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tv   Today  NBC  October 13, 2015 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(
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>> yes, a motorized surprise. >> yes, noary tn ey k about kathie lee
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are gog
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em^o1*a6?of%'(e r of the top grossing film
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ke$ef)qjm/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?o s is? >> chris evert. >> no, f%'( people get on the spot, too, sometimes. >> and sometimes when you 51 are &xd
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&| em^o1*a6?of%'( mountain
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em^o1* whatever my a6?of%'(
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@v they o5 can't love co you &| em^o1*a6?of%'( like
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h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| disagree with this, but it is happening. >> captain patterson will be em^o1*a6?of%'(
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i remember ryan em^o1*a6?of%'(
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^o1*a6?of%'( go,
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look at her. >> you would not believe it has been 15 years since
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em^o into the car accident. and when she wakes up, honey, si no happy. >> she is 1*a6?of%'(
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the cell phone at the school a6?of%'(
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> em^o1*a6?of%'(
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em^o are a stepmom to dewayne the's kids, and you are doing fine in that department, 1* too. >> a6?of%'(> s ke$ef)qjm/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'( well, it looks fine
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o5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(
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and co it &| em^o1*a6?of%'( you qjm/h6g& get tu$ a @vo5 dance co &| em lesson? >> yes, ^o and you 1*a6?of% will '( how much? >> why are you em^o1*a6?of% here? >> i '( so do 51&xd we get < to ride with s ke$e f)qjm/h6g&tu$
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>> yes, a @vo5 co &| weekend and two days with the em^o1*a6?o owner f% of the bike and '( a wh s t ri a t mo s ke$ef)qjm/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(> all right. >> and how much is that $150,000 and limited edition of > u$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(< it 51&xd < is s odd ke$ef)qjm/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(
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motor $ef)qjm/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(> > and a $ef)qjm/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| great em^o1*a6?of%'( oh, ke yes, we $ef) do. >> qjm/h6g&t we have u$@vo5 a co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(< commemorative 51&xd my kind of < 51&xd > and what is tu$@vo5 co &| this? >> cookie em^o1*a6?of%'(
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tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(
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em^o > $e this f)qjm/h6g&tu$ is @vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?o from f%'(
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broccoli flor @vo5 em^o1* fresh, ke &| add xd the
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> that &| em^o1*a6?of%'(> yes. that is so great and simple. >> and this
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em^o1*a6?of%'(> f% of course, all '( of the @vo5 co &| delicious. >> em^o1*a6?of%'(
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$ef)qjm/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(
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sold out em^o1* tour? >> the a6?of%'(> "popsicle" came out last friday and we have
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and we count our ^o1*a6?of%'(
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buzz let em^o1*a6?o me be f% your '( i loved em^o1*a6?of%'(
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$ef)qjm/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(
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> the first person is sandy em^o1*a6?of%'(
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>> a nuclear power plant in plymouth set to close its doors. this could pose an energy shortage for bay-staters. >> aaron hernandez in court. what attorneys are discussing in a closed-door session that could delay the start of the trial. >> a man and woman questioned in connection with a murder in marshfield. >> we are hours away from the first democratic debate. the stakes are high on the las vegas strip for the candidates. >> rain moving out. and some sunshine trying to move in. >> all right so. much news ahead. .
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