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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  October 13, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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this is gonna go well, for sure. advance to a healthier stronger, cleaner mouth from day 1. great check up. my sister was right. >> christa: breaking news right now. the nuclear power station in plymouth set to close its doors. shutting down operations for until 2019. last month, a federal agency down-graded the plant's safety rating, making it one of the two least safe in this country. >> jadiann: owners say it would have cost tens of millions of dollars to make repairs. in plymouth, they are expected to hold a news conference coming up very soon.
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jon? >> reporter: we are at the radisson hotel. the owners of the power plant are expected to hold a news conference notice next couple of minutes to discuss the decision. they call it a very, very difficult one. the pilgrim plant will close by june of 2019. boston edison opened pilgrim back in 1972 at a cost of $230 million. entergy corp. bought the plant in 1999 and has been under pressure to spend millions on safety upgrades. a month ago, the nrc down-graded the plant's safety rating. the company says energy prices are depressed and low-cost natural gas is flooding the market. making it hard for the plant to make money. in fact, pilgrim is expected to lose money over the next few years. >> certainly, a lot of people were disappointed and sad. you know, the company has committed to helping them through the process. we still have a couple of
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years to figure out plans for them. as of right now, it is a sad day. >> reporter: governor baker released a statement saying the announcement presents a challenge for the state and the region. "losing pilgrim as a significant power generator not only puts us at an energy shortage but highlights the need for clean, reliable, affordable energy proposals." the governor will work with iso new england to meet the needs of new england for energy in the next few years. i'm jonathan hall, 7 news. >> christa: we are staying on top of a developing story at this hour. convicted killer aaron hernandez back in court. the former pats tight end is accused of killing two men in boston's south end in 2012. right now, prosecutors are asking a judge to let them get access to physical evidence, involving a third party. >> jadiann: this morning, the judge discussed that evidence with attorneys. the request could lead to a big delay in the trial. 's dan hausle is at the courthouse.
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phone now with more. roort well, aaron hernandez is still inside the court. the judge, the prosecutors, team. they are arguing about getting a piece of everest... evidence held by hernandez' former lawyers. we don't know yet what that piece of evidence is. whoever loses here, will likely appeal to the supreme judicial court. typically takes about six months. jury selection is set in this trial for december 1. both sides have asked the judge to delay the start of the trial. aaron hernandez' trial for allegedly murdering two men in boston's south end now appears likely to be pushed back several months.
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hallway waiting outside superior court. dan hausle. >> christa: all right. more selection today in the jury in the phillip chism murder trial. the 16-year-old is accused of raping and murdering his danvers high math teacher colleen ritzer in 2013. the jury selection was put on hold when the defense asked for a competency hearing. that hearing request was based on comments made by chism just this morning. the prosecution r prosecution suggested the defense is just trying to delay things. a man and woman arrested in connection with a murder in marshfield plead not guilty in court today. the two were arrested last week nearly a month after police took another suspect into custody. one suspect charged with murder and burglary. another charged with accessory after the fact. robert mckenna was found dead
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on october 6. the suspect in this case stole several guns from the home. a third person by the names of james ferguson was already arrested right after the killing. he was arraigned on murder and burglary charges. >> jadiann: a car in saugus hit by a piece of scrap metal on route one. the debris fell off a truck. it went through the windshield. the driver did not stop and may not have known what happened. state police say they do not believe there are any injuries. >> christa: a live look outside at the forecast. the showers we saw earlier this morning are moving out. looks like a transition time here as we take a live look at downtown boston. and j.r.? we may be able to save this day after all, with some sun. right? >> jeremy: we were starting to see the sun break through the clouds. yeah, we had showers and downpours. even thunderstorms early this morning. the last batch of the rain-drops now exiting cape ann, the new hampshire seacoast. metro-boston, radar is quiet. this little weather system
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right here, a little area of low pressure actually had tropical moisture wit. that is why we saw the brief heavy rain. in an hour and a half, two hours,. centerville, 1.8 inches of rain. here in boston, again, much lighter amount of rain. only a tenth of an inch. we are done for the afternoon. low 60's at this time. humidity out there, dew point temperatures running around 60 degrees. for the afternoon, warm and somewhat humid. a mix of clouds and sunshine. temps this afternoon, low to mid-70's. >> jadiann: a firefighter suspected in a brutal beating in brookline is off the job and in court. the alleged attack took place outside a restaurant. kelli o'hara live in brookline for us now. kelli? >> reporter: good afternoon. that firefighter pleading not guilty to charges of beating up a homeless man over the weekend. he was in court a few minutes ago. in front of a judge. prosecutors telling the judge that the firefighter and a homeless man got into a fight
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on sunday. while waiting in line at anna's tackrrhea. prosecutors said the attack was vicious. the firefighter believes the video evidence from inside our video surveillance from inside the restaurant will refute some of the prosecution's claims. a judge did release ward on his own personal recognizance. he is back in front of a judge next month. in brookline this afternoon, kelli o'hara, 7 news. >> christa: two firefighters in kansas city have died and two others injured after a burning building suddenly collapsed. the firefighters who died had just rescued two people from inside the burning apartment building. and they had been clearing an area that had a partially collapsed roof. that is when it completely gave in. it is still unclear what condition the two injured firefighters are in right now. >> they did not die in vain. they saved two civilians.
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carried them out on ladders. before the wall collapsed. >> christa: once again, unclear what condition the firefighters are in right now. a surface-to-air missile exploded just feet from the cockpit of malaysia airlines flight m-817. that plane was shot down back in july of 2014 over eastern ukraine. all people onboard were killed. the investigation did not conclude, however, where the missile was fired from. but all the... >> jadiann: the stage is set and ready for the democratic candidates who will square off in las vegas. after two g.o.p. debates, it spotlight. kris anderson joins us live with more on what to expect. trot debate, again, taking tonight. there will be five podiums on the stage. one for each of the five candidates.
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there is a sixth podium that is being held off to the side just in case vice president joe biden officially enters the race today. now the wait is on to see if those five candidates will all focus their attention on their own campaigns. or if the four others will target hillary clinton. five democrats. one stage. las vegas is set to host the first democratic debate of the election season. and in true vegas fashion, it's being billed as a heavyweight fight. front-runner hillary clinton will be front and center. just to her right, her closest competitor, vermont senator bernie sanders. and hoping to gain traction in the polls, jim webb, martin o'malley, and former rhode island governor lincoln chafey. don't forget about joe biden. cnn has a sixth podium ready to go if he makes a decision to join the race. however that, seems unlikely, since he is still meeting with family in delaware trying to decide if he is ready to run. second stair clinton arrived
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in vegas on monday. and headed right for one of donald trump's casinos to take part in a union rally. >> some people think mr. trump is entertaining. but i don't think it's entertaining when somebody insults immigrants, insults women. >> reporter: hillary clinton taking a jab at donald trump there. don't expect many insults to tonight. the experts believe these candidates will focus more on the issues at hand rather than attacking each other. live in the newsroom, kris anderson, 7 news. >> jadiann: tim caputo will be at the debate. look for his live report tonight here on 7 news. >> christa: coming up, the changes ahead for playboy. why editors are pulling the nude models from the pages of its magazine. >> jeremy: the rain is over for the city of boston. for the rest of the day. sun back out. forecast looking up.
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that is up next. >> christa: a new bride proving that you are ane., you are really always on call. even if it is your wedding
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>> jadiann: j.r., seeing some blue skies out there. some sun peebing through. >> jeremy: yeah, fantastic. look at this, though. tropical downpours. close to two inches of rain, unfortunately, on the cape and the islands. this falling in, you know, a two-hour window. here in metro-boston, we had a burst of rain early this morning. about a tejt of an inch. from that weather system, it is going faster than i can get to it. it is taking off. rocketing off to the north and
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that is the last edge of the rainfall now. new hampshire seacoast, cape ann. even up here, it scoots out of here. through metro-boston, mostly sunny skies. nancy chen was sending me a picture. thank you. appreciate that. yeah. sunshine developing for the afternoon. the wettest part of the day. the rainiest part of the day is done for the metro. if you are thinking outdoor plans, yes, no. any more rain? no, i don't think so. we are watching a cool front, though. this is after... out through central new york state. generating clouds and showers. nothing to do with this system over here. i also think that this cool front, actually, this will spend a lot of time this afternoon moving up in this direction. vermont and western new hampshire and western massachusetts. the berkshires. you may run into a couple of showers out in those locations. mid to late afternoon. i'm thinking the radar is quiet for us. you notice that 3:00 or 4:00, essentially, dry. there is the cool front moving
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into western new england. out of eastern new york state. showers. maybe a rumble of thunder. they will fall apart after about 7:00 before they even reach metro-boston. nice afternoon, low to mid-60's. a hint of humidity as well. dew point temperatures in the 50's to lower 60's. it feels more like september as opposed to october. a mix of clouds and sunshine. temps in the lower 70's. the city this afternoon, 74. we have a couple of rain-drops right now down towards swampscott. that is moving quickly. away from you guys. you will have clearing skies in the next half hour. there goes the cool front tonight. for tomorrow, a mix of clouds and sunshine. less humid. temperatures tomorrow in the middle 60's. cooler yet on thursday. mostly sunny skies.
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high temps on thursday only near 60 degrees. lows tonight, by the way, before that cool front gets here will be mild. another cool front heading for new england on friday. scattered showers. that thing means business. that will come roaring out of canada. so is the cold air. high temps on sunday. only in the upper 40's. >> jadiann: what a change. all right. still ahead, a woman decides to record her actions after a night of drinking. how that led to her arrest. >> christa: a home going up in flames with a family pet inside. one man showing some courage
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>> jadiann: welcome back, everyone. a 23-year-old florida woman is facing charges after she live-streams herself allegedly drunk driving. she used the app periscope to broadcast that dangerous drive. >> christa: the people watching wasted no time calling police. this 23-year-old's night started out with lots of drinking. the whole experience broadcast on the app periscope. so drunk, investigators say the florida woman lost her good sense. . >> i'm driving home drunk. >> christa: announcing to the whole world she will try to
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>> i'm really drunk. and she knows people are watching. >> 57 people. oh, my god. i had no idea i would get this many people. >> christa: she also knows the whole thing could end badly. >> this is horrible, guys. >> she was out of it. it was obvious by watching that video how bad she was. >> christa: police in lakeland outside of tampa say the viewers started calling 9 11. >> a girl on periscope is driving drunk. i don't know who she is. >> christa: an officer downloaded the app and started watching the live feed to find out where she was. >> thank god somebody saw. this they called in. >> she did get one. showing the whole world the trouble she was in as it happened. >> she was eventually arrested and charged with driving under
12:18 pm
the influence. >> jadiann: a big cover-up. why playboy models will be looking a little bit more
12:19 pm
>> jadiann: playboy says it will stop publishing pictures of nude women, changing the way they have done business for decades. the magazine known for showing so much is about to show a lot less. turning the page on history. come march, playboy is taking the nude out of their new redesigned. women will be featured in provocative poses. the models will no longer be nude. >> the internet killed playboy. nudity is everywhere through a google search. so what playboy did all these years is not special anymore.
12:20 pm
>> jadiann: marilyn monroe was the original cover-girl. what followed was more than 60 years of models, celebrities and movie stars who posed nude. over time, the pioneer began to plummet. circulation thrived in 1975, 5.6 million. today, it is just over 800,000. >> it's been a wonderful ride. it is not over yet. >> jadiann: hugh hefner created playboy. >> i don't think any other magazine in the 20th century had more influence on america and the world. that is a pretty wild position to be in. >> jadiann: playboy, with all its struggles, remains a brand valued around the globe. times are chaining. so is playboy. >> this is the beginning of the end for playboy as we know it. >> jadiann: more than just pictures. the magazine has profiled politicians, economists and artists. now when someone says they just read playboy for the articles, it just might be true. playboy's editor told the "new
12:21 pm
york times" there will still be a playmate of the month. the pictures will be pg-13. >> all right. much more to come in the next half hour. including a plymouth nuclear plant set to shut down. why federal officials say they have no choice but to shut it down. >> jeremy: rain moving out of southern new england. a mix of sunshine and clouds for the afternoon. >> jadiann: the latest as
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>> christa: the pilgrim nuclear station in plymouth shutting down for good. it is set to close by 2019. last month, you might remember a federal agency down-graded the plant's safety rating, making it one of the two least safe in the country. >> jadiann: owners say it would have cost millions of kris anderson is here live now with what we have just learned in a news conference. >> reporter: right now governor baker and other state officials are heading a news conference on this very decision. the announcement comes after owners energy nuclear reduced revenue and increased operational costs. officials say the plant presents a health and safety risk to surrounding communities because of its location. last month, in fact, federal officials issued a report on
12:25 pm
the least safe in the entire country. the power plant in plymouth employs 600 workers. pilgrim began operating commercially back in 1972. it has been generating power to more than 600,000 homes. officials say the plant could close sooner based on decisions in the coming months. >> at this time, we have not decided whether to proceed with the plans of the fueling outage. if we do not refuel, we could shut down the plant in the spring of 2017. >> reporter: obviously, we will keep watching this story and bring you new developments as they develop. that is the latest live here in the control room, kris anderson, 7 news. >> christa: all right. thank you. aaron hernandez is still in court. the judge, prosecutors and defense team arguing about how prosecutors attempted to get a piece of evidence held by hernandez' former attorneys.
12:26 pm
we don't know yet what that evidence is. apparently, it is big enough for both sides here to appear. a prosecution source says whoever loses here will likely appeal to the supreme judicial court which usually takes up to six months. both sides joined in another motion today to delay the start of this trial. >> jadiann: jury selection on hold today in the philip chism murder trial. the 16-year-old is accused of raping and murdering his danvers high math teacher, colleen ritzer in 2013. jury selection was stopped when the defense asked for a competency hearing. that hearing request was based on comments made by chism this morning. >> christa: a man and woman arrested in connection with a murder in marshfield, pleading not guilty today. in court, the two were arrested last week. one suspect is charged with murder and burglary.
12:27 pm
the other is charged with accessory after the fact. robert mckenna, victim was found dead inside his home back on september 16. his body found with severe cuts to his hands and the back of his head. the suspect, meantime, stole several guns from his home. a third person by the name of james ferguson was arrested right after the killing and was arraigned on murder and burglary charges as well. right now we switch gears and talk about the weather. as we take a live look at boston, things are clearing up very nicely. jeremy, you said it was going to happen. and it has. >> jeremy: yeah, right. sometimes i surprise myself. rain moving out of the commonwealth. moving up through the new hampshire seacoast. even up there, that rain will wind down over the next 30-45 minutes. metro-boston, a mix of clouds and sunshine. a little area of low pressure. actually, there has been tropical moisture associated with it. on the cape and the islands this morning, you got pummeled for an hour, hour and a half. west tisbury, two esclose to
12:28 pm
two inches of rain. centerville, much the same. plymouth, you come off the cape. three quarters of an inch of rain. boston, a tenth of an inch of rain. the numbers are even lower through the merrimack valley. that was the weather system that bothered us this morning. now that is moving away. allowing for some sunshine. and warmer temps. middle and upper 60's. plymouth at 68. still a lot of clouds in nashua, beverly. upper 50's, low 60's. but for everyone, there is humidity out there today and for the afternoon. a mix of clouds and sunshine. warm, somewhat humid. temps this afternoon, lower 70's. cool weather set to return. we will talk more about that in 15 minutes. >> jadiann: joseph ward of boston was arrested after he beat up a homeless man for taking too long to order his
12:29 pm
brookline. the investigation is still ongoing. this is why i requested some evidence from inside the restaurant where we believe that the altercation started. >> jadiann: happening today. grief counselors will be on hand following the death of a student there. more on how the family is remembering her now. >> reporter: this photo captured casey dunn's exuberance friday. a half hour later, the 16-year-old collapsed during field hockey practice. >> it totally embodies casey. pure joy. pure casey. and what it does for me as her mother and having to say good-bye, gives me a source of comfort to know that she was
12:30 pm
mercifully quick. in a place that she loved. doing the sport she loved with. people that she loved. >> reporter: casey's parents say she died of a brain hemorrhage. loved ones had flowers delivered to the family home in wellesley. her parents shared memory of their daughter. one of five children. >> we have this thing that... some magical moments. >> reporter: flags fly at half-staff at the school. loving messages from friends sit on the field. her death was sudden and unexpected. her family is offering this advice to others. >> relish every moment with your children and your family. >> reporter: the coach says she told a teammate she didn't feel well just before she collapsed. her parents didn't know of any preexisting medical condition. >> jadiann: a public meeting will be held today for a brookline middle school
12:31 pm
teacher who was fired for swearing. larry chen's students are expected to show their support and protest again if their teacher is reinstated. he was let go after saying a swear to students. students say the punishment was too harsh. >> christa: all right. breaking news right now. more information on this aaron hernandez murder trial. we have dan hausle standing by for us. what just happened, dan? >> reporter: well, they delayed the start of this hearing. jury selection was supposed to start on december 1. jury selection will be january 19 now. this is so both sides can argue over a piece of evidence, apparently held by hernandez' former lawyers.
12:32 pm
we don't know what that evidence is. we are told it is significant enough that whatever side loses the hearing they had this morning about this piece of evidence, they will likely take their case to the state's high e court. the supreme judicial court. that could take some time. the judge is trying to give both sides time. the trial date itself was scheduled to start january 1. we do know now that the aaron hernandez trial for the boston double murder will be delayed at least 7 weeks and possibly
12:33 pm
while attorneys argue over a piece of evidence. >> jadiann: all right, thank you, dan. we will have more and we will bring it to you as soon as we get it. witnesses describe a dangerous scene in worcester. a car slams into a woman in a crosswalk. kimberly bookman has details. >> boom. roort 17-year-old girl who pushed the traffic light button and walked into the crosswalk gets thrown into the air by an oncoming s.u.v. it happened just before 6:00 p.m. at the intersection of hamilton street and plantation street in worcester. >> i'm coming this way. >> reporter: this woman was headed east on hamilton. she says she stopped to let the teen and her friends cross, but the person driving in the opposite direction did not. . >> there was a guy coming from the other side. he kind of just ran through. and smashed into her.
12:34 pm
air. she was just asking, like, what happened. what happened. where am i? >> reporter: she was taken to the hospital. the driver of the s.u.v. stopped. meantime, police marked the spot of impact and tried to figure out what caused this crash. an accident on a road that people living along say was bound to happen. >> a lot of kids crossing the road, you know. it is not safe. >> reporter: kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> christa: an intense fire-fight taking a tragic turn in kansas city. two firefighters were killed on duty. they were inside a building and that's when it collapsed. minutes after making a couple of rescues. we have the story from the scene now. >> reporter: an emotional day here in missouri. white smoke continues to emerge from the smoldering
12:35 pm
identified the fallen firefighters. both men were battling a massive apartment fire on monday night. we are told the firefighters had just rescued two two people from the burning building when a wall collapsed. four firefighters, including the two that died were trapped. thai. the department has not had a line of duty death since 2011. the fire chief had a tough time delivering the news this morning. >> the rapid intervention team witnessed the collapse and held their ground for no more than ten seconds. for more that ten seconds until command ordered them to... they located, uncovered, and
12:36 pm
the immediate area. the atf is now acying in the investigation to determine what caused monday night's fire. in kansas city, missouri, nbc news. >> jadiann: a home in nashville goes up in flames with the dog inside. man's best friend trapped and in trouble. a man rushed in and pulled off the fiery rescue. >> christa: yeah, he was offer duty at the time. it happened. it is obvious tim loves dogs. just watch him with his own. and he is also not one for publicity. >> i don't do it for people to say thank you. i do it because it needs to be done. >> reporter: it wouldn't surprise people who know him to hear that he ran into a burning house saturday and came out with an 80-pound dog who had been trapped inside. then he went on his way. >> he got in his car and left. it was so weird.
12:37 pm
he just took off. unbelievable. >> reporter: the 20-year veteran of the national fire department... >> you have to figure if there is a dog in the house, the dog is definitely family. >> reporter: today he got reacquainted with the dog whose life he likely saved. samp zahn's family is very grateful. >> deeply, deeply appreciate that man being there. >> reporter: the real heroes to me were the volunteers. they are not getting paid for it. they do this for free. still ahead, just married and racing to the rescue.
12:38 pm
doctors in boston save little girl's life when they were told all had been lost.
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12:41 pm
got into a car crash on their way to the reception. this photo has gotten more than a million views on facebook. the newly wed says she was just doing her job. >> i don't feel that i was being heroic in any way. it's just... my family was in an accident. i needed to make sure they were there. it just happened that i was a paramedic. and i was in my wedding dress. >> jadiann: her dad was hurt, on the other hand. but went to the wedding anyway. he made it in time for the father-daughter dance. >> christa: oh, what a picture she has. no other brides, right? >> jadiann: i read something too that she was saying to her mom, "mom, don't take a picture." always twl with the camera. >> jeremy: exactly. great ending there. hey, a great ending to today. we started out a clunker alert shaping up. we had all that rain early this morning. tisbury, close to two inches of rain. fairhaven, an inch and a half of rain.
12:42 pm
the fare they are from the cape you got, the rainfall amounts were lighter. city of boston, a tenth of an inch. lower amounts in the merrimack valley. here is the rain moving away quickly. now exiting cape ann. s if as well as the new hampshire seacoast. it is an area of low pressure that has tropical moisture. that is why we saw those brief heavy downpours on the cape. even some thunderstorms. nothing severe. that is moving out. mix of clouds and sunshine for the afternoon. any more rain this afternoon, i don't think so. i do think at times the clouds will kind of win out and block you might think here comes more rain. this band of cloudiness here, that is a cool front. that is where we are finding rain. however that, cool front really is going to move more to the north as opposed to the east. eventually, yes, this does sweep across metro-boston. when it is doing that, i don't think it's until 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. at that time, the sun is long gone. these showers depend on the sun to keep them going. they will weaken as we work into the latter half of the
12:43 pm
afternoon and this evening. you do notice, 4:30 this afternoon, there will be some showers and some downpours in the berkshires. the monadnock region, you may have showers early this evening. you notice at 7:00 tonight, that is about it. i think they will fall apart as they march through the worcester hills at that time. before that cool front gets here, you have a warm afternoon. our normal high is 6. we will pass that here momentarily in boston. plymouth, 68. norwood at 69. unlike yesterday, there is more humidity out there. it does feel muggy. the dew point temperatures running in the low to mid-60's. for the afternoon, a mix of clouds and sun. warm and humid. temp between 70-75. boston, 74. again, this is around the metro. saugus, melrose, lynn, swampscott. you get the gist here. low 70's. out on the cape and the islands, chatham at 69. there goes the cool front tonight. tomorrow, a mix of clouds and sunshine. not as warm.
12:44 pm
certainly, less humid. thursday, cooler yet. with temps on thursday only near 60. a few showers around friday afternoon. that is a cold front. that will do a number of... bundle up for the head of the charles. >> christa: the cubs set a post-season record in game three against cardinals. monday's game. that breaks the previous postseason single-game record of five. each home run was hit by a different player. chicago won it. 8-6. the cubs have a chance to eliminate the cardinals. could you hear that that is mets fans booing chase utley
12:45 pm
series last night. i'm sure you saw this happening saturday. tejada broke his leg. he did not play last night. he got a standing ovation. coming up, a little girl given weeks to live. now getting a second chance. thanks to some doctors here in boston. an exciting announcement from
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>> erica reached out to doctors at boston children's hospital. >> we thought there wasn't enough evidence to give her that. >> that was the first time we had hope. >> hoeing on to that hope, abigail and her parents flew up to boston so that boston
12:49 pm
>> they came out of the surgery and said "we got it all. we are pretty sure that it is not cancer. it is not malignant." it was almost like she was born again. she had a life now. >> a life her parents hadn't allowed themselves to think about until now. >> i look at you and i think about your life and what you are going to be like when you are one and two. and that we need to go home and make you a nursery and get you a crib. that kind of stuff. >> ash gail was released yesterday afternoon. with more good news, like we mentioned. the tumor they removed was not cancerous. >> christa: coming up next, a long awaited return to the stage for tracy morgan where. he was for the first time
12:50 pm
>> jadiann: comedian tracy morgan taking the stage for the first time in 16 months. >> christa: at a comedy club in new york city monday night. this is the first time he has performed stand-up since the left anymore a coma. morgan will return as well to host saturday night live coming up this weekend. >> jadiann: john legend and his supermodel wife make a big announcement. they are expecting their first child. she confirmed the news with an instagram post. saying she and john are so happy to be starting their family. especially after struggling with fertility issues.
12:51 pm
threatened legal action regarding his alleged break-up. >> jeremy: rain moving away. a few peeks of sunshine here and there throughout the afternoon. there is another batch of rain here through eastern new york state. i think that's going to stay to our west. we are not concerned about. that rainfall tally this morning, on the cape and the islands, close to two inches of rain. everyone else, a tenth of an inch of rain. and then tomorrow partly sunny skies. not as humid. mid-60's. >> jadiann: all right. looks good, everyone. i'm jadiann thompson. >> christa: i'm christa delcamp. have a great afternoon, everyone. 7 news continues at 4:00.
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