dudes crying, i'm embarrassed, and your daughters. my little boys saw the movie. >> how old are your kids again? >> 5 and 8. >> because you're big instagram that little -- >> every now and then. leaf blower. >> there they are with their little leap frog tablet and dancing and having a good time. >> are you strict with them or not at all? >> he's laughing so hard he can't even breathe. this is what we do before school at our house. [ laughter ] it was, and then my mother-in-law was doing her own version of it. yeah, it's not a quiet, boring household at our house. >> did you picture self as a mom and a wife? >> always, always.
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>> 25? >> uh-huh. >> that's like 150 in hollywood. >> i met him in 1991. and we've been married 20 years, and i always knew i would be married and have children. children. i'm really, i'm a great friend and a great mom, i'm not a good wife. friend. >> you can't be everything. >> you can't be everything, but i'm pretty awesome. >> you are. you know who else is pretty awesome? selena gomez was out on the plaza today that girl can sing. >> i can sing an a little better, but she can really sing good. >> she -- >> look at this! >> she can also move. she has a cute tattoo. >> that plaza was packed. i know it's a holiday, but, and did you notice every phone's up, like, >> oh,. >> it is really hard to watch the concert, because you're looking through a screen. but it was terrific. she can move.
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she can sing. she's beautiful. >> she hit a nerve with the generation, many generations, actually. >> she has. >> you can't help but admire competence, anyone who's competent at what they do. >> there you are. you've been working all morning. >> what i like about her, she doesn't care. she lets it go. some people are buttoned up. they like things just so and she seems to have a bit of a looser attitude. >> i think when you have an abundance of talent and confident in that, you are not so protective of every moment. you have enough confidence to let it rip. >> you have confidence. is this the first time you've hosted? >> it is. >> you are so awesome. >> you know how if you're nervous about flying and you know that pilot is great, they seem really competent, it's like, oh, it's going to be okay. you're awesome. i feel welcome here. >> so daniel craig. this is, as you know, he has
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and this, the fourth one opens next month. so everyone, he did an interview recently, with i think "time out london", and the reporter asked if he wanted to be james bond again, and this is what he said. i would rather break this glass and slit my wrist. >> you have to do it with the accent. >> i would rather break this glass and slit my wrist. >> that was terrible. i'll do it in a southern accent. >> i want to move on. >> on who should be the next bond, you know what he said? >> he didn't give a boop! >> what do you think when you hear something like that? >> i can speak from both sides. i can say as a person, normal person in the world like take away the fact that i'm an actress in hollywood and
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whatever as my parents raised me, i say, all right, dude, you're a bondman, like, okay, just be grateful you're employed and, but then i also understand like, ah! getting it. and then the second one and then the third one, and then the fourth one, so i understand creatively how you may be like, i'm over it, but you don't necessarily, think you just have to know the company you're in and know your audience with anything in life. you have to know your audience. so maybe in that interview with that journalist he felt very comfortable and was like, dude, i'd rather slit my wrist, i can't take it anymore. >> were you ever in an interview where you were, like, oh, my gosh, i can't believe i did that. >> i've been doing this sense i was in my mid-20s, and there's a learning curve. i'm just glad i did all that before social media so that all my mistakes were not transmitted
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across the universe in five seconds. i've kind of learned my lesson. >> it seems like every stumble gets captured and repeated a thousand times. >> i think a lot of those people attacking the artist or whatever, if we turn the light on them and if you were to put an investigator and follow them around in their private life, you'd see some serious, questionable behavior. >> yes. >> and it's a lot of the pot calling the kettle black. if you start pulling the string as to who's behind all of these thins, there's a lot of people equally guilty of their own discreditable acts, and i think that's where parenting comes into play and why i love big stone gap, that town in virginia, because these are people who would give the shirt off their back for you. they're so jen genuine and kind and warm, why do we have to have campaigns about kindness and bullying? why can't we just have parents raise their children and show respect. you don't always have to agree, but you can have respect.
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>> speaking of respect, i want to put this question out. question. what time can you start calling someone's home? i think about -- >> you mean as a stalker? as a dating thing? [ phone ringing ] >> is it, when do you think it's okay? 9:00? 8:00? 7:00? >> is it saturday morning and your friend was out partying the night before? or touch base the day before, are you going out? when should i call you? or if it's a mom, you know they're up at 6:00. >> a welcome break. >> what's the latest you will call anybody. >> i won't call anyone past 7:30. i might send a text. i put my phone on silent when i go to bed. or maybe 8:00, i won't call. i wouldn't want it done to me. i try to do the golden rule. the >> this woman said that she had
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loose weekend plans, she found there was a movie playing at 10:00, called her friend, the woman got upset, why are you calling me so early, slammed the phone down and they haven't spoken since. >> is that really your friend? >> and the social cues guy says 10:00's not too early to call, just apologize. >> if you're not up by 10:00, unless you were really doing charity work during the middle of the night at the hospital then you're off the hook. >> i want to say hi to my sister's friends visiting from overseas in dubai. how are you? >> doing well, doing well. >> it's good do see you guys. thank you for coming to see us. >> thank you for having us. >> feeling a hot flash come on, by the way, you know what? >> i'm starting to have those. thank you for that. we have some music, some wine, chocolate. >> chocolate? where's the chocolate? >> it's coming. the world's greatest nation, to solve the world's
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oh, it's time for today's buzz where we fill you in on all the celebrity headlines you might have missed while you were out and about this weekend. >> here's the scoop! nina tarare ra. >> kanye west. >> what? something weird happened with kanye? >> he appeared on american idol. >> that's right. he was in san francisco over the weekend with his wife kim car kar kardashian kardashian, and the crew from "american idol" was there holding auditions. so kanye decides to go in and audition. i guess he did a good job, because he got that ticket. >> did they really give him a ticket? >> they did. i don't know if it's a prank or part of the push. >> kim's all there. like oh, baby, you did it.
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>> she is hollywood! >> also, making headlines, steven tyler. >> what did he do? >> he's asking the trump campaign to stop using his aerosmith dream song. i think i had a makeout session to that song. >> tyler's a registered republican. he's saying it's not a political, it's a copyright sue. >> you know what? it's not about our friendship, it's not about anything personal, but dude, you've got to stop using my song. there's copyright issues involved and it appears that he is somehow backing trump. >> what did trump say? he'll say "who cares ". >> he said stop using the song. trump went ahead and continued using it. the >> i think it's important to respect artists, and if you're
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country, culture depends on artists flourishing for its identity. identity. and if you're going to be a leader, i would suggest respecting artists. >> thank you for all of that. randy quaid, i've seen him in the news with that huge beard. >> this is an incredible story. randy quaid and his wife have been facing vandalism charges five years ago, rather than kind of face them, they went to canada where randy quaid applied for residency, his application was denied, and as of october 14th. he was to be deported. and his wife left for vermont where they were both arrested, now they're both in jail on a $500,000 bond apiece. it's over vandalism charges. >> what happened? >> he and his wife were squatting in a guesthouse they
2:23 am
it's not like they did anything really bad, it's not like murder here? >> were they squatting? or the person who owns it is insane? sometimes we have to look a little deeper. >> when we have the arraignment today we'll find more about the >> murky. >> what else is happening, jenna elfman? the rock. weekend. >> i love the rock. i never, he kind of makes fun of himself. and he had a great workout session, apparently those endorphins were kicking. he taped this hilarious dance of him. the dance moves are on point. talk about a dance party. >> for a guy who is a big, strong body to be able to move like that. >> you heard it here, first, it's not about the nae nae, it's the kwan, keep it in your back pocket.
2:24 am
>> it's bigger than the nae nae? >> do you have five minutes? you've got time for a face-lift. >> dr. brian glatch will show you how it's done. >> i can't watch. americans... ...57% of us try to excercise regularly. 83% try to eat healthy. ...yet up to... 90% of us fall short in getting key nutrients from food ale. let's do more, together. add one a day. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus, for women, bone health support with calcium and vitamin d. ...and for men, it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. take one a day multivitamins. i know blowdrying fries my hair, but i'm never gonna stop. because now i've got pantene shampoo and conditioner the pro-v formula locks moisture inside my hair and the damage from 100 blow-dries is gone.
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all right, well, how about this? by this time the next segment is over, our patient, abbey, will have had a face-lift without any surgery. >> here to demonstrate the procedure, called the five minute face-lift is board certified plastic surgeon in new jersey, brian glatch. >> as well as his nurse, jennifer. hi, gang.
2:26 am
you have a needle, and there is something in it. what's the difference between what you're doing now, which is obviously putting a filler into abbey's face, and just what people do to fill in laugh lines and that kind of thing. >> that's a great question, hoda. the main difference is the type of filler it is. it's really a newer brand of fillers, different than filling lines or little areas, these are powerful, rich, and capable of filling and giving a robust difference in a very short period of time. >> half of it's done and half of it isn't. you did this siderite here, straight face. okay. you did the right side. >> i mean my right, yeah. her left side. okay. so you did that side. was it painful? >> not at all. not at all. not at all. >> these fillers actually have numbing medicine built in within it. as you go, it really numbs the
2:27 am
>> i break into opera. >> show us how it works. >> we've already pre-treated abbey with a little ice to the area, which i like to do to give the skin a little numbing, and it's a straightforward injection and basically place it very deep. and these things, getting in the difference of what you spoke about before, it's placed kind of on the bone, as deep as you can go. you don't want to put these things close to the surface. you doing okay over there? >> you want to squeeze my hand? >> she's doing great. >> break it. squeeze it. you okay? >> not allowed to laugh. >> now what are, i'll wait till you pull it out before i ask this next question. what about side effects? what are side effects that can happen? >> just like any other fillers in that sense. bruising, little lumps and bumps. what's neat about this is it's made out of hyaluronic acid. if you're overfilled or don't
2:28 am
like it, it's reversible. there's something you can put in there to break it up. >> your body absorbs that? >> if you undo it? >> it breaks down. the substance breaks it right out. melts away. >> and how long will this last? >> this will last approximately two years, which is another difference for these fillers. most line from nine to 16 months >> are you all right? do you like the first half that he did? >> so far so great. >> we're going to take one more look at abbey's before and after before we sign off today. guess who's here! >> could it be adrianna kajani? all right, we'll talk to her and
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2:30 am
monday and the awesome jenna elfman is here helping me out. we're about to get shopping tips, aren't we? >> whether you're thinking about getting new dinner plates or new bed linens, we're about to help you save big bucks. >> janette pavini is going to tell us what to buy now and what to put off. >> now's a certain time to buy things. >> this has about five things out of the ten that are your best buys for october, but i'm going to test you guys on it. >> oh, is it a game? >> i hate games. >> tools and kitchen appliance. >> which one is the better buy for october? >> i would say kitchen appliances, based on zero. >> i would say holiday's coming up, and they're going to capitalize on everyone cooking, so i say power tools. >> you're right. sorry, jenna.
2:31 am
>> power tools, actually, you want to wait, believe it or not, try for monday and black friday. home improvement stores have great deals on tool kits, but you were correct actually in what you said, which was, it is the time when people are going to be cooking and it's winter and holidays. small kitchen appliances, because they want you to get their product to do the cooking. so you'll get good deals. >> all right, i would buy things and literally the next week they go on sale. >> when you get a price adjustment. >> what's our next thing? >> so we have linens, and then we have bedding. >> bedding. >> okay. you always need both, don't you? >> i think this is winter. so this is buy now. >> so you're thinking incentive? >> i'm going to agree with you. i'm going to go with this to buy now. >> you both won!
2:32 am
>> yay! >> so it is a buy now. and let me tell you why, though. when it was back to school and kids going off to dorms, these were out filling the shelves, but now, these are big items, so they need to clear the shelves for other items, and you can get coordinating linens to go with these sets. now, let me tell you why you want to buy table linens and wait till later, january, since the late 1800s, the best time for white sales. hoda, here's your favorite category. >> perfume versus wine. wine? i don't think so. >> what do you think, jenna? >> the theme has been holidays. so i'd say buy wine. i would think they're going to try to take advantage of it. >> what's the right answer? >> the right answer is you buy wine in october. >> you were right. >> early harvest.
2:33 am
this perfume, wait until the holidays, when there's purchase, more bang for your bust. >> we have storage containers and dishes, storage. i'd say buy now and the dishes are buy later. >> i say buy now, buy later. >> she won. >> this is a buy now because the bridal gift registry season is passed. and over here, the unofficial holiday for leftovers is thanksgiving. >> this is our tiebreaker. >> camping gear or the wedding dress? >> i think it's my husband, we go camping in yosemite, and he's all about the camping gear, and i think these are going to be on sale now. >> i'm going to go with the wedding dress is on sale. >> jenna won. >> okay. this is a buy now. camping season is officially over. online you'll get great deal and
2:34 am
brie bridal dresses, wait till december and you'll get great deals. it will be a real lady fest with the cast of menopause, the musical. and author and director adrianna tra jeannie will sit down with us. she's great. it's the final countdown! the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. we've got trouble in tummy town. peptocopter! when cold cuts give your belly thunder, pink relief is the first responder, so you can be a business boy wonder! fix stomach trouble fast with pepto. now there's a new way to
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it is so good to be adrianna tra jeannie. she's have be an awesome ah utumn autumn. she made her debut with "big stone gap", about a small coal mining town that was shot in the real town of big stone gap, virginia. >> it is worth seeing, other
2:37 am
than the fact that i'm in it. also following 15 best sellers, she's writ and new novel of "all the stars in the heavens." >> it's totally inspired by the fact that i got to direct great actors. that's why i wrote this book. >> let's talk about "big stone gap." this has been your baby for a long time. >> as long as you've known me. >> and to watch it finally come together is pretty phenomenal for you. >> it really was. once it did come together. it's like being shot out of a cannon cannon. but i got to make the movie that we dreamed of. and's the kind of movie when you're sitting home and you're depressed and you've hit a wall and you need to go to a movie and you feel redeemed when it's over. >> you feel uplifted. just watching it you feel that way, and every step of the way from being offered this film to being in it, to working with you, you are such a life force,
2:38 am
a beautiful communicator, an amazing writer of character, because you truly convey the human spirit in every character that is totally relatable. and that's why we go to the movies. and this movie is that, it's spectacular. >> we used to go to the movies not to get upset but to be uplifted, to lift our spirits, and we need it. we need hope again. and this movie gives you hope, and the people came out in big stone gap. >> what an amazing -- >> we shot it in america. imagine that. in virginia. >> how crazy. >> it was your first time writing a movie. how tough was it to get jenna elfman, whoopi goldberg? >> you build the cast. whoopi was theage age nchor and ashley judd and patrick was the anchor. his grandmother came to me, he
2:39 am
was in his 20s and said he should play this part. and i said this is about people on the brink of losing everything. they're in the 30s and they think it's all over. >> this is saturday. the whole town, and i swear to god, 90% of them were on the streets welcoming us, celebrating the heart of this movie, and the people are this movie. there i am. periscoping and people from istanbul to kazakhstan to croatia were watching this parade. >> we talk about another one of your parades. >> that's the only time she's not driving it. she can drive anything and eat anything. i've never seen anything like her, she can eat a pie when she's sitting there. there you're putting your hands in there, just like the chinese theater. >> let's talk about your book for a minute. >> are you crying? >> i'm getting misty. the >> why are you getting misty?
2:40 am
about your project. and your town. >> didn't we just have a musical where we're crying. >> all the stars in the heavens, this is historical fiction, i guess? >> it's the imagined story of clark gable and loretta young. okay? now let me, let me tell you this very quickly. when i was in college in the '80s, i wrote a poem about clark gable because my great aunt mary forino in pennsylvania used my brothers and sisters and me as slave labor. i wrote a poem about clark gable. and a nun delivered this picture to me. very quickly, if you can see it of this little boy. this is john clark gable. >> what? >> and she said, she sent my poem to mrs. gable. and she said promise me, when you graduate you will go meet mrs. gable. well, 1983, mrs. gable died.
2:41 am
i was poor. she lived in boston or something. i researched it and found all these hidden secrets. so there it is. all the stars in the heavens. >> she is a master of old hollywood. >> "big stone gap" is in theaters now. "and all the stars in the heavens" will be in bookstores
2:42 am
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we've got wine, chocolate, the cast of "menopause." the story of women in a lingerie store with nothing in common but menopause. >> a portion of every ticket sale from this current tour will go to the susan g. komen and
2:45 am
members of this cast are breast cancer survivors making up the cast. >> and with us are linda boston, megan kavanaugh, carrie adams and judy bloom. >> yesterday i went to bed bath and beyond, and i bought a fan, and it's next to my bed because i can't sleep anymore. i'm dripping all the time. >> authentic right now, because i'm having within right now. >> is your crowd men and well? or just women? >> oh, yes. we have both. and the men, i always actually pick out a special man during the show. and have him be a part of the show. i will say no more. they love it. it's like therapy. >> i saw a clip of you. >> i know what happens to the men. >> i saw a clip. and they start off kind of like, uh, i have to deal with my wife and a hundred women.
2:46 am
they're like, waaaaa. >> they said make them laugh and when their mouths are open, pour the truth in. >> are you guys having fun when you're up there doing it? >> oh, it's fun. >> this show is a phenomenon. like you said, over 10 million people have seen it worldwide. and this is the same show that those people have enjoyed. but we have an added component of us being breast cancer survivors and raising money for the cause. >> and it's a celebration for and about women. so everyone that's there comes on stage. it. >> absolutely. >> one of the reasons we started a website called all things, so they can go there and learn about it and everything. >> you take songs from the '60s, '70s and turn them into parodies, is that right? >> yeah.
2:47 am
>> i think instead of "puff, the magic dragon" i sing puff, my god, i'm dragging. >> i'm singing change, change, change of life. >> what's one that you could do right now? >> yeah, stand up. >> what's it called? what is this one? >> we have a medley that we do called the disco medley. you'll recognize these songs, but we do "staying awake." it deals with hot flashes, night sweats. >> you ladies need each other for this. >> here we go. >> some simple moves. we're going to do four of these, one, two, three, four. and pop it. pop it. and then repeat. >> one, two, three, four, pop it. >> let's go. do the song, ready? >>.
2:48 am
whether you're a mother you're stayin' awake ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' awake stayin' awake >> there it is. >> woo! >> menopause, it's in several cities this month and continues june. >> one more look of the before face-lift. >> this is "today", on nbc. pop it! there had to be people willing to fight for it, to take on the world's greatest challenges, whatever they might be. so, the u.s. army masters not only tactics and strategy, but also physics and chemistry. we make battle plans and create breakthroughs - in medicine, science and engineering. our next mission could be anything.
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know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back
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we're back to check in with our five-minute face-lift patient, abbey, let's see how she looks. let's look at the before and after. we're going to do a split screen in-camera three. okay. look at the difference. so tell us, doc, that was all in five minutes, huh? >> that was all in five minutes. you can see abbey's cheeks are much fuller. her eyelid's shorter. this side's a little more swollen because we did it first and had a delay. it's going to come down. >> you look great, honey. >> thank you. >> that's going to do it for us on this fun day monday. jenna, thank you for coming. >> thank you for hosting me and chocolate. >> kathy will be back tomorrow. we'll be joined by taylor kenny
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