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tv   Today  NBC  October 13, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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co &| plaza. em ^o along with 1* al, a6 ?of%'( that's h6g&tu$@vo5 co how you &| know by em^o1*a6?of%'( em^o1*a6?of%'( this is the clean em^o1* version. >> sounds f%'(> you have to be careful ke you get the clean version. >> qjm/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| oh, yeah. >> good em^o 1* a6 choice, mr. roeker. >> thank > it's the &| em^o 1* end of an a6?of%'(
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co than 7 million copies. who was on the &| em^o1*a6?o f% '( &| em^o1*a6 marilyn ?of% '( > < no. s it was ke$e f)qjm/h6g&t u$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?o 1973. >> f%'(> i'm going through the xd you skipped the
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"national geographic" stage? that's how &| em^o1* a6?of%'(
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a6?of%'(> @v the o5 co &| playboy em^o1* a6?of%'( he had a 1*a6?o difficult time f%'(< getting that > think of &| all em^o1*a6?of% '(< the magazines now that are out 51&xd < s there. >> ke circulation $e now f)qj is m/h6 g& down to tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1* 800,000, it was way a6?of% up '( until > you wonder how h6g&t the o5 others continue to compete, co &| then. >> well, em^o they are 1* a6?o f%'( oh, co &| em^o1* yes. >> a6?of% i'm just '( m/h6g& yeah. >> &| em^o1*a6?of%'(< 51&xd < s i ke love $ef)qjm/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| that em^o1*a6?of%'(< ruben which i 51&xd thought was $ef)qj a g&tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of% '( em^o okay. 1* so soum of us a6?o have f%'( we do em^o1*a6?o use f%'( well -- &| >> but not like em^o 1*a6?o this. >> f%'( there's a young < 51&xd woman out
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< there. >> oh, boy. >> she was o5 co &| em busted ^o by police after 1* a6 ?of%'(
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em^o1* people were a6?o watching f%'( and they > o5 co &| em^o1* a6?of% periscope. >> it '( took &xd police
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their media em ^o on 1*a6 ?o f%'( and police f)qj are m/ now following h6 g& social media and they are cracking down. they are able > it's ?of% '(
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idea -- @vo5 misery loves em^o1*a6?o f% '(< company. gather everybody in 51&xd your house right now. >> &| em^o1*a6?o f%'(> anything called most co &| em^o1*a6?of%'( > it's in times em ^o 1* square. we hang out a6?of%'(> it's a butterfly. >> he's going ke$ef) to qjm/h6 run g&tu$@vo5 co &| across like em^o1* a6 a scorpion. >> come ?of% on. >> what a < ke$ef)qjm/ heck. >> that just 1*a6 ?of% hurts. >> do you know how > that's crazy. >> qjm/h6
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?of%'(> he had > he f% '(> i thought it was a s ke$e good thing f)qj being able m/h6 to g&tu$@vo5 co &| touch my em^o1*a6?of%'( that's impressive, being co &| able to touch '( no it's &| em^o1* not. >> that takes > we are celebrating thank you f)qjm/ for @vo5 your shine em^o1*a6?of%'(
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like, you have to < s ke$e come f)qj up and m/h6g&t trying to get through the aisle with the @vo5 baby, it was like co &| em^o 1* a6 ?of% parting the '(
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em^o1* >> hanging with f)qjm/h6g&tu$ stage >> em^o1*a6?of%'(
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sunday, only in the upper 40s. tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(
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playwright john tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(
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m/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'( h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| that's em^o1*a6?of%'( i em^o1*a6 explained it ?of% to '( it was shortness of breathing. such a co &| shock. i'm over it em^o1*a6?of% '(> this &xd movie is thank you. >> explain @vo5 the premise of the film. co it's tough, &| powerful. >> yeah. in the em^o movie, i 1*a6?of%'(
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em^o1*a6?of%'(> it's 51 out &xd of > em^o1*a6?of%'( it was the only play
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> without the ?of%'(> give us > '(
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qjm/h6g&tu$@v him. >> the book is o5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(
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take a chocolate u$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6 ?of%'(
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this is one of $ef)qj my m/h6g&tu$@v favorite o5 treats because it's co &| em^o instant. 1*a6?of% we have frozen '(> they need to be s ke$ef)qjm/h6g& tu$ frozen? >> @vo5 we are co &| making almost em instant ^o1*a6?of%'( we can do em^o1*a6?of%'(> em^o1* frozen
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$ef)qjm/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(
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mile f% a home is '(
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spectacular. hit or miss a6?of%'( showers and > we have showers at this time. these showers will wind down over the next couple of hours, and then sunshine comes back into town around noon and certainly through the afternoon hours. some sun and clouds, warm and humid this afternoon. temps in the low to mid 70s. tomorrow, not as humid with a mix of clouds and sunshine, little cooler in the 60s, and thursday, sunshine and near 60.
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sunday, only in the upper 40s. enjoyed. >> we know you have always talked about you 1* had a a6?of%'(< great 51&xd > &| mm-hmm. >> you said when the em^o1*a6?of%'(< accusations came out this is not 51&xd the > a6?o it's f%'(
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m/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| podcast, em^o1*a6?of%'(
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on '(
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s ke$ef)qjm/h6 know. g&tu$@vo5 >> willie co had a crush -- >> i &| told em^o1* her. >> we a6?of% had '( unfortunately h6 he's g&tu$@vo5 co married &| now. it's too em^o1*a6?o f%'(< late. 51&xd >> if it were > so great @v to have you o5 here. co &| congratulations on the film. it's em called ^o1* a6?o "will to f%'(
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f% so say '(< bye-bye 51&xd
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> this is the worst. g&tu$@vo5 co gets &| em^o1*a6?of%'( if < you're s doing ke$ef)qjm/h6g& lemon juice tu$@v get a o5 co &| big em^o electric 1*a6?o lemon f% juice '(
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paring knife and > you can do a lot f% in '(< the 51&xd kitchen with an > analog > i have several '( a6?of% you '( need one we have cookies in the
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em^o1*a6?o the f%'(< silicon glove is 51&xd good.
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s ke $ef)qjm/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(
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51&xd great a6 show ?of% today. '(
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