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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 13, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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it's tuesday, october 13th, coming up on "early today," breaking news overnight, involving president obama's nuclear deal with iran. next to sin city with hillary clinton leads the democrats and how closely will joe biden be watching? and american institution says no more nudes. play boy may now be known just for the articles. and incredible video of a young woman driving home drunk. and rescuing the dog from an engulfed home.
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"early today" starts right now. and good morning, everybody. we're going to get to the first democratic debate in just a moment. according to a iran state news agency, they've passed a bill approving the nuclear deal. part bill includes an added approval process and the clerical body now needs to give its thumbs up. it would ease economic sanctions. and we'll have more reaction as it comes in. tonight, what happens in vegas -- well, we're going to find out. the democratic candidate said will take the stage together. she spoke to a union, trying to organize workers at guess where? the trump international hotel.
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solidarity to organize, we also want to send a message to mr. trump, that inyou are going to run for president, then you should represent all the people of the united states and that includes hard working people. >> and still this morning, no 11th hour declaration from vice president, joe biden, but just in case he changes his mind last minute, they have a sixth podium waiting for him. jeb bush is set to roll out a plan to appeal and repeal the affordable health care act. and still, the country is watching these five democrats who tonight will but heads for the first time. >> reporter: hillary clinton went to nevada, where crews are
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the winw ynn hotel. >> and the one everybody is going to be watching is bernie sanders. >> people will have to contrast my consistency and willinginous g ingness to stand up to big corporations with the secretary. >> reporter: and high trails clinton in more diverse states that vote later, like nevada. people from across the nation said they'll watch the debate. >> i care about what they have to say and where the country is going. >> all we've been hearing about is trump. >> i don't think he's its it's going to be very well rated. >> reporter: it's a chance to be heard. >> it's a wonderful idea, isn't it. >> reporter: for clinton, it's a chance to move past her email contrary controversy controversy. >> and now she gets to make her
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case without gossip columnist. >> reporter: and the committee's chair firing back, for benghazi and a race that's been dominated by donald trump, it's a democrat's turn. nbc news las vegas. u.s. military planes dropped 50 tons of weapons in northern syria yesterday. they safely dropped 110 pallets that carried small arms, amuenitions and grenade s amuenition s s and grenades. the united states military has not publicly named the group that received the weapon, a senior defense official said that they were received by a group known as the syrian arab coalition. and that it was part of the obama administration's plan.
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will no longer feature nude pictures. a redesign will fiche arclean eature a cleaner, more modern style. pg playboy, not clear if there will still be a center fold. the changes are a part of a fwied bid to attract more millennial readers. and a an apartment fire last night. at least two people were rescued from that building. cause of the fire is still under investigation. and in tennessee, an off dut duty nashville firefighter ran into a home and saved the dog. they returned home and said they were grateful for the brave rescue. there's out rage after a police officer was caught on
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camera tazering a local law maker after he refused to comply with the officer's demands. this comes after another incident in the same town raised questions about the proper use of police force. here with details. >> reporter: a dash cam capturing the tense moments before a police officer tasered a city counselman as he was on his knees outside his home. the counselman is 26-year-old jonathan miller, the district attorney is investigating. looking at a total of four videos. which show numerous warnings before taylor was tased. >> put your hands on the ground before you get tased. >> put your hands behind your back. see, you're not doing what he's asked you to do. >> reporter: why didn't you do
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>> i was being arrested for i didn't know what. i didn't know how i was interfering. i didn't think i was interfering when he asked me to step back, i stepped back. >> reporter: the officer said he interrupted officers who had stopped men about suspicious activity. >> i'm telling you you're interfering. >> reporter: miller was later charged with interfering with a public servient and resisting arrest. >> we are reviewing the entire incident. we want to look at it in its entirety. we're not going to take a snippet and make a judgment from that. >> prairie view is the same community with a state trooper arrested sandra bland and she died in jail, a wrongful death suit by her family is pending. florida woman is in hot water after using the app parascope to broadcast herself driving drunk.
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>> let's see if i can do it without a ticket. i am drunk beyond belief. i kaernt can't read your pariscopes. >> whitney beale was pulled over after viewers called 911. she was arrested and charged with dui after refusing a breaths aller. actor randy quaid and his wife eby were arraigned in a courtroom monday. each of them being held on $500,000 bail. they tried to reenter the u.s. from canada. they now await extradition to california where they await charges. space. h 2 o in hd.
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they released these stunning images thanks to nasa's brand new toy capable of performing four times the resolution of regular hd cameras. it's used for scientific experiments but who knows how long until it's on the back of your smart phone so bill karins can give you that super hd. >> you don't want any of that going here. that's pretty cool stuff though. now we have four times hd. first, the curved tvs -- >> it's out of control. >> exactly. there are showers and storms that are going to greet you between atlanta and augusta. and light shower activity moving through pennsylvania. if you're rhode island, boston down towards the cape you're going to get clipped by heavy down pours and the temperatures continue very warm middle of the country to the wist.
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the great lakes today and tomorrow, cooler air moves in. but by the time we get to the upcoming weekend, we have cold air coming into new england and all weekend long. we could see the end of the growing season. now a closer look at the day ahead. so, today, a few showers out there. again, i mention the possibility of down pours from boston out towards the cape. and south fll orida fll is going to be one of the wetter spots. shannon, looks like beautiful fall weather continues for much of the country. >> it's awesome. i love it. open the window. up ahead, stick around. es esquire's sexiest good.
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more explosive developments against a benghazi committee investigating hillary clinton. and podliska said he alleges he was fired in part because he refused to target clinton politically. and here firing back. >> it's a dam lie and that's not a word that i often use. he was a lousy employee and that was evidenced by the fact that he mishandled classified information and he wouldn't do what supervisors conducted him to do. >> a spokes person, the again gauze acommit
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-- "the lewd -- and one bombers who attacked at ankara, a suspect. american dentist, walter palmer will not be charged for the death of cecil the lion. they say he had obtained the legal authority for the hunt. and a major deal is in the works that would create the largest beer company. they say they have an agreement in principal with sab miller. companies behind miller, and many more named brands are involved in this $100 billion deal. leonardo dicaprio and 250e78ing 250e78 teaming up with paramount to
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make a video about volkswagen's scandal. and high tensions between the mets and dodgers and their first game since that contra
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now, you're free to start enjoying the breakfast you love any time you wish. no way. introducing mcdonald's new all day breakfast menu. once, you changed how you ate breakfast. it's time to start changing when. this morning on "today," tis the season already? look at the surprising new trend
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that has people holiday shopping before halloween. and chase utley who was suspended for two games for what they called an illegal slide, breaking the leg of tu ahata in the process. and even though he was eligible to play, no retaliation by pitcher who was roughed up early. >> well, hit, base hit into right. that's going to score a run. that's going to score two and the throw come into third and it's wide and here comes carl crawford and he's going to score. >> the mets battle back, driving in three runs on a double to deep right center to give the mets to lead. when the dust cleared, the mets retaliated by winning, 13-7 to take a 2-1 lead in the best of
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five series. game four is today. next to wrigley where the cubs hit a record six home runs. series. and the royals beat the astros. and next to san diego. monday night football, steelers, chargers, both teams at 2-2. philip rivers strikes first up the middle. and gates first game after a suspension. and just in time to catch the 100th touchdown of his career. wild cat formation. and bell scores the winning touchdown with a diving effort as time run out. breaking overnight, and legendary football coach is set to retire from the south
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spuririr has two ties during his amazing coaching career. and usc has fired head football coach sarkisian one day after being put on leave. he's had problems with alcohol dating back to his days as head coach with washington. he had an 11-5 record with the trojans. and we reveal esquire's sexiest woman alive for 2015. and how some stars were able to crash new york kraum con on his little boat any harder if he tried. he's beached here,con comconcomcon. on comconcomcon. n
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all right, the moment has come. esquire magazine has revealed amealia clark as the sexiest woman alive. this comes after the "game of thrones" actress was named sexiest by gq last month. and schumer criticized the classic weight loss saying she used to be a roll model for regular girls. and chloe tweeted, no need to tear down. and if you were at new york comic-con comic-con, you didn't see jared
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letto or ruffelo, but they were there dressed up. squnchts congratulations to john legend and crissy teigen, they're pregnant with a girl. gabrielle union starred along side jimmy fallon playing a couple of principals on "the tonight show." and the only student who henderson. >> come on, mitch. >> so, on friday. mitch better have my money. he wants to come with us, mitch better have my many or he won't get on that bus
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so your body can
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>> christa: good morning, ready to launch a four-day week for a yesterday. we're good to go for "7 news today in new england." >> jadiann: some breaking news in the beer world. the companies that owned miller and budweiser agreed to merge creating the biggest beer company in the world and will bring nine of the top 20 brands together. >> christa: grief counselors will be on hand this morning after a 16-year-old guys playing field hockey. casey dunne collapsed from a brain hemorrhage. >> jadiann: a brookline firefighter in trouble an beating up a man outside a mexican restaurant.
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the victim was in line with the firefighter and the firefighter thought he was taking too long to order. >> christa: habeb girl getting a second chance at life thanks to local doctors. how they they were able to help a family from florida. this is proof, parents instinct, they need to listen. they knew something was wrong. >> jadiann: they didn't take no for an answer. looking forward to hearing that. weather. >> christa: a little bit of a rain. >> jeremy: a speed bump. a batch of rain on the way for just this morning. after 11:00, 12:00 you don't need the rain gear. the sun will come back this afternoon. this weather system i thought yesterday we would have sprinkles overnight and early this morning and this weather system said hold on, mr. reiner, so we've seen showers and downpours and thunderstorms flare up south of long island. so this is morning north, moving up the 95 corridor, moving fast.
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weather system out of here mid to late morning. it's not an all-day thing. but if you're heading out this morning, grab the rain gear because we'll have showers and downpours. if you're heading out the the next 30, 45 minutes around the metro you don't need the rain gear. it spills north into boston 6:30, by noon, already moving away. for the afternoon, sun will come out and it's a warm and somewhat humid day with temperatures between 69 and 75 with a southwesterly breeze 7-14 miles an hour. boston this afternoon expected to finish in the lower 70s. "7 news today in new england" begins now. >> christa: 5:00 a.m. this morning, with heavy hearts students return to class following the sudden death of a classmate. how this teen is being remembered this morning. >> jadiann: overnight, two kansas city firefighters killed when a burning building
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