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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 13, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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a community in mourning after a welsey teen suddenly collapses and dies at field hockey practice. a mess of glass and medal after a chunk of debris go crashing into the car driving down the highway. brookline firefighter off the job after he beats the man outside of restaurant. good morning, everyone. i'm jadiann thompson. i'm christa delcamp. a soggy morning out there to start.
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everyone coming in with umbrella and rain gear, jeremy reiner is tracking that for us now >>meteorologist: we have showers and thunderstorms this is batch vineyard. now we eye provincetown. brief heavy rain. frequent lightning. minute. burst of steady rain then back to a lot of clouds and sprinkles. i think there's one more batch that may clip us. even the city. this batch here. back to the connecticut river valley. moving moving northeast. we'll have on-and-off showers this morning. the day not lost to rain as we work toward 12:30 there's the back edge of the rain. a little bit of sun on the way for this afternoon. we'll talk about that, coming up. happening today grief counselors will be on hand at
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after sudden death of one student. the teen collapsed on friday and died. 7's jennifer eagon has more on how her family is rememberering her. jen? >> they shared pictures and memories. her parents also have a message for other families. >> this photo captured casey's exuberance friday. just a half hour later this 16-year-old collapsed during field hockey practice. >> i totally embodies casey. that's pure joy. that's pure casey. what it does for me gives me a source of comfort to know she was happy and she died mercifully quick with -- in a place she low doing the sport she love with people she loving. her parent shared memory of their daughter one of five
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we had this thing that we were magical moment and the water turned pink or orange and she would always ask will this be a pinch water night. where she was a junior flags fly at half-staff loving messages from friend sit on the field. >> her death was sudden and unexpected. her famy is offering this advice to others. relish every moment if your children and family. casey's coach said she told the teammates she didn't feel well just before she collapsed. they didn't know of any preexisting medical conditions. jennifer eagon 7news "today in new england." right now we have breaking newses. pilgrim nuclear power station set to close by 2019. they reduced revenue and increased operational cost. it was just last month a federal
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safety rating making it one of the least safe in the country. this would have cost tens of billions of dollars to repair. pilgrim began operating commercially in 1972. they employ around 600 employees. the plant generated enough power for more than 600,000 homes. aaron hernandez will be back in court today for pretrial hearing. he's accused killing two men in 2012. they want to get access to third party. they haven't said what the evidence is. hernandez serving life in prison for killing oden lloyd in 2013. the 16-year-old accused of raping and murdering his math teacher in 2013. jury selection expected to take several more days. . alleged brutal beating lands firefighter in hot water.
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off the job after this alleged attack that happened outside of restaurant. victoria warren has the latest now from brookline today a brookline firefighter off the job accused of throwing punch food and a bottle at man outside anna takaria. the 37-year-old firefighter was in lane and he got angry how long the man in front of hims taking to order. he asked him to hurry up that's when within witnesses say the two men exchanged board. when the man went outside the firefighter followed him cursing at him. that's when the fight started and according to the witnesses the firefighter threw the victim to the ground kicking him and then straddling him while he punched him 5 to 7 time. the firefighter left but was later arrested. >> it seem out of chashlth for a firefighter. you would expect the firefighter to be a role model. the from from will have to
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answer to these criminal charges to a judge as for the man who was brought to the hospital he was treated for injury above his eye. he's okay. we asked the firefighter for his side of the story he told us he was all set. victoria warren 7news "today in new england." former medical examiner said he felt pressured by the middlesex d.a. not to change a ruling in the death of malden baby despite new evidence in the case. the globe reporting that path ologist felt bull yid. they ruled the death to be homicide in 2010. father jeffrey was charged with shaking and killing the boy. however coupling found genetic defect that may have caused child's death and murder charges were dropped last year. a attorneys for an irish nanny say they were concerned that the d.a. may have tried to influence cambridge child. they were original i will
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the charges were later dropped. after a new review. ryan, however, insist that she has never tried to influence a medical examiner ruling and also told the globe that she has had a good working relationship with the medical examiner. right now a community searching for answers after a women's body is discovered inside a new hampshire home. that woman had been missing for weeks. now investigator believe they know who is responsible. byron barnett has the latest. sue hutchinson had been missing for three weeks. anywhere. inside her home the entire home. police say she was murdered and stuck in crawl space. i hope she didn't die in pain. i hope it went quick for her and didn't suffer. darlene worked with her. she came by monday night to leave candles and roses and the manchester apartment. where the body of the 57-year-old was found sunday
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night. she was a wonderful person. i want to let her know that i hope thee can rest in peace. >> hushinton family had called police to search home after smelling something strange inside sundayening. little did they know its her decome posting body hidden behind a wall. crawl spaces are sometimes well conceals other time i that are not this one was well concealed. they believe she was killed by 36-year-old roommate stephen andre who stashed the body. that's sat. can't trust you own roommate investigator hope to get more information soon such as how and why sue hutchinson was killed today. in man chest jr. n 1/2. byron barnett. 7news "today in new england." a car in saugus hit a piece of scrap medal on route one
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through the windshield there and investigate o say the debris fell off of a truck and officials also say the driver of the truck didn't stop and may not even known what happened. state police amazingly there don't appear to be any injuries here. the scene has been cleared. there were to traffic backups earlier today. also breaking this morning the official dutch safety board reports a surface-to-air missle exploded feet from the cockpit on mh-17. that plane shot down over eastern ukraine in july of 2014. they didn't conclude where the missile is fired from. all the tear tears in rebel hand at the time of the crash. two firefighter in kansas city have died two other injured after burning building
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they were clearing an area that had a partially collapsed roof and that's when it gave in. it's still unclear what condition the two injured morning. we're hours away from first democratic debate. the stage is set and ready for the candidates who will square vegas law. after two g.o.p. debate, this is is set. it will be set up with five podiums tonight for the five who will be debating including hillary clinton. there's a sixth podium set up on the side just in case vice president joe biden officially decides to enter the race for the white house. now back to candidates who will be on stage the big question where they will folk on campaign or they will try taking shot at the front-runner hillary clinton.
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las vegas set to host the first debate of season. in true vegas season it's billed as heavy weight fight. her closest come pelletier vermont senator bernie sander and hoping to gain traction in the polls jim west. martin o'malley and former rhode island governor lincoln chafee. don't forget about joe biden. they have a sixth podium in case he decides to come. secretary clinton arrived in vegas on monday and headed right for one of donald trump's casino to take part in union rally. i don't think it's entertaining and women. that's hillary clinton with
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a bit of shot at donald trump. don't expect many insult tonight flying. expect them to focus on the issue on hand. that's the latest live here in the newsroom chris anderson, # news "today in new england." don't forget tim caputo will be at the first democratic debate. also tomorrow morning on 7news "today in new england." a young women get behind the wheel and police rush to scene. the voice the adam levine sporting a new doo. >> we have tracking showers and even some thunderstorms on the cape right now. forecast up next. one of the toughest morning. the morning drive continues to. that should be cleared.
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still a mess trying to get to starrow drive. there's 93 and the staci, you have got to
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>> good morning, everyone. we have a lot to talk about in the weather. it's kind of green as far as the eye can see. even yellow and red. clump of thunderstorms moving fast putining down a large amount of water in short amount of time. this came across the cape. so lit move across the provincetown welsey. now with some brief heavy rain and frequent lightning. it's not a severe thunderstorm.
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but still a quick punch of heavier rain as well as lightning. metro boston we have brief downpour an hour and a half ago. that's shutdown to lighter showers and clouds as well as dense fog. it's a fast moving weather system an area of low pressure maybe right there. you see the twist. that's the center of low pressure. moving forth. i think melt troell west worcester hills city of boston connecticut. northeast. even into the merrimack valley for the next couple of hours. that should be it for the remainder of the day. so outdoor activities will be in and out of rain drops. this is what we think the radar will look like at 1:00 this afternoon. quiet around the metro. the shower activity coming to an end. there's one more batch of showers activity in the hudson river valley. as that moves into new england that should fall apart. there may be a one more round of
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showers and thunderstorms that keep going in western new england but i don't think that's going to bother metro boston this afternoon. it's a warm weather system. not a cold noer rain. this more like september. the numbers in the 60s. boston 60 now. plymouth at 63. the dewpoint temperatures near 60 degrees. >> there's humidity to be had. your frizz factor today is in the curly category. you will see sunshine develop this afternoon. warm and humid this afternoon. with temperature in the low-to-middle 70s. there goes the front away from new england. less humid tomorrow. cooler and cooler yet on thursday with partly sunny skies tomorrow. mostly sunny skies on thursday. friday here comes another cool front. a few showers and that thing means business. temperature on saturday mid 50s. that's not too unusual. but this right here, yes, that sunday. i don't think we will make it out of the 40s for metro boston.
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the new kids on the block making a special appearance right here in boston. >> the boy band will perform for a good cause. putting on special concert to raise money to clear blindness and deafness. joey maccen tire will be the cohost. >> it's frustrating. >> blake and adam. that's adam levine one of the coaches revealing bald look. massachusetts native noaa jackson will take on in the battle round tonight. i will be asleep. saving up for rainy day. that would be today. just kidding. 9:18 and still ahead. we have more news for you coming up in the 9:30 half hour with
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turning the camera on herself during night of drinking. and how her live broadcast led to her arrest. then some changes for playboy
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welcome back, everyone. 23-year-old florida woman arrested after she live streamed
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herself drinking and driving. this is unbelievable. she was broadcasting this drive people who were watching though are the ones who went ahead and alerted police. 23-year-old whitney beales started out with lots of drinking. the whole experience broadcast on parascope. so drunk investigate o say the florida woman lost her good sense. i'm driving home drunk. announcing to the whole world she will try to get home in her condition. i'm really drunk. and she knows people are watching. 57 people oh, my god. i didn't know i would get this many people. she knows the whole thing
9:22 am
obvious by watching the live stream video how bad she was. that's when police say viewer started calling 911. a girl on parascope drunk. she doesn't know where she is. this young girl is internet streaming she's driving drunk. an officer downloaded the parascope and started watching she's. >> thank god that someone saw this and they called in. showing the whole world she was in as it happened. beale was eventually arrested and charged with driving under there. it just gives you chills watching this. and you know clearly she could have killed somebody. any second while those people were calling. letters of people called in. some big changes now coming up
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next one famous magazine learn more about playboy's plans to cover up. also ahead at 9:30 a florida family coming to boston looking
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>> a bit of surprise announcement for many. playboy said it's time after all of the years to go ahead and cover up. the iconic magazine said it will stop publishing pictures of nude women changing the way they've done business for decades. the magazine known for showing so much is ant to show a lot less. turning the page on history. come march playboy is taking the nude out of their redesign.
9:25 am
the men's magazine will feature women in provocative poses. i think the internet killed playboy. nudity is now something that is just everywhere through a google search. and so what playboy did all these year is not special any move. marilyn monroe the original cover girl. followed with more than 60 years of model, and celebrities and movie stars. circulation thrived in 1975, 5.6 million today it's just over 800,000. it's been a wonderful ride. it's not over yet. hugh hefne and changed the way americans see sex. >> i don't think any other magazine in the 20th influence had more influence on america and the world. that's a pretty wild position to be in. playboy with all struggles remains a brand valued around the globe.
9:26 am
times are changing and so is playboy. i think is beginning of the end for playboy as we know it. more than just pictures the magazine has profiled politicians economist and artist. now when someone say they just read playboy for the articles, it just might be true. playboy editor told new york time there will be a playmate of the month but the picture will be quote pg-13. changing times. . the internet changed a lot. like going to hotter oter's for the wings. the here kwoe make a great save pulling the dog from the burning home. >> tracking showers and even a few thunderstorms on cape cod. forecast up next. >> ahead more on the heartbreaking death of a teenager who collapsed and died while practicing with her field
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a 16-year-old welsey girl collapses and dies. a firefighter risking his life to go into a burning home to save a family's beloved pet and his act of courage is caught on camera. a baby girl getting a second chance of life thanks to some local doctors. all right. it's 9:31 right now. hope you have a great morning so far. umbrella day for sure. not for long. seems like we may get a nice one out of this so far. this is fast moving system rocketing north about 40 miles per hour. the heaviest of showers and storms already moving away from provincetown. you still have rain. but the point here is that the lay is not lost to rain.
9:29 am
lighter showers in metro west. there's one more batch right here through the just now pulling out of the connecticut riverer valley. that's the caboose of this weather system. that will work toward worcester morning. so that i think by the afternoon the radar is going to end it down to 12:30 this afternoon. even a little bit of sunshine developing throughout the afternoon. a warm humid day temps will reach the lower 70s this afternoon. thanks, j.r. brief counselor on hand after a field hockey player collapses and died at practice. the community is heartbroken and we're also hearing from the girl's family she has more on how they are remembering her. jen? >> she was the third of five children. her parents say she's healthy they didn't know of any preexisting medical condition before she collapsed at practice on friday. casey done was junior during
9:30 am
she didn't feel well and then fell. her parent say she died of a brain hemorrhage. they say the 1-year-old from welsey was chuck and caring spend time volunteering in europe. she loved being active. casey's parents urge other to realish the time they have with family. they find some comfort in a photo taken of casey on friday. what it does for me as her mother and having to say source of come torte to know she was that happy and she died mercifully quick within a place that she loved. doing the support she loffed with people that she loved. counselor are available for student at the school today. in dedham jennifer eagon 7news "today in new england." two people facing charges in the murder of marshfield man will be arraigned today. police arrested them friday in
9:31 am
robert mckenna last month. he will be charged with murder and unarmed burglary. and accessory after the fact. five guns that r with stoemen from the home were recovered in quincy. also on 7. witnesses describing a dangerous scene in worcester after a car clams into a women in crosswalk. kimberly buchman has more on this story. came out of nowhere. boom. witnesses say they pushed the traffic light button and walked into the crosswalk get thrown into the air by oncoming suv. it happened just before 6:00 p.m. at the enter section of hamilton and plantation street in worcester. i'm coming this way. the women was a wheel of her car heading east on hamilton. she said she stopped to let the teen and her friends cost put the person driving in the opposite direction did got. there was a guy coming from
9:32 am
ran through and smashed into her. she did like three flips into the air. police officer working detail a block away came running and called for help while this driver jumped out of her car to check on the teen sprawled out on the street. she was asking what happened. where am i. alert and conscious she was taken to hospital. the driver of the suv stopped. meantime police marked the spot of impact and tried to figure out what caused crash. an accident on a road that bound to happen. people driving fast. there's a lot of kids on the road. kimberly buchman, 7news "today in new england." driver hoped for a smooth commute. he ended up getting stuck on monday. crews removed the truck late last night and the driver here hit the footbridge at pay state road on the imbound side. state police had to close both
9:33 am
impound lanes to allow crews to get the truck out of there and no one was hurt. and crews rushing to the rescue of a dump truck driver in peabody monday. this was a race against time. the driver pinned inside the truck which flipped over. it took first responder two hours to free him. witnesses could only wait and hope for a positive outcome here. >> they've been cutting and cutting with the jaws of life and everything. the longer it takes to get him out the more serious it is. we didn't know when he left the house this would happen to him. driver may have lost control because of medical issue. a public meeting set to be held today for brookline middle swearing. larry chin's student are expected to show their support in protest again if their teacher isn't reinstated. he was let go after allegedly saying bs to students. the student say his punishment
9:34 am
was far too harsh. uconn student apoligizeding when he violently demanded food at the student union. this was cell phone video we reported on. the manager refused to several hip because the student was drinking alcohol while in the building. video show him shoving the manager and then he released a video monday offering apoll guy. i didn't listen to him. no one determine issed to be treated that way. he also said he's addressing some probleming he is facing. edward mark committee set to
9:35 am
discussion last week senate democrats unveiled new legislation against violence that would focus on stricter background check and preventing illegal gun purchases >> we have breaking news from overnight. insurgents fired two shells at the russian embassy in the capital of syria. the attack comes as pro government supporter gathered out side the compound in moscow for it's intervention in syria. right now it's not clear if there were casualties. iran's parliament struck with world leader. allowing them to withdrawal if they don't lift sanctions. new this morning the brewer of budweiser and stella will take over and create the biggest beer giant. i will present combined sales of 55 billion dollars.
9:36 am
world's 20 best selling beer brands under one roof. still ahead a risky rescue. ahead in sports bruins cannot catch a break. the latest on their ice cold start this season when we come back. showers and few downpour this morning. then some sun this afternoon.
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not the nicest of morning out there. seems like the commute has extended through the late morning here as we take a live look outside. looks like the braintree split. the low beams what else? the rain gear. have patients. that's the most important part. going once. going twice. the way the morning has gone it wouldn't surprise. showers and downpours and thunderstorms. here's the rain right here. it's a warm weather system. we'll have showers and downpours with us for a few more hours. this is 95 the split. heavy rain. moving rapidly northeast.
9:39 am
into metro west showers now. you notice western mass and connecticut radar is quiet. i point that out because that's on its way. moving so fast. the this will be a band of showers in eastern new york state. that front will spend most energy and time heading into vermont and new hampshire. i don't think it makes it into met drove boston. once you shut the rain down in boston about 12:00 p.m. that's it for the rest of the day. it's a weather system with warm air not cold air. dewpoint temperature near 60s. i think you will feel that humidity.
9:40 am
it will feel more like september as opposed to october. coupe front moves through. moves through overnight. tomorrow it is left humid. thursday a cooler day with high temp thursday to around 60 degrees. cooler than today. that 65 technically above normal. there's some cold air building across the upper midwest. current temp at 44. jet stream today prevenlt them from bothering us. it will kind of rearrange itself as we work into the week. jet stream will look luke this. that will deliver a cold shot of air into the northeast. in fact i do think there will be snow showers in northern new
9:41 am
england saturday and sunday. by the way this weekend head of charleston. a few sprinkle saturday afternoon. sunday mostly sunny skies. >> resident in south carolina lost many valuable possession in last week's historical flooding including their pets. dozen were brought to animal shelter and hope they can be reconnected for their owner before the flooding the humane society evacuated some of the shelter animals to alleviate stress. i can't think of a particular natural disaster of this magnitude in proportion. and animal rescue group rescued more than 20 dogs from other local shelters. meanwhile one man in nashville called a hero after he attempted a risky rescue racing into a burning home. it wasn't a person he carriment
9:42 am
>> it's obviously he loved dogs. just watch him with his own. >> and he's also not one for publicity. >> i don't do it for people to say thank you. i do it because it makings me feel good. wouldn't surprise peel who know him that he ran into a burning house saturday in came out with an 80-pound dog who had been trapped inside. then he went on his way. >> he got his in car and left. it was so weird. he just took off. >> unbelievable. he's a 20-year veteran of the national fire department. you have to figure if there's a dog in the house the dog is definitely family. he was off duty saturday on way to daughter's birthday party. he saw the smoke and new the volunteer firefighters wasn't be there for a while so it was up to him. today he got reacquainted with the dog whose life he saved.
9:43 am
and sansom's family is very grateful. he didn't have to go to house on fire. we deeply appreciate that man being there. the real heros to me were the volunteers. they are not getting paid for it. they do this for free. what a good guy. the pet's owner had just left to go to the store. and that's when the fire broke out. here's this guy on his way the daughter's birthday party. and you're never really off duty; right? >> i love how he was so humble about it. coming up in sports. one play off game looking like a home run derby as the cubs inch closer to a series
9:44 am
>> good morning. it has to get better for bruin. they are 0-and-3 to start the season. they allowed 16 goals in three losses all on team ice there. worst start since 199 9d up for line up. game tide at 2. tampa on tail end of penalty killed. picking on david streaking in beating 3-2 lightning. bees get it back. they already scored twice on the power play. making it 3 second of game ties at 3. on top. later they take aim on the power play. rips a rocket. 500 points of career.
9:45 am
bruins lose it 6-3. now on to indy after smacking the cowboy. they aren't the most talkative patriot. this play speaks for itself. they have a lot of guys. that's tougher. and bc head coach said he will stick with one-quarterback for saturday's game at clemson. the eagles have been alternating toward flutie and smith. they will reveal choice later this week. that's sports. have a great day. cubs are one win away from the national league championship series after setting postseason record in game three against the
9:46 am
cardinals. single game record of five. each home run hit by different player. chicago won the game 8-6. they had the chance to eliminate the cards today. chase utley. met fan you hear them booing dodgers fan before the game. that game 3 of the nl division series. he slid into new york breaking his leg. major league baseball suspended him. he did not play last night. new york wound 2-1 series lead. steelers 3-and-2 thanks to dramatic win over the charger on monday night win. pittsburgh trailing by three. they had the ball at the one with five seconds left. and instead of trying to tie with field goal running back belle took the direct snap and managed to get the ball across the goal line as time expired.
9:47 am
the play reviewed and ruled a touchdown. pittsburgh won it 24-20. when we return you should call it a medical miracle. a trip to boston saves a girl's life. >> a few showers this morning. and then one final play and one last look at your forecast up next. everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $300 back with a two
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eroother skin after just one shower. story about medical miracle and it has one family feeling hopeful today. doctor's at children's hospital giving a baby a second chance at life. this little girl from florida. and really doctors told her parents at first there was no hope. now she is headed home with a bright future. she's our miracle. baby girl from florida defying death with help from doctors at boston children's hospital. before abigail jones was born her parents erika and steven were given a devastated
9:50 am
found on her brain. we were told this the fatal. this is going to kill her. they set up with pediatrics hospice. we made funeral arrangements for abigail. when she's born in august with both down's syndrome and the tumor they cherished every second taking the newborn photo that went viral along with their story. as days past and abigail stayed strong erika and stephen started to question the diagnosis. she was thriving. at least certainly not in any way shape or form dying >> that's when erika reached out to doctors a at boston's children president. we thought there wasn't enough evidence. why dent you look that thing. maybe you can take it out. that was really the first time that we had hope. holding on to that hope abigail and her parents flew to boston so boston children's neurosurgeon and chief allen cohan and his team could perform the surgery. when dr. cohan came out surgery. he said we got it all.
9:51 am
sure it's not malignant. it's not cancer. again. she had a life now. a life her parents hadn't allowed themselves to think about until now. i just look at you think about your life and what you two. and we need to go home and make you a nursery and get you a crib and all that kind of stuff. yesterday afternoon with more good news. doctors got the test results and the tumor they removed was not cancerous. >> it goes to show that when you're told something as parent you can always prove it wrong. never give up hope. jeremy talked about the weather. it's been soggy out there this morning. showers downpours even
9:52 am
we'll have this for a couple more hours. the showers. that's it for us. have a wonderful morning. everybody try to stay dry. i'm christa delcamp. i'm jadiann thompson. we'll see you back here for 7news at noon.
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